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Beyond - Legends Lover and Beloved (OCs, Bail/Breha, Winter/Tycho, AU MMM)

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    Feb 25, 2010
    Title: Lover and Beloved
    Author: Briannakin
    Timeframe: 8ABY
    Characters: OCs (Pan/Teilo), and Established Characters (Bail/Breha, Winter/Tycho).
    Categorization: AU (legends)
    Genre: Romance
    Notes: I had an itch to write some SW, so I decided to try my hand at some MMM (see spoiler tag). I had no idea where this was going, kinda turned out weird because I had no plot in mind and the parts didn’t really work out into nice, even “chapters”. But I love the ending and I had so much fun with the characters so I might turn this into a short stories series surrounding my OCs (okay, I totally am).

    This is a continuation of my 2018 diary ‘Just Pan’ (it's not that long; I was so disappointed that my muse fizzled and died on). Not much about that AU/this OC is needed to know to understand this fic - I explain both the AU and the OC in the fic But in a nutshell, it’s your basic “Anakin never went Sith” AU and Pan (main OC) is the overdramatic son of Former Chief of State of the New Republic Bail Organa and Queen Breha.

    It's been a long year; your characters deserve to have some fun, so why not send them on vacation? This can be anything you like: a family road trip, a romantic getaway, a camping trip with the buddies... Does it go horribly wrong? Wonderfully right? A little bit of both?

    I decided to write this in first person present tense, and then I realized I hated it, so I changed it to past tense. So there might be some odd tenses if I missed anything/decided I didn’t want to change it - I left some in present tense to indicate Pan is telling this from the future but some stuff hasn’t changed. Basically, it’s a weird experiment in POV.

    Part 1

    The third scariest day of my life was the day I came out as gay. I was 14 and just a bag of hormones held together by pure social anxiety. I mean, my parents are both loving, caring people, but being the Prince of Alderaan - a matriarchal monarchy - it was a bit of a shock to the culture. My sister, Winter, (thankfully) is the heir to the throne, but the only way women can climb the Alderaani social ladder is to marry princes… and (other than my dad) I’m the only one. So I disappointed many women and young girls that day.

    The second scariest day was the day I crashed a star-fighter into an asteroid and almost died. It was a year prior to the events of this story and I was 25. A year prior to the accident I had joined the Galactic Navy after a bad break-up (never date a Jedi, especially when that Jedi is the son of Grand Master Anakin Skywalker. It took me an embarrassing long time to get over Luke). I almost died and permanently kriffed my body to the outer rim: I broke some major bones, severed my spinal cord at my mid-chest, and gave myself some pretty nasty brain damage. Medical tech did a lot for me, but my brain still hasn’t totally healed and my body rejected the spinal implant, so now I’m the gay, disabled, Prince of Alderaan. And that’s my life summed up.

    Except for Teilo. My boyfriend. At the point of the scariest day of my life (not really, but being overdramatic is kinda my thing), we had been together for about four months, but I was just smitten, even then. It was our first Lovers and Beloved weekend.

    I remember waking and Teilo was asleep next to me. His mouth was hanging open as he softly snored, and his fluffy auburn hair was all over the white pillow. What he saw in me, I don’t know, but I was completely in love, even back then.

    That day, Teilo and I were going on holiday. We were spending Lovers’ and Beloved weekend at the royal family’s cabin up in the Juran mountains. It’s a beautiful, relaxing place, secluded from the business of life by trees, snow, and frost. Being the son of Queen Breha and Prince Bail does have its advantages. When I was growing up, the cabin was a favourite retreat of my parents when they wanted to take us away from the public eye.

    So, when Teilo suggested we go on a short, romantic get away, I suggested we go up to the cabin.

    But then I remember thinking maybe it wasn’t the best idea. The cabin wasn’t hoverchair accessible. I had forgot about that part. When I realized this a week before the trip, Teilo just shrugged and told me we’d figure it out; that he would carry me around if needed. That’s what makes him so great. Not only is he kind, compassionate, and selfless, he’s also willing to try; he’s never let inaccessibility (or my fear of it) stop him and I from doing something.

    I reached down to smooth his hair. My spinal cord injury allows me to move my arms and wrist, but I don’t have fine motor control in my fingers, so my hands are in loose fists. So I can’t run my fingers through his cute curls like I want to. My injury is categorized as “incomplete” so I do have some feeling below my injury level, which is both good and bad. It’s nice for my love life, but even after a year at that point, I was still dealing with chronic pain from my injuries (and still am). I can mostly feel pain, pressure… and rather pleasurable areas. I can’t feel more gentler touches or temperature.

    Teilo was on his stomach, facing me. His skin was pale and his plump lips were slightly hanging open. I places my hand in the centre of his back to gently rub. I just like showing him physical affection when I can, because he shows so much to me.

    He slowly woke with a groggy smile. It wasn’t my intention, but the alarm was going to go off any minute and I figured I would wake him much more peacefully. “Good morning, handsome,” he said, rising from his single pillow and joining me on my piles of automatic positioning pillows. He settled on my chest. “Did you sleep alright? You aren’t in much pain this morning are you?”

    “No,” I say as kissed my jaw. My cheeks were kinda stubbly - I needed a shave that morning. “You sleep alright?”

    He nodded. “I always sleep well when I’m here with you.” He sat up and began to rub my shoulders, slipping his hands between my body and pillows. He rubs my neck. “Can I check your body for pressure sores?” he asks. Everyday I have to check my skin for pressure sores. I have a care-droid, but I prefer Teilo’s touch.

    “I can get —.”

    Don’t say it’s name!” Teilo grumbled

    Teilo hated my first care-droid, B6-LTZ, which turned on and responded when I said Beesix.

    “And we aren’t taking it along to the cabin.”

    I rolled my eyes. “This argument again?” I sighed. “This is a get-away, this is a vacation, for you too! Taking care of my butt isn’t a holiday.”

    “Pan,” he breathed my name, exasperated. “Caring for you isn’t work. Dealing with that judgemental droid is. It doesn’t like that I’m with you.”

    I laughed. “Teil! Droids can’t be homophobic!”

    “I think it is. I think it might kill me if I’m alone in the mountains with you. It’s not coming with us this evening. I just want a weekend with you and no one else.”

    I sat up as much as I could, pressing his forehead to his. “I don’t want to exhaust you.”

    “Ohhh, Prince Panimaxander.” His voice was husky as he breathed my full first name. I hate it, except when he says it in that sexy tone of his. “I think you will discover that it will be I exhausting you.”

    My breaths came in pants as he began kissing my neck, up to my ear.

    Then the alarm went off and we both groaned with disappointment at the interruption of the upcoming day. He had to go work - he’s a negotiator. But no, not like a Jedi or nerdy hero in hostage negotiation. Nope. He mostly deals with labour disputes between companies and unions. He also sometimes does international trade negotiations but he doesn’t like those because they usually involve a lot of research and paperwork.

    I too had some stuff to get through before we can make our escape. I was back in school, part-time at the University of Alderaa, getting my degree in Advanced Celestial Navigation. At the time I had already decided I wanted to help compute hyperspace lanes for some of the more outer rim planets - make navigation to and from quicker and more efficient. And then I had physical therapy after class. Fuuuun (that was sarcasm).

    “Beesix,” I called.

    Teilo scowled as the silver, sleek, yet large droid powered up.

    “Yes, your highness.” The droid came over and his photoreceptors picked up on Teilo straddling me. “I see Mister Teilo Kunsa stayed the night… again.”

    Okay, maybe Beesix was a bit condescending.

    * * *

    I returned to my suite in Alderaa Palace in the late afternoon completely exhausted. I was still in my hoverchair, directing Beesix to pack for me. I needed to pack so much stuff, it made the idea of this trip simply daunting. I needed a bag for my clothes - and back up clothes if I had a refresher accident - and toiletries, but I also needed my pain medications, positioning pillows, personal repulsor pack, and other medical supplies. The whole list became so overwhelming. I used to be able to throw everything I needed for a month into a shoulder bag.

    “Your highness?” Beesix asked, folding my pyjamas. “Will you require my services on this trip?”

    I hesitated. I wanted Beesix because he was able to lift me, transfer me from my hoverchair to a bed or couch, dress and bathe me, and preform basic medical tasks. And this was my first night not in a medcenter or in my suite here in the palace. But Teilo had said he wanted just the two of us to have an intimate weekend, and I wanted that too. “No,” I replied. “You can power down after I leave.”

    It was then that I heard my suite door whoor open. I glided my hand over the control of my hoverchair and turned to see my boyfriend in his nice work pants, grey sweater, and black overcoat. He had a bag thrown over his shoulder and a smile on his face. I could only assume all the things he needs for the weekend were in the small bag he had already packed. He was used to packing by that point. Teilo and I had discussed it before, but he always shot me down; I wanted to move in together, but his place isn’t big enough for my needs and it was a bit awkward for him to live with me since I technically still lived with my parents in the palace. It just another complicating factor of our relationship.

    He leaned down and kissed me on my lips. “Hey there handsome. How was your day?”

    “Tiring,” I sighed. “Physical therapy was gruelling today. I’m also starving.”

    Teilo laughed. “I’m hungry too. I say we hit a speed-through and grab something on the way into the mountains. You ready to go?”

    I nodded, hoping I had everything - it’d be a 3 hour drive back. “How was your day?” I asked.

    He shrugged as he placed his small bag and my smaller bag on my lap. “Fairly dull. I had a three hour meeting and I wanted to drive your head through a wall.” He picked up my larger bag, turned on the repulsor, and pulled it behind him.

    “Well, dull by your standards must mean it was pretty boring.”

    He rolled his eyes. “But I’m looking forward to an entire weekend with you.”

    * * *

    We grabbed some meat sliders for dinner and Teilo drove us up into the mountains in his speeder. We ate and talked. I had to stay awake to direct him and tell him the codes for him to enter for the security gates. It was a peaceful ride and so beautiful. I love looking at snow-covered trees and it is simply so quiet up here.

    Teilo finally parked speeder in the garage and I was struggling to remain conscious. The pain I was in from the long ride was the only thing keeping me awake. Thankfully, I sent an royal aid up here earlier in the day with food (and alcohol) to stock up the kitchen and to turn on the heat and water. Teilo leaned over to kiss me. “Let’s get you inside and stretched out on a couch or bed.”

    “No,” I said, forcefully, and he jumped back. I was clearly over-tired and my emotions were spilling out. And looking up at the set of stairs - stairs which I couldn’t go up in my hoverchair as they were not wide enough for the repulsors to float against with me in the chair - just broke me. I began sobbing. “I didn’t want to come up here without Beesix. I don’t want to lay on the couch while you’re unpacking. I don’t want to be a burden.” I laid my head in my hands.

    “Do you want me to turn around and drive us back? Because I’ll be honest, that is on top of the list of ‘things I don’t want to do’. Not on the list of ‘things I don’t want to do’ is carry you into this beautiful cabin and cuddle with you.” He sighed. “If you really want to leave, we can, but I would at least like to spend the night here. You can let me know how you feel in the morning.”

    Honest negotiating is what I love about Teilo.

    “Okay,” I agreed. I reach over and put my hand on his. “Sorry for having a Wookiee moment on you.”

    He grinned. “I’m pretty sure it was more like a whiny pitten moment. But I still love you.”

    I gasped but smiled back. I reached back behind the seat to turn on my repulsor pack that laid on the floor so I could easily grab it. He let me do it by myself. I got my arms through the straps.

    My repulsor pack is similar to a jetpack without the toxic fumes, but it isn’t exactly comfortable, nor does the power pack last very long, but it lifts me from a couch or bed and into my hoverchair, or it can get me up stairs if someone lifts my legs. I hold the control stick in the palm of my hand and control it with my other palm.

    Teilo got out, opened my door, and scooped up my knees. We worked together to get me out of the speeder and up the set of stairs. He palmed opens the door.

    “We just have to get down this hallway, then it opens up into the lounge and the kitchen,” I told him… and then my repulsor pack died, causing me to (slowly) fall on my butt.

    Teilo just laughed. He does that when things go wrong. He’s not laughing at me; he’s trying to put me at ease. “I got you, Pan. I’m going to pick you up.”

    I nodded. He bent his knees and picked me up, bridal style. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and kissed his jaw.

    “You’re going to love it here,” I told him. The cabin was quite homely - it still is - with dark wood walls and light furnishings. My mom decorated the place with candles and quilts always within grabbing distance. The main floor has a generally open floorpan with a huge fireplace, one refresher and bedchamber. The lounge goes off into a large outdoor veranda without a hot fizz-tub. Down in the cellar there are more bed chambers, storage, and a steam room. The main bedchamber suites are upstairs and there’s a loft. There’s loads of things to do, both inside and out in the fresh air. While I could no longer do some of the more intense snow sports, we could still go for walks and go sledding!

    As we entered the main living space, we were greeted by the most horrifying image ever: my parents kissing on one of the couches, wrapped in a quilt, sitting in front of a roaring fire.
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    Part II

    “Ew!” I exclaimed. “You two are gross! I thought you two were taking Whispering Winds and leaving the planet for the weekend.” I might have still lived with them, but my parents and I didn’t share intimate details of our plans. I had thought they were taking their luxury star yacht and going somewhere.

    People say I look a lot like my dad and I can’t help but wonder if I have the same shocked face. His once black hair and beard was almost all grey. My mom just looked annoyed as she glared at me. She looked so casual - not the Queen of Alderaan; she had on a simple blue dress, and her greying black hair was down, covering her shoulders. “We took the yacht, but we were just coming up here,” she explained. Her features softened. “Hello, Teilo. Feel free to put your boyfriend down.”

    Teilo looked so embarrassed. He gently placed me on one of the beige couches, making sure my head was pillowed by one of the cushions, then turned to bow to my parents. “Your Majesty; your Royal Highness.”

    I rolled my eyes, but my mom just smiled. “Please, Teilo, I’ve told you before, if it’s just us, call us Breha and Bail.”

    “I’ll try, Ma’am.”

    “Are you guys going to kick us out to the snow?” I asked. “Because I’m sorry if I didn’t think I had to reserve the family cabin.”

    My dad looked at my mom and just shrugged. “We don’t mind sharing the cabin if you guys don’t mind sharing. It’s big enough and we’ll try to give you two some private time.”

    I reach up and nudged Teilo’s hand. “I don’t mind if you don’t mind, though you can say no.”

    He smiled down at me. “I don’t mind at all. This place is absolutely beautiful. I’m going to go unpack the speeder. Where’s our room?” He looked around and he gasped when he gazed out the huge window onto snowy woods.

    “Through those double doors.” I pointed behind me. “Do you mind getting the bag with my meds first?” I asked quietly. I didn’t want to alarm him or my parents, but I was in a fair amount of pain and I just wanted to cut it off before it got worse.

    “We can get the droids to unpack for you,” my dad offered.

    Teilo hesitated. Teilo simply wasn’t used to having droids do things for him. Teilo is from a poor family; he was born on Datooine and only escaped from poverty because he joined the Galactic Navy at 16, so he could eventually afford (with help of scholarships) to attend university here on Alderaan. Teilo is 5 years older than me. He finally found the words. “Thank you. I just want to get Pan’s hypospray.”

    My mom gave me a smile as Teilo hurried off. “You two are adorable.”

    “Moooom,” I groaned. I sighed. “We really aren’t interrupting some grand romantic plan you guys have, are we?”

    “No,” my mom assured me. “Actually.” She turned and looked at my dad. “I’m kinda glad you two are here. Your dad and I were just complaining about how little we see of you now that you have a boyfriend and are back in school.” Dad nodded in agreement.

    I rolled my eyes. “You two spent months at my bedside last year.” After my crash, my parents remained at my side for weeks, particularly my dad. Not that I’m complaining; most days I was grateful for the love, support, and company.

    “We know,” Dad said. “But we still miss you. Your mom and I miss our games of menet.” He got up and helped me take my warm, black, overcoat off.

    I tried to help him with the process as much as I can, trying not to wince in pain. “Well, we will have to play one evening.”

    Dad still noticed my tight breathing. He positioned all the pillows he could reach and put them under my head and back. “I’d really enjoy that.” He moved to the other end of the couch to take my boots off. “It might not be the weekend we planned, but I think it’s going to be better than my expectations.” He looked up at Teilo as he passed by, pushing my hoverchair with both my and his bags piled in the seat. One of my parents’ protocol droids, C5-K3, bustled behind him, pulling my second bag.

    I just shook my head. I get that I’m a spoiled brat - I was one even before becoming disabled - but my boyfriend just has other issues. But I love how humble he is.

    He eventually emerged, coat and boots off, can of hypospray in his hand. “That room is beautiful,” he told my parents. “And I particularly like your additions,” he murmurs into my ear and I grin. I had told the aid who came up here earlier to set candles around that bedroom and put a bottle of wine and two glasses on the bed. I know I can’t do romantic things like that myself, but I still wanted Teilo to experience kind acts like that. I was kinda hoping that when we got here that Teilo would place me on the bed and we could kiss and make out. But my pain, and my parents, were interrupting that image I had.

    “Only give me a half-dose,” I told him as he fiddles with the dial. “I think I want to have a glass of wine.”

    Teilo grined at me. “A half-dose isn’t going to prevent you from becoming completely dopey once you mix it with alcohol.” He knelt next to me and pressed the canister to my neck, pulled the trigger, I almost instantly felt the numbing waves of relief. My erratic breathing calmed.

    “Just the way you like me.”

    Teilo gently rubbed my chest with an open palm as the medication took effect.

    “Teilo?” my dad asked as he gets up. “Would you like a glass of wine too?”

    “Oh,” he exclaimed. “I can get it.”

    “Nonsense. Cuddle with your boyfriend.”

    I nudged Teilo’s arm. “He’s my dad and the Prince Consort; you gotta listen to him and cuddle with me.”

    He chuckled, helped me sit up, sat under me, and settled me and the pillows back down in his lap. I love cuddling with him like this.

    “Here you guys go.” My dad handed myself and Teilo glasses of wine. I had to hold mine with both palms.

    “Thank you,” Teilo said before taking a sip. “Did you and…” he hesitated. “Breha.” I made sure he saw my smug smile. He was getting more comfortable around my parents. “Have any special plans this weekend?”

    I clarified. “What he means is, do you guys want us to get lost at a specified time?”

    Laughing and shaking her head, my mom replied, “No, we are fairly boring in our old age. We though we might go for a walk tomorrow, and then your dad is going to make us a nice dinner. You guys might just have to entertain us.”

    Then, we heard the door open, then shut again. We turned to see my older sister, Winter, enter with her husband, Tycho. My sister was adopted before my parents had me. Her hair is long and pure white, and on that day she had it up in an elaborate braid. She had on a delicate blue and grey dress. Tycho, in his high collar leather jacket, was toting the suitcases.

    “What is this?” she asked. “Family reunion I wasn’t invited to.”

    “No,” our mom said. “We all just had the same plans.”

    I snorted. “And we all suck at telling each other.”

    While my mom and Winter discussed where she and Tycho would sleep, I was becoming too tired to make any sort of “loud sex” joke (she and Tycho could either sleep in the loft and have our parents hear them have sex, or sleep in the basement and hear Teilo and I). But it was still early. Normally Teilo doesn’t mind it when I fall asleep before him - he’s had to put me to bed before, but I didn’t want to leave him alone with my parents - this weekend is going to be awkward enough for him, he doesn’t need me conking out on him.

    Thankfully, he saved us both. He rubbed my cheek with his knuckles. “Wanna go cuddle in our room? We can watch a holo or something?” Translation: you can sleep while I keep myself occupied with my datapad.

    I smiled and nodded. I announced our retirement for the evening and he picked me up.

    Our room was absolutely beautiful - a crisp, clean bed in the middle of the room under a picturesque window overlooking the frosted landscape and starry night sky. We also had a fireplace that looked into the huge refresher with a large whirl-bath. Teilo had put out suitcases on a sofa and my pillows on my side. He put me on the bed.

    “And this is when you regret not letting me bring Beesix. We’re not going to be alone this weekend anyways.”

    Teilo began unfastening my shirt, kissing the exposed skin as he did. “No, can’t say I regret not bringing him at all.”
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    I'm enjoying this! :) When you first mentioned your new SW OC OTP, I had a guess that Prince Pan would be part of it, and I'm pleased to see I guessed right; it's great to see him back. I always love your approach to the Organa family, and of course you are an absolute ace with the snark and repartee from both sides of the relationship. I can see where that pesky-but-necessary Beesix would be a bone of contention between Pan and Teilo, and I kind of don't blame Teilo for feeling the way he does about "it," especially with Beesix making that kind of remark about "staying the night again"! :eek:

    And whoo boy, what a nice awkward little contretemps with ALL TEH FAMILY MEMBERS showing up at the cabin for their romantic getaways at the same time! :eek: Though it's wonderful to see everyone having such a sense of humor about it—Breha and Bail are totally chill about it, just one of those things that happens, and it's sweet to see them so welcoming to both their kids' mates, even though I can tell Teilo is still just a little bit starstruck (if that would be the right word) by the fact that his boyfriend's folks are the QUEEN and CROWN PRINCE!1! Still, I think this weekend is going to be different from what any of the three couples imagined, and in a totally good way. :) Thanks so much for sharing, and looking forward to more! =D=
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    I’m liking this a lot! Pan is a really interesting character. I like that he’s a pilot who survived a devastating crash that changed his life. We don’t see that much in the movies - any movies for that matter. The heroes either die in a burst of flames or they walk away completely unscathed. Pan is adapting to his new life and making it work.

    Teilo is a sweetheart. He is straightforward without being brusque. He doesn’t give Pan any pity, which gives Pan dignity. They are equals, after all; not a caregiver and a patient.

    And then- a romantic getaway with your lover in an isolated mountain cabin, with nothing but the snow and the scenery —-
    —- and mom and dad making out in the living room couch. [face_hypnotized]:eek::_|
    Can’t think of anything more awkward.
    Oh wait, it could get more awkward— said mom and dad could be, you know, your Queen and the Prince Consort. [face_laugh]
    Hey, we could make it even MORE awkward - let’s throw in a surprise visit from your sister and brother in law!
    This is going to be an interesting vacation!
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    Thanks. I was so disappointed when my muse for the diary died because I love writing Pan and Pan/Teilo was the 'end game' I had in mind for that (plus I do really enjoy writing the Organas). Beesix was just a random addition but I think he'll probably show up again. My muse sucks at being decisive so I'm really excited about doing a vignette with these guys.
    Yeah, not sure who's really doing the party crashing here, but at least they all can laugh about it. And poor Teilo, yeah, starstruck along with a heavy dose of awkwardness; not only are they his boyfriend's parents but they also rule the planet. Thanks for reading. This isn't what I quite tended to write when I started this idea, but I love it.

    Thank you! Yes, I could go on a rant about the whole 'action hero either dying in a blaze of glory or walking away unscathed (both mentally and physically)'. And, yeah, while the EU is particularly bad with this, it isn't just Star Wars. So this is my response to that. Maybe one day I will transition this into original fiction, but for now, I'm just having fun with Pan.

    He is so sweet and he's coming to me so naturally.
    It is so awkward and I love it! Poor Pan has the worst luck!
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    Part III

    * * *

    Despite having to share the cabin, Teilo and I had such a romantic Lovers and Beloved day. When we woke in the morning, we had some fun. Afterwards, he left me to recover while he got breakfast for us.

    I was still on my back, breathing heavily, when he retuned in his white bed robe. He carried a tray with pastries, fruit, caff for him and a hot cocoa for me. He placed the tray on the middle of the bed and reached for the controls of my specialized pillow. I was lifted into a comfortable sitting position. I smiled up at him. “I have the best boyfriend ever.” I guide his hand to my mouth and kiss it.

    “No,” he replied, getting back into bed with me. “I have the best boyfriend.” He begins to cut up my pastry so I could eat it easier by myself.

    Everything he does to make my life easier, to give me just a bit more independence, is greatly appreciated. I still needed him to strap my special utensils onto my hands. “No, Teilo. You do so much for me. I never want you to feel unappreciated. I know I can do so little in return.”

    “Would you shut up?” he said. He was earnest, but not angry. “No. I’m not going to tolerate you thinking this is a one sided relationship. That is toxic thinking on your part and isn’t healthy for our love. You do so, so much for me. Okay, so you you can’t make me a cup of caff or give me a deep tissue massage, but you do so much more. You give me somewhere I belong. I never felt I belonged in my family, on Datooine, or in the Navy. You let me be myself, even if we are just sitting in quiet moments. I thought I would never have someone to fall asleep next to, who would take me along on family holidays… even if it was completely unplanned. I might be kinda awkward around your parents still, but I feel so welcome by them. You make me laugh and we have the best conversations while we play games. I mean, I don’t take care of your needs because it gives me something to do, but because I love you.”

    All I could say before I envelop him in a hug was, “I love you too.”

    Later, after breakfast and more cuddling, we decided to go for a walk. He put a blanket over me, even after he helped me bundle up. “I feel like an old man,” I laugh. I can’t feel the cold with most of my body or shiver, so the layers were needed.

    “Well, yeah, but you’re a cute old man,” he said, kissing my cheek.

    Holding mittened hands, we walked along a trail around the property, enjoying the beautiful landscape - the snow and frosted trees - the overcast sky, and talking. Eventually, Teilo shivered. “Okay. I’m getting cold. Let’s go in.”

    “Is it cold?” I asked, mockingly. “I can’t feel it. You want my blanket?”

    “No,” he laughed. “I want you to warm me up in the hot fizz-tub.” He then picked up some snow, packed it into a ball, and threw it at my chest.

    “Hey, that’s no fair!”

    He grinned, “Yeah, that’s why I did it, smartass.”

    I started to chase him.

    When we got back, both my parents as well as Winter and Tycho were missing. I believe my parents had gone on a walk as well and Winter and Tycho were off doing some sort of more intense snow sport. So Teilo and I had the cabin, and the hot fizz-tub all to ourselves.

    Don’t worry, we brought swimwear.

    It was amazing. It was like my water physical therapy, but instead with toasty hot bubbly water and a hot man instead of an annoying physical therapist. I just floated in the whirling water, my head on Teilo’s shoulder. We both had our eyes closed.

    Teilo just hummed. He really enjoyed having the jets on his back and legs. “We gotta get ourselves one of these at the palace.”

    “I completely agree.”

    I then heard someone come up the stairs and onto the veranda. I opened my eyes to see my parents in their warm coats.

    “Bail, it looks like the boys had the same idea as us.”

    My dad snorted. “And now it’s going to be impossible to get them out.”

    “Oh, sorry,” Teilo said. “We will get out if you to want in.”

    It was my turn to snort. “No we won’t.”

    “Fine.” My mom crossed her arms. “We will just join you.”

    “Nope!” I said. “I got enough problems, I don’t need to be blind too.”

    “Teilo,” my dad said as Teilo lifted me up and out of the water. Dad moved to help out. Teilo had lined my hoverchair with towels and my bathrobe so they were able to keep me from the cold. “I’m going to make everyone dinner tonight. Do you have any preferences?”

    “No, sir. But I can cook for Pan and myself,” Teilo said, taking his robe off the back of my hoverchair and putting it on.

    “Nonsense. I love cooking, especially for family.”

    “At least let me help out.”

    My mom and I shared a look. Dad almost never lets anyone help him out in the kitchen (maybe Winter if it’s not anything she can mess up).

    Dad smiled. “Of course.”

    * * *

    Okay, so it wasn’t the Lover’s and Beloved evening I had imagined (and was anxious about), but it was somehow still so intimate. My dad let Teilo and Winter help make dinner while Tycho, Mom and I played several games of menet (while requesting the most random things from the kitchen. I definitely get my needy tendencies from my mom). We ate and laughed as a family. After a delicious dessert and playing a couple more games of menet (we had to team up, so of course I was with Teilo… who’s really bad at the game, so we lost), my mom and dad announced they were going to head back into Alderaa that night.

    “You sure?” Teilo asked. “I’ve had so much fun this evening.”

    I smiled and kissed his cheek. I was propped up next to him on the couch. In just one evening he had gotten so much closer with my family.

    My mom smiled and nodded. “We were going to have to leave early tomorrow morning anyways - Dad has to leave for Coruscant for an appearance tomorrow afternoon.” My dad, as one of the former chancellors of the galactic senate, sometimes has to make appearances for random ceremonies. “It’s just easier if we leave tonight.”

    A few minutes later, Tycho apparently got a message from his work at the planetary peace and security force, saying he needed to come in. The details were rather vague. He and Winter decided to go back that night too. I think it was all just a plan to give Teilo and I a night and morning here by ourselves before we too had to go back to our regular lives.

    I wasn’t questioning or doubting details; my family was giving me a few hours alone with my boyfriend in a beautiful cabin.

    However, it wasn’t as romantic as my family probably thought it was going to be.

    “Teilo?” I asked after seeing everyone else off. I was in my hoverchair. “I think I’m getting a bad stomach,” I said, rubbing my abdomen. I guess it really shouldn’t have come as a surprise: lots of rich food and dinner for dinner, plus normally I spend about about a half hour a day in a standing frame - a device that stands me up - it’s good for my general health including my circulation, bone density, and can help my digestive system.

    “Oh,” he said with a frown. “What do you want me to do? Do you have meds?”

    “Uh, no. I think it might be just gas,” I whisper, getting embarrassed. “I think if you get me on my back and move my legs around it might work itself out.”

    He nodded and ran his fingers through my black hair. “Okay. To the bedroom.”

    Once at the side of the bed, Teilo picked me up and placed me on my side of the bed. Flat on my back, he picked my legs up by my ankles and began working my legs up and down, bending my legs. The bloating feeling began to subside. “Bet your regretting not bringing Beesix now.”

    “No, I do not,” he said, pointedly. “I didn’t mind that we had your family here - I liked getting to know them more in a very relaxed setting. But I am so glad I don’t have that homophobic droid behind me every time I kiss you.” He paused the movement and kissed my inner knee.

    “Well good, because I do love it when you touch me and care for me. Your bedside manner is incomparable.”

    “I would hope so. I hope Beesix doesn’t kiss you whenever he can.” He kissed my other knee and I laughed.

    “I love you and not just because you are so willing to do things like work my legs so I can fart. But you have to understand, I like the independence Beesix gives me. I don’t want to wear you out by making you dress and undress me every day - I don’t want my boyfriend to have to do that. I don’t want it to seem like I don’t want you to do things, but I want you to be my boyfriend, not my care-taker.”

    He nodded. “I understand. But I do like it when it’s just me and you, and I don’t mind doing what you need so we can get times like this.” He sighed. “I promise to get less offended when you ask Beesix for help, if you let me help out more and we can have more weekends like this. We don’t even have to travel, just spend a romantic few days in your suite, just the two of us.”

    I smiled. “Yeah. Okay.” After a few minutes, the bloating turned to cramps. “Teilo? Can you massage my stomach? I promise to reciprocate,” I said with a grin and a wink.

    He nodded, putting my feet down and began rubbing my abdomen.

    It was too late when I realized I didn’t have gas. I was having an unexpected bowel movement.

    “Teilo!” I yelled, urgently. “Refresher! Now!”

    * * *

    At least the whirl-bath in the refresher was big. Teilo washed me up using a sprayer head after my accident and I told him I wanted to sit in the whirl-bath for a bit. He set me up with my form foam floats that help me keep my head above water, then went off to do my laundry.

    I was no stranger to accidents such as this since my accident, and since being with me, Teilo had seen a few. But Beesix had always cleaned me up. Plus it was Lovers and Beloved evening. Of all nights to have an accident in bed. I didn’t feel particularly romantic. Whatever I ate, really messed up my innards (and subsequently, my underwear).

    Teilo came back with a smile. “Everything’s all fresh and I laid out pyjamas for us both.” He began unfastening his collared top. “I’m going to get some bath oil I brought and join you.”

    I looked away from him, letting my arms float in the warm water.

    “Pan? What’s with the silent treatment?” he asked gently, kneeling down. “Have I upset you?”

    I fervently shook my head, but didn’t trust myself to speak or to look at him.

    “Okay.” He sighed. “Can you give me a hint as to what you are feeling? Because I’m really panicking that I did something to hurt you on what’s supposed to be one of the romantic evenings of the Alderaani calendar. I’m sorry we didn’t bring Beesix because I know he can deal with these things better and you prefer him in these situations, but I’m really trying here, Pan. Help me. It’s our first Lover’s and Beloved day. I want to make it wonderful.”

    I roughly splashed my face with water and wiped my eyes with the heel of my hand. “I’m embarrassed!” I still broke down in tears, which just made matters worse. “It’s the most romantic evening and I just… shavitted on you. And now I’m crying! I don’t want to have sex tonight and you deserve so much more.”

    He reached into the water and held my hand. “I have a man who’s biggest concern is my happiness and well-being. I don’t think I deserve him.” He leaned into the bath and put his chin on my shoulder. “But I love him and he loves me… plus he’s really cute and he doesn’t hog the blankets in bed.”

    I rolled my neck so that my head landed on his. “I think you’re really cute too.”

    “You can remain embarrassed if you want to, but I wanna use some of the bath oils I have.”

    I nodded. “Okay.”

    * * *

    My… “accident” is actually not what comes up when Teilo and I remember that Lover’s and Beloved weekend, nor do we reminisce about crashing my parents’ make-out session. Instead, we annoy each other about that last morning. We laugh about it too, then usually kiss. I might have been worried about that weekend, but I was worried and scared for all the wrong reasons.

    I remember waking up that morning thinking I was dying. It was early; still dark. The sun had yet to surpass the horizon. “Teilo? Somethings wrong. I… I’m freezing.” I looked next to me to realize he wasn’t there. Teilo isn’t the type to wake up early if he doesn’t have to (I love him so much). Naturally, I panicked. My first thought was that I got hit with a stomach bug the night before and now he was suffering in the fresher… and I couldn’t help him the way he helped me (it was too early to be awake and my brain wasn’t working). “Teilo?”

    He appeared above me, shivering in his robe. “Sorry. I think the fireplace went out last night.”

    “Well, last night, did you get up and make sure all the gas outlets to the fireplaces not in use got turned off?” I asked.

    “Huh?” His reply told me everything. “No one told me anything about gas outlets.”

    I, of course, tired and cold, just started whining. “You gotta go around and make sure all the other ones are off. This is why we have droids to do all these things for us. And now I think I might die.” I pouted. “I think I’m so cold my body is in shock.”

    “Yeah, I doubt it.” He folded his half of the blankets over me. “But just in case, I’m going to go around and make sure everything is turned off, because I love you enough to suffer this freezing cold floor for you. Unless you are such a fancy-pants spoiled brat that you have a remote to do everything for you in this cabin.”

    “No,” I said defensively. I was tired and getting overemotional (as I tend to do). Teilo annoys me about my privileged life, and most of the time I understand why - he grew up quite poor and bugging me is how he thinks he is making sure all the droids and fancy accommodations don’t go to his head. But my parents have been amazing in giving me what I need to lead a semi-independent life since my accident, including almost completely automating my suite so I can control my home environment with a remote. “That’s only for my suite back in the palace, and you know it’s hard for me to do stuff.”

    “I know,” he leaned over and kissed my forehead. “You just stay here and keep the bed warm.”

    I stayed awake until he got back, adjusting the controls of my pillow so I was more upright. He didn’t notice I was still up as he came back and dialled the fireplace up.

    “Hey there, Handsome,” I said, huskily.

    He looked over.

    “You still cold?” I asked. “Because I have an idea as to how to warm you up.” I pushed down the covers to reveal my bare chest.

    He sauntered to the bed, untying his robe. “Good, because I’m so cold,” he said, getting into bed on top of me. He covered us back up and he laid on top of me, our chests together. I could feel our hearts beating. I began kissing him, running my hands down his back. I love kissing Teilo in bed. I can kiss all over his face and neck, hold him close, and take his breath away. It was the first time that weekend when I felt normal; when I saw us how Teilo sees us, just two men who love each other.

    In that moment there was no disability or abled body, prince or foreigner, openly gay or hiding bisexual. We still had to deal with those things and we still do. But in that moment - and always in the bed we share - we were just Pan and Teilo.

    It was a beautiful realization.

    So I started to cry.
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    Aw, these two, though! :D More wonderful ups and downs of their Lovers and Beloveds' weekend out at the cabin, complete with fabulous Briannakin snark. And some of those ups and downs are, well, pretty serious, as we see... :eek: but I never thought for a moment that that would really ruin either the weekend or Teilo and Pan's relationship! They really are good complements for each other: Teilo is always watching out for Pan's health and well-being and doesn't let a little mess (!) faze him, while also respecting that Pan wants and needs a certain amount of independence. Pan in turn wants Teilo to just be able to enjoy himself in their relationship and not feel too much like a nursemaid to him. And it's extra wonderful that even with all their differences in background and temperament (and you know I always like a good "unmatched match"), and with all the things that Don't Go Rite on this holiday weekend, they still can take the time to set their worries aside and just enjoy being with each other.

    And hey, even the "bonus" family time sounds like it added to the experience in the end, rather than taking away from it, with the cooking and the games and general quality time. Again, I love how accepting the Organas are of both their children's mates!

    Thanks once again for sharing. =D= Just curious, is this the last chapter, or is there more to come?
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    :eek::_|[face_love] That was gorgeous! I love, love this! What a perfect expression of mutual love and dedication!

    Ok, I literally laughed out loud at this. So funny! I love Teilo.

    This is such a sweet story. They have challenges - obviously, dealing with the results of Pan's injuries is a big one, but also getting used to each other's physical and emotional needs, learning how to navigate family, trying to find the balance between intimacy and hovering. They are learning from each other and teaching each other at the same time. It makes me think of my own family, how we are learning to include our children's significant others into our dynamic too. The scene where the family was playing menet reminded me so much of those nights where me, my husband, my son and his boyfriend, and my daughter and her boyfriend would spend hours playing Exploding Kittens or Cards Against Humanity.

    I hope there will be more stories featuring Teilo and Pan soon! :D