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Story [Lucifer] The Devil You Know (OTP & Pairing thread Challenge #9)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Jedi_Lover, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Nov 1, 2004
    This if for the OTP & Pairing thread’s Challenge #9. We pick a random number and are given a topic to write about. My topic was Death.

    Based on the TV show Lucifer (May be some spoilers for Season three finale, but I doubt it).

    Title: The Devil You Know

    I stood graveside as I watched two workers place the cement top over the burial vault containing my mother’s casket. All the mourners were gone. The funeral ended an hour ago. It was a touching memorial service. Although my mother retired from the Los Angeles Police Force almost two decades ago, she was still given all the pomp and circumstance deserving of a retired Chief-of-Police. The Mayor attended along with many older active duty officers. They were young men when they served under my mother, but they still remember her fondly. There were prayers, bagpipes, and a Final Radio Call Ceremony before the Color Guards carefully removed the flag draped over the coffin and neatly folded it into a triangle. I don’t remember what was said when the flag was handed to me, but I thanked the young man with a crisp blue uniform and a shrouded badge.

    That was an hour ago. I put the flag in my car and waited and I’m still waiting. My mother said he would show up. The last time she saw him she yelled, ‘Stay away! I don’t want to ever see you again! Not for the rest of my life!’

    He had promised her that he would honor her wishes, and she knew he would… because he never lied to her…never. ‘But’ she said with a smile days before her death. ‘He always found loopholes when it came to his promises’. She suspected that as soon as she drew her last breath, he would return. After all, he technically promised to stay away as long as she was alive.

    I searched the cemetery hoping to catch a glimpse of his handsome, roguish face…and eventually I did. He was standing across the street in the shade of a tree. I waited for him to approach, but he remained stationary. I soon realized he was waiting for me to leave. He wanted to talk to my mother in private…well that just wasn’t going to happen. I walked directly toward him. He returned my gaze, but there was no recognition in his eyes. That is not surprising, I have changed greatly since we last spoke.

    “Hello Lucifer. I am happy to see you.”

    He smiled, flashing a row of perfect white teeth. “Do I know you?” he asked with a crisp British accent. He gazed at me intently and eventually his smile grew wider. “You’re the Detective’s offspring.” He reached out and gripped my hands as he looked me up and down. “Trixie Decker you look so…”

    “Old,” I offered.

    He grinned widely. “I was going to say grown up. You are no longer the small human I remember.”

    “That’s what forty years will do.” I looked him up-and-down. “You look exactly the same.”

    “Yes, I do.” A puzzled look crossed his face. “How come you’re not surprised?” He pointed to me. “You know, don’t you. Your mother told you what she saw that day…the last day we were together?”

    I nodded. “You mean your devil face. Yeah, she told me eventually.” I gestured toward the grave. “Have you come to pay your respects.”

    His smile faded. “I heard of your mother’s death from my brother, Amenadiel.”

    A feeling of joy flooded over me. “So, Mom, went to Heaven.”

    “Why, of course. I never had any doubt about that.”

    “Is my father with her?” I asked excitedly. The idea of my parents being together for eternity was a heartwarming thought.

    “Daniel’s dead?”

    I pointed to the family gravestone which read Daniel Espinoza and Chloe Decker followed by their dates of birth and death. “He died ten years ago in an auto accident.”

    Lucifer frowned deeply. “I didn’t know he died.”

    A relieved laugh escaped my lips. “That means he’s probably not in Hell.”

    “Apparently not.”

    I gazed at him knowingly. “It appears you did have some doubts when it came my father.”

    A sheepish grin crossed his face. “Daniel could be somewhat knavish, but he was overall a good man.” He gestured to a nearby bench. “Please sit.”

    We settled down on the bench, his eyes never leaving the gravestone. “I miss her”

    “She missed you too.”

    His brow went up in surprised. “Really?”

    “Yes. It took some time to wrap her head around the idea that Lucifer Morningstar was actually the devil, that her roommate Mazikeen was a demon and your brother was an angel. Luckily she had Linda to talk to.”

    He grinned fondly. “Dr. Linda Martin. How is she?”


    The smile dropped from his face. “Oh…” He shifted in is seat before smiling sadly. “Perhaps she’s in heaven rekindling her relationship with Amenadiel.”

    He fell into a long silence. I reached out and put my hand on his. “Mom wanted me to give you a message.”

    “And that is?”

    “She wanted me to tell you she was sorry. After she calmed down and came to terms with the revelation that you are literally the Lucifer from the Bible…she missed you. She would tell me the best two years of her life were spent with you.”

    He smiled smugly. “Ouch, I'd wager poor Daniel didn’t take that confession all to well.”

    I chuckled. “She never told him. He didn’t know about a lot of things. Mom kept your secrets. The only reason she told me was I didn’t take you and Mazikeen’s disappearance well. I was acting out, so she sent me to talk to Dr. Martin. Eventually Mom joined the sessions…that’s when I was told the truth. After you were gone for a year Linda decided you wouldn’t mind if she broke patient-therapist confidentiality and she told Mom everything…how she made you vulnerable to death, your fond feelings for my her…everything.”

    He looked uncomfortable with that statement. “If it helped you and the detective, then I approve of Linda revealing my secrets.” He sighed deeply. “I tried to prove to your mother that I truly was the devil, but I temporarily lost the ability to make my devil face.”

    I remembered something said in those therapy sessions and I broke out in laughter.

    “What’s so funny?”

    It took me a moment to regain my composure. “After Linda told Mom you lost the ability to change your face, she recalled the time you offered to prove to her that you were the devil. You sat across from her, face turning red with exertion as you groaned and grunted. She thought you were constipated. During that therapy session she realized you were trying to reveal your true self.”

    “I was. I must have been a sight.” He gave a tight smile. “She did ask if I was gassy.”

    “She missed you and hoped you would return. She even prayed to your Father for a second chance…but nothing helped.”

    “Of course not!” he said heatedly. “Father would never do anything to help me. His fallen son.”

    “Anyway,” I whispered, not wanting to further irritate him. “Mom held out hope for a long time. Eventually she gave up. She was middle aged and just getting older. She thought it best that you weren’t reunited.”

    He looked hurt. “I know she thought I was a superficial, arrogant, egotistical, narcissist—her words, not mine—but she had to know she was special to me. I wouldn’t be so shallow as to discard her as she grew old and her beauty faded.”

    I shook my head. “That’s not why she didn’t want to reunite. You are an immortal. If you two started a relationship you would be doomed to watch her die…possibly a very slow death. She wanted you to remember her the way she was when you were partners.”

    He didn’t speak, but simply nodded.

    “Isn’t there anybody else in your life?”

    He shook his head. “No, your mother was the only one who I…” I think he wanted to say ‘loved’, but I knew he wouldn’t say the words. “I cared for,” he finally admitted.

    “Maybe you will find somebody else to…care for. You do have a millennia to do so.”

    His eyes glazed over with tears. “No, your mother was special. She was the only gift my father bestowed upon me…and then he took it away. That was a form of cruelty that even I, the devil, couldn’t imagine.”

    I heard the strain in his voice and I knew he loved my mother. I gave his hand a squeeze.

    “When I was acting out my parents were at their wits end. They put me in time out, they took away privileges, they grounded me. Looking back, I understand. Parents punish to teach their children a lesson. Once I learned my lesson the punishment was over. Maybe your father put my mom in your life not to be cruel…but to teach you something.”

    He didn’t look convinced. “Teach me what? How to grieve loss?” His voice was thick with emotion.

    I shook my head. “Maybe to love. To care about something more than yourself.”

    He averted his eyes. “Then he should consider that a lesson learned.”

    I looked at my watch. “I have to get back to my family. They are going to send out a search party if I stay much longer. I told them I wanted some time alone with my mother.” I stood and motioned to my car. “Would you like to meet my family—Chloe’s grandchildren?”

    He stood and gave me a warm hug. “That would be lovely, unfortunately, if I don’t get back to Hell my brother will send out a search party for me.” He pulled back and I saw tears in his eyes. “When you see your mother again…forty or fifty years from now…tell her….” He faltered unable to continue.

    I put a hand on his shoulder. “I’ll tell her you sent your love.”

    “Yes, thank you.” He nodded forlornly before he turned and disappeared.

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  2. mavjade

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    Sep 10, 2005
    I'm so excited to see a Lucifer fic, and this was fantastic! A great way to use the prompt!
    Ha! This is the best description of Lucifer! He doesn't lie, but finds a way to do what he wants anyway!
    Well that hit me right in the feels. Everyone who Luci loved (except for Trixie) is dead.

    This was absolutely beautiful, with Lucifer all but admitting his love, Trixie's thoughts on why his dad put Chloe in his path, and that ending. Lucifer saying when Trixie sees her mom... that really got to me.

    Fantastic story!! I loved it!! =D=
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    Feb 27, 2014
    A sweet story about love and loss, and great job with a tough challenge prompt! I don't know the show at all, but you've made it absolutely clear in your story as to who the characters are and what their relationships are to each other. The whole concept of the devil having a soul mate and being in love, even though he won't use that word, is an intriguing one, and here I'm going to page @TheRynJedi, because she too has at least one story featuring a character and a relationship like that (a demon, rather than the devil himself, but similar concept). It seems like Luci and Chloe's experience was a real learning experience for them both—it had its ups and its downs and its joys and its difficulties, but the fact that the both remember their two years together as one of their best experiences says so much. I too loved Trixie's thoughts about why Luci's dad (and I can guess Who that is) brought him together with Chloe to begin with: to learn love, one of the most important lessons there is, and one that we mere mortals struggle with all the time, too. And most of all I love that Luci is comfortable sharing all this with Chloe's daughter—the romantic love he once shared with Chloe dovetails into this more uncle-like relationship with Trixie. [face_love] Thanks so much for sharing this with us and with the challenge! =D=
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    Jun 20, 2018
    Thanks for the tag, nice little story. I'm vaguely familiar with the show, have some friends who are fans, so recognized a bit of it.

    I am totally all about the power of love leading to a path of redemption. Hopefully Luci can end up one day where my incubus Jazeel did (in @Findswoman 's aforementioned story of mine), turning against his very nature to become good because he learned how to love.
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    Thank you. This story takes place 40 + years from the final episode from Season 3. If the characters are as old as the actors then Chloe is in her mid to late thirties, Trixie is about 9 years old and Linda is 50 years old. It would make sense that Linda would have passed already since she was older than Chloe. After I wrote this I actually got depressed. It would have been cruel for Lucifer's father to put Chloe in his life and allow him to feel joy and then yank her away from him.

    For the longest time I couldn't figure out how they are going to go forward from the season finale. Linda can get over having Lucifer as a friend because she is not dating him. If Chloe knows Luci is the does she get around that? How does she fall in love with a man who is an immortal? Never mind that he is the Devil. During the show it goes to great pains to show he is not evil. He punishes the wicked. He absolutely does not want innocent people to suffer. I watched the last few episodes and Chloe keeps telling him, "I don't see you as a monster." During the final struggle that Lucifer has with Caine they were talking about how they perceive themselves. Then at the end Chloe shows up, Lucifer turns around and he looks like a demon and Chloe looks all freaked out and says, "It's true, it's all true."

    The audience if left to interpret that as she sees his devil face. My fan theory is she doesn't see Lucifer as the devil. She sees him exactly as she has always seen him. Her muttering about it all being true refers to his assertion that Pierce/Caine was evil and no good for her. THAT is how I would start off season 4. Lucifer thinks she is seeing him as he truly is. He thinks she is rejecting him, but then she runs forward and hugs him and thanks him for saving her life. She doesn't see the devil face. Whether she believes he is a celestial being or not...that I am not sure. She was becoming a believer at the end. So I would have her maybe believing the truth, but no matter what he does she never sees him as a monster. Damn, I want to write this but the writing is so good in the show that I don't feel the need....unlike Star Wars that, after the OT, always left me disappointed.
    Soulmate is my fan theory. We know that Chloe's mother was barren and God sent down an angel to bless her and her husband with a child and that was Chloe. According the the angel, that was the first and only time God had the angel to do such a thing. So Chloe is not an ordinary person. It is believed she was made for Lucifer, but nobody knows why.
    Thank you. Lucifer in the TV show is very unlike the Lucifer of the Bible. He is the ruler of hell and torturer of the damned, but he only punishes the wicked. On Earth he doesn't hurt the innocent and even gets angry when innocents suffer at the hands of evil. The actor that plays him pulls off the charming devil very well. I guess the big difference is Lucifer does not lie in the TV show. So he is not deceiving people. I would not consider him evil. I do cringe sometimes because he brutally honest and has absolutely no filter when it comes to saying whatever pops into his head. I have a hard time figuring out if Lucifer and Chloe will get together romantically. If I was Chloe the fact that he is satan wouldn't bother me as much as the fact that he's had hundreds of sexual partners in the short time she has known him. Maybe I am old fashioned, but that would be a big red flag. lol!

    Thanks everybody for reading. This is my first non-Star Wars story. I am glad you all liked it.
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    This says a lot about her ability to love just everyone in general and see the best in each creation of Heaven - interesting idea and touching execution of the graveside meetup.
    I could read this as 'I'm sure God wouldn't help me because He's all about being around Good People, not horrible old me who threw away my goodness' in a guilt-stricken tone, or as true anger at Father because of being abandoned. I wonder if either of these is true, or if there's another take on the words?:confused: Anyway, excellent supernatural fic!! :)
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    Nov 1, 2004
    If you have watched the show he has repeatedly risked death to save her life. He is immortal, except when he is near her. God had a hand in her creation and made sure she crossed paths with Lucifer. Lucifer is very confused and torn. He is angry at his Father's meddling. He thinks Chloe was put on earth to manipulate him into doing something. At the end of the third season he stopped worrying about the what and whys and gave in to love. Of course....that's when Fox TV decides to cancel the show. Luckily Netflix picked it up. I am hoping to watch the fourth season in early 2019.

    Anyway, he has done so much for Chloe and never asked anything in return. She sees his actions. I hope that now that she saw his devil face she won't reject him next season. But if she did, that would make for a short season.
    During the first three seasons he is angry with his father. He feel manipulated and rejected, but I have a feeling that his father may have sent Chloe to cross paths with Lucifer as a test to see if there is any hope for Lucifer for redemption. The one in the TV show has shown he has empathy. I think he really feels abandoned.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to review.
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    Neat, glad to see your work over here.:)

    You are welcome 8D

    Netflix picks up the ball when the networks drop it - nothing like a little healthy competition. They also offer All Hail King Julien, a spinoff of the Madagascar films and the TV program, good for them.

    Not yet had the pleasure.