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Before - Legends Love's Final Redemption {KotOR AU} Reposted and Revised (Updated 3/18)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by SabyneAmberle, Jan 26, 2015.

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    Sep 16, 2004
    Title: Love's Final Redemption
    Author: SabyneAmberle
    Era: KotOR
    Genre, AU, Angst, Drama, Romance
    Characters, The crew of the Ebon Hawk, Darth Revan, Sabyne Amberle (OC), Darth Malak
    Summary: In a shocking twist, Revan renounces his companions and reunites with Bastila on the dark side of the Force. Even more shocking is Sabyne's abrupt decision to join them. Now, it will take all the strength of the remaining Republic heroes to destroy the Star Forge and defeat the Sith once and for all...but at what cost?
    Notes: (Since I forgot to add this part...) This story is very loosely based on a cut ending for KotOR. In that ending, Carth is able to redeem a DS female Revan if he has been romanced. Since I'm writing a male Revan, Sabyne is a fill-in of sorts for a female character for Carth.

    This was my very first fic way back when I joined the old boards. I updated it for a long time, then fell away from it due to various reasons. Now I'm revisiting it, both to repost it and to revise it. Enjoy!


    Revan strode purposefully toward Bastila, his voice commanding in both tone and volume. “I am Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith, once more,” he said. “Bow before me Bastila, my apprentice and love.”

    Without a moment of hesitation, Bastila obediently sank to one knee, lowering her head. “My Lord Revan,” she whispered reverently. “I am your most humble servant. I am yours to command as you see fit…”

    Revan cut her off gently as he knelt to lift her chin, using his free hand to take hers. “Rise, my love.” He kissed her hand lovingly as he helped her to her feet. “We shall not rule the galaxy as Master and Apprentice, but as equals. My sole demand of you is that you rule at my side, as my love and my Dark Lady.”

    Bastila’s eyes widened slightly upon hearing his words. She felt tears threaten to overflow as she lovingly entwined her arms around his neck. “I can think of nothing else that would make me happier,” she whispered brokenly.

    Revan smiled. “Nor I,” he replied, lowering his head to kiss her, his arms holding her close.

    From a short distance away, Sabyne watched the exchange unfold before her with a mixture of horror and sadness. She never imagined that Revan would return to the dark side, not even during the lengthy fight to reach the summit of the ancient Rakatan temple. Even as they learned Bastila now served Darth Malak, she never thought Revan would fall again. They had been friends through the course of their adventures, and even once he learned of his true identity, he swore he would not fall. She could not believe that all it took was Bastila uttering a few token words to Revan about “destiny” and her “love” to turn him against them. Neither Jolee nor Juhani evidently imagined it either, for they each appeared as horrified as Sabyne felt.

    Yet as she watched them, Sabyne felt a sad pain surround her heart. She saw how affectionate they were with each other, how free they appeared to be, and blinked back her own tears. She recalled the last conversation she had had with Bastila, back before her capture and subsequent falling to the dark side. During their talk, Bastila had lectured her regarding her feelings for Carth, taking great pains to remind her that she was a Jedi, and therefore forbidden to love under the Jedi Code.

    Thinking about those words, Sabyne felt a wave of sadness fill her soul. She had always felt torn regarding her feelings for Carth, yet she knew Bastila spoke the truth. If she confessed her feelings, she would fall afoul of the Jedi Council, this time of her own doing rather than the teachings of her master. Yet the thought of living her life without loving him made her feel desolate.

    Is it worth being a Jedi if I cannot follow my heart? She asked herself silently. Or will it lead me to more heartbreak than it will peace?

    As though sensing her pain, Jolee placed a comforting hand on her arm. “Steady there, lass,” he cautioned gently. “Not everything is what it appears.”

    How would you know, Jolee? Sabyne asked him silently. At least you got to marry the one you loved. I may never get the chance to be with Carth.

    Bastila laughed coldly, taking a few steps toward Sabyne. “My, my. Doubting the Jedi yourself, Sabyne?” She asked, her tone cruelly mocking.

    Sabyne struggled to keep her temper, resisting the urge to attack as Bastila continued. “Think about it. You could make a name for yourself as a powerful Sith, rather than as the ‘failing daughter’, condemned to live in the shadow of her famous sister as you are now.” She said, watching with dark glee as Sabyne clenched her fists. She had hit a sensitive spot, as Sabyne had always felt overshadowed by Tierslae’s accomplishments as a diplomat.

    “And what about how you were treated on Dantooine?” Bastila taunted as she took a few steps to her left. “After all, every Jedi is taught to suppress and hide their emotions. Very few have received the training you have, and even fewer appreciate it. Think of the insults, the mockery, the probing by the Jedi Council over the past five years. And think of how you have had to endure it all alone, without your Master to speak up for you.”

    Sabyne gritted her teeth. “I…I remember.” She growled softly, her long-buried anger rising to the surface in spite of her efforts to stifle it. The memory of those cruel words, the interrogations, the suspicion from the senior members of the council…all of it still haunted her. Even after their escape from Taris, she had struggled to gain even the most begrudging respect from much of the council.

    Bastila walked around her in a slow circle, her expression remaining icily implacable. “Yes, Sabyne.” She purred. “Remember how it felt to be treated as an outcast within the Order, deemed a disgrace by your fellow Jedi because you were thought to be a Sith in secret.” She touched Sabyne’s shoulder, her touch feeling strangely cold to the other Jedi. “Remember that it took the council five long years to admit to their mistake, yet not once have they ever apologized. They expected you to bury your anger and take up your saber for them, as though nothing had ever happened. They used you, Sabyne, just as they have used every other Jedi in that pathetically obsolete Order.”

    Sabyne tensed further at the memory, closing her eyes tightly, trying in vain to block out Bastila’s cruel words. She was right. They had never apologized for how she was treated. The memories of hearing of Master Rohn’s death during the Mandalorian Wars were bad enough. The memories of her interrogation at the hands of the council were worse. They treated her as though she were some sort of traitor, all because of her unorthodox training at her master’s hands. Even when they claimed they were convinced, they still treated her coldly, to the point that leaving the Order felt like her only option.

    Bastila stopped just behind Sabyne’s left shoulder, lowering her voice until it was barely audible, her lips near the other Jedi’s ear as she continued to whisper her temptations. “I know what you’re thinking, what you’re wondering. The Sith can give it all to you. You’ll be legendary beyond anything your sister might hope to accomplish. You can take revenge for the so-called “justice” the Jedi imposed upon you. You can even love him, without fear or hesitation.”

    Sabyne caught her breath, her resolve weakening. I…I could love Carth? Without fearing what would happen if we were discovered? She asked herself. Oh, if it were only possible…

    Juhani’s eyes never left Sabyne as she sensed her friend’s internal struggle. She had experienced the same turmoil when she was confronted with Xor, the man who had tried to purchase her as a girl on Taris; the man who had held an inhuman hatred for all Cathar. Even when he attacked them on Manaan, because of the encouragement given by Revan and Sabyne, she had refrained from striking the fatal blow, despite his attempts to provoke her.

    “Stay strong, Sabyne,” she whispered. “The Sith cannot give you all you desire. You could have everything you ever wanted, yet you would still not be happy.”

    Finally, Sabyne ceased her mental struggles, hanging her head as she struggled to catch her breath, her shoulders heaving as though she had just fought a thousand enemies. Juhani gasped as she sensed a growing chill emanating from her friend. “No…” she whispered inaudibly. “Please…”

    Slowly Sabyne raised her head, her eyes seeming to glow with an unholy iciness, her breath slowly escaping from between her lips in a low hiss. Stepping away from Bastila, she turned back to face Jolee and Juhani, her expression showing no emotion. “Forgive me…” she whispered. “But sometimes living by the Code is not enough.” Before they could react, she raised her hand, instantly paralyzing them where they stood. She felt a brief flicker of regret for her decision, but it was short-lived, and was quickly replaced by an overwhelming sense of the power she wielded.

    Looking to her right, her gaze fell upon Revan, and she smiled coldly. Turning to face him, she walked slowly toward him, her steps gradually gaining both confidence and strength as she drew near. Stopping a few feet before him, she dropped to her knee respectfully. “My Lord…” she murmured.

    Revan and Bastila exchanged glances as Sabyne rose. Bastila could tell that he was pleased with what she had accomplished. Well done, my love. Revan praised her through their bond. She is ours.

    Thank you, My Lord. She replied silently. She will prove a most powerful ally, once she realizes her full potential.
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    Wow, wow. Sabyne indeed seems to have been ill-treated and felt a longstanding insecurity where her sister was concerned. :( Having to stifle feelings that are not wrong in themselves for Carth isn't helping, either. But the overarching truth is what Juhani says: you could gain "everything" through sithly endeavors and still and all be hollow on the inside. And in the meanwhile to reach those goals - commit things you would find it hard to live with in lucid moments of conscience. [face_thinking]

    Already got me riveted and thinking. =D=
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    I Love KOTOR and this is great. Your characterizations of Juhani and Jolee are really good. Consider the thread watched. :D
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    Ooh, what a moment for Sabyne—operatic in its intensity! :eek: What a turning point, and one key word or name can make such a difference... just that one barb-like mention of Carth was enough to tip the balance. (Typical of Bastila's cattier side!) Well-done and riveting vignette. =D=

    Incidentally, are you planning to continue this story, or keep it as a one-shot? Because I think it would work fine either way. :)
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    Oh, this is going to be a very long story. When I left it previously, it was at 44 pages on my word processor. I still have a ways to go. ;)
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    All right, pruning on the next part is finished.


    Sabyne brandished her sabers menacingly toward the two paralyzed figures, her cold smile broadening as she sensed their fear. “Shall I finish these two insects off for you, My Lord?” she asked, an icy amusement lilting her voice. “It would give me nothing but pleasure to kill them for you.”

    Revan shook his head almost regretfully. “While it would be a pleasure to have you eliminate two of our enemies, we have much to do, and little time to accomplish it,” he replied evenly. Nodding her acquiescence, Sabyne deactivated her sabers, though she continued to watch the two frozen Jedi before her.

    Bastila nodded her agreement. “I sense that the Star Forge increases Malak’s power with every passing minute,” she stated, moving to stand beside Revan. “It is time you challenged him, my love. Time that you reclaimed the mantle of Dark Lord, the mantle you rightfully deserve.”

    He smiled down at her, lowering his head for a brief kiss before withdrawing. “You are right, My Lady,” he replied, turning to the ship waiting behind them. “Let us be off. The Star Forge awaits us, as does Malak.” He strode to the boarding ramp of the ship, his every step emanating the power he possessed, followed shortly by Bastila. Sabyne turned to leave, but hesitated briefly, casting a regretful glance behind her toward her two former comrades. She then walked to the ship, boarding it as well.

    Upon boarding the ship, she was accosted by Bastila. “Sabyne, are you sure you’re all right?” she asked suspiciously. “I sense a great deal of regret in you. Don’t tell me you’re already reconsidering serving Lord Revan.”

    Sabyne shook her head. “I’ll be fine,” she replied, her voice calm. “It…it’s just difficult to acclimate to. After all, we went through so much with them, so many adventures.”

    Bastila nodded understandingly. “For now, it is normal as you adjust to following the dark rather than the light. In time, your power will make you forget even those base regrets.” She walked toward the cockpit of the ship. “There are clothes in the crew quarters should you need to change. Make yourself comfortable, as we will be leaving momentarily.”


    The paralysis over Jolee and Juhani terminated as the ship began to take off. Able to move freely again, the pair ran toward the ship, trying in vain to stop it from leaving. In the end, all they could do was watch helplessly as it blasted off, heading for the Star Forge.

    Jolee sighed. “This situation has now gone from bad to horribly worse,” he observed. “Having Bastila fall was difficult enough without Revan joining her so easily.”

    “And Sabyne as well,” Juhani said sadly. “Watching her struggle was almost unbearable, yet knowing she fell is heartbreaking.” She paused, fighting back her tears. “How…how could she?” she stammered. “She…she always seemed so strong! How could she have fallen so easily?”

    “Yes, she was strong.” Jolee replied, his voice deep with sadness. “But in the end, strength was simply not enough. She was plagued with many vices, some real, and some imaginary. Bastila touched on some of them. The worst, however, was the injustice carried out by the Jedi council.” Seeing Juhani’s confused expression, he continued. “Yes, the Jedi committed a grave injustice against her. They treated her as an oddity, did not entertain the idea of a Jedi who could feel and express emotions without risking a fall to the Dark Side. And they committed another that was far worse by not encouraging her to work through those past frustrations. They told her to sweep them under the rug, to suppress them for the good of the Galaxy, but never apologized for their prior treatment of her.”

    Juhani nodded her understanding. “She…she was told to bury her feelings, and not allow them to interfere with either her training or our mission. She was told it would be for the good of the Order,” she said, her voice deceptively even. “It seems no one among the council knew how those feelings, particularly her anger, would fester within her heart.”

    Jolee was sadly thoughtful. “Indeed,” he replied with a sigh. “I can imagine Carth will be heartbroken when he learns of their fall, particularly Sabyne’s.”

    “Yes. He loves her so, it will kill him to learn she has turned against us,” Juhani added.

    “But standing up here talking won’t make defeating them any easier,” Jolee turned toward the temple door. “Let’s get back to the Ebon Hawk. With luck, we’ll think of a way to defeat them, maybe even turn Sabyne and Bastila back to the light side.”

    Juhani nodded in agreement, and the two Jedi left the temple summit, making their way to the temple’s exit.


    The ship glided slowly into one of the Star Forge’s massive docking bays, landing almost soundlessly once fully inside. Its boarding ramp lowered slowly, allowing its occupants to emerge. Revan and Bastila descended first, walking side by side, each dressed in flowing black robes. They stopped at the bottom of the ramp, each alert to any sign of trouble. Bastila in particular was prepared, her hand on her belt, ready to wield her saber if any threat materialized.

    After a brief delay, Sabyne appeared next, clad in identical robes of red, the color so intense the fabric appeared to have been woven from fresh blood. A mask or identical red fabric obscured the lower half of her face, while her eyes remained uncovered, taking in the alien surroundings like shards of blue ice. Her hair, woven into an elaborately braided style, was covered by a red hood.

    “My Lord…” she said quietly. “This place is incredible. Its dark side power is almost overwhelming.” She paused halfway down the boarding ramp, allowing its power to course through her, aware of a distant low hum that seemed to linger throughout the station. “The dark power on the planet pales in comparison to this!”

    Revan nodded. “Indeed, it is powerful. Yet, we must remain vigilant,” he cautioned. “Once my former apprentice learns we are here, he will be less than pleased. Undoubtedly, he will dispatch a welcoming committee to ‘greet’ us.”

    Sabyne folded her arms. “What about Bastila?” she asked. “After all, she betrayed her oath to Malak by joining with you, Revan. I highly doubt he will be merciful toward a traitorous apprentice.”

    Revan took Bastila’s hand in his own, seeming to draw strength from their entwined fingers. “I don’t know, Sabyne,” he admitted. “I don’t know if I’ll be the victor, or if Malak will. But I know that I will destroy myself before I allow anyone to harm Bastila.”

    “Just as I would kill anyone who attempts to harm you, my love,” Bastila brushed her fingertips against his cheek tenderly before kissing softly where her fingers had been.

    Sabyne felt a hint of grief pinch her heart as she watched. She felt alone and adrift for the first time since the encounter at the temple summit, only this time the pain cut deeper. She realized how she ached for Carth, how much she wished they could be together as Revan and Bastila were. She had allowed herself to join them in order to experience the kind of freedom she had rarely known, only now she felt like even more of a prisoner than she had while she was a Jedi.

    He might hate me for my decision. She thought to herself. If he ever loved me, my becoming an enemy would cause him to hate me, as he hates all Sith.

    Upon noticing a questioning look from Bastila, Sabyne shook her head. “I’m fine. Just a brief memory of my past weakness. I won’t let it affect me again.” Slowly she finished descending the ramp, keeping her feelings safely hidden away.

    Revan and Bastila shared a concerned look. Could she be regretting? Revan asked through their bond. Could she be having second thoughts about joining us?

    If she does, her life is forfeit. I will ensure it. Bastila replied.
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    Fascinating =D= I saw the parallel (intended or not) between what happened to Sabyne and what happend to Anakin Skywalker. His conclusions about the Council's reactions matched precisely how Sabyne was treated :( :rolleyes: ... and Bastila's barbs cut close because they were too close to the mark. :eek:

    I sense her continued conflict, however, but have a feeling that will dim or get submerged until a pivtal moment. [face_thinking]

    As for Bastila and Revan - hmmm. A Sith as a lover sounds an oxymoron :p ... they'll turn on you in a second.

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    Another intense chapter, with more inner turmoil within Sabyne that seems to intensify in direct proportion to the Sithy billing and cooing between Revan and Bastila. Sabyne's starting to see that maybe being "third wheel" to those two might not be such a good gig after all... like Ny, I wonder what the pivotal breaking point will be. Also, suspense! about what will become of Jolee and Juhani; here's hoping they'll find some way to follow and help their erstwhile associate.

    I would love to be tagged on further updates if you plan to do that sort of thing. :)
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    I like the subtle parallel to the dark side version game with Bastila and Revan boarding the Star Forge together. I think Sabyne turns back to the light when Carth inevitably encounters her. There's too much doubt in her head about following the Dark Path. She seems like a good person at heart. If she wasn't she would have cut Jolee and Juhani down IMHO. Well Done. :D
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    I left this part fallow for a while because I had no clue what to do with it. I was never happy with this part, even after rewriting it several times, and even my final rewrite was less-than-ideal in my opinion. But I think I salvaged it as best as I could.

    Also, if anyone else would like to be tagged going forward, please let me know.

    Tag list:


    Malak stood in the Star Forge’s command center, his eyes closed in a deep, silent meditation. He felt a thrill of satisfaction at the thought of the Republic lying in ruins before him. With each passing day, the Star Forge added thousands of ships to the Sith fleet, seamlessly augmenting their forces against the ever-dwindling Republic fleet.

    Soon, the galaxy would be his for the taking. Victory was so close he could almost grasp it.

    A Sith apprentice entered the room, striding toward him. Malak kept his eyes closed and back turned even as the apprentice bowed before him. “Lord Malak. A ship has just landed on the Star Forge.” The apprentice stated uneasily.

    Malak did not physically respond, as his voice indicated that he had heard the news. “This is hardly surprising. I have been expecting my apprentice, Bastila, to return for quite some time now.” He replied, his voice deceptively calm. “Why do you bother me with this trivial news?”

    The apprentice took a deep breath, fearing it would be his last if his words angered his master. “She…she has returned, my Lord, but not alone.” He said hesitantly. “Revan is with her.” Malak’s eyes snapped open. “Your old master is here on the Star Forge, accompanying your new apprentice.”

    Malak spun furiously on the apprentice, his visage contorted with fury. The hapless apprentice sank to his knees, cowering in fear before his angered master. “WHAT?! My old master?! Here with Bastila?!” Malak shouted, clenching his fists as his voice lowered dangerously. “The traitorous girl, how dare she betray her vow of loyalty?” As though seeing the frightened apprentice at his feet for the first time, he viciously kicked at him. “Get up, you sniveling fool!” he ordered.

    Crying out in pain at feeling his master’s kick, the apprentice stood shakily. “Y-yes, my Lord? What do you command?”

    “Gather the strongest of my apprentices,” Malak ordered. “Activate the Star Forge’s droids. Send them to meet Revan and Bastila.”

    “But…but how can mere droids defeat them?” the apprentice asked meekly.

    “The Star Forge’s droids are no ‘mere droids’, my apprentice. They are among the most powerful of droids in the galaxy. Even Revan will have great difficulty defeating them. Now do as I command.” Malak turned his back, signaling that the conversation was over.

    The apprentice bowed one last time. “As you wish, Lord Malak,” he replied before rushing from the room.


    There, that should do it. Carth thought to himself as he finished making the last of the repairs on the Ebon Hawk’s landing gear. The rough landing on the surface of the Unknown World had caused minor damage to the ship, and he knew all too well that those “minor issues” could translate into “major problems” if not taken care of rapidly. The hyperdrive having been fixed some time earlier, the rest of the crew was lounging about outside; some, like Mission, were resting on the sand. Others, like Canderous, were more alert; preparing their weapons –and themselves- for what was likely to come.

    He tensed as he heard footsteps on the sand. Fearing it was more of the hostile natives, he rested his hand on his pistol holster, turning to face the sound. As he caught sight of Jolee and Juhani, his hand fell away from his gun.

    “You…you’re back!” he shouted as he sprinted up the beach. “Canderous already made the repairs to the ship’s hyperdrive, we can leave…” He trailed off, knowing immediately that something was wrong; the two Jedi had returned from the temple alone. Revan and Sabyne were not accompanying them. “What happened in that temple? Where’s Bastila? Where are the others?”

    Juhani tried to speak, but was unable to. Carth placed a gentle, reassuring hand on her shoulder. “Please tell me, Juhani…” he pleaded softly. “I…I have to know what happened.”

    She took a deep breath. “Bastila…she f-fell to the dark side.” This was all the young Cathar could say before she dissolved into tears. “She became Malak’s apprentice.”

    “Making matters far worse, she was able to sway Revan and Sabyne into joining her.” Jolee added gravely. “Revan is seeking to reclaim his title of Dark Lord, with Bastila at his side and Sabyne as his apprentice.”

    Deeply shocked, Carth released Juhani, taking a small step back. “No…” he said softly, his eyes widened slightly in his shock. “No, damn it! How could this have happened?!” he shouted, his voice echoing throughout the beach.

    His shouts brought the rest of the group running to join them. Mission was the first to make it, still rubbing sleep from her eyes after her nap. “Carth! What happened?” she asked, feeling a bit breathless.

    Canderous walked slowly up the beach to join them, followed closely by Zaalbar and HK-47. “You’re making enough racket to wake Mandalore himself,” he stated bluntly. “Is it really necessary?”

    “Oh, it is. Believe me, Canderous,” Carth replied stiffly. “Bastila, Revan, and Sabyne have all turned against us and fallen to the dark side.”

    “What? How?” Mission asked in disbelief. “They seemed almost invincible to me. How could they fall?”

    “Yes, they were strong.” Jolee explained gravely. “Yet they were not strong enough to resist the dark side’s lure. Revan and Bastila were willful and headstrong, while Sabyne struggled with anger over issues in her past. Through those weaknesses, they were twisted into servants of the Sith.” He turned his back on the group for a moment. “This planet is a tainted place. The dark side, amplified by the Star Forge, has twisted the Force into an instrument of evil, just as our friends have been twisted into serving our enemies.”

    “But there’s still hope for them, right?” Carth asked. “I refuse to believe they’re lost forever. We…we can still save them, can’t we?”

    “Yes, I believe…” Juhani began. Suddenly, a blaster shot was heard, followed closely by a gasp from Mission.

    Carth turned to the young Twi’lek, prepared to lecture her about properly handling a blaster. His irritation quickly turned to horror as his gaze fell upon her. “No…why?” he asked hoarsely.

    Instead of standing in her spot at the back of the small group, Mission knelt on the pale sand, her eyes wide with fear. Her weapons were nowhere near her; they lay on the sand nearby, while her hands hung limply at her sides. Judging by the fear in her eyes, he guessed that she had been forcibly disarmed.

    He didn’t even have to guess as to who the culprit was. Behind her, red eyes glowing menacingly, stood HK-47, the muzzle of his blaster rifle pressed ominously against the back of the young Twi’lek’s head. Every time she breathed or moved her head, the droid pressed the tip of the blaster harder into her head, causing her to gasp in mixed fear and pain.

    Carth’s shock evaporated and was rapidly replaced by anger. He had never trusted the droid since Revan purchased it on Tatooine, and he grew to trust it even less once he learned the truth about Revan. Even as he grudgingly accepted his comrade’s past, he knew that just as Revan might turn on them, so too might his droid. Now, seeing this hunk of scrap parts threatening Mission –who was not only a friend, but a valuable member of the crew- was too much to take.

    He glared angrily at HK. “I thought your assassination protocol could no longer function. How can you terminate someone without it?” he asked incredulously.

    “Explanation: It doesn’t function, meatbag. However, as you all are likely aware, my Master no longer considers your group to be his allies. Smug Declaration: Therefore, the members of your group have become acceptable targets, perfect for me to hunt down and blast like terrified animals. Menacing Statement: I believe I will start with the blue-skinned one here in front of me.”

    Before any of them could make a move in his direction, HK squeezed the trigger. Mission’s eyes widened momentarily before her body collapsed lifelessly to the sand. From behind him, Carth heard Zaalbar let out a roar of mingled grief and shock. The big wookiee moved as quickly as he could to his fallen friend, cradling her still body in his massive, furry arms. Feeling a wave of grief hit him as well, Carth tightly shut his own eyes against the burning tears. First they lost their friends to the dark side, now they were slowly being picked off themselves.

    As HK resumed speaking, Carth clenched his fists tightly, struggling against the urge to draw his pistols and attack the droid. “Commentary: Killing you all will give me great pleasure. Musing: Perhaps the Master will also reward me for making his job easier.”

    Unable to take any more at hearing this, Carth drew his weapons. Before he could fire off a shot, HK raised his left arm, unleashing a massive jet of flame at him. Carth narrowly dodged the spray of flames; this bought the droid enough time to open fire on the group. Laughing mechanically, HK sprayed the beach with rifle fire, leaving them with no alternative but to scramble for cover.

    Zaalbar was the last to move. Reluctantly leaving Mission’s body, the wookiee charged HK, roaring angrily. The droid merely held out his left arm again, sending out another large flame jet. The wookiee dodged, feeling pain in his right arm and smelling burned hair as flames enveloped it. Howling in a mixture of rage and pain, he quickly closed the gap between the droid and himself. Before HK could dodge or react, Zaalbar struck him with his left paw. While it was a weak blow by wookiee standards, it was still strong enough to knock the droid back several feet, until he finally came to a stop in a metallic heap a short distance from the Ebon Hawk’s boarding ramp.

    Having just finished making minor adjustments to the ship’s now-repaired systems, T3 had just begun to exit the ship when HK landed a few feet away. The assassin droid lay there stunned for several moments before laboriously standing, his menacing gaze locked on Zaalbar.

    “Objection: That is cruel and unnecessarily rough handling of a droid, you hairy meatbag,” he stated, his voice metallically calm.

    Just try and shoot me, you scrap bucket. Zaalbar growled back. I’ll make sure there aren’t enough parts of you left to try again.

    “Statement: Ah. A meatbag with a fighting spirit. I like that.” HK raised his rifle to point at the wookiee. “Declaration: It will only add to the pleasure I will receive from terminating you.”

    His sensors picking up that this was an urgent situation, T3 descended the boarding ramp and headed toward HK.

    From their hiding place, the rest of the group watched the little droid anxiously. “What is he doing?” Carth asked. “That little droid’s nuts, going up against HK like that!”

    Canderous shook his head. “I think that little droid knows what he’s doing. With luck, maybe he’ll distract that rampage on legs so we can destroy it.”

    The assassin droid never took his gaze off the wookiee, even as T3 approached. “Observation: I am glad to see you are taking my side in this, T3. It appears I will need all the assistance I can get.” T3 didn’t respond as he stopped behind the other droid, activating one of his repair appendages.

    HK didn’t seem to notice, as he adjusted his hold on his rifle. “Statement: Say goodbye, meatbag.” He taunted as he began to squeeze the trigger of his rifle. The rest of the group held their breath, awaiting the violent end of yet another of their comrades.

    Abruptly, he dropped his weapon, which landed uselessly in front of him. A small shower of sparks emitted from his back, where T3 was working to deactivate him. “Objection: You stupid droid!” HK shouted. “Protestation: What are you…No! Don’t you dare remove that!” HK started to move away from T3, running toward Zaalbar. “Declaration: HK-47 shall prev…” He was cut off abruptly as he shut down, collapsing heavily onto the sand like a meteorite. T3 beeped and chirped proudly, holding HK’s main power supply in his outstretched appendage.

    The group filtered out of their shelter, marveling at the little droid’s ingenuity. “I knew Davik’s having that little guy built was a good investment.” Canderous said, letting out a rusty chuckle. “I have to say, he’s come in pretty handy.”


    The lift carrying the three rogue Jedi ascended almost soundlessly from the docking bay. It slowed, and then stopped, as it reached the first deck of the Star Forge, the elevator door opening with a low hiss. Revan stepped out, flanked by Bastila and Sabyne, each even more alert than when they had landed. The Star Forge itself was dimly lit; the only indication of the direction they needed to go came from the tiny lights edging the walkway in front of them. Initially sensing no danger, the three stopped at a junction in the walkway, the door they had come through closing and locking behind them.

    Sabyne felt uneasy, the low, echoing hum had taken on an almost ominous sound. “I don’t like this,” she murmured. “I have a very bad feeling about this place.” She looked in both directions, each seeming to be blocked by a locked door. As though on cue, the hum only intensified, adding to her growing unease.

    “I agree with Sabyne, Lord Revan,” Bastila said. “Something isn’t right here. Something…”

    A deafening explosion, followed closely by a second, drowned out the rest of her words. The two female Jedi each spun to face the door closest to her. Both doors had been blown open with little force, and numerous droids began to swarm the room. They were fast and strong, with powerful weapons, which they trained on the little party.

    As he activated his saber, Revan disabled a charging droid with a powerful attack before destroying it with several well-executed blows. “Star Forge droids!” he shouted. “Be careful, they’re more powerful than your average droid!”

    Sabyne and Bastila each nodded as the droids began to assume their attack positions. Suddenly, Bastila shot a powerful attack at the droids nearest to her, destroying several instantly. The rest were disabled, offering no resistance as she tore through them with her lightsaber. Sabyne followed suit, disabling and destroying as many as she could with her Force powers before taking out the survivors with her sabers.

    The three Jedi fought tirelessly against the droid hordes. Yet their resistance seemed futile, as more droids appeared to replace the ones destroyed.

    “How is this possible?!” Bastila gasped. “It…it’s like a never-ending force!”

    “It’s the Star Forge.” Revan replied, struggling to catch his breath. “It will continue to send its completed droids after us until either it runs out of droids or we are dead.”

    Pressed back-to-back by the advancing droids, the trio shared a determined look. “One thing’s for sure.” Sabyne said. “If I go down, I’m going down fighting. And I’m taking as many of these things with me as I can!”

    Sucking in a deep breath, Sabyne leaped high overhead. Letting out a fierce cry that echoed throughout the chamber, she landed amidst the droids, her sabers like blurry comets as she attacked. With a strength she did not realize she possessed, she hacked bodily through most of the droids; the rest she either knocked off the walkway with her Force attacks, leaving them to fall into the endless abyss below, or they were taken down by Revan and Bastila’s own destructive attacks.

    After several seemingly endless minutes, the droids’ numbers began to thin until all were destroyed, their parts and pieces strewn across the walkway.

    Catching her breath, Sabyne kicked aside a piece of the wreckage. “Well, that was certainly an exciting diversion,” she said smugly. “I wonder what we’ll face next.”

    “Knowing Malak, we won’t have long before we find out,” Revan responded. “Come, we need to keep moving. Winning this skirmish has only bought us time; it won’t be long before even more defenders arrive.”


    The acolyte sent to update Darth Malak found his master in the Star Forge’s command center, watching as the first ships of the Republic fleet began to arrive. He bowed before Malak. “My Lord…” he began.

    Malak turned abruptly to face him. “Why do you disturb me?” he demanded.

    The acolyte swallowed painfully. “The…the droids could not defeat Revan, My Lord.” He explained. “Your old master is still making his way through the Star Forge.”

    Malak’s voice belied his surprise. “The Star Forge’s best droids could not defeat him?” he asked incredulously. “This is a strange and unexpected development. It would seem my old master has retained much of his former power.”

    He turned, walking toward the door leading to the Star Forge’s factory level. “However, this changes nothing! I am the stronger one, not he.” Angrily, he struck the access panel with his fist before walking through the now-open door. This should have been an easy victory. Instead, his apprentice’s betrayal had made it that much more difficult. Even if the Republic fleet were annihilated, he might still find himself dead at the hands of his former master. He would not allow that to occur!

    “What shall we do, My Lord?” the acolyte asked meekly. He was afraid for his life, as his Master appeared angry enough to kill anyone in his way, including him.

    Malak turned back to face him. “Dispatch all available troops. The apprentices, as well.” He commanded.

    “Will…will they be strong enough to defeat Revan, My Lord?”

    “Of course not! Not if he has fully regained his former strength. But they will distract him, slowing him long enough for me to fully prepare the Star Forge’s defenses.”

    “As you wish, My Lord.” The acolyte bowed again before rushing to implement his master’s commands.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    =D= Intense and ingenious scenes there with HK47 taken out by T3! [face_dancing] Looking forward to the confrontation at the Forge!
  12. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh no, Mission! :eek: How sad! She was always my favorite of the KOTOR companions. But go T3 for quick and decisive action in a tense situation! Gotta say your characterization of HK-gone-bad was just perfect though, "meatbags" and all. Really, you do a very nice job characterizing all of them—I can just hear the voice actors from the game. Here, too, I'm looking forward to the confrontation between Malak and his old master, plus the two ladies—and to the continued efforts of the crewmates in bringing them back.
  13. Darth_Furio

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    Approving Statement: Well Done Sabyne! Payback on Malak is going to be sweet for our favorite Dark Lord. :D
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    Whew! This took a bit to proofread, but I feel ready to post it up. Enjoy!


    Continuing their journey through the space station, the three Jedi encountered a small cadre of Sith soldiers guarding the elevator to the second deck. When one soldier spotted the small group, he drew his weapon, pointing it at them. “Halt!” he shouted, which prompted the other soldiers to draw their own blasters, all aiming for the trio.

    Sabyne held up a hand, gently stopping Revan. “Allow me to deal with these pests, My Lord,” she said. Revan nodded his permission, and she strode toward the group of soldiers.

    The first soldier pointed his blaster at her chest. “I…I said don’t…don’t move,” he stammered, trembling beneath her icy gaze. “Don’t…Don’t make me shoot you!”

    Sabyne laughed haughtily. “It is amazing how strong these incompetents believe themselves to be,” she sneered mockingly, gesturing toward the soldier. “This one sounds less like a powerful soldier and more like a cowardly child.” Slowly, she clenched her right fist, causing the soldier to choke and gasp as she began slowly cutting off his air. “There is no room among the Sith for cowards,” she taunted as she tightened her fist. “Killing you for Lord Revan will bring me great pleasure.” For several minutes, the air was filled with choking and gasping sounds as the soldier struggled to breathe, trying in vain to plead with his tormentor to spare him. Finally, with one last wheezing gasp, he dropped lifelessly at her feet, his breath literally crushed out of his lungs.

    The remaining soldiers all pointed their weapons at Sabyne. Before any could fire off a shot, she raised her right fist above her head, unleashing a powerful storm of Force Lightning. It tore through the soldiers, coursing and arcing through their bodies. Almost casually, she walked past them to the elevator, seeming oblivious to their shrieks of agony. Disregarding their defeated enemies as well, Revan and Bastila walked past to rejoin their comrade. After a brief moment, the elevator opened, and the three entered, turning around just in time to see the last soldier crumple limply to the floor.

    “Well done, Sabyne,” Revan said admiringly. “I am pleased. Yet I sense these battles will become more difficult as we draw closer to Malak. We must not become complacent and overly confident in our abilities.”

    Sabyne, deep in thought, nodded her understanding. Bastila caught Revan’s eye and nodded knowingly.

    I sense there’s something still amiss about her. Bastila told him through their bond. I’m not sure if she killed those soldiers because she is giving in to her cruelty or if she did to make us believe she is.

    Revan nodded his understanding. Probing her thoughts is impossible, as she keeps them locked away tightly inside her mind. Either way, keep a close eye on her, my love. Make certain she does not have the chance to turn against us.

    Bastila smiled. With pleasure. As I said before, if she does turn against us, her life is forfeit. I’ll make certain of it.


    The remaining crewmembers of the Ebon Hawk began to slowly make their way back onto the ship. They had honored Mission’s memory by burning her body on a funeral pyre they had quickly constructed out of wood from nearby trees, lest it be disturbed by the planet’s native species. After much debate over what to do with HK, Zaalbar and Canderous carried him aboard the ship, securing him solidly in the cargo hold.

    “I would say leave the hulking scrap piece here to rust, but then we risk some unwitting fool discovering him and figuring out a way to reactivate him,” Canderous explained.

    Carth remained silent the through everything, from gathering the wood to watching the pyre burn. The fading sunlight, coupled with the fire’s slowly dying embers, lent his face a shadowy, almost menacing appearance.

    Juhani shivered as she caught the blank, cold expression in his eyes. In an instant, she knew the comrade she had met on Dantooine was gone. In his place stood the battle hardened soldier for whom failure and defeat were not options.

    Her heart ached for him. She longed to tell him the truth, to tell him of Sabyne’s feelings for him, yet she stopped herself. He may not feel for Sabyne as she does for him. She thought to herself. And even if he does, will he continue to care for her now that she has fallen?

    Muttering to himself, Carth abruptly turned away, walking toward the increasing shadows at the edge of the beach. Nodding to Jolee to indicate she would handle it, Juhani followed, watching Carth as he stopped at the water’s edge, the small waves idly lapping at the toes of his boots.

    Carth never moved, even as he heard her approach. “Leave me, Juhani,” He said flatly, staring down at the water before him. “I wish to be alone.”

    Juhani shook her head. “No,” she replied softly. Resting her hand on his left shoulder, she was shocked at the anger and tension she felt emanating from him. “I want to help you.”

    He shook his head, his voice bitter. “Help? Short of putting a blaster to each of their heads and pulling the trigger, there’s nothing anyone can do to help,” He clenched his fists tightly at his sides, struggling to keep his anger contained. “I never thought they would fall. They all seemed so strong. I guess I should know betrayal really well, shouldn’t I? First Revan and Malak, then Saul, now Bastila and Sabyne.”

    Juhani sighed. “I know it’s difficult to handle,” she said quietly. “But Sabyne can still be saved. She…”

    Carth jerked out of her grasp, rounding quickly to confront her. “I DON’T CARE!” he shouted angrily. “She betrayed us all! Do you think I’ll be merciful and spare her when she turned on us like we meant nothing to her?!” His shoulders heaved as he gritted his teeth, struggling to regain his composure. “I was a fool to trust them. A complete, utter fool.” He growled. “I’m an even bigger one for thinking she cared for me.”

    Juhani looked at him curiously. “Sabyne?” she ventured.

    Carth nodded. “Yeah, Sabyne,” he laughed weakly. “It’s pathetic, really. I mean, how could she possibly care for me if it was so easy for her to turn on us?”

    So he does care for her. Juhani thought. Now, if only he can be convinced that she cares for him.

    Juhani touched his right shoulder, her voice gentle. “Oh, Carth. Sabyne does care for you,” she said softly.

    His expression was dubious. “Somehow I doubt that,” he muttered.

    Juhani resisted the urge to shake him until he was dizzy. “She does!” She insisted. “We all knew it!” Seeing his questioning look, she continued. “We saw how she would look at you when you weren’t watching her. She cares deeply for you, her heart showed in her eyes as clear as sunlight.” She paused briefly to catch her breath, his expression encouraging her to continue. “Her feelings are what Bastila used to manipulate her into joining them. Bastila used her feelings for you to enslave her.”

    Carth wanted to block his ears, to block out all he was hearing, though he knew the Cathar would never speak anything but the truth. His ignorance of Sabyne’s feelings for him allowed him an outlet through which he could hate her, through which he could justify killing her. After all, if she felt nothing for him, what would he lose by terminating her? Now the knowledge that not only did she care for him, but that those feelings helped lead to her downfall, hit him like a blaster shot to the stomach.

    His gaze, now misty with held-back tears, met Juhani’s. “Are you saying she…she…loves me?” he whispered brokenly.

    The Cathar nodded. “I believe she does, yes,” she replied calmly.

    Feeling as though his heart had been crushed, Carth sank to one knee, the feelings he had long denied welling up inside him. “I…I can’t let her go,” he whispered, anguished tears streaking his face. “And I can’t lose her. I…I…I love her.”

    The realization of his true feelings toward Sabyne stole his breath. He could deny it all he wanted, but it didn’t change that fact. He had probably loved her ever since he first set eyes upon her as she boarded the Endar Spire at the beginning of this mission. He knew now that he would do anything to save her, no matter what the cost.

    Juhani knelt before him, pressing her hand firmly against his chest. “If you truly love her, then use this to save her,” she said firmly. “Her unrequited feelings for you led to her fall, but your feelings for her can lead to her redemption.”

    Carth nodded, wiping away his lingering tears before standing. “You’re right,” he said, rapidly regaining his composure. “Let’s get to the ship and head for the Star Forge. The longer we wait, the harder this will be.”


    Revan stopped suddenly, his breath heavy with exertion. After hours of fighting, the last of the seemingly endless ranks of soldiers and dark Jedi lay dead around him. This battle had proven far more difficult than the previous battle against the Star Forge druids, yet Revan felt his dark power increase with every enemy he slew.

    He turned around as he heard a choked gurgle, watching with morbid interest as Sabyne restored herself by absorbing the life of the dark Jedi she held paralyzed. Feeling herself fully healed, she shot a burst of lightning into her weakened prey, smiling coldly as he slumped dead against the wall.

    “Well done, both of you,” He said, drawing Bastila near to kiss her cheek. “It was not an easy fight, but we defeated them.”

    “Yes, but your true test is still ahead, Revan,” Bastila replied. “You still must confront Malak.”

    Revan nodded before turning his attention on Sabyne. “Sabyne, I want you to remain here,” he said. “Remain in this room until my orders tell you to do otherwise.”

    Sabyne’s expression was confused, but she nodded in agreement. “Yes, my Lord Revan,” she replied. “I shall do as you command, and wait here for your further orders.”

    Bastila opened her mouth to protest, but Revan shot her a silencing look. “Come Bastila, we have much to do.” Turning away from Sabyne, he stepped onto the lift that would take him to the Command Deck, with Bastila following closely behind.

    Once the lift began its ascent, Revan turned to Bastila. “I know you’re curious about why I left Sabyne,” He said. Seeing her nod, he continued. “I sense the Republic fleet is beginning to arrive in this sector. I felt it prudent to leave her there in the event some of their forces attempt to infiltrate the Star Forge.”

    “I see,” Bastila replied, though she remained unconvinced. Ever since she had first sensed Sabyne’s conflict before they left Lehon, she had been doubtful the other Jedi would remain loyal. However, she did not wish to question Revan’s motives with issues about Sabyne that were sketchy at best.

    Once the lift arrived at the Command Deck, Revan walked unopposed into the room, stopping to wait for Bastila. “I have a task for you, my love,” he said. “I’m sure you know that if I am going to reclaim the mantle of Dark Lord, I will need more than just power at my bidding. If the Star Forge is destroyed, I cannot hope to amass a fleet large enough to conquer the galaxy and cement my rule as Lord of the Sith. Therefore, I need you to use your Battle Meditation to protect the Star Forge from the Republic fleet.”

    Bastila nodded. “I understand, My Lord,” she said. “I will do as you command.”

    Drawing his arms around her, Revan lowered his head, kissing her passionately. Bastila returned his kiss with equal passion, entwining her arms around his neck, willing him to have the strength he would need for his final challenge.

    After several moments, Revan reluctantly drew back. “I must go,” he whispered. “It is time I confronted my former apprentice.”

    “Be careful, my love,” Bastila whispered in reply, reluctantly releasing him. They exchanged a long look before Revan turned, walking to the room’s far door. When the door closed and locked behind him, Bastila knelt, her full concentration on using her Battle Meditation to strengthen the Sith fleet.
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    Excellent scene with Juhani and Carth. Sabyne with Revan and Bastila - superbly riveting! It certainly appears her loyalty has truly turned. [face_thinking]
  16. Darth_Furio

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    Great Scenes. I can't wait for Carth and Sabyne to meet up. Fics like this make me want to go and play KOTOR again. :D
  17. Findswoman

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    Jitters as Revan and Bastila begin to catch on to their apprentices's true feelings and motivations... two (and especially those two) against one is a dangerous game indeed! Fingers crossed for Sabyne—and her friends. I too really liked Juhani and Carth's conversation, especially the way she helps him sort his own feelings out and bring him out of the (very understandable) stupor of his grief.
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    Reviewing from somewhere in the middle. :)

    Somebody having second thoughts? [face_thinking]

    Poor Bastila. By the time you start to sound like a cartoon, you don't know it anymore. :(

    Jolee and Juhani's conversation about why Sabyne chose to fall is very interesting. It seems that there was something going wrong for a while, but it was ignored because it was just a "personal problem" -- the Jedi were firstly concerned with her usefulness and didn't get around to actually addressing the deeper issues. [face_sigh] Where have we seen this pattern before?

    Well, it looks like Sabyne isn't a hundred percent convinced anymore, if she ever was. And I like how Revan and Bastila's Sithly cuddling is kind of the catalyst. ;)

    Poor little Sith apprentice, bringing Malak the bad news! That's not a good job to have, apparently. Tendency to choke the messenger.

    Carth getting the news -- ouch! That has to hurt, even more so because of what I think I recall of his past. Once burned, twice... well, it's not going to be good. :(

    Aww, Carth. [face_love] Sabyne, you turn yourself right back around from the Dark Side young lady. Or I'll nab him for myself. :p

    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal, HK! "Smug Declaration" is the best phrase for this. :p But oh, poor Mission. She's the most harmless of the bunch, it seems. Going after her is just cruel. :(

    T3 is clearly Artoo's spiritual predecessor here. =D= You go, little guy!
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