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Literature Forum Spoiler Guidelines

Discussion in 'Rules & Announcements' started by rhonderoo, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. rhonderoo

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    Aug 7, 2002
    Originally posted here

    As with all cyclical things, there has been a noticable increase in spoilers posted without any appreciable warning given. Since this is both against the rules as well as showing a lack of common courtesy to your fellow posters, this will be reposted and revised.

    Definition Of A Spoiler
    A "spoiler" is considered any information about any unreleased Star Wars property (film, TV, novel, comic, etc.) which has not been specifically mentioned by LFL or one of its designated licensees. So if LFL tells us in an official capacity that Han Solo will be sporting a kick-butt new goatee in the next Star Wars novel, it's not a spoiler, but finding out that information from a non-official source is considered a spoiler.​

    Acceptible Use of Spoilers in the Literature Forum
    Despite what we said above, we don't mind the use of spoilers in the Literature forum but there are very specific conditions for their use.​

    1) Any thread which does not contain a spoiler warning tag (e.g. "Luke Skywalker pwns! (ROTJ Spoilers)") may not have any visible spoiler posted within it, but may have spoilers posted within the thread as HTR (highlight-to-read) only. Any thread with a tag of "[thread title] (No spoilers!)" or the like may never contain any spoiler within it whatsoever (HTR or otherwise).​

    2) Any thread which DOES contain a spoiler warning tag may contain spoilers within for the source mentioned and for any source no longer bound by spoiler rules. As a courtesy, you may opt to use HTR by using and [hl = Black] tags if you wish, but it is not required.

    3) Thread titles THEMSELVES should not contain spoilers within them, even containing the spoiler warning tag. Thus, "Han Solo Dies in TUF (TUF Spoilers)" would not be acceptable, but "Major Character Death!!! (TUF Spoilers)" would be permissible.

    4) If you receive an advance copy of the novel in some official capacity (e.g. reviewer, translator, etc.), the posting of MAJOR spoilers (major character deaths, major secret plot points, etc.) from that source prior to the release date is forbidden. Small spoilers and tantalizing details will be allowed (e.g. "dp4m, give us a spoiler PLEASE!" "What, like the fact that the Imperial Remnant has been hiding an SSD this whole time?"), but the staff will be using their judgment to try and preserve as much of the "surprise" as possible. If you receive your copy via purchasing from a legitimate source (e.g. Amazon, your local bookstore,, etc.) in prior to the release date, you are free to post spoilers provided they follow the other rules listed in these guidelines.

    5) As always, OFFICIAL information released (either via press release, web posting or forum posting by an LFL- or licensee-employee) is not considered a spoiler and may be posted without usage of spoiler tags. However, as a matter of courtesy, you may wish to obfuscate this information in certain threads.

    Expiration Date of Spoilers in the Literature Forum
    After an EU source has been released for 30-days past its US release date, that source will no longer be considered "spoiler material" and may be posted without the usage of spoiler tags. Again, the use of common courtesy when posting about those sources after their release date is at your discretion.
    Punishments for Violation of Spoiler Policy
    Much like those people who wished to remain "Spoiler Free for Episode III," trying to not read about spoilers before the reading of an EU source is a personal choice and one we support. As it is much easier to close the barn door before the horses escape, it is far easier to have rules in place to prevent spoilers from being accidentally viewed than it is to deprive our users of coming here for all of the other discussion.

    So, that being said, we take the posting of spoilers without warning in the Literature Forum very seriously. While you may inadvertantly post minor details which may only receive an edit and/or a warning, if you post some major spoiler without any warning please expect to be banned from the forums for a decent period of time.

    As the moderators are not completely omniscient yet, if anyone sees something that they believe to be a spoiler please let one of us know about it and we will take care of it (if necessary). As always, your own definition of "spoiler" may differ from each other but we will be following the above rules as a "lowest common denominator."

    Basically, we're trying to make this a place where everyone -- spoiler junkie or no -- can come and discuss all aspects of Star Wars EU Literature and to generally respect that some people want to be surprised by the new stuff and some people don't.

    If you have any suggestions or comments on this policy, feel free to come to us with them, and we will consider them.

    The Literature Mods (dp4m, The2ndQuest, Rogue_Follower)

    [LAST UPDATED: 08-July-2006, dp4m]
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