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NSWRPF Archive Macross ace:a robotech rpg

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by kiskolou, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. kiskolou

    kiskolou Jedi Knight star 2

    Mar 23, 2005
    In the year 1990,an alien ship of unknown origon,crashed on the military island base of macross.At that time,earth was caught in the bitter conflict of world war 3.A group of scientists kept the spaceship secret and reconstructed it.The technologies found from exploring
    it's workings were unbelievable.One thing learned from it was from it's ruined carrier:battleoids.Fighterjet-like planes that could transform into humanoid form(battleoid-mode) and a hybrid plane-robot mode(gaurdian mode).These ships allowed for entry of enviroments too harsh or small for a plane to go into to be entered,and for air-combat to be able to be treatetd like infantry combat.When the world-war was ended in a truce for peace,all countries were united,and enemies became commrades.In this time of peace,in the year 1999,the SDF-1(the alien ship)was revealed to the world(although some technologies,like the battleoids,were kept secret).Everything was going fine untill the radar of the ship showed an armada of different alien ships approaching earth.Without warning,the sdf-1 autofired a beam of energy at the fleet,destroying many ships.The inhabitants of maccross island,not yet told of the fact that sdf-1 was alien,went into mass panic as Giant green starships invaded macross island.Everyone was evacuated and brought into the sdf-1,as the newly formed Valkerie and battleoid squadrons held off the enemies.But all in all it was a suicide mission:The aliens(resembling giant green humans) far-outmatched the novice pilots of earth.In a daring move,Sdf-1 attempted a neverbefore-tested hyperjump to unknown regions of space.The jump was overestemated though,and the entire island was brought with the spaceship deep into space.Now,the city of macross has been recreated in the sdf-1,and all able-bodied men(and women) were assigned roles in the military to fight off the ever attacking aliens,discover the reason for the attacks,and find a way back home.

    Whew,that was a loong intro!Welcome to the world of robotech!You are now a member of the macross aerospace-force's squadrons.You can use any kind of mech,from valkerie to destroid,or be a member of the sdf-1 crew itself(which is rumoured to be able to transform to).
    Remember,this rpg is also about life in the now-space colony of macross(in the sdf-1) so it's not all about war.You can be an actual character from the show,or a new one of your sure to describe your mech/battleoid well,or get a pic.If you need reference to the kinds of mecha,go to

    there are lists of mechs(this is the macross saga,so no cyclones or anything).Too bad,I like cyclones.Well,another rpg,another time.

    The rules are that of all rpg's: godmodding arguing
    3.I judge all conflicts
    4.WHAT I SAY IS LAW!ha.

    Character sheet:

    Name:Eden Bowie





    personal weapon:Blaster pistol

    Mecha:The HWR 'Monster' artillery destroid is the largest weapon system ever fielded by the United Earth Defence Forces. Designed to field the largest caliber of artillery on a mobile platform, the Monster can, for a few seconds, outshoot an old World War II battleship.The Monster is a platform for its main cannons, and thus carries little other armament. There are six launch tubes for heavy missiles in the arms, and as mentioned the main cannons can be fired directly at enemy mecha. The barrels of the main cannons are made of material technologies derived from the information found on board the SDF-1, and as a result weigh only a sixth that of normal 406mm barrels.

    Bio:eek:nce a citizen of macross and single-dad of 2 twin 3-year old girls.Eden was apposed to world war three,and was thrilled when it was peace-time.When the aliens attacked however for seemingly no reason,rick would protect his family against any odds.To Eden this is not a war,but a survival technique.

    LSA :) Edit: Locked due to inactivity (discussed with author).[/color
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