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  1. Taral-DLOS

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    Jun 29, 2009
    Does anyone else here enjoy a good Let's Play video? These usually refer to a Youtube video where someone plays a video game while speaking and providing commentary. The commentary is usually live (ie recorded as the player is playing, and not after the fact), but not always.

    I occasionally will watch some livestreaming Let's Play videos on Twitch, but more often I prefer pre-recorded ones on Youtube, where they'll occasionally edit out sequences (having to backtrack, for example). My personal favourite is Get Daved, who does a lot of 4X games as well as Fire Emblem, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, etc. I really like his mellow commentary. His Mario LPs are something I can put on in the background while my daughter plays. Good, clean, mellow fun.

    I also dig the LP videos of Outside XBox and Outside Xtra. Those are heavily edited, but VERY amusing.


    The other thing I wanted to raise in this post: does anyone here make Let's Play videos? I'm looking at trying, and want to know what software people use (as it's just something I want to try, I'd prefer not to pay for it too).
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  2. Reynar_Tedros

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    I'll watch one if it's a game I'm on the fence about (usually a Giant Bomb quick look if possible), but I've always been the type that would rather play a game than watch it.
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    I spend too many hours of my life on Twitch. :p

    @Taral-DLOS - lots of streamers include their setups on their profile pages (YT) and on their main pages on Twitch. I’d give some of those a look - Sony Vegas is the only video editor I have some experience with, and Audacity for audio.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes!
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  4. Outsourced

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    Apr 10, 2017
    Adobe Premiere Pro 4 lyfe fool
  5. MrZAP

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    I phase in and out of periods where I watch lots of Let's Plays, mostly of various strategy games I play like Paradox, Total War, and Firaxis games. I watch them mostly for enjoyment but also to learn how to play the games better (especially in the case of Paradox titles). Occasionally I watch LPs of other types of games too.

    I'm familiar with Get Daved, and have watched a bunch of his KotOR and Valkyria Chronicles LPs, but there are a lot of people I've seen more of than him. He's decent.

    I've considered the possibility of making LPs myself before for things like EU4 and Total War games, but I haven't for various reasons mostly related to expense and lack of technical ability.
  6. darkspine10

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    Dec 7, 2014
    Always wanted to try making some let's plays, for Myst or similar games. My laptop's not really got the right kind of sound card for that, but who know.s