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Star Wars OPEN Legacy of the Guardians (Always Accepting New Players)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bardan_Jusik , Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Floki Firebeard
    Refugee Camp - Far From Home

    Though Floki’s social skills had always been atrocious, even amongst his own kind, he had always had a peculiar ability beyond his years to rally and lead people on the battlefield.

    Quickly looting the blade of the young fallen Chiss he then turned again to his brawny refugee comrades in combat and saw that their numbers had now swelled and that there simple and attentive eyes rested on his next move.

    Motioning with his fingers and tapping into that primal part of their minds in which he could most easily relate, Floki and the group deftly sifted through the rest of the crowd, mostly unnoticed, and created a half-moon formation behind the Chiss leader, with clubs poised ready to pounce.

    As the sound of a precise string of blaster bolts crackled through the air towards their target he ignited the newly acquired crimson blade and hefted the light axe over his head before pointing both forward and yelling a guttural “charge!

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  2. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/ Knight Troi (NPC)/ Knight Gim (NPC)/padawan Nord (NPC)/Padawan Elle (NPC)
    Noris refugee camp, Noris, Chiss space

    Turning his attention to the plummeting Sarge (Knight Bonaventure), Taab became concerned when the affable Jedi Knight didn't right himself. "Shab", he muttered to himself as he forgot about the surviving Chiss darksiders, the man he had thrown to the ground and the woman who had been clashing with Sarge. Bringing his left arm towards Sarge, he clenched his fist and shot out a fibercord snare at the still falling Jedi. The plan was to catch the Jedi by the legs, let the snare wrap around them and then deposit the Jedi gently down onto the ground. From there they could cut the snare free with a jetii'kad (lightsaber) and address Sarge's wounds. That plan failed.

    As Sarge dropped further the snare shot out from Taab's vambrace, spearing towards the Jedi at high speed, but not fast enough. The distance between the two was too great, and the ten meter length of fibrercord whip wasn't enough to reach the falling Knight. Instead of wrapping up the injured Knight, the whip fell short, hanging there uselessly before Taab retracted it quickly with another movement of his clenched fist. Still hovering there with his jetpack, Taab could do nothing as the Jedi's body struck the ground...

    But Sarge never impacted, at least not hard. At the last moment one of the Jedi, Taab couldn't see which in the chaos down there, had caught Sarge with the force and slowly lowered him the rest of the way, gently laying the injured Jedi upon the hard packed earth**. One crisis averted Taab thought, wondering when it was he had begun to care whether these shabla spoonbenders lived or died. Time to get back in the fight, he reloaded his spent blaster pistol and began to look for another target.

    “On a related note, Commander, we should have a friendly gunship on its way.” Volmiir's words meant that the Jedi would have a way out of this if things got out of hand, though of he knew the Jedi they wouldn't give up even if they were being overwhelmed. Fortunately, that didn't seem to be the case. The Lieutenant's earlier message had mentioned that the droids were out of the equation, something Taab's quick visual scan of the battlefield below seemed to confirm, and the dakrsiders themselves seemed to be on the losing end of the equation between both the Jedi and the crowd. Indeed, their own numbers seemed now to have dwindled below those even of the Jedi alone. What was left of them however was powerful.

    Down below the situation did seem to be well in hand, though the battle was not yet won thought Knight Troi as he parried the last lightsaber lunge of a darksider with his plasma shield before swinging through his neck with his own blue blade. He had only one side of his double bladed lightsaber ignited, there wasn't room here to be freely swinging both blades about, not with so many non combatants surrounding him. The Chiss fallen at his feet the Mandalorian Knight took a moment to catch his breath and take stock of what was going on around him.

    Most of the Jedi now were engaged in their own individual duels, the most pressing of which seemed to be the woman attacking Knight Nosrep with her lightwhip. That seemed to be dealt with as Taab landed next to the Ongree Jedi, his jetpack kicking up a cloud of dust. The mandalorian brought up his blaster pistol, firing at the woman who deftly, and gracefully, deflected his every shot with her lightwhip. The Mandalorian however continued firing, emptying his blaster pistol at her as he fired higher and higher, targeting her upper torso and head. It made no difference though, as she continued shield herself with her lightwhip which twirled around her head. Taab used the opportunity to bring up his left hand and fired his own whip, a fibercord one, from his vambrace and entangled her feet. Yanking hard he pulled her feet out from under her and dragged her to the ground. With a snarl she lashed her whip towards the entanglement in an effort to free herself, she wouldn't be ensnared for long, but hopefully it would be long enough to give Nosrep the opening he was looking for.

    Sodi meanwhile was dealing with a Chiss female darksider, Troi thought it might the one who had been held aloft and had attacked Bonaventure. The Kage Jedi was using the force to distract her, hurling dismembered droid parts at her from either side. She seemed unable to protect herself from the onslaught even as her rage built with every metallic strike. The Chiss who had flung her into the sky and held her aloft meanwhile had just fallen on the blade of Knight Gim's lightaxe, the Ugnaught Jedi seemed to be enjoying himself far too much, though the Mandalorian Jedi could hardly blame him. "I said...I have spoken!" Gim shouted to the falling corpse of the Chiss, responding to something witty, unheard by Troi but no doubt said by the Chiss before his death at Gim's hands.

    That left just Thorn, the wounded leader of the Chiss. Looking to him Troi was astounded to see him being held immobile by the young Ryn initiate that had so recently joined the Guardians. That kind of power was near unheard of from someone so untrained. Clearly she would need to be assigned a master, and soon, to harness that kind of power. Regardless of the display of raw strength in the force, the effort clearly exhausted Sanchari, and soon she lost hold of the Chiss leader who despite his wounds seemed more than ready to kill her and reclaim his prize. That was until he heard her words.

    "I be a distraction."

    A trio of shots rang out, fired from behind by one of Taab's security officers. Troi wasn't sure what he was doing here, but leave it to Taab to have a contingency plan. The Chiss meanwhile spun around as the shots were fired, a look of disbelief on his face. He managed to deflect two of the three blasts with his lightsaber, but the third struck home, just above his abdomen. Thorn was protected there, and the shot barely penetrated his armor, but it was enough to wound him. The Chiss fell to his knees just as a roar from the crowd, and the command from padawan Floki rang out.


    The onrushing crowd prevented any further shots from the security officer, friendly fire was too much of an issue, but it looked as though added firepower wouldn't be necessary. Still even gravely wounded, and missing several finger, Thorn fought back. Using his pain to give him focus, he channeled the force and threw padawan Floki back away from him. He needed time to deal with the crowd first before killing the Jedi. Swinging his double bladed ligthsaber about he mowed down the nearest Chiss like a scythe harvesting wheat. His anger could be felt by all the Jedi, anger at his plan being twisted and turned around on itself until the very refugees he had planned to use for himself were now being used against him. Anger at losing the holocron that he had used to further his plans, and anger at his situation, his wounds. And now, like an angry, wounded striil, he was at his most dangerous as he lashed out at those nearest him.

    TAG: @TheSilentInfluence @galactic-vagabond422 @ConservativeJedi321 @Mitth_Fisto @Sarge @TheRynJedi @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha @ThisIsMe1138 @The Vanguard @Teegirloo @Ananta Chetan @Bodhran777

    OOC: **If any character wants to take credit for catching Sarge, be my guest and work it out with him. :p If not I'll attribute it to either Sarge catching himself or an NPC Jedi. At this point just three Obscurum Chiss remain. These are all free use, so take them out as you see fit now.

    • The female being assaulted with droid parts by Knight Sodi
    • The lightwhip wielding female confronting Semajj working her way out from Taab's snare
    • Thorn himself, who is wounded and surrounded by the crowd.
    • We also have a wounded Sarge on the ground now who needs treatment.

    I'd like to get these taken care of before my next update. Hopefully I didn't step on too many toes here, just trying to move us along and close out this particular chapter. Any questions, concerns, complaints, feel free to PM me or ask away in the GoL Fanclub.
  3. Bodhran777

    Bodhran777 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Jaal Volmiir
    Moving to secure…

    With the swarm of Chiss suddenly overtaking the area around Thorn, Jaal quickly stepped away to avoid being swept into the mass. Why all the civilians had suddenly started to fight, he wasn’t sure. That is, until he saw one of the padawans get thrown back. As much as he didn’t like the idea of harnessing the crowd to do their work, he had to admit it served as a great diversion.

    Taking advantage of the situation, he circled around the group and hurried his way over to Sanchari to make sure she was alright. She had expended quite a bit of energy holding the darksider, so Jaal readied a stim injection in the event she was out cold or worse.

    “Hey, are you alright?” He looked her over for wounds, glancing back at the Chiss to make sure a red saber wasn’t headed his way from behind.

    “Come on, we need to get you back away from this quick.”

    As he spoke, the low hum of ship engines grew as his ship, the Aurora Dawn, came into view and hovered just above the edge of the battlefield.


    The blast canopy was down, obscuring the empty cockpit, but the ventral and wing cannons turned and aimed. Inside, Jaal knew, his ID10 was pulling the strings, putting a smirk on his face. The little droid was great in his usual spotter role, but it was obvious to Jaal that he really enjoyed flying.

    As the ship came in for a landing, the ventral cannon found a lone crawling assault droid and opened fire, the impacts of the weapon shaking the ground nearby and obliterating the still-moving droid half with a burst of energy. No doubt that would get the Darksiders’ attention.

    “Watch your fire, ID. Don’t get too excessive.” Jaal sighed, then went back to helping Sanchari. If possible, he wanted to get her to the ship and out of harm’s way, especially with her holding the prize Thorn was after. He clicked his commlink again to radio Taab, but opened the channel for other Guardians with comms.

    “I have the initiate with the holocron secured, about to make our way to the ship. There’s a med bay for wounded on the main level. Feel free to call targets for fire support, if needed.”

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  4. ConservativeJedi321

    ConservativeJedi321 Force Ghost star 6

    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep

    Fatigue was starting to set in as Semajj returned to his feet, surprised he was even alive given how thoroughly the Chiss woman had defeated him.

    As his vision cleared, he saw the dark creature caught in a fibercord whip, that had clearly been launched from Taab nearby.
    "Thanks Mando!" The Ongree yelled, as he drew on the force to wash away the soreness in his limbs. The creature was angry now, her words did not carry far in the wind but as the Jedi launched into a force assisted dash he could tell she was saying something in her native tongue.

    Semajj had closed the distance by half when she had worked her way out of the wiring, cut clean through by her plasma blade, she reached out to strike with the force. He couldn't be sure if the attack was aimed at him, or the Mandalorian, but he didn't particularly care to find out. Relying on instinct he grabbed the hilt of his lightsaber lying on the ground near her with the force, activating it and throwing it at her.

    Before the Chiss knew what happened the green blade had seared off her leg at the knee, and she collapsed again in a heap.
    The Ongree was on her in a second, holding his blade in his right hand he pierced his opponents forearm, as she tried to whip her weapon at him once more. She dropped the blade, and Semajj moved his own weapon up to her chin to keep her still.
    She made no sound to indicate that either strike had caused pain, but he could tell she was bottling it up, using it to fuel her anger. "Lets try this again." He said, with a deep breath. "I mean you no harm, you don't need to die, just tell us what you know and find peace within yourself."

    His opponent struggled with a strength that defied her stature. His blade left a small burn mark on her jaw as she tried to jump at him, but the Jedi wasn't intimidated. Her weapon arm was disabled, she had attempted to recall her whip to it but was unable to maneuver her fingers to activate it in her current state. Instead she used her left hand, bawling it into a fist and cutting off the Ongrees oxygen supply with her anger. She may very well have broken his neck if he hadn't reacted then, stabbing his blade and ending her attack before she could further build her strength.

    The Jedi took a seat next to his deceased foe, and caught his breath. "...A shame." He panted.
    "...You certainly... had potential in the force."

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  5. Sarge

    Sarge Chosen One star 7

    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine "Sarge" Bonaventure
    I am one with the Force

    Falling, falling, falling...

    I felt like my mind was full of thick molasses, my thoughts moving slowly, so slowly, as I fell through darkness.

    Not scary darkness, comfortable, relaxing, restful darkness. Darkness inhabited by auras of warm light, moving nearer. Lights that were communicating... with me? With each other?

    "This one is aware."

    "Aware of us, in a dim way, yes."

    "He's drawing nearer."

    "The Light calls to him."

    "The Light calls to all."

    "True, but not all heed the call."

    "He heeds."

    "He heeds us."

    "He heeds us, and wonders if he is to become one of us."

    "Is it time? His time?"

    "Is he ready?"

    "He is ready to serve the Light."

    "To serve here with us?"

    "Or to serve where the Dark still grows?"

    "He has served amid Darkness a long time."

    "He has earned rest."

    "He has earned rest. And he has earned his wings."

    "Is that possible?"

    "In the Light, many things are possible."

    "He will Light the Darkness."

    "He hears. He is confused."

    "We will be only a half-forgotten dream. He awakes."

    Was someone calling me? Or had I dreamed a voice was calling me? My eyes drifted open. Sky overhead. I must be lying on my back. Sky and smoke. Smoke and flames from burning droids.

    "I think I've been shot."

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  6. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Game Host Who Loves Fanfics & RPGs star 7 VIP - Game Host

    Aug 31, 2004
    IC: Vanora Cinali at the Refugee Camp

    Vanora watched the action unfold as the droids and enemy Chiss were dealt with by extremely competent strategies, feeling awed amazement as Sanchari held the Darksider at bay, just barely but still kept the precious Holocron out of his clutches, and then with anxiety as Knight Bonaventure came to ground, literally.

    She noticed that a rescue craft, hopefully, was approaching and made her way in that general direction.

    Getting safely away and the wounded attended to was the prime priority.


    @The Vanguard
    @Ananta Chetan
  7. TheRynJedi

    TheRynJedi Jedi Knight star 2

    Jun 20, 2018
    IC: Sanchari
    In the crowd, amid chaos...

    “Hey, are you alright?”

    The Ryn teenager slowly sat up from where she had fallen when the Chiss Sith’s attention had been forcibly redirected from her. She blinked up at Volmiir. For a brief second, her eyes were black, like the Sith's eyes had been when he had used the artefact to manipulate the crowd. Sanchari shuddered and blinked again, and her eyes were their normal color.

    “Come on, we need to get you back away from this quick.”

    Sanchari stumbled to her feet with the human man’s help. He was speaking to someone on his comlink. Sanchari blearily wondered who he was, but as he wasn’t Chiss and had a general feeling of concern for her safety coming from him, she decided he was probably safe. She half walked and was half carried out of the crowd towards a ship that was just landing nearby.

    As they neared the ramp, frantic droid burbles and beeps rapidly approached from behind. The human tensed, ready to defend. Sanchari glanced back to see a silver and green BB droid racing towards them out of the chaos.

    “It be ok.” Sanchari said weakly. “That droid be my friend.”

    The droid rolled to a stop next to its mistress as she sat down inside the ship’s medbay. Sanchari pulled off the scarf that normally somewhat contained her unruly white hair. She wound the fabric around the artifact tightly, then held it out to the droid.

    “BeeZee, do you have a storage slot that will hold this?”

    BZ beeped affirmatively and rotated its spherical body, a panel popped open. Sanchari placed the bundle inside. “Do not let anyone have it unless I say it be ok.” The droid warbled in assurance as the panel closed and blended seamlessly into its body. Sanchari patted the droid on its domed head and sighed, glad to have the important, yet dark-feeling item out of her hands.

    Tag: @Bodhran77
    (Or anyone else who is coming to the ship)
  8. Ananta Chetan

    Ananta Chetan Force Ghost star 4

    Aug 11, 2013
    IC: Floki Firebeard
    Always on the Move

    Floki felt fear crackle up his spine, so he ran. He ran as fast as he could. Partially limping from being Force-tossed like a rag-doll, he gritted his teeth and made for the ship that had materialized out of nowhere but was vaporizing droids.

    So many bodies. Tiptoeing over and around the rubble, severed limbs and charred corpses made his stomach churn. The entire makeshift brigade that he had helped spontaneously form mowed down like bantha fodder in just a moment. Looking down at his tunic smeared and sprayed with blood he wondered how much of it was his own.

    He could now hear himself panting and gasping for breath as he sprinted up the landing ramp of the ship looking for others. The fear he still felt from those eyes of the Chiss leader

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  9. Bodhran777

    Bodhran777 Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 1, 2019
    IC: Jaal Volmiir
    Taking care of unfinished business…

    As Jaal escorted Sanchari off the battlefield, he spun on his heels, gun raised, as the droid rolled up on them. The BB unit had markings similar to his ID10, but silver in place of white.

    “It be ok. That droid be my friend.”

    As soon as she spoke, Jaal lowered his rifle and nodded, hurrying to get her onboard. Once in the med bay, he found her somewhere to sit. She didn’t appear too hurt, and was obviously able to move well enough.

    “Stay here and rest, and make sure that holocron stays safe. I’m going back for the others, but use the comms if there’s an issue. My droid is on the guns, so it should be safe here.”

    With that, he turned and hustled back out, depositing his sniper rifle in a gun locker in the cargo bay before heading down the ramp. A quick survey of the field let him see what was going on. He could still make out the red blades of Thorn, which was troubling, especially since Floki was headed away from the crowd.

    Jaal also spotted a lone jedi laying on the ground and took off running over. As he got closer, he recognized it was the one Taab called “Sarge”, and there was a definite impact of a blaster shot. He slid onto the ground next to him, stim in hand, and immediately jabbed it into his leg near blood flow, hoping to deliver the shot where it would go to work quick.

    “Hey, are you awake? Come back to us, you’re going to be fine.”

    Jaal looked over the bolt hit. It wasn’t pretty, but the stim would start to help, and numb some pain. A healer would have been great right this moment, but unfortunately that was not his strong suit with the Force. He did, however, stand up and wave his hand, causing Sarge to be lifted off the ground with the Force like being lifted on a litter and begin floating toward the ship. As the jedi moved through the air, Jaal scanned around them, making sure no one was nearby to cause a problem. He also grabbed Sarge’s lightsaber, as well as one of the darksiders’ lying nearby which he hooked to his belt as a backup. It felt weird holding a lightsaber again after ending his studies, but he had retained much of his knowledge and skill from it.

    Just as Jaal almost had Sarge to the ship, a red double blade came flying in, thrown from a gap in the dwindled crowd. Jaal had barely enough time to bring up the looted red saber to block it and send it back to Thorn, who was now stalking over. He was beaten, bloody, and clearly furious. The surprise of the attack made Jaal accidentally lose control over Sarge, who almost hit the ground before he caught him and gently laid him down again. He then turned to face the Chiss.

    “Give me my holocron!” The darksider yelled at him as he limped closer, while Jaal put himself between the Chiss and Sarge.

    “It’s over. You don’t have to do this. Your droids are gone, your fighters are beaten.”

    “You talk at me like a jedi, but you’re not. I can see it.”

    Thorn swung his saber down hard, making Jaal reach up to block before making another block to his side. The darksider’s strikes were vicious, and Jaal knew he wouldn’t hold out if things got too flashy. Thankfully, the Chiss was too hurt to move too fast, though he was keeping Jaal on the defensive. He had to think of something.

    “You can’t…” slash “hold out…” slash “against me!”

    Right as Thorn readied another strike, Jaal raised a hand and gave a heavy Force push, sending Thorn sliding back several yards out of reach. The move made the Chiss grin.

    “You have some jedi tricks, but you can’t beat me with a lightsaber.”

    Jaal looked back at Thorn, suddenly smirking.

    “You’re right. I can’t beat you with a lightsaber, but let’s see you block this. ID?”

    The grin on the Chiss’s face disappeared as a loud hum and clank sounded off to the side and above. Thorn was now right in the crosshairs of one of the Aurora Dawn’s side cannons, and with a hum and flash of light, it let loose a withering barrage of fire that reduced the ground Thorn was standing on to a small crater. For added effect, the top cannon on the ship fired an ion mortar right on top, creating a loud thundering roll punctuated with a final crash. Jaal had stepped back, and finally surveyed the spot where Thorn had once stood, spying nothing left. Suddenly, ID10 beeped into the comms, making Jaal nod a bit.

    “Yeah, a bit excessive, but you can’t be too careful. Thanks, buddy.”

    Without anymore lingering, Jaal hurried back over and lifted Sarge back into the air, rushing him into the ship and to the med bay. He set him down on a bed and went to work carefully moving robes to get at and clean the wound. He looked up at Sarge, making sure he wasn’t nodding off and staying awake, readying another stim in case he needed it. He then turned and looked at Sanchari.

    “Are you still alright? What’s your name?” He smiled at her before turning back to watch what he was doing with Sarge, but still listening.

    @TheRynJedi @Sarge @Bardan_Jusik

    OOC: Sort of a double-post, so sorry for that. Just figured Thorn would likely be aiming for the ship considering the holocron's new location.
  10. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Master star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Padawan Training

    It didn’t take much for Kasumi to hear the tone in Bovie’s voice. She raised one eyebrow slightly as she watched him move from where he was to the place next to her. She took one look around the group. Each person had found somewhere to meditate….each person had found the place that helped them focus. That much she could sense. But Bovie, still had a lot on his mind. The let her ghostly blue eyes fall on him.

    The feelings were familiar to her. She had some of the same when she was getting ready for her trials. It is natural to compare yourself to others, and hard to stop that thought process. It’s not the stopping it…but rather the working through it that makes a Jedi who they are. It’s realizing that the person who has strengths different from yours is someone who is not a rival, but rather someone who compliments an area you are lacking. While this was hard to explain, she had to try with Bovie, especially being this close to the trials.

    “Bovie, before you close your eyes, I want you to stop for a moment. Look around you. Look at each one of your fellow padawan’s. Tell me what you see.”

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  11. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC/SWC star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Wrapping things up on Noris

    Taab watched with grim satisfaction as the few remaining Chiss darksiders were taken out one by one. The nearest to him, the woman he brought down with his whip was in the process of freeing herself as Knight Nosrep gave him a cheerful, "Thanks Mando!" as he closed the distance with her. "This is the way," Taab replied softly as the Ongree Jedi finished her off before plopping down to the ground. At first Taab was worried the Jedi might be wounded, so he rushed to his side, but it was soon clear he had just been winded as he panted. "A shame....You certainly... had potential in the force." Taab offered the Ongree an armored gauntlet to lift him back to his feet. "We're not done yet jetii."

    A voice rang out in Taab's earpiece. “I have the initiate with the holocron secured," it was Lieutenant Volmiir. He looked back to Nosrep and gave a nod, this was going better than he had hoped. Other Jedi now too were making their way to the low flying gunship that the security trooper had called in. They still had to secure Sarge (Knight Bonaventure) and deal with a few loose ends though. The Chiss leader called Thorn primary among them.

    The Aresling (padawan Floki) had managed to surround the darksider with his own makeshift army of Chiss refugees. The same Chiss refugees that they now knew the Obscurum had meant o recruit. The Jedi had come here to prevent a slaughter, but it was now that slaughter that Thorn meant to execute. He chopped down the refugees nearest him before sending out a massive force push that not only sent the belligerent padawan flying backwards, but cleared the entire area around him of civilians. That was a mistake. Alone now, with no human shields to hide behind the Obscurum leader was an easy target for the low flying gunship. In mere moments of bright plasma flashes Thorn was obliterated.

    "Well, no killing like overkilling..." the Mandalorian muttered to himself with a smile behind his faceplate. He was rather pleased it had been a member of his security team that had brought a final end to all of this. Looking over his shoulder he saw that the final Chiss had been dealt with by Verbal (Knight Sodi) and the Chiss refugees, with the Jedi distracting her with the force while the remaining refugees tore her to pieces.

    Nosrep was still standing next to him as an eerie calm descended now on the camp. "We won," Taab said, a hint of disbelief in his voice. There had been casualties yes, but not the massacre they had come to prevent. Indeed, with the Obscurm destroyed, Taab was sure the attacks by them too were at an end. The refugees would be free to return to their homes. The Aurora Dawn set down, and Sarge was carefully loaded aboard. Taab took a moment to look after him, performing some basic combat first aid from his own IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). Painkillers and a bacta spray.

    "You'll be all right Sarge," he told the Jedi. "We'll get you some proper care when we get back..." To the Jedi, proper care meant a Jedi healer. The other Jedi then piled aboard the vessel. "Take them straight back to the barn," Taab told Volmiir knowing the lieutenant would put in a few micro jumps anyway to dissuade any tracking attempts. "No detours or pit stops elsewhere. You have cargo aboard the old folks need to see." It was a simple code, barn for the Jedi temple, old folks for the Council, but it would be enough to throw anyone listening in off the scent. Of course, the lightsabers and obvious force use couldn't have been missed, but Taab was sure the Chiss survivors would assume they were just standard Jedi, the existence of the Guardians would remain a secret.

    "I'll go get the shuttle and bring it back."

    IC: padawan Bovie (NPC)
    Woods outside the Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    “Bovie, before you close your eyes," The soft words of Master Kasumi reached out to the Gran padawan as he closed his eyes, trying to quiet his mind and forget everything and everyone around him.

    "I want you to stop for a moment. Look around you." He opened his eyes at her instruction. "Look at each one of your fellow padawan’s. Tell me what you see.” He did so, looking from padawan to padawan. Some were deep in thought, others were more light hearted but that was just what he could see on the surface.

    He drew in a deep breath as he dove deeper. Looking at them as their connections to the force, observing how it connected them all, and served as a connection to the life that surrounded them in the woods. The trees, the grass, the birds and insects. But there was more, oh so much more he thought.

    "I see..." his voice changed slightly as his concentration lapsed, only to be replaced with fear. "I see death."

    IC: ???

    The hooded man watched as the pair of Jedi craft lifted off in a flurry of repulsor blown dust as he suppressed a weary smile. They had defeated Mitth'or'noris, and in so doing had destroyed the public face of the Obscurum, a job to which they had obviously been well suited. With Thorn and his band of fools out of the way the work of the Obscurum, the true work of the Obscurum, could begin. They would have to gather, slowly as before, to bring their power together. Now, with no one watching they should be able to do so relatively unfettered. Though it take a hundred years or a thousand, their power would some day rule the Ascendency and establish Chiss dominion over the Galaxy.

    The Jedi ships lifted up and off into the sky before disappearing among the stars. Yes, the Jedi had unwittingly done the true Obscurum's bidding by destroying Thorn and his minions, but it had not come without cost to the Obscurum. Many of those who might fill their ranks had been felled by the Jedi, though perhaps in the long run that too was a blessing. If they had been suborned by Thorn, then what use could they truly have been to the Obscurum? The hooded Chiss looked over the camp. Very little, he answered his own question. Better to keep the order's numbers low, and their existence in the shadows until the time was right. And that time would come.

    The Jedi had made off with the holocron, the Hand of Vengeance so it was called. The secrets within were sealed of course to the lightsiders, they would never be able to access the abilities it held to call to revenge those who heard the words of it's wielder. The loss of the holocron had not been a part of the plan, and so would someday need to be recovered, though not this day, nor very likely the next. There was no rush, it's power was useless to the Jedi, or so the Chiss thought. For the Hand of Vengeance held more powers than the old Chiss adept knew, more indeed than he could possibly fathom. Unbeknown to the Obscurum, to the Sith, to the Jedi, the force was handing the Guardians the keys to true understanding, one step at a time.

    The Chiss gave one last look to the heavens, the Jedi were gone, and no longer his concern. Soon the forces of the Ascendancy would arrive to take control of the refugee camp and resettle the refugees. It was time again for the Obscurum to slip back into the shadows.

    some time later...

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Temple Vault, Temple of Light Saridona Prime

    Taab felt a shiver go down his spine as the beskar doors to the Temple vault closed behind him. Once again he was being entrusted to deposit the spoils of the Jedi in their most sacred of places. Here were kept the secrets of not only the Guardians of Light, but Jedi and Sith orders of eons past. The place gave him the creeps, but that wasn't the only source of his discomfort. He just hadn't expected to be allowed back into this room, ever, much less so soon after his previous encroachment inside these hallowed halls. Oh, his presence here was at the bequest of the Council of Light, and as always he had been greeted by Master Chetan, but it still felt as though he didn't belong here.

    Of course there were other reasons for his trepidation he knew, as he approached the place where he had deposited the Heart of Darkness not so long ago. It sat there still, glowing red under it's drape cloth, hidden from even those who would enter the vault. Steeling himself, Taab took a moment to alter the of his Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) to see that yes, the holocron was still in it's place. Letting go of a deep breath made the Mandalorian aware he had been holding his. Time to get this over with. He approached the adjoining alcove, a pedestal there had been prepared for this new relic, the Hand of Vengeance, by Master Chetan. Taab approached it and set the holocron delicately upon it, the black "glow" eerily reminiscent of the Darksaber, an artifact that Taab alone possessed. The Mandalorian paused for a moment, before placing the prepared drape cloth over the holocron and took a step back. It was then that he realized the true cause for his trepidation.

    The Jedi had recovered two of these shabla things in such a short span. He didn't know what it meant, but it was nothing good he was sure. Spinning about on his heel, the Mandalorian moved to depart the Temple Vault, hoping it was the last time he was to ever be allowed to enter this place. He didn't know about anyone else, but he had a very very bad feeling about all of this...

    IC: The Grand Master (GM restrcied use NPC)
    Secluded in his quarters, master's Dorm level, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    Called back to the Temple for unknown reasons the former Grand Master of the Guardians of Light knew his purpose now. His connection to the Force was wavering, but his resolve, now that he knew his destiny, was unshakable. This place had always called to him, just as it now was to them, and in his bones, in his heart, in his very soul, he knew why. Sitting on the floor, his legs crossed under him, he closed his eyes and began to levitate. The others mustn't know he thought, it would affect their judgement. The burden was his alone, they would respect his wishes, his continued desire to be left alone. He would come out of his chambers only when no others were around or could disturb him, he would take his meals alone, privately in his room, his sanctuary, and allow no visitors.

    His eyes flashed open as he felt the moment the Hand of Vengeance was placed in it's alcove by the Mandalorian and his eyes began to glow a deep green as he murmured to himself. "Three down, six to go."

    TAG: None. Thus ends Chapter Three

    OOC: The Grandmaster's last line inspired by the Collector's line in Thor: Dark World.

    OOC II: I'll be starting us out fresh with a new chapter next week. Until then, assume all player characters have made it safely back to the Temple of Light. If you want to post anything in the interim regarding that return or what your character is up to now that they are back, please feel free to do so.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    IC- Vanora Cinali \ Saridona Prime, Temple of Light

    Vanora settled with a sigh of profound contentment in one of the gardens; she held a plate of munchy snacks - fried tuber chips with a creamy dipping sauce.

    She was very happy that they had returned relatively unscathed and the Holocron out of the hands of nefarious types. She felt a surge of admiration for the Ryn, Sanchari, whose strength had in no small measure enabled them to be successful.

    TAGGING - No one or anyone. ;)
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    Mar 19, 2016
    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Saridona Prime, Temple of Light

    After arriving at the Temple of Light the Ongree had a quick stop at the medical bay for an after flight checkup. Healer Susruta took note of a handful of new bruises, and the slash his second opponent had handed him across the old scar on his chin. Together they gave him the appearance of a hooligan, and the Ithorian offered him a bacta patch that would begin the process of healing them. A few weeks and at least one, if not both would fade away. The original had been dealt to him a decade before, during their mission to rescue the imprisoned Jedi on the Hellfire, a mission that had turned out to be a trap. He came near to death that day, and had kept the thin cut this long to remember those that had been lost during that conflict, and his own overconfidence when being recruited for that effort.
    Perhaps this could be a new beginning, but all together his feelings were muddled about the change. Especially with this new threat on the horizon, the lessons of the past were more important than ever.

    For that reason he now found himself in the library, walking along side Master Octaris, he describe their latest assignment in great detail, even as his eye's scanned the books in front of him. "That sounds quite harrowing." The wrinkly faced Cerean stated in a voice that carried some humor, but an equal amount of seriousness. "I am pleased you all made it back in one piece. I would hate it to get too quiet around here..." A pair of youngling ran past them, down one of the other corridors and nearly knocking into one of the other shelves. Master Octaris frowned, and glanced in the direction the children had run off to. "Though some decorum would surely be appreciated." As he spoke Semajj couldn't help but note he hadn't bothered the chastise the rambunctious youngsters.

    With a smile, the Ongree nodded in understanding. The older librarian preferred a serious demeanor, especially in the archives, but thought it rude to leave in the middle of a conversation. "It's tragic that more of the Chiss could not be saved." The Consular said mournfully. Casualties had been low overall, though those that did die should not be forgotten so casually.
    "It would have been far worse had you not been there." The Jedi Master nodded solemnly, as Semajj stopped in front of the large volume on the Great Galactic Wars he had been reading before being called away. "From what you have told me they may very well have been recruited, brainwashed and sent off to die for the Obscurum had you not intervened."

    The Jedi picked up his book, and continued walking. "Yes, but perhaps had we taken a more discrete approach nobody would have died. We could have captured their leader, and stopped their scheme with no bloodshed." With a sigh, Semajj stopped at the end of the isle. "Furthermore, one of the warriors I faced felt fear as he died." The Ongree shook his head. "The orderly Chiss mind, drenched in the dark side, and yet when he fell he felt fear." He paused, contemplating the way the strange creature had been in his last moments. The fear of a common person was far different than the fear of a dark side adherent "I tried to reason with him, and he seemed receptive..."

    Master Octaris held a hand up to stop him. "You cannot question what might have been. I was not there, and yet I sense hesitance in your mind. You aren't sure are you?" Semajj shook his head. "It could have been a trick. One of his own ended his suffering, she spoke of him as weak. Yet he surely sensed her coming, he may have been trying to lower my defenses so his companion could strike."
    The librarian shrugged. "Then this could be nothing."
    "Perhaps. Death is a preferable end compared to being enslaved to the dark side, that much I know. But redemption, if possible, should always be pursued first."

    The older man raised an eyebrow curiously, as they approached one of the reading tables, and Semajj took a seat. "Yes well I've taken enough of your time." He stated serenely, as he turned to leave his companion to read in silence. "Thank you Master Octaris."
    The other Jedi smiled and responded "Always. A good conversation can sometimes be all we need to get out thoughts back on track. Now, I have a pair of troublesome younglings to hunt down."
    With that, Semajj returned to his text.

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    IC: Jaal Vlomiir, ID10, & Master Grovaak
    Home again, home again…

    Following the events of the battle, Jaal helped the other load into the Aurora Dawn and gave Taab a wave, watching him head off to the arrival shuttle before closing the cargo ramp and heading to the large cockpit of the ship. He first made a stop at the holomap, punching in a string of jumps that would take them straight home, but throw off any tails they might have gained as a result of the battle. It would be enough. Once set, he took his place at the helm and sent the ship on its way home.

    A while later…

    The Aurora Dawn gave an ever-so-slight lurch as the landing gear touched the docking platform of the Temple, and the ramp once again lowered to allow its occupants to leave. It was the fullest the ship had been in a while, which Jaal enjoyed. Most of his trips were solo cargo runs, so it was nice having the company on board, even for such a short time. He was, however, happy the holocron was safely off his ship. The object made his skin crawl with the dark energy coming off it, even sealed away in a droid, and he was relieved to see it go to a vault somewhere finally.

    After everyone else disembarked, Jaal set to work offloading a small cargo shipment he had picked up on his way to the mission site. It was mostly an assortment of fabrics, food, and other odds and ends, but the shipments were always heavy. Lucky for him, a Wookie was on hand at the time to help lift, and the crates were moved in short order. It wasn’t until they were done that Jaal recognized the Wookie as one of the Jedi, evident by the large lightsaber on his hip. With a slight head bow, he thanked him for the help, which was met with a string of grunts that Jaal thankfully understood. Other than Binary, or droid-speak as many called it, Shyriiwook was another language he was mostly fluent in, thanks in part to plenty of time in the archives and cargo runs putting him in contact with other Wookies with whom he would practice.

    With the cargo finished, and his weapons and armor all squared away, Jaal had only two more matters to handle. First was speaking to the council, and the second would depend on the council’s response to the petition he had in mind. The darksider lightsaber he had recovered was still clipped to his belt, and he wasn’t sure if he should destroy it or try to save it. Saving it, in his mind, however, was a job suited for a Jedi, which he was not. Unless…

    Taking a deep breath, he set off for the council chamber, words and lines running in his head. Thinking of what to say made the walk go quickly, too quickly, and he was soon standing in front of the doors to the council. As he was about to go in, the Wookie Jedi from before walked up beside him, ready to go in as well. Jaal was a bit surprised and looked up at him. The Wookie looked back and uttered some grunts and growls to him, which Jaal understood clearly.

    Business with the council today too? Must be a busy day for you after that scuffle you came back from.

    Jaal shrugged a bit.

    “Work never stops, but this is a more personal matter this time. What about you?”

    A bit of both. I’ve seen another padawan go on to become a knight, and now it is time to start new again. Training the next knights never stops.

    The Wookie gave a slight smile, the shiny beads in his braids reflecting the hallway light. Something about the shine made something click in Jaal’s mind, and he suddenly realized who he was talking to.

    “Master Grovaak. Apologies, I should have recognized you earlier. I believe I was caught up in my thoughts.”

    Not a problem. We all get focused on a task at hand. You would do well, however, to relax. Take a breath and try to calm yourself before entering the council chamber. It will help your mind and your words, and always makes a good impression.

    Realizing he was still on edge, Jaal took the advice and did his best to relax and call back some of the training in meditation and calming he had received years prior. The effort seemed to please Grovaak.

    Better. Seems you still remember some things from your time as a padawan. Now I believe you should be ready for the council.

    With that, he pushed open the doors and let Jaal in. Jaal’s unease spiked momentarily, but he was quick to squash it as he walked in. He stopped before the council as Mater Grovaak walked in with him, standing slightly behind him with a look on his face that seemed to know what was going on. Jaal finally addressed the council.

    “Masters, the Jedi team dispatched has returned. A few minor injuries, but the darksiders were stopped, and a holocron was recovered. At your convenience, I can provide a full debriefing of the events.”

    He paused, letting himself calm again.

    “On another note, I would like to put forth a petition to the council. As you know, I once trained as a Jedi, but dropped from my training. With the council’s permission, I would ask to continue my training as a Jedi again. I have valued my role in the security force, but if allowed, I would like to make good on where I failed as a padawan and dedicate myself to the Jedi path once again.”

    Now that his purpose was out in the open, Jaal felt a bit of relief. However, he was unsure of what the council would think of his request. Very rarely did a failed padawan get reinstated, and he was prepared to receive a no. Behind him, Grovaak had a slight smile on his face. He had clearly sensed this coming and seemed to have made appoint to witness it. He was now curious what the council would have to say about the matter.

    OOC: And on this note, here's a charcter sheet, GM Approved:

    Name: Grovaak
    Species: Wookie
    Gender: Male
    Rank/Affiliation: Jedi Master
    Languages: Shyriiwook, Basic, Binary
    Residence: Temple of Light
    Home Planet: Kashyyyk
    Age: 184
    Approved Special Features:
    Kind-hearted and easily amused, Grovaak is typically gentle and friendly to everyone, especially his friends and fellow Jedi. He is always eager to help with a task, especially when a little muscle is needed. Despite his calm and gentle demeanor, he is still a Wookie, and can be quite terrifying in combat. While never unnecessarily brutal, he prefers to end fights quickly, rather than drag things out, and would rather disable an opponent rather than outright destroy them, like most Wookies would.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Because he often runs into people not fluent in Shryiiwook, he tends to be more of a listener, and can sometimes come off as quiet. He also likes to carve wood in his spare time, leading to his quarters being full of small trinkets of varying complexity. When making friends and acquaintances, he likes to give out his handiwork, both as a kind gesture and a way to free up space. The Jedi usually practice minimal possessions, but he sees them as a gift to someone he has yet to meet, and a way to come to peaceful and charitable understandings.
    Likes/Dislikes: Likes music, art, nature, cooking. Distrusts Trandoshans and cramped spaces.
    Racial Traits: Strength, excellent climber, good swimmer, excellent woodcarver, but unable to verbally speak anything other than Shyriiwook. Long, retractable claws help with climbing, but are never used for fighting. Hairy. Very very hairy.
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Grovaak is a skilled psychometric, able to sense past events based on places, objects, and people. This makes him a very competent detective, and he can sense what a person has been through in order to relate with them. However, his large size and Wookie reputation can be intimidating to many and makes him uncomfortable in tight spaces. Being as strong as he is, Grovaak occasionally lets his strength go overboard, resulting in lists of repairs on delicate items.
    Physical Strengths/Weaknesses: Obviously immense Wookie strength is a pro, along with endurance. Size is a limiting factor in close quarters and small ships.
    Appearance: 2.1 meters tall, covered in dark brown to black fur, multiple twisted locks of fur hanging from his head and bound with gold tubes halfway and at the ends, slightly lighter brown beard and eyebrows. He keeps 2 braids of thick hair, one in honor of his former master and a reminder of his training, which is braided with carved wroshyr wood beads. The other is long and covered with many beads of varying metals, each carved uniquely and ornately and representing a padawan he has instructed over the years. They are not a tally, or mark of pride, but a reminder of his responsibilities to those he takes under his mentorship and the impact that each has had on his own journey.
    Eye Color: Gold
    Hair/Fur: Brown with black near the feet, hands, and back of the head
    Skin Color: Tan, but good luck finding it
    Clothing: White and brown Jedi tabard with armored shoulders and a pocketed belt
    Immediate Family: Father deceased. Status of mother is unknown, but likely alive. Unknown if other siblings exist
    Spouse/Children: None
    Biography: Grovaak was born on Kashyyyk and raised by his two parents within the Kaapauku clan. As was common within the clan, his parents were both clock makers, and sold a large part of their wares off world. Early into Grovaak’s childhood, his father left the planet to ship clocks to Coruscant, but never returned. It was later found that a band of pirates had run across the Wookie’s ship, attempted to steal it, and ultimately destroyed it and Grovaak’s father in the botched attempt.

    Years later, when Grovaak turned twelve, he entered the Shadowlands as part of his coming-of-age ritual. Tasked with finding his inner strength, or rraktorr, he travelled through the dark swamps, fending off numerous beasts and learning to survive. In the process, the dangerous ritual brought out Grovaak’s grasp of the Force, as he used it to fight off a katarn by lifting it into the air. Not realizing what his abilities were, he finished the ritual, and was ultimately accepted as an adult into Wookie society.

    It wasn’t until later that a stranger in brown robes found Grovaak and was able to finally explain to him what his powers meant. The Jedi, as he turned out to be, convinced Grovaak to leave and train with the Guardians of Light on Saridona Prime. Though it was difficult leaving the only life he’d ever known, Grovaak went and was accepted into the ranks of the Guardians of Light.

    Grovaak quickly became well-known at the Temple, considering the number of Wookies wielding a lightsaber could be counted on one hand. He also quickly received a reputation for being a powerful fighter, thanks to his strength. His first few training blades, however, were all broken to shards after a few rounds of sparring, and his masters had to work hard to find a lightsaber tough enough for his grip. Eventually, Grovaak found a solution in his skills as a woodcarver, and, with his masters’ help, fashioned a training saber made from imported wroshyr wood. The material was familiar and soothing, allowing him to finally relax his grip and learn better control.

    Over the course of his training, and eventual pairing with a master as a padawan, Grovaak learned skills in Psychometry, which allowed him to learn about places and events through echoes in the Force. His master, a Human named Master Ryoth, was quick to put this skill to use, helping Grovaak become a well-respected detective within the Temple.

    Once Grovaak’s learning under Master Ryoth was completed, he was raised to the rank of Jedi Knight and crafted his lightsaber into its current form. From there, he undertook many missions as a lead investigator for the Temple, with goals ranging from finding missing padawans to solving murders. He was often pair with his old master, until Master Ryoth eventually passed away from old age.

    After putting his old friend to rest, Grovaak took up the role of mentor, and began leading and training new padawans until they reached knighthood. Over the years, he has taught many students, putting an emphasis on critical thinking and Force mastery, while honing his own abilities. He is a patient teacher, a result from his long lifespan and learning that not everyone can understand him. He takes great joy in seeing his pupils grow and succeed, though his training methods are necessarily difficult at times. He also believes in learning by doing, and therefore prefers to expose students to training in the real world, as opposed to a classroom or training facility.
    Blade Type:
    Double Blade. Hilt is Orchalc material with a wroshyr wood grip, carved by Grovaak in an ornate style
    Color: Blue
    Saber Amount: 1
    Combat Forms: Shii-Cho (Form I), Soresu (Form III), Ataru (Form IV), Juyo (Form VII), learning Niman (Form VI)
    Strong Area of Force: Psychometry, Plant Surge
    Weak Area of Force: Force Stealth
    Pets: None
    Equipment: Braided micro line and reinforced grappling hook, rations, shoulder armor, med kit, beskar knife
    Starship: None
    Droid: None
  15. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    GM Approved
    Name: Ananta Chetan
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Jedi Rank: Master

    Personality: A bundle of paradoxes and seemingly contradictory traits inhabiting the same skin.

    Intense and impatient/ silent and meditative, meticulously organized/ spontaneously creative and loathes pointless meetings & planning, inclusive and tolerant/ savours solitude and avoids substance-less conversations, quick wit and love of using satire while instructing/ prefers to lead by example, can go through periods of being aloof and feeling dispassionate concerning the goings-on of the Temple and Council/ derives great joy in cultivating harmony in the community.

    Force Strengths/Weaknesses:
    Natural inner mystical connection to the Cosmic Force, reluctant at times (to a fault) to light-up his saber, astute judge of character and Force potential, often blind to the simple small basic needs of others, little patience for impulsive combat-hungry Jedi, often prefers meditation and solitude to personal connection, fiercely loyal to the Jedi precepts and those under his care.

    Lightsaber Form/ Color:
    Soresu/ Cobalt Blue

    Appearance: Precise and composed in his movements when engaged in his surroundings/ shy and socially awkward when he’s not.

    Height: 6’6”
    Skin colour: coppery
    Hair colour: salt and pepper
    Eye colour: hazel

    Short Biography
    : Will share personal details only when pressed or when it serves a higher purpose in his duties as a Jedi.

    Important gear: Extreme minimalist. Even has the habit of giving away personal items that he is still using and needs without forethought to the amusement of others. Well-worn rucksack, basic outdoor provisions, a travel size copy of the Jedi Path.

    IC: Ananta Chetan
    Temple of Light

    Entering the Temple hangar from above I stepped out alone onto an upper landing platform to survey the scene from a distance…an unfamiliar ship given clearance to land touched down and from it emerged an assembly of mostly familiar, yet haggard faces.

    Scorched robes and soot smeared, among them my fellow Ongree Master, a wounded Bonaventure, Oh dear, and attempting to slip surreptitiously down the ramp and into the shadows, someone with their ragged hood raised. Concentrating my gaze, I finally caught a glimpse as they turned to glance over their shoulder with a look of paranoia…Floki.

    There you are…you rascal. I whispered to myself. Pack your bags you little stowaway Zord miscreant. Soon you will be back with your people…where you belong.

    A second ship then docked, a familiar GoL shuttle. The light reflecting T-Visor of the Head of Security disembarked from it with a heaviness in his steps, perhaps not only from fatigue, but from shouldering some darker burden of which I would come to know of and lock away later that day in the Temple Archives.

    Then a huge grin spread across my face. Ah, the humility of Master Grovaak. Mistaken for a deck hand, but without even the slightest hint of egotism lifts the cargo of the newcomer. A valuable lesson, indeed.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, @TheSilentInfluence, @Mitth_Fisto, @TheRynJedi, @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @ThisIsMe1138, @The Vanguard, @Teegirloo @Bodhran777 @Sarge @Bardan_Jusik @ConservativeJedi321
  16. Sarge

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Sir Peregrine "Sarge" Bonaventure
    In Recovery

    I straightened the last unit patch in the display case and leaned back to take in the complete project. For years, I had been meaning to frame my various badges, medals, and patches, and I was finally finished.


    Satisfied with how the project had turned out, I hung it on the wall in my quarters. All right, now what?

    The master healers of the Guardians had released me this morning, admonishing me to rest and recover, no physical exertions until my body had a chance to recover from all it had recently been through. They suggested I pass the time in meditation. I refrained from mentioning that I had done nothing but meditate ever since I'd gotten myself shot.

    An easy stroll around the temple shouldn't count as physical exertion, so I wandered out to see what was going on. Padawans were practicing the basics of saber play in the yard; I watched for a little while, but the temptation to join in for some sparring was strong. I decided I'd better leave before I got myself in trouble.

    Soon I found myself in the maintenance hangar. Someone had brought my wingpack to my workbench. I ought to check it out, it may need maintenance after that battle. Also, the rig had a tendency to shift itself out of perfect synchronization if I didn't reset it regularly, a minor problem I hadn't yet solved. It was possible that not all the components were entirely stable. After all, I had cannibalized Darth Mola's lightsaber for parts when I built the thing. Anyway, a basic post-flight inspection wouldn't be strenuous at all, I find such things relaxing. It's not work, it's a hobby, just tinkering.

    I released the catches that held the outer casing together. The inner workings lay exposed to my eyes. Something wasn't right. The primary power coupling, which drew energy through a kyber crystal, was discolored. A few seconds with a small hydrospanner, and the coupling came free. I held it up to the light, studying the crystal. It was cracked.

    Well... that clips my wings.

    No way I was going to get it flying again with a cracked crystal. Replacing it was not an option; all the wing beam emitters were aligned to this particular crystal. And you can't just fix a cracked crystal.

    Or can you?

    I thought back to the healing powers that had recently patched my insides together. The healers had a technique of sharing their own life Force with their patients. Kyber crystals also had a presence in the Force, would they respond to the same technique?

    I took a deep cleansing breath, released it, closed my eyes, reaching out to the crystal, touching it with my fingers and my mind, attuning myself to it, feeling the facets, the depth, and the cracks. How could I heal those cracks, make those which were divided one again? The Force binds the galaxy together, let it bind the shards of the crystal, make it whole, make it as it should be. I channeled the Force into the crystal, slowly, gently. Something shifted.

    I opened my eyes. The crystal lay in pieces. It was no longer cracked, it was shattered.

    Good thing I didn't try to heal someone with that technique.
  17. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    GM Update: Chapter IV
    Pit of Vipers

    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Knight Troi (NPC)
    Central Gardens, Temple of Light

    Darkness enveloped the Temple of Light as the sun set over Saridona Prime. Two days had passed since the Jedi's return from Noris, two days in which the Jedi healed and shared their stories of what had happened. Two days since their recovery of another relic which seemed to drive their destiny of late. Over the last two days rumor abounded, of what the recovery of the relics could mean, of prophecies given and fulfilled, of a former grandmaster so recently returned after so many years, a grandmaster out of tune with the force, who now wished to live his remaining days out, alone, and unattended. Also too were rumors of another forthcoming Knighting ceremony. Certainly cause for celebration in what had suddenly become for the Jedi, tense times.

    Among all the rumors and innuendo, the thoughts fantastic and mundane routine taks were still being handled throughout the Temple. The training of padawans under the tutelage of their masters was the primary task here, though not the only one. Indeed, on the central island in the midst of the Temple's garden a group of Jedi and Temple staff had gathered for another most important task, the examination of initiates and unattached apprentices so that they might be selected as padawan learners. The selection process was not a formal one usually within the Guardians, oft times a Knight or Master would select their own apprentice and then seek the approval of the Council, something nearly always approved. Other times the Council itself made the appointment based on their own mysterious criteria. In any case, every few years the Guardians put on a showcase of their initiates, to show potential masters what they could do. For many initiates and apprentices, that time was now.

    Knight Troi arched an eyebrow as the Trandoshan initiate finished his lightsaber display. It was technically...proficient the Mandalorian Jedi determined, but lacking in artistry or any sense of connection to the living force. The Trandoshan bowed as he extinguished his training saber, and the Jedi on the island watching the display could sense the Trandoshan's unease, this was the teenage initiate's last chance to impress a potential master, failure here would mean assignment to either the Security or Logistics services. Given the martial nature of the display, Troi felt the Security Forces would be the better option. Looking to where Taab stood, watching impassively behind his T-Visor, Troi reached out with his feelings to get a sense of what the security chief was feeling. After doing so, he wished he hadn't.

    The Mandalorian warrior's mind was distant, clouded and filled with doubt. It was clear to Troi that he his thoughts lay elsewhere, and not on the demonstrations he was watching. Given recent events on Mandalore, Troi should have expected that. He too was troubled by the rumors he had heard since their return from Chiss space. Indeed, he had come here to the demonstration to try to get his mind off of the troubles "back home." Now, thanks to Taab he had been reminded of them, though he supposed he was at least partially a fault for that.

    As the next initiate began to prepare herself for her own demonstration Troi took a moment to scan the small crowd for another familiar face. No where near all the Jedi had turned out for this small, informal, event. It was being holo-recorded for those interested that could not attend, there were still many Jedi here that he knew, some looking for a potential apprentice, others here just to encourage the aspiring Jedi in what they all knew could be a very trying time. There was Master Kasumi, one of the few masters in attendance along with Knights Avarray, Sodi, Iotasi and Bonaventure. The latter had healed from his wounds, and Troi was pleased that they hadn't been too severe. Troi wasn't sure if any of them was looking out for an apprentice or just cheering on the initiates, but in either case, they weren't who he was looking for anyway.

    Continuing his search of the small crowd he finally saw his target, Knight Cora, standing next to Knight Al'Kesh and towering over Knight Gim. Her mind too was elsewhere, though whether it was with the situation on Mandalore or somewhere else, he could not tell. He had earlier sensed her connection to the Chiss spacer Claudius. He had come back with them and been assigned to Taab's security force as a scout, scrounger and spy. The Mandalorian security commander hadn't seemed overly pleased at that, though uncharacteristically he hadn't argued the point. Nor had he argued against the reinstatement of Lieutenant Volmiir to padawan, something the Council was still debating itself. It showed Troi just how much the troubles on Mandalore were affecting the aging Mandalorian security chief. That thought put an actual frown on Troi's face, one he quickly wiped away so as to not discourage the aspiring padawans. This Mandalorian situation needed to be resolved, or at least seen in person he thought, to allow them to come to grips with their feelings. Sidling over towards Knight Cora, he whispered quietly in her ear so as to not be overhead, and so as to not disturb the other Jedi.

    "We need to talk, privately." He started glancing about to see if he was noticed, being subtle wasn't really his forte. "It's about Mandalore, the situation there seems to be getting worse."

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    OOC: For Ryn and Warmnyota feel free to make a small demonstration of your character's ability. One that would make them likely to be chosen as a padawan. Regarding masters and padawans. if any Player playing a Master or Knight would like to either choose one of our initiate/apprentice characters as a padawan learner you can work it out with them and then let me know. If any Player would like to create their own padawan secondary character, please do so by filling out a secondary character sheet and submitting it to me. Likewise, if you are playing a padawan (or soon to be padawan) and would like to create a master/Knight character as a master, please feel free to fill out a secondary character sheet and send it in to me. I'd like to at the very least get our two "padawan to be" characters attached to someone, even if it's just an NPC.

    IC: The Council of Light
    Council Chambers, Temple of Light, Saridona Prime

    As these and various other mundane every day tasks were being performed throughout the Temple of Light, the Council of the Light was meeting behind closed doors. They had much to discuss, some of it mundane in it's own way, but sure to have lasting consequences it was still given all the thought due to it.

    "The vision of the Ryn, along with the power she reportedly displayed, is not something we can so easily discount" Master Zey spoke softly, but with authority, to Masters Alyn and Runa. The human female simply smiled in return as the Mon Cal master spoke, his voice too filled with calm. "I don't dispute that, but I think both Master Alyn and I believe we should take a more...cautious track, see better where the Force wants us to go with this information before jumping fully into something we don't understand." Vetruvious, the current Grandmaster in name, though wielding far less power then those grandmasters of the past, furrowed his brow.

    "Jumping into events blindly is an everyday occurrence for me," He smiled as he heard Master Rand chuckle at the blind grandmaster's joke. "Yet I find myself leaning towards Master Runa's position. Clearly events are being steered to us by the force, but we know not yet to where. Care needs to be taken before we proceed." Master Zey still looked unconvinced so it was Master Rand who spoke next.

    "Perhaps a middle ground can be found?" He said, looking to live up to the name the Mandalorian had given to him, the Negotiator. "We know Sanchari's power, and she should most certainly be paired with a master eventually." Everyone nodded at that, though some felt it should be sooner rather than later. "Still, time should be given for her to find her own way even as we begin to look at candidates to pair her with." There were more nods, some given begrudgingly. "As to the matter of her prophecy, I think perhaps more research is needed..." he gestured towards Masters Alyn and Runa, "and then quick action taken upon that research." he motioned towards Zey. "Only then I think can we find the answers we seek, and ensure we are truly following the will of the force." There were more nods, and though the grandmaster couldn't see them he now spoke. "Very well, we are all in agreement then."

    Master Zey though was not quite satisfied. "And the other matter?" The grandmaster frowned. "Volmiir's request is unusual, though I didn't sense he was being flippant when he made it." The others around the council chamber nodded their agreement at that. Indeed the former padawan had seemed quite certain about his own path. "Still, never before has a separated padawan been released from service, taken in by the Temple security forces and then later rejoined the ranks of the Jedi as an apprentice."

    "Commander Taab has forwarded us his displeasure in the situation." Zey informed the Council, the statement bringing a mirthful look to Rand's face. Usually when the Mandalorian was displease, things burned. "Not his opposition to possible reinstatement though?" This came from Runa along with a sharp intake of breath. It clearly surprised the Mon Cal. "No, merely displeasure. He says he won't stand in the way of another's choices, no matter how...shabla di'kutla? I think is the pronunciation? Yes no matter how di'kutla they might be."

    Yes, that did sound like the security chief. Colorful as always. Still, even if the Mandalorian didn't officially oppose the transfer, it didn't mean it would go through without close examination. "This is still something I think we should take our time with, assuming we have the time." Zey smiled as the others nodded along with him. "Master Gorvaak is looking for a new padawan is he not?" Rand asked innocently. Zey frowned, the Wookiee was well thought of among the Jedi, shouldn't he have a more distinguished padawan rather than a retread? "Perhaps if we assign Lieutenant Volmiir to shadow the group of Jedi researching..." Rand continued on, even after sensing Zey's unease as he searched for the right words. "Recent events," he finally decided upon, "and Master Gorvaak to shadow him...." he trailed off as Master Alyn took over.

    "Yes, Master Grovaak can watch over him for a time, and after close observation we can better assess how to move forward with Volmiir's most unusual request." There were more nods, even from Master Zey. Just because the Wookiee master would be observing the Lieutenant didn't mean he would wind up his master. "Now then," he began. "Who do we assign the research task to?" It had to be someone both adept at such research and with a good relationship with the head librarian, Master Octaris. The answer to the Council then was fairly obvious. "Knight Nosrep of course, and perhaps allow our vault keeper to assist as well."

    "Master Chetan?" Might he not be a bit too...eccentric?" Zey asked, concern in his voice. Alyn shook her head, and after looking to the rest of the Council for their agreement, she spoke. "No Master Zey, he's perfect for this."

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    OOC: Just got a refresher on the training remotes exercise via reading a fanfiction diary :cool:

    IC: Vanora Cinali -- Saridona Prime -- Initiate Demonstration

    Vanora tried not to be nervous or notice overly much that there was an audience. Easier said than done, she thought with a wry inner shrug.

    She had a training lightsaber and a handful of remotes. She activated the silver blade and set all 7 remotes into action. She had a visor on so that she could sense the remote movement without relying on actually seeing their position.

    She took a deep breath, or several, and entered into the exercise.

    She had programmed the remotes to continue in ever-increasing numbers until 3-4 were coming at the same time. She parried and deflected and then took out 2 of them. She only suffered one zap.

    Since her return from the Chiss refugee camp, Vanora had been practicing this exercise. It seemd to be paying off.

    Vanora followed this by doing a levitation exercise. She concentrated on moving one of the refreshment trays the server droids were carrying. She balanced it successfully, not wanting to spill the fruity tarts it held.
    After completing the demonstration, Vanora went to join the other initiates.

    She gave Sanchari a relieved and encouraging smile when it came to be the Ryn's turn. She had little doubt Sanchari would perform excellently, given her strength and focus with the Holocron.

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    IC: Jaal Vlomiir & Master Grovaak
    Getting ready for the next one…

    Well, the answer hadn’t been an outright “No”.

    That’s what Jaal was reminding himself. He wasn’t sure what he had fully expected during his meeting with the Council of Light, but the fact that his request wasn’t outright turned down was both a relief and a point of anxiety. His request was virtually unheard of in the Guardians, so his hopes hadn’t been too high in the first place, but now he had to wait for a verdict.

    Following the meeting, he had set to work on his usual duties, starting with sorting and delivering his remaining cargo and giving his gear a good cleaning. His rifles were always meticulously cleaned after every engagement, which he attributed his IQA-11’s accuracy to. His armor was also cleaned of dust, debris, and damage, though this round had resulted in minimal damage, thankfully. Scratches were nothing, and simply required a buff and refinish.

    The captured lightsaber, however, was a different story, and sat untouched for a day. The whole time, the hilt sat on a desk in Jaal’s quarters, seemingly watching him as he moved from task to task. The sense of unease coming from within bothered Jaal, and by the time he finally sat down to examine it, it felt as if it were nagging at him.

    Jaal gave the hilt a look over. It was crafted of arcetron, giving a glossy shine surrounded by black duraplast sleeves and switches. The emitter was simple. Inside, Jaal could feel the red synthetic crystal, the source of the feeling of unease. Grabbing his tools, he detached the power cells, separated the body from the emitter, and finally pulled the crystal chamber free, exposing the deep red crystal. Separated from its housing, the crystal let off a more powerful ripple, as if it felt threatened by the intrusion. Odd, Jaal thought, for such a feeling to come from a synthetic crystal. Likely it was an echo of its creation, of the raw emotion put into it by the darksider it was taken from.

    Carefully, Jaal removed the crystal from its chamber base, holding it up with a pair of pliers and looking it over. The crystal itself was compressed, which he knew would make a thinner and more agile blade, and clearly displayed its artificial nature. Jaal found a metal box and unceremoniously placed the crystal in it, sealing it off and forever separating it from its house so it would never again be used as a weapon of the Dark Side. What was now left in front of Jaal was an empty husk of a lightsaber, devoid of a focusing agent, and utterly harmless. With a sigh of relief, he placed the parts in a drawer and stood up, taking the crystal to be properly dealt with by those with more knowledge on kyber crystals than he.


    Out in the Temple gardens, Master Grovaak sat watching the display of skills put forth by the initiates and aspiring padawans. In his large hands, his beskar knife worked away at a wooden block. There were no markings on it to show the Wookie the design it would become, but the piece was still taking shape despite Grovaak’s divided attention. The Force often helped guide his works, even if they were simple trinkets and an idle habit.

    As he carved and watched, Jaal made his way out to watch the proceedings, catching Grovaak’s attention. He had seen little of the lieutenant since the meeting with the Council of Light, but could now sense him and his recent project. With a short wave, he beckoned Jaal over and spoke in his usual growls and purrs of Shyriiwook.

    I hope you’ve allowed yourself some downtime between duties and dissecting captured equipment. Examining dark energies can wear on you after a while, and I sense it bothered you.

    Jaal looked mildly surprised at the statement. He wasn’t attempting to hide anything, but he hadn’t anticipated the Wookie to know what he had been up to. Sensing this, Master Grovaak smiled at him.

    The Force gives a small number of us an echo into past events. I sensed that crystal when we first ran into each other on the landing pad, and I wondered what your intentions for it were. Should the Council rule in your favor, I’d say you have the base pieces of a decent lightsaber, provided a proper kyber crystal to unite it all again.

    Jaal nodded, realizing the Wookie could see more than Jaal had realized. Given his experience, he shouldn’t have been surprised.

    “The crystal was no friend of ours, I sensed. It was created for a dark purpose; one we do not follow. I removed it and surrendered it to someone who would know what to do with it. As for the rest of the hilt…I suppose it depends on the Council and their decision. If it’s not meant to be, the parts will find a home.”

    Grovaak nodded. I do believe this was a good decision. A synthetic crystal would not be my first choice, if given the option, though many Jedi have used them in times of great need. They aren’t all given to dark tendencies; only taught that way, much like a child is taught by its parents, or a padawan by their teacher.

    The statement made Jaal look over at the event. The Trandoshan had just finished and bowed out, leaving the stage open for the next participant.

    This one did well, though it remains to be seen if the Force will guide him to a master.

    “Did the Council assign you another padawan?”

    Grovaak smiled. Assign, no. While I sense they are not opposed to my taking of another learner, I sense there are other tasks they have in mind. For myself and you.

    He gave a cryptic smirk and turned his attention back to the display and his carving. Vanora Cinali had just begun her demonstration with the remotes. Jaal recognized her as one of the initiates on the mission to Noris, along with Sanchari, who he had ushered to safety following the fight with the Chiss darksiders.

    Once her turn was finished, Master Grovaak stood up, suddenly towering over Jaal.

    I look forward to our next meeting. Until then.

    He gave Jaal a pat on the shoulder pad, then handed him the carving he had been working on. As the Wookie walked away, Jaal looked down into his hand to see the detailed carving of a Loth-wolf in a sitting position, its wooden eyes looking out at Jaal with an intense stare.

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    IC: Knight Cora
    Central Gardens, Temple of Light

    Cora had tried her best to keep her mind occupied, but found herself with wandering thoughts. Of Mandalore, of Claudius. He seemed to be enjoying himself, and was always there to sneak away to one of the surrounding areas with her when her training didn't take her elsewhere. Cora felt more lost then she had been in a while. But she tried not to flinch when Knight Troi came up behind her.

    "Yes. Of course. Lead the way." Knight Cora stood up and turned to follow Commander Taab to speak about Mandalore. I haven't heard anything in over a week.

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    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Temple Library

    The Ongree Jedi sat transfixed before the blue images flashing before him, the Trandoshan initiate bowed and Semajj contemplated him silently. The teenager had skill, he was sure the young apprentice could go far if he was picked by a Master but felt this particular one's style to be too aggressive for him. Perhaps another might argue that having a partner that could reinforce his own weaknesses might work in his favor. Still, the Consular's instincts told him that having someone who's skills and temperament complimented his own would make completing missions far easier.

    A Quarren female stepped up to the platform, she looked almost half the age of the previous combatant. Though she was probably eligible to compete, else she wouldn't have been there. Still, he hesitated to take her seriously as a prospective apprentice. She activated her green blade in a formal salute, and entered into a series of precise Makashi strikes that were truly magnificent at the beginning, unfortunately she quickly overextended herself, tripping on her own feet. The Knight could easily have forgiven that, the tantrum she threw after faceplanting disturbed him however. Emotional maturity should be the bare minimum for a prospective Jedi apprentice.

    As one of the older instructors led the angry girl away, Semajj once again fell into his thoughts. He hadn't even considered taking a Padawan learner for himself before this. He had heard about the gathering in the garden's, his current task prevented him from going even out of curiosity, though some minutes ago a temple droid arrived with a holorecording of the events. He wasn't sure who sent it, but he had absentmindedly been observing it as he looked through the various resources available to the library.

    Then a Togruta stepped up, and Semajj took a double take upon recognizing her. This initiate had accompanied them on their last mission, her name was Vanora he believed. His own battles had preventing him from paying much attention to what she and the others had specifically been doing at the time, and now he watched with fascination as the apprentice entered into her sequences against an few automated remotes. He imagined she was nervous, any apprentice would be in her current situation, but to his eye she remained composed as she deflected one shot after another in increasingly rapid succession. Was that Form III? He leaned in, carefully observing the prospective Padawan. He flinched as one of the lights flashed past her blade zapping her, but this did not halt her demonstration, she continued and the Knight smiled a little at her resolve.

    The Ongree briefly leapt out of hus chair, and turned to face Master Octaris who was carrying a large book. He would have to replay the full holo and think deeper on the matter later, he had business to address now. "I am here."
    The Cerean smiled, and placed the large volume on the desk in front of Semajj. "I found the source you were looking for. For some reason it was in the Biology section, instead of the Alien Cultures one."
    "Ah." The younger Jedi nodded. "Thank you Master."
    He returned his attention to the image on the screen in front of him that he had been observing before getting caught up in the tournament. He thought for a second quizzically, and ultimately decided to ask the librarian one more question before dismissing him.

    "Tell me Master, does this picture remind you of anything from your travels?"
    Octaris leaned forward, and studied the image for a few moments. It looked to be three hands forming a circle, one was feminine, and the other two Masculine. The picture appeared somewhat abstract, and had clashing colors, one side was light and others dark, and in the circle between the hands looked to be a world. "Insectoid in origin perhaps? I have seen similar cave paintings on Geonosis and Nickle One." The Master smiled. "But I would wager on it being Killik in origin, not the least because the book you asked me to retrieve was on them and their culture."
    The Knight allowed a small grin as he acknowledge Master Octaris's quip. The information wasn't exactly more than he already had, but he was content that his friend had at least attempted to help. "The page calls it 'Our Worlds Between', and it seems consistent with the other information I have gathered. Perhaps it is nothing, but the Killiks have a long, if incoherent, memory. It seems like a solid place to start at least."

    "Then I hope you find what you are looking for. Best wishes, if you need me I will be in the main isle, helping the other Jedi present in these halls of learning."
    The Ongree nodded, and turned to the large text that Octaris had brought him, fully expecting this to take a while.

    To Be Continued....
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    IC: Ananta Chetan
    Temple of Light

    Master Chetan, may we join you.

    By all means, I said, gesturing to the open bench next to me.

    The familiar tone of the two Council members’ request gave me the distinct feeling from my previous tenure among them that they were preparing to ask for a sensitive favour.

    Sitting in silence, at least for the moment, the three of us took in the last of the padawan candidates’ demonstrations under the crisp winter afternoon sky, as I did my best not to let on what they might really be here for.

    Taking another handful of Windu-crunch from a paper sack, I offered some of the purple kernels to my companions. The traditional snack was being sold for a few credits by a band of roving padawans moving among the spectators hoping to raise money for some worthy cause.

    The Council has decided...unanimously…the new Council Member said swallowing self-consciously…that you will take padawan Floki as your new apprentice.

    Stopping my leisurely crunching, I turned to face the two Masters before eliciting a chuckle of disbelief.

    Padawan Firebeard? The same apprentice whose Master recently left the order before publicly deriding us all as a bunch of hypocrites? The two Council members shifted in their seats uncomfortably but I continued before they were able to speak.

    The same stowaway who just returned from the Noris Mission, whom, I was told, openly shared that his motives for being there were to simply loot and get a chance to swing his Zordic light axe?

    Master Chetan, let us explain…

    Gentlemen…please. The real reason I have ventured out here today is about to begin.

    Two teams of padawans then on either side of the courtyard prepared to activate their homemade creations for the 'Annual Droid Duel'. This year an IG-series assassin droid was set to square off against the reigning champion, a highly modified Gonk droid.

    This should be good, I said with unbridled enthusiasm.

    Gentlemen…we shall speak at a later time.

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    IC: Semajj Nosrep
    Temple Library

    As he opened the cover of the book, the Ongree sighed in disappointment upon reading the preface. This was not an original work, it was a copy of a transcript that was originally recorded orally by an 'Ambassador Sequeni A'klas of Caamas' after a diplomatic excursion by the Galactic Alliance into Chiss space. He claimed to have had access to the Ascendency Archives, and though Semajj had no reason to doubt him, he had never known the Chiss to be particularly open to outsiders. Still, the memory of the Caamasi were known to be unshakable, and if accurate this could be valuable.

    It did however add another variable he had to account for when analyzing the value of any information this source provided. The Killiks were known to confuse stories with truth, and treated them as an unwavering part of their history. The Chiss had come into conflict with the Killiks on many occasions, which could easily result in a bias when representing their foe. Now, he also had to be wary of the fact that the information could very well have had something lost, or misunderstood in the translation between the original work and the one before him now.

    The Jedi flipped through the first few pages, and true to form the material seemed accurate. If he hadn't read the introduction he may not have even known it wasn't a genuine article from the Chiss Archives.
    The first few chapters were dedicated to the Killik biology, which explained how it ended up in the wrong section of the library.
    Semajj wondered briefly how the Chiss had come by this level of detailed information, but ultimately concluded it was better not to know.

    After skipping by a few chapters dedicated to their history, and what passed for government among them he came upon a cultural analysis. He quickly located the picture matching the one he had found the in Temple Archives, the physical page was a bit clearer than the electronic copy. Still, it added little information beyond what he already knew.
    Below the image it directed him to page 476 for more information, and he quickly followed suit.
    There was what appeared to be a couple short pages containing a transcript of what appeared to be an interrogation.
    He estimated it was likely written down around the time of the Dark Nest Crisis, but that was just based off his own assumptions.

    The first speaker wasn't identified beyond being the "Interrogator", and the second only as "Prisoner 5321-60AC"
    This was clearly not their first discussion, though Semajj filled in the gaps pretty quickly.
    All things considered the conversation seemed rather civil, though he knew full well the soft spoken words of the Chiss government could hide a cold calculation that allowed for certain unnatural cruelties under the right circumstances.
    Semajj read carefully, soaking in every word as he tried to make sense of how this was related to their investigation.
    Interrogator: You requested to be allowed to speak to me again, for what purpose?
    Prisoner 5321-60AC: We had hoped to continue our previous words on our ancient history.
    Interrogator: You have been surprisingly forthcoming, I don't suppose you might explain to me why you have been so cooperative?
    Prisoner 5321-60AC: The Yithtiy are not aggressors, we seek only to live in peace. Perhaps if you know a bit more about us this conflict will settle peacefully. But you surely have realize none of what we say is strategically important.
    Interrogator: Yes, and as such we could easily send you back to your isolation now. But that is why you keep returning to me is it not? Your species thrives on community, and even these short discussions allow you some form of fraternization.

    There was a break in the page here, and it seemed Yithtiy did not respond to the previous comment.
    Interrogator: Very well then, tell us what you have come here to say. We have already discussed the Celestials, the Rakatan Subjugation, the Ruinous Extermination, and the Flight of Oroboro. What more have you to add?
    Prisoner 5321-60AC: The world of endless plains, where we once frolicked and where we found our place between time and space.
    Interrogator: 'Between time and space', What do you mean by that?
    Prisoner 5321-60AC: It is a distant memory, but clear in the mind of Yithtiy. We and our companion, the wielder of the light went to that which we now call Our Worlds Between. It was a wonderous planet of grassy plains and mountains far and wide. Strong in the force. When the light wielder meditated they saw with great clarity into the cosmo's.
    Interogater: What happened to this world?
    Prisoner 5321-60AC: We spent long there, studying the 'nexus' as they called it. A sanctuary was built, for the light wielder and their companions to grow closer to the force. They said it was dangerous, and locked it away. The ones were left to protect it, to keep the power from the hand of crude matter.
    Interogater: Truly fascinating. Do you know what this danger was?
    Prisoner 5321-60AC: Our understanding is limited, all we can say is that the force itself is limitless. Time is a river that branches in many direction, we exist in it yet our actions define it, so they say. It is one body, that is not confined by our truth of it, and it has been established by realities far beyond us. The changes that have happened are preordained by the realm between ours and time.
    Interogater: Yes well... you will be returned to isolation for now. If we have any further question you shall be retrieved. Only on my orders however will you be returned here.

    Semajj sat back in his chair, attempting to understand the cryptic words of Yithtiy. Their references to time made no sense to him, the force could offer premonitions, but the future was always in motion. Their choices did matter, he had to believe that. The visions that came from the force could serve as warnings, used to guild their actions, or they could end up being self fulfilling. There was always more than fait at hand, and one could never be sure how their actions would contribute to the greater scheme of things. The force had a will, and it was their responsibility to work with it.

    Next he thought about the world of endless plains, and the light wielders. He very much doubted the Killiks story was a literal one, for one he certainly couldn't imagine the insects frolicking. Though perhaps that was his own limited experience, he found it more likely they were interpreting this story through the memories of a joiner. Were the light wielders Jedi? That was his first thought upon reading that passage of the creatures story. Which would mean that the sanctuary they built was a Jedi temple, but where? A planet with plains and mountains? There had to be a million of those!
    The Jedi turned the page, finding a star map copied delicately by hand. Could this be the key? Again, he was relying very heavily on a third or fourth hand account, but his instincts told him he was on the right track. If he could find where the stars aligned with this image, he could find where they needed to go.

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    OOC: A link for those who may not have been here the last time I posted, and a reminder for those that were :) Part one of what has been happening while you each had your adventures...

    IC Liuna Iotasi

    It starts with a climb.

    Sweating, straining and drawing on the Force to propel her upward, Liuna reached for another handhold on the cliff face. The natural texture was easier to cling onto than most, too used to scaling sheer buildings with nothing but the Force and sometimes a durasteel woven line to keep her from the depths below. Perhaps the climb itself was easier, but the natural patterns of the rock made the journey a puzzle, without window and architectural patterns to guide her ascent.

    And that's where she went wrong, reaching too far and gripping too hard, her other limbs struggling for purchase before steadying. Except her left hand wouldn't detach from its hold on the outcropping. It was the worst possible place for her cybernetics to act up, trapped on a rock face without a soul for, well, the Temple wasn't that far, but it had perhaps been foolish to go alone (again and again and again).

    This high above the treeline, more annoyed than panicked, Liuna had to brace herself against the wind as she moved to a steadier footing. Over her shoulder she could see the peak of the Temple, illuminated by the rising sun; another thing gone awry this morning, as she'd intended to be at the peak by this point.

    A closer examination of the mechanical hand wasn't possible, wrapped in so much cloth, but no matter what sort of signals she tried to send, the grip wouldn't relent. Eventually she would get tired and even a Jedi couldn't stay put forever. A few solutions sprang to mind, most of them involving the lightsaber strapped to the back of her belt, which she dismissed given the position she was in. The other option was to, well, pull hard and fall.

    The Force is my ally, she reminded herself. You've fallen further than this at least a dozen times. It's fine, you're definitely not going to be a pile of broken bones at the end of all this.

    "Good pep talk," she said aloud, positioning herself for her newest, best stunt. And she yanked, hard, her right hand pulling her left, feet beneath her for leverage--

    And then there was the fall.

    The thing was that buildings tended to be very sheer, with the occasional jutting piece to worry about but she could avoid those things with the smallest push in the Force. This cliff was not at all straight, and as she spun in the air to face down in her dive, all she saw was rocks rushing up at her.

    Instinct kicked in, and with a quick motion she pushed away with the Force from the approaching edge and angled herself towards what seemed like a decent landing zone. What I wouldn't do for a kriffing Mando jump-jet or one of those fliers around here.

    As the treeline hurtled closer, Liuna spun in the air, curling into a feet first landing position, and pulled the Force in around her. Slow, she thought. Slow, like a walk down the stairs to the forest floor. The tree branches slammed into her, even as she slowed her descent, throwing her trajectory off. Bouncing from one long, solid branch to another but failing to grasp on with her working hand, Liuna came to a slight crash at the base of the offending tree, flat on her back and glaring up, her pride more injured than her body.

    And then, because sometimes the Force had a sense of humour, it began to rain.


    Apparently cybernetics required "professional upkeep" and "precise installation" and "whatever spice-addled saw jockey put this thing on should be damned to the depths of medical hell" and "stop abusing your cybernetics" but honestly, she tuned out halfway through the complaining. The healer? technician? who'd examined the cybernetic arm was muttering under his breath, pushing her unfeeling mechanical fingers around to try and root out the problem. He wasn't actually angry, because anger was of the dark side and all that, but she wasn't really sure he was actually a Jedi anyway, so maybe that didn't matter. Maybe that was something else they didn't mind here, given all the other rules these Jedi broke.

    "It needs to be removed," the cybernetic specialist? said eventually. "There's so much wrong that it would be easier to just replace it, but if you're attached I suppose I can fix it."

    "No, a new one is fine," she said slowly, considering her next words. "But how long until a new one would be ready?"

    "A proper fitting and installation instead of a patch job? A custom arm that will actually survive the sort of wear and tear you've accumulated? A week, at least."

    And that's how she became the one-armed Jedi again.

    It had been a rough job, a rough place she'd gone to after her arm had almost literally been blown off. She didn't like to think of that time, in the depths of a dark world and surrounded by danger. The only place that would take credits not to put her in their records wasn't exactly the best care in the galaxy, and now she was paying the price. At least the Temple healers, after seeing that she wasn't seriously hurt from the cliffside adventures, had noted the arm itself had healed well from the few bacta treatments she'd dug up at the time.

    Other Jedi, even people around the Temple at large had injuries worse than hers. But now she felt exposed, as if all eyes were on her, watching for any weakness in order to pounce.

    "It's stupid, isn't it?" she asked Jinx the first evening, rubbing the sensitive spot just below the elbow where her arm ended. "This is probably one of the safest places in the galaxy and I feel like I'm about to get ambushed." Jinx's red light dimmed and rose again, gently, before whistling a low tone.

    "You're probably right. Maybe I'll join them tomorrow. Anything has to be better than sitting around feeling sorry for myself over something so… inconsequential."


    There were different groups that met to meditate together, and she thought that might be the key to passing this time. Pulling her cape around her, covering her left arm as best she could, Liuna sat in a group of Padawans and Knights alike, led by one of the Masters who spoke through the experience, her voice slow and gentle.

    "Breathe deeply, feel your mind reach out every time you inhale. Feel yourself and your neighbour, feel each person in this room, in the temple, the life on the planet around us. Keep your mind relaxed and do not focus on the thoughts or emotions of another, be at peace with the galaxy…"

    And Liuna woke with a start. She must have dropped out of the floating position, the sudden noise drawing others in the group out of their own peaceful meditation.

    Whoops, she thought as the Master gave her a reproachful glare, and she crossed her legs to try again. Slowly, she relaxed her body and mind, but this time it was easier, a small bit of focus keeping her from nodding off again.

    You always struggled with meditation, a voice intruded, amused rather than admonishing. Surprised, she almost fell out of the meditation again, but forced herself to stay open to the Force. Good, you're doing well.

    You always said that if I wanted to progress as a Jedi, I would have to master meditation, and I always said it was boring. A brief consideration. It's still boring.

    And yet here you are. The voice grew fainter. Perhaps if you practice more, you might hear more from me.

    Liuna opened her eyes as the Master instructed them to, feeling oddly refreshed and yet exhausted. Had that truly been Master Gwornayrr? He must have been systems away, and yet she could hear him… was that her power or his? Between his age and what she knew of his skills it was likely her former Master reaching out, but the power that must require...

    As she stood, Liuna stumbled, the exhaustion of that conversation truly settling in. Oh, yeah, that took a lot more effort than I realized. But if had been worth it to hear her Master's voice, even for such a brief time.


    "I hate this, Jinx," she commented, blowing quickly on the piece she was soldering. "'Jedi don't hate' yeah whatever, but I've been stuck in this temple for days and I'm going to quit and join the Sith if I can't hit something." Jinx whistled mournfully. "Not really, I just can't fight like… this." She shrugged her the shoulder of her missing arm and swore as the piece she had pinned under her elbow rolled aside. "Blast it, I can't do anything right like this." She held up the goggles, squinting through the lenses. It seemed the infrared still wasn't working. She probably just made it worse.

    "Maybe I'll go to the library, huh. I can read a book like this, at least." Jinx warbled at her. "Obviously I can still fight, it's just… wrong. I don't know. It's like an itch in my head, I can't scratch it until I have my arm back." Or a new arm, if the technician was led to believe.

    "I just need something to distract me." Because she knew there was more going on around the Temple. Missions were happening, and she was stuck here, grounding herself until she was whole again. If she asked, she had no doubt they would send her on one of these missions, but if she wasn't at one hundred percent and someone was hurt or died because of that…

    Someone might get hurt or die because you're not there, a voice reminded her unpleasantly. No, they could take care of themselves. These Jedi, however different, were capable. They didn't need her. But they didn't seem to mind her being there, at the very least.

    Liuna looked down at her hands, the one gloved and real, flesh and blood and powerful and delicate, knowing without seeing every tattoo that spread from her knuckles up her arm. And the other, a phantom of a memory, there but not there, replaced by something good enough to get the job done but empty and unfeeling. Like a droid, but not ones like Jinx, like the ones programmed with three basic functions and running twelve lines of code. There was nothing real there. And maybe that was a symptom.

    She clenched her fists, closing her eyes so she could feel both hands for just a moment, and then released. The library would have to be a suitable distraction, before she did something truly dangerous.

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    To be continued...
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    IC: Sanchari
    In the Temple Gardens

    The previous initiate finished their performance with a flourish of their saber, the last stun bolt getting deflected wildly into the foliage that edged the island. The initiate covered their grimace with a bow to the assembled crowd and quickly retreated.

    That left Sanchari, the last initiate to show off her talents.

    Sanchari had agonized over this performance as she had watched the other initiates practicing the past few days. She didn’t have amazing lightsaber skills like one initiate she had watched. She had yet to lift a single pebble with the Force, unlike many of the other initiates who had dazzled the assembly with telekinetic juggling acts. She had no idea how to show off the talents she knew she had, it’s not like she could stand there and show off her ability to invade other beings’ minds...

    She had to do what she could, and trust the Force. She took a deep breath and lay her hand on the small pouch hung around her neck beneath her tunic. Inside was the kyber crystal she had recovered from the dark saber and healed. She wished she had been able to build it a new home. She had thought about asking Knight Bonaventure (@Sarge), he seemed to have some expertise in lightsaber construction, considering that flying thing she’d seen him tinkering with. But when she’d gone to see him in his corner of the workshop, he’d been pretty deeply focused on something, and she didn’t want to interrupt.

    So, she gripped a training saber in her other hand as she padded out in front of the crowd. Sanchari’s bare feet felt the soft sand of the performance area as she bowed. Her ears heard the quiet sounds of nature: avians chirping, a breeze through the distant trees. There was something odd, she couldn’t quite place it, but she couldn’t stop to figure it out now, the crowd was waiting for her to begin. She felt their emotions wash over her as their attention focused: interest, boredom, excitement, encouragement - she noticed this in particular from one direction, and glanced up to see Knight Bonaventure smiling at her.

    Sanchari ignited the training saber and took a pose, the first stance of a set of movements, a “kata” she had been told some cultures called it. They were part moving meditation, part muscle-memory practice of the basic movements of saber combat. This kata was from Form IV - Ataru, and included many of the form’s characteristic leaps, spins and flips. Sanchari had chosen this because it would show off her natural and long-trained acrobatic skills. She hoped it would be impressive enough, took a calming breath, and began.

    As she progressed through the movements, her consciousness faded into the flow of the Force, the leaps and flips flowed from one to another, effortlessly carrying her around the arena as she spun, the kata looking more like a dance than a martial art. As her awareness extended into the Living Force around her, the oddness she felt a moment before returned, and she began to pinpoint its source.

    It was coming from a clump of bushes at the edge of the area, where the errant blaster bolt had ended up earlier. There was pain there, and fear. Sanchari spun to a halt.

    “Apologies, Masters, there be... something wrong...” Sanchari spoke, deactivating the saber and bowing quickly. She turned and reached out mentally towards the small knot of confusion and pain as she left the performance area. It was a small creature, but a fierce one, its mind was waking up from a daze into a haze of pain. Sanchari sent a soothing feeling towards it, trying to calm its fear as she approached. She bent down and pushed the foliage aside.

    Beneath the bush was a small furry feline, one of the Temple’s semi-wild tooka cats, shaking its head as it tried to stand up. It looked like it had been hit by the stun bolt. The blaster bolt that would have made an average humanoid’s hand or foot numb for a few seconds had knocked this little creature out completely and singed a patch of striped fur down to the skin. It hissed as she came close.

    Sanchari murmured soothingly to the animal, reaching out to its small, frightened mind and calming its fear. She whispered a suggestion that it should sleep now, she would help it. The tooka sighed and began to snooze as Sanchari lifted it out of the bushes and into her arms.

    Sanchari made her way back into the initiate waiting area, carrying the injured cat, heedless to the confusion of the spectators.

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