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Star Wars OPEN Legacy of the Guardians (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Mar 10, 2017.

  1. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    Unlike his companions the Ongree did not reach for his weapon. If it came to that he knew his reflexes were sufficient to defend himself if attacked, yet despite the threatening Nature of their opponents words Semajj was a diplomat by nature.
    "We mean no harm!" He said in a calm tone, that was clearly betrayed by his allies drawn blades. He could hardly blame them for moving to defend themselves, yet even with that simple action he feared they may have made combat inevitable. "If you desire us to leave, we will do so peacefully." Of course they would not leave millions to be used, or even killed. Yet they had to deescalate the situation, and if returning in a more discrete fashion might preserve the peace, than that was an alternative they should consider.

    "But let it be known we would not be here if there was not a severe threat to you wellbeing!" His eye's fell to the lightsaber on the Chiss speakers belt, and a chill went up his spine. He used his natural empathic abilities to project serenity in the force, hoping to override any dark side manipulations at work. "That threat may be near even now!" He said, alluding to the speaker without specifically drawing attention to him. "A evil force is at work here, it draws on your passions, and if left unchecked it will cause untold suffering, to each and every one of you. Lay down your weapons and return home, allow us to investigate this menace and I offer you my word that your situation will improve!"

    Retreating into himself he whispered to his companions "If this doesn't work, retreat may be the prudent course of action."

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  2. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
  3. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 7

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine Bonaventure
    Up to Our Necks in Bantha Fodder

    I was as keyed up as I've ever been. Between the big bad blue man on stage, the armed war droids, and the hate-filled crowd, our position was entirely untenable, even for Jedi. I focused on my options. My first impulse was to arm myself, saber and madu, light them up and carve my way clear. But that would just accelerate the incipient violence. Or I could draw my pistol, set for stun, and try to knock down enough of the refugees to give us a clear path to safety. Which would also incite a bloody riot. Or I could launch with my wingpack, full throttle straight at the inciter and take him out with one swift stroke. But historically, plans for one-swift-stroke victories almost always turn into long, grueling, meat grinders.

    Semajj seemed to have the only course of action that might end well. I wished I could do that sort of calming effect on the crowd, but my strengths in the Force didn't go far in that direction. I took a deep cleansing breath, stayed calm, and didn't move. But I was on a hair trigger, ready to leap into action with any one of my plans, or something new that I'd make up as I went.

    Trust in the light.

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  4. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Floki Firebeard
    Refugee Camp

    Hey Commander…why doesn’t someone put a couple of smoking holes in the back of that Son of a Bith before this turns into a poodoo storm. Floki’s words hung in the air a bit too long, drawing not only Taab’s attention, but everyone around him.

    The small group of Jedi looked like a sinking raft in a sea of blue-skinned beings. This maniac had tapped into their suffering and was churning their dark emotions into looking for someone to blame for their circumstances.

    The padawan unclipped his light-axe and kept it concealed by crossing his arms over his chest. The hilt felt cold in his grip. It had been too long. Too long since he had charged into battle, given over to that primal rage within him, stood back-to-back with his kinsmen listening to the savage singing swing of his axe blade.

    There were far worse ways to die. Even his more diplomatic comrades would surely choose to fight honorably here and now than succumb to surrender and the shame of being taken captive by such a diabolical fanatic. He tried to remember how far and in which direction they had departed their ship. But there were just too many Chiss around them in all directions to discern anything clearly.

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  5. TheRynJedi

    TheRynJedi Jedi Knight star 2

    Jun 20, 2018
    IC: Sanchari
    Middle of an increasingly hostile crowd

    "That be one of the keys." Sanchari whispered to herself, staring at the black-robed Chiss on the dias.

    She had been quiet most of their time on the refugee planet so far, still unsure of her place among the Jedi, and what she was supposed to be doing besides watching the more knowledgeable Jedi and learning from them. She laid a small fuzzy hand on the arm of the Jedi nearest to her.

    Knight Troi glanced down. "What, Initiate?" He murmured quickly, the tension in the crowd around them was building.

    "That pyramid the Dark One be holding--" Sanchari said, loud enough for the Jedi around her to hear, but trying not to be heard by the Chiss. "--it be one of the keys I saw in my vision." She closed her hand, tugging lightly on his robe sleeve in urgency, bordering on fear. "We have to get it away from them, they must not unlock the door, it be sacred."

    Sanchari knew most of the Jedi were still confused about what exactly she had seen in her vision, she was still sorting through it herself, but Knight Troi seemed to understand, he nodded and turned back towards the Dark Ones.

    Sanchari released Troi's sleeve and stepped back from the ring of Knights surrounding the Padawans and Initiates. She clutched the pouch containing the kyber crystal she had healed and rescued from the Sith lightsaber. She had not progressed in her training enough to build the crystal a new home, but she carried it with her because it, well, it wanted to be with her.

    The teachers at the Temple had explained (in one of the formal lessons she had attended during the couple of weeks before she had been sent out on this mission) that kyber crystals were used as a focusing tool mentally for meditation as much as they were physically for projecting an energy blade.

    Sanchari closed her eyes and focused on the crystal, then reached out to minds of the crowd of Chiss civilians. She tried as well as she could to join what she was feeling from Knight Nosrep, a projection of calm, an understanding that the Jedi had no quarrel with them, and were here to help.

    She hoped it would work.

    OOC: Mental/Emotional powers being her forte, Sanchari's efforts are surprisingly strong, but certainly not as refined or powerful as a more trained Jedi's. I leave it up to @Bardan_Jusik and/or others to determine how successful her efforts are.

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  6. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Jo Sodi

    The words and passions washed over him. Familiar and old tunes of a childhood where running and raids, where fights to the death were something a child had to be trained for. Where any day your loved one might be another persons meal. If there ever had been a fertile ground for hate he felt he had it. Been raised with it.

    His travels, and his teachers had shown him another side of that coin, not the Belugans side. Some had tried that, but it only drove the hate hotter. What had worked was seeing the sum of it. The wrong balance that kept the universe spinning, after all it was nearly impossible for one to exist without the other. Wherever strong emotions ran you would find the strongest love and the deepest hate, which is why he felt the Jedi taught temperance of those feeling and to an extant avoidance of the deepest veins of them. After all they sometimes had to make a choice for the greater good, which in turn was to the smaller good an evil and a harm.

    The others words he felt would do nothing but excite the fire. "We didn't bomb you here! He did. To make his army! To make you his army!" It may be the wrong thing to do, but it was what he knew might work to add to the others words. Do not quell the storm, find the eye and shift the focus. Greater good. Smaller evil.

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  7. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab/ Knight Troi (NPC)/ Knight Gim (NPC)/padawan Nord (NPC)/Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    Taab didn't know it, but the combined efforts of the Jedi to calm those around them was beginning to have some effect. Added to that were the words of Knight Nosrep and and Verbal (Knight Sodi) which Taab should have expected. The other Jedi he could tell were tensed for battle. "Hey Commander...why doesn’t someone put a couple of smoking holes in the back of that Son of a Bith before this turns into a poodoo storm." Aresling's (Padawan Firebeard) words hung there between the Jedi like a dark cloud. Taab didn't disagree with the sentiment, but it would lead to a bloodbath, a bloodbath that even Taab would have been squeamish about partaking in. There was no honor in killing unarmed civilians.

    Still even as the Chiss in the immediate area seemed to be responding somewhat to the Jedi's force driven peace efforts, those farther away were still filled with rage, a need for vengeance. A need stoked by the Chiss leader. There had to be another way, and though Taab wasn't sure he had the answer, he did have an ace in the hole.

    "Volmiir, you in position?" He commed out over his helmet's built in comm link. The security force scout had already been in the area, spying and sending back reports of what was going on in Chiss space. Taab had warned him they were on their way here as soon as they had left the Temple and asked if he could also assist, to provide overwatch of their operation. He was probably the best long range blaster shot in the Temple's Security Force, better than Taab even though the Mandalorian would never admit it. Now Taab could only hope that he had arrived and set up somewhere far enough away from this mess to observe without being caught up in the maelstrom while still remaining in blaster range.

    As he awaited a reply, Crash (initiate Sanchari) informed them all that the holocron the Chiss was holding was one of the keys she had seen in her vision. Taab understood little of visions, portents and signs, but it was clear even to him that the Chiss was using it to affect the refugees. His eyes glowed the same color black as the pyramidal relic, and Taab had never seen that before. Normally darksider's eyes took on more of a yellowed hue. Crash was right, they had to get that out of his hands first somehow, and without riling up the crowd further.

    Knight Troi looked to Taab, thinking along the same lines. At times Taab had to admit it was good to have a Mandalorian Jedi around, at least they shared some of the same thought process. "Keep talking to them," he told the Jedi, indicating the nearest refugees. They seemed confused, torn between the words of the Jedi and those of the Chiss darksider. "Meanwhile, we need a plan to get that holocron."

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    OOC: Obviously retconning a bit here in order to get Bodhran's character into the game. Which reminds me, a hearty welcome to our latest player!
  8. Bodhran777

    Bodhran777 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Lt. Jaal Volmiir
    Edge of the Refugee Camp, Vantage Point

    Jaal Volmiir
    laid flexing his right hand, keeping his fingers loose as he peered through the scope on his IQA-11. He had been in the sniper hide for who knew how long, and he was already sore, but the view was the best he had found. From his vantage point, he could see the large crowd getting rowdy, and the shine from Taab’s helmet was perfectly visible over the heads of the refugees as he and the team had arrived. Of course, saber glow was also a dead giveaway, and a sign that things were already looking rough there. From his position of cover, he wasn't envying the Mandalorian or the others with him. One loose blaster shot or jerk of a lightsaber could ignite the powder keg they found themselves in, and it wouldn't be pretty when it went off.

    Leading up to the current standoff, Jaal had arrived to the camp early, but had yet to set foot inside the perimeter. In a crowd of Chiss, a human would stand out like a sore thumb, and he would be found out quickly. Instead, his ID10 droid had been his eyes inside the camp, and it's small size had definitely helped with hiding in plain sight.

    "Volmiir, you in position?"

    As soon as Taabs voice came across comms, Jaal reached up and adjusted his headset, taking mute off.

    “In position, Commander”, he said. “I have eyes on your party, but you're in pretty deep right now. Cover fire is going to be pretty tight if you get rushed."

    He twitched his rifle over to the ringleader and glassed over him. He was in a pretty exposed location, but Jaal wasn’t oblivious to the lightsaber on the Chiss’s hip, or that he was likely the source of the turmoil. For a normal combatant, a simple squeeze of the trigger would be enough to drop him, but a Force user was a different sort of puzzle. Catching him off-guard would be tough.

    Looking out at the surrounding masses and beyond, Jaal searched for something that could be used as a distraction. Something that would demand attention as soon as it was triggered that might help him and Taab’s team gain the initiative.

    As he searched, he spotted the flash of green and white that marked his ID10 droid picking its way through the crowd. The droid was feeding his optics information, such as distance, and acting as his spotter. Sure, the paint job wasn’t the stealthiest in a crowd like this, but that little droid was slippery, and he trusted it could get away in a pinch, with or without a few local stun shocks in an emergency. The thought of that gave him an idea, which he radioed in.

    “Commander, my droid is in there with you. Keep their attention for a little longer and I can get him in position at their rear for a shock. That might draw their attention enough for you to make a move, and I may get a shot on the speaker, or at least relieve him of some fingers holding that holocron.”

    As he spoke into the comms mic, the ID10 angled itself through the crowd on a path toward the speaker’s rear guard. No doubt, the other Chiss acting as his bodyguards would block the droid but downing a few of them would certainly tip the odds. If all else failed, the act of a guard striking out against the droid would at least mark them as the aggressors, not the Jedi, and may tip favor against them. As he waited for a response, he angled the rifle back at the Chiss leader, anticipating the go-ahead and readying for a shot.

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    OOC: Thanks for the welcome and looking forward to a good RP with everyone!
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  9. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 7

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine "Sarge" Bonaventure
    Getting Above Myself

    Words were beginning to fly, some of them calming, some of them more likely to precede blaster fire. I sensed that a critical moment was drawing near, a tipping point, some historic happening balanced on a knife edge, about to fall one way or the other. Which way should I push? Was it my place to choose?

    No. It was my place to make it possible for the wise and skilled to choose wisely and skillfully. To keep others safe by drawing danger to myself.

    In an instant my wingpack lit up, lightwings neatly slicing their way out the sides of my new Jedi robes as jetpack thrust propelled me into the air. I rose a dozen meters over the heads of the crowd, wings raised and glowing, hovering like an angel of justice, drawing eyes and attention upward. I pointed an accusing finger at the ringleader and raised my voice into my best carrying NCO shout.


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  10. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Jo Sodi
    Noris Refugee Camp, Lynch Meeting

    Well, no one had tried to kill them yet. That was good. Downside was no one had tried to kill the orator yet either. So they had, stalled things for the moment. Problem was nothing liked being still, especially with this much charged emotion in the air. It was like putting a cork in a volcano, you may stop it now, but it will erupt sooner rather then later. Just a matter of enough pressure to build up.

    Then, then someone had to go and say something inflammatory to his own statement with asking why they hadn't killed the man yet, and then someone else had to . . .well he didn't know what to make of that statement. Perhaps a rock-rat court? Taun-taun court? Something along those lines, not that most systems of justice he was familiar with before the Jedi had had much use for so formal a setting.

    "I think we are all certifiable at the moment." he muttered quietly to their small group in the press of the refugees, "ALSO THE CHARGE OF WANTON CARNAGE! HOW DO YOU PLEAD!" he added in with a shout. Two shouts to the wind. Would someone else dare a third. Getting his plasma disk ready he set it with the Force to float above his head, "WE ARE INNOCENT OF YOUR CHARGES, HOW DO YOU PLEAD!"

    Really it was a bit of funny situation if he didn't feel angry and near a panic attack at the whole life and death aspect of the situation. Who knew if this would even play to chiss psychology? Force help them, Force help them all.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
  11. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    The Ongree wasn't initially sure what to think of his companions efforts. Floki's aggressive tendencies concerned him, if they went on the offensive now it seemed very likely the people they had been trying to calm would very likely be forced into a fight or flight situation, and he couldn't be certain that most would flee rather than defend the dark one that was playing a tug of war with their minds.

    When Sarge and Sodi began hurling accusations at the Chiss, Semajj placed one of his hands on his bald cranium and sighed with frustration. He had hoped to draw their attention away from the creature trying to influence them, have them lay down their arms and return home. The further away they got from his influence the calmer they would be, and any casualties could be avoided. The Jedi could deal with the dark one on their own terms, not with so many civilians in the way.
    Now it truly was a battle for dominance, he might have been able to subvert the speakers charisma in a more subtle manner, but with the charges laid bare, true as they were, it was a now competition of strength in the force.

    Who could get the most people on their side?
    Would it be enough?

    Semajj wasn't sure. So he did the only thing he could do now that his bombastic friends had revealed their hands.
    He reached out into the force, building on the rapport he had created with his previous efforts he hoped to extend the effect further into the crowd. He might not get everyone on his side, but when they saw... when they felt their companions passion wane he hoped it would be enough for them to reevaluate their own emotional awareness.

    "The people deserve the truth! After all you have suffered, all you have seen, it is in your interest not to be taken by the heat of the moment." His voice was carried in part by the force, so he would not have to strain his lungs to be heard. Or sound as ridiculous as he felt the grandiose shenanigans of his allies tended to betray. "If you do not know who truly leads you, what his agenda really is, skepticism will serve you. Should you follow blindly, and in the absence of understanding, you may not like where you end up." He allowed the words to settle for a moment before finishing. "We are here on a mission of peace. But we will defend ourselves if assaulted."

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  12. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Knight Troi (NPC)/Knight Gim (NPC)/padawan Nord (NPC)/Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    “In position, Commander”, the transmission from Volmiir came in five by five, with no interference He must be relatively close by then. “I have eyes on your party, but you're in pretty deep right now. Cover fire is going to be pretty tight if you get rushed." Taab grunted in reply, though he didn't transmit that over the net. Tight was an understatement.

    “Commander, my droid is in there with you. Keep their attention for a little longer and I can get him in position at their rear for a shock. That might draw their attention enough for you to make a move, and I may get a shot on the speaker, or at least relieve him of some fingers holding that holocron.” Taab liked the idea, and he doubted they would have any trouble keeping the attention of the Chiss darksiders, or the people. "Roger that, standby," the mandalorian commed back. It this went anything went beyond keeping the darksider's mere "attention" that they were going to have problems.

    The distinctive muted *snap-hiss* of Sarge's (Knight Bonaventure) wingpack lighting off sounded out, and like a shot the Jedi was off into the sky. "Deep down he really wants to be a mando," Taab said quietly to himself with a smile. And why wouldn't he? He further mused, this is the way. The Jedi soared into the sky like some sort of apocalyptic angel, hurling accusations at the Chiss darksiders who appeared to be wilting under the light. Soon a chorus of other voices shouted out from the ranks of the Jedi, not only further accusations of the Chiss who had orchestrated this, but also proclamations of their own innocence and pleas to the people who surrounded them all.

    Taab cocked his head to the side, wondering how it would all play out. For the Chiss refugees nearest him, there was a clear wavering of support for the darksiders. Murmuring and nods of agreement at what the Jedi were saying. He couldn't see what influence the Jedi were having farther away, but the Jedi could feel those people too beginning to at least wonder what was going on. It was only at the fringes of the crowd, those furthest away from the Jedi, that the people seemed to remain stalwart in their support for the Chiss holding the holocron. Those however were too far to be of any immediate consequence, it was those surrounding the accuser turned accused that were most readily relevant, and they were clearly beginning to come around to the Jedi's side.

    Thorn's eyes faded from black to their normal red colored hue as he looked on with confusion at the people. "This is.." Taab could see now the fear in his eyes. "Impossible," he looked to the Jedi and then the black holocron he still held in his hands. It was clear he was looking to it for its power, but it wasn't enough. In his moment of need, it seemed to have abandoned him.

    With their connection to the Force, the Jedi saw far more than Taab ever could. They could sense far more than Thorn's rising fear. They sensed something far more powerful, something that couldn't be tapped so easily. His frustration. The machinations he had made, the efforts he had put into gathering these refugees here, and then turning them to become his minions rather than slaughtering them, was being defeated, not with weapons, but with words. It was an enemy he didn't know how to fight. So now, like a cornered striil, he lashed out.

    "Wipe them out," he said to six other darkside Chiss arrayed around the dais with him. "All of them."


    The Chiss and the droids moved to obey, the droids by raising their metal arms and extending the built in blasters there, the Chiss by drawing lightsabers and igniting them. They were of various kinds, standard single blade, double bladed, even a lightwhip, but they all had one thing in common, they were all blood red.

    "All right, Volmiir," Taab signaled out to the sniper as the Obscurum chiss readied their attack. "Send it." They had to recover that holocron, and with any luck the lieutenant would shoot it right out of Thorn's hand.

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    OOC: We've got six Obscurum Chiss all roughly equivalent to a Jedi Knight in terms of strength and training along with 36 of the enemy war droids to deal with. The droids have blasters built into each of their arms, while each Chiss has a lightsaber that is unique to them. Thorn's is a double bladed one like Darth Maul, but I leave to you all to describe the others as you square off with them. Whatever suits your fancy and you think would make for a fun post. The droid's and the six Obscurum underlings are free use as is the crowd, so feel free to be creative. If making a combo post with another layer(s) would make things flow easier, than please by all means do so. Bodhran, you'll have a PM incoming from me shortly regarding Volmiir's shot should he take it.
  13. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    A blaster bolt seared past his shoulder, and the Ongree fell back into a defensive stance, nudging the beam with the force so that it was knocked casually into the ground. "PROTECT THE REFUGEE'S!!" He shouted, losing any pretense of calm, as it had become rather pointless in the riot that followed.
    There was a palpable terror in the air as the people around him understood what was happening, many were trying to flee, and several shrill screams emanated from younger members of the crowd.

    For a moment the Jedi attempted to dampen their fears, little good would come from a stampede, but the façade had fallen, and he was preoccupied with his own defense. The Ongree dashed forward, hoping to draw their enemies attention away from the innocence, though he feared the people behind him were too large of a target to miss.

    Propelled through the force, Semajj struck first at the droids: off-balancing them with a force wave, and using that opportunity to rid himself of his rusty cloak, that already had several scorch marks in it. He tossed it at the enemy, blinding one of the droids who found itself wrapped in the worn weave and unable to escape. It fired wildly, though at an upward angle so that most shots were dispersed harmlessly. The Knight found himself between it, and another droid. The second one took didn't hesitate to fire at him, and he ducked to allow the blast to pass overhead and into the photoreceptor of the one that was still draped in his robe.

    At this moment his lightsaber blazed to life, carving through the remaining droids arms, and bisecting it casually in the process.
    For a mere second he squared off with at least a dozen other droids, they hesitated to attack. He doubted it was out of fear, combat droids weren't usually programed to feel worry, but it could be that they were reanalyzing their odds now that two of theirs were down.

    One fired, and Semajj deflected the shot right back into its armor.
    This was followed by a wave of other blasts, each one he blocked or reflected with ease.
    Three of the droids were trying to work their way behind him, hoping to surround him.
    He wouldn't allow that to happen. With a casual twist of his wrist one of the three flew into his blade, impaled through the chest. As it slumped over he returned three more shots to his enemies, taking down another. Finally he flung what remained of the fallen droid into the last remaining foe at his flank.

    Again, a pause. Their numbers were dwindling, and their plan to surround him had failed. It only lasted half a second, but when their arms swiveled to try a third time, a voice stopped them. "Stop! You are wasting yourselves on this one."
    The words drew Semajj's attention to a powerfully built, darkly dressed Chiss male that stood to his right. There were two corpses at his feet, two refugee's that had attempted to buy time for their loved ones to escape.
    The Jedi would have to mourn them when this was over. For now they had to make a stand.
    "Your imperative is to finish off anyone, and everyone trying to escape. I will end fishy boy here."

    The droids lowered their arms, and were preparing to comply with the order. Semajj moved to intercept them, but was forced to retreat when a standard crimson bladed lightsaber nearly took off one of his eye stalks. He pivoted, bringing his lightsaber upward into a defensive angle.
    With a cackling laugh the creature collected his blade, and launched himself at the Ongree. Semajj parried the first attack, but was mentally off balance. He could not help the people while this dark one was distracting him.
    Locking blades with the Obscurum Chiss, the Semajj shouted out to the nearest Jedi he could see.
    "Sarge! The Droids!"

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  14. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Vanora Cinali, Noris

    Stang and double stang! The Darksider had ramped up the stakes and now there would be innocent casualties. Vanora groaned. She and the other initiates/Padawans would be more of a hindrance than a help when it came to sheer skill, and this was reinforced when she saw the amazing display of Master Nosrep with the droids.

    She could help calm the crowd though, especially the younglings and hopefully keep them out of the worst of the fighting.

    She headed towards a pair of younglings clutching the hands of an older Chiss female.

    "I'm sorry we couldn't stop this," Vanora said in Basic, hoping her expression and tone of voice would convey her genuine regret.

    The woman nodded as if to say she knew who had escalated the situation, after the Jedi had tried to soothe the darker emotions and settle things down.

    Vanora gestured to a place further away from the volleys of incoming fire.

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  15. TheRynJedi

    TheRynJedi Jedi Knight star 2

    Jun 20, 2018
    In the center of the chaos

    As the Dark One leader ordered his minions to attack, Sanchari's focus riveted on the pyramid-shaped object in his hand. The Jedi around her began to move, some to attack, some to defend. She felt, more than heard, one or two of the Jedi Knights and Masters start gathering the younger and/or less experienced Jedi behind their defenses.

    Sanchari, however, took advantage of the chaos to duck into the crowd, ignoring a shout from Knight Troi as she vanished from his side. She twisted and wove her way around, between, and sometimes through, the feet of the panicked refugees. As fast as she could, the nimble Ryn made her way towards the dias where the Dark Ones were starting their attack on the Jedi.

    She didn't know how she would get the Key away from the head Dark One, but she trusted in the Force to guide her as she tumbled and lept her way forward.

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  16. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi

    Kasumi was enjoying the time teaching. The battles previous had worn on her, even more than the thought. They had brought up ghosts from the past that she thought were long dead. But teaching was something that she enjoyed and was something that brought her some inner peace. Her eyes passed from each padawan to the next. Today the lesson would be focused on something simple….acceptance of oneself and the connection to the Force.

    “Acceptance of oneself. The phrase sounds simple, and even some may say, hard to do. When you look around you, what do you see? Life of all shapes and sizes. Even you are all different. Different races, backgrounds, stories. Each one of you has a different strength. One may be a better healer, the other a better fighter. Does that make one weaker than the next? No. Accept your gifts that you have been given. As you nurture those gifts, your connection with the Force will become stronger. As your connection becomes stronger, so will your understanding that we are all connected. Spread out, take your time to meditate, and think about what you see your strengths as. Once I call us back together, we will discuss the strengths.”

    Kasumi watched as each padawan chose their own spot, the she watched Bovie. She knew that the Trials were coming soon, and she remembered how much uncertainty that brought for her. Plus, she knew that Bovie wanted to be on the mission and not here, with her.

    “Bovie, please come sit with me.”

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  17. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 7

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine Bonaventure
    That's Gonna Leave a Mark

    And just like that all hell broke loose.

    I had made myself a target - deliberately - so of course I attracted a whole slew of blaster fire. Maximum thrust on all jets threw off the aim of the droids momentarily. In an instant I was fully armed with buckler and blade, which came in handy a moment later as the wardroids corrected their aim and tracked me with heavy fire. Most of them I parried away upwards into the atmosphere; I didn't have enough time to redirect so many shots back at the shooters.

    "Sarge! The Droids!" Semajj was carving a swath through them, but he'd be overwhelmed if he didn't get some help soon. I tilted forward and swooped down like a hungry fish hawk, building up speed and skimming just over the heads of the droids. My saber blade lashed downwards and slashed off metallic heads and arms. Then I was past the droids and approaching the red blades of the Chiss-Sith, who raised their weapons in a thicket of blood-red plasma that would skewer me in multiple places if I continued onward. Instead, I swerved hard and low, left wingtip skimming the ground as I reversed direction back toward the droids. Keeping myself directly in line between droids and Sith made it impossible for the droids to shoot at me without endangering their masters; either their safety protocols would kick in to hold fire, or they'd open up on me and risk friendly fire.

    None of them shot at me for a moment, but that wouldn't last, they'd move to catch me in a crossfire momentarily. I charged straight in at the droids, impaling one with my saber and smashing another with the madu spikes on my buckler. I used the impact to bounce myself up and away before they could grab me.

    My peripheral vision caught a glimpse of a shape behind me. I twisted aside just in time to avoid blaster bolts fired hot on my tail. A wardroid had followed me into the air. How do they do that? They don't have jetpacks!

    I looked down at the Sith. One of them was holding an open hand in the air, moving it in controlling gestures. Using the Force to levitate a droid in the air to fight me. Son of a Sith!

    Cutting thrust and raking my wings forward, I abruptly stopped in mid-air and it flew right by. I slashed at the droid, but its master was too quick, yanking it away from my attack and blasting at me with both arms. I ducked beneath the shots, losing altitude, letting it gain the height advantage and attack me from the high ground. It fired again and I deflected the shots upward, right back into its torso. The explosion was gratifying. I hoped the debris wouldn't fall on any innocents.

    There was no time to worry about such things. The levitator on the ground was still at work. But this time he wasn't pushing a droid after me. He had lifted one of his companions, a slender woman, lighter and easier to maneuver than a heavy droid. She dove on me and even at a distance I could see the fiendish delight in her eyes at the prospect of bloody battle. I turned to face her, weapons at the ready. She raised a pair of saber blades and cackled like a witch as we met in mid-air.

    Like a raw newb, I had let myself get target fixation on her. I didn't even see the blaster bolt from below that ripped into my guts.

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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    Trusting that his fellow Jedi were protecting the fleeing refugee's Semajj dedicated himself to the fight at hand.
    With a twist of his wrist he parried another blow, the Chiss had swiped at his knee and in one fluid motion brought his sword up towards the Ongree's shoulder. Semajj caught the lightaber in a cross momentarily before taking two long swipes at his opponents right side. This barely fazed him, as he blocked one and dodged the other.
    Without even hesitating the creature launched into another flurry of attacks, and actually had the Consular on the backfoot for a few seconds.

    Thinking fast, Semajj gripped one of the defeated droids with his mind, and launched the debris at his enemy.
    This caught the Chiss off guard, and he was forced to take a long stride back, so he was able to get his lightsaber in position to cleave through this distraction. The Ongree knew full well he should take advantage of this leave in combat, as it would allow him to take the fight to his foe, but instead he used it to catch his breath and center himself in the force.
    A mistake, he recognized the moment the Chiss reached out with one of his clawed hands cupped in front of him. The Jedi's instincts told him instantly the attack was not aimed directly at him, and he quickly turned to defend himself against another thrown item... except it wasn't an item, it was a person.

    It was all Semajj could do to turn his blade off so it wouldn't impale the injured Chiss female as she knocked him off his feet. The refugee was wounded, with a large burn mark in her knee, she could hardly be expected to run, and the Jedi couldn't care for her while these Obscurum things had them on the defensive.
    The Ongree barely had time to role her off of him before the dark siders blade came down on him.
    With only the force to strengthen him his reactivated green blade held the red one back barely an inch from his neck.

    Thinking quick he kicked up at the attacking Chiss, catching him in his right side and forcing him on the defensive. Semajj capitalized on this by hopping back on his feet, and moving into a series of Form V attacks, pushing the enemy away from the injured refugee.
    "Alright, I'll admit you have some skill Jedi." The creature snarled as he warded off Semajj's assault.
    "But you haven't seen anything yet!" His enemy performed a backflip to avoid one of his sweeping strikes, and as the Chiss landed on his feet a second red blade materialized from his sleeve, which immediately attempted to pierce his protections.

    The Jedi immediately fell back into Form III defensive stance, locking the new weapon in front of him, he realize too late this particular sword had a cross guard, and one of the beams scorched itself into his shoulder.
    It began as a sharp pain, but quickly dulled as Semajj retreated. "That was a dirty trick." He grunted.
    "What did you expect?" The creature responded in an almost prideful tone.

    The Chiss went on the attack again, and the Jedi maintained a steady retreat. He had to remain out of reach of the cross guard, that much he knew. The tip of the lightaber was deadly enough, but he couldn't allow himself to get cornered between the other blades. Semajj dodged one swipe, and parried another, before warding off his advancing enemy with two more wide sweeping attacks. Being on the defensive had its benefits, the Consular knew that from experience, but there remained a danger of being backed into a corner. Not wanting to have his enemy define the terrain of their battle, the Jedi took to channeling his energies. As the creature launched itself forward, hoping to close the gap, Semajj crouched low, and jumped over its head. The exertion of this made his defense falter, the Ongree was certainly no expert in acrobatics. Fortunately the surprise of this move also halted his enemies attack for the moment.

    Semajj recovered first, and with an exhausted groan he struck at his enemies right weapon arm. The dark sider successfully moved his blade to intercept the strike, but at an awkward angle, and one that allowed the Ongree to slide his blade down, destroying the standard lightsaber with ease. His enemy cried out in a language the Jedi did not understand, but based on the its tone, he suspected these words were not to be said in polite company.

    With only the Cross-guarded lightsaber left, the Obscurum Chiss went on the attack, though it did seem to Semajj that the destruction of his first lightsaber had made the creature reckless. His attacks were not nearly as smooth, refined, or thought through as they had been earlier in their fight. He was losing patience, and that suited the Jedi just fine.
    A block, a parry, two more strikes and a dodge.
    The Chiss was using his weapon more as a bludgeon than a blade.
    It was not long before he overextended, Semajj avoided the strike, and as his enemies lightsaber cut through the air where he once stood, the Jedi brough his weapon underneath, and cut through the left side of the dark ones abdomen, killing him.

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  19. Bodhran777

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Jaal Volmiir

    Sniper Hide

    Jaal watched from the corner of his left eye as a Jedi bounced into the air and began shouting. His other eye peered through the coated glass of his optics to watch the Chiss response. Not what he had expected when he said “keep their attention”, but it was certainly effective, and seemed to get the crowd of refugees thinking. While he was a Jedi no longer, Jaal could still feel the uncertainty rippling through minds like stirred water. It even seemed to crash into the speaker’s mind, which had prompted him to raise the holocron and look at it.

    That’s when he felt the fear in his mind, which instantly made Jaal uncomfortable. Fear in an opponent strapped with a lightsaber was a quick ticket to aggression, and he didn’t have to read lips to know what the Chiss said.

    “Alright, Volmiir. Send it.”

    Only a moment passed before red light leapt from the muzzle of the rifle, the bolt of energy racing forward toward its intended target. Soon after, it was followed by another, speeding toward the Chiss leader and the hand holding the holocron. With any luck, the sudden attack would catch him unaware and relieve him of the dark object and buy the others a chance to gain ground. Out of his other eye, he could see sabers beginning to swing and knew the bee’s hive had been kicked.

    As soon as his shots were off, the ID10 droid burst out of cover and found a group of attach droids, unleashing a large arc of electricity into them that jumped from one to another. Then, as quickly as the droid had appeared, it turned and dove back into the crowd to avoid getting caught. The shock was enough to damage or disable a handful of droids, but there were still more, and Jaal turned his sights to them and began sending more blaster rounds their way to knock them out and give the Jedi some breathing room. The whole time, he monitored the leader, to see if his shots had their intended effect. Meanwhile, the droid was speeding its way back to Jaal’s ship, which was hidden nearby in case of emergency.

    @Bardan_Jusik, Everyone else.
  20. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Floki Firebeard
    Refugee Camp

    Floki had killed his first man when he was only six years old. One evening around dusk while playing in the barn loft on his family’s farm, a thief had snuck into their grain stores and began filling his bag. Remaining quiet and unseen, the young boy had dropped an axe from above watching it take a hard gravity fueled strike into the back of the trespasser's neck. His father had been so proud that he had hung the body in a tree in front of their home for a week and boasted to their neighbors and every traveller passing by of his son’s feat.

    Refocusing on their current situation, Floki felt almost drunk from the bedlam swarming all around them. Centering himself and taking a deep breath he removed and ignited his light axe while crouching momentarily and surveying the scene.

    Immediately he noticed that one of the Chiss wielding a blade was younger and significantly less formidable. Instead of engaging the other Jedi in their group this one was hiding off to one side and Force hurling debris at the refugees as they attempted to flee. Stones and other rubble pelted into the backs of many causing them to fall who among their ranks were a vast number of women and children.

    Taking a step toward the young Chiss he then spotted a group of four burly looking refugees hunkered down behind a crumbling wall with clubs in their clenched hands, apparently waiting for the storm of debris to stop so that they could rush the attacker.

    Moving forward and making brief eye contact, Floki lifted his glowing axe gesturing for them to follow his lead. Starting off in a dead sprint Floki threw his axe like a disc from his hip, the helicopter pattern of its Force guided flight sliced through the air entering the back of the young Chiss’ knee and exiting through the other side before making a boomerang arcing return back into Floki’s outstretched palm.

    Immediately the brawny group of rough looking Chiss sprang forward and pounced on the wounded form of the young coward and pummeled him with their clubs.

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  21. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/ Knight Troi (NPC)/ Knight Gim (NPC)/padawan Nord (NPC)/Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    As chaos broke out around them all a single shot rang out from a distance. Distracted by what was happening right in front of him Thorn didn't sense it coming, and thus had little time to react before the bolt struck home, taking off the first two knuckles of his left hand and the finger that went with them. Recoiling in pain, he was unable to keep hold of the holocron which was flung from his grasp (along with two of his finger) down into the crowd below. Screaming in rage, he jumped off the dais and ran after it.

    Kneeling in front of a group of refugees, Knight Troi was using his vambrace mounted plasma shield to protect them when he saw the holocron skitter across the hard packed dirt before disappearing in the chaos of moving feet and falling victims. Kicked from place to place unknowingly by those who scampered about looking for a place of safety. "Sanchari!" he shouted, pointing with his free hand in the direction he thought the holocron had last been propelled

    "PROTECT THE REFUGEE'S!!" The Ongree Jedi's order sounded through the air above chaotic noise that accompanied Thorn's order. Deciding that a bit more distance was needed, and inspired by Sarge's (Knight Bonaventure) own taking to the air, Taab ignited his jetpack which took his straight up. Drawing his twin blaster pistols, he was in the process of corkscrewing in order to get a better lay of the land, when he was nearly taken out by a trio of blaster bolts fired wantonly by a droid with a cloak wrapped around it's head. The mandalorian watched with appreciation as Semajj arranged for it's demise at the hands of another droid before igniting his lightsaber and confronting one of his Chiss dark side using counterparts. Taking his cue from that, Taab began picking off droids will well aimed blaster fire from above, allowing the Jedi to concentrate on the forcleings, one pistol ran out of ammunition, and without two hands free to reload he simply re holstered it.

    Below him, Anklebiter (Knight Gim) and his padawan Warhead (Elle) and also sprung into action. "Nord, Elle, help Cinalli!" the diminutive Ugnaught shouted as he brought his lightaxe to bear. It wasn't much for deflecting blaster bolts, but it was well suited to cleaving war droids in half, something the Anklebiter began to do with relish as he counted each one. "Two, three..." he exhaled loudly. "Four!" he shouted in delight as Nosrep downed the Chiss darksider he had been dueling with. "That just counts as one you know!" He proclaimed with glee before his eyes went wide at the sight of another lightaxe arcing through the air and carving through a darksider before returning to its owner. "Nice axe," the Unnaught managed, hefting his own lightaxe obviously fighting off feelings of inadequacy before jumping back into the fray, Knight Troi at his side with his double bladed lightsaber.

    Taab meanwhile was looking for Sarge, the man had taken flight before him and was under intense fire from below. The Mandalorian wished the Jedi would have let him take to the sky first, his armor could withstand a few hits. Amid the blaster fire though Taab had lost sight of the other airborne member of the Guardians as he swooped low to help Nosrep. A glancing shot from a droid drew the Mandalorian's attention further away from the wayward Jedi as he returned fire, drilling a pair of neat holes in the droid's now smoking carapace. His attention on what was happening below, he never saw the droid lifted up after Sarge, but the clash of lightsaber blades at altitude, that got his attention. It took the Mandalorian's mind a moment to translate what his eyes were seeing, and in the time it took his to realize the woman was being levitated from below Sarge had taken a blaster hit. "Hope he's got armor," Taab invoked as he aimed at the Chiss below holding up his comrade. Take him out, and she falls. Two Porgs with one bolt so to speak he thought as he pressed the trigger of his Westar-35.

    *click* Nothing happened. In the heat of the moment he'd allowed his second weapon to run dry. With no time to spare on a reload he brought around his other arm and with clenching of his fist fired the repulsor built into his vambrace at the darksider. The effect was like that of a strong force push, and the Chiss was thrown backwards before falling to the ground in a cloud of dust. His concentration lost, the Chiss woman he was holding aloft plummeted from the sky, though Taab lost sight of her as he turned his attention to Sarge...

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    OOC: Figure most if not all the droids have been taken care of by now by you lot. So aside from any stragglers, it's just the remaining Obscurum Chiss we have to deal with now.

    IC: Padawan Bovie (NPC)
    Attending class, woods outside the Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    “Acceptance of oneself..." padawan Bovie heard the words but didn't truly understand them just yet. A Jedi had to be all things, at all times. Yes a healer may not be as adept at combat as a Guardian, but a healer still had to be able to defend oneself, and others if need be. That was something Bovie had trouble with. He just didn't understand violence, not in the way his master, Knight Troi did. Knight Troi was a Mandalorian, and despite also being a Jedi, violence was a part of his makeup. It was something the Gran padawan just couldn't even begin to understand. He was adept with a blade, and even excelled at his training and movement with it, but putting that training to use against a live opponent was still a foreign feeling to him. The other padawans broke off, finding their own places to meditate. Bovie looked around, trying to find the calm within himself when he heard his name called.

    “Bovie, please come sit with me.” It was Master Kasumi, she must have sensed his thoughts, or at least his turbulent emotions. "Yes master," he said, sounding slightly dejected, as he moved to obey.

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  22. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    The wound was fatal, at least from Semajj's limited knowledge of Chiss biology he assumed it would be. His blade probably had not directly passed through the heart, but it grazed close enough that it would likely disrupt blood flow, and it likely damaged several other important organs. The Ongree deactivated his blade as the creature collapsed at his feet, and closed his eyes. He would never enjoy killing, but he firmly believed that death was better than being a slave to the dark side.
    He placed a hand on the wound at his shoulder, the burn felt numb to him at the moment, but he was relieved to see it had only been a flesh wound. It could wait for attention.

    His next effort was to look for the refugee the creature had thrown at him, the crowed had thinned considerably since the beginning to the fight, to be expected as most able bodied refugee's had tried to flee when given the chance.
    Still, there were many left: the wounded and confused, the trapped and the occasional one stubborn enough to try and fight back. He considered that most would only get in the way if they got between the Jedi and the Obscurum, though he saw his friends were adapting to this in their own way. Semajj felt a flash of guilt, the Jedi were doing what they could to protect the innocent, but many ended up dead or injured anyways. Perhaps they could have avoided this had they not been so forward with their arrival. A more discrete operation could have saved many.

    He could not dwell on that, what ifs would only serve to distract him, and at this very moment his senses told him he should not be distracted.

    The Chiss he had struck down had gotten back up, or was trying to. He was on his knees, his anger boiling with red hot rage.
    Semajj reactivated his lightsaber, ready to defend himself should the being lash out in one final attempt to take his opponent with him. But after only a moment, the flame in the dying man began to subside, replaced with something... it took the Jedi a moment to recognize. The mind of a Chiss was so orderly, he had never experienced fear from one of them before.

    Suspicion creeped into the Jedi's conscience, as he knelt by the dying man, lightsaber at the ready if this should prove a trick.
    "You have nothing to be afraid of." He said in a tone, he intended to be soothing. "Of course you would say that Jedi..." the Chiss snarled. "You're not the one at... deaths door."
    "I cannot help you." Semajj admitted solemnly, he wasn't a medic and his friends were in trouble. Every second he spent here could risk many other lives. But if he could learn something about his enemy, perhaps they could save someone else in the future.
    "But you can help yourself. Clear your conscience now, join the force at peace, and let your fear go."
    "I... I can't." The man had eased onto his side, his resolve withering. "What do you have to lose? Do not fear the force, do not try and conquer it, trust in it and let go."

    The Man held his breath for a long moment, and the Ongree briefly considered the possibility he was gone. But then he spoke in a fading whisper. "We..."
    His last words were interrupted by a flexible beam of plasma wrapping around his neck, removing his head from his body and silencing any great revelation he might have offered if he was indeed open to redemption.

    The Jedi leaped to his feet, blade in a defensive position as one of the dark Chiss came to his attention, this one a stout muscular female. "Poor Kreet." She spoke, using her dead companions core name in a mocking tone. "I told Mitth'or'noris that he was not worthy. Too weak, too cowardly." She brandished her lightwhip, bidding the Jedi forward to attack. "But I will happily finish what he started."

    The Ongree quickly gauged the battlefield, he had no real hands on experience with lightwips, though he had read about their strengths and weaknesses in the archives. Sarge and Taab were engaging some of the other Chiss in the air near her position. The apprentices we nearby protecting what refugee's remained, and Floki had helped them butcher one of the weaker looking attackers.

    This new opponent of his had clearly broken off from what remained of her crew when she sensed her allies weakening resolve. She also projected confidence, too much confidence, that her companions would deal with the other 'troublemakers' and she would finish Semajj off without much of a fight.

    He didn't have to win though, all he had to do was hold her off long enough for the other Jedi and the Mando to deal with the others and reinforce him. Plus, arrogance was a weakness he knew how to exploit.
    The consular launched himself forward, though the move was weaker than he expected as he was still fatigued from his previous dual. The lightwhip lashed out wildly, and their blades clashed twice, though he noticed neither strike came even close to hitting him. It was a taunt, she believed herself above the Jedi in skill, though he also sensed her control of the blade was not as fine as she let on. If he could get close enough, she would have nothing to protect her.
    Semajj reached out to the force, grabbing the fallen Chiss's cross guard lightaber off the ground and holding it in an X before him to ward off the enemies weapon.

    He worked his way forward shortly, and before long he was just outside of arm range.
    Finally it seemed as if his opponent had enough of him, she twirled her whip in front of her, and threw it at him, the long flexible blade wrapped its way around Semajj's green lightsaber, and with a force assisted yank it flew out of his hand.
    This halted his advance, and as he fell back into a defensive stance with the red blade in front of him, she punched forward with a telekinetic blast, forcing him to retreat slightly. The Jedi tried to bulldoze the attack, and briefly succeeded, allowing his feet to slide no more than a foot before stepping forward again.

    The Chiss struck out with her weapon again, he held his remaining sword high to block it, but as the flexible beam clashed with his, the tip of her blade coiled around it, nicking the scar on his chin open at an angle. This broke his concentration, only for a moment, but enough for her to send him flying into one of the nearby columns.

    As he hit the ground hard, he knew only one thing.
    He was going to need help with this one.

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  23. TheRynJedi

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    Jun 20, 2018
    in the crowd

    Through the crowd of panicked Chiss, Sanchari saw the Dark One Leader's hand explode from the sniper bolt. The dark holocron flew into the air (along with a few pieces of blue fingers). The Jedi Initiate followed the pyramid's trajectory with her eyes and dove towards it as it disappeared into the crowd.

    The pyramid skittered and jumped as feet kicked it aside or stumbled over it. Sanchari nearly had it in her grasp once, before it went careening in another direction off of a dusty boot. She scrambled after the object, her years of acrobatic performance coming in handy as she twisted this way and that, narrowly avoiding being trampled.

    Suddenly there was what Sanchari could only describe as a silent blast, it shoved refugees aside, knocking them off their feet and clearing the area where the holocron had most recently come to rest. Sanchari was thrown back with the rest of the crowd, but quickly recovered. She traced the path back a meter or so to its source, and saw the Dark One Leader. He stalked towards the pyramid, anger and frustration on his evil face.

    Sanchari hesitated, crouched among the jumbled refugees. She could reach the key before he did, but what then? The Dark One would clearly see her grab it. Would she be able to leap into the crowd again and disappear before he could catch her? What might he do to her if he did catch her?

    The Ryn shook her head, she didn't have time to be afraid, to worry about what might happen, she had to act, now.

    In a flash of tan initiate robes and deep purple-grey fur, Sanchari somersaulted out of the crowd. She snatched up the holocron and spun to jump into the crowd again, but found herself falling - upwards. Lifted into the air by currents of dark side power. Sanchari curled into a ball around the Force artifact as she felt dark energies trying to pry it away from her.

    Sanchari felt herself twisting in the air, turned to face the Dark One, still a few meters away.

    His red and yellow eyes bored into her.
    "Let go of the holocron," the Dark One demanded. She felt a mental command in the words that she fought to disobey.

    "Hm, you are strong, little... thing, but strength of mind won't protect you from a blade." A lightsaber, pulsing red, appeared in his hand as he came to within a few paces of where Sanchari floated.

    The lightsaber swung, Sanchari flung out a hand and screamed. A single word, empowered by the Force: "Stop!"

    The Dark One froze, his muscles halted involuntarily by her command. Sanchari's hand quivered in reflection of the mental strain of keeping control of his muscles. She had to hold him long enough to somehow break free of the power that was holding her captive.

    "What are you?" He hissed, straining to move.

    "Right now--" Sanchari replied, her voice weak and a bit difficult to hear among the cacophony of blasters and lightsaber combat. Her eyes flicked up, beyond and behind the Dark One's shoulder. "-- I be a distraction."

    Dangerously close to losing consciousness, Sanchari faltered and the Dark One slipped out of her control. Just in time for him to notice the danger behind him.

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    ...whoever wants to be the one who came up behind him while he was distracted (Jedi with a saber, sharpshooter who has a clear shot after the Dark One's trick of pushing the crowd away, a chucked empty blaster from an airborne 'Mando... {Ok, that just made a funny picture, *thwack* on the back of his head, lol})
  24. Bodhran777

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    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Jaal Volmiir
    Joining the fray | If at first you don't succeed, use more ammo...

    Through the lens of his rifle’s scope, Jaal saw his shot connect right where he wanted it. The holocron was loose, the Chiss leader wounded, and now everything was chaos. Giving the battlefield a quick glass-over, he confirmed that the last of he droids had been put out of commission, then finally got up from his hiding spot. With the Jedi closing the gap with the Darksiders, sniper shots would be much harder, for fear of hitting a friendly, so Jaal slung the sniper rifle across his back and grabbed the TL-50 lying on the ground next to him. His hide hadn’t been too far away, so joining the fight would be a quick matter.

    As he hustled toward the fighting, he spoke into his comms.

    “Commander, overwatch is moving in close for backup. Clankers shouldn’t be an issue anymore, so our blades shouldn’t be harassed.”

    He then radioed his ID10 droid, instructing it to bring the ship in, to which he received affirmative beeps.

    “On a related note, Commander, we should have a friendly gunship on its way.”

    After a minute more, Jaal finally reached the crowds and pushed his way into the makeshift arena. All around, he could see flashing lightsabers colliding in sprays of color and energy. In one spot, he was surprised to see a light whip, until he saw one of the Jedi flung back. As he was about to run to help, he looked over and saw the Chiss leader closing in on a Ryn hanging still in the air.

    He didn’t have to reach out with the Force to know what was going on. She must have the holocron, and the Chiss was trying to take it back. Muttering in frustration, he had to trust that the other Jedi would be able to stand his ground, or at least get help, and made his way toward the Chiss leader.

    Clearly the rifle shot to the hand wasn’t enough to hamper the darksider, but Jaal could see he had his hands (or what was left of them) full with the Force power coming off this Ryn girl. The pair were both frozen in place, a feat that he could sense was due in part to the girl’s abilities. She appeared to be an initiate, but her ability to hold her attacker off this way was impressive.

    Taking advantage of the frozen target, Jaal leveled the triple barrels of his TL-50 at the Chiss, and calmly squeezed the trigger back against the frame, sending a hail of blaster bolts forward.

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  25. Mitth_Fisto

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    IC: Jo Sodi
    All the Angry People, Where did they all come from?

    The battle that erupted next was swift and confusing, the throng of Chiss with their odd feeling minds and alien response to panic caused what felt to be a straight forward confrontation to become a confusing episode of keep away. While his companions engaged the droids and the darksiders directly he found himself using his skill with the Force to fly his plasma disc in to deflect a blaster bolt here and there back into the air and away from civilians. To lift a fallen person back onto their feet to avoid being stampeded to death by fellow evacuees trying to flee the scene. Nudging those that wanted to fight to the safest fights he could for them, leave the big bad to the Jedi. They could handle it after all.

    Only soon the droids were down, their flying Mando and Jedi pair were MIA from the skies and things finally seemed to be calming down besides the main conflicts. Following the Force and saving lives where he could he soon found himself standing not far behind an odd partly aerial stand off. "Pardon me. Is this dance card taken?" He simply asked as the form of the woman was before him. He was ready to counter her telekinesis with a little of his own. Namely the droid shells he was throwing at her from either side.

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