Mace Windu kicks Obi-Wan out of Jedi Council [fan edit]

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    What happens when you manipulate Anakin and annoy Mace Windu? This is "fan edit" of the Jedi Council scene from the Star Wars Episode III. Story line is partly changed, and there are some interesting moments in the clip thanks to that...

    Skywalker is appointed to the Council's ranks by Palpatine. Obi-Wan secretly bielives that if Anakin is promoted to the rank of Master, he will maybe become loyal to the Jedi Order again. But Jedi Council doesn't grant such honor to Anakin. Not wanting to speak openly in favor of his former Padawan in the Council, Obi-Wan uses his influence on Anakin in order to push him to confront Mace Windu and to insist on his right to become a Master. But Obi-Wan irritates elected leader of the Jedi, because Windu he notices who is behind Anakin's stubbornness and rudeness...

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    Moving this to fan films.
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    That was a clever edit. Intense. At least obi-wan was in a good mood about it. :)