BTS Lucas Quotes and Interviews about the starwars saga.

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    These are the ones I managed to find on the net. It would be great if anyone could find more quotes and post them because they're quite interesting.

    I think somewhere in the dark recesses of my company there is something like that, but I've never seen it. I don't really know. Even though I live this and I know the worlds very well, and I know what everything is, half the time I'm in the fortunate position of being able to just make it up. So if somebody asks me a question, I know what the consistencies are, I know what's consistent with a particular environment and what isn't. Part of the job of the director is to sort of keep everything in line, and I can do that in the movies-but I can't do it on the whole Star Wars universe.

    Lucas admits that he doesn't know everything there is to know about his own lucas, and that's what licensing is there for. But he is too busy to be able to do that with all the licensing material. But they are still part of the "Star Wars Universe".

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    Sweet, this is a handy thread.
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    This is perhaps one of the most interesting and one of the most complete threads in this forum!

    You did a great research job Keeper_of_Swords, worthy of recognition the the archives of

    Anyway it is very interesting especially the new interviews from 1997 on where Lucas still talks about another Trilogy.

    I have grown to love EU especially the Zahn books so much that I don't really want a new trilogy. It would ruin too much.

    Very good reading here, thanks

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    I found this quote very interesting:

    I would really like to, in the next decade or so, produce a Willow-type fantasy film based on one of the ideas I came up with about ten years ago. The state of digital technology that exists today would enable me to make a truly breathtaking fantasy adventure unlike anything that has ever been seen on film before."

    I am thinking what else is there "new" to be done? The guy's imagination is mind boggling.
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    Wow... amazing.
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    Wow, Keeper of the Swords! Great job! I saved all that text as a Word doc and it came out to 36 pages! :)

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    Thanks guys. :)

    There are a few I can?t post here, since they contain Episode 3 spoilers, however I can PM them to anyone who wants them.

    Also if you stumble upon some other quote it would be great if you posted it in this thread.

    Here are a few more quotes:

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    Keeper_of_Swords, you rock!
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    I agree. This is very thorough. I don't want to see VII, VIII and IX though. There's nothing left to tell.
    However, if Lucas is amazed by all the other SW material, how come he doesn't keep close tabs on it to make sure they're not contradicting what he has planned for the next movies?
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    This is incredibly impressive, Keeper_of_Swords. Thank you! I was just recently hunting for this kind of thing, but what I was able to find doesn't compare. This is a goldmine. :)
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    I must say you deserve VIP status for that. :D great work. :)

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    connie chung is such a moron.

    I cannot stand her!!!
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    All I can say is: What an incredible compilation. I'm in awe.
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    Sep 20, 2003
    Thanks a lot! :) Glad to know my findings are appreciated. I'll post more if I find more quotes by Lucas.
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    After reading the sequel quotes from GL, I got quite excited, actually. A sequel trilogy isn't necessary, of course, but it would be very interesting to see where he'd take the saga with it.

    Great thread, Keeper!
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    I wish I had time to read through this thread properly...

    A similar project was launched back in the old Snowboard days- the thread got "transplanted" to the curent boards, although unfortunately it's now locked.

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    Coolest. Thread. Ever.
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    Thanks guys :)

    Thanks for that link Scott3eyez. I organized the posts which I found in that thread and reposted them. Lots of interesting quotes.

    The Star Wars Storyline

    - The History/Politics of Star Wars

    3. The Mythology/Religion of Star Wars

    4. The Symbology/Themes of Star Wars

    5. Good and Evil in Star Wars

    Sith, Jedi, The Force, Prophecy, Symbiosis, Duality

    Midi-chlorians and the Science/Technology of Star Wars

    Skywalkers, Starkillers, and Early Incarnations.

    9. Skywalkers: Luke and Leia

    10. Skywalkers: Vader/Anakin

    12. Qui-Gon Jinn

    13. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    14. Yoda and Members of the Jedi Council

    15. Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon

    16. Droids

    17. Minor Characters

    18. Kurosawa, Cinematic Influences

    19. Cinematographic Style

    20. The Special Editions, Political Correctness

    21. Directing, Producing, Scriptwriting

    On the Jedi:

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    Sep 20, 2003
    From a post by DINVADER99 in a thread in the Episode 3 forum:

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    Wow, lots of reading. PRetty good info about what has come up over the years. They were pretty right on when they said he would be done by 2004. (a year off, lol)
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    This is a great thread. I wish they had a book that compiled a bunch of George Lucas interviews and stuff like that all about Star Wars. He should have a separate solo commentary track on all the Star Wars films (in addition to the regular ones). I love reading/listening to him talk about these movies.
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    This is an awesome thread. Kudos to Keeper_of_Swords.

    I love this line an interviewer said to Lucas after he said he would be too old to complete the third trilogy:

    "Do you know how many fans would be willing to feed you Cream of Wheat and wheel you around in your chair if you did [intend to complete the third trilogy]?"

    Woo hoo, I'll boil the water. :D
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    NICE! You could write a novel from this thread.
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    Thanks guys. Here's some which were posted by darth-sinister in the 3SA. They do not contain Episode 3 spoilers though:

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    Cinescape interview, 2002.