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    IC: Rosana Zorbo
    Dining Facility, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Rosana kind of felt bad for the droid named Cookie, seeing that she didn't know the droid personally. But she smiled sheepishly while staying quiet, letting Elle and Vanora be mischievous. It was like her childhood all over again. Being the new kid in the Jedi Temple and not knowing who anyone was. Rosana mostly kept to herself or talked with Zekk if she felt alone. Hey, the binjinphant was pretty smart for a creature like him.

    A female Twi'lek came up and used a swatch of paper towel to wipe the droid. It was nice to see someone at least be comforting. As Cookie spoke in an angry tone, Elle couldn't help but laugh harder. Rosana continued to smile sheepishly, wondering if she should just bail or stay. "You're all on notice, I'll be talking to your masters as soon as I get this gravy out of my servos..."

    Yeah, definitely bailing out.

    Rosana rubbed her neck and chuckled. "So... What do you like to do here in the Temple? Other than play tricks with a sassy droid." Zekk jumped on the table and decided to dance (like a dog would do on its hind legs) for everyone. Rosana chuckled. "Wow Zekk! You sure are opening to everyone." She glanced at the others. "He sometimes doesn't get close people. But ever since he met Master Duy'leh, I'm guessing he's taking a liking to everyone here."

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    IC: Liuna Iotasi
    Temple Security

    Lrowoco began pulling up footage of the hangars-- probably their best bet for finding the droid-- and Liuna leaned over to get a good look as the feed went live. Or, well, not live at all. The time on the holo footage was way off, and the ships in the holo were just as old. It wasn't what she was here for, but she examined the image anyway. Had the Temple here really been around and occupied by Jedi for that long? Or, like many, had it been found and lost and found again across generations? She looked over at Lrowoco for a moment, wondering if this Jedi group knew her former Master. Old Master Gwornayrr was well into his third century, maybe he'd remember these people, maybe that's why he sent her here.

    "Ah, here we go, a live feed from the main hanger." Distracted, she was surprised when the image changed to an actual live feed. Some of the other Guardian Knights and Taab himself, some droids. No purple and white astromech stealing wiring or cannibalizing a fellow droid.

    "I doubt even your droid would be so bold as to try something right under the Commander's nose. Let's check on one of the secondary bays."

    "Jinx is sneaky, not stupid," Liuna chuckled. "Just like me."

    The second bay was quieter, the perfect sort of place Jinx might show up. She kept her eyes on the shadows of the ships, watching for any movement when Taab marched down the ramp of his personal ship. Her confusion was matched by Lrowoco's roar, and she frowned at the image.

    "We're sure Taab can't be in two places at once, right?" she asked. "Because I've seen him in action and I wouldn't doubt it if he could." Liuna kept staring at the holo feed, trying to put it all together in her head. "More likely something is wrong with the footage-- that last one was the wrong time, now this. Could someone be messing with security files? Slicing in, corrupting the files, trying to keep us from seeing something happening now?" That wasn't a good thought; the last thing they needed was more trouble here.

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    IC: Vanora in Dining Facility

    The droid sniped at them after a male Twi'lek appeared and wiped it down with towels. Vanora smirked as Elle continued to laugh.

    Rosana asked the table at large what they liked to do as her pet danced a jig on the table. Vanora laughed.

    "I like studying in the Archives. There's a lot to learn about Jedi lore and history, although I don't think we necessarily need to take up past traditions, but we do need to learn from past mistakes as well as wiser choices. I also like the gardens and fountain rooms. Very peaceful."

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    IC: Ugem'Bivi
    Dining Facility, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    "Looks like this place is always on the brink of mischief and roll with the flow fun!" the female Togruta said candidly. "I'm Vanora Cinali. I believe I started all this when I came in here looking for some food, which I never pass up if I can help it!"

    "Nice to meet you Vanora, I'm Bivi."
    she replied with extra enthusiasm. Bivi hadn't made many friends with the other initiates during her days in the Temple, mostly because many of them were selected as padawans early on and the newer initiates bonded better with each other than with the 'boisterous twi'lek from the black hole.' The nickname wasn't real, she made it up in her mind to cope with her confusing past. None of that mattered anymore as she smiled in greeting her new 'friends.'

    Cookie interrupted their meeting, "This is not a place for fun, it's a place for fueling your biological needs with nutrition so you can continue your day without going hungry." It began to wheel itself away as another padawan girl laughed even harder.

    "You're all on notice,"
    Cookie continued, "I'll be talking to your masters as soon as I get this gravy out of my servos..."

    "Gravy looks good on you Cookie."
    Bivi laid her joke with plenty of volume but the droid just ignored her as is whizzed off. Her Lorrdian Master had been teaching Bivi basic lessons in throwing one's voice but she missed the opportunity to practice it.

    "So... What do you like to do here in the Temple? Other than play tricks with a sassy droid."
    The human girl spoke with confidence and charisma.. Just then what appeared to be her pet (dog) went on it's hind legs for everyone. Rosana chuckled and Bivi feasted her eyes on the display. "Wow Zekk! You sure are opening to everyone." Bivi still wasn't sure what it was but she thought it was plenty cute. "He sometimes doesn't get close people. But ever since he met Master Duy'leh, I'm guessing he's taking a liking to everyone here."

    Bivi smiled and stretched out her hand as if to pet the little creature. Vanora smirked as Elle continued to laugh.

    Rosana asked the table at large what they liked to do as her pet danced a jig on the table.

    "I like studying in the Archives. There's a lot to learn about Jedi lore and history, although I don't think we necessarily need to take up past traditions, but we do need to learn from past mistakes as well as wiser choices. I also like the gardens and fountain rooms. Very peaceful."

    "Have you guys been to the northern waterfalls?" Bivi asked openly. "My master loves going there, so I see it a lot."

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    IC: Knight Jo Sodi
    Beyond the Port Authority Pod Racing (PAPR) Track, Port Pixelito, Malastare

    He never knew exactly where the shot had come from but had turned the ship around and flared the vents to try and add some cover whilst he kept his eyes raised and scanning. Not that he found anything, but he was ready to react somehow. Force be grateful that the shooter didn't try to shoot either of them, not that he meant it for the shooters sake, but truly they were lulled into a moment of focused complacency when the shot had been fired. So focused had he been at least upon the approaching wounded Force wielding pod racer that he had never felt the threat nor knew it was there until the shot had happened.

    When the Master had come he had kept his mouth shut. More out of shame and lack of any answers, he truly had no accounting for himself in the situation. He hadn't seen the shooter, he hadn't felt the shooter, he hadn't spotted the shooter after the fact, hadn't felt him or them in the Force, nor had he spotted the projectile in the search. When it was time to go he had powered down the pod and left a note of flimsy stuck on the dash stating that the pod was to be returned to Mr. Daheap.


    The boisterous crowd of the Blue moon pressed upon him. The casual glances seeming to linger just moments too long. Did they recognize him? Did they suspect him? He had failed but he had done no wrong deed. He did his best to keep his head tilted in humility at the failure, but not down with shame.

    When they rejoined their brethren he nodded to them in greeting even as the Master said his peace. It was not long before a rather disturbing news report came on the Holo, eventually turned off by Rand. Looking to the fellows in their group with Mandalorian heritage he took a moment to take a beat of them as the question was posed. He halfway wondered if they would need to leave them now to tend to the business of their clans now.

    "We are behind you whatever you need." he simply stated. It was all he could add for what little it was worth.

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    IC: Vanora in Temple Dining Room

    The new arrival interjected:
    "Nice to meet you Vanora, I'm Bivi. Gravy looks good on you Cookie."

    Vanora studied Bivi closely as they chatted about what they liked to do. Bivi seemed eager to form a rapport, as she mentioned:

    "Have you guys been to the northern waterfalls? My master loves going there, so I see it a lot."

    Vanora's eyes lit up. "No. I haven't been here long. Sounds lovely, though. Maybe we can form a group and have a picnic there one weekend day?"

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    IC: Rak Avarry
    Blue Moon Cantina, Port Pixelito, Malastare

    Rak smirked at Sodi as he put a note on the pod, so considerate. He made his way through the city with an easy smile though a uneasy feeling in the back of his mind. There was something larger going on here, some deeper darkness that was pulling strings behind the scenes. He had a feeling that Erso wasn't the last or the first dark acolyte in the galaxy. There could be some dark undercurrent that could be making trouble. Something for him to look into on another one of his excursions.

    He moved through the city not feeling too worried about being noticed. He had spent most of the race with his helmet on covering most of his face. He kept aware of his surroundings as they entered the cantina. Breaking off from his companions he moved to the bar and order a drink. A local hard liquor of some description, neat. Taking a sip it let it sit on his tongue as he made his way through the packed house. The taste was somewhere between paint thinner and ship fuel, with a hint of rusty metal. It wasn't the best but, it was certainly strong. If he was honest he'd had worse in better places.

    He slumped in his seat taking a look at the holo-projector showing the news. Trouble in the Mandalorian sector their leader gone, the people in an uproar. Was just the situation a jedi could look into. Maybe a certain long haired on with a penchant for not returning home when he needs to. His restless legs were pointing him towards the trouble, towards the danger. Mandalorians didn't like outsiders getting involved in their internal politics. That's what made it fun.

    He took another sip of his awful drink and looked to Troi who was holding himself together rather well for a man watching his home be torn apart.

    As they walked away Rak came next to Rand smirking a little as he spoke to him.

    "Surely we don't have to rush straight home...Mandalore is on the way…" the smirk deepened, "From a certain point of view." He clapped a friendly hand on the master's shoulder, putting his empty drink down on a tray, "Just a quick run up the Hydian Way we'll be back before anyone notices." It was wishful thinking that such a jaunt would be quick, it was on the complete otherside of the galaxy, would take days to get there even on the trade route. Their absence would be noticed. "I think it would be good for Troi, get to go back home, see old friends." Though the wanderer was pushing hard if the master said no he would nod his head and fall in line, and go to mandalore as soon as he could. Or to whatever hotspot was flaring up in the galaxy it was his nature his way. He couldn't change it.

    Back on the ship he hung up his coat in his personal quarters, with a hiss his back still a little raw from his emergency exit from the pod racer. He changed his shirt which was dusty and stained with his blood. A reminder of his recklessness. Afterwards he came back out, amethyst necklace still around his neck.

    "Right let's get going huh." he took his place and brought the old freighter out of its berth and up into the stars. This was Rak's home, not the planets, not his ship but, the stars. His adventure was the journey not the destination, part of him hoped for something to change to turn this simple return trip into something more than what it was.

    Maybe it was just wishful thinking but, he couldn't help it.

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    IC: Kasumi
    Dining Hall

    The antics of the younger pupils made her remember her own antics. It never included gravy on a droid, but it did include rearranging the library within the Temple on Coriscant. She could stop that antics, but decided not to. She went back to sipping her tea in the corner and just watching. She wondered it they even realized she was there. Oh to have that energy and youth again.

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    IC: Ugem'bivi
    Temple Dining Room

    "No. I haven't been here long. Sounds lovely, though. Maybe we can form a group and have a picnic there one weekend day?"

    Bivi's mouth dropped with excitement towards Vanora, "That's a great idea! We may even run into some wild Akk dogs if we time it right."

    From the corner of her eye Bivi noticed her former expedition-mate in Master Kasumi sitting off to the side, sipping presumably tea. The arms dealer and the mission to find Master Piim's lightsaber was her first ever assignment as a Padawan. In her own mind she felt she performed adequately, although she knew she had much to learn. Still, Bivi was grateful to observe the workings of Master Kasumi and Knight Iotasi along the way.

    "There is a pack of friendly Akk dogs that roam the area near the Northern Falls.." Bivi looked around to the others as she finished, "and they are so cute!"

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    IC: Knight Cora
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Cora listened to Master Zey, taking his his words and advice quietly. Yes; they were her family, more than anyone else she had met, but she felt torn. Could she truly be both a Mandalorian and a Jedi without causing complications between the two?

    "I won't leave the Temple Master Zey." Cora explained. "I love it here. I remember the first day I was brought, I didn't even know the language but I still felt how kind everyone was." Cora pauses; remembering how scared she had been too. "I just need closure. And I feel so confused Master Zey; like I'm being pulled in two different directions."

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    IC: Vanora in Dining Room

    Vanora's eyes widened as Bivi replied to her suggestion about a picnic:
    "That's a great idea! We may even run into some wild Akk dogs if we time it right."

    Vanora had read about wild Akk dogs in her studies. Usually they weren't particularly inviting...

    "There is a pack of friendly Akk dogs that roam the area near the Northern Falls, and they are so cute!"

    She assayed a low laugh. "I'll take your word for it, Bivi." She replied.

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    GM Update

    IC: Lrowoco (NPC)
    Temple Security Office, temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Lrowoco growled softly in agreement with Knight Iotasi. Commander Taab certainly couldn't be in two places at once, and he doubted the Temple had been infiltrated by a Clawdite, though of course stranger things had happened in the past. No, more likely it was that someone, or something, had sliced into the security files as the Jedi had suggested. Something like her droid. "Let's go check it out," he barked to the pair of Jedi who left along with him to see just what was happening in the secondary hanger bay.

    It took them just several tense minutes to travel the distance, the office was in one of the outer pylons of the Temple, while the secondary bay was located at the base of that pylon, but their arrival found nothing amiss. A bored technician on duty, her face was covered in grease, appeared from underneath the Queen's Dagger. "Sorry, just had to get a look, don't see too many Eta-2s anymore." The Jedi would have been able to sense her curiosity of the craft, and her confusion at seeing the high ranking NCO of security here now with them. "What can I do for you?"

    She was questioned, asked about Taab and the last time he had been there, but her honest reply only confused them more. "Haven't seen him here since before he left for Kashyyyk." Lrowoco had cast his gaze downward at the mention of his homeworld before looking around the bay and noticing something else. The Vagabond wasn't here. It had shown up in the footage, but it wasn't here now. Asking about it's presence they were told that, "Oh Knight Avarray had it prepped and moved to the primary bay before they left. Can't remember where they were going though, happened at the same time that Taab and the others left. Heard they just returned to the main hanger if you wanted to talk to him though." The Wookiee shook it's head at that. They had no need to see Knight Avarray or his party. He was finally fitting things together, even if perhaps more slowly than the Jedi had.

    "The droid took old holo footage and looped it on us, no telling where he could be." Lrowoco gave a low chuckle in appreciation of the droid's forethought, though he felt it was going to lead to nothing but trouble. They asked the tech whether anything strange had gone on since the Vagabond had departed, any ships tampered with or the like. "No, no ships messed with, their own security systems would deal with that." She pointed to the Unnecessary Force, "Some more lethal responses than others." She shrugged her shoulders. "Few tools have gone missing though, and a diagnostic reader. I thought maybe I just misplaced them..."

    Lrowoco and the others had thanked her at that, and quickly searched the bay but found no trace of Jinx. "Clearly he's up to something, but let's keep this between us until we figure out what."

    IC: Professor N'Dana Solo (NPC)
    Landing Zone Tanis, Eventide

    The Professor watched as the troopers gathered together the rescued slaves from the Dark Side Temple, a look of consternation on his face. He was glad they were being taken care of, but nothing else about this operation seemed to be going the way it should. The Triumvirate Navy had sent a task force of three ships to Eventide after hearing his story. He had been concerned that he wouldn't be believed, but that worry proved to have been unfounded. Three ships, agents from the Galactic Security Bureau and of course a pair of Jedi had all been sent along to assess the situation and bring back the descendants of the original colonists.

    The troopers of course had been tasked with that last directive, and were quickly and efficiently loading the rescued people aboard a series of shuttles that ferried them to the ships in orbit. They were also here to protect everyone should those creatures show up again to make trouble, but no sign of them had been seen. If they were around, they were remaining hidden. Meanwhile the Jedi seemed more interested in what else they could find in the Dark Side temple. Solo had promised to take them there, once he was finished with the two agents he was talking to.

    "Mr ahhhh." He smiled pitifully, indicating he had again forgotten the man's name. "Porkins, Agent Porkins." The portly man said irritably. He had told him several times now, and was frustrated to be doing so. His family had a long tradition of serving the side of justice in the galaxy, one of his ancestors had even fought at the Battle of Yavin helping to destroy the first Death Star. To not have his name remembered by this professor irked him greatly.

    "Yes, Agent Porkins." Solo said apologetically, though his tone soon changed. "What do you mean they never got it?" He was in disbelief, and exasperated at the agent's answers. "It needs to be studied, carefully." He was very worried now, as much as he wanted his fortune and glory, the idea of someone running around loose with the Heart of Darkness was a terrifying one. The answer only served to exasperate him further. "The Jedi have no record of any expedition here prior to this, they have no idea what happened to the relic you describe, nor do they have any record of anything like it." Porkins replied while the second agent, a short, slender human remained silent, as he had through the process.

    "Well then what happened to it?" Solo asked raising his voice above the howling winds. Even the third agent, a human man standing off alone staring towards the dark side of the planet turned and let off a puff of cigarra smoke before flicking it to the ground and stepping on it putting it out as Porkins responded. "You said you let people claiming to be Jedi have it." Solo bristled at the accusatory tone. "But they say they whoever it was, it wasn't Jedi." Solo was really irritated now. "So who has it?" The cigarra smoking man reached into his pocket and lit another, puffing on it slowly while turning back to stare at the darkened dunes, still leaving it to Porkins. "We have top men working on that right now." He finally replied, also keeping a wary eye on the third agent. That wasn't enough for Solo though.

    "Who?" he insisted, only to be rebuffed by Porkins. "Top. Men."

    IC:Beskaryc Taab
    Temple vault, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Cradling the covered item in his arms, Taab entered Temple Vault alone. Located deep within the bowels of the Temple, the Vault was not a part of the Temple Archives or the even more accessible Temple Library which was available to just about any Jedi regardless of rank, though some tomes there remained off limits to those under the rank of Knight or Master. The Vault was instead where the most powerful and treasured artifacts of the Guardians of Light were kept, safely away from prying eyes. Only masters were allowed here, and only then with the express permission of the Council. Now Taab was being allowed in, transporting something of great power and importance for them, something even the Council seemed afraid of.

    Taab had been present at the Council meeting where Knights Nosrep and Bonaventure had given their report on the events that had occurred on Eventide, and the concern from the Council at their statements was readily apparent. Granted the Council itself had been missing two members, Master Rand had not yet returned from Malastare (something which privately Taab was rather thankful for, he didn't need the elder Jedi teasing him once again on his failure to bring Ian Thrace to justice) while the General (Master Hector Zey) had been busy elsewhere. Just what could be more important than this Taab didn't know, but the Council itself didn't seem to concerned over that. Instead their anxiety seemed entirely focused on the Heart of Darkness and what they should do with it.

    Taab himself would have advocated for it's immediate destruction, the effects it would have on those affects by it be damned, but the Council didn't ask his opinion on the matter. Maybe they just didn't care, or maybe they already knew what his answer would be. In the end, after much discussion of their own and continued questioning of the two Jedi knights who had brought back the Sith relic, it had been determined to place the holocron in the Temple vault, where it might prove useful to future generations of Guardians, even if it might not be especially useful now. Taab shrugged his shoulders at that, unsure as to how such a thing could ever be useful, but the Thinker (Master Noma Runa) seemed particularly keen on the notion that it was a key to a gateway of some kind. Taab had never heard of the World between Worlds that Nosrep and Bonaventure had said this thing might lead to, but the merest mention of it clearly excited the Mon Cal master.

    Big X too had taken part in the debriefing, and in the end been sent off for a scan. The droid's own recollection of events had proven most useful in not only confirming the Jedi's story but filling in gaps for bits they had forgotten. Taab wasn't entirely sold on the idea of trusting the droid, but it could prove a useful tool, so with the Council's blessing he'd sent the droid off with Major Barrett to perform a full diagnostic and scan of the droid's programming. They'd know soon enough if it was something they could fold into the security staff or if they'd have to perform a memory wipe and send the droid on it's way. Normally he would have assigned the scan to Sergeant Major Lrowoco, but the Wookiee NCO said he was unavailable, running something else down. Taab had begun to inquire of the grizzled old Wookiee, but had been told it was nothing. Taab had shrugged, trusting that he would be told if a major issue arose.

    Trust. Now, Taab was surprised the Jedi had trusted him with with the task of actually delivering the Heart to the Vault, and were allowing him one time access to the Temple vault unescorted. Under the circumstances they felt it necessary, but it still surprised him. Despite it being brought here by a ship full of them, the Heart of Darkness was deemed too dangerous to be transported by a Jedi, even a master, to the Vault. So he had been given his first chance to enter the vault in the decade that the Temple of Light had been his home

    Home. Taab shook his head as the heavy beskar doors (and just where had they gotten the material for those?) slowly began to swing open. He had lived here now for the last decade, but he was loath to call the place home. Even before that, he could't call Mandalore home. Yes, he had a homestead there, one that had been run by his wife before her death, and his children too still lived there. It had been at best his base of operations, he'd learned through decades of mercenary work that home was the ground (or deck or space) between wherever his two feet were at the moment. Nothing else mattered. Besides, the loss of his wife had sundered any connection he'd had to the planet itself. He had not even been in contact with any of his children since that time. For all they knew, he too had died on some far off world fighting battles that were not his own. If so, they wouldn't be far off the mark. He wondered for a brief moment how Czeska was doing, his daughter had been a cunning warrior, but his thoughts of her faded as soon as he entered the darkened vault.

    Stepping foot inside, the automatic lights sensed his presence and began to illuminate the room. Taab scowled behind his T-Visor. The vault gave off a weird vibe to the Mandalorian, and he couldn't wait to get out of here, though he would never admit that to anyone. At least the place was kept clean. Master Ananta dusted it once a week, it was a task only a master would be allowed to perform, saying the mundane nature his efforts helped to keep him humble, especially in the presence of such powerful relics. Taab shrugged. He'd done a good job of it at least, he'd half expected the vault to be dusty and dark instead of clean and well lit as it was.

    He began to walk towards the far side of the cavernous vault, it seemed you could park a several gunships in here he thought, passing an ancient book, an original manuscript of the Jedi Code which sat upon a pedestal in the middle of the room. It seemed to give off it's own light, though Taab was sure it was some sort of luminary trickery. In alcoves along the wall there were other relics. A branch from a uneti tree and the Kashi Mer talisman, among others. There was even a large piece, a portion of a wall it looked like, of an ancient Jedi Temple covered in arcane symbols and pictograms of giant wolves. They could almost be strill Taab thought, though they had too few legs. Loth wolves perhaps? He shrugged, knowing he would never see these relics again, best to just deposit the Heart and get out of here.

    At the far end of the Vault was an alcove containing another Holocron, the Holocron of Light. Taab supposed it held the knowledge of the Guardians from their inception, and perhaps before, though that too was something he would never know. Another alcove had been prepared by Master Ananta, complete with a dark red cloth. Taab to place the Sith holorcron upon the small pedestal in the alcove. It didn't glow for him as it did for the spoonbenders, which was why he had been entrusted to carry it in the first place. From it he felt nothing, heard nothing. Still he took no chances and did as he had been instructed, placing the red drop cloth over the relic, covering it completely. That done he took once last look around, it was now that he thought he heard...something as a cold shiver went up his spine. "shabla spoonbenders," he mumbled to himself as he retreated (and it did feel like a retreat) from the vault, closing the heavy Mandalorian Iron doors behind him, sealing the vault shut once again. From there he headed upwards along the corridor, back to the Council chamber to inform them the deed was done.

    Inside the vault, the automatic lights went dim as the vault was consumed by darkness, all except from the area near the Holocron of Light's alcove which glowed with an unearthly blueish light from the holocron itself. That blue was joined a few moments later by a dull reddish glow that barely penetrated the red cloth over it. The Holocron of Light glowed slightly brighter as a result, even as a low voice whispered out from under the drop cloth. "Hello old friend..."

    End Chapter I: Whispers in the Dark

    OOC: Sorry for the lateness of this, last week was rather busy running my kids to various summer camps and checking on potential High Schools for my daughter. This week isn't much better but hey every little bit helps. This serves to end our first chapter in the game, so no outstanding tags here. Consider it a short vacation everyone! :p I'll work on getting the start of the next chapter posted by next week where I will be fast forwarding our characters a few days and tag everyone back into the game. That chapter will be a short one, basically tying up some loose ends prior to introducing us to our next crisis. Many thanks to @Ananta Chetan for letting me name drop his GoL persona here.
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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Liuna Iotasi
    Temple of Light

    A hunt was something she was more than familiar with, even if she was used to hunting beings of flesh and blood, not her own blasted droid. It had always been them against the galaxy, Jinx taking care of problems remotely while Liuna met them face to face. Other than the allies they picked up and dropped equally quickly, they'd never had a safe place like this, not since she'd purchased the little droid. So maybe Jinx thought this place was like all the others they'd been in, a free for all of supplies and weaponry to grab whenever someone wasn't looking.

    If she didn't wipe the droid's memory, she was going to make sure some Jedi databanks were uploaded into Jinx's memory. We're the good guys, buddy, stop sneaking around.

    The technician in the bay sparked some ideas, even if she had no idea what was actually going on. Taab hadn't been there since before they left, Avarray had already taken the ship they'd seen... that blasted droid had done what she did best, which was causing headaches, apparently. Slicing and looping footage, really?

    Lrowoco echoed her thoughts. "The droid took old holo footage and looped it on us, no telling where he could be."

    Liuna nodded her agreement. "Yeah, I programmed Jinx for slicing so, uh, sorry."

    "No, no ships messed with, their own security systems would deal with that. Some more lethal responses than others. Few tools have gone missing though, and a diagnostic reader. I thought maybe I just misplaced them..."

    Now that sounded like the droid. Stealing, scavenging, upgrading. Liuna thought back to the days before she'd come to the Guardians. What had their strategy always been? Distract or scam, steal when they weren't looking, hide the items on their person or elsewhere if necessary and then...

    "Clearly he's up to something, but let's keep this between us until we figure out what."

    "I'm pretty sure Jinx is trying to upgrade herself, and as good of a scavenger as she is, it's hard to tell what she could make from all this." Liuna shrugged. "We used to do this sort of thing all the time, and once we had the items we wanted, we'd loop back to our ship or whatever our current base of operations was. So I'm thinking she's either going to end up on the Blind Strike or... back in my quarters." While the former was her home for years, she'd taken most of their tools to her quarters in the time she'd been here. Settled in, almost. Jinx wouldn't be able to build what she wanted without those tools, and might even need Liuna's help. I told you to stay out of trouble.

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine Bonaventure
    Maintenance Hangar

    I gazed at the scrap piles, trying to maintain the relaxed state of awareness that had yielded so many of the useful bits I had gathered that morning. I was so close to having everything I needed, and the pressure of completion was eroding my openness to the guidance of the Light. A deep cleansing breath helped a little. Something rattled and drew my attention. A random R2 unit had just grabbed something and upset a pile of old spare parts. As the astromech rolled away, I searched what it had left behind. And there they were, half a dozen miniature continuously variable pressure plates. Perfect.

    Happily whistling a favorite old starsailors' shanty, I wove through the junk piles and made my way back to a workbench, situated near my classic muscle ship Blue Moon and the Naboo N-6 Corsair I had been restoring for some time. The Corsair was nearing completion, but the to-do list was still longer than I cared to contemplate. Like most restorations, it was 99% finished, 50% to go. Well, it would wait a little longer, my present project was my focus at the moment.

    I surveyed the assorted parts on the workbench. Bespin Industries Slimline Life-Saver, power core burned out, but otherwise serviceable. Gas turbine from a MandalMotors Infiltrator pack, with parabolic nozzle. Duros Manufactory RocketSox thrusters, control circuit boards cracked. Straps, buckles, fasteners. Tensiometers and electrical strain gauges. Servomotors and magnetic actuators. About four dozen emitters, mostly salvaged from old blaster muzzles. Wiring, connectors, circuit boards, high capacity power cells. Crystals from Darth Mola's saber. And a vial of dust left over from when I had ground and faceted the crystal in my own saber. I hoped it would be enough. Of course it would. The Light would provide. I got to work.

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    GM Update

    Chapter II: Three dogs, a droid and a Crusader...

    IC: Master Rand (NPC)
    Meditation garden, Temple of Light

    Master Rand sat cross legged on the soft grass in the Temple of Light's meditation garden, thinking on the events of the last 24 hours. All the off world teams had returned from their various missions, some more successful than others, but all had returned intact. Master Kasumi's mission to Kashyyyk had even come back a member heavy, as had the team sent to Eventide. The droid, Big X, he liked to be called, had already passed Commander Taab's security tests and been folded into the Commander's security force while young Edo Vilsa had joined the myriad of other young padawan's in the Temple, adding to the eclectic tapestry that was the Guardians of Light.

    All the news hadn't been good however. Taab had disappeared into his quarters upon hearing the situation on Mandalore, and had gone unseen for the last day. He seemed content to leave things to Major Barrett for the moment. Only Troi had gone to see him and what they had discussed remained between the two. Rand had been slightly disappointed that he hadn't had a chance to tease the Mandalorian about the wild bantha chase on Kashyyyk, but more now he was worried about the man himself. Taab was a man of passion, and even fury, but also held a cold determined kind of calculation. It wasn't like him to be so emotional as to neglect his duties.

    Knight Al'kesh meanwhile still under observation in the infirmary, though apparently bringing back the Heart of Darkness and placing it in the vault was having an effect. The Devaronian Knight seemed himself now, though he was still weakened and didn't remember anything of what had happened. The other Jedi who had gone to Eventide and been similarly afflicted had also remained under observation for a day but were scheduled to be released soon as they now showed no signs of ever having had anything wrong with them. Knight Reese of course would have to spend another day or two under Master Susruta's care to heal his injuries, but he was in good hands.

    Rand breathed in deeply and held for a moent before exhaling slowly. A small smile formed on his face as he did so. Despite the mix of good and bad news over the last 24 hours, things seemed to be looking up for the Guardians. They had foiled a potential threat and come back stronger than they had left. They had also perhaps found the first in a series of clues that could unlock the very mysteries of the galaxy, and the force. It had been a good day. He began to breath in deeply again... and stopped as his eyes flew open, the smile dropped from his face as he exhaled quickly. There was a darkness out there. He closed his eyes again, trying to focus.

    It should come as no surprise of course that there was darkness, it always seemed to be lurking in some corner of the galaxy, it was why the Guardians of Light had come to be, and it was what they were always on guard against. This though, this was more than just a shadow just out of sight. This was a looming darkness. Unrelenting, focused, and worst of all, it was headed for Saridona Prime.

    TAG: No One.

    IC: Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Temple Library, Temple of Light

    Padawan Elle pursed her lips and blew her breath upwards across her face, feeling it move a few stray strands of hair off her forehead. She was bored, like really bored. Her master, Knight Gim, had heard about her little stunt with Cookie in the dining hall and assigned her a research project in the library. Something to do with mystical planes of existence and how to gain access to them. Already she was sick of it and looking to cause some sort of trouble to ease her boredom. Of course the watchful eye of Master Cie-Dian Octaris prevented her from doing anything. So she sat with her head on her hands as data scrolled across the screen in front of her without being read. She sighed again, somewhat more loudly which brought a stern look form the Cerean head librarian. Best to not get on his bad side she thought to herself, if the cooking droid could cause her trouble, there was no telling what the Jedi Master could do to her if irked.

    She looked around the library. She wasn't the only one here of course. Others were busy at their own terminals, and a few sat in the quiet reading room, with actual paper books in hand. For the most part they all looked enthralled with their work, though a few padawans looked as bored as she was. One group in particular caught her eye, mostly because it was a group, seated around a square shaped table with a holoprojector at it's center. "What are they doing I wonder?" she whispered to herself, shutting down her own terminal and approaching them quietly.

    The image itself they were pondering had already been viewed by them several times, and they were busy discussing it in hushed tones as it played back again. Getting closer she could see that it appeared to be security holo-cam footage from one of the hanger bays. Unknown to her, it was the same footage Lrowoco and Iotasi had witnessed the day before, though it had now been passed along to the Council and assigned to these Jedi to see what it was and when it had come from.

    Replaying from the start of the loop, Elle leaned in a bit. She could see now it was it was from the Temple of Light's main hanger bay, though it looked different from how it did now. Newer, shinier, and the equipment was all out of sorts and in the wrong place. Even the craft in the background were all wrong. T-65 X-Wings, and several old Eta-2s along with a well worn YT-1300 Corellian freighter in the foreground. Neat she thought to herself, her own assigned research already forgotten. Those fighters hadn't been in service for over a century.

    There were beings present as well, Jedi by the looks of them, at the bottom of the boarding ramp to the freighter. It was no one she recognized, but then, she didn't expect herself to, not if this footage was an old as she expected. Clearly though they were Jedi as evidenced by their robes and the lightsabers hanging from their belts. They were speaking rather animatedly with someone farther up the ramp (though there was no sound associated with the recording), someone unseen still aboard the ship who finally trudged down it enough to come into view. she nearly gasped as he did so.

    It was a Mandalorian, shorter and stockier than Commander Taab, and wearing gunmetal grey armor in the old style, the style of the late Republic and Imperial age. Looked like the old images of Boba or Jango Fett, except the range finder was on the wrong side and the color on the armor was all wrong. The mystery Mandalorian conferred with the Jedi again, but there was still no sound. The audio files appeared to have been corrupted with age or had just been turned off by these Jedi. One of the recorded Jedi shrugged, and then looked to the others before they all followed the Mandalorian up the ramp which closed behind them. The footage cut off as the ship began to lift off before beginning again. The Jedi here must have it on looped replay...

    Elle herself sat pondering what she had just seen. Did it have something to do with the recent troubles reported on Mandalore? She shook her head in disgust at herself. Of course it didn't. She hadn't recognized any of the Jedi on the footage, and that Mandalorian looked like he had come out of a history holodrama. No Mandalorian dressed like that anymore, their armor was slicker now, more segmented, and protected more of their body. No this was something else, something old.

    She looked around the table, recognizing each Jedi and quickly determining why they had been assigned to look over this particular recording. There was Knight Bonaventure, he was newly knighted, but his knowledge of spacecraft design and use was well known throughout the Temple. He could probably see things about the freighter in the foreground, and even the fighters in the background that other Jedi wouldn't even think to ask about. There was Knight Cora, whose own heritage gave her a special insight with regards to the Mandalorian in the footage. She wondered if perhaps Commander Taab or Knight Troi could also have been assigned, but they had been nearly unapproachable since the news had come back that Mand'alor Karr had died suddenly. Cora too was not nearly as volatile as either of the other two who could have been assigned to look this over. Of course Knight Nosrep's reputation as a researcher, historian and diplomat made him a natural to look this over. There didn't seem to be any time stamp attached to the footage, so he could probably help narrow it down for them. Knight Avarray meanwhile had shown great insight and his experiences out on the frontier may shed some light on just what these Jedi and their Mandalorian "friend" were up to.

    Elle herself now took a step back. This was far more interesting than the task she had been assigned, and she wanted to hear what these Jedi thought of what they had been watching, though she dare not interrupt for fear of being told to leave.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @ConservativeJedi321 @Sarge @TheSilentInfluence

    OOC: I'll be PMing you each shortly with something each of your characters would have noticed in the footage.

    IC: Knight Jacen Troi (NPC)
    Aboard the LAAT/i Bug Stomper, nearing the Northern water falls, Saridona Prime

    The wind rushed through Knight Troi's blond hair, blowing it every which way as the old gunship rushed low through the canyon, a bare 10 meters above the green verdant summer time grass below. To either side of the transport the high walls of the canyon boxed them in, but neither the pilot nor the passengers seemed to care. It was an exilerating ride for them all, en route to what would be a relaxing excursion to the waterfalls north of the the Temple of Light.

    Even seated next to the open hatchway, Troi felt no such thrill at their journey, though he could feel that his padawan, the Gran called Bovie, was caught up in it. Troi though was still lost in his own thoughts. He had left home to find his own path, his own glory, and he had been happy with his time as a Knight in the Guardains of Light. This world, this temple and these people had become a sort of second home to him, but his real home was his real home, and hearing of the troubles going on there had him rattled.

    The shattered world known as Concord Dawn was usually barely able to keep things together during the best of times. It was the Protectors, and their patrons back on Mandalore that helped keep the peace there between rival clans, but now, with the central government on Mandalore in disarray, there was no telling what atrocities had already sprung up on his homeworld. The only certainly was that they had, and they would soon spread to the surrounding space.

    Troi and Commander Taab had discussed it several times since the Mandalorian Jedi had brought back the news, and Troi could sense that the security commander was as worried as he was, perhaps even more so. He still had family there, though he hadn't seen nor heard from them in over a decade, and his concern was readily apparent. That wasn't all though, there was something else, some deeper worry that Taab didn't see fit to share even with Troi even as they talked at length about what was going on there. Troi didn't press though, Taab was a private man, and he had no desire to intrude on that privacy. Besides he had his own worries to think about, which was why he'd been sent along on this "assignment". The Council thought it best to give Troi time to clear his head, and the serenity of the Northern Falls as they had become known would provide a most fitting environment for that.

    The gunship lurched as it progressed through a bit of warmer fast rising summer air. ""Sorry about that folks," came the apology from CWO Durant. The man had once been a Jedi, a fellow Guardian of Light, before Troi's time here. But he'd been injured severely back during the Sith crisis a decade ago and reassigned to the security division under Taab where he'd been able to continue on as a pilot. Normally Troi would have flashed him a smile and given him a thumbs up, but now, he just didn't feel like it. Durant seemed to take his non reaction in stride though, the man was just happy to still be flying as he guided the gunship through another series of twisting turns through the canyons. "30 seconds out," he warned, and the Jedi in the troop bay began to stir slightly as they prepared to disembark. Troi took the opportunity to ensure that they were all still here and aboard and no one had fallen out during the journey.

    There was of course himself and his padawan Bovie, along with Master Kasumi, who shared a deep and obvious connection with nature. Knight Sodi, who had been with Troi on Malastare had also decided to come along at the last minute, though Troi was sure that was at the insistence of the Council and that the Kage Jedi had been told to keep an eye on Troi. Knight Seadrifter had also come along, probably also in an attempt to use the scenery to help find her center. Troi didn't know her well, but her reputation as a warrior was well founded from what he'd heard. Knight Vansyph had also been talked into coming along by his padawan Ugem'bivi, the twi'lek seemed more excited than just about any of them to be out here. Rounding out the group was Knight Aldor who had been tasked with watching over apprentice Cinali and the new recruit, Rosana Zorbo. Troi gave her a kind nod and even the hint of a smile, though the facial expression carried with it little emotion and was more force of habit than anything else.

    The loud hum of the gunship's repulsor engines screamed louder as the ship rapidly decelerated and dropped even lower, coming to a hover less than a meter over a grassy field. "OK, everyone out," Durant commanded as the Jedi all rushed their way out of one of the two open side hatches of the Bug Stomper. Troi was the last one off, and after confirming that everyone else was settled onto the filed, gave Durant a jaunty salute. The former Jedi returned it with a laugh, and the gunship with the old faded imagery of a squashed Geonisian lifted off. It, or anther gunship, would be back in a few days to collect the Jedi and bring them back to the Temple. Until then though, they were on their own, alone with nature, as was the point.

    The chugging hum of the drive engines faded as the gunship made off, leaving the Jedi alone now. Off to the north, the falls that fed the river system that had created the canyons roared quietly were visible about a kilometer away. To their south Troi knew was a cave complex, a complex that had at one time housed an army. In the dirt nearby was evidence of it, the shattered carapace of a Sith wardroid. Rusting in the summer sun, it's dull gray and red stood out from the green grass it sat upon. For some reason seeing it made the Knight angry, as if it was affront to the peaceful nature of the valley and a reminder of what he'd come here to forget. "Someone police up that trash," he yelled loudly enough for all to over hear him. "Then we can start making our way towards the falls."

    TAG: @Coffee_Ninja @Mitth_Fisto @vncredleader @SkywalkerShine @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @The Vanguard @The Jedi in the Pumas

    OOC: And a big welcome to The Jedi in the Pumas, glad to have you aboard!

    IC: Lrowoco/Big X (NPCs)
    Security Office, temple of Light

    "He did it again," Lrowoco growled in a low voice to those in the security office with him, Knight Iotasi of course, the owner of the droid in question, and Knight Ash. They had already been in on this investigation from the beginning. Now he had added a few others to their little circle. Big X, the newly joined security droid was there. Major Barrett had said that droid had passed the security scans with flying colors and had quite a bit of potentially useful programming to boot. Maybe he could also give insight into what Jinx was up to. He'd also brought in Knight Acyk. The twi'lek had just joined the GoL yesterday, but he had a history as a detective. Who better to have helping them out with this mystery?

    "Some time last night, we can't tell when because again the security holo footage was looped, Jinx broke into the armory." The Wookiee caught the surprised and disturbed looks on the faces of the others. "He didn't take any weapons, though he did make off with a blaster repair kit, and a small power pack." The Wookiee shrugged. "Whatever he is up to, it involves those as well as the tools and diagnostic bits he's already pilfered from the hangers bays." Lrowoco didn't go into how he was still keeping this investigation off the books. Commander Taab seemed to have enough to worry about without hearing about some rogue droid. "Any ideas on where he might hit next, or what we can do to catch this troublesome little astro-mech?"

    TAG: @Rebecca_Daniels @Skyla Skywalker @Kyber Acyk

    OOC: To all, as mentioned earlier, this will be a short "bridge" chapter as we're just tying up some loose ends as we bring our characters together and introduce our next crisis. Any questions just send me a PM and I'll be happy to answer.
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    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    The Ongree had always felt most at home in the library, all the knowledge, and history available in such a confined space.
    It was practically made for him, and the hologram before the gathered Jedi intrigued him greatly. Now he was offered a gateway into the past.

    Semajj had never really considered that this Temple might have been inhabited before the Guardians had settled here. It had been his home for over a decade now, and it had always seemed timeless to him.

    But glancing over the image, it appeared as if there was more to it than what initially met the eye. "Clone wars era robes?" He squinted carefully observing each 'Jedi' caught by the camera.
    Not quite. The brown robes seen there were obviously Jedi issue. A few brief glimpses of beige undertunics seemed to confirm that, at a glance it might be hard for a Non-Jedi to tell as they so resembled the cloaks of commoners in the outlying regions. Poor moisture farmers, or nomads.
    But the tighter lacing indicated to him that they were most likely old Jedi robes

    "Odd, they don't seem to fit as they should." The Knight pointed to one of the individuals closest to the camera. "His robe should be closer to the floor, but are nearly up to his knees." It was possible that he had customized them that way, so as not to hinder his movements, or he had just grown out of them. But that didn't seem right to Semajj. "Perhaps they are not Jedi at all? Perhaps they are scavengers?"
    Indeed, the mismatched equipment, and odd items they were carrying seemed to confirm his assumption.

    These robes were similar to those issued to Padawans in the days of the Old Republic, but as far as he could tell none of them had braids. One of them was missing his utility belt, and another looked to have a blaster tied to her left boot.
    Near the bottom right corner of the hologram he noticed one of the individuals was wearing some chest plating, for a moment the Ongree thought it might be a Phase II Clone Trooper variant, but it was to dark to be an unmodified version.

    That didn't prove anything of course, it could very well have been picked off a corpse on some forgotten battlefield half way across the galaxy.
    After a moment Semajj offered one more observation. "Is that a communicator?" He indicated to someone further back in frame, they had their hood up and looked to be talking to their wrist. Most likely a Hush-98 embedded into their gauntlet. But they were too far away for him to be sure about that.

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    (Use of Elle was allowed by @Bardan_Jusik)

    IC: Rak Avarray
    Temple Library, Temple of Light

    The Vagabond Knight leaned back in his seat fingers interlaced behind his head. Bringing his feet up on the holo table he gave a deep smirk to his former Padawan. He knew he was going to get an 'Ahem' or at worse a 'Now Then' from Octaris. But, he liked to be comfortable with looking over footage, put him in the right frame of mind to notice things. Looking around he regarded the others with him, besides his former padawan there was Knight Bonaventure, the older man recently elevated to Knight, and the young woman Cora. He hadn't spent much time with the mandalorian Knight. Though she didn't seem like the others he'd met like Tori. She was subdued quiet not really looking for a fight.

    "Clone wars era robes?" Knight Nosrep his former padawan spoke, "Odd, they don't seem to fit as they should." From his relaxed position Rak saw a young woman with close shaved hair. One of the padawans that seem to be around every corner. Elle, was it, she seemed to shrink away from the collection of Jedi. "His robe should be closer to the floor, but are nearly up to his knees." The former master cracked a smile, of course his 'by the book' learner would notice the non-traditional robes. "Perhaps they are not Jedi at all? Perhaps they are scavengers?"

    As if to give another lesson Rak gestured to himself, in his long coat and comfortable shirt, amethyst pendant resting on his chest. Did he look like a Jedi? Just because one doesn't look like a Jedi didn't mean anything. However he didn't say anything. On the other points he was right. The robes and armor were not what one associated with the Jedi however given the age it was likely that this footage was from the Dark Times, or near to it. It was likely that they didn't wish to advertise that they were part of an outlawed and hunted order.

    But, nothing had been ruled out yet.

    He relaxed and opened his eyes wide, trying to take in all that was going on. Often times when you focus too much on one point, you miss what is going on around you. He could take in the details, the old ships that were centuries out of date and Mandalorian Armor that looked out of place as well, though he couldn't tell why.

    By the third of fourth loop his wide angle noticed something interesting. A pallett, laden with things. Bringing his feet off the table he leaned in a little curious about this detail. He could see the labels and words printed on the sides of the boxes. Food, water, and a prefab shelter. Looked like someone was going on a trip, somewhere without much in the way of civilization. He also noted a collection of tools, scanners, hammers, bushes, shovels and covers.

    "Looked like someone was going on a dig." He muttered to himself seeing a load lifter make its way to the pallett. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the young woman, Rak caught her eye and beckoned her toward him. It was clear she was trying to avoid doing whatever task her master had set her on. Might as well give her a little lesson.

    "You're not in trouble come here." He offered her a seat he pulled up with the Force. He didn't know if it was because his former padawan was present, making he remember his greatest failure, or if he was just getting used to being a teacher as well as a knight he wanted to give a little lesson to this young one.

    "Tell me, what do you see?"

    Elle took the seat and looked up.

    "Well, a mandaloran, talking with some Jedi, it's from a long time ago."

    "How long would you say?"

    She shrugged her shoulders,

    "A Century? Haven't seen X-Wings in that good of shape ever, most of them have been in pieces. And never seen an Eta-2 except in history holos."

    "And what else to do you see?" Rak continued.

    "Um...the robes look wrong."

    The smile on Rak's face deepened.

    "Well not all Jedi wear floor length robes." He gestured to her and her close fitting attire. "What else is there."

    She narrowed her eyes focusing as hard as she could.

    "Uh….Uh…" Rak could see a little flare of energy coming off her eyes.

    "Don't focus on one point so hard." He said looking to her, "Take in the whole scene, look for what is out of place, for what is...intriguing." He leaned back again putting his feet back up on the table. "If you focus so hard on a single point you will miss all that is around you." Gesturing back to the holo he continued, "Try again."

    She looked again at the holo, she could start to see something, a bit of movement right at the end of the clip. It was something big, and heavy. She peered deeper and deeper, it was a load lifter...yeah, she'd seen them before in the hangar…

    All at once her chair moved under her. Not enough to cause her to fall out of it but, enough to startle her. In that instant a tongue of flame burst in the air and then dissipated. She turned to see Knight Avarray still reclined, a knowing smile on his face.

    "You were focusing too hard again." The smile faded just a little, "But, you did notice something, what was it?"

    Her face soured as she looked at the older man it was a cheap trick, one that would have to be repaid later.

    "It was a load lifter." She almost snapped, pointing harshly at the edge of the frame. "It's picking up the pallet of stuff over there."

    "Good," Rak replied, "Did you notice what was on the pallet?"

    "I was getting at to it." She looked to again not focusing so hard keeping her other senses open while she analyzed the crates and objects piled up. "Looks like rations, and equipment for a camping trip?" Rak nodded his head.

    "Good, but, look right here, do you know what that is?" He pointed at a long rectangular box with some imprints on the side.

    "More gear?"

    "What kind of gear?"

    "Um…" she thought more and more trying to file through what she knew and nothing was coming. "I don't know."

    "It's a scanner, a very powerful one. Could pierce through solid rock, steel, a lot of material. You only need that if you are looking for something."

    She crossed her arms sinking a little in her chair feeling more a fool than a student.

    "Don't look so dark, no one person knows everything. That is why we work on things together, to cover where one of us is weak, to lend aid where we need it." He smiled reclining more. "You are still learning, continue to learn, and never stop."

    She sat up just a little looking to the other Jedi around the table waiting for what they had to say.

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    IC: Vanora Cinali at the Waterfalls

    Vanora joined the general onrush off the Bug Stomper. She had to stifle a laugh at such an inauspicious and unique name!

    The sunlight dappled the green grass, and the thunder of the falls was majestic and could be heard as an undertone in the background.

    She checked her datapadd which indicated a cave complex not too far away. There was the remnants of a Sith War Droid nearby. Knight Troi coldly demanded that it be removed.

    Vanora had to agree: it was a blight on the lovely landscape.

    Vanora called over to Bivi: "This place is as lovely as you said!"

    She gave a conspiratorial wink to Rosana Zorbo. "You wanna explore the caves, or dive into this indulgent picnic I have stowed in here?" She indicated her pack. Her expression told clearly which option she was more in favor of.

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    @The Vanguard
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    IC: Knight Cora
    Temple Library, Temple of Light

    Cora stared at the image in momentarily surprise; unsure what she was seeing. The robes were different for a Jedi and the armor wasn't like anything she had seen; at least not in anything but holo-movies and books she had read about Mandalorians. "The armor, the Jedi robes; those are too old. It looks like the armor they used in the Old Republic." She pointed out, frowning. "It's still beskar, and there's some kind of writing on the hull." Cora felt a little embarrassed, despite it being scratched and scuffed she didn't recognise the Mando'a letters it did have.

    That might be something to work on in the future. But the symbol on his armor-

    "Wait...that's the same clan symbol Commander Taab has on his armor." Cora stood up and stared at the images again. It had to be, there was no mistaking that symbol for what it was. She fidgeted and looked at her companions. "Why would a Mandalorian want to work with Jedi back than...they've always disagreed." At least until recently. This doesn't make any sense.

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  20. Coffee_Ninja

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Saridona Prime

    Kasumi set foot in the field. Immediately reconnecting to the nature around her. She closed her eyes for a moment and took a breath in. Her moment of serenity was cut short by "Someone police up that trash," "Then we can start making our way towards the falls."

    Kasumi shook her head gently…was that all that he was focused on….what was once there….and was now gone. Police it? Sure….lets turn this thing thing that once brought death into something that brings life. Kasumi closed her eyes again, searched what she could, and found what she needed. A seedling figting for light as it had been over grown. Kasumi walked towards it, very carefully dug it up with her hands, and transplanted it infront of the droid. She placed a hand on the ground next to it, and gave the plant a head start for growth. She watched as the tendrils of the flowering vice wrapped around the droid until only green could be seen.

    Kasumi stepped away from it and turned towards the falls/caves and began to walk, almost ahead of the others…although she was lost in her own thoughts. Caves…caves brought back memories. Memories of Endor…..

    ::Flash Memory::

    Kasumi spent wandering the forest and learning it’s oddities. She could feel herself being watched on some days, but never felt threatened by it. She had been told that the Ewoks that lived there were curious, but she wasn’t about to force them to come out of hiding – after all she was the guest here.

    One night, close to dusk, Kasumi heard what could only be described as a call for help…a fearful call for help. Kasumi used Force Speed to get to the area the sound was coming from. There she found a little bear type creature that she recognized as an Ewok from her studying of Endor. The little one was backed up against a large tree with no place to run as a carnivorous beast began to move in for the kill. Kasumi didn’t think, but rather acted alone. She managed to get to the little one just as the beast closed it’s jaws. The teeth sunk in to her sleeve and upper arm rather than the little one. Once the beast let go, Kasumi took the little one and used Force Speed again to get away from the area, leaving the predator confused and hungry.

    Once they were safe, Kasumi took a moment to try to see if the little one was hurt. From what she could tell the little one wasn’t, but was more concerned about Kasumi’s arm. The small hand kept gently touching the area and there was an apologetic tone to what the little one was trying to say. Kasumi was not able to understand all of it, but a few words she was…through pointing and miming. That night she let the little one show her where he wanted to stay the night. As he fell asleep, Kasumi took her robe and placed it over him so he could stay warm. For the first time since the bite, Kasumi allowed the pain to course through her body. She used a few strips of clothe to make a wrap for her arm and tied it as tight as she could then she reached for what little medicine she had been given and took some to at least keep infection at bay. Once it had taken effect she was able to sleep through most of the pain. She woke only a few times during the night to make sure that the little one was still ok and check the bandage on her arm.

    Kasumi awoke the next morning to find the sun up and her little friend gone. She had slept for too long as she was used to getting up with the sun. She went to move her arm and realized that the bandage had been changed….but from who? The little one appeared to know very little of it. Maybe it was who ever came looking for him. Kasumi shook her robe off and put it on her shoulders as she left the small cave they slept in. As she came out she came face to face with two guards with spears, and an older Ewok that looked like he was the medicine man. Judging by the look the guards were giving her and the hand signals she was being given by the medicine man…that she should go back into the cave and rest. She did so without argument, knowing full well that if they wanted her dead, they would have already made it happen. It looked as if the Ewoks had decided to make themselves known, and they were taking no chances with this new comer.

    The cave became her home for the next few weeks and medicines were brought to the main person that was mixing the poltice for her arm. Kasumi tried to watch as much as she could, and tried to learn as much as she could about these herbs, but that was going to be difficult as she could only see a small section of what he was doing. Kasumi passed the time in meditation and reflection. One day there was a great commotion outside and Kasumi found herself being taken, by spear point through the forest. Judging by the noise something was very wrong, and some how it involved her.

    Her guard escorts got took her to a part of the forest with old trees. There in front of her she saw an ancient tree…almost snapped in half from some sort of mechanical object that was now in several pieces on the ground. The pieces looked similar to what would have been used on a ship that Palpatine would use…or rather one of his guards would. It took but one moment for Kasumi to realize that the village was blaming her for this. They were angry as this tree was one the spirit home of one of the great Ewok elders who had left them some years ago. Kasumi’s heart wept for the tree and for the loss of an elder. Kasumi dropped to her knees and shut out the commotion around her. She just called out in her mind what she was supposed to do. Oddly enough…there came an answer….with the voice of Master Aayla.

    “show them the weapon of light…….and heal.”

    Kasumi reached for her saber and turned it to a training strength so that none of the little one’s would get hurt. She then laid it on the ground in front of her and just waited…on her knees. The medicine man that had been talking about the tree quieted the group and slowly stepped forward towards Kasumi. Kasumi kept her eyes to the ground and just waited. She watched as his hands gently touched the saber. He motioned for a younger Ewok to come forward and show her something. Soon, next to her saber hilt was a rough carving of her master’s hilt. She reached out and gently touched the carving. She had seen the hilt so often, and now to see it again, but in a carved form brought back so much pain.

    Suddenly the commotion started again, but this time it almost sounded like a discussion. Kasumi noticed that her guard friends were busy looking at her hilt and she decided to decipher the other part of the message. She slowly stood and walked towards the downed tree. She touched it gently, and could almost feel the pain of the tree.


    The voice came again. Aayla’s voice was right. Heal the tree. That’s what she had to do.

    Kasumi closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She placed her hands gently on the part of the tree that had split and used Plant Surge to begin to help the tree heal. She knew this task would take almost everything out of her, but she felt that she had to do it. The Force was pulling her to do it regardless of how much it would take out of her. Slowly the tree began to mend and began to straighten back up. The once splintered wood and exposed core of the tree began to heal. Kasumi felt the strength begin to leave her, but she wanted to complete the healing. She fell to her knees in front of the tree and continued. The last thing she remembered was seeing the tree being whole again and standing tall, and then she let the weakness take over and she blacked out.

    The Ewoks had gotten quiet when they watched what she was doing. Never had they seen this outside of tales from the ancient ones. Surely this one was a spirit like the one they saw before. Without discussion this time, several Ewoks made a make shift stretched, placed Kasumi on it, and carried her back to Bright Tree Village. They placed her in a hut high in one of the trees. Her saber hilt was carried by the young Ewok she helped. It was that same young one that sat and watched over her through the night, all the while doing something with her hilt.

    ::End Memory::

    And like that the memory was gone. Kasumi smiled a bit at the was one of her few happy ones since the destruction of the Temple with Order 66.

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  21. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: "Sarge" Bonaventure
    Temple Library Video Analyst's Group

    As the playback restarted yet again, I offered my own commentary on the things I was noticing.

    "Those are some old ships, and I don't just mean they're old now, they were old when this was recorded. These are Jedi Starfighters, modified and marked for Rebel Alliance service. I'm no expert on the Eta series, but I do know that the laser cannon on that one wasn't developed until at least a decade after the Clone Wars and Order 66.

    "As for the X-wings, that one has a blade-type ECM antenna, which was developed as a field modification to counter the targeting system of the TIE Defender. That wasn't a widespread item until after Endor, and pretty rare before that. That X has Rogue Squadron markings, obviously, which doesn't tell us a lot. Rogues were active for years. Decades, even. But this black-marked ship, it has the emblem of the Black Sheep squadron. There are legends about that unit which would put the Rogues and Wraiths to shame, if half of the stories are true, which they probably aren't. Anyway, the more reputable squadron histories mostly agree that the Black Sheep were formed shortly after Hoth. So I'd conclude that this footage was probably recorded after Endor, and definitely after Hoth.

    "That's assuming that everything we're looking at is real, accurate footage. I haven't seen anything that makes me doubt it. If someone went to the trouble to fake all this, they did a superb job. Every detail I can recognize is right on."

    I sat back and watched it play through again, relaxing and just taking it in, waiting for any more relevant details to jump out at me. I spotted a few minor technicalities, but nothing else that added anything significant to my analysis.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Jo Sodi
    Disembarking the Bug Stomper, destination Waterfall / Caves

    The ride had been a rather peaceful one. Racing along the canyon depths with merely a couple meters between them and the grassy floor that would be so unforgiving if even just an edge of their craft dared to scrape upon it. From his seat he largely ignored this dramatic scenery and instead kept at least an edge of his vision to look upon the Mandalorian in their group. The one he had promised to help in whatever quest he might need to do now that his home peoples were in chaos and had lost their leader.

    Perhaps it had not been his position to make such an offer, surely he expected to have heard something from the Masters about it, but instead all he had heard was his being sent on this impromptu retreat with the Mandalorian and others after a short time. Quickly it seemed they were settling over a grassy knoll and being told to evac the ship from a meter up in the air. It was nice to be flown by a Jedi who knew that his passengers didn't need such things as short drops to the earth for safety. One by one they hopped or dropped out, using the Force or acrobatics to make graceful or mundane landings. Honestly he would of rather-ed a two metered drop instead of one, but he understood safety for safeties sake.

    It wasn't long after as he was near to the last to drop that Knight Jacen Troi came down as well. The man had just given up on his best chance to slip the lot of them, which hopefully meant he was serious about trying to relax and clear his mind, meaning the Council had nothing to worry about, and neither did his own conscious. Of course he had snapped immediately about removing the rubish of the Sith War droid, something which caused Sodi to palm his own lightsaber until Kasumi stepped forward to handle it in her own unique way, letting life conceal the darkness within itself. Replacing his weapon he shrugged, he personally disagreed with the tactic and thought the thing needed to be melted down and the wet metal scattered across the system. Hiding evil was kind of a pet peeve of a Sentinel such as himself.

    Perhaps later he would return on his own and try to destroy that droid properly. Patting his bulky robes he nodded to Troi, giving a small head tilt as though to ask if they were ready to move on. As Troi had said, the falls were waiting. No matter how tempting the caves were to him personally.

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Liuna Iotasi
    Security Office

    Back in the security office, Lrowoco had brought more in on their search, when their initial hunt had been unsuccessful. Growing more frustrated by the moment-- you're ruining this for me, Jinx!-- Liuna had withdrawn a bit, growing quiet and sharp with the thought that her droid might get her kicked out from the Guardians. It wasn't the end of the galaxy, if they decided she and her droid were a risk; she could go back to what she'd been doing, ridding the galaxy of terrible people one by one. But after their adventure on Kashyyyk, Liuna... liked being here. Breaking rules was one thing, stealing was another. Her droid stealing... she kept expecting them to blame her for Jinx's actions, but they seemed more concerned about simply tracking the droid down. Maybe later, then; Master Gwornayrr always let her know later when she'd really messed up, this bunch were probably the same. Other than Kasumi, she didn't even know the Masters here that well, the Council not at all; at least she'd get to meet them before she got kicked out.

    "Some time last night, we can't tell when because again the security holo footage was looped, Jinx broke into the armory." You're definitely getting kicked out. "He didn't take any weapons, though he did make off with a blaster repair kit, and a small power pack. Whatever he is up to, it involves those as well as the tools and diagnostic bits he's already pilfered from the hangers bays."

    Whatever Jinx was building couldn't be good, even if she hadn't taken any weapons. Maybe this was a bad time to tell them that there were weapons on the Blind Strike, and that Jinx knew where they all were. And she hadn't mentioned those weapons to the Jedi when she arrived, so that would be another strike against her.

    "Any ideas on where he might hit next, or what we can do to catch this troublesome little astro-mech?"

    Liuna looked to the others in the room, her face hard to read under her dark hood. One was the Knight who'd been there when she'd reported the troublesome droid. The others, she wasn't sure why they'd been brought in, but assumed they were there for good reason. The droid she couldn't read at all; like with Jinx, it was best not to judge a droid based on its chassis. All sorts of programming could be running underneath it all. The tall Twi'lek, on the other hand, looked like he meant business. Dangerous, a hunter in some sense of the word.

    "Jinx is operating outside of her programming at this stage. I made her to be trouble, to be hard to catch, to be unpredictable, but with what's been assembled she's getting dangerous." she said, bringing the new members of the team up to speed on the droid's capabilities. So maybe Liuna was a little proud of the droid, but not in this environment. "But most importantly, she can't finish any upgrades by herself. I usually did them myself, but it seems like Jinx is avoiding me. There's a chance Jinx could convince a repair droid to do the work instead, or slice in and force another droid to do it." She looked between the others. "Or, if someone is unaware Jinx isn't a temple droid, she could get a tech to do it."

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  24. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Peregrine Bonaventure
    Maintenance Hangar Workbench

    Finished. Finally. Well, as finished as this kind of thing ever gets, anyway, meaning it was ready to try out, despite the best efforts of the Council to keep me busy with debriefings, meetings, and data analysis.

    I pulled on the Slimline Lifesaver, which had once been a simple anti-grav backpack, and adjusted the straps. It was compact enough that it would probably go unnoticed if I wore it under a cape, or Jedi robes. In fact, I ought to get new robes made; if mine were a little longer they'd also cover the miniature rocket boosters strapped on just above my ankles.

    My toes twitched, working the pressure plates I had installed in my boots to control the systems. The backpack quivered for just a moment as it activated, negating its own weight. In a moment it had smoothed out, and I could barely feel the pack. With a little practice, I was sure I'd be able to move while wearing it with practically no encumbrance at all. It was sure to be far more comfortable and mobile than a suit of plate armor, so I'd get used to it in no time.

    I walked outside to the landing field. It was a clear day, sunny with light breezes, and just a few puffy cumulus clouds up high. Perfect flying weather. I pulled on my leather flying helmet and goggles. Time to begin Phase 1 of the testing.

    Toes twitched again, and the pack's power increased. It was now negating my weight as well as its own. Time to have a little fun! I flexed my knees, pushed gently against the surface, and drifted upward, gently as a balloon. The ground slowly dropped away from me, much like the dreams I often have about being able to fly, and much quieter and more peaceful than any jetpack. I smiled in simple pleasure at being off the ground.

    Phase 1 accomplished. Time for Phase 2A. My toes worked the pressure plates in my boots and I heard faint whirring sounds from the pack. I knew that meant jet intakes and nozzles were opening and extending from the top and bottom of the pack. The gas turbine wound up with a rising whine, thrust built up, and in moments I was rocketing skyward on jetpack thrust. My quiet smile turned into a wild grin. The jetpack's systems were drawing power through the crystals I had liberated from Mola's lightsaber, making a powerful and highly efficient device. Unlike most jetpacks, this one should be good for hours of operation before it ran out of energy.

    I throttled back, stabilized at about a thousand meters altitude. Commencing Phase 2B... The rocket boosters strapped to my calves hissed into life, augmenting the jetpack's thrust. I wobbled as I tried to find a stable attitude. By bending my legs, I had in-flight thrust vector capability, giving me more maneuverability than the average jetpack. Well, it would give me more maneuverability when I mastered the rig, which would come with practice that I hadn't had yet.

    All right, so far so good, and time to try out the best part. Leg boosters off, just hold stable with anti-grav and jetpack thrust, and some more toe twitches caused more clicking and whirring. Stubby squared-off wings, not much bigger than my hands, extended from both sides of the jetpack. I twisted and bent in the harness. The wings tilted and turned in response to the tension in the straps. Good. I turned on the final system.

    With a familiar snap-hiss, the dozens of emitters along the edges of the wings activated, extending lightblades to both sides.


    The saber blades were long and thin, weak and low powered. Unlike my lightsaber, they probably lacked the power to cut flesh, let along pierce durasteel. But they didn't need to do that, they only had to carve air. I leaned forward, increased thrust from the jetpack, and as airspeed built up, I could feel the wings develop lift from the flow of air across them.

    It was working. I had done it. I had built myself a set of wings that let me fly like a bird. I arched my back, raising my head and heels, and I soared up into the clear blue sky.

    For years, I had insisted that the best flying I ever did was with jet-powered wingpacks, doing airshows for the flying circus. Those were the days...

    Yes, those wingpacks were fantastic flyers. But my new rig was better. Lighter, faster, more responsive and maneuverable. How much more maneuverable? Time to find out.

    I restarted the ankle rockets and raised my legs slightly, going easy for my first experiment with vectored thrust and wings. Harness straps yanked my body mercilessly in a high-g pitch-up maneuver that came within a hairsbreadth of blacking me out and breaking my back. The horizon spun so fast it was almost a blur.
    Holy pudu! I'm going to need to practice that one a lot if I don't want to turn myself into a stall-spin statistic.

    Ankle rockets off, I relaxed, just cruising through the sky, climbing up and tasting a cloud, soaring above it to look down and see my shadow surrounded by a full-circle rainbow. I had never felt so free in my long life.
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  25. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Temple Library, Temple of Light

    Padawan Elle listened in on the bits of conversation, putting things together even as the other Jedi surely did as well. The Jedi in the footage were wearing ill fitted robes and Knight Nosrep had postulated that they might not be Jedi at all, but perhaps scavengers. It made sense to Elle, but scavengers, here? And operating with a Mandalorian? It was enough to make her blood boil. Fortunately Knight Avarray seemed to sense her frustration and calmed her down by working her through the issue.

    There was a pallet there, one set up for some sort of digging expedition, along with a powerful sensor for looking through stone or earth. Maybe they were scavengers, and has just used the equipment to search an empty temple for something, and were now packing up afterwards, but something didn't seem right with that, though the young padawan could't put her finger on what exactly.

    Knight Cora had focused mostly on the Mandalorian, it was older armor. Tough armor, but out of style now. She pointed out that there was Mandalorian writing on the freighter as well, but she couldn't translate it.. Was it the Mando's ship then? If so, it seemed an odd choice for a mercenary. Knight Bonaventure had even more to say about the ships, they were from the old Rebel Alliance. She'd heard about their exploits only in holo novels but again the mere mention of them had her heart pumping. Even more, he said the evidence suggested the recording came from slightly after the epic Battle of Endor!

    "Wait..." Knight Cora now piped up as everyone was thinking over the implications of what they'd found. The Temple had been occupied by Rebels, a Mandalorian and either Jedi or scavengers in Jedi garb sometime after the Battle of Endor. Could those scavengers just be other Rebels, or even survivors of the Clone War Jedi Purge? Sarge had mentioned the clone wars era fighters.

    "That's the same clan symbol Commander Taab has on his armor." Cora continued on and Elle looked at where the Mandalorian Knight was pointing, but all she saw was a fuzzy squiggly line as Cora stood up and stared at the images again. She fidgeted and looked at her companions. "Why would a Mandalorian want to work with Jedi back than...they've always disagreed."

    That was true, none of it did make any sense. Elle didn't know what to do next, but looked to Knight Avarray and smiled. "Well, if he's related to Commander Taab," she pointed to the floating hologram of the armor clad Mandalorian, "Maybe we should ask the Commander about it?"

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    IC: Knight Jacen Troi (NPC)
    Northern water falls, Saridona Prime

    Knight Troi rolled his eyes at the display from Master Kasumi as the old rusted out hulk of the war droid was overtaken by green leaves. That's not what he'd intended when he told the padawan's to gather the remnant for removal from the field, but who was he to argue with a Jedi master? At least it was out of view now. The others seemed not to have been as bothered by the display of her power and were debating heading to the caves or having a picnic here. The latter idea made his shudder, he wasn't going to sit down and have a meal with that piece of sith war droid just meters away. The former idea was more palatable, but it wasn't why they were here. Besides, they were sure to run into more broken down parts of war droids there, and Troi was in no condition to deal with that.

    Catching Knight Sodi's subtle head movement Troi called out. "Save the picnic for the falls," as he began to lead the small Jedi contingent in that direction. Keeping a brisk pace the early morning, but warm, summer breeze calmed Troi's nerves somewhat. Up ahead now the roar of the falls could be heard and for those able to sense it, came an impression of life up ahead. Not anything sentient, but something playful, and curious. The yips and barks of several akk dog pups off in the distance informed them all of what they were nearing. From the noise, there were a pair of them, though no parents could be seen, heard or even sensed at the moment.

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    IC: Lrowoco/Big X (NPCs)
    Security Office, Temple of Light

    Lrowoco looked to the new (but very very old) security droid Big X who had thus far remained silent on the new situation with jinx. In fact, all the Jedi were also being tight lipped, though the look on the newly arrived Knight Acyk's face said he was working things out. Finally, Jinx's owner, Knight Liuna offered her opinion.

    "Jinx is operating outside of her programming at this stage. I made her to be trouble, to be hard to catch," Lrowoco gave a Wookiee chuckle at that as he barked out. "You succeeded," even as the Jedi continued on. " be unpredictable, but with what's been assembled she's getting dangerous." Lrowoco could see them all taking in those nuggets of information. The droid did now seem to pose a threat, maybe they should bring Commander Taab in on this and issue a Temple wide alert...

    "But most importantly, she can't finish any upgrades by herself. I usually did them myself, but it seems like Jinx is avoiding me." Well that lowered the threat level. If the droid couldn't do anything dangerous on it's own then maybe the alert idea was a bit premature. "There's a chance Jinx could convince a repair droid to do the work instead, or slice in and force another droid to do it." She looked between the others. "Or, if someone is unaware Jinx isn't a temple droid, she could get a tech to do it."

    Lrowoco mulled that over, turning to Big X who also seemed to be processing the new information. "Informing the Logistics section would prevent Jinx from following that route," the droid opined. "Or at the very least offer us a chance to apprehend her if she is already on that path." The droid looked to the Wookiee. "However, informing Logistics would most certainly leak back to the Commander..." the droid trailed off, wondering if one of the Jedi would have a better idea.

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