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  1. Kit'

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    Oct 30, 1999
    Wow, it's a long time since I've started a thread in this forum. Anyway, I was using my trusty shovel today to dig up old threads when I came across a [link=]good 'un [/link] by DarthBreezy which was started back in 2003. It was such a good idea that I thought it might be worth reposting the premise with only a slight twist and seeing what people could come up with.

    The premise is as follows. You need to post (in no particular order) the names of three authors whose work has influenced you while you've been writing. They don't have to be massively popular but they do need to have influenced you in some way. They can be current posters or people who have long departed simply because some people like reliving old memories :p

    What you need to do is to write their name (obviously!) and then how they've influenced you and why you like their writing. Then you can either leave it at that or post a very short excerpt underneath. You may also want to put in links to their stories or profiles incase people like what they read.

    However, I would ask that you only limit it to three as, as DarthBreezy puts it, "I've limited it to THREE becuase that keeps a nice simple cap on things... (personaly, I believe that ANYONE who writes and is brave enough to post thier baby online deserves applause...) but to prevent a "gush fest" (even though many would be well deserved) try to keep them short too..."

    So here I go, in no particular order:

    JaneJinn - Who sadly left us in 2005, but who was responsible for the brief rise of Obi-torture and the creation of the much loved healer An-Paj. A fantastic writer and one whose stories you can really get into. You can find all of her works [link=]here in her profile [/link]

    [link=]Jemmiah [/link] - Also not around so much but to whom I'm greatly indepted for inviting me into the Jemmiah Chronicles and joining the lunacy that is/was that group. Absolutely hilarious writer who does a brilliant job at combining angst and humor in just the right amounts!

    From the Snapshot thread:-

    "A jedi should always be aware of everything happening immediately, right under his very nose." Qui-Gon reiterated as they continued to dodge all manner of dubious looking marrow sellers and people with large tea urns.


    "Even with all manner of distractions around him, potentially taking his or her mind away from the then and there." Added Qui-Gon helpfully.

    "I think that you?"

    "Even in all weathers. In the pouring rain and the driving wind?" he pointed to the sky above where the sun's rays scorched fiercely down upon all those foolish enough not to wear a suitable item of protective headwear. "Even when it's burning us alive."

    "Master, it's just?"

    Qui-Gon hurried his pace a little; wondering why there seemed to be a certain amount of people staring at him in a somewhat disconcerting manner. Maybe the thought of jedi made them nervous? Or perhaps they were annoyed that he hadn't bought anything as yet.

    Qui-Gon decided at that point just to ignore them.

    "We must be attuned to the living force, young padawan. Listen to what it tells you at all times. Don't let the present go up in smoke for thoughts of the future."

    "Master, please?" Obi-Wan began, only for Qui-Gon to cut him off again.

    "I know what you are going to say. You're going to tell me you've heard this lecture before and that you think that it's unimportant for me to repeat it to you. But I shall go on repeating it until I believe that you have listened to what I am saying. Listen to the force at all times. Quieten your thoughts and listen to its will. When you have learned to do this you will be as attuned to everything that goes on around you as I am."

    "I wasn't trying to say that." Obi-Wan ventured after a minute had gone past, watching his master wipe sweat from
  2. SithGirl132

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    Dec 6, 2005
    This is a nice twist! It's interesting to think where my influences come from, other than late nights and too much caffeine.

    Adahn: The author of "Only Right," a wonderfully done LOTF AU showing Caedus as far more successful, intelligent, and evil than in profic. I love this author's style and the emotion of his story- frightening and powerful, but a great view of Caedus that has been the basis of some of my interpretations of him.

    vader_incarnate: Another angsty author whom I haven't seen around in a long time, but so amazing. I love powerful emotion and dark AU when it's well done, and all of her little vignettes are just that kind of fascinating and scary dark. I don't think I've ever before seen a more scary dark Luke.

    cdmcc: It was a long time ago that his "Hairdressers of the Force" series was posted in the Saga- an entirely too humorous look at the events from AOTC to ESB. Every time I read these stories, especially [link=]For Whom the Bell Pings,[/link] I always end up laughing far more than I should. I can't even choose an excerpt, since it's all so funny. These stories are a great reminder that anything can be taken as funny if you're in the right frame of mind.

    There are probably also quite a few others that I can't even think of.

  3. furrylittlebantha

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    Dec 2, 2005
    I'd have to go with Souderwan, obaona and Pyxelle, none of which I've seen around recently. Unhappily. :(

    must have been professional. His novels were so sweeping and meticulously crafted that sometimes I literally lost track of the fact I was reading fanfiction. There is a good body of brilliant work on the internet; what made him stand out was the scope he undertook. Instead of character sketches or tightly focused dramas, he constructed these intricate plots that wove politics, kick-butt action and yes, the character stories as seamlessly as an early Zahn piece. His cast of characters was broad and colorful, OC's as interesting as his take on canons. So yeah. Sucks that he isn't floating around anymore.

    Pyxelle had this awesome OT AU epic about Luke's fall and Anakin's redemption. It was the fic that brought me into fanfiction and is still my favorite of all time. The symmetry of the piece is beautiful, as Palpatine immerses Luke in the dark and Anakin instructs Leia in the light and nothing is exactly what it seems. Her supporting cast is particularly delightful. From a certain perspective, the setup of the plot might seem contrived, but the way she handles it is unique and captivating--and heartbreaking, since she hasn't updated in months. :_|

    And there's obaona. What can you really say? I read Drive You Mild again last night, and it was just as good a read as the many other times I've read it. Superlative stuff, perhaps the definitive L/M AU if such a thing exits. Always make me wish fanfiction came bound in hardback covers so I could curl up with my favorites instead of squinting at a computer screen. Her shorter works are excellent too; some have a way of haunting me years after the first reading. In a good way! :D

  4. The_Face

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    Feb 22, 2003
    [link=]Mjsullivan[/link]: One of my earliest friends on the boards, Mjs's stories and contributions to the original Seedy Side are two factors that strengthened my resolve to dive more deeply into the GFFA underworld with my fics. And since he's the only person I've cowritten with, he obviously influenced our story together, For Hire.

    "And whenever you argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with their experience."

    [link=]1Yodimus_Prime[/link]: Yod is my favorite comedic writer on the boards. He's sharp with dramatic know-how too, but it's his humor in stories like On Yodimus and Planet Hopping that definitely influenced me when I was writing Braken Starblaster, Space Attorney: The Dark Darkness. The tone, the self-aware narrator, the sheer jokes per capita, the commitment to said jokes, and the wonderful strangeness - all things I tried to bring to Braken. Granted, we were working from some of the same reference points (Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Adult Swim, etc.), but Yod is still an influence.

    Seconds later, a scrawny man with a long nose rippled onscreen, looking furious, ?What is the meaning of this??

    ?Barnard? You take this one.?

    He stepped forward, ?Demonstrative pronoun. Originated with ten distinct forms in the Pre-Basic Coruscant lexicon - likely imported from a Zhall dialect - and dropped all but one during the consolidation to Basic, circa the 250th century BBE. Plural: ?these?. Used to refer to the person or thing present, nearby, or just mentioned, as in ?this is my captain?s very well armed flagship.? Or ?we want something that you have; this is what it looks like?.?

    [link=]oqidaun[/link]: As de facto leader of the OC Revolutionaries, oqi sort of represents all the gang here. But she in particular, with her dedication to good writing regardless of what the story is or who it stars, strengthened my dramatic chops. And her awesomely twisted, interlocking universe-within-a-universe Dakari Sector influenced my love of huge ensemble casts, connected stories, and ongoing mysteries.
  5. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Valairy_Scot, she is the one that has influenced me the most with her nicely drawn characters and big sweeping stories. My first stories were short and with her support my stories got bigger and bigger.

    she is the one with great AU stories about Obi-Wan, big angst and fascinating plot lines.

    VaderLVR64 with all beautiful written stories, going deep into the characters and giving me the courage to write.
  6. NYCitygurl

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    Jul 20, 2002
    Melyanna: She's sadly been gone for years, but she was the first author I read here and her combo of humor and wit with J/J stories influenced a lot of my early writing.

    Idrelle_Miocovani: Nothing deep and specific, but I sometimes find myself writing (or saying out loud) something and I'll stop and think "Idri would totally say that." Plus, she's just an absolutely awesome author.

    The_Face: He hasn't influenced my writing style per se, but Bracken Starblaster has influenced my emotional state for the better when I needed it, so he deserves to make the list.
  7. Ceillean

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    Nov 13, 2001
    iamobiwan: it was through one of her fics that got me writing for the boards in the first place. I was actually really afraid in the beginning, heart racing, sweating and everything. Almost panicked. Can you believe that? And while reading through her fics I kept telling myself, I can do this, I can do this, too! So thanks to her, I started posting.

    ThrawnMcEwok: for showing me the darker sides, I suppose. While I write, sentences keep popping up that I know McEwok planted into my brain. It's his evil mission to convert me! Muhahahahaha. :p

    MsLanna : her quirkiness keep giving me new ideas to write. She makes me laugh so hard I get stomach aches. An inspiration to write humor.

    There are a whole lot of other authors out there who do great work with their stories.
    Thanks to all of them -- I know this sounds corny, but seriously -- without them, I wouldn't be writing.

  8. TKeira_Lea

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    Oct 10, 2002
    This was really hard and I passed on a really great author to get down to three...

    Most recently known for his continuing contribution to the J/J Fanfic Index with a seemingly endless supply of vignettes and short stories, many don?t realize that Darth_Lex started as a writer in Saga, with his [link=]Skywalker Prophecy Trilogy[/link], an AU where Anakin made the right choice. As a new writer he stepped out of the Saga-ites don?t talk to the Beyonders mindset and encouraged me as a writer. His sense of dialogue and ability to write incomparable action sequences helped me improve in those areas. And if you?re not afraid of a little blood on your work, he?s the best beta around.

    [link=]Chandrila Surprise[/link] is my absolute favorite fanfic.

    Check out his bios and alteregos for some great fanfiction about A/P or J/J
    [link=]Bryon Skywalker[/link]
    [link=]Sarre Skywalker[/link]

    If you?re a H/L fan, then [link=]LadyPadme[/link] is the author for you, but it was her Padmé story [link=]Dissonant Echoes of a Fragmented Mind[/link] that totally rocked my world as a writer. It was the first time I had seen a fanfic author work outside the standard tense and POV we see in Star Wars and do it really well. So well in fact that this stands as one of the best fanfics out there, as far as I see it.

    If I want to read L/M at their best there is only one bio to click on ? [link=]Gabri_Jade[/link]. There is no one out there that captures the Farmboy loves the Emperor?s Hand romance like she does. Every time I write I aspire to give my characters the natural ease Gabri brings to this pair.
  9. JediXManSerenaKenobi

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    Jul 27, 2007
    Idrelle_Miocovani: She's just got this way of telling a story that draws you in. I love her use of characters, the way she weaves the plot together, and her style of writing. Of course, her diary of a Rebel story never fails to make me laugh - she does humor fantastically. Really inspiring. :)

    Gina: One of my first stories I read on here was her "Never Fall In Love With a Stranger", and I've been hooked to that story ever since. [face_love] She writes beautifully - there's no other way to say it. One of my favorite pieces of fiction is that story. She's inspired me to write more in-depth, focus on the internal struggles of the characters more.

    Dantana_Skywalker: I love her stories and the way she writes them. She portrays the characters really, really well and blends angst with humor and romance wonderfully. She's great at making me want to cry one moment and laugh the next and go "Ah, love" a bit later. :)

    - Serena
  10. Sara_Kenobi

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    Sep 21, 2000
    [link=]JediGaladriel[/link]: This amazing writer I don't believe has posted any new works here in years, but any story she either assisted in writing, or personally wrote herself, gave me great inspiration to attempt to write my own fiction. If you like Fan Fiction based around the OT era, or especially on the character of Darth Vader, her stories are a must to check out. She has alot of stories posted on her web site which is linked in her profile.

    [link=]LadyPadme[/link]: LadyPadme's stories really helped me with getting inspired with writing as well. She is a fantastic writer, and she especially has a love of writing Fan Fiction based around Han Solo and Princess Leia. Many of her stories are linked in her profile. If you have a love of Han and Leia stories, her fiction is a great place to check out, and read.

    [link=]Jemmiah[/link]: This great writer was an author, and also co-author, of many great stories that first introduced and inspired myself to try writing Fan Fiction here on the boards. Many of her stories have a center around the JA, AU, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. If anyone is interested, many of her stories are linked in her profile as well.

    I could go on for a long time. Many others have inspired me as well. It's very difficult to list just a few. [face_blush] :p
  11. Commander-DWH

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    Nov 3, 2003
    oqidaun: Leader of the OC Revolution and my own Master of Evil. [face_devil] I really am the writer I am today because she swooped in and rounded up the OC writers of the boards. Her characters were fantastic, and always inspired me to be more thorough in my own character creation. That, and she could just write an amazing story. I still go back and read her stories- serious and otherwise (anyone remember Ewok Murder Rampage?).

    SabyneAmberle: When I came here, I was but another KOTOR player who couldn't get the characters out of her head when the game was over. Sabyne was much the same, and she managed to drag me into Resource for the first time, and that's where most of the awesome in this community takes place! I have her to thank for getting me more involved, and encouraging me to keep writing my crazy stories.

    Fluff-Slayer: Okay, it would be amiss if I did not mention the mistress of the Ridiculously Specific Challenges, which kept me on my toes and challenged me quite a bit. That, and she just wrote such delightfully quirky stories herself. She was crazy, and she inspired a small knot of us to be just as crazy, too. Good times, those... :p
  12. MsLanna

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    Jul 8, 2005
    GrandAdmiralV - She was such a perfect writer. [face_love] Her style was everything I ever wished for. Also, [link=] 'Dust of Empire'[/link] is easily one of the best Imperial Fics I ever read. Her characters were great, OCs as canon cast and though she relied more on the former, the appearances of Luke were always a highlight. She wrote about emotions mostly, but wrapped it up all in action. My fave kind of story. :D
    I will always blame her for my ongoing conversion to a Boba fan, and I was heartbroken when she suddenly left the boards because of drama. :_|

    BlindMan - King of Funny. After reading a few of his [link=]Vader Monologues[/link], I just knew there was not enough hilariousness around with canon characters. Just thinking of some of the jokes still makes me laugh. He influenced me so badly, I quote him in fics.* :oops:

    Gandalf the Grey - He's the reason. On the day I realised that what I was doing had a name and an internet platform, I went to read. And I found him there, with the [link=]Dark Mirror[/link] trilogy (then yet unfinished) and fell in love with the story. To this day I remember the frustration when I reached the last update which was not the end of the story. *lol* It was the first fanfic I found here as well when I signed up. I remember it was finished by then, lucky me.

    The room fell silent as the Emperor entered.

    The whole following scene is of such beauty, introducing almost all characters as Grand Admirals in Luke's Empire. [face_love] And that is just the beginning! :eek:

    * Actually, I quoted GAV, too. [face_blush]
  13. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    Oh man... only three is so hard! There are so many I would love to list!

    [link=]NYCitygurl[/link]- Without Nat, I know for a fact that the only fanfic I had ever written would have never seen the light of day and would have been the only one that I would have written. Without her encouragement I would have never really come to fully realize my love for writing. Not only did I learn confidence from her but as well as a lot of grammar/technical aspects of writing I had either forgotten or had never really learned in the first place. She is a wonderful writer/master/beta and just a wonderful person in general! [:D]

    [link=]ZaraValinor[/link]- Zara's fics are so complex, involved and so detailed and I learned a lot of how to do that not only from reading her wonderful fics, but also in a fanfic we co-authored. I learned so much from trading ideas back and forth, plotting together and overall collaboration. And not to mention I found a fellow Ben fangirl! [face_love] [:D]

    [link=]RedGold[/link]- Her fics were really what got me into the expanded universe and to truely find my love for Luke/Mara. They were so engaging, exciting and loving and her work really inspired me to write my very own fanfics! Not to mention she was the first person to ever review one of my fics and for that she will always hold a special place in my heart! [:D]
  14. 1Yodimus_Prime

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    Mar 13, 2004
    Being as I just got two shout-outs, I feel like I'd be remiss not to add my own picks.

    It's one thing to list three authors who's work has really impressed me. For that, I'd say Face and Corellian_Ale's work would definitely be listed, as well as Oqidaun's. The three of them represent the pinnacle of Comedy, Action, and Horror - respectively - in my list of "People who count as pinnacles of something in fanfiction". Now, I'm sure all three of them have influenced me subconsciously in one way or another. The Face surely has, and Oqi has beta'd one or two of my stories, even. But they were never authors who I ran to when I needed to absolutely learn something. We were all on the level. I'd rather consider them peers, ultimately.

    When it comes to direct, overt influence, these are the people I point to:

    [link=]Unknown Shore[/link]
    I stumbled across her work entirely through serendipity. If nothing else, she must be commended for inventing eye-catching titles. Sadly no longer a frequent member, I know her best for the story "Shadows Fall" which features a clever mix of OC and canon characters. This story has an amazingly acute and brutal sense of suffering. The ways she deftly incorporates one of her characters' Post Traumatic Stress disorder directly into the narrative, sometimes without the reader even noticing, was a real eye-opener for me. Specifically noticeable where it came to story construction, and breaking down that nasty invisible barrier between characters and the narrative within a serious-toned story (doing so in a comedy...not so hard).

    Before reading her, I had very little faith in my own ability to craft drama. Her fic gave me many of the tools I used to write "The Wise," and I still use those narrative elements to this day.

    From "Shadows Fall":

    She took it without thinking, but the instant her fingers closed around the hilt she knew what it was. Mace's lightsaber, retrieved from the spot where he'd made his last stand. His signature was all over it: a signature steeped in the Dark Side, and as she ran her thumb over the activation panel she felt the emotions of Master Windu as he wielded it in his final moments.

    Fury. Rage. Love of the fight. All risks associated with Vaapad. All of them splashed on the hilt as clearly as mud on white shimmersilk.

    Palpatine's voice was kind as he departed. "I will leave you to your thoughts."

    The door shut, and Depa was alone again.

    Impulsively, she pressed down on the plate.

    Shissz! Violet plasma roared out of the hilt, and she had to steady her arm to keep the 'saber from jumping right out of her hand. Her muscles, rejuvenated by...something...had fallen out of the practice of 'saber wielding. How she'd managed to take out four Jedi Masters with such a handicap remained something of a mystery to her.

    She held out the palm of her left hand and studied the faintest remains of calluses. I killed him?like this? With these? Her hands barely even felt like a duelist's anymore, much less a murderer's.

    The memories came back as she sat alone in a room.

    She barely noticed the carefully appointed chambers or the soft cushions that she sat on. The place had a tasteful decorating scheme to be sure, but color no longer held meaning for her. Red and violet and gold washed together into a blurry dream of nothingness. For that, she was grateful.

    Blood-drenched fields of battle on Haruun Kal filled her vision as the Summertime War played out in its full brutality. Her head ached with every breath she took, and the light ? the light?

    Light died.

    Her sheer eloquence is hard to conceive. Her ability to interpret horrible scenes with beautiful, poetic prose is outstanding. She can turn tyranny into majesty. For a prime example, I turn to her vignette, "A Disquisition On Hell"

    Dua looked around the throne room, at the ageless streams of lava whose faint glo
  15. Ubersue

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    Sep 1, 2008
    I only discovered this site in June, so I still have a lot to read. But here are my favourites so far.

    The first fic that I read and absolutely adored was Black Is the Color of My True Love's Heart by Jedi_Nemesis. This AU story from Mara's point of view remains my favourite.

    (They say the brightest lights cast the darkest shadow, and I can believe that. My old Master, may he burn, never fell so far into the abyss as Luke did; never had so far to fall.)

    There's always been a Luke and a Leia; there will always be a Luke and a Leia. Never mind that the other was my sister-in-law, whom he killed; there will always be a Luke and a Leia.

    I was there when he explained to our daughter, laughing and stroking her hair, that his sister had to go because his little princess had just been born, and there could only ever be one Leia. She giggled in the way little girls do, and snuggled deeper into his lap. She went to sleep a little while after, as unperturbed as if he had told her that he'd swatted a fly rather than murdered his own sister in cold blood.

    She has all the unthinking cruelty of a child, coupled with all her father's power. Not only does she have all his gift, intact, waiting somewhere in her mind to grow to maturity as she does, but she wields his power as well as her own, he loves her so. Leia has only to take a dislike to one of her high-born playmates, and their family are liable to find themselves fallen from the Imperial favour, stripped of their rank and privileges, and if Luke feels the need to particularly gratify his darling, exiled to the Outer Rim.

    So I too spoil Leia, because though every part of me is revolted by what she is becoming, I know that my life rests in the palm of her little hand. All children declare at some point that they hate their mother and want her to go away forever, but only my Leia's demand will be granted. If she has a fit of hatred for me in Luke's presence, I will never see her again.

    It is a terrible thing to be afraid of my own child.

    Dim Lord of the Sith: The Chronicles of Darth Dumbass
    by YodaKenobi is just plain hilarious, and I wish there were more of it!

    Wynsome Stargazer was a Jedi Knight. He was the only Jedi in Calibon City. In fact, he was the only Jedi on the entire planet of Korona. This was a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that Wynsome was also the only Jedi in the galaxy without even a trace of Force-sensitivity.

    It was an extremely unusual handicap for a Jedi, but Wynsome wasn't about to let his complete lack of Jedi abilities stop him from becoming the greatest Jedi the galaxy had ever seen. He had a destiny and he would not let fate get in the way.

    At only fifteen, Wynsome drew much of his inspiration from the Jedi's leader, Luke Skywalker, whom Wynsome had never met but had seen in a number of holodramas including "Luke Skywalker: Savior of the Galaxy" and "Blocking Uncomfortable Memories: The Luke & Leia Story." Luke Skywalker was everything Wynsome wanted to be. He was so strong and courageous, always helping people with his dazzling Jedi abilities. Mighty and kind.

    Wynsome was amazed at how much he had in common with his hero. The famed Jedi Master had been just a boy when he'd stumbled upon Ben Kenobi and was shown the ways of the Force and Wynsome had been young when he'd seen his first Skywalker holodrama and realized he was a Jedi too. They were both blonds, lived on small, unimportant worlds, and were the same height. To top it off, Luke Skywalker had spent the early years of his life as a moisture farmer and Wynsome's body was made of more than 70% water!

    In addition to being as strong in the Force as an ysalamir/Yuuzhan Vong hybrid, Wynsome had acquired not a scintilla of Jedi training, formal or otherwise, which made him a phenomenal prodigy. It took talent to be as talentless as him. His skill in deficiency was rare and not something one could learn? you had to be born with this sort of inability.

    Wynsome trained himself to become a Jedi Knight with a remarkable lack of success. He sp
  16. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Well, more than three have influenced me, but the following I think have helped me grow the most:

    The Musical Jedi: I began co-writing a story based on the USJS return story. She is an incredible author, and I know my writing has improved since I've been working with her.

    DarthIshtar: The scope of her stories are so grand. She can write both humor and drama with equal flair. Also, since she's my master, I'd better include her in this list or else she'll give me some evil writing challenge to complete... she may do so anyway. [face_worried] :p

    VaderLVR64: She's one of the most versatile, not to mention prolific writers on the boards. She also created one of my favorite OC's. Come on, you know who he is! I don't really have to name him, do I? [face_mischief]
  17. Idrelle_Miocovani

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    Feb 5, 2005
    There are so many, many authors I could list here, but I can see what we have to limit it to three. :p Anyhow:

    DarthIshtar ? without Ish, there would be no Idrelle_Miocovani on these boards. At all. She?s the one who inspired me to start writing Star Wars fanfic even before I met her. I read her Other Half trilogy at the fanfic Archives and never looked back. Then, she became my master. I?ve learned a lot from her and she?s a wonderful, wonderful person [face_love] . There?s a way she grabs an audience and engaged you in the story. The characters are so real, the plot so marvellous. She?s a wonderful storyteller and her epics are just that ? epic.

    NYCitygurl ? Nat is awesome. [face_love] She?s inspired me to keep going and is my general plot bunny/idea bouncing board. Without her, I would have dropped many of the (currently unposted) stories I am now working on. She?s a wonderful beta and I share pretty much all my ideas and get excellent feedback from her. I?m proud to have her as a friend. [:D]

    canadianjedimama ? Cyn?s my fellow Canadian fanfic writer. I just love her stuff. Her stories are compelling and engaging and she?s the one who actually made me like Jag. :p She weaves a wonderful tale. Her influence and help with Darth Krayt?s character for one of my stories has been amazing and a large portion of one of my stories wouldn?t exist in the way it does now without her. :)
  18. Corellian_Ale

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    Mar 3, 2008
    To list just three seems almost impossible. I have yet to read anything I would consider "bad" on these boards. Stylistically or topically out of my comfort zone, but nothing that I could categorize as rubbish. Of course there's my "boyz", Luton, Face, Yodimus & Lanna (who although is decidedly female, she's still what I would consider one of my boys...). They could send me PMs with directions on how to use a stapler, and I'd eat it up. I wouldn't call them a "click", per say; but I do feel a kinship and familiarity towards them I feel to very few outside of RL.

    As far as THE three...

    Exeter, who I could actually toss in with the above mentioned group to a degree; but I won't. Outside of his Sins of the Father (which focuses on pre-Seperatist Grevious); Ex has a certain way to tie several plotlines over several stories, over several time periods all together. Yes, he is a world builder, and his Psamtik(sp?) is one of the most original sources of storytelling on the boards. I even dare to say SOTF will one day tie into Psamtik in some way. He taught me how to take a universe, build your own inside it, and still make it relevant to it's surroundings. His fics have such a great way of combining all facets of storytelling; whether it is comedy, action & adventure, or even horror. Even through his long stretches of absence I would hop back on the Ex train each and every time it pulled through.

    oqidaun, for reasons quite similar to Exeter, but more. Even after having left the boards, she was/is/always will be my mentor for not only the art of storytelling, but also living life. She taught me the art of "more show, less tell...but don't show too much" & "always leave 'em hanging". She has left the boards to tell stories in her own galaxy, and her own life; and although I haven't had the complete courage to follow her out of the GFFA, I can hear her advice like Obi-Wan to Luke every time I sit down to write.

    VaderLVR, who is probably one of, if not THE most gifted writer on these boards. You could take away all her readers, and fanfic awards, and it would still be fact. She always stays true to the original vibes we all first felt from Episode IV, but is confident and sharp enough to tackle any genre, any time period, and any topic; and make it brilliant and engaging. And the fact that she's able to do all this (continually), and be a mod, and deal with her RL competently as only a mom can, not only makes her one of my favorite writers, but my hero as well.
  19. canadianjedimama

    canadianjedimama Jedi Knight star 4

    Jan 28, 2008
    :_| How can I pick only three... But I'll give it a try. :D

    VaderLVR64 - What can I say? I've hunted down everything she's ever written and devoured it. [face_blush] Technically and stylistically a fantastic writer, she also "gets" SW in some deep and mystical way I can only guess at. I can literally "hear" the voices of the actors as I read. And the AU's... *sigh* She's my fanfic hero.

    YodaKenobi - The depth of YK's imagination truly knows no bounds. He took one of the biggest events in the EU (the death of Anakin Solo) and turned it into one of the most epic serial AU's known to man. I honestly don't know where he finds the time to consistently turn out top quality fic twice a week! Guaranteed, every Tuesday and Friday night around 7pm my time, I'm lying in wait to read the latest update. :D He's inspired and encouraged me on my fanfic journey.

    Idri - The first time I read something by Idri, I was immediately sucked in. [face_laugh] I stayed up and did a marathon read of this little fic called "This Time Around". I was hooked. Her attention to detail, her ability to whammy her readers with plot twists from hell, her steady hand on so many little tiny plot threads and the ability to weave the most intricate tapestry's with them... [face_love] And you haven't even hit Canada's legal drinking age yet!

    And BTW, what's not to love about Jag? :p

  20. Luton_Plunder

    Luton_Plunder Jedi Knight star 3

    Jun 15, 2006
    [face_yo_yo_homie] werd up, ale - it's good to be one of the boyz.

    That PM containing stapler instructions is forthcoming, btw.

    As for me! Three authors that absolutely influenced me on these boards... I think everyone's already been through the whole "It's hard to pick just three", so if I'm a regular reader of yours and I haven't mentioned you, rest assured I've probably unreservedly stolen from you at some point and called it my own work.

    The_Face - I read his 'Galaxy Noir' omnibus in a weekend and followed every story since. This is a writer whose sense of humour equals or surpasses any author that I've ever read in published or non-published fiction. Including Jasper Fforde, who is pretty much the funniest author I can think of. His extensively brilliant concepts of Star Wars lore were an eye-opening experience for me, I can never thank him enough for showing me all that the Star Wars universe could be. Just fantastic, in every sense.

    Thumper09 - Shouldn't be surprised to find herself here, but likely will be because she is just the most modest and lovely person I've ever e-met :p Her stories about X-wing squadrons and Darin Stanic are some of my absolute favourites, and there are moments in her stories that I would kill to be able to capture in my own prose. There was one particular part from 'Solid Ground' that I'm going to quote here (a favourite quote of both mine and Mjsullivan's...)

    Still on his back, Darin picked up a datapad laying beside him and held it up to show Quiver under the light of the two moons. "I had Botch give me the starmaps as seen from this system." He pointed to a group of dim stars not far above the northeastern canyon ridge. "You see that group of stars that's kind of clustered together but spread out at the same time? Well, I guess it's more of a small band, a little denser than the surrounding area. Just above the ridge?"


    "That's the Corporate Sector. My planet's in there somewhere. Redu?-" Darin cut himself off again and absently chewed on his bottom lip a little. Just as abruptly, he changed the subject slightly. "And you know what? We're so far away that I wasn't even born yet when the light we're seeing now left our sun and reflected off my homeworld to merge with and join the starlight out here, if that makes sense. There's no reflection of me in it, just as there's no reflection of the Empire's occupation in it quite yet. I wish it had stayed that way...the occupation part, not the ?me' part. Given the distance, I doubt my parents are even part of that reflected light. Maybe I'm seeing my grandparents or great-grandparents as children right now. Makes you think."

    That's got to be one of the most heart-rendingly beautiful concepts I've ever heard. It takes a clever author to think something like this into existence. This part of this story stuck with me for a long time, and it's just one such incidence of awesome.

    Exeter - He's been mentioned like a bazillion times now, but this is his bazillion and first. His was one of the first stories I read around here and it was, like Face's work, a revelation. I even stole a word from him - 'firefek' - which has become a go-to star wars curse word in my own works. A brilliant writer and at times an excellent PM correspondent - I really, really must get back in contact with him (Exeter, should you read this, know that I plan to get back in contact shortly but that my PM inbox, like the updates to my stories, is sometimes neglected :p )

    And that's that! There are some truly awesome writers around these parts - and I wish them all the best of success with their endeavours.
  21. Valairy Scot

    Valairy Scot Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 16, 2005
    This thread should be resurrected.

    Three...only three....

    VaderLVR64 of course. Perennial, and with cause, fan favorite. Her stories are beautifully crafted and a total joy to read.

    P_A: Sadly not around much, but her Qui-Obi is an absolute delight. She gets the concept of "mush" without "mush" which is a fine tighrope to walk, but she never falls off.

    Tie: Dianethx with her rich language and engrossing tales, Ardavenport with her lyrical and unique environments, and Jedidas3 with a genuine Obi-Wan and an Anakin I genuinely (to my surprise) actually like - the Anakin that should be, not to mention the long absent Luna Nightshade....
  22. Jedi_Master_Cazz

    Jedi_Master_Cazz Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 13, 2005
    Oh wow this is such a good idea!

    VaderLVR64- Such an inspiration! She raises the bar with her amazing body of work every time! I am a huge fan of hers. Our greatest writer and respected, and loved by so many! I would provide an example of her work, or reference a part of it, but gosh, which would I choose?:p I'm terribly privileged to be her current Padawan and feel as though I definitely do not deserve her. I largely expect her work was some of the earliest stuff I ever read.

    Elana- Oh I owe her so so much! With her Vader POV, "From My Point Of View," she took the Dark Lord, and presented him as the enigmatic, deep well of genius that I've come to identify him as. Her work made me weep and ache like none other has.

    I can bear to wait no longer. I flick the controls, and light floods the chamber. I look upon him, finally, as I speak the words I have prepared. "The Force is with you, young Skywalker." It shines around him, bright as ever. "But you are not a Jedi yet."

    He is slender, but his body holds a wiry strength. He is wary, guarded. Hearing my voice, he starts, and then approaches me. Momentarily, the way the light falls on his features and the angle of his head are shockingly familiar to me. I have prepared myself to see echoes of Padmé in his face, or my own younger self, but not this. For an instant my mother looks back at me.


    My duty is clear. Elementary military strategy dictates that I should order the Executor to fire on them immediately. Unarmed and unshielded, the little shuttle would be disintegrated in moments, foiling that aspect of the Rebels? plot, and most likely dooming their whole strike against us. If I allow them to pass, and land on the moon, even if I alert our troops against them and go down myself to capture them, a thousand things could go wrong and allow them to escape, even, unthinkably, successfully carry out their mission. Yes, my responsibility is plain: to end the threat now by blasting them from the sky.

    And I am utterly incapable of giving that order. As soon ask me to fire a blaster bolt through my own heart.


    Luke?s voice is regretful, but pointed. "Then my father is truly dead." He does not believe his own words.

    But I do.

    He walks between his guards without resistance. They enter the lift that will take them to my shuttle, to the Death Star, to my Master. He turns, and looks at me, and his gaze never leaves me as the doors slide shut.

    As he vanishes from my sight I turn to look again out into the night. I clutch the railing and lean heavily on it for support. For a while I am lost in black despair. I can think of neither the past nor the future, for they both hold pain beyond my ability to bear.

    I bow my head, and look down, a long way down, to the forest floor. There is escape that way, if I want it. I picture myself leaning out over the drop, my hand opening, like Luke?s hand.

    My heart races, and my hands clutch the railing fiercely tight. I close my eyes, dizzy. Terror pulses through my veins. I fear death. I have always feared it. I have thought often of escaping that way, especially those early days in my suit, when the pain of body and heart was fresh and agonizing. But always this terror has stopped me. Black as my despair is, the thought of stopping, ending, ceasing to be, yawns even blacker, and I cling to life as desperately as I did when I lay burning on the black sand of Mustafar.

    Breathing deeply, I straighten and slowly force my fingers to open. Carefully I step back to the center of the bridge, and wait there as my heart and breathing slow. There is no escape for me. I will take Luke to my Master, and he will die. Either my Master will kill him, or he will order me to do it. My universe has shrunk down to that single inescapable fact, and around me is total, utter, unrelieved darkness. I stand, eyes closed, empty, cold, hopeless.

    Yet? into the midst of my desolation slips the image of Luke?s eyes, turned toward me, open to the fullness
  23. geo3

    geo3 Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    This was always one of my favorite threads. I like the new twist!

    I?ve been around for a while, so the three authors that influenced me the most when I first started out have all gone on to other things. Still, I?ll never forget the work of JediGaladriel, Cynical21 and Red_Rose_Knight, all of whose stories took my breath away and opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of this thing called fanfic.

    May they continue to inspire people wherever they are...

  24. Lilith Demodae

    Lilith Demodae Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Oct 1, 1999
    Jane_Jinn -- She was masterful at drama and detail. Her characters were so very, very well crafted that they seemed like real people. She always had a kind word and a bit of advice for other writers.

    TalonSquadLeader -- He gave me my first shot at a squad fic, my first opportunity to join in a group effort, and made me welcome and encouraged me. He knew how to not hog a storyline and include other writers in the creative process.

    Frostfyre7 -- Her skill at descriptive detail continues to challenge me to improve my own scene-setting ability. And she's never too busy for a beta read and praise as well as pointers.

  25. KirneySlane22

    KirneySlane22 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 12, 2003
    1. Xaara. Xaara not only encouraged a newbie to post, but even beta'd one of my veggies. She was one of the few authors that were posting x-wing stories at the time and was one of the authors that inspired me to try my hand at writing my own.

    2. Jedida. Jedida introduced my the greatest ship of the NJO, Jaina and Jag. She was one of the authors that inspired me to not only read the NJO (which I hated with a passion at the time) but to actually switch my aliegence from J/Z to J/J. Even though I can no longer find her fics online (she deleted all of her posts from here and ff.n), I remember her fics fondly and with many wishes that I had copied them for my reading pleasure before they were deleted.

    3. A tie between -thor- and T'Keira Lea. With out them, I would have given up on epic fics a long time ago. Thor's Myn/Kirney fics let me know that I wasn't the only one who wanted a happy ending for this couple. T'Keira's Echo's of the Past reminded me why I loved thier pairing and gave me hope that the NJO could be redeemed and had me looking up other J/J stories to read.

    Even though I don't have very many stories here, these authors have helped me to be the writer I am and to find new stories to love to read. Thanks!
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