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Fantasy Legends of Caledonia (A Fantasy Adventure of Magic and Mayhem)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Master_Starsun, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. Master_Starsun

    Master_Starsun Jedi Youngling

    Jan 3, 2010
    Caledonia, land of magic, land of monsters. The year is 1120 of the Chaos Age. The five kingdoms are in the midst of a brutal and bloody war. Magic is a central part of life and politics here. The story begins in Telvannil, a small nation whose power used to stretch across the land. Telvannil is now little more than a battle ground for warring nations. To the north and west is the Navan Forest, whose elven population believe in harmony with nature. The Navans are at war with the Liches that reside in the Wastelands of the Shadow expanse, which is directly east of the forest. To the south of Telvannil is the Tormundor Mountains, home of the Dwarves, Tormundor isn't at war, but it's borders are currently closed. To the west of Telvannil is Kristdom, the most powerful kingdom in Caledonia. Kristdom is the kingdom of man and views all other nations as heathenous. Kristdom often fights in Telvannil with the nation that resides on the eastern side of Caledonia, the Magistocracy. The Magistocracy believes in the study of mana and not the Celestials that the Kristdomians worship. The heroes gather in a local tavern to forget their troubles when a stranger approaches them...

    "Hello there strangers." the man says. He wears chainmail armor and bears the symbol of King Thorsden on his helm and tunic. In these days wearing the symbol of the last Telvannil king will get you killed. This man, however, wears the emblem boldly. His speach continues, "I regret to lay such a burden on this group, but I fear that the Kristdom paladins will be here shortly and are not going to be pleased with me." The strange old man passes a sealed envelope to the center of the table and says, "Take this to Redorick. He'll know what to do." The man then slides his chair back and takes a seat at the bar. After a moment of confusion an arrow soars through a window and ends the stranger. Following the arrow are torches which set the tavern ablaze. The party spies the bartender taking a back door and follow. Once outside the party realize that the paladins don't know of the escape route and are already leaving.
    TAG to whomever takes up the path of an adventurer of Caledonia and PM's me a CS.

    The world is Caledonia and the races available to play are the agile, wise, and long lived Elves. The smart, resourceful, and numerous Humans. The stalwart, stocky, and often drunk Dwarves.
    The tech of the world is much like the dark age Europe of Earth.
    Players are limited to one heroic character, no evil characters will be initially accepted.
    Godmodding is lame and therefore not allowed.
    Flamming usually isn't a problem, but it isn't acceptable anyways.
    The CS is as follows;
    Class/Character concept:
    Other Equipment:
    Remember to be reasonable on your equipment.

    Xan Edit: Locked to make way for a new game.
  2. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    GM approved

    Name: Tyrion Du'shannar
    Race: Elf
    Class/Character concept: blademaster
    Age: 656
    Appearance: 5'8 shoulder length light brown hair held back in a top knot, hazel eyes, sharp/ chiselled features, slim athletic build.
    Personality: wry sense of humour, quiet, hides his emotions behind caustic comments, deep sense of personal honour.
    Weapon(s): Elven single edge longsword across back, long bladed dagger
    Armor: intricatly tooled light brown leather armour, greaves, pauldrons, knee length green tunic slit up the legs to the waist, dark brown leather boots.
    Other Equipment: small backpack, travel rations, throwing knives, water bottle
    born into a noble elven family he was raised since he was young to defend his country and people, his father was a renowned warrior and Tyrion made it his mission to follow in his fathers footsteps, serving in several campaigns in defence of the elven homeland earning himself the title of blademaster, and teacher to the elven royal family, however the war has taken its toll on the elven peoples and Tyrion has set off to find a way to end the war in the elves favour
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