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Let's plan a meet!

Discussion in 'South' started by moosemousse, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. moosemousse

    moosemousse CR Emeritus: FF-UK South star 6

    Oct 3, 2004
    I'm jumping the gun here as I don't have my timetable for the next semester, but I'm guessing I'll have a day free, hopefully two. If not then there's always the weekend.

    So, the question is when and where?

    I'd like to suggest Southampton as we haven't had a meet there. If we do travel expense sharing then it'd be easier for everyone to afford to get there (all the travel costs are added up and divided by the number of people, anyone who spent less than that chips in up to that much and anyone who spent more is given the extra).

    Maybe we could go see Avatar or something? That'd be cool. We don't even have to mention Star Wars. One chapter kept going because three guys met in a pub every week and talked about stuff.

    Oh, and if we get this going everyone will need to bring friends!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.