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    Starting a chapter:
    To start a chapter, all you need are members. It is not required to register a legal institution for your chapter until you have many members. The legal aspect is required mostly to manage donations. When you only have a few members, you do not need an institution name, but simply an administrator with good will, and an honest heart. Donations should be kept separate from the personal finances of the chapter administrator.
    When your chapter reaches more than 20 active members, you may register a non-profit organization with your local name in it, such as “Order of the Jedi of state”. If the state name is taken and you do not wish to join administration with them, you may register “Order of the Jedi of city”. Your chapter can be a religious one, or a knighthood lodge. All members of the Order of the Jedi must remain free to participate in religious events, or simply be a member for training purposes.

    With or without legal entity, clergy or knight path, religion or lodge, you must contact us so that we may publish your chapter in our website, and register it with the Church of Jediism. All members of your chapter should have a personal account on the website of the Order of the Jedi. Please assist them if they do not have access to the Internet.
    When your chapter receives donations, the administrator is free to share with the Order of the Jedi, or to keep it all for his own chapter’s growth. No one must make profit out of donations. No one must earn a living out of donations, unless the recipient spends more than 40 hours per week in promoting his/her chapter, the Order of the Jedi, and Jediism, or doing services, this excluding time for personal training. Promoting one’s chapter, the Order, or Jediism must be respectful. We do not endorse disrespectful propaganda.
    A fixed fee cannot be imposed on the member of your chapter. All activities must be organized out of the resources of those who are charitable enough to give it to the chapter. Jediism encourages charity and sharing. One’s progress in Jediism cannot be limited by his/her financial situation. Chapters and the Order can limit the access to certain activities, or impose a fee, only when specific events implicate costs impossible to cover from the charity of a few members.

    Chapter administrator
    The administrator of a chapter must have some level of training with the Force, or in philosophical Jediism. Once the level of competence of the administrator is validated, we will appoint him/her the title of Jedi. The title of Master will be bestowed to those who successfully manage their chapter, and keep growing in the Force.
    We do not give the title “Master” to someone who does not master his/her experience with the Force. A master is someone who masters something. It is not a title given because of good will, even when there is good will, nor given because of implication, even when there is great implication.
    We will review the status of a chapter administrator if we receive many complaints. A single complaint is not sufficient for us to investigate an issue, unless the issue is an absolutely grave matter. Manage your chapter well, apply the Code of the Jedi, and we will all grow in the Force.
    To earn a living on a religious path is a path of ascetic discipline and non-attachment. A chapter administrator or a minister in Jediism may not earn a living in a way that causes suffering to others, or depends on others giving donations.
    The administrator of the chapter must be a spiritual person. We do not manage StarWars fanclubs, but chapters of Jediism. The administrator should have an open mind, and meditate frquently. It is not sufficient to find the Force interesting; it is required to feel the Force, to have faith in the Force.
    A chapter administrator will never have power over the members of his chapter. Rather, he will be in spiritual service to them. To handle a chapter, to represent the Force, it takes: humility, yet power; justice, yet compassion.

    How to create a chapter
    Contact the administration: Inform us of your intentions. Provide us with your coordinates. A fixed address is not required, but one must be provided for administrative correspondence. This provided address will not be published if requested to be private.
    Chose your chapter name: like "Order of the Jedi of state or city". Improvised names accepted when in conformity with the Order's line of thought. For example, this name would be borderline accepted "Sky-Diving Jedi Order of High-Mountain city". This would not: "Shadowgazer Jedi clan of death".
    Design your chapter logo: based on the Order logo, or an identical copy. We will send you the files by email. Production of promotional object is at your discretion.
    Chose a meeting place: A living room is a very decent place to start with. Expand and engage in renting fees only when it is justified.

    Dress Code
    Faith in the Force and spiritual practice is more important than a dress code. A light and simple uniform is highly recommended for Jedi level members and above, but anyone can wear it. Lay members may dress in normal clothing or uniform, according to their preferences. To start with, any type of cloak will do. In time, you can gather the recommended clothing style, as you see fit. The typical Jedi clothing is an inner robe or long shirt, and an outer cloak. The inner and outer part should be of different but matching colors. Simple textures are acceptable. It is not required to follow the clothing style found in the movies, but it can be inspiring.