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Star Wars Limited Run CLOSED Legends Dathomir - A Jedi Journey of Discovery and Knowledge.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Adalia-Durron , Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Always Watching..... star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    It is a time for learning, discovery and seeking knowledge. Jedi Titus Fenton along with Jedi Master Adalia Tehanis, are taking a small group to Dathomir - a planet in the outer rim which still lives a primitive lifestyle. This is set in the 'Legends' not Canon, so make sure when you do your research, you find the right information. Please, post your character and image as we know them already, so we know who is on this journey with us.

    We are going to Misty Falls Clan, in the foothills and mountainous area of Dathomir.


    The shuttle was leaving, and Adalia Tehanis stood quietly watching as the participants in this trip stood behind messing about with their packs and gear. Titus was nearby as out from the edge of the nearby forest a woman emerged. She strode forward toward Adalia, her long dark hair flowing in the light breeze, her body clad in what looked to be hardened leather armour of unusual colour, her legs covered in long leather look laced in boots. She carried a large spear, a bow with arrows strapped to her back and a sword hung at her side. Adalia smiled at the woman who was no more than 35 standard years of age. “Good to see you Marie.”


    Her chocolate brown eyes sparkled as a smile spread over her face. “And you Adalia.” Stepping forward she embraced her longtime friend. “It’s been too long.” She remarked pulling back.

    “It has, and I am sorry for that. Thank you for this.” Adalia said quietly.

    Marie gave a sage nod as she perused the group behind her friend. “Tis my pleasure, this will be eye opening for them I hope.”

    Adalia smiled and turned to the group. “This is Marie Firestone, she is the leader of the Misty Falls Clan of Witches and,” She grinned at Marie, “Thanks to your reforms, Warlocks.”

    Marie stepped forward, placing her spear upright in the ground. “Dathomir is alive with the Force, here you will experience a simple life, where we only access the living Force when it is needed. We live in harmony with nature and the living Force, we hope spending time with us will show you more clarity in your own abilities and the best places to deploy them.”

    "Nice to meet you Marie," Titus introduced himself to her. He had been on Dathomir before but then he had visited the Singing Mountian Clan alongside his friend Allana. He had heard a lot about Marie and her clan, they where more liberal than most of the other clans, including the Singing Mountian Clan.

    "How is Adrian?" he knew Adrian quite well as their fathers where friends since the Rebellion.

    Marie smiled and inclined her head. "Jedi Fenton, tis good to meet you and Adrian is well, really well, currently on the hunt but due back by dusk I hope." She laughed a little, "and with supper I also hope!" She turned back to Adalia. "We have prepared quarters for you all and tonight's meal, if you'd like to follow me?"

    "Sounds like a plan." Adalia turned to her counterpart. "This is your mission, I'm just here to play mediatory and observe."

    "Of course," Titus took a deep breath, this was the first mission he was leading and thus felt pretty nervous as he turned to the Padawans and Knights "We'll head to the tribal village for today, if you want you may already make note of the wilderness we come through to get there. But mainly I want each of you to, at some point today, take a moment to meditate and open yourself to the Force here on Dathomir, and then let Master Tehanis and myself know what you felt."

    Marie gave a nod before turning and leading them through the jungle.


    OOC Here we would like you all to do an introductive post, showing us your reactions to the surroundings, and Marie herself. Be creative, but nothing exciting, just observations for now, both with sight, sounds, smells, touch and your inner connection to the Force. Ask questions of the Jedi and Marie if you need. You will meet her husband Adrian soon. ;)

  2. ZV-83

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    Dec 7, 2020
    Name: Typh Dracon
    Species: Human
    Age: 12
    Home world: Tallaan
    Rank: Padawan
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 1.83 M
    Family: He was found by a Jedi at a young age and never knew his family.
    Clothing: Beige Jedi Padawan tunic, all-temperature cloak, and hiking shoes
    Strengths and Abilities: Can speak several languages, meditation, jumping, force speed, slicer, basic light saber skills taught to initiates.
    Weapons: Yellow training lightsaber

    IG: Typh Dracon

    Typh whistled joyfully as he walked off the shuttle with one foot landing on an outcropping of rock while the other on to the tender woodland floor of Dathomir. After shutting his eyes, and slowing his breathing, Typh reached out to get a sense of the Force on Dathomir as he had been informed it was an extraordinary planet in the galaxy. The Force felt wild and untamed, as others had interpreted it—very much like the natural world they were being dropped off on. He could sense the flow of a rushing river nearby and the intricate crisscross of mature tree branches composing the canopy above. In the distance he could hear a strong thump, and could feel the ground shudder. Then another thump. Typh glanced back in the shuttle at a clear cup of water and observed ripples emanating from the center. Then he watched Master Adalia greet a woman from the Misty Falls Clan, and when it seemed proper, he introduced himself.

    “Hello Marie Firestone. I am Padawan learner Typh Dracon. Is the thumping sound I hear from one of the many rancor’s I’ve been told roam Dathomir? Do you have any I could ride?” He then halted and blushed in embarrassment as he remembered on Dathomir males were not considered equal to females. Typh’s hand moved up to cover his mouth as he bowed a little, concerned he had angered Marie.
  3. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 12, 2016
    Name: Koji Va'ansh
    Species: Lorrdian, near-human
    Sex: Male
    Rank/Affiliation: Jedi Knight, GoL
    Languages: Basic, droidspeak, Ubese
    Residence: Saridona Prime
    Home Planet: Maridun
    Age: 31
    Height: 6'1

    Character Traits:
    Personality: Light-hearted and humorous, loyal, tries to assume the best but expects the worst in others.
    Habits/Mannerisms: Can be overly enthusiastic/aggressive. Likes to keep his spaces tidy whether in the cockpit of a ship or his quarters.
    Likes/Dislikes: Hospitality, punctuality, manners/ manipulation, dishonesty
    Racial Traits: Inherent with their type, Lorrdians have a very heightened sense for reading body language and even voice tone. They can pick up easily what most people would overlook in terms of voice infractions or facial gestures or even posture.
    Strengths and Weaknesses: Mentally sharp, a good investigator and observant for patterns in anything. Weak in processing multiple things at once, linear thinker.
    Physical Strengths and Weaknesses: Agile, flexible, and strong. Over sustained periods of fighting, his left wrist swells up from a broken bone that never properly healed. The swelling spells are sporadic and can vary in how long they last.
    Immediate Family: multiple brothers, one sister.
    Spouse/Children: N/A
    Biography: Koji grew up with his mother and step-father on Maridun. His childhood was spent playing with his brother Jido, since his older brothers were much older and were never home. When he was still young, a Jedi was conducting an investigation near his family's home and found Koji to be strong in the force and discussed his adoption into the Jedi Order. Jido was also force sensitive, but for unknown reasons, he was not considered for training. Koji's mother was hesitant but both his parents agreed to let the Jedi take their son.

    Appearance: Slim build, hair is curly and long on top, but trimmed on the sides, facial hair - mustache.

    Clothing: Sand-colored robes with bark-tone-color outer robes.

    Strong Area of the Force: Battle precognition, blaster deflection
    Weak Area of the Force: Force concealment, stasis


    IC: Koji Va'ansh
    Landing Zone, Edge of the Forest

    Koji tapped into the force well-and-alive on the planet, his eyes took in the greenery as the landscape finally had a match to the planet's name. It reminded him slightly of Saridona Prime, but something was different. He had heard of Dathomir and its witches before, but the closest he ever came was a hostage rescue above Koratas, one of Dathomir's moons. He was part of the company on this mission, although he was without his pupil. Koji was still readjusting to having only one set of eyes instead of two. He watched his Jedi companions as they both reacted to the sight of the witch. Adalia looked comfortable as if meeting an old friend. Typh was more rigid but worked to keep his cool. "Greetings, I am Koji of the Jedi. The planet's gravity is slightly lesser than what I'm used to," he said as he glanced up at the rock formations and tall trees with thick, strong branches.

    "If you don't mind, I'd like to follow from a distance and get to know this timberland."
    TAG: @ZV-83 @Adalia-Durron @Anedon
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  4. Emperor Ferus

    Emperor Ferus Chosen One star 7

    Jul 29, 2016


    name: Empy Ferus

    Species: human
    Sex: male
    Rank: Jedi Padawan
    Languages: Basic, some Huttese
    Residence: Coruscant
    Home planet: Kessel
    Age: 20
    Height: 6,1
    Personality: Places camaraderie high in priority list, but is afraid to get close to others, wants to be part of a family but fears betrayal, will try to keep peace , messy, sometimes rigid in thinking

    Strengths: understands the forms of combat in depth and knows when each one is useful, will have the back of his fellow Jedi whenever needed, can reach high

    Weaknesses: low self esteem, hesitates to take the initiative, not very agile or acrobatic

    Family; orphan
    Biography: Empy’s parents died young, and he was raised by miners on Kessel. He had a hard life with little rewards, but he got used to the hard work. One day, Empy’s guardians were killed by renegade mercenaries and he had to flee for his life
    He was discovered by a team of Jedi on Kessel who took notice of his reflexes when fighting the mercenaries

    Appearance: Tallish, dark skinned, often seen wearing a blue flight suit

    Empy was taken by surprise at the lush green of Dathomir. He had read that it was filled with barren deserts and Nightsister settlements, but he had never known that it could be so beautiful. Empy bowed to Marie, deciding not to say anything for the time being. He was in a strange place unlike his home planet of Kessel or the metropolis of Coruscant.
    Finally, he decided to say, “Hello, Padawan Ferus.”

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  5. Ananta Chetan

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    Aug 11, 2013
    OOC: Why do I have this feeling that this is one of your friends IRL? :p
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  6. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    Are you spamming up our game? No, the picture is not, the character, however, Is. ;) @Warrior_Goddess - is the the Original Marie Firestone, GA pilot, minor Force user and Dathomirian Witch. ;) Now shush here :p
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  7. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003

    Adalia turned to the younger Padawan and frowned slightly. " I am sure your Master has taught you respect Padawan Drakon, no? Matriach Firestone would be more suitable do you not think?" She gave him a knowing smile that somehow became a very minor chastise.

    Marie chuckled lightly. "No one gets to 'ride a rancor', they're not like orbaks, you can't just put a saddle on and go for a joy ride." She leaned on her spear to speak to the young one. "You are welcome to try, but the chances are very high you'd be eaten." She turned to the Jedi there, "Welcome Knight Va'ansh, let me know if you need assistance and of course you can hang at the back." Marie then turned to the second Padawan, an older and much taller lad, she narrowed her dark brown eyes, "You're shy, I can feel it. We'll get you out of your shell Padawan Ferus." She grinned and winked.

    She turned to Adalia. "Shall we? I have prepared quarters for you all, but we have a short journey through the jungle. We will pass the Misty Falls, which our clan are named after, please don't drink or bath in the water, it's considered sacred. Only certain times of the year it is accessible by children and their parents." Lifting her spear she turned. "Stay on the path and try not to drop back too far, there are predator's out there." She began to enter the forest.

    Adalia turned to Titus. "I'm going to suggest a task for you all, you included." She face them all. "As we journey, mentally take in your surroundings, the cool air, the sounds, the sights and the smells. Feel what's out there, sense its feelings. Imagine how you'd describe this place to someone who'd never been here before."

    OOC This is your first task. Describe Dathomir in your eyes mind. Its not hot jungle, and it's dense near mountains. That's all I will tell you. Do your research, there is life out there. ;) Be creative, look into feelings around you. Use your imagination as there is little on Dathomir.
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  8. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Titus, Marie, Adalia (combo with @Adalia-Durron)

    Titus walked further to Marie as they made their way through the forest. With the Padawans being concentrated on the nature surrounding them he decided to take a moment to talk to her, especially after what she had said about the sacred pool. It was most likely directed towards him, and so he felt it was better to ensure everything was okay between them. "Just wanted to thank you, for making this possible," he told Marie.

    Marie glanced at as she walked. "Always happy to assist the Jedi, Addie knows that." She said in a formal tone, she knew this Knight, it'd been a long time, but she knew him.

    "We´ve seen each other on your mother in laws funeral," Titus said, wanting to start not with the later incident. "Ilona Malek is my godmother."

    "I remember, didn't get a chance to talk, but I saw you. Eraiduian Society doesn't suit me well." She explained, "I tend to be quiet and stay out of the way there." She smiled at him. "But that wasn't what I was referring too."

    Titus lowered his gaze, Marie hadn´t been there that day, but she surely had heard of it. "Your husband once caught me and my gir....... friend in the pool below the falls." He felt how his ears turned red.

    Marie grinned but kept her gaze forward. "I know." she said simply.

    "Adrian said it was okay," Titus continued, feeling the need to justify himself. "Still, I´m sorry, it was a childish dare..."

    Marie laughed lightly. "Relax will you? It was a long time ago and in the past." She grinned at him. "But I couldn't miss the opportunity to torment you." She shrugged.

    Titus chuckled a bit, "that trait reminds me of Daria. She tends to tease me quite a bit as well whenever we meet. Maybe its a Dathomirian thing?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

    "Its a strong woman thing I think. I noticed there aren't a great deal of them on Eriadu, and those that are, well they're considered unique. Like Adrian's sister, Ilona." Marie stepped over a large log covered in moss and vines, in the distance she could hear the falls. "We're nearly there, are you going to share you story as a warning with the Padawans?"

    "I don´t know much about the women on Eriadu, but I feel you underestimate them." Titus said. "In both their past and present many of their leaders have been women. They might wear fancy dresses but there is a strength to them, as well as cruelty." He made a pause. "But I suspect you are right, its a sign of confidence. Something we Corellians know all about." Allowing himself a smile he thought about Marie's question, "I could, maybe it will help."

    "Well,..." the trees parted and the falls appeared., "Now' your chance."

    Adalia walked up beside Marie. "Still as beautiful as the first time I saw it." She said warmly, hoping those with them would describe is similarly.

    Tag: @Emperor Ferus, @ZV-83, @The Vanguard

    Everyone, please get your opening thoughts on Dathomir up, ask Titus about his experience, you probably over heard it. Talk to us ;)
  9. ZV-83

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    Dec 7, 2020
    IG: Typh Dracon

    Typh felt ashamed for how he had addressed Matriarch Firestone; however, he was thrilled to be on Dathomir and the feeling of shame quickly passed with a smile from Master Adalia. If he could not ride a rancor, he hoped to at least see one for the first time in the wild. The one in the rancor pit seemed so meager compared to the ten meter tall ones he had been told roamed this world. He observed Titus and Marie walking off, careful to not trip over a moss-covered log. He reached out again with the Force. He tried to get an awareness of where the rancor was in the jungle. Then saw Adalia catch up to Titus and Marie and realized he should begin progressing as well.

    As he strode behind the leading group, he paused at the log and looked back over his shoulder towards Empy and Koji still taking in the terrain. And closing his eyes, he breathed in and out a few times, delighting in the slightly damp climate and sound of nearby running water with burra fish swimming with the currents. He suddenly wondered what burra fish tasted like as a negligible roar came from inside. When he opened his eyes again, he reflected on how nice it was to not have towering buildings blocking the horizon, or sounds of speeders in the distance. After an agile leap over the log, he continued after the three leaders of the group and returned to looking around at the forest. The faint mist drifting over the trees hid a few features; however, he continued to admire the various green hues of the vegetation. He halted again for a moment, peering up at the stunning mountains rising in the distance. If he couldn’t ride a rancor, perhaps he could convince another member of the team to ascend one of the many summits with him, then race to the bottom.
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  10. Emperor Ferus

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    Jul 29, 2016
    IC: Empy Ferus


    Empy gazed around Dathomir’s flora and fauna. He, like his companion Typh Dracon felt ashamed for not having said more. He wanted to climb out of his shell, but it was screwed in tight.
    Empy listened to the sound of the waterfall, and the exotic creatures chirping, humming, and croaking in ways he had never imagined.

    The Force was strong with this place, he sensed, with both light and dark side witches. Empy trailed behind his companion, Force-jumping over the log after Typh. Taking notice of the rancor’s, Empy’s hand instinctively drifted to his lightsaber.

    “Are they friend, or foe?” he asked.
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  11. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia and Marie

    Adalia looked across the small lake at the Rancor drinking before turning to Marie who answered for her. "That one's wild, but it won't come near us, and won't hurt us unless we strike first." She turned to look at the Padawan. "You won't need that."
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  12. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Always Watching..... star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Adalia

    Tell me Empy, do you feel malice from the beast? Do you feel threatened?
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  13. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron WNU Mod - Always Watching..... star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Jun 3, 2003
    Due to the players here having Darth Real Life issues (one has gone MIA as well) we have decided to suspend this game for a while. Mid to late May for a return.
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  14. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003

    Adalia knew Titus was taking his apprentice to do their own studies and exploration.

    It was time for hers now. She waited for him to walk from the shuttle.

    ( @Kato Sai - Ok, here I would like to see your profile for you and we will take it from there ;) )
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  15. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    I do so love computer glitches......o_O:rolleyes:
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  16. Anedon

    Anedon Jedi Grand Master star 4

    May 11, 2016
    IC: Titus Fenton, Typh Dracon (combo with @ZV-83)
    Climbing up the Mountain

    Titus gave his padawan a smile. “Don’t feel too bad about how you addressed Marie. Given what happened the last time, any sour mood she might have had was probably more focused on me. So it should be fine.”

    Typh returned the smile; however, it was a little diminished compared to normal. He then looked back down at the path before them. “Was hoping to make a positive impression with Matriarch Firestone, Master.” And of course he was also hoping to have had some fun riding a rancor. But it felt implausible at this moment.

    As he strode beside Titus, he was careful not to stumble or trip over any of the rocks or roots running across the path. A rustling from some purbole leaping through the branches above them caused him to glance up. Good thing the purbole were not hungry. At least Typh hoped they weren’t. He then looked towards the horizon. “Master. I was wondering. Those mountains over there—any chance we might get a little closer, perhaps even climb one to get a view from the top?”

    Titus’ smile grew a bit at this suggestion. And for a moment he looked up there as well. He knew the mountains very well and what lay on the other side. “See the highest of them?” he asked his padawan. “That’s the Singing Mountain, a clan of witches lives on the other side, the tribe Queen Tenel Ka hails from. I visited them before.” He chewed on his lip. On the flight to Dathomir he had thought about a good excuse to head there, and now it seemed he didn’t even need to find one. “If we head there now, we could be up there before nightfall. Do you have your sleeping bag with you? Will probably not get to the Misty Falls camp before tomorrow then.”

    Typh awkwardly grinned and scratched the back of his head. How could he have overlooked bringing a sleeping bag? “No, Master. But I brought a few things like an emergency shelter to stay dry. Also, my all-temperature cloak is quite comfortable.”

    He looked back towards the Singing Mountain and felt a sense of excitement. And the expression in Titus’ eyes as he spoke about the other clan of witches made him curious. Something more was going on, and he wanted to find out what it was. “I am ready to follow wherever you lead.”

    Titus raised an eyebrow, but gave his padawan a smile. During their adventures on the planet, he and Daria had often slept under the open sky or in natural shelters. “If you say you can take it, then we are good to go. Just give me a second to let the others know.”

    He speed up his walk and approached Marie and Adalia who were still talking, telling them where they would head.

    Before returning to Titus, he took out his comlink and opened a channel. Daria had been very hesitant about getting one, but it allowed them to keep their relationship despite the often long distances between their tribes.

    After letting her know about his plans, Titus closed his com and returned to Typh. “Then let us go.” Leaving the path, he entered into the dense Woodland leading towards the Singing Mountain.

    As he accompanied his Master, Typh stepped carefully off the trail and into the forest, rich with tightly packed trees and creatures he had only known of from holovids. Typh thought of the Rancor again, which was nearby, speculating how easy it would be to traverse such terrain on the creature. A twig snapped nearby. But he didn’t see or feel anything around them. He suddenly pondered about the Nightsisters and what would happen if they encountered any.

    “Master, I was curious. How long have the Nightsisters been at war with the tribes of Witches and do you know if there is a chance for peace one day?” Unexpectedly, a branch from high in the canopy broke off a tree and fell straight down toward his head. Feeling the branch in the Force, Typh jumped aside, then looked up. He saw some shadows; however, they could be anything.

    Titus thought a bit about it before he answered. “I’m not sure. From what Daria told me, the conflict with the Nightsisters begun very early in the history of Dathomir. After Allya’s death, when her some of her daughters turned on the others.” He turned around for a moment to inspect the fallen tree branch. Was it just an accident or more? Reaching out with the force, he couldn’t feel any presence surrounding them. But on Dathomir it was hard to sense someone as the force was present everywhere and covered whoever was around.

    So he turned around and continued his journey. “That said, as with the tribes if not more so the Nightsisters are quite different from each other. To most witches, any woman who doesn’t follow the code of Allya is a Nightsister, same as any male who uses the Force might be called a warlock. Sure several of the Nightsisters are evil, seeking for power, but others might just be young women who want to live free. Sometimes that drives them into darkness. Marie has in the past tried to reach out to them, as well as warlocks, but most conservative tribes still consider them mortal enemies.” He made a pause before he continued. “Not sure how many Nightsisters are still around today, many where killed or captured a few years ago when they allied with the Lost Tribe of Sith. I think Daria can probably tell us more once we meet her. Just in case we do meet some Nightsisters though, remember that they might not be as evil as the witches or holomovies portray them.”

    Typh continued hiking with his Master, doing his best to avoid brushing up against any of the vegetation or stepping on saplings which were poking out of the ground. “Master, forgive my curiosity, but can you please tell me more about Daria? Also… how should I address her when we meet?”

    Titus thought for a moment about how to answer and decided that honesty was the best way forward. “She is my girlfriend. A distant cousin of Allana, they share the same great grandmother, who is the current matriarch of their clan.” He made a pause as he jumped across a small creek before continuing. “Her tribe, the Singing Mountain Clan, they are more traditionalistic that the Misty Falls Clan. And they still follow the Book of Allya in most aspects of their lives... including, sadly, their treatment of males. Though we don’t need to worry about that. The clan holds the Jedi in high regard and the two of us would be considered ‘male witches’ by them.” He made another pause, then as to defend his girlfriend he added, “but you don’t need to worry about these things when we meet Daria. She is more open minded than her clan sisters. And she holds no title you could address her with. Just be friendly. She might try to tease or challenge you a bit but it would be good natured and as long as you don’t insult her clan she won’t mind you giving a bit back in that regard either.”

    “A girlfriend...” Typh repeated softly as his eyes went wide. “Thank you for letting me know, Master. Sounds like a complicated, um…” feeling extraordinarily stiff and not knowing how to accomplish what he was trying to say, he dithered. Typh was only twelve and girls were... well, he didn’t know. Outside the temple, he had met Searlus and Verlee, civilians his age, which were dating. And those two quarreled a lot. He didn’t listen in on their conversations, but Verlee had stormed off several times looking very discouraged, saying how stupid Searlus was. And there were no classes taught at the temple to educate him about being a tween, only being a Jedi. “... relationship,” he finally finished.

    Did his answer sound okay? He felt queasy inside just thinking about dating. What if he met a witch in the Singing Mountain Clan that wanted him to be her warlock? Typh knew the Guardians of Light did not forbid relationships, as the Jedi Order had in the days of the Republic. And yet something inside of him craved to talk more about the topic. He’d remembered watching a holo about adults reflecting on their struggles as teenagers. And apparently fourteen-year-old boys were the worst. He didn’t understand. What inside of him was going to malfunction at fourteen, making him become awful? He didn’t want to do anything bad or hurt anyone. Maybe he could go into some kind of force stasis and wake up as a twenty something year old and skip being a teenager? As he became more and more confused, his nose got scrunched up, then he sneezed.

    “Excuse me,” he looked towards his Master, still feeling awkward. “What if Daria wants to come back to the Temple with you? She is Force sensitive. Couldn’t she be a Jedi?”

    Titus smiled a bit at his apprentice’s awkward response and was reminded of himself at that age. A part of him also began to wonder if this would be part of his duties as Typh’s master as well. Now that the order allowed relationships, was it his duty as his master to introduce Typh to things like that? He shoved the thought to the side and decided he could ask Adalia about it once they got back to the village tomorrow.

    “Its less complicated than you might think, Daria and I. We both have our lives not trying to infringe on what the other is doing. Or well at least not against their will.” He made a pause as he realized he should probably explain it a bit further. “In the past she accompanied me or Allana on Jedi missions, just as I tend to spend at least a month of every year here on Dathomir. When we were younger, it was all just a great adventure for us but these days it’s the way we stay in contact. It’s a long distance relationship, but it works.” His parents had been living similarly for as long as Titus could think back. His mother having her Jedi duties, his father his political ones.

    “I actually offered her to become a Jedi before. The Order prefers young recruits, as you know, but older ones can join if they prove themselves. But Daria, she is happy with who and what she is, she doesn’t want to be a Jedi. But you can ask her more about that yourself when we meet her.”

    There was something else, something in relation to Typh’s thought more than his words. So he turned around to his padawan. “Some Dathomirian girls might express interest in you. Jedi, independent males, they find that attractive, or at least some of them do. And they would be far more direct about it than the girls in the rest of the galaxy. So best be just as direct when dealing with them. If you don’t want to say no, if you don’t mind, let them know. In the old days they might have tried to kidnap you but that danger is thankfully mostly gone today.”

    “Don’t worry, I can handle myself Master.” Typh straightened up for a moment and cocked an eyebrow after learning a Dathomirian Witch might find him attractive before ducking again to dodge some flying shrubbery tossed by a meandering rancor. “And I am pleased to hear you and Daria are happy.” He tried to imagine a Dathomirian Witch as a Jedi and how wonderful it would be to learn of her adventures.

    They proceeded on their journey through the wilderness. Typh really enjoyed the outdoors. It is why he didn’t mind sleeping outside while at the temple. Perhaps one day someone would assign him a room, though. A strange thought came into his head—what if one day Titus decided to stay on Dathomir? He breathed deeply, then exhaled. “Master, is leaving Dathomir ever difficult for you?”

    As they continued their way, the woodland began to fade more and more, giving room to steeper and steeper slopes going up the mountain. Titus could guess what Typh really meant with his question, so he said. “It has me divided each time. A part of me wouldn’t mind staying here longer, but at the same time I know my path is that of a Jedi and thus out there in the galaxy. Maybe one day I will stay forever but that life, the one Adrian lives. It’s not mine, or at least not yet.”
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  17. Kato Sai

    Kato Sai Force Ghost star 7

    Apr 27, 2014
    : Kato Sai (Ban)
    Species: Human and Sith, Half Breed
    Age: 27
    Home world: Moraband/ Korriban
    Rank: Padawan
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Greyish Blue
    Height: 2 Meters (6’5”)
    Family: Saru Ban (Father) and Talia Ban (Mother)
    Clothing: Burgundy Robes, Golden Torso and Shoulder Armor
    Strengths and Abilities:
    Knows extensive lore and history of the Force, Trained extensively in Lightsaber Combat, and knows the dark side, but has rejected it.
    Weapons: Blue training lightsaber, Praetor Hilt Lightsaber (Red [Not in Use, needs to be purified])
    Kato was born into the Ban family, a famous clan on Korriban of Sith. His father, Saru, was a pureblood Sith, having the red skin, and his mother Talia was human. Kato was raised to embrace the dark side, but his father’s mistreatment of his mother, and the fact Kato had none of Pureblood features, looking human like his mother Kato was subjected to abuse by his father. On the day of an assault on Korriban, Kato fled and left his father to die. Instead of becoming part of the Sith Empire, Kato joined the Jedi briefly, this was his way of disappointing his father, as sole heir to Ban Clan, Kato refused the mantel. After a brief stint as a Padawan, Kato was seduced by the dark side of the Force and joined the Empire, taking the new name Darth Tormentum. There he channeled his rage and hatred of his father. As an Acolyte, Tormentum showed great promise, rivaling the Emperor’s Apprentice, but on one fateful day the shadow lifted. Kato remerged and could not go through with his training. Shedding the mantel of Tormentum, Kato returned to the Jedi Order. He stands as the only Sith by race (species) to be in the Order. He now is under the guiding hand of Master Adalia, who is helping him shed the chains of Tormentum and the dark destiny that his father intended for him.


    Kato exited the shuttle and took in his surroundings. He had heard much about Dathomir, but this was the first time he was taking it in. The Force swirled in great orbs all around. For a moment the Padawan was preoccupied with what he felt when he noticed Marie. Could this be one of Dathomirian Witches? She didn’t seem threatening, then again in his own studied he had come to suspect that witches and warlocks were a primitive form of Force users who called the power magic. Kato taking his cue from Adalia, waited for her to make introductions.

    TAG: @Adalia-Durron
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    IC: Typh Dracon, Titus Fenton (combo with @Anedon)
    Climbing up the Mountain continued

    Then a moment later, a voice called them from up ahead. “Hold it right there and raise your hands boys, this is the land of the Singing Mountain Clan, and you are my captives!” As he looked up, Titus saw a muscular young red haired woman approach them, holding a spear in her hands. She was dressed in the revealing leather armor most of the younger witches on Dathomir wore. A large Rancor followed her, eying the Jedi carefully.

    Then it recognized Titus and its gaze became more like a puppy having found an old playmate. Her owner, who had already been watching them for a moment, gave her boyfriend a grin as Titus raised his hands in a played surrender.

    Typh’s jaw fell as he raised his hands, glaring at both the woman and rancor in front of them. He caught the rancor change in its demeanor after looking at Titus—its arms went down and jaw closed. And the look in the creature’s eyes seemed... happy. If the rancor recognizes Titus, then they were safe. Then a grin crossed Typh’s face. But he would not rush out front and start asking questions like when they met Marie—just wait for Titus to confirm what he suspected.

    “Well, you got us,” Titus said, trying to keep his voice serious so Daria could enjoy her little game a moment longer. “What now?”

    Daria grinned as she took a rope from her belt. “Get both of you tied up and then back to the tribe. You already know the drill and the boy... I think he will fetch a decent sum of money.” But as she reached her boyfriend, she dropped the rope and instead pulled him into a tight hug while beginning to kiss him.

    Titus felt how his face became red as he returned the hug, as well as the kiss. He knew Dathomirian women were more direct in things like this, but wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to do this in front of his padawan. So he only allowed Daria’s tongue to explore his mouth for a moment before breaking the kiss and turning back to Typh.

    As he was still seeking for the best words to introduce the two with each other, Daria had already taken his students hand. “Hi, you must be Typh, I’m Daria. Titus told me he has an apprentice but has been rather tied lipped about him. Nice to finally met you.”

    Typh felt a whole lot of cringe swell up inside as the two partners embraced before him. Emotion—yet peace. Passion—yet serenity, he thought to himself. His repeating parts of the Jedi code while facetiously glancing around helped ameliorate the uncomfortable feelings. As the representative from Singing Mountain Clan advanced towards him, he covered one hand over the other in front of himself and bowed. “Greetings Daria. I am Padawan Learner Typh Dracon. It is nice to meet you as well.” He peered into her eyes, looking for assurance his greeting was proper.

    Daria’s grin grew a bit. “Well, you are quite formal, aren’t you? Reminds me of someone I knew a while ago.” She threw a glance at Titus.

    “You have to forgive him,” Titus came to Typh’s aid. “I told him we were meeting someone very important to me.”

    Daria smiled at her lover, “well isn’t that cute of you, Titus?” She chuckled before turning back to Typh. “You don’t need to worry, I’m no clan mother, you relax yourself.”

    Typh let his hands drop to his sides and edged the corners of his mouth upward. While they were in the company of Daria, he figured they would be safe. However, he would also have to be ready to avert his gaze elsewhere while Titus and Daria were about to embrace to avoid the sensation of acid reflux burning his upper chest.

    “Thank you, Daria. I very much appreciate the welcome.” He was trying to relax, but something inside of him felt like being solemn. “Dathomir is a beautiful planet from what I have seen so far. And with your help, I am hoping we will get to explore some very interesting places.” Typh suddenly realized how warm he was and could feel cool sweat running across his pores. He closed his eyes and for a moment pretended he was swimming in one of the serene mountain lakes. It helped him loosen up a bit.

    “Sure,” Daria said smiling. “Depends on how much time you two have?”

    “We are supposed to be back tomorrow but could stay longer if we send a com message, I guess,” Titus responded. Then he turned towards his padawan. “You still want to climb up the entire mountain? The view from there is great.” Then, with a twinkle, he added. “And don’t worry Daria and I will keep the snogging to my tent from now on.”

    “Master, yes, I would very much like to climb to the top.” He nodded energetically, shifting his gave between Titus and Daria. Typh looked towards the mountain peak and thought about how awesome it will be to see the view from up there.

    “Well then, lets go,” Daria said as she picked up her rope and put it back on her belt before leading them up the mountain, her Rancor slowly following them while curiously sniffing at Typh.

    “Don’t worry,” Titus told his Padawan. “She won’t hurt you, she is like a puppy, in the body of a giant predator.” Then, stepping a bit closer, he muttered quietly enough for Daria not to hear them. “A bit like her mistress, to be honest. Don’t be afraid to talk to her or ask her questions.”

    Typh bowed to acknowledge his master and reflected for a moment. He recognized there were a lot of questions which could be asked as they strode with Daria and her pet rancor. “So, Daria. I was wondering if you could tell me more about your family and clan?”

    “We are the most honored daughters of Allya, and her most faithful. Our founder was her eldest and strongest daughter, even though your friends at the Misty Falls tribe might claim something else...” She made a pause, exchanging a quick look with Titus. “Or that’s at least what our elders claim. In truth these days the tribe is a collection of old women trying life in the past and young girls filled with ambition. Teneniel, my aunt a couple times removed, slowly reformed the tribe, but since she left for Hapes things have gone back to the way they used to be. Men are slaves there.” Then with a twinkle she added, “but you don’t need to worry, as Jedi you are exempt and even if you weren’t one, I don’t hunt boys, unless they ask me to.” She playfully placed a hand on Titus’s arm.

    His face turned red, and he muttered, “Daria, please, not in front of my padawan.”

    For a moment Daria just wanted to roll her eyes, but remembering Typh’s reaction to their kiss, she lowered her gaze.

    Instead Titus continued, “Daria hopes to change things. She is related to the current matriarch, who is nearing the end of her life.”

    “Allana gave me her blessing, but there are other claimants so there will be a contest to decide who will lead the tribe when the time comes.” Daria explained.

    Typh was captivated by the knowledge Daria was related to Teneniel Djo. They continued walking a little, and Typh simply looked away when he saw her and Titus getting close. It was something he would have to get used to—part of growing up, he thought. Lots of worse things in the galaxy, like sand. He really didn’t like sand. “It sounds like the path ahead for you and your clan is complicated.” He scratched his head and wondered if Titus would want to be on Dathomir for Daria when the contests occurred. But that was between Titus and Daria. “I read Teneniel was capable of using Spell of Storm. Are you able to cast Spell of Storm as well?”

    “Matter of fact, I can,” Daria said with a proud smile. “Not as good as she could, yet. But still.”

    Typh’s eyes widened, and a huge grin developed. “I would love to see Spell of Storm cast! Maybe later today after setting up camp?”

    “We might be able to do that,” Daria said with a twinkle.
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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Kata Sai, Adrian Malek, Marie Firestone, Adalia Tehanis - a Mission for @Kato Sai and much thanks to @Anedon for the loan of Adrian Malek!!
    Dathomir - a Lesson in The Force. - continuation of the first arrival in the first posts. ;)

    Marie had not seen Adalia for sometime and talking to her former squadron leader always made her feel reminiscent. "I do miss it, but what I have here far outweighs it Addie."

    "I miss it too, but the need to give knowledge has over taken most things these days." She glanced as her newest apprentice approached, looking up to him as he was exceptionally tall. "Kato Sai, this is Marie Firestone, Misty Falls Clan leader and Matriarch."

    The Titanic Padawan bowed his head in greeting. “It is an honor to meet you Clan Leader Marie.” Kato had never met a witch before, he had heard of them on his home world. His Father was dismissive of matriarchal leaders, but not Kato. He saw in the fairer sex not weakness, but a strength lacking in his own. His mother had endured great torment and yet never stopped showering love upon him. She was the light in his dark world then.

    Marie returned the bowed head. "And you Kato, Adalia tells me you have a very interesting background. I hope Dathomir helps you on your Jedi journey." She glanced at her former Squadron leader. "Tell me, what do you know of my home?"

    The Padawan cleared his throat to answer Marie. “From my research it was originally home to Kwa for eons, a reptile species that built The Infinity Gate for interstellar travel and defensive weaponry. Later this world was conquered by Rakata who built the Starforge weapon. There were seers from Jed’aii Order, our forerunners, who came here and settled. Then the Brotherhood of Darkness Sith Order made Dathomir its training hub for apprentices and acolytes during the Great Galactic War. There was rogue Jedi Knight named Allya who was banished to your planet, who I understand is founder of Witches of Dathomir, who keep her teachings in The Book of the Law. Suffice to say this place is a vergence in the Force from which Force users draw great strength, power, and inspiration. However, most surprising to me is your native species is the Rancor, and contrary to common misconception, they are semi-sentient, not mindless monsters.

    Kato gave another bow. He knew that his response was a mere summary, that he had not scratched the surface of the mysteries of Dathomir. Now with Marie and his Master’s help he hoped to delve deeper into this rich nexus that inspired empires and asceticism; technological milestones and a shedding of technological bonds.

    Marie raised her eyebrow and turned to Adalia. "You got a good one here, he'd do well to teach the children." She shot her a wry smile.

    Adalia smiled and turned to Kata. "Well done in your research my Padawan, once again you impress me." Adalia knew the young man was capable of so much, and knew he took this all very seriously. "Misty Falls Clan is a little different to most here, and you will understand that when we get there."

    "A little." Marie chuckled. "Tell that to the men in the other clans."

    Kato pale face flushed a rosy color at the praise. He felt himself quite out of his depth. Dathomir had always been a place of legends, now he was there in the flesh and would fave the reality.

    “You do me great honor Marie. I do enjoy teaching.” Kato then turned to his Master, “Thank you Master, my aim is to make you proud.”

    The Mist Falls Clan, the Padawan had little knowledge of this particular clan. He only knew what they were attempting differed from the other clans. He hoped more would be revealed soon.

    The remark about men caught his attention. He had heard many witches on Dathomir did not permit men to rule, strictly matriarchal. He hoped this exchange between his Master and Marie would become clearer in time.

    Marie led the way till the jungle opened to a rocky outcrop, and above a freighter was taking off from the top of a large outcrop. "Welcome to Misty Falls!" She announced. Around the main street, there were several people, men, women and children going about their daily routine. None turned to acknowledge them.


    The buildings were a mix of modern and privative, some quite beautiful. She led them to a door, opening it, "here are my personal guest quarters, when your other Jedi and his padawan return, they can also stay here."


    "There are 6 bedrooms in here, plenty for all."


    Marie turned to Adalia. "I have some business to attend too, Adrian and I will join you for dinner tonight, our treat."

    Adalia hugged her friend. "Thank you for this Sweets." Marie turned and strode away and she turned to Kato. "Let's get settled." In the distance the roar of an engine being tested could be heard as around them in the street people carried wood, food and other supplies from the nearby markets.


    Entering the large lounge area Adalia turned to Kato. "Tell me your thoughts Kato, I'd be interested to hear them and ask any questions." She knew more than she was letting on but wanted him to explore this himself.

    The Padawan took in the sights of the streets, and the beautiful architecture of old buildings among the new. He had always been drawn to ancient designs, even on Korriban. He’d often play among the pyramids as a lad. As they entered the comfy quarters he bid Marie farewell as she left, “Thank you for these accommodations, I look forward to dinner.” He gave a slight bow and took a seat at his Master’s behest.

    He did have many questions. “Firstly, I heard you both talking about the men being different here at Misty Falls, how so? Is this not also a matriarchal clan?”

    Adalia found a chair and after dropping her bag flopped into it. "It's very different here, because of Marie." She gestured for him to make himself comfortable. "Marie has been out in the real galaxy, she fought in the Vong war alongside myself. She saw equality, and had to learn to live with it in my squadron. Marie is an exception to the Dathomirian rules and lifestyle." She looked away wistfully for a moment. "When she came home she spent nearly 10 years trying to change things here. She set up a ship repair business as the planet opened up to the galaxy, and she did something so off the wall. She employed men, she trained them and paid them. This was so far from customs that there was a lot of backlash from the older Clan women. Marie was determined but her mother was Clan leader and very stubborn when it came to her daughters views. Backward by Galactic standards really. Anyway, " she shifted herself in the chair, "Marie met her husband," she glanced at Kato, "Yes she married him, very un-Dathomirian, and things began to change. Adrian is not from here, he's actually from a Noble house on Eriadu so being a servant to a woman was never on his agenda." She gave an amused snort, "was a rough time for a little while but Marie decided to set and example and she has. She's since taken control and things around here have changed. Men are more equal, they get a choice and women even work the fields along side them." She smiled. "Adrian was the first man taught to hunt and ride a rancor here."

    The Padawan listened as his Master told him the history of Marie and her reforms of the clan. The part about marriage peeked his interest, he had taken a ln old Jedi vow to remain celibate, but perhaps that was impulsive. The Force works in mysterious ways, if it called him to do as Marie did, would he respond?

    Kato leaned forward as he drew his attention back to his Master’s words. There was one question that festered in him. “Are there clans in opposition to what Marie has achieved? Perhaps even willing to do her harm?” Kato’s mind was always fixed on the present danger or conceivable one. He had the heart of a Guardian.

    Adalia gave a sage nod. "I do believe so, she is seen as a target by other Clans." She paused, "Change is often difficult for so many. They see it as a threat to what they know, to what they believe." She lifted her hand and placed a finger on her lips, tapping a few times. "Change is often necessary and the way we adapt to it is key." She stood without warning. "Choose a bedroom, I will do the same and maybe dress more for this climate. Its warm and humid, I suspect our robes are ......over doing it."

    Kato nodded as he listen to Adalia talk about change. He himself had experienced major change in his life. As she finished and suggested they choose a room and dress more appropriately, Kato obliged. His mind fixated on those who would resist change and if they would attempt to assassinate Marie. Perhaps that was why they were on Dathomir, to protect this haven of equality from being snuffed out before it could mature and affect greater change.

    She waited in the common area, leggings and a tank top matched with low ankle boots, her overly long hair tied in a knot on her head. At her low slung belt hung her lightsaber and strapped to her leg was a vibroblade.

    Kato emerged from his room in grey short sleeve shirt, and khaki shorts which had a brown belt and his training saber dangling from it. He joined Adalia common area.

    “I am ready Master.”

    "Shall we explore?" She asked. "Is there something that you'd like to see?"

    "Yes Master. I wish to see more of this planet. Perhaps even rancors?”

    Adalia nodded. She knew of Fluffy, she'd even ridden Fluffy so if she was there it might be a good place to start. "Ok, I know of one who is particularly tame and is very good with males. Come on." She guided him through the village, a few turned to look at the pair but none protested or questioned their presence. There was one woman who said hello, an older woman who was familiar with the woman. Finally they reached an area where there were large fenced off areas. Adalia stopped and pursed her lips. "Fluffy isn't here." She muttered, at that moment the sound of a Rancor approaching was heard and turning she grinned as she saw the Rancor she'd been searching for approaching. Adrian was riding her. "Good to see you!" She called to him, it looked as if he'd been hunting.

    The Padawan followed his Master to the corral, if it could be called that. There he saw the titan, the creature most feared in the galaxy after the Sarlaac. He wondered how they had been tamed, was it some kind of witchery or trust built between the Clan and the rancors? He had so many questions racing through his head, but choose to observe, and listen. He knew answers were forthcoming.

    Before Adrian could respond Adalia turned to Kato. "This is Fluffy, she's been Marie's, and now her husband Adrian's Rancor for as far back as I can recall. Do not just approach her without her knowing you, she will eat you." She turned back and held her hand out as the massive animal approached, "Hello baby, tis good to see you."

    "Hello Adalia," Adrian said with a smile as he looked down to the two Jedi. He patted Fluffys head. "Its okay girl, they are on our side." He hadn't expected them just yet but was glad to see his former commander again. Jumping from the saddle he landed next to her. "Good to see you again."

    Adalia touched Fluffy's extended hand before turning to hug Adrian. "Been a while." She turned, "This is my Padawan Kato Sai, Kato, this is Adrian Malek, husband to Clan Leader Marie." She spun back to Adrian, "did I miss any of your title?"

    The Padawan gave a bow. “It is a honor to meet you Adrian.” He marveled at how Adrian and His Master petted and interacted with the Rancor. They made the creature seem no more threatening than a Bantha.

    "You could say Co leader of the Clan these days," Adrian said gently but not with a bit of pride in his voice. Then he turned to Kato. "Thanks, nice to meet you as well." Then with a twinkle he added. "Seems Adalia has found someone new to take under her wings."

    She laughed lightly. "I'm forever taking kids in, you know that." She turned to the Rancor. "And how is he treating you Fluffy? Good I hope?" The animal let out a low growl as it lowered it's massive head to look at her, Adalia gently reached out and placed her hand on its nose. "You're such a good boy." The beast snorted and let out another more positive sound before standing up and roaring. "That good huh?" Adalia laughed before turning to Kato. "Fluffy is well trained, but trust is the most important thing with any animal, wild or trained. Its takes time to establish such a trust and longer for it to allow you to ride it, am I right Adrian?"

    "You are, though she is a girl," Adrian said with a grin. "When I first meet her she didn't trust me at all and well, lets just say my dear sister had an even worse time when she was first introduced to her."

    Adalia frowned, "how did I forget that, sorry girl." She felt a little foolish but it passed quickly.

    Kato felt an impulse to back away when the Rancor roared. His instincts of self preservation kicked in, but he trust the Force. If his Master could be so close and not receive harm, then there was nothing to fear. The Padawan stepped closer, and stood next to Adalia. “Is it advisable to use our power, The Force to create an animal bond?”

    "Don't try to force a bond," Adrian explained. "Rancors are intelligent creatures. Fluffy would realize you are messing with her and react accordingly. Instead treat her with respect and she might eventually form a bond with you." He made pause before he continued. "In a way you don't simply ride a Rancor, they agree to carry you on their back, or not. If they accept you that's enough, they will make sure you stay there, unless you jump of. Its hard to form such a bond though and takes quite some time. Fluffy bonded with Marie, myself and to a lesser extend my sister. Though she still loves spraying mud all over Ilona whenever she sees her."

    “I see, I shall refrain from such techniques.” The Padawan looked closer at Fluffy. To earn trust would not be easy as Adrian and his Master had made clear. Patience was key, something Kato needed to master. He was use to quick results in the archived or in lightsaber sparring, but here required a slow approach.

    Adalia sensed is feelings. "Patience is the Jedi way, not everything has to be done now." She winked.

    Kato nodded, “Yes..” He knew that he needed patience, but inside him there was a thirst, a unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and to accomplish things. He knew this mission should act as a temper, to help shape the areas in which he had deficiencies. But was even that analysis missing the point? Why was he so restless? He hid it from Adrian and the others, but he knew Adalia could see through the mask, though he no longer wore an actual mask.

    She regarded him. "Adrian, if you don't mind I'm going to take Kato to the Falls, to view them only and possibly circumnavigate them." Adalia knew the place was considered special, if not sacred, she knew the Force was strong there as the life teamed around the Water falls.

    "Okay, see you at dinner then, Colonel," he gave Adalia a joking salute before he climbed back into Fluffy's saddle.

    "Not for a while now, Youngblood!" She retorted with a grin before turning to Kato. "Shall we?"

    Kato nodded. He wasn’t sure if it was his restlessness or the fact they would be putting some distance between them and the rancor that made him glad to leave.

    They walked in silence for 5 or so minutes, Adalia stopping from time to time to look at what seemed to be nothing but she was sensing life, emotions like fear, caution, curiosity and violent intent. They were all out there as the jungle was teeming with life. "Tell me Kato, do you feel it? Do you feel the 'bright life' around you?" She stopped, her keen green eyes looking into the darkness of the thick undergrowth. "Tell me what's there?" She breathed softly.

    Kato reached out, and he saw instead in his mind a black forest, and the vines were squid like tentacles, emerging from it was a figure who breathed heavily and ignited a red saber. It wore a mask to breathe. Kato came back, his face pale and cold. His pupils trembling. Why had this vision come? “Master.. I feel cold, I see.. darkness, death.”

    Adalia watched him carefully. "Not the death you believe it to be." She placed a calming hand on his arm. "Not all death is unnecessary. Not all death is in malice." She reached out and sensed the scene, "Feeding is necessary, its a balance. A Lesser Nydark is feeding. Yes they are aggressive," she spoke quietly, "But if we move past we should be fine. The creature did not kill for pleasure or revenge, merely for food. Death and pain come in all forms, its intent that denotes its path." She indicated with her hand to follow.

    Kato knew his Master’s words were true. As Master Yoda had said, “death is a natural part of life.” (Revenge of the Sith, holorecording). The Padawan followed his Master to the falls.

    To be continued.
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    Dec 7, 2020
    His boots crunched down on decayed leaves as they renewed their trek towards the mountain. Typh’s eyes kept dancing between the mountain in front and the rancor beside him. The rancor’s smell was something else entirely; however, unlike in the rancor pit, at least they were outside, and the breeze rushing around them carried the worst of it away. Where was the rancor in the pit from, anyway?

    “Master, did the rancor in the rancor pit come from Dathomir?”

    “I’m not sure,” Titus said. “Sone of the Rancors there were stolen from Dathomir, other born and breed in captivity. There is quite bit of demand for Rancors in certain circles.”

    “Alya’s curse should hit the people doing this,” Daria said with anger in her voice. “What they do to Rancors, they twist and turn them into monsters.” She patted her Rancor on the side. “If we catch some of these smugglers we feed them to the Rancors, a fitting end if you ask me.”

    “I think whoever runs the rancor pit should hope you never show up to duel,” Typh laughed as they continued up the mountain. “How far up is your rancor able to climb?”

    “Then maybe we should seek them out,” Daria said with a dark look on her face.

    “She will come with us as far as she can,” Titus said in regard to the Rancor. “But we don’t have to worry about leaving her behind near the end. She can protect herself.”

    Typh continued to climb and looked towards the mountain peak. It was perhaps another half day climb.
    “Should we setup camp here, Master?”

    “Sure,” Titus agreed, and pointed to a small batch of woodland not too far ahead. “Would suggest us seeking shelter in there.”

    They walked for a moment beneath the trees before deciding to make camp.

    “Sure you want to sleep beneath the Stars?” Daria asked him with a grin as she and Titus began setting up their tent.

    “Oh, no worries about me. I’m used to it,” Typh said with a grin. Back at the Guardians of Light temple, he was still waiting for his own room, and had been sleeping outside in the gardens. He shuffled through his backpack and found some ration bars, then looked back at Daria. “Did you want one? They don’t taste good. They really don’t taste like anything to be honest but will fill you up.”

    “Sure,” Daria said as she took the bar. Then she walked over to her Rancor and pulled something out of the saddlebags. A small bag filled with dried meat, which she handed to Typh. “Here, if you want to eat something that has actual taste to it tonight.” She gave him a smile. “Doesn’t Titus get you something real to eat usually? Guess I’ll have to have a serious word with him about that.” She twinkled at the Padawan.

    “Thank you Daria,” Typh bowed, taking the dried meat. He then sat down on a log and began taking a long, satisfying bite. It tasted delicious. “What type of meat is this?”

    “Human,” Daria said with a twisted grin. “If the Rancors leave something behind, we don’t mind take...”

    “Daria,” Titus said, shaking his head, but he smiled as well.

    “Well, in truth it from a Blooma, some of the easier creatures to hunt around here,” Daria assured Typh.

    Typh smiled at Titus. “Don’t worry, I could tell if it were human,” he said, finishing up his food. He then gobbled down a ration bar, drank some water, and sorted out his sleeping bag, readying it. “Well, I know you two are going to be in the tent. I’m going to get some sleep. Thank you again Daria for the food!” He smiled, then as quickly as his head hit the sleeping bags built in the pillow, he fell asleep.

    Daria placed an arm around Titus’s shoulder. “He is a good boy, you know. Maybe a little bit too serious for his own good yet, but I’m sure we can get that out of him in time.” “We?” Titus raised an eyebrow. “If you don’t mind, I’ll come along with you two for now, at least to the Misty Falls Clan. You know, if I one day want to become the leader of the Singing Mountain Tribe I should have the support of our neighbors.” “Right, then lets just hope Marie doesn’t put you in irons for that Fall jumping incident.” Titus teased her, and they both chuckled. They spend a long time sitting next to each other in front of the tent, quietly talking and watching down the Mountain before they eventually went to sleep as well.

    As he woke up the next morning, Typh stretched out his arms and felt a thick leathery hide. He yawned a little and wiped the drool away from the side of his mouth. He then tried to roll over, grasping a long claw as he shifted his weight. Suddenly, his eyes shot open as he looked around. Somehow he was in the arms of Daria’s rancor, which had taken Typh in his arms and cuddled him like a Tooka doll.

    “Um... Titus...Daria,” he whispered, so as not to startle the rancor. “A little help, please?”

    Daria crawled out of the tent, a bow slung over her shoulder, as she heard Typh’s voice. For a second a grin filled her face, but then she saw the fear in the young man’s eyes and rushed over to him. Placing a hand on her Rancor’s side, “easy there girl, he isn’t you plaything.” Her voice was stern, but soft as well. That of a mother scolding a child after a harmless prank. As the Rancor opened her claw, Daria was there to catch Typh. “It’s okay, got you, sorry for that.” She hoped he would find some amusement in the whole situation now that it was over.

    “She took a liking to you,” she told him. Then, remembering something Titus had said, she continued. “You wanted to ride a Rancor didn’t you? I was going to hunt for our breakfast and, with Titus a little tied up right now, do you want to come with me?”

    “It would be an honor to join you on a hunt, Daria. Just let me know what I need to do.” Typh smiled as he moved beside her. “Oh, and um... what are we going to be hunting for breakfast?”
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    May 11, 2016
    IC: Titus, Daria, Typh, Marie, Adrian (combo with @ZV-83 and @Adalia-Durron)

    It had become evening again when Titus, Daria and Typh finally reached the Misty Falls Tribe. There Adrian awaited them. "Good to see you 'cousin'" he told Titus with a smile.

    "Likewise," Titus responded, still surprised how much living on Dathomir had changed Adrian.

    "And there is the girl from the pool," Adrian´s smile grew into a grin as he approached Daria. "My wife wants to have a serious word with you."

    Daria returned his gaze unfazed, "then what do we wait for?"

    Lastly Adrian´s attention turned to Typh, "where are my manners? Allow me to welcome you as well to our tribe. Adalia has already told us a bit about you yesterday."

    "Thank you Adrian, it is an honor to meet you and be welcomed by the Misty Falls Tribe," Typh gently bowed in appreciation. "I look forward to learning more about the Misty Falls Tribe."

    Marie knew where Adrian was and standing quietly in the evening shadows she waited for her moment, knowing Titus would know she was there. She burst forward. "Where is that young woman you told me of Adrian, the one who broke all our rules and traditions for no other reason than a laugh?" She asked standing tall and slamming her spear into the ground.

    "That would be me," Daria said as she returned Marie´s look without any hint of fear. "Though in my defense, its been a ritual of the Singing Mountain Clan for generations. Tenel Ka herself did it."

    Titus stepped a bit closer to Typh, to reassure him and so he wouldn´t feel threatened. "If its to be punished," he then said, slowly. "I was there as well as your husband might have told you."

    Typh raised an eyebrow at the back and forth, unsure of what to make of the scene unfolding before him. He reached out into the Force for guidance and felt that for the moment at least, it would be better for him to remain calm, quiet, and collected.

    "Its is a ritual of your clan to desecrate the sacred place of our clan?" Marie questioned intensely. "This is a crime that can only be solve by war."

    "Its a show of courage," Daria said, insecure for a moment, but then she decided to double down on what she had said before. "To prove our worth as the first and favorite daughters of Allya."

    Titus placed a hand on her shoulder, fearing she might go too far here.

    Adrian exchanged a look with Marie at Daria´s last words. She might use a lesson doesn´t she? His eyes giving away the unspoken question.

    "Courage? You feel flouting our laws is nothing more than a foolish act of courage? An act that could bring about the deaths of many a warrior? Keeping in mind Misty Falls clan is not all women, our men are as skilled and powerful, some more so, as our women!" Marie almost growled. "Are you willing to be the reason for a war with your insolence?"

    "I..." Daria began but Titus strengthened his grip on her shoulder. She looked at her boyfriend for a moment, realizing that she had gone too far. "No, Matriach Firestone, if you feel I insulted your tribe, I am willing to fight over the matter in the ring. Just you and..."

    "Marie," Titus addressed her directly. "You can believe me that in no point did we intend to insult you or your clan. If you think we have then punish me for it. Daria mostly went there so she could see if I had the courage."

    "Don´t touch Titus," Daria growled, her voice shaking. "If you want to punish someone then take me." Her defiance was gone as she knelt down in front of Marie.

    Marie looked to her boots as she tried to suppress a smirk, glancing sideways at Adrian with her eyebrows raised. Once composed she looked up. "Misty Falls is a clan of equality, we treat our men equally. With that in mind, Adrian will decide your fate."

    Titus relaxed himself a bit, it wouldn't be too bad if Adrian would decide...

    "Well I warned you the last time didn't I?" Adrian said, his voice cold. "This time we need something harsher it seems. You tried to mock our tribe. So now its only fair if you serve it. Daria, time for you to learn real work, you will clean our Rancor pens, and in the fields. Titus, my dear mother in law the former matriarch asked for a new personal slave a while ago, I think she will be happy to hear we found one."

    He turned to Marie, "can you get collars for them? Then I will get Sunil'na to give them their slave tattoos."

    Then he turned to Typh, "sorry young one. Seems you need a new master."

    Typh ran a hand through his hair as he struggled to remain calm. "Are there are no other options, perhaps a fine of some kind?"

    "Adrian?" Titus couldn't believe it.

    "You can't do this to us," Daria protested.

    "Can we not?" Marie asked in a haughty tone. "This is Our Clan, you disrespected us.......what would you do?"

    "Our tribe has the might of Hapes to call upon," Daria said desperation in her voice. "They won´t let this go through."

    "Please, Adrian," Titus. "Last time you said your tribe would lock kids who did that in the dungeon for a week or so, not this?"

    "You lock kids up in dungeons?" Typh turned towards Marie with a surprised look his face. He quickly stood back up straight as he saw the expression on her face lighten up.

    Marie looked to Adrian and smirked. "Now?"

    "I think Daria could make for a good jester in our court, she comes up with ridiculous lies, and Titus he is just so adorable trying to beg." Adrian returned the smirk. "Maybe we take both of them? Enjoy their routine?"

    "Mother could use a good laugh, I know I could too." She leaned on her spear and turned to the group with amused smiled on her face.

    "Well, then its settled," Adrian said clasping his hands. "You´ve caused enough trouble for our tribe, time you cause some joy."

    Titus and Daria looked at each other, unsure what to make of this.

    Marie giggled, unable to contain herself.

    "Seems we´ve already succeeded with one of them." Titus said, at least trying to act more relaxed than he really was.

    Now Adrian also couldn´t contain himself and allowed his hidden chuckle to break out.

    Daria slowly stood up again. "Matriarch Firestone, it seems we have found our new professions." A smirk appeared on her face. "When I came here I was hoping to convince you to let me stay in your court for a while. I didn´t expect it to happen this way, but I will take it."

    "Good, this could be fun." Marie pulled her spear free of the ground. "Adrian, if you'd be so kind as to lead them to hell,...I mean their punishment."

    "You heard it jesters," Adrian growled a bit. "Get moving inside, dinner time is approaching and we like some entertainment during our meal."

    "Any chance I could I see this dungeon Matriarch Firestone?" Typh inquired. "I'm just a little curious."

    "Of course, the accommodation there is wonderful, you get to chained to a wall in the damp stone room and then we turn the lights out" She turned and began to walk, "all manner of creatures come out in the dark!"

    “Perhaps I could go on my own for just a quick... uh... self-guided tour. I don’t want to be a burden and get anyone all tied up. Including myself.” Typh grinned. “Also I wouldn’t want to miss out on the entertainment a dinner.”

    "Don´t look at me," Daria raised her hands with a smile. "I only tie up boys who want to be. Though, I think in either case its for our host to decide how we continue."

    Adrian looked at Marie, "we could make a quick detour before the dinner."

    Marie was busy, she snorted and rolled her eyes. "If you want, have fun."

    Typh smiled. "Thank you!" His stomach rumbled a bit. "But not too long a detour."

    "Well then lets go," Adrian said, as he looked up to the center of the tribal village, to the large stone building where he had been sold to Marie on his very first day on Dathomir.

    As they moved through the village of the Misty Falls Tribe, Typh paused for a moment to glance back and think about the course they had taken to get to this point. Although they still had some business to wrap up on Dathomir, and he was absolutely looking forward to whatever entertainment Titus and Daria were planning. He knew the rest of the adventure would be over in the blink of an eye. Before he knew it, he’d be back on the shuttle heading to the temple where he wouldn’t have to speculate about what creature would squeeze him in its arms when he woke up at dawn. That’s a positive thing, he told himself as he picked up the pace and caught up with the others.
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