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  1. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Only three? LOL
    VaderLVR64 -- her AUs are fresh and moving and riveting. A fine example of this is "Not My Father's Son." And her L&M viggies are to die for. "Moments" -- Squee! [face_love] [face_love]
    divapilot -- a glorious blend of vivid imagery and poignant narrative that leaves me speechless. =D= "The Keeper of memories" introduced me to the most endearing OC I've come across. :*

    ginchy -- her wonderfully mushy fics have always been an exquisite delight, and as cofounder of Monday Mush Mania -- [face_dancing] [:D]
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    Val Solo was one of the most talented writers that I have ever seen for the Jaina Solo and Kyp Durron relationships. It's one of the fics I actually remember literally dragging myself through hundreds of pages of the fanfic called Getting Over it which captivated several readers back in 2002. Wow [face_love] I loved her writing style, she can drag in her readers and you just feel all sorts of emotions through the fic.

    Dantana_Skywalker I just loved her fanfics and was always looking forward to more. She's a completely amazing writer in my books. Just absolutely amazing.

    NarundiJedi Based on some short humerous fics particulary based on Kyp Jaina and Brodey, an OC, she really knew how to breath life into her characters.

    There is so many out there it's hard to choose.
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