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JCC Let's focus on Highlander Season 1 / Episode 3 - "Road Not Taken"

Discussion in 'Community' started by --Stranger--, Jul 12, 2020.

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    Sep 13, 2012
    When Russell Mulcahy made "Highlander" back in '86, he didn't only make a sci-fi movie, but he also created a huge universe within the film.Much like George Lucas did in the '77-made first SW movie and Peter Yates achieved in his '83-released film "Krull", Mr Mulcahy constructed a science-fiction world with "only one" movie that managed to enthrall the viewers with its story.In some ways, its (the film's) theme was simple: Too many, countless immortals fighting among themselves to get a substantial, tremendeous prize which was remained unknown until the very movie's end.The story of an unending battle in the cause to seize the prize, a battle that persists through the medieval/dark ages and continues in the alleys of modern day New York.The movie was so successful; it became a great refence in director Russell Mulcahy's, producers Peter S. Davis' and William N Panzer's careers, consolidated Clancy Brown's place in the sector (IMHO, Mr Brown had the best acting performance in the movie) , and ascended Christopher Lambert's status to stardom.

    I wasn't surprised that five years after the film's triumph in Holywood (and in the international scope as well), a sequel ("Highlander 2:The Quickening") had been released in theaters.Even though the movie wasn't as successful as the first one, it was followed by three more sequels ("Highlander 3: The Sorcerer", "Highlander: Endgame" and "Highlander: The Source") .Right after the second movie appeared in theaters, a series (named "Highlander") showed up on tv which was telling the story of an another immortal who'd emerged from ("again") the MacLeod clan, named Duncan MacLeod.Adrian Paul; who was then an unknown actor, stepped into the role of the new sword-swinger :) Scottish warrior.Much lile the sequel movies, the tv show was enriching the Highlander Universe with each episode, and much like the first movie of the Highlander Saga, it (the show) became very successful, so much so that it lasted for six seasons, and a spin-off series ("Highlander: The Raven") was derived from it.And also, in addition to the movies and tv shows, with comics, novels , and a 2-seasoned cartoon show; "Highlander: The Animated Series" (that was telling the adventures of Quentin MacLeod and his mentor Ramirez in the distant future world of 27th century) , the story of Mr Mulcahy's '86-made film became a rapidly expanding sci-fic universe.....

    In my recent topic; I will (not write my comments on the first Highlander movie :) , but I will) center upon an episode of the tv show of Highlander.The part in question is the 3rd episode of the tv show's 1st season ("Road Not Taken") ; which starts with a teenager named Gary (who's Richie's friend) riding his bicycle towards a brokerage firm.After he arrives there, he "unconciously" gets in the building, attacks the firm's staff with an extraordinary strength in an attempt of heist.He fails to rob the place, and takes an officer as a hostage.When Gary gets out of the building (with his hostage), he is intercepted by the cops who'd already arrived there.He hurls the hostage aside, falls to the floor in a massive agony, passes out and faints.After Duncan and Richie arrive at the hospital to take a look at Gary's situation, they learn from Sergeant Powell (Wendell Wright) that he'd died a few minutes ago.They get into the room where his (Gary's) corpse is kept, and when Duncan sees bruises on Gary's temporals, it reminds him of a distant memory.Right-after-Richie-draws nigh his friend's dead body with a white quilt, the-scene-changes-to a flashback (of Duncan) from 17th century China.The flashback begins in a pantheon (in China) where Duncan meets with his immortal friend Kiem Sun (Soon-Tek Oh).Kiem Sun invites Duncan to the temple to show the demonstration of a lethal elixir he'd made. For a token of the potion's effect, he orders two of his guards (who'd drunken the very elixir) to fight.Since the elixir'd given them an unnatural strength and make them ignore pain, they begin to duel with a tremendeous effort.

    The fight comes too fierce for Duncan, he requests his friend (Kiem Sun) to stop the deadly duel, and right after Kiem Sun interferes (the fight), the guards begin to feel a great pain, collapse and die.When Duncan gets close to the guards, he notices a mark, a purpleness on one of the guards' temporal (much like the bruises Gary had), and he warns Kiem Sun about the dangers of the potion.After their quarrel, the-scene-changes-to the present day.Duncan knows that the one who's responsible for Gary's demise is Kiem Sun.Since Richie (Stan Kirch) is hell bent on avenging his friend (Gary), he offers his help to Duncan, but he tells Richie that it was an affair between the immortals and strictly exhorts him (Richie) to stay away from it.With using his immortal-instincts, Duncan begins a search for Kiem Sun in the city, and (also with a bit of luck) he eventually finds the mantion where he (Kiem Sun) resides.When he (Duncan) arrives to the place, he sees that Kiem Sun'd still been working on the potion even up to this present time.Then Duncan learns from him that his assistant Chou Lin (Dustin Nguyen) had stolen the elixir and disappeared with it a short while ago.Chou Lin; who's the one behind Gary's robbery attempt (and his death), uses the dangerous potion for his benefits.Towards the episode's end, Duncan&Kiem sun pay a visit to Chou Lin and they find him in a depot where he (Chou Lin) uses for putting his plans into action.They intervene when Chou Lin is about to make his new recruits drink the elixir to manipulate them for his purposes (just like Richie's old friend Gary).In an attempt of finding Gary's killer,Richie and his friend Angie (Christianna Hirt) also get involved in the incident.Unto the end of the part, the depot scenes a mortal showdown between Duncan, Chou Lin and Kiem Sun.....

    The ones who follow my topics shall probably remember; in my "Thor: The Dark World" topic, I stuck by the Sith Master Darth Bane's "Rule of Two" :) and mentioned "two" from both "Beautifull Screenshots", "Shooting Techniques" and "Scene Methods" those I'd observed along the movie.But since my current thread isn't about a feature-length movie, since it's about a 48 minutes-long chapter, I shall apply the Immortals' well-known parole "There Can Be Only One" :) and write only "one" of the "key-factors" I'd noticed throught the very episode (except the positive and negative constituents) .I will divide the topic into 6 parts those are "independent" from each other, which means you could choose and read ANY part you wish..... So, after I announce my explanation (of abiding by the code of "There Can Be Only One") :) , I might begin to make-a-detailed-analysis of the chapter.....

    PART 1 :
    ( This part consists of the positive things I'd observed throught the episode )

    And let's begin the survey by glimpsing at the positive elements from the episode which are : 1) The actor Soon-Tek Oh (who portrays Kiem Sun) puts a great display of acting throught the episode, especially at-the-warehouse-scene towards the episode's end.He also adjusts his face mimics so well.Right after Adrian Paul, he (Soon-Tek Oh) has the best performance.Dustin Nguyen (Chou Lin) and Stan Kirch (Richie)are also doing great, but they come after those two names I'd mentioned when it comes to the exhibition of acting performances.When I watch a tv show or a movie, I give a "great" importance to the actors'/actresses' (acting) performances, that's why I've mentioned about Mr Oh's style of enacting as being the first/foremost item. 2) In the beginning of the episode, I thought Chou Lin was an immortal when I'd firstly watched the chapter.I mean he's a cool-looking, mysterious character, but than it's revealed to the audiences that he "was not" one of the immortals.Even though he isn't an immortal, he's acquinted with their ways; he'd lived with Kiem Sun, he'd worked for him as being his assistance, he'd even learned tactics of sword fighting from him (Kiem Sun), he knows the secrets about immortals and he wants to posses Kiem Sun's potion for his own profits.The makers of the show make a very smart move by-designing-the-character (of Chou Lin) as not being an immortal.He's within the world of immortals, he's aware that they tectly live among humans, he knows all about "The Gathering", but he's a mortal afterall.If he'd been an immortal, that'd be-a-bit-"direct" approach to the (episode's) plot, but his not being one of them (the immortals) gives a moe "complex" appearance to the very chapter, and-enhances-the-importance of the immortals, gains them a massiver sight.

    3) There are four sword-duels in the very episode.If you count between Kiem Sun's guards (that takes place in the middle-age China) as a rencounter, that's the first one.The second is the short fight Duncan makes with Kiem Sun at the garden of his (Kiem Sun's) estate.It may be a concise duel, but it's efficient (and satisfactory to a certain degree).The fight is also the first-of-the-two sword clashes between Duncan and Kiem Sun.The 3rd sword-combat is the fight made between Duncan and Chou Lin in the depot.In the midst of the fight, to ridicule Chou Lin, Duncan slightly turns to Kiem Sun (who calmly watches their campfight, and who's also Chou Lin's sword instructor), and he says (to Kiem Sun) "You taught him well" :).At the end of the fight, Duncan easily beats Chou Lin.And the 4th sword-rencontre occurs between Duncan and Kiem Sun.This is Duncan&Kiem Sun's second duel and it's also the best, the most fulfilling sword-clash in the episode, for it's the duel of two sword-masters (it also results with Duncan's winning).When Kiem Sun fights Duncan in the middle of the episode (in his mantion), he-consciously-looses-the fight, and to make his-defeat-more-believable, in order to make himself appear as if he wasn't a sword master; he says (to Duncan) "I was once a master", and Duncan responds "You were never that good".He (Kiem Sun) cunningly conceals his sword-fighting skills from Duncan up to the last instant; until the depot scene.And right after Duncan overcomes Chou Lin (in the warehouse), Kiem Sun intervenes the clash and kills his assistant (Chou Lin).He (Kiem Sun) tells "Sorry for the intrusion, but he was mine", and when he's about to say "Never let your opponent see all your skills", his phrase gets interrupted by Duncan.As he (Kiem Sun) bids "Never let your opponent.....", Duncan cuts the byword and completes it by saying ".....see all your skills" :) .By swiftly cutting/fulfilling his bidding, Duncan implies-that-from-the first time, he (Duncan) had noticed that Kiem Sun was hiding his combat-skills from him.

    4) In the first "Highlander" film, Connor MacLeod wears a topcoat upon jeans and white-sport shoes, he has a style on his own.But in the tv show, Duncan has a well groomed, tidy turnout.With his clothing (that's the exact opposite of Connor's style) , he gives a quite different image to the notion of "Highlander" along the six-seasoned series.And also, in the episode; he wears a dark blue topcoat, pink shirt, gray slacks and a loafer (well, don't get me wrong, I'm not a fashion designer :) , but to be honest, I like Duncan's way of dressing more, much more than Connor). 5) There're very beautifull screenshots along the episode, but since this isn't the "Golden/Beautifull Screenshots" section, I shall not detailedly write about them.I'll "briefly" explain 3 very frames-those-took-my attension.....The first screenshot appears in the flashback scene that takes place in the temple where Kiem Sun dwells (to take shelter for staying away/safe from other immortals).The colours those outweigh the pantheon are the tones of yellow and red, and parallel-to-that-appearance, Kiem Sun's dress has the same colours.There are two lanterns around Kiem Sun's chair those are slouched from the ceiling.White pennants (again, hanged down from above) appear all around the place and the walls include beautifull patterns peculiar to the acculturation of China.....

    The second picture is included in the scenes-those-are-shot within Kiem Sun's domain in present day (I shall "detailedy"-mention-about-it in the thread's "Golden Screenshots" section).Trees and foliage adorn the garden (of the mantion).The ground has the colour of gray, and green&grey are the colours those predominate the environment.The rooftops are-designed-native-to the far-east culture, and they appear influential.....The third scene (that caches my eye) takes place in the warehouse.Articulated lorry tires, parcels and wooden packaging boxes suffuse backgrounds of the screenshots.The tones of brown and dark blue (but "mostly" the shades of brown) loom large in the place.The appearance of fog in some parts of the depot-adorns-the-visuality.The place's interior is already dark, and when you combine-it-with-a foggy sight,that results as those elements' giving an arcane sight to the story.....

    PART 2 :
    ( The section includes one of the five negative factors from the show's chapter )

    There're also five negative factors I'd beheld along the chapter : 1) After we see Duncan and Kiem Sun in the (Kiem Sun's) residence, they appear in the storage, and it comes a bit "direct" for me.I mean; they (Duncan&Kiem Sun) talk about the potion and Chou Lin in the mantion, and the next time the audiences see them, they show up in the depot.In my opinion,it'd be better if-there-was-a scene that showed Duncan and Chou Lin "in between" the-parts-those-take place in the mantion and warehouse.For instance; there could be a scene that showed them heading towards the wareouse and chatting in Duncan's car.The part might've gone on with their conversation.It might've taken-place-between-the shot that shows Richie&Angie get into the depot and the shot which includes Richie's encounter with Chou Lin, as below:

    The scene begins in the warehouse (that's the original footage).Chou Lin talks with the punks (there-are-five-punks), and tries to convince them for an act of heist.When they refuse Chou Lin's offer, he (Chou Lin) gives the punks Kiem Sun's fatal elixir and tells them that it was a part of an ancient Chinese tradition composing of a tea ceremony; which was a way of remarking that there wouldn't be any hardfeelings between them.He (Chou Lin) tricks them into drinking the potion in order to control them for the robbery he's planning.Unbeknownst to the potion's moribund effects, they (the punks) take it.And when they're about to drink the elixir, Richie&Angie enter the place for getting hold of Chou Lin:

    Richie : Chou Lin!.....Hello?.....Anybody here?.....

    Rrrright-after-Richie-yells "Anybody here?", the-camera-shows-Chou Lin who hides in a dark corner (at 00:36:22), the-scene-cuts-and the very part that I'd assumed begins.The picture shows Duncan&Kiem Sun having a conversation in Duncan's car while they're striking out for the warehouse:

    Kiem Sun : I could never get used to this strange century! I also hate those metalic vehicles (implying cars) , and now they're everywhere. I didn't ever pant for driving any of them. What happened to horse-drawn carriages? You're right MacLeod, I should've never left the 17th century (back in the mantion, Duncan, with a humorous manner, had told him that he shouln't have left the 17th century).

    Duncan : (While driving the car) And it seems you're "stuck" in the 17th century.

    Kiem Sun :
    (With a sigh) It's been a very long time since I itinerated by riding a horse, I miss the old fashioned ways! Believe me, I'm gasping for getting off this vehicle as much as I'm raring to find Chou Lin and get back the potion.

    Duncan :
    (With a laughter) Ah, stop whining, old friend. We're almost there.

    Kiem Sun : Good!

    My "pesumed-scene" ends here and we return to the depot.The part goes on from-the-point-where we'd left off:

    Angie : (Says to Richie) Hey, look at this.

    They (Richie&Angie) glimpse at the pictures about the interior of the building where Chou Lin plans to rob.While they're casting a glance at the photos, the punks get out of their hideout and approach them.

    Angie : (She recognizes the leader of the gang - portrayed by Kim Kondrashoff) Forks!

    Forks : Angie, what the hell are you doing here?

    Richie :
    (Asks to Angie) Wait, wait, wait, you know these guys?

    Angie : Yeah, they used to be friend of Gary's.

    Richie : Excellent. So than, you must know this Chou Lin.

    Forks : You mean the guy standing behind you?

    While they (the two teenagers and Forks) are talking, Chou Lin gets close to them and stands behind Richie&Angie.Richie turns his back, sees Chou Lin and attempts to attack him with a sudden anger.Since Chou Lin has a mastery of martial arts, he beats Richie badly.Chou Lin and the punks begin to "toy" with the kids.Forks biffs to Angie's face, she falls to the floor and faints.To protect himself, Richie picks up a rod, points it at Chou Lin&the punks.They continue "toying" with him (Richie), and Chou Lin takes out his blade.Richie makes a brief brawl with Chou Lin, and at the end of the quarrel, he (Chou Lin) jams Richie against his car with acinades leaned to his (Richie's) throat.When he's about to kill Richie, Kiem Sun bursts into sight at the depot's entrance:

    Kiem Sun : Chou Lin! Let the boy go. (He points his sword at the punks and says) Leave now. Or you see your own hearts beating on the ground right in front of you!

    In a state of fear, the punks escape from there with a rush, as Richie paces towards Angie to check whether she's ok.

    Kiem Sun : (Bids to Chou Lin) I spent 300 years working on that potion. Give it to me.

    Chou Lin, who doesn't want to hand over the very elixir to his master, runs away and his escapeway gets intercepted by Duncan (who has also entered the warehouse).....Now; if you've noticed, from-the-time-my "contemplated-dialogue" between Duncan and Kiem Sun ends (and we see Richie&Angie checking the photos those were left on Chou Lin's car) , to-the-very-scene Kiem Sun shows up at the door of the depot, a certain-time-passes-to convince viewers that Duncan&Kiem Sun'd arrived to the place, got off the car and entered the warehouse.I mean; they don't "suddenly" appear at the storage right after the conversation (that I'd designed) ends, a "certain while" passes after the end of my "presumed-scene" , and it was one of the reasons why I'd put that imaginary dialogue to-the-point-after Richie&Angie get into the warehouse.....

    PART 3 :
    ( There're two of the five negative elements mentioned in the 3rd item )

    The rear sights in the episode "generally" looks so hollow; and they could be adorned, filled with aesthetic elements those're relevant with the environments they back.I could give two foremost scenes those took my attention as an example to the emptiness of the backgrounds : a) The first scene takes place in the bar where the bikers hang around and play billards.There are two pool tables in the place.One of them appears close, and the other one looks farther to the camera.The-one-that-shows distant is backed with a wall that has the colour of a "dusty" tone of green, and it (the wall) has prominent square lines.It'd have been better if the background had included "livelier" stuff such as tableaus or pictures drawn on the wall (those are coherent with the bar's athmosphere).

    The droplights on the pooltables look good, they-might-clog-the very frame, but those aren't enough.And also, the side where the bartender stands is-backed-with-shelves which include glasses, and they (the shelves) have the colour of red.The "darker" tone of red would be better at the part, and there could be magnums within the shelves; the pictures on the bottles'd adorn the rear sight. b) The second frame appears in Chou Lin's room (where's within Kiem Sun's residence). When Duncan&Kiem Sun enter Chou Lin's quarters, Duncan begins to rummage the console's drawers.While Duncan's making his search, the viewers also see the wall at his (Duncan's) rear.It (the wall) is coloured in gray.The tones of gray is ok, but the wall appears so "lifeless" .The picture above the bed and the room's window (that has beautifull looking motifs) don't suffice-to-suffuse-the backplane entirely, for the left side of the room forms a great minus for the wall's decoration.There-could-be-a tapestry (which includes drawing peculiar to middle age China) placed on the wall, it'd-have-given-a "warmer" appearance to the rear.....

    3) In the episode; Kiem Sun uses an ordinary type of sword instead of a Samurai Blade, and Duncan&Chou Lin are the ones who seize blades.It'd have appeared better, much better if Kiem Sun'd hold a blade (much like Duncan's) , and it could've been Chou Lin who'd used a normal sword.Duncan&Kiem Sun have artifice on swordplay; they're two sword masters, and it'd have been more decent-if-they-both wielded Samurai Blades.Since Chou Lin used a different sword (instead of a blade) , Duncan&Kiem Sun's wielding same kind of blades wouldn't have given a "simple" appearance to the show.Chou Lin isn't an immortal, and his not being one of the immortals already gives a "complicated" appearance to the very chapter.He (Chou Lin) behaves like an immortal; he's an "arcane-looking" character, he makes the viewers "think" that he was an immortal, but he's consequently an ordinary human being.And also, in the show's next (4th) episode "Innocent Man" ; an immortal who seizes a different kind of sword (rather than Duncan's blade) shows up.

    In the 4th chapter; Duncan's erstwhile immortal friend Lucas Desiree (Victor A. Young) is found beheaded in his hut that's within the borders of a town.The town's Sheriff Howard Crowley (John Novak) and the townsfolk blame a homeless ex-Vietnam Soldier Leo Atkins (Vincent Schiavelli) for the murder.The Sheriff takes Leo into custody and interrogates him with Sergeant Powell.Meanwhile; Duncan arrives to the town to investigate his friend's (Lucas') death.Then later on; as Duncan digs deeper in his exploration, he finds out that Sheriff Crowley was an immortal and it was he (the Sheriff) who beheaded Lucas.The Sheriff uses Leo as a scapegoat to take the suspicions off himself.Towards the episode's end, Duncan saves Leo from being lynched by the residents of the town.After he (Duncan) rescues Leo, he goes to Lucas' hut where he meets Sheriff Crowley.This-is-the-very scene in which the Sheriff takes out his sword and points it to Duncan.His sword is quite different than Duncan's blade, and at the part, the viewers see an-another-sword-instead of the Samurai Blade.Duncan and he (Sheriff Crowley) make a duel; at the end of the sword-clash, Duncan beheads the Sheriff.I've got to say that John Novak, who played Sheriff Crowley, portrayed he character SO WELL , I liked his performance throught the episode A LOT!!! :)

    PART 4 :
    ( In this chapter, I shall touch upon 2 negative things and also focus on a "Golden Screenshot" )

    The colours; which are one of the most important elements those form the show's visuality, could-be-decreased-to darker, more relieving levels.Especially-the-scene-that takes place in the middle age (within the pantheon) has "suffocating" colour tones.I'd mentioned about this very part above in he topic's "positive elements" section.I had told that it was a beautifull screenshot, and it "indeed" is a "very beautifull" frame, but it could've been better if the episode's director (Thomas J. Wright) approached some-of-the-factors more carefully.For instance; when Duncan enters the temple, Kiem Sun bids "MacLeod! I knew tou would come" (at 00:07:09) , the camera shows Duncan, and he (Duncan) replies "You brought me halfway around the world, but it was worth it to see you. Why are we meeting on holy ground? Are you going to tell me your plan to kill me?" .Whilst-he (Duncan) -is-asking "Why are we meeting on holy ground?" , the camera-slightly-moves-leftwards, and the screenshot ends (at 00:07:22) .The brief-scene-lasts-for 13 seconds, than the frame changes and Duncan appears from a nearer angle.

    At the short, 13-seconds-long-scene; the viewers see-the-pictures-on the background as well as they stare at Duncan.The wall (at the rear) contains far east artworks those-consist-of-the open tones of yellow and red, and it'd have been better if-darker-shades-of the very colours were used.Thomas J. Wright (director) makes-"exactly"-the-same type of mistake in the design of Kiem Sun's clothes.Much like the drawings on the wall (from my previous example) , Kiem Sun's kimono has-the-bright-tones of red&yellow, and it'd have given a "massiver" appearance to the scene-if-those-colours were descended to deeper levels.The pennons in the temple also have the open tone of white, which could-be-reduced-to lime white.You could see the very pennons from a closer angle in-the-scene-while Duncan's arguing with Kiem Sun upon the duel between the temple guards.Their (Duncan&Kiem Sun's) discussion goes as below in the dialogue :

    Duncan : You lived three times as long as I, Kiem Sun. Have all these years thought you nothing? Men achieve greatness when they have freedom. Freedom to fail if necessary, but freedom. Release them, please.

    Kiem Sun :
    (Imperates to the fighters) Stand aside. (Approaches to Duncan and says) I want a noble future for the human race. Is this so wrong ?!

    Duncan : NO! But it will not be achieved with potions and drugs. Or men obeying your every command, even to the death.

    The guards suddenly feel an enormous pain, yell in agony, fall to the floor and die.During Duncan&Kiem Sun's dispute (above in the dialogue) , you can see the white pennons-at-Duncan's-rear, and they'd have appeared better if their colours were decreased-to-the-paler tones (of white) , that would also have been more convenient to the show's dark athmosphere.

    5) In Highlander movies and tv shows, when we see a character who appears with ancient/medieval clothes (in the flashback scenes) showing with a modern day image, i.e. wearing contemporary clothes such as leather jacket, sports trainer, jeans; that kind of opposition (ancient/medieval characters wearing neoteric dresses) gives an interesting, arcane sight to the immortal personalities.And in the episode's flashback scene (in the medieval age part that takes place in a Chinese pantheon) , Kiem Sun comes in view with a medieval clothe ; that's also the first time the audiences see him.When the episode comes to the present era; he (Kiem Sun) firstly appears "again" with a medieval raiment even though it's the modern day.Than, before he goes out of his mantion, he wears a blue fabric topcoat, and when he enters the depot, we see the same topcoat on him.The topcoat he wears might be ok, but it doesn't make too much contrariness with his medieval image.If he'd worn a black leather topcoat (instead of a blue fabric topcoat) , that'd have been "much more" appropriate, and it'd have made a GREAT contrariety with his medieval look.It'd have been also very effective if he had the very topcoat (the black leather one) on him at-the-scene-he entered to the warehouse.

    In my topic's "Golden Screenshot" section, I shall touch upon a key-scene that prominantly enhances the visuality of the episode.The very scene takes place at the garden of Kiem Sun's residence, where (as I'd also said in the thread's "Positive Elements" section) green and grey are the colours those outweigh.The part begins when Duncan paces towards the garden through a "circular" entrance, and two bodyguards approach to him.While-he (Duncan)-is-standing near the entrance, we see the other side of the garden at the rear (of the round-entrance) . From the entrance's rightside, a part of a willow tree appears.Some green coloured plants lie aside the tree, and beside (the tree), there's a lake which is backed by an arbour and foliage.The roof is designed in conformity with the far-east culture, and it (the roof) is being held by thin wooden pillars.When the camera-shows-the-two approaching bodyguards, a different part of the garden appears.A long-ledge-stands-close to the camera, with a shorter ledge in front of it.Beautifull, black-square motifs adorn the ground (which appear crosswise) .An artificial lake appears leftwards of the frame, and some rocks lie along the lakeside.Above the lake, there's a stone-made bridge that's backed-by-a-rocky wall.Rightside of the wall is covered by bushes which also increases the garden's aesthetic.At-the-rear-of Kiem Sun (rightwards of the scene) , the door and window has the colour of dark brown.....

    The garden appears one more time while Duncan and his friend Kiem Sun are making a brief duel.Mr Wright had placed-two-cameras-to the garden for the rencounter; one of the cameras shoots from Duncan's back, and the other one shows the environment from the rear of Kiem Sun, so the viewers see the garden from two different perspectives.When the place appears from Duncan's back, an open green tree stands behind Kiem Sun.There's an another tree nearby, and its branches have the colour of brown that's slightly turned to red.Both trees-are-backed-with bottle green bushes, and divergent tones of green (including the brown branches) make a BEAUTIFULL combination :) .At the screenshot, we're able to see the rocky wall (that backs the bridge) leftwards of Kiem Sun from a "closer" angle.Above the wall, an arbour that has the tone of vandyke brown stands.The other camera shows-the-garden-from Kiem Sun's back, and the two ledges those audiences saw from-the-perspective-of the garden's entrance (when the place'd appeared for the first time) now shows from a different angle.There's a tree in front of the taller ledge, and the short frame is backed with mantion's wall.The fences and windows of the partition have beautifull motifs, and it (the partition) is ornamented with a roof above.Much like the garden's arbours, the roof has the colour of the dark brown.....

    PART 5 :
    (The 5th part includes a "detailed" explanation of a "Shooting Technique" appiled by Mr Wright )

    At the "Shooting Technique" part of the thread, I shall mention a (shooting) technique (used by Mr Wright) which takes place in the warehouse; at-the-scene-when Duncan duels with Chou Lin.For the very part, Mr Wright makes-rapid-camera-shootings for 89 seconds (from 00:38:50 to 00:40:19) which construct an effective (shooting) technique with their unification.I shall explain this technique by dividing-it-into-19 items, and each item shall include a camera take, so let's start with the first piece : 1) The first frame-begins-after-Kiem Sun says (to Chou Lin) "I spent 300 years working on that potion. Give it to me." Chou Lin runs away, and the very screenshot begins when-the-camera-shoots him (Chou Lin) from his back.He runs, but his escape is blocked when Duncan appears beside him.Mr Wright slightly moves the objective from leftwards to rightwards. 2) The frame shows Kiem Sun from a close perspective.He bids (to Duncan) "MacLeod! This battle is mine". 3) Duncan replies "It's mine now".The camera-slowly-gets-close to Duncan&Chou Lin, than it slips a bit rightwards, and with a longer motion it moves leftwards (I'm explaining the camera's processes within the item/s in a row) .The objective regresses from Duncan and Kiem Sun, than it approaches them.

    4) At the fourth take; the-camera-moves-rightwards, than it "very slightly" sets out rightwards while the duel's going on.Kiem Sun appears backwards of the frame; he calmly watches them. 5) For the fifth take, Mr Wright shoots-the-clash-from a near angle.The rencounter stops for a short while, the objective moves leftwards (it shows Chou Lin) , and when Duncan attacks, the frame "suddenly" slips to rightside.With-a-slower-motion, it goes firstly left, than right, and than again left. 6) Kiem Sun appears from a close perspective.He lays his sword on his shoulder and continues watching the fatal rencounter. 7) The objective-focuses-on-Duncan's face.With a-verrrryyyy-swift-motion it moves left, than Mr Wright scrolls the screen (in a row) rightwards, left, and one more time leftwards. 8) At the eighth piece; Duncan and Chou Lin both appear from afar.The-camera-slips-rightward, and the clash continues. 9) The ninth frame shows Duncan from-a-near-angle.The objective (with-an-avarage-speed) moves left three times, and at its last (third) movement; Duncan turns to Kiem Sun and bids "You taught him well" (implying Chou Lin).

    10) The director (Mr Wright) shows Kiem Sun closely, he grins, takes a step back and the camera makes for rightwards.He (Kiem Sun) sedately, carefully continues to watch the deadly duel. 11) The camera shoots-a-bit-remotely, we see the combat from Chou Lin's back.The frame moves rightwards, and (with cutting motions) it slips left.Duncan kicks Chou Lin and the eleventh screenshot ends. 12) Chou Lin fastly falters and crashes to the plastic cans (which were placed on the top of the other) .The-objective-moves-rightwards with a very short motion. 13) The picture shows Duncan as he paces towards Chou Lin.Kiem Sun (who appears backwards) takes off his coat and puts it on a metal barrel, the-camera-slides-right. 14) At the fourteenth frame; the objective shoots Chou Lin.He gets up, Duncan draws near him and the duel continues.The frame firstly moves leftwards, than it-stops-for-a short while, and when Duncan attacks Chou Lin, it (the camera) again goes left, but with-a-prominently- "slower" speed. 15) The short frame focuses on Duncan (while he's fighting) , and Mr Wright shakes-the-camera-while he's showing Duncan.Kiem Sun appears at the rear of the very screenshot.Duncan Kicks at Chou Lin's arm and one of his (Chou Lin's) blades fall.

    16) Duncan and Chou Lin appear a bit afar.Duncan completely disarms Chou Lin by grabbing his other sword-holding hand.He (Duncan) kicks Chou Lin's arm with his knee, and his (Chou Lin's) second blade falls too.With a short motion, the-objective-moves-leftwards. 17) Chou Lin looses the duel, and with Duncan's blade at his throat, he slowly turns to Duncan.The-camera-shows-Chou Lin from a close angle. 18) Duncan&Chou Lin appear near to the objective.Chou Lin says "I know about you Immortals. My head will be no good to you". 19) At the last piece; Duncan is shown from Chou Lin's rear.He (Duncan) responds "I don't want your head. I want a signed confession that you drugged and killed Gary Correll" . Mr wright again shakes the camera, but-with-a- "slighter" motion, in-comparison-to-the previous one (the one I've mentioned in the 15th item) . Kiem Sun, who appears at the brief scene's backwards, slowly gets close to Chou Lin and strikes him with his sword..............After Kiem Sun hits Chou Lin a fatal stroke, he (Chou Lin) dies, and the next rencounter occurs between Duncan and Kiem Sun.Right after the Duncan&Chou Lin duel, another duel (between Duncan and Kiem Sun) takes place, but I preferred to focus on the previous clash; the one Duncan makes with Chou Lin...............

    PART 6 :
    ( This section consists of an analysis of a "Scene Method" that I'd noticed in the episode )

    When it comes to the "Scene Method" part, the (scene) method that mostly took my attention in the episode is the one that was applied in the middle of the chapter when Chou Lin enters "Hog's Bar" (where the bikers hang around) . If you behold-the-very-scene; you'll notice a "great" contrariness at the part : Chou Lin; a well-disciplined, far east character who had been within the world of "ancient" personas (meaning the immortals) , gets into a bar full of punks; full of undisciplined personalities those wear modern but untidy clothes, those have tattoos on their arms and bandannas wrapped to their heads. "THIS" oppositeness gives-a-very-arcane image to the episode (and to the show as well) .Mr Wright uses "exactly" the same method towards the episode's end at the depot part.At-the-very-scene; Chou Lin rallies the punks and explains them his plans for the robbery.Upon their (the punks;') refusing his offer, he tells the punks to take part in an "ancient" tea ceremony.There's the same type of discrepancy at the part very-similar-to-the one included at the bar scene : Chou Lin; a tidy-appearing, self disciplined far eastern interacts with a bunch of untidy, dirty dressed characters.And when Chou Lin is about to kill Richie, Kiem Sun appears at the entrance of the warehouse, tells him (Chou Lin) to release Richie and warns the punks against leaving the place.After Chou Lin, Kiem Sun; an another far east character (who abides by ancient rules) shows in the place and tells the unkempt modern day punks to get out of the warehouse.....

    In the second installment of the "American Ninja" movies; "American Ninja 2 : The Confrontation" (which was made in '87) , the movie's director Sam Firstenberg uses-exactly-the-same mold of that (scene) method.Right after the movie begins, three bikers (who are marines) enter a bar named "Blind Beggar's Bar" . And than, five punks tag along after the bikers and get in the bar (00:02:45) .Much like the punks in the "Highlander" episode; they're ill-disciplined characters and they have an "untidy, dirty" dressing style. They (the punks) approach to the marines in order to pick a quarrel, and beat two of them so arrantly (one of the marines hide in a corner) .When the fight ends, two black-dressed Ninjas enter the place from the back door, and take the two marines who lie on the ground unconciously.We can see the same-type-of-oppositeness here at the part.Much like the Chou Lin character (from "Highlander" ) , the Ninjas are disciplined far east characters those live with "ancient" codes, and they appear in a bar where five punks reside in.The Ninjas' showing not only makes contrariness to the punks, but also clashes with the bar's athmosphere.....The (Highlander) episode I'd mentioned aired in '92; five years after American Ninja 2 was released.American Ninja movies were popular by the time they appeared on the theaters, especially the first two movies were the best ones among the series.And perhaps this efficient (scene) method applied in the movie (American N. 2) was-the-very-method which inpired Mr Wright to use in his Highlander episode...............

    The passing two decades saw a remarkable breakthrough in the tv show industry, such that eminent stars in Holywood slowly began to slip to the tv shows.And in that era which witnesses the reign of tv shows, I'd so much like to see a new Highlander tv show that includes famous actors.....I also wonder how the upcoming remake of the '86-made Highlander movie shall be (I'd mentioned about the remake in one of my previous topics) .The things I know about the movie are : 1) Summit Entertainment bought Highlander's filming rights and the remake movie will be entitled as "Highlander : The Reckoning" . 2) Much like the first movie; it shall include Connor MacLeod, Kurgan and Ramirez who shall be portrayed by new actors (as far as I know, the role of Ramirez had been offered to Tom Cruize, but Mr Cruize'd turned down the role since he was busy with making "Mission : Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation" at the time) . 3) Many directors were named to direct the remake, and lastly Chad Stahelski was confirmed to sit to the director's chair, altough, the production process hasn't begun yet. 4) The scenarios of the sequel Highlander films (especially "Highlander 2 : The Quickening" ) contradicts with the original one.The story of the remake shall stay loyal to it (to the first movie) and it'll be a movie for all Highlander fans worldwide as well as the viewers new to the franchise...............I also want this film to give some answers to the things those were uncertain in the original ( '86-made) movie, the questions such as : "Where does the immortals' immortality come from? " , "Why is 'There Can Be Only One' the constant code of immortals? " , and the most important of all ; "Who sets up the rules of this deadly game? " . In the movies (and in the show as well) , the immortals are so strict about obeying the rule of not fighting on holy grounds.

    In the first movie, at the scene when Connor and Kurgan meet in the church (in present day) , they make a short conversation and Kurgan irritates Connor with the things he says.Connor lays hold of Kurgan, they suddenly stand up and when they're about to fight, Kurgan bids "Holy ground, Highlander! Remember what Ramirez taught you" , in a manner of saying "It was Ramirez who'd instructed you, and surely he must have told you the rule of not fighting on holy grounds.We must obey this prohibition" . There has to be a deific force behind this very rule, or else, Kurgan wouldn't hesitate even for a second to fight Connor at the church.Kurgan is a cad, and a complete barbarian.He has a vicious character, but even "he" abides by the rule of not brawling on a holy ground, so this means that there was a "very" strict restriction for the immortals (for obeying that rule) , and "that" kind of restraint may only be arisen from a divine being.....To be fair, I don't want this film to be only a "sword duels + beheadings" type movie.In terms of explaining some question marks, I wish the remake to have a story line similar to Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" .Many years later, Mr Scott returned to the "Alien" franchise (the franchise he'd started) and evinced certain things those had left question marks on the viewers in the '79-made "Alien".Prometheus was including the Aliens, but its theme was mostly based on unveiling some intact issues, that's why the film's story was taking place prior to the first Alien movie.Same as Prometheus, the remake (of Highlander) must mostly include answers to ambigous elements in the story line of the first movie.....I could also give Christopher Nolan's 2005-made "Batman Begins" as an another sample to those type of themes.It was a Batman-movie (which starred Christian Bale as the caped crusader) , but it was also telling the story of Bruce Wayne's journey to becoming the dark vigilante.Therefore; along the first half of the movie, there was no Batman.....

    Oh, by the way, I watched Christian Bale along with Matt Damon at "Ford v Ferrari" .It was a great movie which had an ENORMOUS charisma.Mr Bale and Mr Damon performed a MAGNIFICIENT duo throught the film.I may conveniently advice everyone to watch it, which deserves a solid 10 out of 10 (I read Nick De Semlyen's critical review about the movie at Empire Magazine's 369th issue) .It also is a "must-watch" for all people (like me :) ) who are interested in the world of racing.The movie is about car racing, but no matter what type of race competitions you follow (it may be Formula Racing, Motor Racing or Car Racing) , the film will appeal to you.Well, let's take me as an example :) ; I start on Formula Races, but the film wasn't about the league of Formula, even though I liked it a lot :) .Among the Formula Races, I mostly like Formula E , in which the cars work with electric energy.With each passing year, it (Formula E) is becoming more and more popular, and in my opinion, the future of racings will depand on electric-vehicles.I lastly watched the Morocco leg of the 2019-20 season that was made in Marrakesh ePrix.There's a very "quality" chaffer in racing sports, and the same thing is true of the Morocco race (of Formula E) , which was spectecular, and which resulted as António Félix da Costa being the winner.After the Morocco leg (which was made in 29 February) , the races as from China leg were postponed and taken to Germany; Berlin ePrix (to August) because of the Covid-19 pandemic.I mostly watch the races from Formula E's channel in Youtube, and I'm sending a BIG THANK YOU to the operators of the channel for putting all racing videos; including the bouts of the passing seasons, it's a great archive for the race viewers like me :) .....Since my writings are long for the standarts of a forum site, preparing threads take certain time, and in case I can't post a topic until Formula E's leg of Germany, I already wish good luck to all racers :) ..............................

    Oh, that's right man; I like to rock, I like to roll, and to be honest, rock'n roll is my life. I shall salute all the immortals those fight for the prize with this track if you give me five. ;) : Dangerous Tonight - Alice Cooper
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