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Saga - OT Love’s Stars (Sequel to Lost Stars by Claudia Gray)

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    Title: Love’s Stars: The Continued Saga of Ciena & Thane (Sequel to Lost Stars by C. Gray)
    Format: Multi-chapter book. First installment in the “The Stars Trilogy”
    Link to version here,
    Author(s): C.R.Marks (a/k/a Jedi Sarabel). Timeframe: Aftermath of Battle of Jakku
    Characters (not mine): Ciena Ree, Thane Kyrell, Nash Windrider, Kendy Idele, Genaire Kyrell, Dalven Kyrell, Verine Ree, Paron Ree, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, Leia Organa Solo, Mon Mothma, etc. Original Characters/Vehicles: General Geth Pikson, Grhan Solo, Dr. Daniel Merkel, Sarabel Ortiz, Louie the 1st Medical Droid, Star Gazer (Jedi Shuttle), Vanquisher, etc.
    Genre: Angst, Action/War, Romance, Redemption, Family, Suspense, Humor, Danger

    SUMMARY: New Republic pilot Thane Kyrell rescued Imperial Captain Ciena Ree from her doomed star destroyer, and held the love of his life In his arms as their escape pod crashed into the sands of Jakku. Thinking she had been killed in the battle of Endor a year before, his heart and mind were a hurricane of emotions and questions, but above all else he felt joy.

    And then she was pulled from the pod and arrested by the New Republic. Once again, Ciena and Thane are parted by forces beyond their control, puppets in a Galactic struggle for political and military dominance. Their lives seemed destined for angst, loneliness, and unwavering service to all but themselves.

    The exciting, dramatic, and beautiful saga of Thane and Ciena picks up precisely where Lost Stars left off, with Ciena imprisoned as an enemy combatant and Thane desperate to free her. Dreams of a life together turn to a frantic flight for life itself when the Imperial Remnant returns to rescue its captured officers, sending Thane, Ciena, and an unlikely group of allies fleeing for safety and life saving medical care back to where it all began: Jelucan. They are in a desperate flight back home, where a privileged, 8-year-old Thane first fought to protect a poor, 8-year-old Ciena from bullies, and seventeen years later he would call on their families, friends, faith, and the Force to save her now when her very life - and hope for the life they never believed was possible - are slipping through their fingers once again.

    Notes: Lost Stars, it’s characters, Star Wars, and Star Wars characters are the property of Disney Corp. and Lucas Films respectfully. ***Chapter One contains excerpts from the final chapter of Lost Stars by Claudia Gray for continuity.***

    The First Visit
    New Republic Detention Facility

    Ciena heard the sound of Thane's boots fading as he walked away. His pace was slower than when she heard him arriving a half hour earlier.

    It was their first visit since Thane rescued her from the Bridge of the Inflictor weeks before. With no time to spare, Thane dragged her to an escape pod and ejected before the star destroyer crashed into the sands of Jakku.

    The initial impact of the escape pod crashing was violent. When it first came to a stop, Ciena was already unconscious and injured. But matters worsened when the enormous star destroyer came crashing down beside the pod, engulfing it in a sand tsunami. When it finally came to a stop, they were half buried and she was twice as injured.

    But the physical trauma wasn't the worst of it. When Ciena awoke, she was overwhelmed with despair because she was alive. Thane had stolen the one chance she had to escape the hell of Imperial service with her honor intact.

    It was a gift from the Force when Rebel forces achieved the impossible by infiltrating her Imperial ship. Destroying the Inflictor was precisely what was called for to prevent the enemy from acquiring the vessel. As the ship's Captain, Ciena's choice to ensure its destruction by locking herself on the bridge as it plunged to its death would be considered an act of the highest courage. And this opportunity brought Ciena the first moments of peace she had experienced in years, because it gave her a way to escape serving the Empire without bringing dishonor and harm to her family and loved ones.

    And now she'd be free from the pain of living without Thane - a life without purpose, happiness, or hope - a life where they each served the other's enemy. The guilt and shame for not defecting with him years before would be over. She was haunted, in both conscious thoughts and sleep, that she might injure or kill Thane in her service to the Empire. The pain of never being with him again and not knowing if he was alive or dead never relented.

    She wasn't supposed to wake up in pain and still hopelessly trapped - only now as a prisoner of the New Republic. She wasn't supposed to wake up - period.

    But she did wake up, and the agony that came from the awareness that it wasn't over was incalculably worse than the pain from her broken and battered body.

    In the week that followed, Thane had been trying to see her, but she refused him. When her resolve finally weakened and she asked to see him, he was gone on a mission. For Ciena, it was merely another sign that being alive meant being alone and miserable. Indeed, it was the will of the Force.

    And then suddenly Thane was there - standing outside her cell. She had only to meet his gaze, and in that second what she had simultaneously feared and longed for the most came true.

    Seeing Thane gave her hope.

    It seemed his visit was over before she had time to say anything of significance. But then, what could she possibly say that would make sense. Everything had changed, and now she was locked in another nightmare. What words could make all that was wrong - all that had always been wrong since the moment they watched the Empire use the Death Star to destroy Alderaan - right? All of the tears, anger, fear, frustration, betrayal, loss and despair had brought them to where they were: Ciena in a New Republic Cell and Thane on the other side fighting for the New Republic and still fighting for her, too.

    For a long while, Ciena stood where they had placed their palms against the energy field during his visit, and began to replay their conversation in her mind.


    "I wish you had left me on the Inflictor."

    She said it, but did she mean it? Standing there with Thane only a breath away? She didn't know. It was hard to change her outlook when "living" might include being labeled a war criminal and never getting out of a 10x10 cell.

    Regardless, Thane did not flinch. He remained defiant in his confidence.

    "If you're waiting for me to apologize for saving your life, you'll be waiting awhile." A moment of silence passed, then his expression and voice softened. "Either way, you know I'll be waiting for you, right?"

    Ciena felt her heart flutter. She couldn't help it. Hearing his voice telling her he was committed to her was almost too much.

    "You shouldn't." She meant it.

    "You would, if it were me inside that cell."

    Ciena couldn't have hidden the truth had she tried. Not when she looked up at him and his piercing blue eyes captured and held her gaze.

    "Yes, I would."

    Ciena would wait for Thane forever if their positions were reversed. She would have no choice. There would be nothing left of her heart to give to anyone else if Thane disappeared from her life. It would break beyond remedy. It would be easier to reassemble the pieces of a dead star gone supernova than her shattered heart from losing Thane.


    Only after lying awake for hours, replaying the visit over and over again - the way Thane looked at her, his disarmingly handsome smile, his blue eyes that always told the truth, and his palm pressed mere millimeters from hers - was Ciena finally able to sleep.

    And she dreamt of cool rain falling on the mountain as they lie together in a very secret place back home. She dreamt of passionate kisses that became the tender, soft whisper of Thane's lips grazing her skin.

    Almost as wonderful was waking up the next morning. In place of the greyness that filled every corner of her life for so long, her eyes saw a myriad of colors and possibilities. Finally, against all odds, Ciena had hope.
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    Chapter 2 - Half Truths
    New Republic Base, Jakku


    Kendy Idele caught sight of Thane as he approached the secure entrance to the hangar which was home to the Blue Squadron, also known as the "Hunter Killers". No doubt, Thane would be scouring his X-Wing from top to bottom and front to back. He did this every day, whether he had taken flight or not.

    "Thane!" Kendy called louder, and this time he paused to turn and saw Kendy waving and headed his way. He smiled and helped gap the distance in a long, confident stride that never seemed to falter.

    "Kendy! What are you doing here? I thought you were—"

    "Transferring? No. General Alpeteer is forming a task force to locate hyperspace lanes the Imperials are using to hide their assets. As it so happens, this Rebel scumbag has skills to offer in that area."

    Kendy noticed Thane's chin drop slightly before looking down.

    "What is it? What's wrong?" Kendy touched his forearm and, to her surprise, he shifted slightly away from her hand.

    "Ouch!" Kendy grimaced.

    "Oh, Kendy, no! I'm… I'm sorry. I was lost in thought there for a second."

    "Thane, we've been through a lot. I've watched you go through some pretty... no offense, but strange phases over the past few years. Have I ever once made you think I'm someone you could not confide in?"

    Kendy slowly brought her hand back to barely touch his forearm, and this time Thane placed his hand over hers, squeezed softly, and allowed Kendy to remove her hand in her own time.

    "It's…I saw Ciena yesterday."

    Kendy was confused by his lack of exuberance. Thane had been trying to see Ciena since the day she was taken into custody. He nearly grounded himself with uncharacteristic displays of anger born completely from his simmering desperation. Kendy knew this and counseled him off the cliff's edge more than once.

    So why wasn't he beaming? Where was Thane’s smile that could disarm a Rancor?

    "That's wonderful! It is wonderful, right?" Kendy asked.

    "Oh, yes. It was amazing to see her. I mean, the energy shield puts a silvery hue over things. I can' know, touch her." Thane felt the warm redness creep across his cheeks. He swallowed and grinned in embarrassment. "She's so beautiful. She looked frail, though. She's lost more weight and doesn't appear to be sleeping well. But, I felt like I had taken my first breath of air in months the second I saw her standing there smiling at me."

    "So, can I ask what is bothering you? Clearly something is wrong."

    "You mentioned the Hyperspace lanes. I think I've had too much time to think while out on missions. There are a few moments where I…"

    "Go on, it's okay," Kendy gently encouraged him.

    "There are a few times I've felt myself feel anger that Ciena might know this information and is still clinging to it as the one string keeping her from being a traitor. She told me yesterday that she wasn't going to be a source of sensitive information to the New Republic. I was so excited to see her I didn't want to push. I promised her I would never approach her on behalf of the New Republic, and I intend to keep that promise." Thane meant every word he said. Kendy could read him like a book.

    "Thane," Kendy started softly, "you have to be true to what you feel is right. You've been through an awful lot the past ten years. You've made some really bold, daring decisions. You defected from the Empire even though Ciena wouldn't break her oath and go with you, and then you joined the Rebellion. We all thought Ciena died on the Executor, and what did you do? Thane Kyrell - the most cynical guy I know - spent a year following the religious practices of Ciena's culture to mourn and honor her. And every choice you've made has been right."

    Thane started to shake his head. Kendy reached for his hand and lightly held it. "It's true, and I think you know it. You became more patient, thoughtful, and as a pilot and soldier more confident and consistent."

    Thane spared his old friend a small smile.

    "Thank you, Kendy. I'm not sure anything can help me work through my desperation to have Ciena with me, and any resentment I might be facing if I become confident she has information that could make this possible but won't share it. It will be like... like she is…"

    "Choosing the Empire over you?" Kendy offered.

    Thane looked up, startled to hear Kendy say the words, but nodded.

    Thane truly had been unwavering in his love for Ciena across all of the years the Empire had stood between them. When he believed she died, he wore a blue armband as a token of remembrance because Ciena mentioned the practice in a childhood conversation. And then there was the meditation, which was so out of character for him, yet he did it religiously because he remembered Ciena telling him that's how the Jelucan Valley folk do it. Kendy was right. Thane Kyrell, skeptic of all things he can't see, touch or feel himself, spent a year meditating while the other pilots celebrated the growing number of victories over the dying Empire.

    Suddenly, the humiliation - along with unavoidable humor - seemed to hit Thane. He rolled his eyes when he realized how sincere Kendy had become and how uncomfortably serious he was behaving. He smiled and covered his face with his hands, then laughed out loud.

    "You know, someone who was probably really wise said, 'The future is always in motion.' It was written on the refresher wall at our last base camp. I shouldn't worry so much."

    Now Kendy laughed out loud - really loud - and had a hard time stopping. Thane's cheeks turned almost as red as his hair. With a goofy sideways grin on his face, he protested, "What? A profound statement can't be shared on a refresher wall? At least it gave me something to meditate on!"

    "Thane! I hate to be the one to break it to you, but that wise person who said that is Luke Skywalker!" Thane's mouth fell open. "It's a Jedi belief! You really are bonafide religious now!"

    Thane was laughing almost as hard as Kendy now. "Tell me you're lying, Kendy Idele!"

    "I swear it's true! He was constantly being asked if Jedi can see the future. I actually believe he can, for what it is worth." Thane opened his mouth to protest, but Kendy wouldn't give. "Evidently, when he was asked he always replied with that phrase."

    "Blast!" Thane yelled. "I've been unknowingly inspired by Jedi hocus pocus and meditated on it. That makes me feel soooo much better."

    "At least you can laugh about it!" Kendy exclaimed.

    And Kendy couldn't have been happier. She loved to hear Thane laugh.

    The rising sounds of buzzing, whirring and pounding coming from the hangar area was calling Thane. "I have to go, but since you'll be sticking around, maybe you could find some opportunities to visit Ciena? I know you'd be a great comfort to her, and it might do you both some good to talk about things like, well…June."

    Kendy nodded and turned to head back up the trail to the Interior Operations building. She stopped and turned to see Thane's back was to her as he trotted toward the hangar.

    "I'll definitely do that, Thane! Count on it!"

    Kendy knew exactly how Thane felt being separated from Ciena. She understood the burning, oozing ache of unfulfilled desire. Her greatest dilemma was how far she would be willing to go to turn things to her favor. What she didn't tell Thane was that she had lobbied hard to obtain a spot on General Alpeteer's task force. She had also recommended a certain pilot with the experience, exceptional skills, and instincts for performing risky reconnoiter work and deriving the most complete material for the effort.

    Thane would be finding out about his new assignment sometime today.

    Each of these actions were based soundly on accurate information that best served the New Republic. But only Kendy knew there was another reason for her actions. She, like Thane, had found the Jedi principle, "The future is always in motion," to have profound meaning in her life. The future needed to shift, and Kendy would do everything in her power to make certain it shifted her way.
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    Chapter 3
    The Evolution of Nash Windrider

    Nash Windrider was a happy child. His loving, hard working parents raised him to be a friend to all beings and to have a love for his home planet, Alderaan. When he attended the Imperial Academy on Coruscant, he became a trusted friend of Thane Kyrell, and by extension Ciena and her roommates Kendy and June. His witty sense of humor, stark honesty, and cultured manner – especially his clipped, formal, core world dialect – made him incredibly interesting to people from outer rim planets like Jelucan. His stories about Alderaan fascinated Thane, and Nash made a promise to take Thane to his home and share the abundant natural wonders and culture with him.

    Nash graduated as an officer in the Imperial Navy and maintained close ties with with his Academy friends. He was even assigned on the same ship as Ciena. The future was bright and full of promise for Nash.

    And then, one day shortly after their service began, Nash and Ciena’s ship was docked at the highly secretive space station where Thane’s squadron was based – the Death Star. They were told with the millions of crew on the space station and ships on location that a great event was about to occur.

    From the Bridge of their ship, Nash and Ciena watched as a beam of energy burst from the Death Star and tore through the planet of Alderaan. Everything Nash loved – his family, his home, his planet – exploded in the blink of an eye. Had Ciena not been there to silently support him with a hand to his arm, Nash may have reacted. Even at that early date, there was an inherent understanding that there was no room for emotion or grief. This would be seen as an act of sedition and disloyalty to the Emperor.

    But this did not prevent Nash from feeling every bit of the pain, grief and rage. It also did not stop Nash from reacting after Ciena saw him off the Bridge and onto a lift so he could go to his quarters where he’d have less chance of being seen by a superior officer.

    And this is when, for the second time in a single day, Nash would experience a life altering event. The first stripped Nash of his past – the people and places he had cherished and loved his entire life. The second event would transform Nash Windrider – the person – and all that would come in his future.

    It began when Nash left his quarters carrying a hidden hold out blaster. Using his credentials, he made his way onto the Death Star and calmly, coolly surveyed the main bridge. At the far end of the main walkway, he saw Grand Moff Tarkin staring out the expansive transparisteel viewport. He appeared to be surveying the salvage and exploratory expeditions into the remnants of Alderaan in the distance.

    Nash strode with purpose – calm and appearing in control – as any officer should. No person on the bridge would have reason to suspect anything was amiss. They certainly would never dare believe Tarkin was in jeopardy. Nash was correct in this assumption, as he was nearly half way to Tarkin and dozens of crew barely glanced his way. But it wasn’t the crew he passed he needed to consider.

    Behind Nash, Darth Vader entered the Bridge. The Sith Lord immediately sensed the rage and intentions of a being in his presence. Just as quickly he identified it as coming from the tall, thin male in officer’s attire approaching Grand Moff Tarkin from behind.

    Vader reached out with the Force to stop Nash from moving, but Nash continued walking, albeit slowly and with the odd appearance of moving through knee high mud. Nash was confused and stared down at his legs, though he continued to slowly make his way forward.

    Tarkin was still unaware of his pursuer, which gave Vader time to impose a force choke on the would-be assassin.

    Much to Vader's surprise, Nash began to swipe at his neck as if a mere insect was pestering him - but he continued to breathe. Nash had turned around in his confusion, and that's when he saw Darth Vader standing not five feet away. Panic arose as Vader took two long strides to tower over him.

    Suddenly, the odd sensations ceased. Vader merely placed a hard, gloved hand on Nash's shoulder and said, "Come with me. I believe we have much to discuss, Young Windrider."

    And with this invitation, like Alderaan, Nash Windrider – the son, the friend, the young man with hopes and dreams – became nothing more than a memory.


    Under the quiet tutelage of Darth Vader, Nash learned many things, not the least of which is how to control and channel his emotions. Vader warned Nash he would be displeased if Nash told anyone about their work together. Nash understood there was a purpose to Vader's interest in his abilities, though Vader had no interest in sharing that information with him before his death. For a while, Nash felt too grateful for the ability to release the suffocating grief and pain to question the guidance he was given.

    But he was changing.

    With his friends, the first sign that something was off with Nash was his complacent attitude toward Alderaan and its destruction. Then, when Nash believed Thane was dead, he made awkward and uninvited advancements toward Ciena. Only when Ciena gave him a firm rejection did Nash consider her grief over Thane and ask Ciena to forgive him.

    Things worsened exponentially the day Nash discovered that Thane was alive and fighting for the Rebels. His response during the air battle was a ferocious, almost crazed effort to destroy Thane's X-Wing. He was unaware that Ciena knew Nash was alive, After this, Nash became even more attentive to Ciena believing she must have been even more devastated than he was to learn the truth about Thane.

    If there had been a small element of the old Nash Windrider remaining, it disappeared when Rebels infiltrated his Star Destroyer, the Inflictor, during the Battle of Jakku. Ciena was the Captain of the vessel, and Nash believed, as did the entire crew, that Ciena locked herself on the Bridge and went down with the ship. In Nash's mind, the Rebel's killed Ciena – which meant that Thane killed Ciena.


    Several months had passed since the Battle of Jakku. After the years of tragedy and darkness, Nash had been completely broken down and rebuilt by the Empire. He was now the perfect Imperial soldier. Nothing existed outside of being a servant to the Empire. Nash was highly respected by the soldiers he commanded and his superiors. He was demanding and could be intimidating, but his reputation as a leader and his support of his men made it likely he would soon be promoted and have command of a formidable war ship himself.

    Only, Nash knew that deep within he desired one thing more than any other. He'd give anything – sacrifice anything other than the lives of his men – to avenge Ciena by killing Thane.

    Nash's first opportunity to take a step toward his goal came when he located Lieutenant Dalven Kyrell, Thane's brother. Having Dalven close by might lead to intel on Thane - this was the priority. Nash was not going to go out of his way to make Dalven trip. However, if Lieutenant Kyrell stepped out of line while under Nash's command, he may find his Commander's tolerance for his mistakes is substantially lower than others.

    Unknown Regions
    Docking Bay of the Imperial Star Destroyer Garrote

    Lieutenant Kyrell approached Nash with a datapad as Nash was observing TIEs returning from a rigorous training exercise. Nash knew it was him without turning to look. No one moved slower or with less purpose than Dalven Kyrell.

    "You have something for me, Lieutenant?"

    "Uh, yes sir. I do sir." Dalven stepped around and held out a datapad for Nash. Nash took the datapad and placed his hand on the screen. After a quick scan the screen turned red with a black bar across the middle. Nash felt a jolt of anticipation. This was big.

    "I'll be in my office, Lieutenant."

    "Yes sir!" Dalven gave a salute and turned to leave. Nash thought it was interesting how Dalven always walked faster when he was leaving. Nash snorted and went straight to his office.

    Nash followed the procedure for accessing extremely secure information. As he read, he smiled with excitement:

    "In two standard days, all squadrons will be air worthy for a joint air-ground assault to free high value Imperial prisoners at the New Republic Detainment Facility on Jakku. All commanders and Squadron Leaders are to report at 1200 hours for mission details and specific duty assignments."

    Nash met with his mechanics to share the good news. They needed to get these kriffen, worn down machines air worthy for combat. They didn't complain, knowing their Commander would be out there with them every spare moment he had.

    One thought preoccupied Nash more than any other: If Thane is there, I'll find him and make him pay for every traitorous action that lead to Ciena's death.
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    Wonderful. =D= This has the terrific feel of Lost Stars, because you capture the emotions and motives of the characters so superbly! =D=
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