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Star Wars Legacy of the Guardians (Always Accepting New Players)

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    IC: Vanora Cinali, Blue Haven

    As Vanora helped refugees pack up and sort through the jumble of their belongings preparatory to their departure, she also handed out some of her ration packs and nutrient-booster drinks. She had picked the most flavorful.

    When she realized the refugees were reticent about their ordeal, for whatever reason--a natural reserve with strangers or aversion to the entire experience--she refrained from probing, although any information would've been helpful.

    Vanora was relieved to see the Pegasus had returned, and she wondered whether they had more to go on to prevent further attacks... that was something they'd discover hopefully once safely away. Where Sanchari's 'clues' would fit in would be interesting to see.

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    IC: Jo Sodi
    Sith Warehouse, Noris City, Noris

    Hearing the prompts to do both Jo sighed and rolled his eyes. Scanning the roof he noted the exit sign on one side, the hole they were over, large doors for a vehicle to the plains of the north, and plenty of roof just waiting to be cut into. If they weren't keeping a low profile he would of just brandished his lightsaber and 'dug in'.

    Sadly low profile and flashy Jedi tactics did not go together. Meanwhile escape or trap were the missives of the day. So far it was escape with this Sith, but trap was within their wheelhouse of common tricks. Fantastic! He was being as indecisive as his companions!

    Hearing the click he turned and sprinted. It was something at least. "Got it!" he called out as he dashed to run and dive flip off the roof to the left of the door. Hopefully to catch whoever it was off guard and on their off handed side.

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    IC Rak Avarray
    Nearing the Noris city limits.

    Rounding a corner he came to a door, his hand reached for the handle ready to burst into the room coordinated with with his allies above. His senses flared again a dark presence coming closer. He had just a moment to step back before the door opened revealing a Chiss darksider, ruby blade ignited. In a flash his own golden light dagger sprang to life it's shorten blade just stopping the darksider's first strike. His other hand reached under his cloak, drawing the hilt of his long blade, Beacon. However he kept it hidden for now his hand held behind his back in a duelist stance.

    The chiss did not waste time raining blow after blow upon the lone knight. Rak was forced to step back his Guard cutting through the air a golden shimmer trailing behind it. Gold and crimson meet again and again. High and low without a breath in between Rak furiously defended, giving ground all the way.

    Soon there was no ground to give, his back pressing against a wall. The chiss leapt upon this predicament thrusting his point forward with a two hands on the hilt intending to run the knight through. Rak turned his chest sweeping his dagger across his body just catching the point with his blade and directing it away. It pierced steel not flesh, burrowing into the wall behind. Though Rak did not escape unscathed. The edge cut into his shoulder sending burning pain through him. He put on a smile hiding his anguish.

    "That was quite a lot of work." he joked. Still with a pained smile, "For a drop of blood."

    The darksider withdrew the blade leaving an opening for the knight. His other hand that had remained behind his back, moved with a flutter of his coat. His long blade flashed to life delivering a back hand cut across his opponent's thigh.

    "Now we're even." Rak spoke as he took his dueling stance, though it was clear he was favoring his uninjured side. With a burst of speed the red blade swung in a downward arc. Rak deftly parried letting the energy slide off his long blade. With a flick of his wrist he grazed his opponent's cheek. "That's two for me." he smirked again though his foe could see him holding his left, injured arm close to himself, not lashing out with it. The blueskinned being slashed at his left again and again wheeling to that side raining blows on his weak side. Rak pinned the red blade between his twin yellow holding it in place and getting breath. The aggressor took this moment to drive the spiked hilt into the wound on Rak's shoulder. The smile deepened even as pain coursed through him.

    As the other being pressed forward Rak slid his foot in front of the other beings, then turned to the side releasing the crimson blade and giving him a subtle push to the ground. The would be sith rolled getting to their back though Rak did his best to keep him there with shallow thrusts that were easily parried away. It was time for the other man to retreat. Until their back met the wall.

    "Yield." Rak barked, "You are defeated."

    A cruel smile played across the chiss' lips. With a rush of power he got to his feet knocking Rak's long blade away. The knight turned away just dodging the strike meant for his heart. His light dagger drove up into the chiss' rib cage.

    "I'm sorry." He said deactivating his blades and letting the man slump to the ground. He would have liked to bring the man in alive, but that wasn't an outcome the other man was going to allow. Every person they had met had killed themselves to protect their master…

    "Out friend has been dealt with." He said not an ounce of emotion over the comm…"Though I think he might have some acquaintances of his own."

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    IC: Koji Vansyph, Ugem'Bivi
    Northern Grounds, Saridona Prime

    Leaving the temple grounds, Koji headed north to the nearby grove where he last heard his padawan was spending her time. The hike up the trail was a peaceful one, like everything on Saridona Prime. The weather was fair most days of the year and perfect for physical training. This was not his purpose for the current moment but he decided to take the long way and 'get the juices flowing before the investigation'.
    Gathering the force he leapt into the upper arms of a nearby Banyan tree and began to run the heights.

    There is no emotion, there is peace.
    Koji broadened his focus, extending himself into the life around him. The wind at his face, the swooshing sounds of the leaves as he rushed by, the very life force of the trees themselves.
    There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
    His pace quickened, using the branches and tree limbs he danced across the wind, swinging, pushing, dopping, jumping. He could feel the Force flowing through him.
    There is no passion, there is only serenity. *chesss*
    Koji could hear something echoing as he ran through the thickness. Animal. Voice. What did it say?
    There is no chaos, there is harmony.
    *Eyes open*
    There it was again! Faint but audible.
    Koji could hear the Akk's in the distance, he was closing in. So close to hearing what he needed to hear from the Force. What is it?? Chess? Eyes open?
    There is no death, there is the Force.


    Bivi's voice threw across the trees as Koji dropped from the heights, landing squarely in front of the Twi'lek, a gentle breeze that followed him blew the dust around their feet. A few of the young Akk dogs were startled by the Lorrdian's arrival, but the adults knew friend from foe. Koji greeted his padawan with a warm but curt hug.

    "Still looking after the dogs I see?" he looked at the pack and noticed one of the pups was hovering around Bivi. "And who is this?"

    Bivi glanced at the ground, a deep red-skinned Akk pup was brushing against her robes, pacing around. "Oh, Remy? He's my companion now."

    "Bivi you know how I feel about pets."

    "You don't like them."

    "I like pets just fine," Koji protested with his hands up. "I just don't want them around me. You are my padawan, meaning whatever wants to follow you will end up following me."

    "Please Master, he's a good boy! Not to mention we've already forged a Force bond!"

    Koji raised his eyebrows before sighing, "Is that so?"

    "It's true, watch! I'll tell him to do something without speaking a word." Bivi turned to the young reptomammal and gave a stern face. Suddenly the Akk pup lunged at Koji bearing its teeth. Koji steadied himself to counter the animal.

    "Remy! I said sit not bite!" The Akk dropped onto it's back, looking for affection from its master.

    "Force bond huh?" Koji jested.

    "I'm sorry master, we're still working on it."

    "I've seen enough. He can accompany you on this mission for now. I'll be watching the both of you."

    "Mission? We've been assigned a new mission?" Bivi's face couldn't conceal a tinge of worry, no doubt from her memory of the last mission they had that ended in the Saridona Prime hangar and those...things that attacked her.

    "Investigation only, I'll fill you in as we go but we need to move on foot. We've got a schedule to keep. Are you ready?"

    Bivi looked at her pup who wagged it's tail in glee. "Ready."

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    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    The Ongree was disappointed to see that their stalker was dead, he trusted Master Avarray to do what was right, yet he couldn't help but wonder if there had been a way to save the creatures life. Recalling his own experience with the dark sider on Saridona Prime he concluded that was unlikely. "It is disturbing the way these Chiss fight to their last breath." he sighed. Refocusing his gaze back on his companions he nodded. "If he does have allies we must not underestimate them. Do not grant them the chance to force your hand, when defeated they must be incapacitated and stripped of all gear before questioned." He loathed killing, though he was aware it was sometimes necessary.

    If they could not save all of them, they best attempt to save some. If only for the pragmatic reason that had many questions and there only hope of answers required someone survive to give them.

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    OOC: With the end of summer vacation and all the missions either nearing or at a close, I've gone ahead and fast forwarded us a bit to bring everyone back together at the Temple. Any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to ask either via PM (as they seem to be working again) or in the GoL Fanclub.

    GM Update
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Council Chambers, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    All off world missions had returned to the Temple of Light and from the rumors Taab had heard things had gotten even crazier out there than he had suspected. Mimic (Knight Koji Vansyph) had yet to get back to him, and in fact seemed to have disappeared. That vexed the security chief, he liked to think he could find anyone, especially a jetii, but here on their home turf that wasn't always possible. He could have put out a BOL (Be On Lookout) for Mimic and his padawan to the security services, but that would just alert everyone to the fact that the Mandalorian couldn't find them himself. That was an embarrassment Taab wasn't willing to put up with for something that didn't involve an immediate threat to Temple security. Still, it irked him, especially now as he had a report to give to the Council of Light. An incomplete report as he didn't have the insight that Mimic was supposed to provide. Of course Taab did have a bit more time to compose his own thoughts, as the actual jetiise in the Council Chamber were given priority.

    First came Anklebiter (Knight Gim), the diminutive Ugnaught glancing to his smirking padawan and the other Jedi that had been out with him on a training cruise aboard the corvette Pegasus. The ship now was landed just outside the Temple, taking on supplies before it would be sent back out on defensive patrol. After hearing what Anklebiter had to say though Taab determined to speak with the ship's captain before they departed. The group had encountered a series of distress calls, all related to attacks throughout the rim by bands of Chiss utilizing the same style war droids that had attacked Saridona Prime when Crash (Initiate Sanchari) had force landed on their planet. Those militant Chiss had been looking for something called "The Hand", and from the last report they intercepted it appeared they had found it. The report seemed to dovetail nicely with the one Taab himself was prepared to give, attacks out in the Unknown Regions, especially on outbound freighters and refugee camps on the fringes of Chiss space. Taab did raise an eyebrow at the mention of the surviving refugees from the Blue Haven camp announcing their intentions to head to the Noris refugee camp, the largest such camp known to exist, and one that had yet to be attacked. To the Council though the most important matter was that of Crash's vision, something to do with portals and doorways that the Mandalorian had no understanding of. It did seem however that this "Hand" they had been searching for and reportedly found was connected to the visions somehow.

    Knight Troi, a fellow Mandalorian even of he was following the path of the jetii, was next, giving a succinct account of their own adventures on Noris. They too had encountered a darkside Chiss presence in their rescue efforts of the Noris scout team. One that seemed to confirm that team's goal, determining whether or not there was an Obscurum presence on the planet. There they had also encountered a Chiss spacer by the name of Claudius who they had brought back with them. There was a connection he shared with Goran (Knight Cora), even Taab could see that, and so he nicknamed him Lovebird on the spot. Taab himself was less than thrilled about the jetiise bringing back such an individual without vetting him first, but it was a decision above his pay grade. His fate was in the hands of the Council now, and it seemed they were inclined to take him in as an adjunct to the Temple's Service's and Logistics division bringing in supplies and acting as an informant for the Guardians.

    Knight Troi had also introduced Nerd (padawan Nord) to the Council, one of the survivors of the scouting expedition to Noris. He had told them of their encounter with the Chiss darksider, who was eventually killed by Nomad (Knight Avarray), and his grouping of Sith built wardroids. They had killed Trickerster's (padawan Khalia Octa) master Dull (Knight Klusd'dil'remuw) and chased them throughout the city. The three surviving padawans had found refuge in the Noris refugee camp of all places. They reported a well run, if somewhat desperate situation there, but no immediate danger. Nerd also recounted how they had returned to the city at the same moment their rescue team had arrived, meeting in a warehouse there which stored relief supplies. After witnessing Nomad dispatching the Chiss darksider they had revealed themselves and all come home together without further incident, deciding that reporting what they had found was more important than investigating further, especially now that the rescue had been accomplished. Taab had furrowed his brow at that behind his T-Visor. It seemed rather convenient the two groups being in that warehouse at the same time, but after years spent among the Jedi he knew that the force worked in mysterious ways. At least they seemed to have confirmed the Obscurum's presence on the Noris. Taab's furrowed his brow deeper as Nerd revealed that the droids working within that warehouse were of the same type as the sith wardroids, though none attempted tp help the Chiss darksider in his battle, nor did they attempt to harm the Jedi in any way.

    That revelation seemed to cause consternation among the Council as well as several members sat back in their face, pensive looks upon their faces. They looked to one another before The Educator (Master Alyn) finally spoke, addressing not the droid situation, but padawan Octa specifically. "The loss of your master is a setback for you, we will allow you some time before assigning you a new master." The other Council members all nodded in agreement before looking to Taab for his report.

    He stepped forward as the jetiise stepped back and informed the Council that what the three Jedi teams had encountered out in the Unknown Regions was emblematic of the unrest throughout the region, and Chiss space in particular. "Terrorists of some kind are attacking mostly civilian targets," he told them, "and a few low key military ones along the way as well." he let that sink in for a moment before continuing on. "Nothing hardened, and nothing likely to induce casualties among the attackers. If this is the Obscurum, and the scout teams report seems to confirm their involvement, their numbers must be low then. These are hit and run attacks on lightly defended or usually totally undefended targets. Bombings and the like." he paused, drawing a deep inward breath, loath to admit what he was about to say next. "There seems to be no strategy that I can discern." That bothered the experienced mercenary greatly, though it shouldn't be totally unexpected. His expertise was on tactics, not over all battle strategy. He shrugged as he took a half step back, indicating he was done though he remained in case the Council, or any of the other jetiise, had any questions for him.

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    OOC: Feel free to "fill in" your own group's reports to the Council as any of you see fit. In order to make things go more smoothly minor usage of the Council Member NPCs is pre approved for those posts (i.e. them asking questions and your character answering them). Just don't do anything too dramatic with them or allow them to leave or put the Council in recess or anything like that. :p Vanguard, I don't have your character in the Council Chamber with the rest of us, but feel free to have him barge in with what he has figured out if you so choose. If not we'll leave it to the other players to interpret what Taab has reported on to determine our next course of action.
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    IC: Vanora Cinali in the Council Chambers

    Vanora gave a concise report of the state of the refugee camp and her horror at the devastation they had found. "BeeZee, Sanchari's droid was extremely helpful in helping to uncover the clues about Blue Haven." She gave Sanchari and Viva an encouraging smile, reassuring them not to feel intimidated or anxious about their report.
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    IC: Jo Sodi, Jedi Knight
    Council Chambers, Saridona Prime

    The reports were being filed in a very orderly fashion, one at a time. Largely the Council seemed to be letting them come without being called or other higher formalities. Jo had to suppress a general joyful and strong urge to laugh as he looked at his old Master Trevalus upon the Council. The man was a stickler for the rules and codified methods of social interaction. One of the Masters few parting gifts from his family before being sent into exile for his own safety.

    Something which was completely at odds with Sodi's own natural inclination to play something like this loose and from the hip like in a small camp or during guerrilla warfare. Once Vanora was done he spread his hands out to take center stage as it were for a moment. "From what we gathered it does seem to be a rolling progression of refugees, many having relocated multiple times. From one world to the next as they seem to be chased by the bombers. How that relates to the relief supplies from said same group I cannot even hazard a guess." Dropping his hands he looked about for whomever would go next. As for the new guy and running battle he really didn't feel like he had been in the best spot to add.

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    IC: Viva Raine, Council Chambers

    Glancing around the room nervously, Viva tried to concentrate her swirling thoughts and emotions into one concrete report. She was working on mastering her more emotional side, but it would be a lie if she claimed that she wasn't still scared, confused, and horrified by everything she'd seen. She took a deep breath, and let the words pour out of, mentally resolving to plan every word beforehand next time. Despite a few anxious stutters, she finished her report relatively quickly, hastily stepping backwards to signify that another could begin, her cheeks burning in embarrassment. It didn't go as badly as it could have, she reasoned with herself as the next person offered their report. But that doesn't mean it went well....

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    OOC: sorry it's a bit vague but I still don't really know everything that happened on this mission lol
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    IC: Sir Peregrine Bonaventure
    Reporting to the Council of the Masters

    "... so I grabbed his lightsaber to keep it safe. It occurred to me that I might be able to open myself up to its Force imprint and learn something useful. Before I did that, Sanchari caught my eye and I felt a prompt from the Light. It was her place to read the saber, not mine. She was willing to take that risk on behalf of all of us, so I watched over her, and she crossed the valley of shadow and death, and came out the other side safe and whole, and I think stronger and wiser for the experience. Since then, she has been open and willing to share what she saw, visions of doors, keys, hands... Doesn't seem to mean much right now, but at least we know what signs to watch for, and I have faith all will become clear at the end. My gut instincts tell me that things will get worse before we come to that end. As soon as we're done here, I'll be getting myself ready to face whatever darkness lies ahead, as I think we all must do."

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    IC: Koji Vansyph, Ugem'Bivi
    Council Chambers, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Knight Vansyph and his padawan arrived at the temple with haste from their investigation into the war droids and the Chiss controller that had mysteriously arrived on Saridona Prime. "Master," Bivi spoke up after their lengthy sprint back to the Temple, Remy in tow. "Do you think this has anything to do with the attack all those years ago? Do you think Thrace.." Koji filled in her sentence before she could finish, "Do I think Thrace and Sixtus have returned?" Koji glanced at his padawan with a look of approval at her observation, mixed with a look of concern due to the implications of that possibility. "I'm not sure, but there may be a real connection," he said with short breaths.

    Koji knew he was behind schedule and that Taab would be with the Council preparing his report. The Chief of Security could have handled the investigation himself but the thought of the Mandalorian Commander entrusting him with the investigation into the droids brought a sense of honor to the Lorrdian, and he would not disappoint. Koji could hear the voice of Taab addressing the Council as he approached the doors with his party. "Looks like we're right on time Master," Bivi remarked.

    Pushing the doors open with urgency, Koji barged into the apparent debriefing with a flair of drama. Acknowledging Taab, the Jedi offered a look of reassurance as he stopped before the Council and offered a curt bow of respect.

    "Council members, I apologize for my tardiness and intrusion to this meeting, but we have an urgent report regarding the Obscurum and the war droids." Bivi noticed the faces of some of the other Jedi present, who seemed to tune in to the reference of the Obscurum. "I also have reason to believe the refugees on Noris are in grave danger."

    Knight Vansyph began to share his investigation into the group of droids discovered right in their backyard. "Bivi and I ensured the droids were destroyed and the Chiss controller gave up some helpful information before he escaped my custody via suicide."

    Finishing his report consisting of what the Jedi gathered from the darksider before he died, Koji ended with, "they are being herded like cattle, Norris is the point of interest and it will be a slaughter if someone doesn't intervene."

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Temple of Light

    Semajj stood patiently as the reports were filed, his actions during the mission were admittedly rather periphery so he had little to add that hadn't already been said. As the final details were added, the Ongree sensed a familiar presence approaching, and turned just as Jedi Vansyph barged through the door. "Looks like we're right on time Master," the young apprentice behind him said. It had been too long since Semajj had spoken with his friend Koji, though the mans countenance made clear to him that more important matters needed to be discussed.
    "Council members, I apologize for my tardiness and intrusion to this meeting, but we have an urgent report regarding the Obscurum and the war droids."

    This peaked his attention and he leaned in carefully to make sure he would not miss any details. "I also have reason to believe the refugees on Noris are in grave danger." A brief streak of alarm rang through Semajj's mind, though he quickly recuperated. They had just come from there, but couldn't rush to conclusions. It had been their duty to inform the Council of their activities.
    "Bivi and I ensured the droids were destroyed and the Chiss controller gave up some helpful information before he escaped my custody via suicide." Koji was now saying, and Semajj refocused his mind in the present.

    "they are being herded like cattle, Norris is the point of interest and it will be a slaughter if someone doesn't intervene."
    "Action should be taken." Semajj agreed. "Still, a measured approach would be best. We don't know the how strong our enemy is, or what their final plans are. If we are to aggressive it could force their hand in an unexpected way, or even make them go deeper into hiding in which case we have only delayed the inevitable."

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    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Council of Light Chambers, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Standing stoically before the Council of Light, Taab wondered silently to himself if any of the Jedi truly understood the potential issues before them or if they were more concerned with meditating on the existence of their own belly button lint. It took him a moment to realize they were waiting for something, something they could sense and he could not. That something being the arrival, at long last, of the Mimic (Knight Vansyph) and his padawan. "About shabla time," Taab grumbled under his breath before the Jedi boldly announced.

    "I also have reason to believe the refugees on Noris are in grave danger." Taab's eyes narrowed, how had he come to that conclusion? So far it had been the only area not yet attacked and it seemed to be a rather safe zone, free of violence. He frowned. The other jetiise had discovered a sizable Obscurum presence there however. So perhaps there was danger lurking beneath the surface. "They are being herded like cattle," Mimic was referencing the refugees of course, "Norris is the point of interest and it will be a slaughter if someone doesn't intervene."

    That hardly seemed like an existential threat to the Temple, though Taab knew the Guardians wouldn't act solely on that. Of course a massacre there would only serve to create a diaspora of refugees across the Unknown regions, someone was bound to bump into a hidden world like Saridona Prime sooner or later if that happened.

    "Action should be taken." Knight Nosrep (he had long ago earned the right to be called by his own name) agreed. "Still, a measured approach would be best. We still don't know the how strong our enemy is, or their final plans. If we are to aggressive it could force their hand in an unexpected way, or even make them go deeper into hiding in which case we have only delayed the inevitable."

    The Council looked to one another with worried, but measured glances. "Indeed, Knight Nosrep." It was the General (Master Zey) who leaned forward and spoke. "A measured approach would be most wise in these circumstances." He smiled, softening his features in a way that didn't seem at all comfortable for him. "Still it is good you returned to us when you did." He had obviously sensed some of the Ongree Knights unease. "Better to have a true sense of what is going on, and being able to insert a new team if we so choose, on our own terms than have Jedi tripping over themselves in the dark." The Negotiator (Master Rand) nodded at the sentiment, if not the clumsy way in which it was delivered.

    The Thinker (Master Noma Runa) turned to the Mimic, drawing in a wet breath in that peculiar way Mon Cals did. "I believe you're right Vansyph." Taab found himself staring at the Mon Calimari Master through his T-Visor. The Jedi had a reputation as a strategic genius, and he had beaten Taab at every game of Dejarik they had ever played against one another. "By herding the refugees of various worlds into one location, the Obscurum can then hit them all at once, in one place, demoralizing them beyond the ability to recover." Taab's eyes narrowed again behind his T-Visor as he began to understand, though it was the General who spoke next. "Every world in the Ascendency would be affected by it, the sons and daughters of every hearth world, every colony, massacred at once." He was clearly horrified at the prospect even as The Thinker nodded. "Given the inability of the Chiss government to end the attacks, it may even be their own downfall."

    "Creating a power vacuum the Obscurum would then be in a position to fill!" The General stood, pumping his fist. Now that they knew the enemy strategy, they could find a way to fight it.

    "So, why don't we inform the Chiss government, anonymously of course," The Educator (Master Alyn) nodded in Taab's direction. The latter part of her statement had no doubt been added to alleviate any fears he might have had regarding revealing their existence to the Ascendecy. "Tell them of the coming attack so that they might prepare for it?" Taab was aghast at her naivete, though it was The Negotiator who answered her. "They might not believe us..." Now the General interrupted impatiently. "And it is likely they have been infiltrated by the Obscurum, not only to better position themselves to take over once the government falls."

    "Indeed, they may have been thwarting the government's efforts from within all along..."

    "So." The Educator began again. "What is our course of action then? We can't just allow thousands of innocents be slaughtered."

    "We must send a small team, one unlikely to be noticed," The General began his arm sweeping out towards the Jedi assembled before the Council. It was clear to him these were the perfect Jedi for the job. "As Knight Nosrep stated," he continued, "we don't want to force their hand." The General frowned. "Though it must be large enough to defend itself and the camp should it come to that." He looked again to the Jedi before the Council, yes their numbers should prove sufficient. He addressed them directly now.

    "Your ultimate goal will be to protect the camp, either by defusing the situation before the attack begins, or through an outright defense of the refugees should the Obscurum accelerate their plans." The other Council members slowly nodded their assent to that. "Is there any indication of when we can expect this attack to occur?" The General asked, and all eyes turned towards the Thinker who replied with just a single word.


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    OOC: The overall strategy brought up by Master Noma Runa is stolen from Babylon 5, and the strategy the Shadows followed in their own war with the Army of Light. Feel free to go through any preparation for your characters for the mission. I'll be moving us back to Noris in my next update. All the player character's tagged (including Taab for this one) will be tasked to go on this assignment. If you have a player character that was not tagged, let me know and I'll add him/her to the group. I'll also make sure to bring along some NPCs for us all to abuse in our posts. :p
  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Vanora Cinali, Saridona Prime, Pre-Mission Prep

    Vanora was glad that the Jedi were tasked with a proactive course of action instead of coming in after a catastrophe ... this felt like it would forestall more suffering and victims, and with the clues Sanchari had provided, it felt like they were going in better prepared.

    Of course, the unknown and unexpected could still arise, but their team felt like a good mix of the resourceful and inventive.

    TAG -- Any and All
  15. TheSilentInfluence

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    Jul 15, 2014
    IC: Knight Cora
    Council of Light Chambers, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    It felt almost unreal to be back at the Jedi Temple. Especially since Claudius had decided to join them. She felt flattered, and confused at what this would mean for her. She had kissed him after all, and it seemed like they never strayed far from each other, even at the Jedi Temple. But now as Knight Cora stood in the Jedi Council chambers she felt like she had made both the right and wrong decision by bringing him here. Shouldn't Claudius be back helping his people?

    "I would like to go." Knight Cora said quietly. "Unless my services our needed at the Jedi Temple Master's. But we have a chance to help those refugees, and force willing; we should be able to do something to protect them." She thought briefly of Claudius, and ducked her head. "We should ask Claudius for information. I'm sure he would be willing to help. He did volunteer to come to the Jedi Temple after all."

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  16. ThisIsMe1138

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    Jun 26, 2018
    IC: Viva Raine
    Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    It was a bit overwhelming to have finally reached home - the Temple - only to be thrown back onto the battlefield again. In theory, she could probably request to remain in the peaceful Temple and focus on her training as a healer, but that would be shirking her duties to protect the galaxy as best she can, not to mention innocent, oppressed refugees. And besides, if she was being totally honest, she didn't want to miss out on a bit of adventure with her friends. Attempting to quell the bit of anxiety that curled in her stomach, she assured herself that under the guidance of the other knights accompanying them, all would be well.

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  17. ConservativeJedi321

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Temple of Light

    The Ongree was fairly conflicted, on one hand he was concerned that the large group of Jedi might be too visible for a mission of this type. True they were hardly an army, yet it seemed wherever they went trouble followed and if they found themselves in a fight a smaller group might be able to act more discretely. Yet If something horrible did happen, would they be enough to protect the refugee's? It was his words that had encouraged the council to act, yet they still didn't fully know what they were getting into. He wouldn't question the councils decision, that much he was sure of. There just remained a subtle uneasiness around it.

    His first stop was to his room, to check on his goober fish. Red seemed content living in his tank, and Semajj was happy to see his pet floating lazily in the water. The Jedi Knight took a few minutes to refill the auto feeder, and meditated quietly to re-center himself, focusing life, the forest around the temple, animals and critters going about their daily business, his little companion staring at him curiously behind the glass barrier, life, death, the force.

    After that was done, he grabbed his canteen, put on the clothes of a civilian, added a couple pieces of armor so he might pass for a mercenary if he so wanted, and stored his lightsaber up his sleeve for easy access.

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  18. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine Bonaventure
    Meditating... My Way

    The ground dropped away beneath my feet. I had just finished overhauling and resynchronizing my wingpack, and it carried me up smoothly with the steady hiss of jet thrust. I climbed straight up for a while, just easily gaining altitude, like going out for a casual stroll. Soon the temple towers were beneath me. My horizons expanded, giving me the true perspective of the temple's place in fields and forest, then hills and rivers and distant mountain ranges, more and more terrain filling in from far away as the things beneath me steadily shrank.

    It's always good to get away from the hustle and bustle of people all around me. True, most of the people here at the temple were much calmer and more reasonable than the average citizen of the galaxy, but it still feels good to gain some distance for a little me time.

    Light glinted in the distance, a skyhopper turning far away. Looked like a pilot practicing basic proficiency maneuvers. Somehow, the distant little ship emphasized how alone I was, up in the air all by myself.

    The air around me shifted subtly, felt warmer. I tilted forward, accelerated for a moment as I activated my lightwings, then shut down the jet thrusters. I could feel the air lifting me, a thermal updraft rising from an open field below me. Banking into a gentle arc, I circled in the thermal, letting it carry me upwards with no sound but the gentle hum of my wingblades. The air lifted me with almost no effort. I soared high in the sunlight, keeping my circling flight path centered in the thermal, just enjoying the ride with relaxed concentration, the zen state of taking in everything by focusing on nothing. That's the kind of thing that clears my mind wonderfully.

    After a few minutes the thermal topped out and faded away. I estimated my height at 3000 meters, where the air is noticeably thinner, but not so much that I'd need supplemental oxygen. I soared with the wind, letting it take me where it would.

    Is this what my life is now? Just letting things happen to me and going where events push me? Do I still have some agency to make my own choices, or am I to spend my life drifting with whatever winds and tides are blowing and flowing?

    Well, of course I have choices. I don't have to go along with the expedition to guard the refugees. I could just pack my things into my ship, tell these Jedi thanks for the good times, and go off on my own. Probably be a lot more peaceful life for me.

    But would it? If the murderous Chiss-Sith aren't stopped, how far would their ambitions take them? Would I spend the rest of my days running from them? Or others like them? Would I abandon my friends here to face the foes without me?

    I sighed. I'm getting too old for this. All right, I'll see this crisis through before I think about retiring. Just this one last battle that needs to be fought.

    And maybe the one after that.

    TAG: The Will of the Force
  19. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    At the controls of the Jedi Shuttle, coming out of hyperspace, near Noris, Chiss Space

    The swirl of hyperspace churned all around Taab as he guided the Jedi shuttle towards their destination. Once a course of action had been decided, it hadn't taken long for the Council to assign the team that had embarked on the task. Taab himself had of course volunteered, now that combat was a near certainty, he wanted to be in on it. He was also serving as a pilot for the shuttle, a task any of the Jedi could have accomplished with ease, but the Mandalorian wanted to allow time for each of them to prepare as they required. Some he knew would require more of that than others.

    Nomad (Knight Avarray) of course was probably the one most suited to fly them back, he had acted as captain of his own ship the first time they had tread these waters. Indeed, he had probably wanted to return under the same guise, though Taab had advised against it, and the Council had agreed. Why bring attention to themselves on landing by bringing in the same ship that had just departed, but this time returning as Jedi? Besides, as they would indeed be arriving as Jedi this time there would be no need for such a ruse. Using the Jedi shuttle would further bolster their identities, along with establishing (falsely of course) that they belonged to the New Jedi Order. By the time anyone figured out they weren't representatives of the mainstream Jedi, they would be long gone. Their involvement would be further reduced to rumor and innuendo as time passed.

    Also along for the ride were Sarge (Knight Bonaventure) and Knight Nosrep. The pair were accomplished warriors, and their presence here was reassuring to the Mandalorian, though he would never let them know that. The same could be said for Verbal (Knight Sodi) and the Mimic (Knight Vansyph) though Taab didn't know them as well as the others. It was however on Mimic's advice that they were all out here, so Taab could at least respect him for that.

    Of course the Mimic had also brought along his new padawan, the twi'lek girl Taab called Jitters (Bivi) who sadly wasn't the only apprentice aboard the shuttle. Bungles (Viva'rra "viva" Raine), Snippy (Vanora Cinali) and Crash (Sanchari) had all also been assigned this mission. Taab wasn't sure of the Council's reasoning there. This was bound to be dangerous, and battle was no place for an apprentice. Of course he had been reminded by Knight Troi that Mandalorians reached adulthood by age 13, and were often involved on the battlefield at much younger without even the advantage of the Force. Taab had been forced to reluctantly agree with the Mandalorian Knight, one of two aboard the shuttle. The other, Goram (Knight Cora), had of course brought her new friend Lovebird (Claudius) with her. That wasn't too surprising, the two had appeared inseparable since their return from Noris, and the Chiss trader seemed like the natural one to guide them upon heading back there. Of course he now knew about the Guardians and the Temple of Light, so he wouldn't be allowed to leave their service. Taab was already planning on his murder if he tried to betray them, as well as thinking on how to fit him into the the Temple Security forces as a scout and off world spy if he didn't.

    The Lovebird wasn't the only Chiss on the shuttle. There was also Nerd (Min'ord'krizoo) the padawan most Jedi simply called Nord. He had seen the camp first hand, and now he would be helping to defend it along with his "friend" Warhead (padawan Elle) and her Ugnaught master Anklebiter (Knight Gim). They too could handle themselves in a fight and so Taab wasn't concerned so much with them. Who he was concerned with was Her Highness, padawan Windwalker. She had been a last minute addition to their little party, and one Taab had no confidence in. He had oft repeated the mantra that he didn't care about internal Jedi business, and it was true, he didn't. So he just didn't know much about the little princess beyond the scuttlebutt he'd heard throughout the Temple. She was royalty of a sort from some world, he didn't care which. He had no idea if she could handle herself with a jetii'kad or not, so this would be her baptism by fire as far as he was concerned.

    An alert beeped, announcing their arrival and Taab reached forward, throttling back on the hyperspace controls and reverting the shuttle back to normal space. He let loose a low whistle at the sight which greeted him. It was chaos as ships of various sizes and types jockeyed for position around him. There were cargo haulers and passenger shuttles, light freighters and even a few larger ones which were sending landing skiffs down to the surface. Taab did detect one lone Chiss clawcraft zipping around from ship to ship hurriedly, an overworked member of the local defense force trying to identify incoming craft no doubt. Taab shook his head. It was an impossible task in this mess. Frowning he turned to the shuttle's communications gear, but it remained silent. No challenge was issued from the fighter, nor instructions from orbital control about their destination or approach. It was anarchy up here. Shrugging, Taab took stock of the situation before calling back to any Jedi listening.

    "I'm going to set us down directly at the refugee camp." There was no need to waste time with the port authority, not if what they feared was going to happen was truly immanent. It seemed also that he wasn't the first to come up with the idea as a majority of the other small craft were taking the same approach and delivering their living cargoes directly to the camp now, bypassing the port authority. At least it made the camp's location easy to spot from orbit. He did note that they could indeed have taken Nomad's ship back here, no one would have noticed the same ship returning, or who the passengers were, but it was too late for that now he thought. Surely though Nomad would have noticed the same thing. He shrugged again to himself as he brought the shuttle down through the planet's atmosphere, following the stream of other vessels towards the refugee camp.

    Passing over the camp at barely subsonic speed, Taab watched as other ships landed at the camp's periphery before disgorging their passengers quickly. The camp itself had swelled in size, much larger now than what the Jedi had reported. "There must be nearly a quarter million people down there." Taab called back to the Jedi in the passenger section of the ship. The camp hadn't only grown, it had grown beyond well beyond it's capacity. Resources already stretched thin down there would be past the breaking point soon, if they weren't already. That could only make the job of the Guardians that much more difficult. No doubt the Jedi could feel already feel the strained and fragile emotions of the frightened, frustrated and famished Chiss refugees below.

    Circling back over the camp slowly Taab looked for a place to set down the shuttle, noting that most of the newly arrived were being herded towards the center of the camp. Indeed it seemed that most of those already here were also gathering there. "Something's going on." He told whatever Jedi couldn't see or feel it for themselves. "I'm going to set us down at the edge of camp," he announced as he picked out a spot recently vacated by an old YT-2000. It was the only place he could land the shuttle, what with the huge crowd of Chiss that now occupied the refugee camp.

    Putting the shuttle down, he and the Jedi disembarked without issue, and without fanfare. None of the Chiss refugees gave them a second glance, as instead they all seemed intent on making their way to the center of the camp...

    TAG: @TheSilentInfluence @galactic-vagabond422 @ConservativeJedi321 @Mitth_Fisto @Sarge @TheRynJedi @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @ThisIsMe1138 @The Vanguard and a hearty welcome to @Teegirloo Oh the fun nicknames Taab will have with your character. :p Any questions or concerns from anyone, feel free to reach out to me either via PM or in the GoL fanclub.
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  20. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Jo Sodi, Jedi Knight
    Coming out of hyperspace, near Noris, Chiss Space

    Preparing to leave had been a simple affair. Almost maudlin by now, he had been leaving so often he felt almost like he should stop keeping quarters at the Temple. Still, he knew it was simply his own nerves, that edge of anticipation and hesitation that came from the Force urging him that way. So he did what he could to calm himself, to center. He fed his pet, he refilled his will, he played a simple game of maze treats with Sheet - his pet Umgullian blob.

    It was nice to have that time and when he finally saw it was time to go he shed his vestments and donned the traditional clothing of the Jedi. Brown wool robe, tan tunic, brown leather belt filled with gizmos and gadgets, and his lightsaber and blaster on prominent hip points. He didn't like it one bit, but it was the mission. So he left his electro sword behind. His plasma disc he hid in his robes, there was only so much he could leave behind, and he brought a brown and silver etched rebreather instead of usual black, which he hung on the back of his belt.

    Overall he felt rather exposed. The ride through hyperspace had only made that feeling sink in. He was wrapped in a truth and it felt wrong somehow. He wondered what Master Trevalus would make of it. He would have to ask him later, because he didn't know what to make of himself right now sitting with all these other Jedi, openly portraying as if they were from the regular known galaxy and Skywalkers Temple direct line.

    "I'm going to set us down directly at the refugee camp." Came the holler from the front, their Mandalorian pilot seemed to identify that there was no need to waste time with the port authority due to their possibly urgent mission. So long as they weren't shot down he was fine with that. Although it did make him wish that Knight Avarray was the one piloting them again.

    "There must be nearly a quarter million people down there." Taab called back to the Jedi in the passenger section of the ship. So the worst case scenario just got bumped up a few thousand times. Wonderful. At least no one was shooting or asking questions yet. Reaching out he felt the refugees in a bad way, he was sure the other Jedi could feel already the strained and fragile emotions of the frightened, frustrated and famished Chiss refugees below. Probably better than he could.

    "Something's going on." He told those Jedi who couldn't see for themselves. "I'm going to set us down at the edge of camp," he announced as he picked out a spot. The landing was fairly smooth and soon they were disgorging into a see of people unnaturally all headed to a common point. People who didn't care that a ship full of Jedi just practically landed on their heads.

    "Well, that's not ominous at all." Jo muttered as he reflexively reached back and pulled out his rebreather. If no one was going to give them a second look anyway, he might as well be somewhat more comfortable in his own skin.

    TAG: @Everybody
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  21. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    IC: Jahnerys Windwalker

    Jedi Shuttle, Chiss Space

    Jahnerys was biting her nails. She does that when she is nervous. She was just added to the mission to help the Chiss refugees. She got on the ship and buckled up not saying a word to the other Jedi who were aboard. She had been on other missions before but not on the level as this one. Jahnerys hoped that she would perform well enough to be considered to go on more important missions. That didn’t mean she was confident about herself. She really did want to succeed and be thought as dependable. This was her first true mission in her mind to prove just that. Still she bit her nails as they were flying. Her mind wandering wondering what she would have to do in the mission. Maybe help with food or medicine possibly. There shouldn’t be any danger it’s just a refugee camp, she thought to herself.

    Jahnerys had so many thoughts racing through her head, including that of her former life. It was so different than where she is now. She grew up in the House of Windwalker the royal residence of the King and Queen of Thustra. She was first born which made her the heir to the throne, but she was force sensitive and needed to be protected. So Jahnerys was sent to the Temple of Light Temple where life wasn’t always easy. She was picked on because of her royal past and she wasn’t one to stand up for herself. Now she finds herself on a mission with several Jedi and she was never considered a team player due to her nerves. She knew she had to overcome that and maybe that is why she was chosen to come along on the mission. This is her chance to change the way she is. A chance to show the Council that she has the skills to be a proper Jedi. Of course she didn’t completely pay attention to the briefing of the mission. She heard refugee camp and her mind went directly toward a regular no danger mission. Just the way she would like it.

    She heard the pilot mention that he would set them down at the refugee camp. She thought that was fine and dandy since it meant they were right in the thick of the camp and, no need to bother with landing permits or what have you. The Mandelorian pilot said there was a lot of people possibly a quarter million refugees. Then he said that he would land them at the edge of the camp and that something was going on down there. Jahnerys head perked up wondering what could be going on. Maybe some type of announcement for the refugees. She shrugged it off thinking it probably wasn’t all too important. When the shuttle finally landed Jahnerys unbuckled her belt and stretched in no hurry to get off. She started to walk down the ramp and there she saw several people walking past them as if in a hurry. This did peek her curiosity a bit. “Where could they be going to and why?” she asked in a nonchalant way.

    Tag: Everyone
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  22. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013

    Character Sheet
    GM Approved
    Name: Floki Firebeard
    Species: Zord
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Jedi Rank: padawan

    Personality: A somewhat atypical representative of the primitive Zordic culture. Honor, loyalty, trust, though all part of the cultural ideals in which he believes, are a struggle for him to cultivate and maintain in their purest forms. Sometimes gregarious and in other moments shy. Lover of cold climates, the outdoors, food, drink and celebration.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: Quick to laugh, no false pretenses, fiercely dedicated to what he believes to be true in the moment. Often aloof and bohemian. Insecure, lack of social etiquette, anxiety of appearing weak. Antsy.

    Force Strengths/Weaknesses: A natural with a light axe. Has an unsophisticated but very devoted relationship with what he refers to as ‘The gods of the Force’, sort of a fusion of his old culture and understanding of the Living Force, and talks openly to them in daily life. Little patience for the particulars of training. Often confused and deluded in his understanding of a Jedi’s place in the galaxy.

    Appearance: Rough, lanky, unkempt
    Height: 6’2”
    Skin colour: pale white
    Hair colour: head often shaved, reddish blonde beard
    Eye colour: slate grey
    Other: Zordic Tattoos and War Paint

    Short Biography: Grew up in a Zordic tribe where raiding of neighboring primitive nations was a central part of survival and being a true Zord. The classically familiar and infamous origin story of while being observed levitating some rocks playfully in a field one day as a lad he was accused of practicing sorcery. He was then given somewhat against his will to the Guardians of Light due to his people’s superstitions and fear of being cursed by his presence. His Master recently left the order and he is currently without a mentor.

    Important Gear: Light Axe, traditional Zordic light leather armor, robe of animal furs and skins.

  23. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    Taab watched over the others, taking a rear guard position as the Jedi led them on wards towards the middle of camp where the Chiss seemed to be congregating. He too was disconcerted by the refugees seeming lack of recognition of their arrival. Even if they didn't recognize the Jedi for what they were, and they should their jetii'kade (lightsabers) were there for all to see, he was a Mandalorian warrior, in full armor, and ready for battle. Surely he should have garnered some attention. But there was none. Taab mentally chewed on that as he followed the others, keeping track of them and counting their numbers every so often to ensure none were lost in the huge crowds that swept them up as a black hole did light.

    "ta’raysh rayshe’a, ta’raysh resol, ta’raysh e’tad," he counted quietly, under his breath for at least the third or fourth time, before jabbing a thumb at himself and counting out the last number. "ta’raysh sh’ehn." 18, just as every other count. Good, no one had wandered off yet... his mind froze for a moment even as he continued walking forward. 18, including himself. That was wrong. There were only supposed to be 17 of them here, 16 Jedi of various ranks and then him. So how then did he arrive at 18? He counted again, quickly, arriving once again at a dozen and a half. There was someone else here, someone who shouldn't be here, and whoever it was had managed to seamlessly infiltrate their number from at least the moment they landed.

    Taab brought up a roster of the Jedi on his HUD, highlighting the names of those assigned here and counted again, this time checking those names off as he counted them. Nomad, Sarge, Snippy...he continued on through the names until he found one that wasn't on the assigned mission roster. Floki Firebeard, the arseling. The Zordic padawan had not been assigned to the operation, and yet there he was, moving about with the Jedi as though he belong there. It didn't seem the other Jedi had taken note of him, or if they did they were going along with his deception. Taab sighed, giving his head a slight shake as he did so, clearing the roster of names from his HUD.

    The Mandalorian cracked a slight grin behind his faceplate. Truth be told, he had a bit of a soft spot for the aresling, though he would never allow anyone to know it, especially the Zord himself. Havng been surrounded by Jedi the last decade, the man's culture and attitude was refreshingly familiar to the Mandalorian, even if somewhat primitive in their belief in gods and the like. The Zordic seemed almost proto-mandalorian in their ways and after a few past encounters with their raiding parties he wondered if they were perhaps not some sort of Mandalorian offshoot, an expedition lost in antiquity before the Mandalorians truly became Mandalorian perhaps. Still, they and the arseling, were backwards compared even to Taab's Crusader era ancestors, much less modern Mandalorian society, but their similar traditions served as a gateway to the past that Taab took some comfort in.

    As to the arseling himself, he had obviously stowed away on the Jedi shuttle that had brought the rest of them here. It's what Taab would have done if he had wanted to join the mission and anticipated being told no by the Council. Surely the arseling had been tempted by the certainty of battle here on Noris, indeed it was the same feeling that had brought Taab and the Mandalorian jetiise as well he was sure. Taab shrugged, it didn't matter that the aresling hadn't been assigned, he was here now, and there was nothing could be done about it. It wasn't like they were going to send him back. So he ignored the Zordic padawan, the Jedi would find out soon enough of his deception, and it would be up to them to handle him as they saw fit.

    TAG: @TheSilentInfluence @galactic-vagabond422 @ConservativeJedi321 @Mitth_Fisto @Sarge @TheRynJedi @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @ThisIsMe1138 @The Vanguard @Teegirloo and a warm welcome to the game to @Ananta Chetan

    OOC: Firebeard's nickname arseling, is borrowed from the BBC/Netflix series The Last Kingdom, where the main character (an adopted Viking) also suffers through the same nickname through much of the first season. In Old English it means backwards which is the same intent here, referring to Firebeard's primitive, almost proto mandalorian in Taab's mind, belief system. Any other connotations of the nickname are purely unintentional and coincidental. :p This is just a sort of mini-update, introducing Ananta's character. I'll get us all nearer the center of camp in my "real" update next week, I just wanted to give more folks a chance to respond before then. Until that time, feel free to also notice Firebeard and incorporate that into your posts as well.
  24. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC Floki Firebeard
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    Refugees? The concept wasn’t even familiar to him. What kind of enemy just leaves people behind? The young Zord mulled to himself. Worthy adversaries either destroyed or assimilated their opponents. Plus, the plight of these people was…well, hopeless. Weak, displaced, dependent. Easy targets. Why would one even choose to live such a life? An honor-less existence, he spat on the floor.

    Glancing around the cabin it was apparent from the collection of serious demeanors that he might be alone in his conclusions. And the padawans…what a flock of milk-drinkers, he scoffed to himself emitting a high pitched giggle, they all seemed absorbed in their own delusions of 'service to others' grandeur. Pathetic. The gods do enjoy their own little private jokes.

    Disembarking he noticed the Mando, or ‘Hoss’* as he privately called him, inspecting their ranks and pausing to dwell on him for a moment. Floki felt his swagger momentarily flicker as he instead tapped the head of his light axe hanging from his belt, pretending to belong, walking by with a playful grin.

    Are there any spoils in keeping the peace today?

    (plural hosses)
    1. The acronym for Taab’s Temple title: HOS- Head of Security
    2. (US, slang, Southeast) A big person, usually a man; a person who has size comparable to that of a horse.
    3. (US, slang, Southeast) Term of address for a man. Ex: What's up, hoss?
    4. (slang) A well-respected person.
    5. A burly cowboy character from the 1960’s TV Western Bonanza.
    6. (US, slang, South) A horse.

    @Bardan_Jusik @TheSilentInfluence @galactic-vagabond422 @ConservativeJedi321 @Mitth_Fisto @Sarge @TheRynJedi @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @ThisIsMe1138 @The Vanguard @Teegirloo

    Note: Bards, thanks for the welcome and nice intro. ;)
  25. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/
    Knight Troi (NPC)/Knight Gim (NPC)/padawan Nord (NPC)/Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    "Well, that's not ominous at all." Taab found himself nodding in agreement at Verbal's (Knight Sodi) comment regarding their less than warm reception. Indeed, it was not a reception at all as the Chiss refugees continued to ignore them as they all made their way towards the center of the camp together. “Where could they be going to and why?” Her Highness (padawan Windwalker) wondered aloud. Taab didn't have an answer to that, though it seemed from rumbling among the other Jedi that there must be some sort of announcement going on there. Taab didn't dismiss the idea out of hand, but figured it had to be much more than that for the Jedi to be ignored the way they were.

    Most of the other Jedi remained silent as they made their way with the Chiss refugees towards the center of camp. Aside of course from the Aresling (padawan Firebeard) who had the temerity to ask if there would be any spoils from their efforts today. Taab had expected a quick and strong rebuke from any one of the Jedi present, but they seemed more interested in what was going on in front of them rather than the musings of one of their own members. When there was none immediately forthcoming Taab took it upon himself to answer. "No bounty on this one Aresling, but you can sell back to be me the blasters of any enemy you slay."** Taab would end up adding those to the Temple armory, he far preferred to use well built mando'ade weapons for himself, not the crude designs of the arutiise, but the money he would take from his own coffers. "Keep whatever jetii'kade (lightsabers) you take as trophies." That ought to cheer up the young firebrand.

    Glancing to the front of ragged column, Taab could see Knight Troi shaking his head wearily at their antics. "Look, we have bigger aiwha to fry..." he pointed towards where the refugees seemed to be concentrating their attention. Taab found himself frowning at the sight. The Jedi's instinct had again proven right, something which irked the mandalorian even after ten years of working with them. Their instincts were nearly always on point. It was shabla annoying, and now the gathering at the center did indeed seem to be some sort of announcement as there was a Chiss standing above the others on a hastily constructed dais, around him were a half dozen other Chiss, all in black robes lined in red. Around them were three dozen or so of these shabla war droids. The Chiss in the middle, obviously their leader, was speaking to the crowds, shouting and near frothing at the mouth with fury as he spoke.

    "I have a bad feeling about this..." Taab intoned, something the Jedi likewise could have predicted, even as the Chiss at the center continued speaking. His red eyes seemed to glow black and the dark side oozed from him. In his right hand he held a small object, pyramidal in shape and as black as his eyes, while his right hand seemed to punctuate his rhetoric with rapid gestures. "Knife hands..." Knight Troi joked. "We must be cautious." The call for caution wasn't a joke though, in addition to the droids and other Chiss by his side, the Chiss speaker also had a double bladed lightsaber clipped to his belt.

    Moving closer, as if they had a choice being pushed forward by the throngs of refugees moving towards the dais, they could just now start to hear what the Chiss was saying. His speech was course, rough and lacked the sort of elegance one normally associated with Chiss leaders, but it was having an affect. Indeed, it seemed to reach into the inner soul of the Chiss who heard him, they had been downtrodden, beaten down, frightened into running and hiding and now this man was giving them a chance to lash out, to exact their revenge on those in power who had allowed this happen to them. Even Taab felt a slight tug towards their plight, the Chiss seemed to be speaking to his own desire for revenge as well. Looking back over his shoulder he realized that the thousands of Chiss behind him couldn't have heard the speaker's words, yet they too now seemed to be affected by his speech. Without having to look, the Jedi could feel their rising desire for revenge against those that had wronged them. It must be the black holocron the Chiss had in his grip Taab thought as he fought down his murderous desires. That holocron was amplifying his own power, or perhaps tapping into it and the refugees inherent desire to to lash out at those responsible for their predicament.

    "Our organization is small for now,"*** the Chiss continued, "but there is room for greatness in that." His black eyes softened a bit. "These here with me, these are all that I have, but I give them to you, to use for you, but they cannot do it alone. I..." he emphasized the singular pronoun "...cannot do this alone." Taab considered that for a moment, silently agreeing with the Chiss leader. If this was indeed all they had, three dozen war droids, and a half dozen other Chiss, then the Jedi had brought along more than enough to deal with them. Meanwhile the Chiss continued his tirade. "I, Mitth'or'noris, a son of this world, need your help, your support, if we are to throw off the yoke of chaos and embrace order and safety for all Chiss!" Taab looked around him, the Chiss refugees were becoming more riled up and agitated at his words now. "Oh here we go." Taab whispered quietly to himself as Thorn began shouting even louder.

    "I need you, the downtrodden, the forgotten, if I am make a difference in Chiss society and stop the attacks that have so brazenly harmed us all." He calmed for a moment, thought it seemed just to catch his own breath. "I needs you to be a part of this uprising that will take down the Chiss Ascendancy and see the birth of a Chiss Empire that will ensure safety for Chiss throughout the Galaxy!" He waved with his right hand to the huge crowd that surrounded him, one that was now filled with their own burning desire for revenge against the Chiss Ascendancy. "For when we are done here, we will go forth into the Triumvirate, the Galactic Alliance between the Empire and Republic and cleanse the galaxy of those who would dare threaten the Chiss." He paused again, seemingly distracted before smiling a cruel, thin smile. "We will wipe out the hypocritical Jedi order and the lapdogs of the Imperial Remnant the Imperial Knights, and we will start," his sparkling eyes now gazed directly down upon the Guardians who had journeyed here to save these refugees. "With them."

    The words were spoken with a sense of finality, and Taab reached down to his holstered blaster pistols. Knight Troi likewise reached down for his lightabser, igniting it's shimmering blue blade as Anklebiter (Knight Gim) hefted his lightaxe, a glint of uncertainty in his eyes. Droids and Chiss darksiders they could handle. Now however, they were surrounded by a quarter million Chiss refugees. Some were armed with basic weapons like makeshift clubs and knives while most were totally unarmed, but they all had in their hearts now the desire to murder the Jedi and take their weapons. Even then Taab knew that between himself and the Jedi they could slaughter these people, but they were innocent, weren't they?

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    ** Adapted from The Patriot
    *** Adapted from The Dark Knight

    IC: Padawan Bovie (NPC)
    Attending class, woods outside the Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Far from the impending dangers facing the Jedi on Noris, padawan Bovie and a dozen or so other padawans and initiates sat in a clearing in the midst of the woods outside the Temple listening intently to the words of Master Kasumi. Bovie wasn't sure why he had been included here, he was an older padawan, one nearly ready for the Trials. The Gran padawan had been left behind by his master, Knight Troi, while the Mandalorian Jedi went off to face potential threats to the Guardians.

    Bovie frowned as much as his face would allow. Truth be told, he hadn't minded being left behind. His skill with a lightsbaer was nothing to be be especially proud of, though he could take care of himself. Being a Jedi was so much more than simply waving a lightsaber about the padawan thought, and he would be more than happy if he never had to use the Jedi's tool again in his life. Still, it would have been better than being here he thought now, wondering just what the old master had in store for them.

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