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Library [Library Thread] Elite League Limmie (A Sports-based RPG)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Resource' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Elite League Limmie is a sports-based RPG set in the distant future, well after the events of the films, centered on the events surrounding a season of Limmie, the galaxy's most popular field sport, as teams compete for the greatest sports prize in the galaxy: the Galactic Cup of Limmie. Like any sport, teams have rosters and statistics that some will find more important than others. This thread's purpose is to track both of those, as well as to post character sheets.

    Additionally, we have a wiki devoted to the game that all players are welcome to contribute to.

    Elite League Teams
    Former Teams
    Elite League Seasons
    Premier League Seasons
    GCLA Seasons
    Limmie Futures/SkimmerAde League Seasons
    Elite League Drafts
    Special Events
    Reference Information
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  2. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Galactic Cup Finals in the Modern Era of Limmie

    156: Corulag Swoops def. Corellia Rebels
    157: Empress Teta Pikemen def. Fondor Freedom
    158: Chandrila Patriots def. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    159: Iego Angels def. Ithor Herders
    160: Ralltiir Starkillers def. Naboo Ducks
    161: Coruscant Senators def. Kuat Triforce
    162: Tatooine Sandskimmers def. Chandrila Patriots
    163: Corellia Rebels def. Ithor Herders
    164: Tatooine Sandskimmers def. Kessel Runners
    165: Coruscant Senators def. Naboo Ducks
    166: Bakura Miners def. Iego Angels
    167: Ralltiir Starkillers def. Fondor Freedom
    168: Adumar Aces def. Kuat Triforce
    169: Tatooine Sandskimmers def. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    170: Naboo Ducks def. Iego Angels
    171: Corellia Rebels def. Naboo Ducks
    172: Bakura Miners def. Commenor Gundarks
    173: Ralltiir Starkillers def. Adumar Aces
    174: Denon Demons def. Naboo Ducks
    175: Kamino Waves def. Kothlis Spies
    176: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers def. Empress Teta Pikemen
    177: Tatooine Sandskimmers def. Tynna Navigators
    178: Kessel Runners def. Empress Teta Pikemen
    179: Kuat Triforce def. Empress Teta Pikemen
    180: Empress Teta Pikemen def. Chandrila Patriots
    181: Tynna Navigators def. Naboo Ducks
    182: Tatooine Snadskimmers def. Tynna Navigators
    183: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers def. Tatooine Sandskimmers
    184: Kamino Waves def. Mon Calamari Mariners
    185: Bakura Miners def. Kuat Triforce
    186: Tatooine Sandskimmers def. Bakura Miners
    187: Fondor Freedom def. Ord Mantell Scrappers
    188: Coruscant Senators def. Mon Calamari Mariners
    189: Denon Demons def. Corellia Rebels
    190: Naboo Ducks def. Kothlis Spies
    191: Ralltiir Starkillers def. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    192: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers def. Naboo Ducks
    193: Commenor Gundarks def. Corulag Swoops
    194: Ord Mantell Scrappers def. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    195: Coruscant Senators def. Ord Mantell Scrappers
    196: Fondor Freedom def. Kessel Runners
    197: Commenor Gundarks def. Chandrila Patriots
    198: Naboo Ducks def. Corellia Rebels
    199: Kamino Waves def. Coruscant Senators
    200: Denon Demons def. Chandrila Patriots
    201: Mon Calamar Mariners def. Corulag Swoops
    202: Kuat Triforce def. Kothlis Spies
    203: Denon Demons def. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    204: Ithor Herders def. Bakura Miners
    205: Ithor Herders def. Bakura Miners
    206: Kothlis Spies def. Empress Teta Pikemen
    207: Ord Mantell Scrappers def. Tynna Navigators
    208: Empress Teta Pikemen def. Iego Angels
    209: Kothlis Spies def. Corellia Rebels
    210: Corellia Rebels def. Bakura Miners
    211: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers def. Iego Angels
    212: Ralltiir Starkillers def. Fondor Freedom
    213: Kothlis Spies def. Fondor Freedom
    214: Tynna Navigators def. Kothlis Spies
    215: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers def. Chandrila Patriots
    216: Tynna Navigators def. Kothlis Spies
    217: Kessel Runners def. Naboo Ducks
    218: Commenor Gundarks def. Denon Demons
    219: Kothlis Spies def. Tynna Navigators
    220: Chandrila Patriots def. Ithor Herders
    221: Kuat Triforce def. Coruscant Senators
    222: Tatooine Sandskimmers def. Tynna Navigators
    223: Commenor Gundarks def. Bakura Miners
    224: Corulag Swoops def. Ord Mantell Scrappers
    225: Kamino Waves def. Bakura Miners
    226: Bakura Miners def. Tatooine Sandskimmers
    227: Coruscant Senators def. Bakura Miners
    228: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers def. Chandrila Patriots
    229: Chandrila Patriots def. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    230: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers def. Chandrila Patriots
    231: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers def. Ord Mantell Scrappers
    232: Denon Demons def. Bakura Miners
    233: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers def. Kamino Waves
    234: Ord Mantell Scrappers def. Tatooine Sandskimmers
    235: Kothlis Spies def. Fondor Freedom
    236: Corellia Rebels def. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    237: Ord Mantell Scrappers def. Bakura Miners
    238: Ralltiir Starkillers def. Kessel Runners
    239: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers def. Ithor Herders
    240: Fondor Freedom def. Iego Angels
    241: Chandrila Patriots def. Tynna Navigators
    242: Denon Demons def. Empress Teta Pikemen
    243: Ord Mantell Scrappers def. Coruscant Senators
    244: Kessel Runners def. Mon Calamari Mariners
    245: Adumar Aces def. Coruscant Senators
    Crendan Era
    246: Corulag Swoops 27, Chandrila Patriots 14
    247: Chandrila Patriots 34, Tatooine Sandskimmers 32
    248: Denon Demons 17, Kamino Waves 7
    249: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 31, Sabilon Skookumchucks 20
    250: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers 32, Coruscant Senators 24
    251: Sabilon Skookumchucks 31, Chandrila Patriots 14
    252: Bakura Miners 26, Chandrila Patriots 20
    253: Mon Calamari Mariners 31, Adumar Aces 2
    254: Sabilon Skookumchucks 28, Mon Calamari Mariners 26
    255: Coruscant Senators 13, Corellia Rebels 8
    256: Chandrila Patriots 34, Corellia Rebels 13
    257: Corellia Rebels 35, Chandrila Patriots 33
    258: Chandrila Patriots 28, Mon Calamari Mariners 12
    259: Bakura Miners 18, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 15
    260: Kashyyyk Rangers 32, Mon Calamari Mariners 7
    261: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 9, Mon Calamari Mariners 7
    Silver Age
    262: Coruscant Seantors 31, Kashyyyk Rangers 26
    263: Alsakan Flyers 33, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 31
    264: Kashyyyk Rangers 34, Chandrila Patriots 33
    265: Kashyyyk Rangers 32, Coruscant Senators 19
    266: Genet Vornskrs 32, Coruscant Senators 31
    267: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 40, Nadiem Chiefs 18
    268: Coruscant Senators 11, Genet Vornskrs 4
    269: Vandelhelm Jets 21, Coruscant Senators 9
    270: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 31, Vandelhelm Jets 1
    271: Bakura Miners 40, Vandelhelm Jets 35
    272: Ryloth Rough Riders 32, Mando'ade Mercs 14
    273: Ylesia Lightning 7, Coruscant Senators 3
    274: Chandrila Patriots 16, Euceron Storm 9
    275: Bakura Miners 29, Corellia Rebels 5
    276: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 11, Rydonni Prime Monarchs 4
    277: Bakura Miners 38, Mando’ade Mercs 34
    278: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 25, Rydonni Prime Monarchs 12
    279: Mando'ade Mercs 31, Rydonni Prime Monarchs 24
    280: Rydonni Prime Monarchs 30, Kashyyyk Rangers 16
    281: Ralltiir Starkillers 28, Hapes Consortium Buccaneers 26
    282: Ralltiir Starkillers 1, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 0
    283: Carratos Pirates 37, Bakura Miners 35
    284: Mando'ade Mercs 36, Bakura Miners 18
    285: Mando'ade Mercs 25, Bakura Miners 6
    286: Mando'ade Mercs 37, Rydonni Prime Monarchs 7
    287: Bakura Miners 29, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 9
    288: Mando'ade Mercs 38, Stewjon Metropolitans 21
    289: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 35, Bakura Miners 28
    290: Euceron Officers 11, Bakura Miners 3
    291: Carratos Pirates 38, Ralltiir Starkillers 24
    292: Mando'ade Mercs 11, Coruscant Senators 8
    293: Carratos Pirates 19, Coruscant Senators 15
    294: Chandrila Patriots 14, Coruscant Senators 2
    295: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 27, Rydonni Prime Monarchs 13
    296: Bakura Miners 12, Carratos Pirates 8
    297: Ralltiir Starkillers 26, Bakura Miners 3
    298: Coruscant Senators 32, Mando'ade Mercs 26
    299: Bakura Miners 40, Mando'ade Mercs 23

    These are the aggregate championships and Final appearances for the entire Modern Age.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: 13 wins, 19 Final appearances
    Bakura Miners: 12 wins, 27 Final appearances
    Chandrila Patriots: 9 wins, 21 Final appearances
    Ralltiir Starkillers: 9 wins, 10 Final appearances
    Coruscant Senators: 9 wins, 21 Final appearances
    Tatooine Sandskimmers: 7 wins, 11 Final appearances
    Denon Demons: 7 wins, 8 Final appearances
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers 6 wins, 12 Final appearances
    Mando'ade Mercs: 6 wins, 10 Final appearances
    Corellia Rebels: 5 wins, 13 Final appearances
    Kothlis Spies: 5 wins, 10 Final appearances
    Ord Mantell Scrappers: 5 wins, 9 Final appearances
    Kamino Waves: 4 wins, 6 Final appearances
    Commenor Gundarks: 4 wins, 5 Final appearances
    Naboo Ducks: 3 wins, 10 Final appearances
    Tynna Navigators: 3 wins, 9 Final appearances
    Fondor Freedom: 3 wins, 8 Final appearances
    Empress Teta Pikemen: 3 wins, 7 Final appearances
    Kessel Runners: 3 wins, 6 Final appearances
    Kuat Triforce: 3 wins, 6 Final appearances
    Corulag Swoops: 3 wins, 5 Final appearances
    Kashyyyk Rangers: 3 wins, 5 Final appearances
    Carratos Pirates: 3 wins, 4 Final appearances
    Mon Calamari Mariners: 2 wins, 9 Final appearances
    Ithor Herders: 2 wins, 5 Final appearances
    Adumar Aces: 2 wins, 4 Final appearances
    Sabilon Skookumchucks: 2 wins, 3 Final appearances
    Iego Angels: 1 win, 6 Final appearances
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: 1 win, 6 Final appearances
    Genet Vornskrs: 1 win, 2 Final appearances
    Vandelhelm Jets: 1 win, 2 Final appearances
    Ryloth Rough Riders: 1 win, 1 Final appearance
    Ylesia Lightning: 1 win, 1 Final appearance
    Alsakan Flyers: 1 win, 1 Final appearance
    Euceron Officers: 1 win, 1 Final appearance
    Nadiem Chiefs: 0 wins, 1 Final appearance
    Euceron Storm: 0 wins, 1 Final appearance
    Stewjon Metroplitans: 0 wins, 1 Final appearance
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  3. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Map of the Galaxy

    As the events of Elite League Limmie take place well after the films, some people may want to know what the map of the galaxy looks like these days. The following map gives a rough idea of the galaxy's current make up (many thanks to Vehn for his expertise).


    Green space represents the Republic, a large and stable institution that promotes peace, prosperity, and security for its member worlds.
    Orange space denotes the Roon Federation, a young interstellar institution that pools the resources of several Outer Rim planets to foster growth and stability in places that the Core has left behind.
    Red space is for the independent systems, which are at best a collection of systems under one government. These worlds fend for themselves and are content to do so, but conflicts can flare up between them from time to time.
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  4. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Character Sheet
    Name: Horst Penn
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 255
    Physical appearance: [​IMG]
    Homeworld: Agamar
    Relation to Team: Broadcaster
    Brief Biography: The man. The myth. The legend.

    The one. The only. The...the...something that starts with O. Or maybe L, depending on how this works.

    You thought he was dead? So did the Prime Minister’s enemies.

    That’s right. It’s Burt Macklin, Federal Marshal.

    ...just kidding! It’s really Horst Penn, three-time Galactic Cup champion, two-time Salbukk winner, Ingbrand nominee, two-time Duchess Eldin winner and four-time nominee, four-time all-star, and former team captain. Come to think of it, that’s almost as awesome as being in the Marshals.

    Horst spent all of 298 as a retired being--or, as his wife called it, “unemployed.” Pointing out that she is technically still his agent, Trixie has gotten Horst a job as a broadcaster with the BBC. While Horst is excited he gets to be around limmie once more, he is disappointed that he is going to have to start wearing pants again.

    Team Sheet

    Team Name: Bakura Miners
    Home Field: Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura
    General Manager: Shay Dionne (Human, Female) (Contract year: 300)
    Head Coach: Leigh Cavanaugh (Human, Female) (Contract year: 300)
    Team Physician: May Hull (Human, Female) (At-will contract)
    Interim Associate Team Physician: Han Tunross (Human [Bakuran], Male) (At-will contract)
    Goalkeeper: Marnie Blake (Human [Bakuran], Female) (Contract year: 299)
    Right Corner Back: Hipall (Rodian, Male) (Contract year: 299)
    Full Back: Slid Kik† (Trandoshan, Male) (Contract year: 301)
    Left Corner Back: Bree Veers* (Human, Female) (Contract year: 300)
    Right Half Back: Teane (Quarren, Male) (Contract year: 300)
    Center Half Back: Stephana Adiims (Human, Female) (Contract year: 301)
    Left Half Back: Arin Kaah (Hapan, Female) (Contract year: 299)
    Midfielder: Miley "Gasket" Gaskin (Nikto, Female) (Contract year: 299)
    Midfielder: Bast Amun (Hapan, Female) (Contract year: 300)
    Right Half Forward: Harle Quinn** (Zeltron, Female) (Contract year: 299)
    Center Half Forward: Alexa Superspy (Human, Female) (Contract year: 299)
    Left Half Forward: Jimsey Vigo (Ithorian, Male) (Contract year: 300)
    Right Corner Forward: Verral 'Angel' Sorano (Nelvaanian, Female) (Contract year: 300)
    Full Forward: David McConnor† (Human, Male) (Contract year: 301)
    Left Corner Forward: Grady Owens (Human, Male) (Contract year: 299)

    (* designates team captain
    **designates assistant captain
    † designates rookie)

    Significant prospects:
    Demba (Talz, Male, Forward, Garqi State University) (Contract year: 300)
    Eyef’rank’lygivup "Frank" (Chiss, Male, Corner Back, Ralltiir University) (Contract year: 300)
    Ahona Va (Togruta, Female, Goalkeeper) - signed by Cloud City
    Leilu Grabbert (Zeltron, Female) - signed by Cloud City

    Salbukk Award
    263—Isabella Montador (nominated)
    265—Isabella Montador (won)
    266—Dorf Landa (nominated)
    268—Alana Glencross (won)
    272—Alana Glencross (nominated)
    273—Aron Rodders (nominated)
    275—Alana Glencross (won)
    277—Falene Trieste (nominated)
    278—Niskat Deenever (nominated)
    279—Niskat Deenever (nominated)
    282—Horst Penn (nominated)
    284—Niskat Deenever (nominated)
    287—Niskat Deenever (won)
    288—Horst Penn (won)
    290—Kyr Irvin (nominated)
    296—Horst Penn (won)
    298—Harle Quinn (won)
    Numifolis Award
    271—Aron Rodders (won)
    275—Alana Glencross (won)
    277—Aron Rodders (won)
    287—Niskat Deenever (won)
    Ingbrand Award
    263—Dorf Landa (won)
    264—Mira Kashvili (won)
    265—Micah Reiger (nominated)
    268—Everett North (won)
    270—Nanchecka Stormborn (won)
    272—Morgan Alesh (nominated)
    275—Lizbit Comstock (won)
    277—Horst Penn (nominated)
    281—Nathan Red (nominated)
    284—Gared Joff (nominated)
    289—Harle Quinn (won)
    292—Tu'gray (nominated)
    294—Bree Veers (nominated)
    Langann Award
    263—Aileen Wynn (nominated)
    265—John Talley (won)
    266—John Talley (nominated)
    268—John Talley (nominated)
    272—Gaeriel Valerii (nominated)
    273—Gaeriel Valerii (won)
    275—Gaeriel Valerii (nominated)
    277—Gaeriel Valerii (nominated)
    278—Gaeriel Valerii (nominated)
    282—Gaeriel Valerii (nominated)
    283—Dashric Stonlon (won)
    287—Gaeriel Valerii (nominated)
    288—Jon Draper (won)
    290—Jon Draper (nominated)
    Grames Award
    266—Dana Roslyn (nominated)
    268—Dana Roslyn (won)
    272—Quinn Cundertol (won)
    275—Quinn Cundertol (won)
    279—Quinn Cundertol (nominated)
    281—Quinn Cundertol (won)
    282—Quinn Cundertol (nominated)
    284—Quinn Cundertol (nominated)
    285—Quinn Cundertol (nominated)
    292—Quinn Cundertol (nominated)
    295—Quinn Cundertol (nominated)
    S'rily Award
    296—Leigh Cavanaugh & Shay Dionne (won)
    297—Leigh Cavanaugh (won)
    Duchess Eldin Award
    270—Alana Glencross (won)
    271—Aron Rodders (nominated)
    272—Aron Rodders (nominated)
    274—Alana Glencross (won)
    275—Falene Trieste (nominated)
    276—Alana Glencross (nominated)
    278—May Trieste (nominated)
    279—Alana Glencross (won)
    280—Alana Glencross (won)
    285—Horst Penn (won)
    291—Horst Penn (won)
    292—Horst Penn (nominated)
    294—Marnie Blake (won)
    295—Bree Veers (nominated)
    296—Horst Penn (nominated)
    Vigo Award
    271—Alana Glencross (nominated)
    273—Noble House of Trieste (nominated)
    277—Eponette Ternardiel (nominated)
    280—Alana Glencross (won)
    283—The Bimm 13 (nominated)
    293—Kerry Trieste (won)
    299—Horst Penn (nominated)
    Marte Nalo Award
    284—Lizbit Comstock (nominated)
    287—Jolla Pic (nominated)
    288—Stephana Adiims (won)
    All-Star Players
    270: Alana Glencross
    274: Alana Glencross (starter); Aron Rodders (starter)
    275: Lizbit Comstock (starter); Alana Glencross (starter); Aron Rodders (starter); Falene Trieste (starter); Niskat Deenever (reserve); Nelly Wizmark (reserve)
    276: Lizbit Comstock (starter); Alana Glencross (starter), Falene Trieste (starter); Gaeriel Valerii (head coach); Niskat Deenever (reserve); Aron Rodders (reserve); Nelly Wizmark (reserve)
    277: Lizbit Comstock (starter, co-captain); Horst Penn (starter); Niskat Deenever (starter); Falene Trieste (reserve); Alana Glencross (reserve); Aron Rodders (reserve)
    278: Gaeriel Valerii (co-coach); Alana Glencross (starter); Falene Trieste (starter); Niskat Deenever (reserve)
    279: Niskat Deenever (starter, 1st overall pick), Alana Glencross (starter, 4th overall pick), Falene Trieste (reserve, 13th overall pick), Horst Penn
    280: Alana Glencross (starter); Gaeriel Valerii (head coach); Lizbit Comstock (reserve)
    281: Lizbit Comstock (starter); Horst Penn (starter); Niskat Deenever (starter); Gaeriel Valerii (head coach); Gary Zonka (reserve)
    283: Orlon Kandarar (starter); Tralvar (starter); Shiboar (starter); Dashric Stonlon (head coach); Salman (reserve)
    284: Cordell Beckman Jr. (stater), Lizbit Comstock (starter), Jolla Pic (starter), Falene Trieste (starter); Gaeriel Valerii (head coach)
    285: Niskat Deenever (starter), Gared Joff (reserve)
    286: Lizbit Comstock (starter), Horst Penn (starter), Jolla Pic (starter), Niskat Deenever (starter), Morgan Alesh (reserve)
    287: Niskat Deenever (starter), Jolla Pic (starter), Cordell Beckman Jr. (reserve), Eponette Ternardiel (reserve)
    All-Star Game MVPs
    286: Morgan Alesh
    Skills Challenge Winners
    Longest Score: Jolla Pic (282, 286), Niskat Deenever (287)
    Skills Challenge Course: Niskat Deenever (284), Jolla Pic (287)
    Rough and Ready: Falene Trieste (286)
    Rising Stars Challenge Players
    284: Gared Joff
    285: Norm Hoti, Gared Joff
    286: Marnie Blake, Stephana Adiims, Becca "Newt" Jordan
    287: Marine Blake

    Team Achievements
    Most points scored: 263, 265, 272, 273, 275, 276, 279, 284, 287, 288, 290
    Least points allowed: 284, 288
    Best point differential: 272, 275, 284, 287, 288, 290
    Commissioner’s Trophy: 265, 273, 275, 278, 284, 287, 290, 296, 297

    Playoff History
    Galactic Cup Champions: 271, 275, 277, 287, 296, 299

    Solo Conference Champions: 271, 275, 277, 283, 284, 285, 287, 289, 290, 299
    Galactic Cup Finals appearances (non-conference playoff format): 296, 297
    Galactic Cup Semifinal appearances: 263, 264, 265, 266, 268, 273, 278, 281, 282, 288, 292
    Galactic Cup Quarterfinal appearances: 272, 276, 279, 291, 293, 294
    Chancellor's Cup Challenge Semifinalists: 270

    Hall of Fame Inductees
    210 ABY Bakura Miners
    283 ABY Bakura Miners (as part of the 283 Galactic Cup Final)
    Alana Glencross (player)
    Joe "Blondie" Manco (head coach)
    Aron Rodders (player)
    Dana Roslyn (player, head coach, and general manager)
    Aileen Wynn (head coach)

    Player Characters
    Kerry Trieste (owner): 262, 293
    Aileen Wynn (head coach): 263–264
    Dana Roslyn (general manager): 265–266
    Alana Glencross Kirt (player): 267–271, 280, 292, 298
    Sydney Talon (team attorney): 272
    Ayn Dormingale Trieste (fan): 273, 290
    Falene Trieste (player/owner): 274–277
    May Trieste (medical staff): 278
    Rocket Richaud (fan/Rossum Bookmakers runner): 279
    Fenrir Lokensgaard (League commissioner): 281
    Corran Ostaren (Nightly Show correspondent): 282
    Dash Stonlon (head coach): 283
    Tamon "T.K." Kutel (team photographer): 284
    Patrixa "Trixie" Eldred Penn (player spouse): 285
    Mihal Ceallaigh (fan): 286
    Declan Trieste (owner): 287
    Stephana Adiims (player): 288
    Harle Quinn (player): 289, 294
    Bess (mascot): 291
    Bree Veers (player): 295
    Jed Starkrimson (fan): 296
    El "Flea" Baganno III (player): 297
    Horst Penn (broadcaster): 299

    Family tree of the Noble House of Trieste (generations 8 through 11)

    Family tree notes:
    • All beings listed in gray are deceased
    • All women are listed with their maiden names. Kerry Trieste retained hers upon marriage
    • Galen Westenra is divorced from Fiona Trieste
    • The children of Falene Trieste are adopted
    • Elyse Carlow and Enoch Trieste did not marry before Enoch's death
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  5. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    Team Sheet

    Team Name: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers

    Home Field: Kaitlyn Vehn Memorial Coliseum at Six Boroughs (750,000 capacity)

    Interior Shot:



    Owner: Vera Grames


    General Manager: Addison Vehn (Formerly Karr)


    Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator: Shady Lerouex


    Defensive Coordinator: Autumn Graves


    Midfield Coach: Erin Windreaver


    Goalkeeper: Helen Ripley (Human, Female) Contract Year: 297
    Right Corner Back: Myra Rappahanock (Human, Female) Contract Year: 300
    Full Back: Zak Tomaas (Human, Male) Contract Year: 300
    Left Corner Back: Jade Enders (Human, Female) Contract Year: 297
    Right Half Back: Jerod Baker (Human, Male) Contract Year: 300
    Center Half Back: Zelena Wiles (Human, Female) (Contract Year: 300)
    Left Half Back: Jenny Wiles (Human, Female) Contract Year: 300
    Midfielder: Lucilla Aurelius (Hapan, Female) Contract Year: 300
    Midfielder: Aurora Windreaver (Human, Female) Contract Year: 297
    Right Half Forward: Jack Framm (Human, Male) Contract Year: 300
    Center Half Forward: Niall Rian (Human, Male) Contract Year: 300
    Left Half Forward: Martia Paak* (Human, Female ) (Contract Year: 300)
    Right Corner Forward: Jamie Duplysses (Human, Female) (Contract Year: 297)
    Full Forward: Alexa Kiadees (Human, Female) Contract Year: 300
    Left Corner Forward: Ling Le (Human, Female) Contract Year: 298
    (* designates team captain)


    Jack, "The Executioner", Kettch (Ewok,Male) 278 Draft acquisition
    Shae Bellweather (Human, Female, Forward)
    Henry Jones Junior (Human,Male, Forward)

    Retired Players
    John Huntington, current age 42, played from 266-269
    Meredith Chambers, current age 35, played from 261-273
    Autumn Graves (Human, Female) (Half Back) played from 272-278
    Mylessa McCloud (Human, Female) (Forward) played from 276-279
    Shady Lerouex, Left Corner Forward, 275-289
    Erin Windreaver, Midfielder, 276-289
    Tover Micjaa, Forward, 245-253

    Injured Reserve

    Elite League Season Records
    262: 6-1 (Semifinal loss to Kashyyyk Rangers)
    263: 5-2 (Galactic Cup loss to Alsakan Flyers)
    264: 2-5 (Last place in ELL)
    265: 3-4 (Lost in Quarterfinals to Euceron Storm)
    266: 2-6 (Last place in ELL)
    267: 5-2 (Galactic Cup Victory over Nadiem)
    268: 2-6 (7th place finish in ELL)
    269: 4-3 (Semifinal loss to Coruscant)
    270: 4-3 (Galactic Cup Victory over Vandelhelm: 37-1) Won at home-Six Boroughs was the Final Site
    271: 2-5 (1-3 Conference)
    272: 3-4 (1-3 Conference)
    273: 3-4 (2-3 Conference)
    274: 4-5 (3-1 Skywalker Conference)
    275: 5-4 (2-3 Skywalker Conference)
    276: 7-2 (3-2 Skywalker Conference: Galactic Cup Victory over Rydonni Prime: 11-4)
    277: 8-1 (5-0 Skywalker Conference: Loss in Conference Final to Mando'ade 18-12)
    278: 6-3 (3-2 Conference) Galactic Cup Victory over Rydonni Prime 25-12

    Head Coach Mylessa McCloud:

    280: 6-5 (3-2 Conference) Lost in Conference Finals to Kashyyyk Rangers 22-14
    281: 8-3 (3-2 Conference) Lost in Conference Finals to Hapes 26-14
    282: 6-5 Lost in Galactic Cup Final to Ralltiir Starkillers 0-1
    283: 5-6 (2-3 Conference)
    284: 3-8 (1-4 Conference)
    285: 4-7 (4-1 Conference)
    286: 8-3 (3-2 Conference) Lost on Conference Final to Mando'ade Mercs.
    287: 7-4 (3-2 Conference Lost in Galactic Cup Final to Bakura.
    288: 4-7 (2-3 Conference)
    289: 4-5 (2-2 Conference) Defeated Mando'ade, Defeated Euceron, Defeated Bakura in Galactic Cup Final 35-28.
    290: 5-4 (2-2 Conference) Lost to Euceron in opening round of playoffs
    291: 5-4 (2-2 Conference) Missed playoffs
    292: 4-5 (2-2 Conference) Beat Carratos in Semifinals and lost to Mando'ade in Conference Finals
    Head Coach Shady Lerouex
    294: 5-4 (2-2 Conference)
    295: 6-3 (4-0 Conference) Defeated Carratos Semifinals, Defeated Mando'ade Conference Finals, Defeated Rydonni Prime 27-13 for 13th Galactic Cup

    Playoff History:

    262: (5) Kashyyyk Rangers at (1) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (7-4) (SemiFinal)
    263: (5) Bakura Miners at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (3-20) (SemiFinal)
    263 Galactic Cup Final: (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers vs (1) Alsakan Flyers (31-33)
    265: (6) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (3) Euceron Storm (3-30) (Quarterfinals)
    267: (4) Genet Vornskrs at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (4-30)
    267 Galactic Cup Final: (6) Nadiem Chiefs vs. (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (18-40)
    269: (3) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (2) Coruscant Senators (34-35)
    270: (4) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (3) Vandelhelm Jets (37-1) (Beat Rydonni Prime in SemiFinals 18-11)
    274: (3) Ylesia Lightning at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (19-28) (Quarterfinals)
    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Euceron Storm (17-20) (Semifinals)
    275: Missed Playoffs
    276: Defeated Euceron 38-25, Semifinals, Won Galactic Cup against Rydonni Prime 11-4
    277: Lost in Conference Finals, 18-12, to Mando'ade Mercs
    278: Defeated Euceron 27-26 in Semifinals, Won Galactic Cup against Rydonni Prime 25-12
    279: Missed Playoffs
    280: Lost in Conference Finals to Kashyyyk 22-14. (First round bye)
    281: (Beat Corusant Senators in first round 10-7) Lost in Conference Finals to Hapes 26-14
    282: Beat Hapes in SemiFinal, Beat Carratos in Conference Final, Lost to Ralltiir in Galactic Cup Final.
    283: Missed Playoffs
    284: Missed Playoffs
    285: Missed PLayoffs
    286: Defeated Dac 16-12, lost to Mando'ade in Conference SemiFinal
    287: Defeated Onderon, Defeated Carratos, Lost in Galactic Cup Final 19-29 to Bakura Miners
    288: missed playoffs
    289: Defeated Mando'ade, Defeated Euceorn, Won Galactic Cup 35-28 against Bakura Miners
    290: Lost to Euceron in Semifinals 27-14
    291: Missed playoffs
    292: Beat Carratos in Semifinals, lost to Mandoa'de in Conference Finals
    295: Beat Carratos, Beat Mando'ade, Won Galactic Cup 27-13 against Rydonni Prime*

    Playoff record: 20-10

    *Thirteenth Galactic Cup in Team History

    Hall of Fame

    Rhia Grames
    Tover Micjaa
    Meredith Chambers-Vayne
    MIthus Sekel
    Kaitlyn Vehn

    ELL Draft History:

    271 Elite League Draft
    First Round
    Xander Darkrider (Human, Male, Midfielder, The Ord Sabaok University) taken with the eighth pick of the draft.
    Second Round
    George Edwards (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Half Back)
    Third Round

    Traded third round pick to Onderon Crazy Dragons in exchange for future third rounder in 272.

    272 Elite League Draft
    First Round
    Ike Tullo (Human, Male, Corner Back, College of Fondordelphia)
    Second Round
    Quillan Sands (Human, Male, Goalkeeper, BCC)
    Third Round
    Ruunjaa (Trandoshan, Male, Midfielder, University of Kashyyyk, identical twin brother to Ruunron)
    Vic McTodd (Amaran, Male, Center Half Forward, GVSU)

    273 Elite League Draft
    Second Round
    1) Roz Cartel (Human, Male, Goalkeeper, UCBV)
    2) Sorcha Styles (Bothan, Female, UC Bella Vistal, Full Forward)
    3) Arkan Matsoto (Twi'lek, Male, University of Evenvale, Left Corner Forward)
    Third Round
    1) Julius Winifred (Human, Male, Druckenwell Technical University (DTU), Right Corner Forward)
    2) Raia Sanin (Human, Female, Midfielder, Aeos Rangers semi-pro team [age 25])
    3) Jeremid Taskark (Human, Male, Atalanta University, Midfielder)

    274 Elite League Draft
    First Round
    1) Ken Zetter (Human, Male, Full Back, Druckenwell Technical University)
    Second Round
    2) Wilhulf Nexrus (Human, Male, Half Back, Verpine Technical University)

    275 Elite League Draft
    Second Round:
    Zen Keisel Corner Back, Druckenwell Technical University.
    Shady Lerouex, Full Forward, University of Bakura, Salis D'aar
    Third Round:
    Collie Austen, Midfielder, Atalanta University

    276 Elite League Draft
    First Round
    Mylessa McCloud, Left Half Forward, University of Coruscant
    Erin Windreaver, Midfielder,University of Tatooine
    Second Round
    Raymondo "Ray" Gunn, Forward, University of Agamar
    277 Elite League Draft
    Traded first rounder pick for Shae Bellweather from the Rydonni Prime Monarchs.
    Third Round
    Fianna Ragnos (Human, Female, Half Back, UBTV)

    278 Elite League Draft
    Zelena Wiles (Human, Female, Half Back, PCNS)
    Second Round
    Victoria Duchamp (Human, Female, Forward, VCU)
    Third Round
    Alynn Tran (Female, Togruta, Half Back)

    279 Elite League Draft
    First Round
    Ben Dayharvest (Human, Male, Half Back, Auril University) [Nar Shaddaa Smugglers from Euceron Storm]
    Anna Konder (Human, Female, Full Back, University of Agamar) [Nar Shaddaa Smugglers]
    Second Round
    Annabelle Shaw (Human, Female, Midfielder, Universtiy of Tatooine)
    Third Round
    Jack "The Executioner" Kettch (Ewok, Male, Half Forward, University of Agamar)

    280 Elite League Draft
    First Round:
    Mick Steele (Human, Male, Forward, VCU)
    Second Round:
    Sa'Akhuun (Zabrak, Male, Forward, VCU)
    Third Round:
    Henry Jones Jr. (Human,Male, Forward, OSU)
    281 Elite League Draft
    Peter "Maverick" Mitchell , Half Forward, Bakura Fleet Academy.
    Second Round:
    Charlie Blackwood, Goalkeeper, Female, Ackar Air Academy
    Tom'Kazan'sky "Iceman" Half Forward, Chiss Ascendency University
    Third Round:
    Sol "Juice" Asandry , Forward, VCU.
    282 Elite League Draft
    First Round:

    Martia Paak, Forward, Keldabe Military Institute
    Second Round:
    James Underwood, Forward, VCU
    Third Round:
    Narsk Ka'hun, Bothan, Full Back, Le’Roch University, Krant.
    283 Elite League Draft:
    First Round:
    Victor Drago, Half Back, Enarch Tech University
    Second Round:
    Gretta Hardy, Corner Back, University of Ord Mantell
    Third Round:
    Epona Equua, Corner Back, UB Salis D'arr
    Malcom Black, Forward, Vertical City University
    284 Draft:
    First Round:
    Ric Grimes, Half Back, VCU
    Second Round:
    LIzzie Wilder, Goalkeeper
    285 Draft: Helen Ripley, VCU, Goalkeeper. Jade Enders, Half Back VCU, Zak Tomaas, Full

    Back DTU.

    286: Did not Participate in Draft

    287 Draft:

    Acantha Zane (Human, Female, Midfielder, Chandrila A & M)
    Dac VanDaam (Human, Male, Forward, VCU)
    Nil Brynner (Human, Male, DTU)

    288 Draft:

    Jamie Duplysses (Human, Female, Forward, VCU)
    Bella Maru (Forward)
    Jacen Tailor (Half Back)
    Sean Weathers (Half Back)


    Nial Rian (Forward)
    Nigel Garaff (Half Back)
    Laura Flowers (Forward)


    Aurora Windreaver (Human, Midfielder, VCU)


    Lucilla Aurelius (Midfielder, Hapes)
    Jerod Baker (Half Back, VCU)
    Alexa Kiadees (Corner Forward, VCU)


    Ling Le, Forward, Female Coruscant
    Whitney Lerner Half Back Male, Ralltiir
    Suzy Friendship Midfielder, Female, Tatooine


    Myra Rappahanock, Half Back, Female, VCU
    Jack Framme, Forward, Male, VCU
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  6. spycoder9

    spycoder9 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 23, 2008
    Character Sheet
    Team: Naboo Ducks
    Name: Reilly Prgeom
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 221
    Physical appearance: She has long blond hair and has bright, ice blue eyes. She prefers to wear short black prefessional dresses, but when she attends games she always has a shirt to show it.
    Homeworld: Naboo
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Brief Biography: Born on Naboo, Reilly became a mature girl at a young age, and started Naboo Limmie Playing early. As she got older and more mature, playing came at an easier and faster pace than her normal life. It eventually became her career, her family, and her hobby, as her parents had died years ago and she never got married. At 261, she took control of the wheel of the Naboo Ducks. She enjoyed it and became famous on Naboo. That was where she met her husband to be. They wed a week after they met, and she was pregnant a week later. She had her baby, but that took away from her playing. In between the playing and fighting, her husband decided to leave her with their baby right before the games begin.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field:
    General Manager: Reilly Prgeom (Human, Female)
    Head Coach: Jasen Krueg (Human, Male)
    Goalkeeper: Marbatt Berlo (Human, Male)
    Right Corner Back: Jocen Tunsyn (Human, Male)
    Full Back: Jarek Tryria (Human, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Trlena Terrles (Human
    Right Half Back: Hadge Ardkin (Human, Male)
    Center Half Back: Alia Elrak (Human, Female)
    Left Half Back: Analla Oin (Human, Female)
    Midfielder: Mon Lightel (Human, Male)
    Midfielder: Savsati Lohrn (Human, Female)
    Right Half Forward: Dakric Tavia (Human, Male)
    Center Half Forward: Laneema Farus (Human, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Zan Heldres (Human, Male)
    Right Corner Forward: Minia Krarak (Human, Male)
    Full Forward: Karlena Gunel (Human, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Aereen Drytrin* (Human, Female)
    (* designates team captain)
  7. NickLitYouAFlame

    NickLitYouAFlame Jedi Master star 5

    Feb 27, 2007

    Team: Alsakan Flyers
    Name: Corso Wey
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 231
    Physical appearance: Tall, dark and brooding. Corso nearly defines a defensive Limmie player. He is 1.9 meters tall and weighs 96 kilograms.
    Homeworld: Serroco
    Relation to Team: Owner and player
    Brief Biography: Corso is the first-born son of Lorda Wey, a prolific and famous senator from Serroco. Despite having the option to follow in is father?s footsteps, Corso, having an advantage in size, decided to pursue a career in Elite League Limmie. After years of playing the sport, Corso used a small portion of his substantial inheritance to purchase a largely unknown Alsakan team. Corso went to great lengths to shepherd his team from a variety of locations and origins. While a good majority of his time is spent training, practicing and playing Limmie, Corso also enjoys boxing and drinking. Corso formerly played for Chandrila, Coruscant and Kuat, but has never played on a championship team. He has been in the league since he was 21, or 252 ABY.

    Team Sheet

    Home Field:
    General Manager: Trist Lorn (Female, Twi?lek)
    Head Coach: Dean Shazar (Male, Human)
    Goalkeeper: Yus-tarr Sei (Female, Cerean) * Co-captain
    Right Corner Back:Corso Wey (Male, Human) (Player character)
    Full Back: Nale Diora (Male, Nimbanel)
    Left Corner Back: Rael Niin (Male, Iktotchi)
    Right Half Back:Niabacca (Female, Wookiee)
    Center Half Back: Illit Vorn (Female, Human)
    Left Half Back: Dyissk (Female, Trandoshan)
    Midfielder: Verona Santiago (Female, Cathar)
    Midfielder: Sinn Toa (Female, Nautolan)
    Right Half Forward: Asgard Lon (Male, Human)
    Center Half Forward: Faul'alo'csapla (Male, Chiss)
    Left Half Forward: Ailus (Male, Rattataki)
    Right Corner Forward: Moon (Male, Shistavanen)
    Full Forward: Nyl Tuum (Male, Cathar)
    Left Corner Forward:Tyro Sarin (Male, Coway) * Co-captain

    In-depth Team Sheet

    General Manager:
    Trist Lorn: Female Twi?lek. Former criminal and prisoner. Ran the largest criminal organization in the Outer Rim at a young age. Long time fan of Corso from his early years. Expressed interest in managing his team through the contact of a senator working with Corso?s father. Well connected.
    Born: Ryloth, 217 ABY.
    Age: 46.

    Head Coach:
    Dean Shazar: Male Human. Former player and current head coach. Dean Shazar has a long history with the game of Limmie. He has played with many teams, last being the Alsakan Flyers in their flagship season in the Elite League. He replaced his old mentor Diox, an old Feeorin, after the 262 season.
    Born: Naboo, 211 ABY.
    Age: 52.

    Yus-tarr Sei: Female Cerean. Player. Yus-tarr is considered to be one of the greatest keepers to have played Limmie in over a century. Played with Corso at Chandrila and Yus-tarr followed him to Alsakan.
    Born: Coruscant, 227 ABY.
    Age: 36.

    Right Corner Back:
    Corso Wey (player character)
    Born: Serroco, 231 ABY
    Age: 32

    Full Back:
    Nale Diora: Male Nimbanel. Former smuggler. Contact of Trist Lorn. Nale was known in the underworld as one of the fastest smugglers. He was persuaded into playing as a favor to Trist, who once saved his life.
    Born: Nar Shaddaa, 234 ABY.
    Age: 29.

    Left Corner Back:
    Rael Niin: Male Iktotchi. Player. Rael was a childhood friend of Corso, as they played Limmie in the same league as children. The pair drifted when Corso moved to the El
  8. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    Team: Coruscant Senators

    Name: Briar (Thorne) Adama
    Species: Human (Bakuran)
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 241
    Physical Appearance:

    Homeworld: Bakura
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Biography: Discovered by Dana Roslyn, Briar was brought into the fold of the Bakura Miners organization soon after finishing school. Her talents for scouting were extraordinary, leading to her use by the Miners as a top scout. Eventually she rose high enough in the organization to earn the spot of General Manager of the Bison Sabres of the Premier League. The Sabres were the first affiliate team in a lower professional league for the Elite League, and it was a revolutionary achievement. Although the Sabres sometimes struggled, Briar honed her craft there developing players for the Miners.

    In 270, with Roslyn stepping down from the GM role, it appeared as if Thorne would be her successor. Instead, she found herself stuck behind new hire Quinn Cundertol. The man took the Miners to three Galactic Cup titles in the 270s, while Briar was the assistant GM. She was not in charge of personnel decisions, and always kept an eye out for an opportunity to be a full GM.

    When the Coruscant Senators came calling after the sudden retirement of legend Gark S’rily, Briar jumped at the opportunity to become the team’s GM. She now has the very tall task of rebuilding a once-proud franchise who has come close to hitting rock bottom.

    The Team:

    Front Office:

    General Manager: Dirxx Horstse (Besalisk, Male)

    Head Coach: Rocco Tenten (Chagrian, Male)

    Assistant GM: Mirik Lopaki (Human, Female)

    Offensive Coordinator: Libali Hankin (Zeltron, Female)

    Defensive Coordinator: Shayt Contar (Feeorin, Female)

    Midfield Coach: Brosh We’kyr (Bothan, Male)

    Strength and Conditioning Coach:

    Trainer: Tama Wor (Carosite, Male)

    Starting Lineup:

    Goalkeeper: Fam Keth (Bothan, Male) (on holdout – replaced by Millson)

    Right Corner Back: Jac Jeshua (Human, Male)

    Full Back: Ruunrha (Wookiee, Female)

    Left Corner Back: Wahay Contar (Feeorin, Male)

    Right Half Back: Jerr Tatheny (Togrutan, Female)

    Center Half Back: **Ed “Eddie” Munster (Shistavanen, Male)

    Left Half Back: Drackxis “Dracks” Deztroi (Fondorian, Male)

    Midfielder: **Zeus Syndulla (Twi’lek, Male)

    Midfielder: *D’ana Themyscira (Mandalorian/Hapan, Female)

    Right Half Forward: Jahayla Sofis (Echani half-breed, Female)

    Center Half Forward: Morgana DuChaard (Human, Female)

    Left Half Forward: Iiron Judge (Ugnaught, Male)

    Right Corner Forward: Dirrnar Bos'lik (Bothan, Female)

    Full Forward: Oriana DuChaard (Human, Female)

    Left Corner Forward: **Freya Stormhelm (Human, Female)


    Luba Tran (Iktochi, Male, Corner Back)

    Gilley Nesteren (Hapan, Female, Half Back)

    Tipa Sabur (Zelosian, Female, Half Back)

    Jell’asa Stann (Zeltron, Female, Corner Forward)

    Helen Brody (Human, Female, Midfielder)

    Claire Daring (Human, Female, Midfielder)

    Leopard Jackson (Human, Male, Forward)

    Avie Trieste (Human, Female, Corner/Full Forward)

    Ali Millson (Human, Female, Goalkeeper)

    Scot’howerd (Shistavanen, Male, Forward)

    Chella (Wookiee, Female, Half Back)

    Tua Tagolova (Togorian, Male, Forward)

    Raquel Flylow (Ithorian, Female, Corner Forward)

    Laseema Ven (Twi’lek, Female, Goalkeeper)

    Galin S’rily (Bothan, Male, Corner Back)

    Dak Fallcrest (Human, Male, Defensive Back)

    (^ designates rookie/Ingbrand-eligible player
    * designates team captain
    ** designates assistant captain)


    Disabled List:

    Inactive List:

    Scoring List:

    Points Allowed:

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  9. OssusSage

    OssusSage Jedi Youngling

    Jun 8, 2010
    Team: Mon Calamari Mariners
    Home Field: "The Tank"
    General Manager: Rothondo Snilj
    Head Coach: Vyrra Zuereshi (Female Mon Calamari)
    Goalkeeper: Lokha Reralli (Female Lorrdian)
    Right Corner Back Libsth Torreb (Male Quarren)
    Full Back * Dekar Hethwy (Male Mon Calamari)
    Left Corner Back Mralmin Dre (Male Mon Calamari)
    Right Half Back Uplre Nimtono(Male Mon Calamari)
    Center Half Back Maanro Tralpq (Male Mon Calamari)
    Left Half Back Kahppek Limlar (Male Zabrak)
    Midfield Onorab Qupp Kylt (Male Mon Calamari)
    Midfield Nalro Nena (Female Human)
    Right Half Forward Aara Mralol (Female Mon Calamari)
    Center Half Forward Trea Korreshi(Female Mon Calamari)
    Left Half Forward Klyypyr Sonjrenp (Male Quarren)
    Right Corner Forward Retmai Quresh (Female Mon Calamari)
    Full Forward Refan Brytiq* (Male Mon Calamari)
    Left Corner Forward Tuarg Nyt (Male Quarren)
    (* designates team captain)
  10. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Team Name: Kashyyyk Rangers
    Home Field: Kabukk Stadium, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk
    General Manager: Quoiswa (Wookiee, Male)
    Head Coach: Quoiswa
    Goalkeeper: Grorwaa (Wookiee, Female)
    Right Corner Back: Khrussk (Trandoshan, Male)
    Full Back: Greyyura (Wookiee, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Rakcheen (Wookiee, Male)
    Right Half Back: Ossk (Trandoshan, Male)
    Center Half Back: Frorwaa (Wookiee, Female)
    Left Half Back: Liss (Trandoshan, Female)
    Midfielder: Pekt (Trandoshan, Female)
    Midfielder: Heen (Wookiee, Male)
    Right Half Forward: Fulwob (Wookiee, Male)
    Center Half Forward: Lowbook (Wookiee, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Krad* (Trandoshan, Male)
    Right Corner Forward: Nak (Trandoshan, Female)
    Full Forward: Grika (Wookiee, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Ticheen (Wookiee, Male)
    (* designates team captain)
  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Post now redundant.
  12. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    262 Season

    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (6) Chandrila Patriots at (3) Alsakan Flyers (20-38)
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers at (4) Mon Calamari Mariners (21-0)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers at (1) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (7-4)
    (3) Alsakan Flyers at (2) Coruscant Senators (19-26)

    Galactic Cup Final
    Stoney End Park, Hana City, Chandrila
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers vs. (2) Coruscant Senators (26-31)

    Final Regular Season Standings
    1) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (6-1) [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]
    2) Coruscant Senators (5-2) [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)]
    3) Alsakan Flyers (4-3) [NickLitYouAFlame, Corso Wey (owner and player)]
    4) Mon Calamari Mariners (4-3) [OssusSage, Rothondo Snilj (general manager)]
    5) Kashyyyk Rangers (3-4)
    6) Chandrila Patriots (2-5)
    7) Naboo Ducks (2-5) [spycoder9, Reilly Prgeom (general manager)]
    8) Bakura Miners (2-5) [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]

    Final Season Statsics

    Points Scored
    1) Alsakan Flyers - 173
    2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 171
    3) Mon Calamari Mariners - 162
    4) Kashyyyk Rangers - 143
    5) Coruscant Senators - 136
    6) Bakura Miners - 124
    7) Chandrila Patriots - 94
    7) Naboo Ducks - 94

    Points Allowed
    1) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 104
    2) Naboo Ducks - 128
    3) Kashyyyk Rangers - 130
    4) Chandrila Patriots - 131
    5) Coruscant Senators - 132
    6) Alsakan Flyers - 147
    7) Mon Calamari Mariners - 152
    8) Bakura Miners - 173

    Point Differential
    1) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers +67
    2) Alsakan Flyers - +26
    2) Kashyyyk Rangers - +13
    4) Mon Calamari Mariners - +10
    5) Coruscant Senators - +4
    6) Naboo Ducks - -34
    7) Chandrila Patriots - -37
    8) Bakura Miners - -49

    Season Awards
    Commissioner's Trophy (Best regular season record): Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Salbukk Award (League MVP): Meredith Chambers, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year): Illit Vorn, Alsakan Flyers
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year): Tover Micjaa, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Numifolis Award (Playoff MVP): Polis Vayne, Coruscant Senators
  13. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    263 Season

    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (6) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (3) Coruscant Senators (19-15)
    (5) Bakura Miners at (4) Kashyyyk Rangers (25-14)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (6) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (1) Alsakan Flyers (9-26)
    (5) Bakura Miners at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (3-20)

    Galactic Cup Final
    Consortium Royal Grounds, Chume'Dan, Hapes

    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers vs (1) Alsakan Flyers (31-33)

    Final Standings
    1) Alsakan Flyers (6-1) [NickLitYouAFlame, Corso Wey (owner and player)]
    2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (5-2) [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)]
    3) Coruscant Senators (3-4) [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)]
    4) Kashyyyk Rangers (3-4)
    5) Bakura Miners (3-4) [Trieste, Kerry Trieste (owner)]
    6) Ord Mantell Scrappers (3-4)
    7) Kuat Triforce (3-4)
    8) Chandrila Patriots (2-5)


    Points Scored
    1) Bakura Miners - 181
    2) Alsakan Flyers - 177
    3) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 153
    3) Ord Mantell Scrappers - 153
    5) Kuat Triforce - 128
    6) Coruscant Senators - 121
    7) Kashyyyk Rangers - 116
    8) Chandrila Patriots - 109

    Points Allowed
    1) Alsakan Flyers - 92
    2) Coruscant Senators - 127
    3) Kashyyyk Rangers - 132
    4) Chandrila Patriots - 136
    4) Bakura Miners - 136
    6) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 153
    6) Kuat Triforce - 153
    8) Ord Mantell Scrappers - 166

    Point Differential
    1) Alsakan Flyers - +85
    2) Bakura Miners - +45
    3) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 0
    3) Coruscant Senators - -6
    5) Kashyyyk Rangers - -16
    6) Chandrila Patriots - -27
    7) Ord Mantell Scrappers - -38
    8) Kuat Triforce - -43

    Season Awards
    Commissioner's Trophy (Best regular season record): Alsakan Flyers
    Salbukk Award (League MVP): Corso Wey (Alsakan Flyers)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year): Dorf Landa (Bakura Miners)
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year): Dean Shazar (Alsakan Flyers)
    Numifolis Award (Playoff MVP): Tyro Sarin (Alsakan Flyers)
  14. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Team: Chandrila Patriots
    Name: Owen Narada
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 238
    Physical appearance: Stands at 5'10", tan skin, green eyes and short dark hair. Owen is slim, but athletic in build. He usually wears modest clothing, but on game days, he wears the team jersey and paints a green war band under his eyes and across the bridge of his nose.
    Homeworld: Chandrila
    Relation to Team: Fan
    Brief Biography: Owen was basically an orphan. The state did a fair job providing him with a guardian until he became of legal age. Not having a real family as a youth precluded a standard upbringing, however, his guardian was a Limmie Fan and that's how his own love for the sport was born. Limmie is actually the only thing that makes him feel alive. To date, his secret infatuation with Penny Sharp will not allow him to miss a single game. He worries that such a thing might be viewed as 'unhealthy' or sadly one-sided by others, so he keeps it to himself. To keep in shape, he goes hiking and climbing whenever he can. Though he loves Limmie, he's not very good at the game, having no one to really play with, but being a fan is something he can be and do with unreserved passion. For the wearin' of the green!

    Team Name: Chandrila Patriots
    Home Field: Stoney End Park, Hana City, Chandrila
    General Manager: Grouse Greevat (Rodian, Male)
    Head Coach: Nawtocca (Wookiee, Male)
    Goalkeeper: Sal Handa (Nautolan, Male)
    Right Corner Back: Romash (Ryn, Male)
    Full Back: Marshall St. Cloud (Hapan, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Kith Hulu (Khil, Male)
    Right Half Back: Rehuff Andik (Human, Male)
    Center Half Back: Karh'ona'mitera, known commonly as Rhona (Chiss, Female)
    Left Half Back: Keval Centi (Human, Male)
    Midfielder: Tenn Hapan (Human, Khil)
    Midfielder: Pakia Drydres (Human, Male)
    Right Half Forward: Thullis Tubbs (Ithorian, Female)
    Center Half Forward: Penny Sharp* (Human, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Julianne Light (Near-Human, Female)
    Right Corner Forward: Faayla Tor (Togruta, Female)
    Full Forward: Pam Drayson (Human, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Lisyyk Gir'kji (Bothan, Female)
    (* designates team captain)

  15. chinamimi

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    Oct 26, 2010
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  16. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    None at the moment, because I am currently posting neutral-perspective stuff from the media.

    Euceron Officers Team Sheet
    Stadium: Marte Nalo Field at Storm Stadium (The building itself is Storm Stadium, but the playing field itself is specifically called Marte Nalo Field. Official team releases and statements maintain this separation, but it is common for those external to the organization to unknowingly mix the two up.)
    Owner: Melkin Tunran (grandson of Wilrax Tunran IV, final owner of the Euceron Storm)
    General Manager: Dr. Aebatt Zargana
    Head Coach: Bernall Crakas

    Key: Name (Species, Gender) <General Position> [Rookie year]

    Starting Lineup
    Goalkeeper: Nataya Vance (Human, Female) <Goalkeeper> [290]
    Full Back: Sann Merok (Klatoonian, Male) [287]
    Left Corner Back: Ingenas Tradove (Twi'lek, Female) <Corner Back> [297]
    Right Corner Back: Zinvae Genjor (Devaronian, Male) [296]
    Left Half Back: Lorsan Zylran (Zabrak, Male) [296]
    Center Half Back: Morgan Patrick (Human, Male) <Half Back> [288]
    Right Half Back: Mic "the Hammer" Spilane (Balosar, Male) <Defender> [293]
    Midfielder: Naomi Sunset (Human, Female) <Midfielder> [288]
    Midfielder: Rakjo (Trandoshan, Male) <Midfielder> [293]
    Left Half Forward: Dalyor Yesrel (Zabrak, Male) [296]
    Center Half Forward: Wendy Kihb (Mon Calamari, Female) <Half Forward> [288]
    Right Half Forward: Michlas Faren (Human, Female) [299]
    Left Corner Forward: Elza Trieste [captain] (Human, Female) <Forward> [290]
    Right Corner Forward: Bynsala Torfir (Human, Female) [298]
    Full Forward: Wayne Hoskins (Human, Male) <Forward> [293]

    Del Silth (Zabrak, Female) <Goalkeeper> [293]
    Oshi Merk'ava <Full Forward> (Human, Male) [290]
    Belrona Torkrana <Full Back> (Twi'lek, Male) [298]
    Additional players that I am too lazy to name

    Old Character Sheet Storage Bin: (in case I want to go back to them)
    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Marte Nalo
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 223
    Physical appearance: 5'11", large muscular frame, brown hair, light skin
    Homeworld: Frego
    Relation to Team: Retired head coach, now broadcaster

    Biography: A standout limmie midfielder in high school, Marte's skills didn't translate well to the college field, where he spent more time on the bench than he did on the field. After graduating with a degree in criminal justice, Marte had given up on limmie and was preparing to enroll in the police academy when the Chandrila Patriots surprised him with a contract offer. Marte jumped at the chance and signed a four-year deal with the Patriots, beginning play for them in 246.

    In the pros, he spent even more time on the bench than he did in college. Never one to just sit and watch, Marte did what he had done while on the bench in college: he analyzed the game and pretended he was the head coach, making a list of changes that he would make to the team if he were the coach. Though he sometimes suggested these changes to the real coaches, he was ignored until the offensive coordinator, stumped as to what caused a complete meltdown of the offense in the last regular season game, sarcastically asked Marte what he would do. Marte pointed out the problem, and after re-watching the broadcast of the game, the offensive coordinator realized he was right. The OC took his advice on how to solve it, and it paid off with a big win in the first round of the playoffs. The Patriots would go on to the Galactic Cup Final before losing to Corulag, though Marte would watch the final from the hospital after a speeder accident.

    A few days after the final, the GM visited him in the hospital. Expecting to be cut from the team for lack of performance, Marte was surprised when the GM told him that the team's offensive coordinator had been hired by another team and had recommended him for the job. The GM made him an offer: hang up his cleats and take the position of offensive coordinator for the remaining three years on his contract. Marte agreed, and the next year, he helped lead the Patriots to a 34–32 victory in the Galactic Cup Final. When his contract expired, he received several offers for head coach positions with Premier League teams and, knowing that the Patriots head coach position had recently been locked up long-term by Hall-of-Famer Tan Strensky, decided to take an offer from the Euceron Storm.

    Over the next fifteen years, he coached the Storm to several Premierships. However, Euceron was seemingly ignored by Elite League Commissioner Crendan, possibly due to Marte's notorious inability to control his anger and frustration, for which he had been fined several times and suspended once. With a new commissioner taking office in 262, Marte hoped that the Storm would finally be noticed, but a series of losing seasons in the early 260s initially prevented that. Eventually, another Premiership in 264 got them noticed, and the Euceron Storm was finally accepted into the Elite League for the first time in the team's history.

    Marte experienced success in the Storm's first Elite League season with a 4–3 record and a run to the semifinals, but the Storm struggled over the next three seasons, failing to record a winning record or win a playoff game during those three years. Compounding matters was a tragic speeder accident during the 265 season that claimed the life of Marte's firstborn son, 9-year-old Marte Jr., causing Marte to have to leave the quarterfinal in the middle of the game. After the accident, Marte reflected on the loss and regretted not being able to spend much time with Junior (as his namesake son was commonly called), and didn't want to make the same mistake with his two other kids, a girl named Tendra (then age 6) and a boy named Jado (then 16 months old). Marte was already considering retirement, and the accident essentially made the decision for him, though he opted to complete his current contract first. With the 268 regular season over and the Storm shut out of the playoffs, Marte made his retirement official and looked forward to a hopefully quiet life at home with his wife, Jaria, and his now 8-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter (the latter of whom plays youth limmie), though he soon took a job with the Euceron affiliate of the HoloNet Sports Network (HSN Euceron). He remains a Storm fan.

    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Dr. Aebatt Zargana
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 239
    Physical appearance: 5'2", 95 pounds, blonde hair, perpetual smile (except when she's really angry)
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: General Manager

    Biography: Born into poverty, Aebatt's one true passion in her childhood was limmie. Unable to play the game at a competitive level because of her small size, she settled for watching games, especially those involving her homeworld Euceron Storm, on the HoloNet during the months her parents could afford to pay the bill. She quickly decided that she wanted to be the general manager of an Elite League team when she grew up, and though her parents tried to get her to focus on what they called a "more realistic dream", Aebatt would not be dissuaded, vowing that her dream would come true.

    Knowing that her family could not afford to pay for a college education, Aebatt worked hard in school, graduating as valedictorian of the Eusebus High School Class of 257. Recognizing her potential, the University of Euceron offered her a full-ride academic scholarship, which she immediately accepted. She took the work ethic that had gotten her to that point and ramped it up a notch, graduating four years later as salutatorian with a bachelor's degree in limmie management. She then applied to the Euceron Storm for a position in the front office. The Storm, who were in the middle of a organization-wide shakeup in an attempt to get out of a slump, offered her a position as an assistant to general manager Mellena Loia.

    Accepting, she quickly gained a reputation in the front office for being one of the hardest workers there. Even while working, she attended graduate school in the evenings, receiving her master's degree in 263 and finally her doctorate in 266. Two weeks after defending her dissertation, Aebatt was called into Mellena's office, who informed Aebatt that she was retiring at the end of the season. Aebatt quickly told the team owner she was interested in the position, and after three months of interviews, she was selected over five other candidates for the position. With her doctorate in hand and her childhood dream come true, it's now up to Aebatt to make the most of it.

    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Zay Antilles
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 253
    Physical appearance: 6'2", light skin, lightly built athletic body. Depending on the mission, may be seen in his standard black Jedi robes, or anything needed to blend in. Owns a couple of Storm souvenir jerseys that he likes to wear on game day when a current mission doesn't prevent him from doing so.
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Relation to Team: Fan and friend of former head coach Marte Nalo

    Biography: No one is quite sure when, where, or how the Force found its way into the Antilles line, but when five-year-old Zay was discovered to be Force-sensitive, his parents contacted their friend, Jedi Master Kash Skywalker, and sent Zay off for Jedi training. He was a quick learner in his studies of the Force, but not forgetting his ancestry, he took piloting lessons as well, and the tenth-generation descendant of Wedge Antilles proved to be just as skilled in the cockpit.

    Limmie, however, was not on his sensor board until 265, when at age twelve, Knight Palla Quelkin selected him as her Padawan learner. Four years earlier, during a peacekeeping mission to Euceron, Palla had befriended Marte Nalo, head coach of the Euceron Storm limmie team, after Marte had helped mediate the negotiations as a local but neutral third party. It was Palla, who had maintained contact with Marte since then and followed the Storm as they were promoted into the Elite League, who introduced Zay to "the beautiful game".

    Zay quickly became a fan of the game, soaking up information and statistics and often having to be reminded to not let this new passion—some would say obsession—interfere with his training. Becoming a typical teenager, Zay rebelled, ditching his Master's preference for the Storm and taking the Nadiem Chiefs as his favorite team. Despite this, he formed his own friendship with Marte after the 268 season when the recently-retired coach and his daughter accompanied him and his Master on a training mission to Ragoon VI.

    Three years later, Zay was saddened to see the Chiefs fold, and took almost a standard year to decide on a new team to follow. Palla eventually persuaded him to follow the Storm again midway through the 272 season as the Storm appeared to make a run toward the playoffs. Their collapse in the last two weeks of the season didn't deter him, and now he is determined to see them through to a Galactic Cup championship.

    Zay, drawing close to his twentieth birthday, is skilled with his lightsaber, smart, an ace in the cockpit, and an expert negotiator, better than even many Masters and career diplomats. He would be the model Padawan if not for limmie. Kash Skywalker, now the Jedi Grand Master, has reprimanded him several times for what Kash sees as an attachment, and there are rumors that the Council has been delaying his Trials because of this. Zay is capable of pushing limmie aside when a mission calls for his undivided attention, but back at the Temple, he often uses time that should be spent training to catch up on the world of limmie.

    As the 273 season draws near, Zay is beginning to recognize how much of a problem limmie is for him and is attempting to tone down his passion. He knows that it will be difficult to do so, but he must, for his career as a Jedi may be on the line....

    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Wilrax Tunran IV
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 196
    Physical appearance: If standing straight up, he would be an imposing 6' 5" tall, but that is rare; at his advanced age, he is usually hunched over and leaning on a walker for support, reducing his apparent height to a more average 5' 9". He weighs a healthy, if slightly underweight, 165 pounds and is completely bald. He has refused anti-aging treatments, resulting in a highly wrinkled and weathered face. He wears Storm team gear at all times.
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: Owner

    Biography: Born into one of Euceron's wealthiest families, Wilrax IV was 22 years old before his great-grandfather founded the Euceron Storm in 218. He watched as the Storm, with its roster bolstered by Euceron's reputation as a sports destination, quickly found success in the lower levels of the pro ranks with four league championships in their first four seasons of operation and were soon accepted into the Premier League. However, Wilrax Sr. could not push the team any further, and neither could Wilrax Jr. When Wilrax III took over the team, he enlisted his son as an assistant, and together they guided the team through success and struggles until Commissioner Kayl'hen finally promoted them to the Elite League for the 265 season. When his father died in 268, Wilrax IV finally took the reins.

    Like his dad and grandfather, Wilrax IV initially took a hands-off approach to ownership, but he soon realized that that was the source of the team's struggles in the Elite League, and so in the early 270s, he began taking a more active role in team operations. At first, General Manager Aebatt Zargana chafed at what she saw as an intrusion into her space, but she quickly realized it was for the better as Wilrax infused the Storm with new ideas and plenty of money, and soon the Storm broke their playoff drought, scoring back-to-back Conference Championship Game appearances and parlaying one into the team's first ever appearance in the Galactic Cup Final. Wilrax is now looking to sustain that success over the long term as he prepares for the 276 draft....

    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Marte Nalo
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 223
    Physical appearance: 5'11", moderately muscled, brown hair with a few spots of gray, light skin, gray mustache
    Homeworld: Frego
    Relation to Team: Lieutenant with the Eusebus Police Department, responsible for overseeing stadium security on game days (formerly Storm head coach and later broadcaster)

    Biography: A top ten prospect in high school, Marte attended the University of Coruscant on a full-ride athletic scholarship, where he majored in criminal justice. Having flopped on the limmie field, he was ready to enroll in the police academy when he was surprised with a contract offer from the Chandrila Patriots. Putting his police academy plans on hold, Marte signed with the Patriots. With them, he essentially failed as a player, but he was recognized by Tan Strensky for his skills at coaching and was moved from midfielder to offensive coordinator. A few years later, he signed a deal with the Premier League's Euceron Storm to take the position of head coach.

    Marte coached the Storm brilliantly, leading them back to relevance in the Premier League, to multiple Premiership titles, and eventually gaining promotion to the Elite League in 265. After nineteen years as the Euceron Storm head coach, Marte retired after the 268 season. He later became a broadcaster for HSN Euceron, analyzing Storm games on-air, but that didn't last long, and he was soon back to retirement. During these years, he met and married a Hapan, Jaria, with whom he fathered three children: Marte Jr., killed in a speeder accident in 265 at age 9; Tendra, born in 259 and now playing limmie for the Shedu Maad Knights of the Hapes Consortium Juniors League; and Jado, born in 264 and now the Jedi apprentice of Marte's friend Zay Antilles.

    In 274, however, an old bug bit him. Maybe he had watched CSI Coruscant one too many times. Maybe it came from following the local police blotter a little too closely. Or maybe he just wanted to recapture his youth. Whatever the case, Marte signed up for the Euceron Police Academy spring class. At 51 standard years old, Marte was the oldest cadet in the class, but he graduated with distinction and became a Eusebus city police officer.

    To the dismay of several officers with longer tenure who complained about “special treatment”, Marte quickly advanced up the rank ladder, reaching lieutenant by the middle of 277. He frequently was assigned to work with the Euceron Storm on game days, helping assist with security in the stadium, and by the end of the 277 season was in charge of organizing game day security.

    As the 278 season approaches, Marte's primary concern is to keep the stadium safe from the Bassell brothers—a task greatly helped by last year's arrest and the upcoming trial of the pair's mastermind. He has not seen either of his living children in months, Tendra choosing to stay in the Hapes Cluster during the offseason and Jado being constantly busy with Jedi stuff, but with Jado scheduled to be on Euceron for Rosty Bassell's trial, he hopes to spend a little bit of time with his youngest child.

    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Jado Nalo
    Species: Human (half-Hapan)
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 264
    Physical appearance: 5'4" and 150 pounds (as of start of 278 season, at age 14), light tanned skin, thick well-defined muscles. When on a Jedi mission, typically wears light brown Jedi robes, or (if undercover) whatever is needed.
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: Fan and son of former head coach Marte Nalo

    Biography: Being the son of an Elite League limmie coach, it was only natural that Jado would play youth limmie, and he did, being placed at goalkeeper for his first season. There was a problem, though: a parent who was mildly Force-sensitive detected the Force in Jado. His famous dad, Marte, contacted his Jedi friends, Palla Quelkin and her Padawan, Zay Antilles. They confirmed it, and Jado, seven years old at the time, made the choice that changed his life: to leave home and train as a Jedi. Jado spent five years at the Temple on Ossus learning the ways of the Jedi until he got word that a newly minted Knight was seeking a Padawan of his own. Jado performed well and earned the honor of becoming the apprentice of that Knight—Zay Antilles.

    Thrust straight into the hunt for the Bassell brothers, Jado learned on the fly as he, Zay, and Palla tracked down and captured Rosty Bassell on Kashyyyk. Palla, however was severely injured in the brief fight to capture Rosty, delaying further attempts to track down his brother Rondy. Now Palla has made a full recovery, and the Jedi are ready to begin hunting for Rondy once Rosty's trial is over.

    In the meantime, Jado has been learning more from his Master, not only about Jedi ways, but about the intricacies of limmie. Like his Master, Jado is a fan of the Storm, the team his dad coached for 19 years, but he only considers himself a casual fan. He cheers when the Storm score and when they win, and is sad when they lose, but doesn't let it spill into his normal life, even doing other things while watching the game sometimes. Zay is far more devoted, to the point that the Jedi Council saw it as an unhealthy attachment. Zay managed to convince the Council that the attachment was gone, but Jado sees it coming back.

    As the tail end of the Storm's 277 season began to interfere with Zay's normal life and Jedi duties, Jado frequently reminded him to “be a fan, not a fanatic”, but that message often fell on deaf ears. As Rosty Bassell's trial nears, Jado is becoming concerned that Zay is becoming too attached to the Storm once again....

    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Dr. Aebatt Zargana
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 239
    Physical appearance: 5'2", 115 pounds, blonde hair. She used to always have a perpetual smile on her face, but after recent events she can no longer maintain that facade. She has also taken to excessive eating to relieve the resulting stress, which is causing her to gain visible weight around her stomach and waist.
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: General Manager and Head Coach

    Biography: Born into poverty, Aebatt's one true passion in her childhood was limmie. Unable to play the game at a competitive level because of her small size, she settled for watching games, especially the local Euceron Storm, on the HoloNet. She quickly decided that she wanted to be the general manager of an Elite League team when she grew up, and though her parents tried to get her to focus on what they called a "more realistic dream", Aebatt would not be dissuaded, vowing that her dream would come true. Lacking the funds for a college education, Aebatt worked hard to graduate high school as valedictorian, earning a full-ride academic scholarship to the University of Euceron. There, she worked even harder to graduate as salutatorian with a bachelor's degree in limmie management and received a position with the Euceron Storm as an assistant to general manager Mellena Loia. Continuing to take classes in the evenings, she eventually earned a doctorate degree, and shortly thereafter succeeded Loia on her retirement.

    With the help of team owner Wilrax Tunran IV and head coach Haron Orus, she built the Euceron Storm into championship contenders in the Elite League, but fate had a cruel twist in mind: a terrorist by the name of Rosty Bassell conspired to not only blow up Euceron Stadium, killing over 300,000 fans, Haron Orus, and virtually the entire team, but also emptied the Storm's bank accounts. Forced to rebuild from scratch, figuratively and literally, without the funds to do so, Aebatt auctioned off the Storm's six draft picks to raise enough money to sign thirty misfits to play the 279 season, while at the same time agreeing to an all-road schedule to save the cost of renting a stadium. As one more cost-saving measure, she has agreed to double as the head coach, a job she has no clue how to do. Knowing that a single win will be a major achievement in 279, Aebatt is hoping that the Storm can merely survive the season while accumulating enough cash to be able to sign some better players, and eventually be able to compete with the big shots of the Elite League once again.

    Team: Shedu Maad Knights (Hapes Consortium Juniors League)
    Name: Tendra Nalo
    Species: Hapan
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 259
    Physical appearance: 5'11" and 205 pounds, well-toned muscles, well-tanned, shoulder-length blonde hair
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: Player

    Biography: The middle child, and only daughter, of the late Marte Nalo, former head coach of the Euceron Storm, it was only natural that Tendra would play limmie as a child. She excelled from youth to high school levels of limmie, but she excelled even more in the classroom, skipping two grades and graduating high school at sixteen. As she didn't want to go to college, desiring a break from the classroom, and did not feel ready to go pro even though the homeworld Euceron Storm had scouted her, she elected instead to join the Shedu Maad Knights of the Hapes Consortium Juniors League, taking advantage of her mother, Jaria's, Hapan ancestry.

    Fast forward four years, and she has led the Knights to the playoffs for the fourth straight season. The last two runs ended in league championships, and the Knights are favorites to make it a three-peat. But winning the championship isn't the only thing on Tendra's mind; two weeks ago, Jado, a Jedi apprentice and her only living sibling, was kidnapped by the insane terrorist Rosty Bassell. Though she knew when Jado elected to leave home and become a Jedi that he would be putting his life in danger on a regular basis, Tendra could not have predicted this turn of events and now she cannot help but worry for his safety. Adding to the distractions is the growing hype surrounding her at the top levels of the game as she prepares to age out of the Consortium Juniors. Tendra must decide how and where she wishes to enter the ranks of the Elite League; the first decision will be weighing the pros and cons of a guaranteed minimum contract in the draft versus the freedom to choose who she signs with. But that will merely be the first step...

    Team: Euceron Officers
    Name: Tendra Nalo
    Species: Human, according to her official player data filed with the League. She is actually half Hapan (through her mother), but she prefers to ignore that nowadays.
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 259
    Physical appearance: 5'11" and 210 pounds, well-toned muscles, well-tanned, short blonde hair
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: Starting full forward and team captain

    Biography: The middle child, and only daughter, of the late Marte Nalo, former head coach of the Euceron Storm, it was only natural that Tendra would play limmie as a child. She excelled from youth to high school levels of limmie, but she excelled even more in the classroom, leading to an early graduation and a decision. Feeling too young for the pros, despite being scouted by the Euceron Storm (whom she had dreamt of playing for since childhood) and not wanting to go to college, she entered the Hapes Consortium Juniors League instead. Four years later, she looked to go pro, but the year previous, Rosty and Rondy Bassell had achieved his horrible goal of destroying Euceron Stadium killing a massive number of people including her father, Marte, and as she started to seek offers from Elite League teams, the financial problems created by the destruction resulted in the Storm being dissolved by a Euceron bankruptcy court, an action for which she, and most Storm fans, have never forgiven the First Euceron Bank.

    Heartbroken, she accepted a four-year contract offer from the Hapes Consortium Buccaneers, despite her misgivings about the all-female culture on Hapes. During her rookie season, the winds of change started blowing in the Consortium, with a protest strike by male players on the LFL affiliate Firedrakes gaining attention, and after an unrelated locker room brawl by the Bucs after the penultimate game leading to mass suspensions and a large injury report, men called up from the Firedrakes played on the Bucs for the final game of the season. A few months later, Tendra was instrumental in engineering the selection of a male player with the Bucs' first ever draft pick, and in her sophomore season, the Bucs began to integrate males into the roster. She also took a few weeks off to tag along on a Jedi mission, where she helped rescue her younger brother and Jedi Padawan, Jado Nalo, from Rosty Bassell's captivity, observed the death of Rondy Bassell, and personally fired the shot that killed Rosty Bassell. All was looking up, and with her misgivings gone, Tendra happily signed a new three-year contract when her rookie deal was up.

    And that's when it all came crashing down. Acting under orders, as well as threats, from the Queen Mother herself, Bucs head coach and GM Leota Avoy started removing men from the team and replacing them with females. Tendra, now the team captain and unaware of the behind-the-scenes machinations at first, became a vocal opponent of these moves on social media, but soon Leota clued her in to the threats and expressed concern that the Queen Mother's goons might come after Tendra if she didn't shut up. She did, but only for a while. When the time was right, she spoke out again and fled Hapes, dodging two attempts on her life as she did so. With the final three games of her contract on the road, she returned to Euceron and traveled on her own from there to each game, staying loyal to the team, if not the government that controlled the team. After the final game of the season, she retreated to Euceron, never to visit the Hapes Consortium again. Within a week afterward, Leota and her family joined her on Euceron, as her contract with the Bucs was also up, and she wanted no part of coaching and managing a team where the owner was willing to kill to get their way.

    If that had been the entire story, Tendra and Leota might very well be retired now. But as fate would have it, Melkin Tunran, grandson of the final owner of the Euceron Storm, was starting up a new team from scratch on Euceron called the Officers, in memory of those law enforcement officers (including Marte, who followed his old college degree into a third career as a law enforcement officer in his final years) who had been killed by the Bassells. Tendra opened talks with Tunran about a contract, and jumped at it once it was known that the Officers would go directly into the Elite League. Now realizing her childhood dream of playing Elite League limmie on Euceron, she has the whole galaxy open to her (except the Consortium, of course), and anything could happen. With her mother, Jaria; brother, Jado (now a Jedi Knight); and a whole planet of fans behind her for support, Tendra wants just one more thing: a Galactic Cup.

    Team: Euceron Officers
    Name: @EuceronAngryFan14
    Species/gender/birth year: Not publicly known
    Profile picture: Euceron Officers logo capped by a helmet, above the text #fireleotaavoy
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: Anonymous HoloNet blogger

    The world of HoloNet blogging is difficult and unfair, and most bloggers never get seen by more than a handful of people. But occasionally, a writer will rise to prominence. Such was the case last year with one particularly fiery and angry Officers fan, whose messages resonated with the local community. Operating under the handle @EuceronAngryFan14, this anonymous blogger has written and complained about the unchecked violence and concussions in limmie, and has started several arguments in the comments that have caused several parents to not allow their kids to play youth limmie. More recently, this blogger has also taken the position that Leota Avoy needs to be fired, which itself has caused quite a debate. Although many other topics are discussed, ranging across the entire world of limmie from college to pros, the issues of concussions and Leota Avoy come up repeatedly, and are represented in @EuceronAngryFan14’s avatar.

    For the past year, @EuceronAngryFan14 has been content to rant about these and other issues to a moderately sized audience, mostly comprised of Officers fans. But after the final game of the 292 regular season, the newly retired Tendra Nalo posted a link to one of the blogger’s essays about concussions on her social media. Suddenly the blog was swarmed by limmie fans across the galaxy, and with galactic news outlets discussing the concussion issue, the blog shot to the top of search engine rankings. With the catapult into HoloNet stardom, @EuceronAngryFan14 has to adapt to the newfound popularity, while balancing that with the fact that a lot of people disagree with the view that Leota Avoy needs to be fired. And in the middle of it all is the challenge to maintain a focus on the day-to-day activities of the homeworld team, because after all, that’s how the blog started years ago, and @EuceronAngryFan14, unlike some other bloggers, intends to stick to the blog’s roots and isn’t willing to sell out to clickbait companies. It represents a loss of money, but if it gains new fans for the Storm, it’s worth it.

    Wiki page for Euceron Storm:
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2020
  17. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    Elite League 264 Season

    Final Standings
    1) Ralltiir Starkillers (5-2)
    2) Chandrila Patriots [greyjedi521, Owen Narada (fan)] (4-3)
    3) Bakura Miners [Trieste , Aileen Wynn (head coach)] (4-3)
    4) Coruscant Senators [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)] (4-3)
    5) Kashyyyk Rangers (4-3)
    6) Alsakan Flyers (2-5)
    7) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Rhia Grames (general manager)] (2-5)
    8) Ord Mantell Scrappers (2-5)

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (6) Alsakan Flyers at (3) Bakura Miners (18-29)
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers at (4) Coruscant Senators (16-3)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers (13-7)
    (3) Bakura Miners at (2) Chandrila Patriots (2-7)

    Galactic Cup Final
    Denon Gardens, Denon
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers vs. (2) Chandrila Patriots (34-33)

    Congratulations to the Kashyyyk Rangers, winners of the 264 Galactic Cup of Limmie!


    Points Scored
    1) Coruscant Senators - 182
    2) Kashyyyk Rangers - 171
    2) Ralltiir Starkillers - 166
    4) Chandrila Patriots - 147
    5) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 117
    6) Bakura Miners - 110
    7) Alsakan Flyers - 88
    8) Ord Mantell Scrappers - 86

    Points Allowed
    1) Chandrila Patriots - 91
    2) Bakura Miners - 109
    3) Ralltiir Starkillers - 120
    4) Coruscant Senators - 142
    5) Kashyyyk Rangers - 145
    6) Alsakan Flyers - 150
    7) Ord Mantell Scrappers - 151
    8) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 159

    Point Differential
    1) Chandrila Patriots - +56
    2) Ralltiir Starkillers - +46
    3) Coruscant Senators - +40
    4) Kashyyyk Rangers - +26
    5) Bakura Miners - +1
    6) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - -42
    7) Alsakan Flyers - -62
    8) Ord Mantell Scrappers - -65

    Elite League Awards
    Commissioner's Trophy (Best regular season record): Ralltiir Starkillers
    Salbukk Award (League MVP): Nauranta, Kashyyyk Rangers
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year): Mira Kashvili, Bakura Miners
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year): Elrose Talvan, Ralltiir Starkillers
    Numifolis Award (Playoff MVP): Nauranta, Kashyyyk Rangers

    Premiership Playoffs
    Opening Round
    (16) Iego Angels (3-4) at (1) Adumar Aces (7-0) (27-24)
    (15) Naboo Ducks (3-4) at (2) Corellia Rebels (7-0) (5-26)
    (14) Kuat Triforce (3-4) at (3) Bothawui Spies (6-1) (7-18)
    (13) Fondor Freedom (4-3) at (4) Denon Demons (6-1) (21-31)
    (12) Kamino Waves (4-3) at (5) Tatooine Sandskimmers (5-2) (33-14)
    (11) Corulag Swoops (4-3) at (6) Vandelhelm Jets (5-2) (0-6)
    (10) Euceron Storm (4-3) at (7) Hapes Consortium Buccaneers (6-1) (19-19, OT 24-22)
    (9) Commenor Gundarks (5-2) at (8) Mon Calamari Mariners (5-2) (12-23)

    (16) Iego Angels at (2) Corellia Rebels (32-13)
    (12) Kamino Waves at (3) Bothawui Spies (16-34)
    (10) Euceron Storm at (4) Denon Demons (30-17)
    (8) Mon Calamari Mariners at (6) Vandelhelm Jets (34-29)

    Premiership Semifinals
    (16) Iego Angels at (3) Bothawui Spies (23-21)
    (10) Euceron Storm at (8) Mon Calamari Mariners (35-25, OT)

    Premiership Final
    Euceron Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron
    (16) Iego Angels at (10) Euceron Storm (8-33)

    Congratulations to the Euceron Storm, winners of the 264 Premiership!
  18. Bloodline

    Bloodline Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 18, 2008
    Team: Tatooine Sandskimmers
    Name: Kyamrin Malakian
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 247
    Physical Appearance:6'1", 225 with a medium frame.His hair is various colors at any given time.A long vined tattoo covers the entire length of his left arm down to his hand, which is covered by by colored armbands. He wears black nail polish.

    Homeworld: Mos Espa, Tatooine
    Relation to Team: Player
    Brief Biography: Kyamrin Malakian is a starting foward with the Tatooine Sandskimmers, an expansion team in the Elite League.A native son to Mos Espa, Tatooine, a prodominent slave area, he was a standout scorer in Western High,where he set numerous offensive team records.By the end of high school, he was acknowledged as one of the best scorers in not just his age group, but on his homeworld. Despite his accolades one huge blemish is his tendency to become over passionate and violent in games, usually getting him ejected from games. He entered the league this year, signing a 5 year multimillion credit contract with the team. A self called perfectionist, he can be seen practicing for hours, though his defensive skills have suffered due to this.

    Team Sheet
    Team Name: Tatooine Sandskimmers
    Home Field: Archer's Point (Bestine, Tatooine)
    General Manager/Owner: Ma-Ha (Hutt, Female)
    Head Coach: JT Money (Human, Male)
    Goalkeeper: Malt (Wookiee, Female)
    Right Corner Back:Tlam (Wookiee, Male)
    Full Back: Kayla Price (Human, Female)
    Left Corner Back: Grayson Stafford (Human, Male)
    Right Half Back: Eric Jones (Human, Male)
    Center Half Back: Melvin Layman (Human, Male)
    Left Half Back: Garrett Bridges (Human, Male)
    Midfielder: Nate Flitwick* (Human, Male)
    Midfielder: Ultahunden (Tusken, Male)
    Right Half Forward: Ernest Morgan (Human, Male)
    Center Half Forward: Mary Nino (Human, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Sean Mosley (Human, Female)
    Right Corner Forward: Kyamrin Malakian (Human, Male) rookie
    Full Forward: Moision (Tusken, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Lauren Stamm (Human, Female)
    * designates team captain
  19. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    265 Elite League Season

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (6) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (3) Euceron Storm (3-30)
    (5) Ralltiir Starkillers at (4) Kashyyyk Rangers (6-23)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (4) Kashyyyk Rangers at (1) Bakura Miners (19-6)
    (3) Euceron Storm at (2) Coruscant Senators (20-29)

    110th Galactic Cup Final
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    (4) Kashyyyk Rangers vs. (2) Coruscant Senators (32-19)

    Congratulations to the Kashyyyk Rangers at winning the Galactic Cup of Limmie, becoming the second team in Elite League history to repeat as champions!

    Final Standings
    1) Bakura Miners [Trieste, Dana Roslyn (general manager)] (5-2)
    2) Coruscant Senators [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)] (5-2)
    3) Euceron Storm [jcgoble3, Marte Nalo (head coach)] (4-3)
    4) Kashyyyk Rangers (4-3)
    5) Ralltiir Starkillers (3-4)
    6) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Konrad Dvorak (head coach)] (3-4)
    7) Chandrila Patriots (2-5)
    8) Tatooine Sandskimmers [Bloodline, Kyamrin Malakian (player)] (2-5)

    Points Scored
    1) Bakura Miners - 154
    2) Coruscant Senators - 153
    3) Kashyyyk Rangers - 146
    4) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 136
    4) Ralltiir Starkillers - 136
    6) Euceron Storm - 125
    7) Tatooine Sandskimmers - 97
    8) Chandrila Patriots - 57

    Points Allowed
    1) Chandrila Patriots - 92
    2) Kashyyyk Rangers - 113
    3) Coruscant Senators - 121
    4) Euceron Storm - 128
    5) Bakura Miners - 129
    6) Tatooine Sandskimmers - 136
    7) Ralltiir Starkillers - 139
    8) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 150

    Point Differential
    1) Kashyyyk Rangers - +33
    2) Coruscant Senators - +32
    3) Bakura Miners - +25
    4) Ralltiir Starkillers - -3
    4) Euceron Storm - -3
    6) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - -10
    7) Chandrila Patriots - -35
    8) Tatooine Sandskimmers - -39

    Season Awards
    Commissioner's Trophy (Best regular season record): Bakura Miners
    Salbukk Award (League MVP): Isabella Montador (Bakura Miners)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year): Ankylo (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year): Minorous ?John? Talley (Bakura Miners)
    Numifolis Award (Playoff MVP): Wrrlobuk (Kashyyyk Rangers)
  20. JediMaster1511

    JediMaster1511 Jedi Grand Master star 10

    Jul 15, 2010
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    Team: Vandelhelm Jets
    Name: Yore Vex Ten
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 223 ABY
    Physical appearance: Thin caucasian, brown hair cut semi long. About 1.77 meters in height.
    Homeworld: Vandelhelm
    Relation to Team: General Manager
    Brief Biography: Former assistant GM to the team when it was still in the minors, he took over for the retiring GM and vowed to lead the team to an expansion in the Elite League. Making good with his promise, he now expects to win a championship and make his mark. Though he had no ties to the team as a player, being a journeyman throughout his career, Vex Ten was a fan of the team growng up and when he retired and went into the front office part of the game, an offer from them for a low-level job was to much to resist. So impressed by his ability he was promoted to assistant GM rather quickly. He gets behind his players and is a determined person, expecting the best from everyone from the very top of the organization down to the seemingly insignifigent jobs, Yore understands it takes all working together to win, and all working apart to lose. He is friendly, but expects no nonsense when it's time to step-up.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field: Vandelhelm Stadium
    General Manager: Yore Vex Ten (Male, Human)
    Head Coach: Goreal Sepiun (Male, Zeltron) [5 years]
    Goalkeeper: Ordon Sundqvist (Male, Human) [2 years]
    Right Corner Back: Dorell Ravis (Human, Male)* [2 years]
    Full Back: Grondwaar (Male, Wookiee) [1 years]
    Left Corner Back: Ailba Sandfroin (Female, Twi'lek) [3 year]
    Right Half Back: Oran Gious (Male, Twi'lek, Right Half Back) [1 years]
    Center Half Back: Ayleza Stoea(Center Half-Back, Chiss, Female)[4 years]
    Left Half Back: Kent Waffen (Human, Male, Left Half Back) [2 years]
    Midfielder: Petric Euwinge - (Midfielder, Male, Human) [1 years]
    Midfielder: Macklan Oleander (Male, Human) [1 year]
    Right Half Forward: Quoe Tolispant (Female, Human) [2 years]
    Center Half Forward: Luveerneus Koles (Male, Weequay)[Rookie] [3 years]
    Left Half Forward: Jo Naymyth (Male, Human, Left Half Forward) [1 years]
    Right Corner Forward: Phil Brooks (Male, Human) [6 years]
    Full Forward: Isabella Montador (Female, Human) [3 years]
    Left Corner Forward: Weyn Krebet - (Left Corner Forward, Zeltron) [3 years]
    (* designates team captain)

    Tyros Talran (Male, Human, Center Half Back) [2 year]
    Ayleza Stoea(Center Half-Back, Chiss, Female)[4 years]
    Raynah Lor'syk (Bothan, Male, Goalkeeper/Midfielder,age 31)[1 years]
    Myek Rikter (Male, Human, Goalkeeper) [1 years]
    Mikey Dupront (Male, Human, Left Half Back) [1 years]
    Ollie Pry'kesh (Male, Twi'lek, Midfielder) [1 years]
    Roviden Quill (Human, Male, Midfielder) [1 years]
    Andrew Vadis, (Human, Male, Left Half Forward) [2 years]
    Dumm Bol (Male, Aqualish, Utility) [1 year]
    Chalakra (Wookiee, Female, Left Half Back) [1 years]
    Tan Umdali (Arcona, Male, Center Half Back) [2 years]
    Rock Gygax (Human, Male, Full Forward) [1 years]
    Rhon Killhings {Weequays, Male, forward) [3 years] {Rookie}
    Cortas Mirten (Male, Human) [0 years]
  21. The_Zeltron

    The_Zeltron Jedi Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2010
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    Team: Genet Vornskrs
    Name: Trena Syanl
    Species: Twi'lek
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 244
    Physical appearance: Blue-skinned, lithe and athletic, rather attractive, as most Twi'lek females are. Wears dark clothing generally, usually on the showy and revealing side.
    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Relation to Team: Player
    Brief Biography: Trena was brought up as a dancer, but found herself far more interested in sports than dancing, and began training for the Limmie field at seventeen. At eighteen she started playing college Limmie, and continued until two years ago, when she tried out for several pro teams before being accepted into the Genet Vornskrs as Left Corner Forward.

    Favored by the fans for her looks, Trena is nevertheless a background player, more likely to be found supporting, guarding, or clearing the way than making the actual scores. Known for leaving everything on the field and being more than willing to throw herself in the way of much larger players, she also tends to play a bit rough and has come uncomfortably close to earning penalties for it more than once, especially early on in her career. She almost never goes down without taking an opposing player with her, and takes defeat hard.

    Tough on the field, Trena loves to party off of it, and tends to be found in low-level cantinas hanging out with less-than-desirable acquaintances. Though some of her coaches have complained about this, the recent one has chosen to ignore it, as it never affects her performance in any way. The media tends to ignore her off the field, as well, since she is hardly a star player yet, and so her leisure activities have gone unnoticed by them.

    Though the media ignores Trena as a player, she is often the public face of the team, taking on all of the speeches, publicity, and so forth that do not necessitate someone of higher rank, thanks to her looks and natural ability as a speaker. Though she can't say she loves the job, she nevertheless puts herself fully into it, and has been quite successful in garnering more support and a broader fan base for the team.

    Eager to learn how to improve her performance, Trena nevertheless has a difficult time taking criticism, and is rather sensitive, making giving her pointers a trying process. She also has a tendency to listen very carefully to instructions and advice, and then go and add her own twists, or do it her own way. Complaints in this area have dwindled recently, however, because her way generally turns out better than the original suggestion.

    Trena almost never directly confronts anyone higher than herself, instead pretending to go along, and then changing the plan when the decisions are in her hands. This tends to frustrate everyone above her ? and occasionally even her teammates ? and is possibly her biggest failing as a player.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field: Genet Stadium
    General Manager: Yral Ankial (Gotal, Male)
    Head Coach: Urali K'Sina (Zabrak, Female)
    Goalkeeper: Rina Franlli (Human, Female)
    Right Corner Back: Salllal Raon (Cathar, Male)
    Full Back: Anri UIal (Zabrak, Male)
    Left Corner Back: Rjoit Tian (Human, Male)
    Right Half Back: Irla Ruia (Zabrak, Female)*
    Center Half Back: Puaj Nta (Gotal, Male)
    Left Half Back: Uili G'Noa (Human, Female)
    Midfielder: Mccma Chaub (Human, Female)
    Midfielder: Ugili Typa (Human, Male)
    Right Half Forward: Alail Riaia (Cathar, Female)
    Center Half Forward: Yini Siea (Rodian, Female)
    Left Half Forward: Mal Tolila (Rodian, Male)
    Right Corner Forward: Weioa Lonoda (Wookiee, Female)
    Full Forward: Olli Beio (Human, Male)
    Left Corner Forward: Trena Syanl (Twi'lek, Female)
    (* designates team captain)
  22. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Team: Nadiem Chiefs
    Team Colors: Blue and Golden Yellow
    Name: Reggie Dun'lop
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 210 ABY
    Physical appearance:
    Homeworld: Nadiem
    Relation to Team: Head Coach
    Brief Biography: Reggie had always been involved in sports as a kid, even growing up on a backwater farm world in the Outer Rim. Having played limmie all through school, he had lots of practice and worked hard at strengthening his skills. When he reached college level, he received a scholarship to play limmie from a rather prestigious university off-world. He continued to have a highly successful career in the limmie leagues in the Outer Rim, from college leagues and into the minor leagues, and soon formed his own team: The Chiefs. He based the team on his home planet of Nadiem, which draw in money and more interest in to the small farming planet. In the early days of the Chiefs organization, Reggie Dun'lop ran the team himself. He was even a player/coach at the time. Having such a seasoned veteran running this new team on the small planet, the eye of the sports world was drawn to Nadiem. But soon, Reggie's age was fighting against him and hurting his personal stats as well as the teams overall record, so he made the decision to retire as a player and just stick with coaching the team. After a number of competitive and successful seasons, some finagling was done with the organization's "front office" to look into getting into the galaxy's Elite League. Eventually, Reg was able to earn his team a spot in that galaxy-wide League.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field: War Memorial Stadium (on Nadiem)
    Owner: Anita McCam (Human, female)
    General Manager: Jo Mu Grath (Twi'lek, male)
    Head Coach: Reggie Dun'lop (Human, male)
    Goalkeeper: Qatak Lemieux (Tarro, male)
    Right Corner Back: "Killer" K'Karlson (Whiphid, male) - The team's "enforcer".
    Full Back: Mo Wanchuk (Ewok, male) - Always speaks in vulgarities and profanity.
    Left Corner Back: Ahern (Devaronian, male)
    Right Half Back: Jett Hanson (Human, male) - One of the three crazy brothers.
    Center Half Back: Jase Hanson (Human, male) - One of the three crazy brothers.
    Left Half Back: Steen Hanson (Human, male) - One of the three crazy brothers.
    Midfielder: Francine (Zeltron, female)
    Midfielder: Ogeeogilthorrp (Wookiee, male) - The team's "meathead".
    Right Half Forward: Blake Tuttle (Human, male) - Young good-looking "poster child" for the team.
    Center Half Forward: Millie Braden (Human, female) - Team captain's wife.
    Left Half Forward: Hanrahan (Rodian, male) - Up and coming rookie.
    Right Corner Forward: Johnny Secura (Twi'lek, male) - Spoiled rich kid.
    Full Forward: Med Braden * (Human, male) - Team captain and husband to teammate Millie.
    Left Corner Forward: Hook Mkrakn (Kiffar, male)
    (* designates team captain)

    Play-By-Play: Jim Speeder (Duros, male)
    Chiefs HoloNet Analyst: Dickie'Dunn (Chiss, male)
    Chiefs Booster Club Leaders: Maya and Naya (Twi'leks, females, twins)
  23. Risca_Skywalker

    Risca_Skywalker Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 18, 2011
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet

    Team: The Mando'ade Mercs (aka The Mando Mercs)
    Name: Ryi Kor'le
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: Approximately 242 ABY
    Physical appearance: About 5'8" with fair skin, hazel eyes, and long brown wavy hair. she has a tattoo on her left shoulder of the symbol of the Mandalorians and scars across her arms from training and battles with different smugglers and bounty hunters that have come to Enceri to make a mess of things. People mostly see her dressed in combat boots, a grey shirt, and camoflauge or brown pants.
    Homeworld: Mandalore
    Relation to Team: Player/Developer/Captain
    Brief Biography: Ryi Kor'le, only child of Jac-ral Tan'dar Kor'le. Jac-ral, is currently a Mandalorian bounty hunter. His wife died when Ryi was seven, killed in a massive explosion when a stray live grenade found it's way to the ammunitions bunker during a brief but bloody battle with smugglers on Concord Dawn.

    Jac-ral then raised Ryi by himself in the town of Enceri, bringing her up and training her in the ancient ways of the Mandos, and Meshgeroya otherwise known as Limmie.

    When Ryi was 15 Jac-ral, on one of his hunts, found an orphaned boy about 17 years of age on Galidraan by the name of Jor'tag Ro'val. Jor was then adopted by Jac-ral as his son and introduced to Ryi as her new older brother.

    Ryi and Jor got along very well from the start, although Jor had to adjust to Mandalorian culture, as they got older both exceeded at Meshgeroya and felt that it was their ticket off of Mandalore and into the Core Systems.

    During a time in which Jac-ral had been home on Mandalore for a short time, their family had been attacked by a young Twi'lek smuggler by the name of La'kelvafer Ret'ooeliel (Also known as La'ke). La'ke went after Jac-ral and tried to take down those who stood in her way of doing so because Jac-ral had killed her father for a bounty.

    After fighting with La'ke, Ryi and Jor magaged to subdue her and talk some sense into her. La'ke, saying that her father and the smuggling business was all that she had, struck a few heart strings with their family and Jac-ral offered to bring her into the clan.

    La'ke accepted and although she has still kept her full name, she is currently best friends and almost siblings with Ryi and Jor. She also feels the same way about Meshgeroya.

    As of now, with Ryi as their captain, they are forming a Meshgeroya team called the "Mando'ade Mercs," honoring the traditions of old and hoping to win the battles on the playing field to win their way to Coruscant.

    The team's home field for now is literally a farm field near their home in Enceri, where they practice for the time being until they can find more players.

    ~ ~ ~

    Character Sheet
    Team: Mando'ade Mercs
    Name: Null-17, N-17, Nickname: "Kote"
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 19 BBY
    Physical appearance: About 6 feet tall, with short curly black hair cut in the military style that he and the rest of his brothers have had since they began training on Kamino at the time of the birth of the Empire. When outside of the Stadium, Kote can usually be seen wearing black combat boots, dark blue jeans, and one of his favorite black or grey shirts.
    Homeworld: Kote was born on Kamino along with the rest of his brothers and every single other Jango clone, but when asked where his Homeworld is, he automatically says Mandalore.
    Relation to Team: Player: Full Forward.
    Brief Biography:

    Kote was born in 19 BBY and is the seventeenth Null-class Advanced Recon Commando. He along with his five other brothers who are also Null ARC Troopers, are the second (and last) batch of Nulls ever to be created. Just like their Clan Skirata counterparts, the Nulls were trained as killing machines and death on legs, unstoppable s
  24. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    266 Elite League Limmie Season

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    (6) Nadiem Chiefs at (3) Coruscant Senators (9-21)
    (5) Vandelhelm Jets at (4) Kuat Triforce (19-2)

    (5) Vandelhelm Jets at (1) Genet Vornskrs (12-35)
    (3) Coruscant Senators at (2) Bakura Miners (20-2)

    111th Galactic Cup Final
    KIR SuperArena, Kuat City, Kuat

    (3) Coruscant Senators vs. (1) Genet Vornskrs (31-32)

    Congratulations to the Genet Vornskrs, winners of the 266 Galactic Cup of Limmie in just their first season!

    266 Elite League Final Standings
    1) Genet Vornskrs [The Zeltron, Trena Syanl (player)] (6-2)
    2) Bakura Miners [Trieste, Dana Roslyn (general manager)] (6-2)
    3) Coruscant Senators [JEDIGUNSHIP, Gark S'rily (general manager)] (5-3)
    4) Kuat Triforce [Imperial_Hammer, Jack Slydell (owner & general manager)] (5-3)
    5) Vandelhelm Jets [JediMaster1511, Yore Vex Ten (general manager)] (3-5)
    6) Nadiem Chiefs [Dubya_Scott, Reggie Dun'lop (head coach)] (3-5)
    7) Euceron Storm [jcgoble3, Marte Nalo (head coach)] (3-5)
    8) Kashyyyk Rangers (3-5)
    9) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [Liam_Vehn, Konrad Dvorak (head coach)] (2-6)

    Points Scored
    1) Genet Vornskrs - 205
    2) Kuat Triforce - 181
    3) Nadiem Chiefs - 178
    4) Bakura Miners - 176
    5) Kashyyyk Rangers - 167
    6) Coruscant Senators - 154
    7) Vandelhelm Jets - 152
    8) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 146
    9) Euceron Storm - 115

    Points Allowed
    1) Genet Vornskrs - 127
    2) Kuat Triforce - 138
    3) Euceron Storm - 143
    4) Bakura Miners - 153
    5) Coruscant Senators - 160
    6) Nadiem Chiefs - 167
    7) Kashyyyk Rangers - 183
    7) Vandelhelm Jets - 183
    9) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - 220

    Point Differential
    1) Genet Vornskrs - +78
    2) Kuat Triforce - +43
    3) Bakura Miners - +23
    4) Nadiem Chiefs - +11
    5) Coruscant Senators - -6
    6) Kashyyyk Rangers - -16
    7) Euceron Storm - -28
    8) Vandelhelm Jets - -31
    9) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - -74

    Elite League Awards
    Commissioner's Trophy (Best regular season record): Genet Vornskrs
    Salbukk Award (League MVP): Trena Syanl (Genet Vornskrs)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year): Trena Syanl (Genet Vornskrs)
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year): Gark S?rily (Coruscant Senators)
    General Manager of the Year: Gark S?rily (Coruscant Senators)
    Numifolis Award (Playoff MVP): Trena Syanl (Genet Vornskrs)

    266 Premier League Final Standings
    Final Standings: North Outer Rim Conference
    1) Mon Calamari Mariners (6-2)
    2) Mando'ade Mercs (5-3)
    3) Bonadan Barons (5-3)
    4) Bastion Imperial (4-4)
    5) Agamar Packers (4-4)

    Premiership Playoffs
    Opening Round
    (16) Agamar Packers (4-4) at (1) Chandrila Patriots* (8-0) (20-20, OT 25-26)
    (15) Bastion Imperial (4-4) at (2) Fondor Freedom* (7-1) (17-9)
    (14) Tatooine Sandskimmers (4-4) at (3) Cloud City Sky Captains* (6-2) (29-31)
    (13) Druckenwell Marksmen (4-4) at (4) Mon Calamari Mariners* (6-2) (6-3)
    (12) Kothlis Spies (4-4) at (5) Sabilon Skookumchucks of Glee Anselm* (5-3) (27-14)
    (11) Bison Sabres (4-4) at (6) Commenor Gundarks* (5-3) (32-
  25. UnknownRogue

    UnknownRogue Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 17, 2008
    Character Sheet
    Team: Toprawa Rangers or Torps

    Name: Xen Voss
    Species: Falleen
    Gender: male
    Birth Year: 199
    Physical appearance: Deep emerald skin, jet black hair, usually wearing a tight fitting luxury tunic, always black.
    Homeworld: Falleen
    Relation to Team: Owner/General manager
    Brief Biography: Not much is known about Prince Xen. He was born on Falleen and has all of that races arrogance. Like his father before him, Xen is Falleen royalty and is the majority shareholder in one of the largest corporations on Falleen. In hushed tones he is referred to as the Trade Prince, he spends most of his time off-world and most of his power comes from his business, Capri Industries. He owns a number of legit businesses across the Outer Rim and several Coreward. He has had dealings with KDY, CEC, BlasTech and Incom. Xen Voss first hired Coach Jack Varden abour a year and half ago, giving him a blank check to assemble the best free-agents he could find. Xen only had one rule. They could not be current players, on teams or in the free agent pool. They had to come from obscurity. While Xen names himself as the General Manager he leaves most of the decisions and Limmie interactions to his Head Coach. Xen is rarely seen in Lemmie circles, if at all. If he has any business with the league he tries to do it behind closed doors with as few people as possible. According to a statement from Coach Varden the Torps represent a new franchise that is hoping to become a household name.

    Rumors persist that his legit business is just a front for a darker world of drugs, arms dealing and slave trading though, no official inquiries have been made. As of yet, his dealings with Limmie have appeared entirely straight forward.

    Team Sheet
    Home Field: Salik Stadium
    General Manager: Xen Voss (Falleen, Male)
    Head Coach: Jack Varden (Toprawan, Male)
    Goalkeeper: Yarra (Wookie, Female)
    Right Corner Back: Dershi (Herglic, Male)
    Full Back: Boldon (Flakax, Sexless)
    Left Corner Back: Velcore (Herglic, Male)
    Right Half Back: Klikk (true name unpronounceable in Basic)(Kamarian, Male)
    Center Half Back: Bella Telu* (Human, Ord Mantell)
    Left Half Back: Klakk (True name unpronounceable in Basic) Kamarian, Male)
    Midfielder: Garest Fey'lya (Bothan, Male)
    Midfielder: Gor'ton (Whiphid, Male)
    Right Half Forward: Denson Vash (Human, Male, Corellia)
    Center Half Forward: Foova Siuk (Sullustan, Male)
    Left Half Forward: Tolana Vash (Human, Female, Corellia)
    Right Corner Forward: Delgano (Xexto, Male)
    Full Forward: Vakhul (Barabel, Female)
    Left Corner Forward: Vince Borrak* (Human, Male, Adumar)