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    The purpose of this thread is to showcase the submissions entered in the Valentine?s Day Love Letter (Writing) Challenge. More specifically, this thread will host the stories pertaining to the ?Before the Saga? category.

    Note to participants ? You must post your story here otherwise your entry will be disqualified, meaning that it will not be judged by the challenge staff.

    All challenge information can be found in the ?mother? thread, which is located [link=]here.[/link] Please do not post any questions, queries, or concerns (in reference to the challenge itself) on this thread. Only stories and reader replies belong here; the rest belongs in the topic I have linked to above.

    Good luck to all!
    Amidala_Skywalker, LianaMara, and JainaDurron.
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    Jan 11, 2002
    Title: Untitled
    Author: jacen200015
    Rating: G
    Summary: Xanatos writes a letter to Zenia and she responds.
    Author?s note: This will be in the 5th book of the series I?m writing. [link=]Anything for a Master[/link] is the third book that is still in progress. So to all my readers, this will be a little spoiler for the 5th book.


    Xanatos sat down at his desk and lit a small wax candle to write by. Taking a square piece of yellow parchment out of the bottom drawer he placed it on his desk. Picking up an old-fashioned, ink filled pen in his right hand he began to write.

    Dear Zenia,

    I never did properly apologize to you about my attitude to you before you left. I am sorry. I know that saying that won?t make things okay again, I realize that. I was being a jerk. I know you can take care of yourself, I was just afraid.. It was punishment enough to not see you for many years. I missed you?so much. I regret what I did and said. I wish I could turn back time and fix my mistakes but I can?t. All that can be done now is move past our mistakes and restart at the beginning to renew our relationship. Zenia I?m not asking you to forgive me, for that is your decision. Yet my heart yearns for your forgiveness.
    There is something I wish to tell you, something you may not want to hear. Since the day we crossed paths my life took a new turn. I remember the picnic we had in the field. Thinking back on it I realized that I had felt something, something familiar but stronger and deeper. I?I was falling in love with you. From the bottom of my heart I love you, so much.
    Your eyes are full of care, love, and full of cheerful laughter. Your cheeks are rosy, like a flower. Your hair smells sweet and is silky to the touch. Your lips are ripe, like fresh cherries. You are like an angel to me. You helped me heal, helped me to let go of my anger, to move on. You saved me, I?ll always remember that. This letter may drive you farther away from me then you are now, I understand that. I just can?t let you go not knowing that I am in love with you. That is the truth for you deserve to hear the truth. Now you know why I was afraid. I love you Zenia.


    Putting down the pen he folded the parchment in half as the light from the candle flickered on the letter. Standing up he blew out the candle and quietly left his quarters. Walking down the dimly lighted corridor he slowly approached Zenia?s room. His heart was beating rapidly in his chest, his steps slowing. Licking his dry lips he closed his eyes and took a deep, calming breath before sliding the letter under her door. After knocking on the door he turned around and left her quarters quickly before he changed his mind and went to go retrieve the letter.

    Zenia woke up from a restless sleep to a knock on the door. Casting out with the Force she sought out who it was. Sensing a tightly shielded presence she got out of bed and turned on the light. Grabbing her light blue bathrobe she put it on and tied is securely around her waist. Taking her lightsaber off of her nightstand he headed for the door that led out into the hall. Opening the door she saw no one outside. Frowning she closed the door and briefly saw something flutter on the floor. Bending down she picked up the folded parchment and walked back to her bedroom where she sat down and opened the letter up.
    Reading her letter her heart soared in her chest at Xanatos? declaration of his love to her. Tears began to trickle down her face as she felt the truth of Xanatos? words in her heart. All her Jedi training was thrown out of the window as she repeated Xanatos? words ?I love you?.

    Heading over to her desk she took out a piece of parchment, picked up a pen and began to write.

    Dear Xanatos,

    You are forgiven Xanatos and have been for a long time now. We didn?t part on very good terms with each other, it is understandable tha
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    Aug 9, 2002
    Author: ViariSkywalker
    Rating: G
    Summary: A young husband remembers a time when his parents were young and life was only starting to become complicated.
    Author's Note: The OCs in this story are connected to my series entitled Origin, (which has suffered from DWB, DRL, and my own laziness.) Someday I will get back to the tale of Anakin Skywalker's ancestors, but for now here is my entry for the Valentine's Day Challenge.

    Aluvian Rosewood

    It was the anniversary of his mother?s death ? a day that he would never forget. Yet as he stared out into the void of space, he realized with a faint ache in his heart that he would never quite remember either.

    Brann stared down at the lightsaber that he now held loosely in his hands. It was an object that was dear to him only because it had belonged to his mother, and even then he looked on it with disdain because it brought with it an onslaught of memories he desperately wished he could erase. The silver hilt glinted in the artificial light of the cargo bay, where he sat on a crate mulling over his latest escape from pirates that raided the trade routes. How many times as a boy had he watched his father pilot their battered old ship with the ease of a fighter pilot as they outran these same pirates? How many times had his mother fought them off with nothing else but this lightsaber and her own natural talents? How many times had he waited for them to die, only to have them live day after day, year after year? Only to lose them when he should have been old enough to protect them.

    Brann sighed almost inaudibly, turning the lightsaber over in his palms. He shouldn?t have retreated to the cargo bay. His job now was to protect what he had left: his sister, his wife, and his unborn child. His life had no meaning without them.

    But I just wish I could remember something about her?before all of the running and the hiding. Before we bought that ship and fled our home.

    Suddenly, as if in answer to his silent plea, a memory that he had nearly forgotten forced its way to the surface...


    She lifted the thin paper into the air, gazing at it in awe. Letters were always sent electronically, so a paper letter must be something special indeed.

    ?What is it?? Brann whispered, afraid to break the beautiful enchantment that had fallen over his mother.

    She smiled back at him, her blue eyes sparkling merrily. ?It?s a letter from your father. He?s coming home soon,? she murmured, lifting him onto her lap. ?See??

    Brann reached out to touch the paper, which was crisp and delicate beneath his three-year-old fingertips. Then he crinkled his nose. ?It smells funny.?

    His mother laughed. ?It?s paper, darling.? She raised the sheet to her own nose. ?I can?t remember the last time someone has written to me on paper,? she said almost to herself.

    Brann wriggled, trying to get a closer look at the dark squiggly lines that he had no hope of understanding. ?Read?? he asked.

    She smiled again, giving him a quick squeeze and a tender kiss on the cheek. ?Of course, darling.? She pushed a loose strand of long auburn hair behind her ear, then began to read.

    My dearest love,

    How strange it is that I am so far away from you. The trading has gone well, even if I am new to it all. Naboo is a lovely world?I hope you like the paper I bought here. It?s made from Aluvian rosewood from the hill country. The scent is mostly natural, although the store owner admitted that it has been artificially enhanced. I didn?t think you would mind?

    Brann stared up at his mother. ?It still smells funny.?

    His mother kissed him and continued.

    I will be returning to you soon. I hate to leave you two alone like this, but Force knows you are capable of defending yourself. I don?t know how long this peaceful interlude will last, and I hope that by now we?ll have enough money to buy a ship of our own. Maybe then we?ll be safe?

    Brann tugged on his mother?s sleeve. ?Are the bad men coming after us again??

    ?Of course not, a
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    Jan 12, 2000
    Title: Will You Read the Letter?
    Author: Ty-gon Jinn
    Rating: Well, obviously, G.
    Author?s Notes: The original characters in this piece come from Home for the Holidays, my Winter Holiday Contest Entry. This comes also with a ?special thanks to Jane Austen,? since this scene owes its inspiration to a passage from Emma.

    The very day of Consul General Aryov?s returning to Coruscant produced a fresh occasion for Mascha?s service toward her sister. Sulva had been at Sint-Redlumburg, as usual, soon after breakfast, and after a time had gone home, to return again for dinner.

    She seemed harried, and did not talk to anyone else in the house, but instead directly sought out her sister. Though her presence wasn?t unexpected, the sudden return had taken everyone by surprise. Sulva seemed harried, even stressed, and her antennae quivered nervously. She quickly found her sister in the garden, applying color to a picture she had been making.

    Mascha was younger than Sulva. In fact, Mascha was born at the same time as four siblings who were younger than Sulva?s birth-pack. Still, Sulva came to Mascha for advice. Mascha was the type who never worried about her own life, but preferred to play matchmaker with her sisters.

    ?Mascha, I need your opinion on something.?

    The young lady?s amber eyes looked up from the painting, and Mascha laid down her brush-tipped stylus before crossing her furry hands on her lap. ?Back already, Sulva? I thought it was an hour?s drive out to Yelwof.?

    ?I need you to tell me of something that was waiting for me at home.? Sulva reached into the pouch she was carrying, and pulled out a piece of folded paper. ?This came from one of the men attending the Institute.?

    ?No datapad? Either he?s trying to preserve a dying art, or he?s just an old softie. Either way, he?s a dying breed.?

    ?Will you read the letter, or not??

    ?Give me a moment, Sulva!?

    Mascha unfolded the letter and scanned the opening lines before reading out loud.

    From S. Torvich Maorov,
    Maliov Institute
    2000 Burmov Prospect
    Yelwof Province

    To Sulva Mayova
    2400 Laov Prospect
    Yelwof Province

    To the lady Sulva,

    I hope this letter finds you well. It had been
    my pleasure to make your acquaintance over
    the past several weeks, and I shall have to
    remember to thank R.A.M. once again for
    introducing us. Please forgive me if this
    letter seems poorly phrased or simply
    delivered too soon, but I felt that I must
    get in contact with you.

    These last few weeks have been very
    much a blur to me, but the times that I
    spent with you stand out. I have been
    waiting for the right opportunity to ask if
    we might see each other outside the
    Institute. In fact, having met you on the
    occasions on which I have been able to do
    so, it has seemed even as if we already
    know each other outside these mere
    social functions.

    I would very much like to spend more time
    with you. Should you find this agreeable,
    then I would be honored to escort you for
    a lovely evening. I hope I am not
    assuming too much by saying so, but if all
    goes well, then it would be my intent to
    ask your hand in marriage.

    Several from our class have been asked to
    accompany Consul General Aryov as he
    returns to the Senate on Coruscant. We
    are even going to be able to meet Master
    Rostov ? surely you know that name, the
    twenty-third Kameer of the Jedi Order? In
    any case, I shall be eagerly awaiting a
    response from you, and I hope to find one
    waiting for me upon my return.

    If, by whatever magic has allowed you to
    come down from the Force and grace us
    with your presence, you should say ?yes,?
    then you will have given me unspeakable
    joy. I shall hope to hear from you.

    Yours truly,
    S. Torvich Maorov

    ?Why, Sulva, this is amazing!?

    ?What do you think??

    ?Well, I think it?s obvious that he had help in writing it. You can see a few stylistic changes, and the idea of addressing it to ?the Lady Sulva? probably came from someone who didn?t think to start such a big thing with ?I hope this letter
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    Feb 8, 2002
    Title: What Was Never Meant to Be
    Author: Jedi_Nifet
    Rating: PG to be safe
    Spoilers: For JA #4 and minor for JA #5
    Summary: Qui-Gon Jinn writes a letter to Elan
    Author's note: I have to give a credit to the man who prefers calling himself O-D for
    the idea of this pairing. Also I took liberty to alter Jude Watson's story just a tad.

    *** *** ***

    Dear Elan,

    Qui-Gon leaned back in his stiff chair and looked at the written words from afar. A sad and fleeing smile touched his lips briefly. In no way was it usual for him to write a letter on paper ? datapads were much more handy, he had to agree ? and even more unusual was what he was about to write. Still these words demanded to be written on paper, to be more personal than printed words on a cold datapad screen.

    These words? They are so official and aloof. They seem extracted from a notifying letter of Coruscant Transport Department. Like: ?Dear Master Jinn, we regret to inform you that once again your Padawan??

    Old wound, recently aggravated and barely starting to heal flared with almost physical pain. Eyes involuntarily landed on a static holo occupying the honourable place on his overfull bookshelf. Raven-haired boy winked at him from the holo, his cunning smile wide. A face of another young boy emerged from carefully shielded nook of the Jedi Master?s memory. Another mistake in the long row. Qui-Gon shook his head and forced his eyes to return to the sheet before him.

    No, these words don?t suit my letter. They don?t suit HER.

    Strong calloused fingers crumpled the paper steadily and threw it into a waste bucket next to his table. Picking another sheet, he leaned over and started anew.

    My dearest Elan,

    Today I had a walk around the Temple's Art Galleries. Yes, we do have such a thing here. One can always find time for art, even someone whose life is as regulated as Jedi's is. But today I was not craving for art - truth be said, I barely noticed what I was seeing at all. I suppose I went there to find solitude and time to think, to escape the suffocating confines of my empty quarters. They shouldn't be this way, and I even was beginning to imagine they wouldn?t be for a long time, but... Yet this is a story I do not wish to bother you with. Enough to say that everything is way too different from what I, old fool, was expecting...

    And walking those Art Galleries was when I found it ? her. I cannot bring myself to call this graceful piece of beauty an "it". It was a statue ? and something much more than that. Made by traditions of old, she looked ancient yet so fresh and full of life as a newborn. I didn't read her name ? I had no need to. For me she was you, Elan. And she brought up memories of the days you and I spent together.

    From the first moment I heard your name I knew you. It was not a connection through the Force ? it was something much deeper, much more human, much more emotional. It was because of this connection that I ventured to intrude into your land. It was because I was absolutely confident I knew you very well that I did it.

    Do you remember that time in the tent where you helped me dress my wounds? I can still feel your hands over my skin ? warm and calming like a balm, soft. Your hair were brushing my back? Do you remember the kiss we shared? It was too sweet to be true, pure, almost innocent: a manifestation of what we felt. And I know you felt the same way I did.

    This statue? She is very much like you: strong, fearless, independent, proud. Kind. And at this time of despair I find myself wishing you were here next to me. Maybe your miraculous hands would have been able to heal those invisible wounds running deep through my heart.

    But you are not here. This feeling we shared for those brief days was doomed from the start. It is something that didn?t come true and was never meant to be. Yet I keep catching myself thinking: what if... What if it could happen?

    I am not used to put my thoughts into words so openly. I will probably never have a heart to send this letter
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    Jun 16, 2000
    Title: Is Hope Lost?
    Rating: G
    Author's Notes: This idea actually derived from the story I am currently writing right now. It tells the story of the beginning of the Jedi, so if you like this one, check out the rest of it. :D [link=]And Then There Was Light[/link]


    Connor could no longer sleep at night as his world crumbled around him. A slave?s life usually held little to no hope at all, but ever since his best friend Jeredi had discovered a mystical power that he called the Force, Connor found himself looking forward to the days. The days were still long and hot, as he and his fellow slaves built the towering skyscrapers, but there was no denying the faith that filled his very soul. He knew it seemed too good to be true. He should have expected something to tip the scale.

    Jeredi was now gone, left to die in the hole. He had not yet received any news on the condition that his friend was in. The standard length of time to spend in the sixty-footer was three weeks, but their bitter enemy, the guard that all slaves feared, had tricked Jeredi to giving him cause to make him stay in the hole for an additional three weeks. Connor?s hope was fading into oblivion just like Jeredi?s life.

    And there would be no hope for Kalisha. Sireth, the dark Lord that held them in bondage, had won. Their plan to get her back was foiled without Jeredi. A sharp pain stabbed Connor in the heart as that reality sank deep into him. He knew he could never entirely understand the bond that Jeredi and Kalisha had once shared as brother and sister, with having no sister of his own, but he knew his own feelings towards her. Old regrets resurfaced adding to the pain in his chest. He had never told Kalisha he loved her. What would become of Kalisha now?

    Why had Sireth picked her to serve as one of his personal slaves? Also known as the Tomaj Lai, Sireth?s personal slaves acted as his bodyguards, but that was the extent that Connor knew. What else was considered to be a Tomaj Lai?s duty?

    What is he doing to you, Kalisha? Connor thought to himself. Do you still think of us as we do of you? I lay awake every night, and I remember the person you were when Sireth took you from us, but it has been months. If?Connor shook his head correcting himself with the last shred of hope he could muster. When we find you, when we get you back, will you know us? Will we know you? Or will Sireth drive away every last bit of human emotion from you until all there is left is a cold, broken soul that not even my own love for you will be able to mend?

    Kalisha, if your brother somehow miraculously survives the hole, we are getting out of here. We are coming for you. Which side will you fight on then? You gave your life to Sireth to save Jeredi?s. I cannot, I will not believe that you could betray us. Sireth is a master of many things, but love he has never known. How could he know how to break that?

    Connor slid his eyes shut. I can see you Kalisha. Your hair is down; the wind blows it past your shoulders. You stare off to the horizon, and then turn to smile at me, beckoning me to come to your side. I want to rush over to you, to hold you, and love you, but I move my feet and everything grows dark. The sky; the land; even you. Your once beautiful hair becomes thrashed and tangled, all pulled back tightly. Stands of long bangs attempt to hide your pain-filled eyes.

    At the sight of this, I break into a run, begging you to know that you are still loved, but before I can reach you, you fade away, and I am left alone once again, shivering in my hut at night, as the breezes fly in from the outside. I have had that same image in my head ever since Jeredi told me of his determination to get you back. I can never tell if it?s real or just my imagination. But I do know that the longer it takes to break free of the Sireth Follower?s grasps here, the more you wil
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    Jun 18, 2002
    Title: That Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Author: Shaindl
    Rating: G
    Summary: A slightly different take on that thing called love...
    Author?s note: None really. Hope you enjoy it!

    EDIT: Oops, of course there's an author's note! Many thanks to OE, Diane and Nat for looking at this and for putting up with my incessant requests for a beta this week. You guys are great! :)

    * * * * * *

    You?re joking, right?


    You?re not.


    You really want me to do this?


    Okay, okay. Dear Maker, I was created to speak to all manner of machines, and I?m reduced to this?


    All right, all right, I?m on it. Uppity little?ahem.

    Hello, Naboo cruiser. My name is DRL0VE ? but you can call me DR for short ? human and cyborg-


    Oh, okay. Cyborg relations only. My companion here, A1-0NE, has asked me to read the following to you since he cannot communicate with you in your own language. His coding is not as advanced as yours. We?re working on it. Besides, he thinks that binary is really not the most romantic of languages.

    You?re sure you want me to continue?


    Is that really language a droid in love should be using?


    All right, all right, don?t crash now, for the Maker?s sake. Ahem.

    Dearest Naboo Cruiser S3XI,

    How do I love thee?

    That?s the best you could come up with for an opening?

    Beep, chirp, warble.

    All right, so you didn?t have a lot of time to work on it. Moving along.

    As I rolled over your hull to fix your malfunctions last week, I realised that you were the one for me. I love every rounded part of you. Your viewscreen and portholes are like windows into your beautiful mainframe. The silver of your paint job is like the silver lining of the clouds. I want to fly with you forever.

    Your wings make my heart drive soar.

    Was that really necessary?


    Testy, testy. Dear Maker, what passes for humour in an astromech. Right. Next.

    I know that we will face difficulties ? some don?t like interconnections between machines of different versions. Some will actively seek to destroy our relationship. But if you plug into me, I will plug into you.

    I hope that we can soon network ourselves to each other,


    There. Happy? Oh wait, she?s responding?


    Would you shut up and let me listen?


    Oh, it?s okay. I guess you?re a little stressed right now?wait, she says?she says she likes you and she feels the same way.


    Yes, really. But by the Maker, I can?t figure out why.

    Beep, beep!

    Shut up, yourself. Are you going to go over there or not?


    Of course you should. S3XI just declared her undying love and devotion to you, at least until her memory banks are wiped next. So roll your little self over there and plug in while you?ve got time.


    You?re welcome. But the next time you want another droid to read one of your love letters out loud to your newest crush, find another cyborg protocol droid. This was most definitely not a part of my programming. Do you know what I had to overcome to do this?

    Beep, warble, trill, beep.

    I have a nice voice for it? Oh, stop it, you?re making my servos blush. Now get over there. S3XI is waiting for you.


    Yeah, I?ll see you later.

    Ugh. You two should really get a hangar.
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    Apr 14, 2002
    [face_laugh] Wonderfully creative and oh so original Shaindl! I was laughing so hard as I read this! What a refreshing view! :D
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    Feb 13, 2004
    Title: In the begining...
    Author: Nerpherder
    Rating: G

    This was a letter found in the house of an old woman living on Naboo. Just after she passed away, soon after ?Empire Strikes Back.? We?re not sure who she was but it appears we found the motivation for Palpatines rise to power, to impress a woman.
    If that?s not true love what is?

    My Dearest Clara

    I know you said I?ve changed and you did not want me to see you anymore, but there is so much I want to tell you. Like when I wake up I smell your perfume, just for a second, lingering in the air. I sit up and see your not their and I realize that my life will never again be complete. I have tried quoting sonnets from the great poets of Alderaan, I?ve sent you the Tamros blossoms form the under growth of Kashyyyk. I can?t understand how you can love me so much but not want to be with me? I have become so much more than I was, I have accomplished more in the last few years than most do in a life time. I?ve done almost every thing short of giving you the universe. I?ve tried every thing I can think of? every thing but be completely honest with you. So here I go.

    From the first meeting I could not get you out of my mind, you would pop up on the oddest times. I was attempting to hit on another woman and all I could do was compare her to you. You have become my rule to measure by. I?d give you any and everything. I?d dam rivers, and destroy mountains. I?d dislocate the moon the moon with a fork; I?d remove the sun with a spoon. I want to tear down the walls between us to build a bridge to connect us. But it dawned on me at sunrise? you can?t be all I want you to be; you wont see all I show you. It?s impossible to believe all I?ve told you.

    You know I?d do anything for you; I?d do anything to win your heart. Name it.

    Forever eternally yours;
    Sidney Palpatine
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    Dec 6, 2002
    Title: From the moment I saw You
    Author: ca_tron
    Rating: G
    Summary: Obi-Wan writes a letter to his friend.
    Author's note: This has my original character in it, although it is an AU of my AU and will not happen this way.


    Obi-Wan Kenobi sat down at his desk. Glancing around, he noticed that he had a new message flashing on his desktop com unit. Reaching to turn it on, he knocked over the only real picture to the floor. Activating the message, he bent down to pick up the picture as a female voice came to life.

    ?Hey Obi! I was hoping to be able to catch you when you weren?t busy, but I have to tell someone. Remember how last year I met Jocen? Well, last night he asked me to marry him! Isn?t that wonderful! Call me when you get back. Love you, bye!?

    Obi-Wan sadly looked at the picture he was holding. It was a picture of a lovely young woman, holding a training saber, hair tousled after a sparing match. He closed his eyes and was able to hear her laughter echoing down the halls of the Temple. He even believed that he could smell her favorite scent from a planet that was uninhabited, Lavender. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he refocused on the picture, staring into her dark chocolate eyes full of mirth. Setting the picture down, he started to reach for the com unit to call her back, but his hand froze. Letting it drop, he realized that he didn?t have the stomach to hear anymore about Jocen. Looking at where his hand had fallen, he noticed a pad of paper and a pencil. He pulled them closer to him and started to write.

    [blockquote]Dear Ca-Tron,

    I?m so glad to hear from you. I wish I could say that I was happy for you, but I can?t. You see, ever since we were kicked out of the Order for behavior unbecoming a Jedi, I?ve often wondered what our life would have been like if I had told you. From the moment I met you, I knew we were meant to walk the same path. I don?t know how or why, but I knew. I knew that you were my equal. I knew that you were my breath. I knew you were my soul. I knew that I loved you. But now, you are gone and I have no way of getting you back. All of my life, all I ever wanted to be was a Jedi. But I wasn?t meant to be one. I was meant to walk along the same path as you. I wish that I had seen it sooner and had not pushed you away after we were dispelled from the Jedi, but I was in pain. But so were you. And I never saw it. I should have. I should have showed that I cared for you. I should have done so many things. But what was done can?t be undone. And I?ll always have to live with the pain and the knowledge of what I could have had. I hope that you find happiness. I hope you found love. I hope that he?ll care for you the way that I should have. I will always love you. But you will never know.

    Your love always,
    Obi-Wan Kenobi[/blockquote]

    Obi-Wan looked at the letter he just wrote. Smiling sadly, he picked it up and tore it to shreds. Getting up, he walked over to the trash container and very carefully placed the pieces in the center. Walking back to his desk, he activated the com unit and called his love. Moments later, Ca-Tron?s smiling face came on. Upon seeing her friend, she lit up, causing him to smile broadly. Never knowing just how much he loves her, she starts telling him about Jocen.
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    Feb 3, 2003
    Title: Love You, I Do
    author: Happy_Hobbit_Padawan
    characters: Yoda & Yaddle
    Thanks to obaona for looking this over for me. :D


    Love You, I Do

    Temporarily off-exhibit during the JC server switch, in the event the moving van breaks or loses something. :p Check back later, hopefully with edits and changes to improve the exhibit. :D


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    Jun 18, 2002
    Too cute, HHP. It had me laughing, but it was also touching. Loved the ending.

    Lovely job at giving Yoda some depth. :)

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    Jan 11, 2002
    Happy_Hobbit_Padawan: I LOVED IT! i was laughing and smiling so much i thought i'd burst.

    This was wonderful. :) :) :) :) :) it should be the winner.
  14. Knight-Ander

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    Jul 19, 2002
    Fantastic, that was, HHP. :D
  15. Reihla

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    May 17, 2002
    Title: Simply Ben
    Author: Reihla
    Rating: PG
    Summary: Unconventional Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn takes an unexpected tactic with his padawan in an attempt to save Obi-Wan a lifetime of regret.
    word count: 1999
    _ _ _ _ _

    A rough hand pressed tight the seal on the envelope before printing the delivery address in bold script on the front. It was risky, mailing this letter, but Qui-Gon felt it was truly the right thing to do. His padawan had obviously scrawled his heart into the document, but he knew Obi-Wan would never send it. At twenty, his apprentice was an exceptional young Jedi, but he would never intentionally break the strict rules of the Order that forbade attachment. Fortunately for Obi-Wan, his master had a more liberal view when it came to matters of the heart.

    Qui-Gon knew he shouldn?t have read the letter, but he?d been unable to resist pulling it from the wastebasket. Only powerful emotions could have inspired his padawan to use an actual carbon stylus to place words on parchment. Writing in long-hand was?well, it was very personal. Data disks ? vocal, holographic or typed ? were far more common forms of communication.

    Once he?d seen what was written on the page he simply couldn?t drop it back into the trash. The truths in this letter were important and shouldn?t go unsaid for a lifetime. His decision made, he left the small suite he shared with his apprentice and hurried to get the post out on this afternoon?s last transport.

    Days later the envelope was delivered by courier to the Royal House of Alderaan. The major-domo handed it to a young woman, a willowy wraith with silvery-blonde hair and sad dark eyes. She barely read the postmark before running to the privacy of her room. With uncharacteristic haste she tore open the envelope. Yes! It was from Obi-Wan. She could almost hear his soft-spoken lyrical tenor as she read the words?

    My Lady Kira,

    I?m not sure why I?m writing this letter. I know I won?t send it. Perhaps, though, I?ll be able to express the feelings I couldn?t put into words the last time we were together. Please forgive my abrupt departure from Alderaan. I have no excuse save that I was stunned at how hard it was going to be to tell you good-bye. Though I consider myself well spoken I just couldn?t seem to find the words.

    Kira smiled, imagining how that must?ve annoyed him.

    They?ve come to me now, though. In fact, they spin around in my head constantly. I?m hoping writing them out will silence them once and for all, so I can put aside these confusing feelings and focus on my training. The peace that I once knew eludes me of late.

    I want you to know that when Qui-Gon and I came to Alderaan to protect your brother I had no aspirations past the desire to do as the council asked and help keep Bail alive. We take every assassination threat seriously, especially those against the heir-apparent to the Alderaani throne. Your brother is a very important man, but titles and stations aside, I truly believe his wisdom is essential to long-term galactic peace.

    As a rule I don?t trust politicians, but you helped me see Bail as more than another Senator with an agenda. Through your eyes I learned he is also a brilliant student, a master tactician, a loving brother, a beloved son, the solemn heir of a peaceful world, and finally, a trusted and faithful friend. As a Jedi, I don?t have many friends outside the order. I now count you and Bail among that small, but cherished, number. I can?t tell you how much I value the gift you have given me.

    Likewise, Kira thought. Obi-Wan wasn?t the only one who felt gifted. He?d given her a piece of an impossible dream, a glimpse into the future she knew she couldn?t have. Now, at least she had touched that goal. At least she knew what it was to love someone. She would be forever grateful to the man who had denied all he believed in to make it possible.

    I?ve never known anyone like you, Kira Organa. Holding you in my arms was like trying t
  16. Happy_Hobbit_Padawan

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    Feb 3, 2003
    Shaindl, Jacen200015, Knight-Ander: Thanks! :D

    Shaindl: Yours is brilliant! Your wings make my heart drive soar. [face_laugh]

    Now I have to read all the rest of these! :)
  17. Knight_Dilettante

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    Jul 24, 2002
    Title: Obi-Wan: A Friar of Verona?
    Author: Knight_Dilettante
    Rating: G
    Summary: Obi-Wan finds himself in the role of go-between and delivering letters that begin to worry him.
    Word Count: 1999
    Author's Notes: I wanted a light-hearted thing because all my other current work is in shades of dark. I'm thinking now that this one might need to be tied down to stop it floating off in the slightest breeze. I'm reasonably confident of my rating assignment. Let me know if I am wrong. I do have to say I found it very difficult to get down to under 2000 words on this and may have to post the longer version (I will resist heroically the temptation to say 'longer, funnier version' ? whoopsie not heroically enough) someday. This has not been beta-ed due to my disfunctional relationship with deadlines. Well, and also to my beta having a life. (Lucky girl.) Coincidentally, I find that this fic has aswered for me the burning question of why of all the wizardly types in recent film Qui-Gon's beard was the shortest by far.

    "Padawan Kenobi!!"

    Obi-Wan nearly fell over to hear Madame Nu call his name so loudly in the archives.

    "Yes, Madame?" he said quietly. She looked odd too. Sort of flushed. Maybe she was coming down with something and her ears were blocked.

    "Please take this to your Master." she said, handing him a large envelope. "Don't show it to anyone else. Just give it to Master Jinn. And go straight to him please."

    Grownups said the oddest things. It was time for dinner. Where else would he go but straight home? "Yes, Madame Nu." was all he said.


    Entering their quarters, Obi-Wan was surprised to find them empty. He knocked on the door to Master Jinn's room, worried that he would have to hunt all over the temple. But the door opened to his knock. His Master looked a bit funny too. Was there something going around? Was he going to catch it next?

    "Madame Nu asked me to give you this" he said holding up the envelope. He was taken aback when his master practically grabbed it from his hand and shut himself back in his room. After a moment when his master hadn?t reappeared he knocked again.

    There was no answer.

    He knocked harder. Provoking a response. "Not now, Obi-Wan." His master said. The door stayed closed.

    But it's dinner time! Obi-Wan wasn't sure what to do. The commons served for two hours but the good stuff would be gone early. He started his homework.

    After an hour of silence he tried again. Knocking loudly, he called out "Master, they stop serving soon."

    "What? Oh. Just a minute." Master Qui-Gon sounded distracted. Obi-Wan started to worry that the letter from Madame Nu had been complaining about Obi-Wan. He couldn?t think why though.

    Master Jinn's door opening startled him out of his worries. His master was tucking the envelope from Madame Nu inside his tunic and looked like he was thinking hard. "Lets be quick about dinner tonight Obi Wan I want to get back soon."

    "Yes, Master." Obi-Wan was confused but getting to dinner quickly sounded like a good idea.

    They walked the entire way in near silence. His Master was thinking about something pleasant. His face kept breaking out in smiles. Obi-Wan had no idea what had put his Master in such a good mood but every conversational gambit he tried was replied to with vague monosyllables so he gave up for the last half of the walk.

    Master Jinn ate as though there were a prize for the person to finish their meal first. Obi-Wan stared in shock at first, and then decided he'd better hurry too.

    When Qui-Gon had finished but saw that his padawan still had several bites left to eat, he pulled the envelope out of his tunic and removed a sheet of paper from it. Real paper was unusual in the modern age of data pads but other than noting that it was expensive and old-fashioned Obi-Wan didn?t pay much attention to it.

    However, when his master started muttering about luminous brown eyes, Obi-Wan nearly choked on his last bite of nerf.

    "Lovely or Luminou
  18. Happy_Hobbit_Padawan

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    Feb 3, 2003
    Knight_Dilettante: [face_laugh] That was great!
  19. obaona

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    Jun 18, 2002
    I love the entries. ;) People are quite inventive. :p I hope y'all like mine. :D

    [edit] Taking off because it needs work. ;)
  20. Bellyup

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    Jun 29, 2002



    Nothing else like this will ever be written! You ought to be proud of the cleverness and originality displayed in this brilliant piece! Excellent!

    Happy Hobbit Padawan:

    *nearly bursts laughing* [face_laugh] [face_laugh]

    My sweet Yodsie,
    My lovely Yaddlekins,
    My itty bitty green troll,
    My silly Yaddsly Waddsly
    My ever-green munchkin
    My ever-lovely pipsqueak
    My adorable emerald elfling
    My little Yaddling,

    How you thought up all those greetings is beyond me!! :eek:

    Altogether different, love is. Remember you must, that a set a guidelines the Code is. A strict set of rules, it is not.

    Oohh...that little.. :eek: He's watched Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times!

    He found her waggling one ear lasciviously at him.


    What can I say? Genius! :D

    :eek: Can it be?? Oba has written a Tahl/Qui-Gon vignette! Whoopee!! [face_love]

    :confused: Ehm...I'm not too sure what to make of this one. It didn't seem very Qui-Gon-ish... It was funny and the last line was hilarious, but...I like Smoke a lot better. :p

    *goes to re-re-re-re-read Smoke*
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    This is a plot bunny that wouldn't die. I surrendered myself to it and took my time writing it so I could do it justice. As you can see, I managed to finish on time, so let's get down to business.

    Before we do, I'd like to dedicate this to my beta, Obi_Wans_love_child. He kept on egging me on, even though I had so much to do this week and couldn't find the right words. He helped me find them in a few instances, so if something really moves you, it's probably from him. ;) Anyhoo, this one's for you, buddy. :)

    Presenting: Dearest Ulic
    Rating: G (Imagine that!)
    Characters: Vima Sunrider, Nomi Sunrider, Ulic Qel-Droma

    Many seasons of dust had collected on the trunk in her mother?s old room before Vima Sunrider could bring herself to lift the lid and sift through its contents. As a curtain of disturbed particles showered down around her, the elderly Jedi master got her first glimpse of the affects Nomi Sunrider saw fit to stow away for so many years. She crinkled her nose at the stale, spicy smell that had been trapped inside before diving down into layers of nostalgia.

    The items at the surface were ones she?d seen recently and were probably put there shortly after her mother?s passing. Nomi?s body had faded upon death, leaving behind the empty robes and lightsaber that Vima now held in her weathered hands. A small part of her rippled with sadness from the memory, but Nomi had led a long and rich life, surrounded by loving family until she drew her last breath. Vima knew, though, that something important had been missing from her mother?s life for many of those years.

    After lovingly placing those items aside, Vima continued her exploration through trinkets, old holos from her childhood and pieces of aged flimsy bound together with tattered ribbon. The writing on the flimsy was her mother?s own hand script, with some pieces looking more recent than others. As she brushed her fingertips against the aged package, a feeling that she could not place sprouted in the depths of her consciousness. The odd lingering feeling slowly built upon itself as she fumbled with the ribbon?s knot, and Vima began to recognize it as conflict. Perhaps, though she thought it absurd, this package both fancied and abhorred the idea of being opened.

    With the ribbon thrown to the top of the pile by her side, Vima felt a haunting crescendo of unmistakable sadness as she opened the once-folded stack of flimsy and began to read.

    [i]Dearest Ulic,

    It has been almost a month since you set off for the Empress Teta system, and my heart is filled with dread since I have not heard from you, my love. I can?t help but feel that allowing you to leave on this mission was a mistake, although I doubt any pleas from me would have swayed you in your quest. The dark side is sneaky and deceptive. I have doubts that it would allow anyone to learn of its depths without consuming them whole. I worry that this has already happened to you, despite your noble intentions. While I will not send this, as I?m certain it would fall on deaf ears, I am coming for you, Ulic.

    Forever Yours,

    Vima?s fingers shook from the palpable sadness that seemed embedded in this piece of flimsy, only to be bombarded by raw despair as she moved along to the next letter in the pile. It was unlike anything she?d ever felt from her mother, although she was fairly certain that her mother would have protected her from them when she was young. Now, as she read the second letter, her mother?s true feelings were finally revealed.

    [i]Dearest Ulic,

    I know this will never reach you, for I have no knowledge of where I should send it. I just wanted to say that I?m sorry. Not for what I did, since I know deep down that it needed to be done, but for the way I did it. When I blinded you to the force>
  22. Jemmiah

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    Mar 5, 2000
    Title: Pretty in Pink
    Author: Jemmiah
    Rating: G
    Summary: Obi-Wan's secret letter leaves Qui-Gon seeing red.
    Word Count: 1,092
    Author's Note: Fits in to the Jemmiah Chronicles series roughly after The Cruellest Cut of All


    Dear Jemmy,

    I just wanted to send you these flowers. I saw how beautiful they were and thought that you were the only person who could possibly deserve them.

    Love Obi-Wan

    It had been a simple note but it had stated what he felt, and to be truthful he wasn't particularly good at thinking up romantic things to say. Jedi training usually didn't allow for that sort of thing. Certainly he could turn on the charm if it was necessary but bowing and flattering for the sake of it was abhorrent to him. What a pity, with all those simpering, scraping politicians around that it was so absolutely necessary!
    With Jemmy it was different. Simple words were all she required.

    He'd been rewarded for his efforts by the appearance of a thrice-folded flimsy sheet, tucked into the top of his kit bag and left outside the training halls alongside that of his master. After two hours of hard, unrelenting exercises and sabre drills Obi-Wan was looking forward to being able to change into something crisp and clean, and as his spare tunic hadn't yet returned from the cleaners he'd asked Jemmy to pick it up for him. Dutifully she had done so; leaving him inside the changing room to ponder the mystery letter as he'd got showered and dried off.

    Obi-Wan held the letter in his hand for a moment, pausing long enough to smell the faintest scent of 'Paradisia', a rather subtle and delicate Corellian fragrance used rarely by Jemmy on account that it was so hideously expensive. He couldn't help but raise a self-questioning eyebrow: it looked as if he was certainly onto a good thing as far as the evening went! Even the letter had been written on a softly tinted shade of pink flimsyplast. It certainly seemed as if Jemmy had put in a substantial effort to get things just right: obviously those flowers of his had done the trick.

    "They were certainly big enough." Obi-Wan muttered beneath his breath, fanning the air with his letter so that the perfume drifted away from him. He didn't want his master catching him smelling of ladies scent, especially as the man didn't yet know that his money had gone towards paying for Jemmy's flowers. "But worth it, if this is anything to go by."

    The padawan set down on the bench, single handedly rubbing his neck dry with a towel. Qui-Gon would be dressed and ready by now, probably wondering what was taking him so long. Perhaps it would be best not to read the letter now? His hand strayed down towards the bag in which has spare tunic was stored?

    But Obi-Wan couldn't resist the temptation to read.

    Sliding his finger gently underneath the folded flimsy, the apprentice opened up the letter, allowing his eyed to slowly wander across the neat, right sloping scrawl written in Jemmiah's hand. Why did his heart soar on seeing those first two words?

    Dearest Ben.

    "A good start!" Obi-Wan smiled, holding the letter further away so that he could read it better. "Usually I don't merit more than a "Hey there!" Things are indeed looking up!"

    The letter continued -

    I had to write to tell you how much I loved the flowers. It was a thoughtful, beautiful, marvellous gift: and so very romantic! You have made this day very special for me and I wanted to let you know that you are incredibly sweet. Please don't worry that Jodi's bunch was a little larger than yours was, or that Jay's was more expensive?

    "What!" Exclaimed Obi-Wan, staring at the flimsy in dismay. Jodi Mullicar and Jay Abran had sent her flowers? Surely they wouldn't do so! He thought long and hard about it, mulling it over in his mind before concluding that it was simply Jemmy's idea of a wind-up. "No, this is merely a joke. Her idea of teasing me! Well, it won't work!"

    Thus satisfied, Obi-Wan continued to peruse the letter.

    I love yours the best because they were by far the prettiest colour. I do thin
  23. Healer_Leona

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    Oct 8, 2001
    I read through all of these and LOL! [face_laugh] They're all very funny and cute, especially Shaindl's droid love one [face_laugh], HHP's Yoda/Yaddle one [face_love], oba's risqué Qui-Gon/Tahl exchange [face_mischief] and Jemmiah's little prank on Obi and Qui! :D I also really liked K-D's surprise ending with Madame Nu. ;)

    Great job, everyone! This wasn't an easy challenge! :p

    Jae Angel
  25. JadeSolo

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    Uh, yeah, so...I wrote this in about 15 minutes. I'm sorry if it's strange :p

    Title: How do I love thee?
    Summary: A short little love poem/letter
    Characters: Garen Muln and his lady love
    Timeframe: Before TPM
    Rating: PG
    Genre: Fluffy nonsense humor

    Ah, my beloved!

    How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

    The way you move, so graceful and agile.

    Your body, so sleek and smooth.

    I feel in you my heart, in my soul. I feel you rumbling through me, spurring my limbs to action.

    The way my body fits so well against yours, as though we are two halves of a whole.

    Beneath my hands, you tremble ever so slightly, and it takes everything in my power to stop myself from grasping you with my arms when others are nearby.

    We shall suffer through many battles and many losses, but oh, my love, we will suffer together, and so there will be no suffering.

    You think I am a child who knows nothing of love, but I know your quirks and habits. I know every bit of you, inside and out. I know what drives you on, and I know what makes your heart soar among the stars.

    When will we know peace? When will duty not call us apart? I long for the day when you and I know nothing but the presence of each other.

    Til then, if you place your controls in my hands, in your cockpit I shall place my life. For without you, my beloved starfighter, there is nothing.

    Your pilot to the heavens,
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