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    Major League Lightball



    The year is 287 ABY and half of the galaxy is under the control of a third Republic that has risen in the aftermath of a terrible civil war that destroyed the Galactic Alliance. In addition to this, the Roon Federation encourages economic strength among certain planets from the Mid Rim all the way to the Outer Rim, independent of the Republic. Various independent systems dot all over the galaxy as well.

    "Though the galaxy is not unified, it is at peace." ~ Trieste

    However, there are exceptions. The various fields of Sports have become the new battlegrounds of the galaxy, and while always existent; they have become more prominent now than ever before.

    Here comes the Galaxy's Pastime at last. Lightball. The Star Wars equivalent to Baseball.

    It has taken many forms over the years, but the sport itself has always remained the same. At first there was no coherent league or organization of any kind. When the first one appeared it was simply known as Lightball League. From 60 BBY to 31 ABY. After that it was reformed into the highly unpopular Lightball Guilds of the Galaxy from 31 ABY to 100 ABY. Again it was reshaped to becoming the Central Lightball Guild from 100 ABY to 130 ABY. At that point, with all the chaos in the galaxy beginning to stir, Lightball was disbanded in any professional capacity. A dark time indeed.

    In 137 ABY, Roan Fel decided some entertainment was needed amid the turmoil. He made sure to personally create the Grand Lightball Association, though it was limited in size and inclusion for years. It lasted till 189 ABY, where professional Lightball was again quieted.

    Then, in 200 ABY, a more concerted and focused effort was made to create a sustainable Lightball league. And it was accomplished. Enter: Major League Lightball or the MLL.

    Despite its two dark periods professionally, the sport has one of the longest spanning histories of all time with only the sport of Limmie able to match it.

    Between the stolen bases, the strikeouts, the home runs, the spectacular diving catches…it all culminates in that seven game series between the two greatest teams. The Galaxy Series.

    The winner hoists the fabled Kaiburr Trophy.


    But there will be pain, joy, and all the tensions in between to get there. There are many teams and many players who wish to aim for the top. Are you one of them?

    Time to Play Ball!

    How It All Works

    This is a sports-based RPG set in a relatively peaceful era of Star Wars way beyond the events of the films and books of Legends. Due to the inspiration striking from the other sports RPG around: Elite League Limmie; it has been decided to merge our games into the same universe and thus they occur in tandem, though in very different arenas.

    As in Limmie, a 'Player' (note the capital 'P') refers to you, the person behind it all. A player will refer to a character who is on the team itself.

    The first part of this game is to manage a team participating in Major League Lightball. You are responsible for the creation of a team's roster, which will only need to include names, genders, ages, species, and player type (more on that later). Contract Years listed are preferred, but optional.

    You may create your own Team or ask about some of the pre-created ones I have due to a long history of MLL Lightball! Only one team per planet, please. One or Two Major League teams per Player, depending on initial turnout.

    All players and coaches are not likely to be fully shown and detailed, but that happens in sports where some leap out ahead of the others. Plus there's just so many of them! The rosters will be changed by trades, signings, and calling players up from the Minor Leagues. All such actions must be sent to the GM for notification and approval.

    The second part of this game is where the stories come in. Players will fill out a character sheet for any type of person whose narrative they wish to write on regarding the events of the RPG and the resulting scores.

    Simply number generators would be far too boring and does not make an RPG after all! There are many options here.

    You can be an Owner of your team. Head of it all and automatically a member of the Owners' Board that at times may convene to discuss important matters of the MLL. Though the Board is still below the Commissioner.

    Perhaps the General Manager who is mainly in charge of rosters and scouting. Or the Manager aka the Head Coach of the team? One of the other coaches perhaps? Such as the Hitting Coach or Pitching Coach. Or maybe you wish to be a player? Or even simply a fan of your team watching from the stands or at home?

    It's up to you!

    Game Mechanics

    Scores are posted on Sunday in the afternoon (Pacific Time) unless otherwise stated.

    Linescores are generated by the GM using the WhatIf Sports Generator. Every week will be a series of three games against an opponent. An entire season currently lasting 30 games. With one week being the All Star Break.

    Teams used to represent Lightball Teams in the generator will be quietly, and semi-randomly, selected by the GM partially based off of a calculated overall team rating from the players' ratings. Those player ratings will be discussed in PM with the GM and will not be complicated.

    Alongside the Linescores generated, all the information showcased is allowed to be described however a Player chooses to say. Except for Home Runs and Stolen Bases offensively. For Pitchers: Innings Pitched, Walks, Strikeouts, ERA (Earned Run Average), & Saves. These stats will be explicitly stated by the GM to show performance. Again, all other stats can be organized however the Player wishes.

    "Bonus Runs" are rewards to teams whose Players make a post in the time before the team's next series of games. Those without Bonus Runs accept the outcome of the Generator as is. Those who do have Bonus Runs, accrue an extra 5 runs automatically. The Player, at the end of their post against an NPC Team or in PM if against another Player's Team; must decide in which upcoming game they wish to put those runs into. (Game 1, Game 2, or Game 3) The Player may elect to put them all in one game or divide them up however they choose.

    No matter what, NPC teams always use the WhatIf Sports Generator score outcome unaltered.

    In addition to potential Bonus Runs, at the end of a Player's post, they must also state their finalized lineup for the upcoming week's series of games. Pitchers do not need to be stated since Pitching Rotations are already set at the start of the season. An exception to this occurs only when there are either injuries or promotions/demotions to the starting rotation.

    If a Player does not announce his or her lineup or where to organize their Bonus Runs by Sunday, the GM will decide on their behalf.

    For a lot more information, go the Lightball Resource Thread: Here

    Character Sheet

    Hair/Fur/Scales Color:
    Eye Color:
    Height & Build:
    Relation To Team:

    The Team Roster

    Home Field:

    Roster --

    General Manager:
    Pitching Coach:
    Hitting Coach:
    First Base Coach:
    Third Base Coach:

    (For player types, refer to the Resource Thread)

    Pitchers --

    Starting Rotation -

    1) [Generally Considered the 'Ace' of the Team]



    Closer Pitcher: [Generally the pitcher who is used at the end of the game to shut the door on the opponent's chances due to their high skill]

    Starting Position Players --

    First Base:
    Second Base:
    Third Base:
    Left Field:
    Center Field:
    Right Field:

    Reserve/Bench Position Players --

    Here you can list eight other players, just make sure to denote their position. If you wish to be balanced, it would be four Infielders and four Outfielders.


    Plus, there are still the matter of player ratings to be discussed in private.

    Enjoy the ride to the Galaxy Series! And good luck!

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    Will start us off with the game's first CS. Team Rosters will be posted in the Resource Thread!

    Character Sheet


    Name: Raimae Riverwisp
    Species: Dathomiri
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Hair Color: Silver
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height & Build: 5'10" & Athletic Build
    Homeworld: Dathomir
    Relation To Team: Fan
    Bio: Raimae has always been a Dathomir Rancors fan. Lightball is in her blood. Same with the rest of her family in the Singing Mountain Clan. Still, she was one of those women who desperately wished she could play herself. Yet a lot of Dathomiri, at least around her, believe that men are best suited to play for the basic fact that: "It makes them do something useful for the planet."

    She is more of a equal rights advocate, though doesn't dare speak out in the volatile atmosphere of her home world. It wasn't much better than the Hapes Consortium and many knew this. For now, she'd enjoy just having an MLL team. A surprise given the planet's history, but it generated much needed income that was partially shared with the world as a whole, so it had been tolerated.

    There is a lot of good and a lot of bad in Raimae's life, but the one constant is Lightball. If nothing else helps her get through her day, the MLL will. Though her future will seek to test that...
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    @Darth_Elu APPROVED

    Character Sheet


    Name: Waiphl M’nrydo, Duke of Rythii
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 242
    Height & Build: 1.90 m; Average Build
    Homeworld: Rydonni Prime
    Relation to Team: Owner
    Brief Biography: As Head of House M’nrydo, Waiphl is the CEO of General Fusion. A common saying on Rydonni Prime is “The K’ntarr’s Rythani Products build the gears of war, but M’nrydo’s General Fusion fuels the gears.” He has been waiting for his lime-light hogging cousins of House K’ntarr to step away from the throne. However, when the Governor-General turned the Constitutional Corporate Monarchy into a Dictatorship, House M’nrydo went into exile on Tinnel. On Tinnel, they lived under the protection of Waiphl’s only living uncle, High Father Godan K’ntarr.

    While there he developed a passion for the galactic pastime of lightball. Tinnel is home to a 16 team independent lightball league. When word reached the commonwealth that the Governor-General’s tyrannical reign was nearing it’s end, Waiphl set the wheels in motion to bring Major League Lightball to his home planet.
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    GM Approved!

    Character Sheet


    Name: Gryffyn Karr
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Hair/Fur/Scales Color: Brown hair
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height & Build: 6'0'', Muscular Build
    Homeworld: Druckenwell
    Relation To Team: Owner

    Gryffyn Karr is the older brother of Addison Karr, general manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Gryffyn is a native of Druckenwell having grown up under the corporate shadow of Karr Pharmaceuticals, a company his family has held for centuries.

    Gryffyn struck out on his own after graduating with a degree in business administration from Druckenwell Technical University by working in the front office of the Premiere League Druckenwell Marksmen. There he gained valuable experience on managing a professional sporting squad. While working with the Marksmen, Gryffyn also invested heavily in the government owned Druckenwell Shipyards. The shipyards were in full production with orders all around the galaxy for the unique class of Bulwark cruisers that Druckenwell prided themselves on producing.

    Dividends continued to come in rewarding Gryffyn and others with a handsome yearly salary. Gryffyn saved and scrimped, while continuing to network with influential lenders, until he had enough to start a Major League Limmie team in the capital city of II Avali. League approval came fast and swift as Druckenwell is considered an emerging sporting market. Before long, the Druckenwell Bulwarks were born.

    Gryffyn worked with revered architect, and owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, Vera Grames to help design the new stadium in the heart of the capital. Now the hard work begins with assembling a front office and roster that is capable of delivering a championship to Druckenwell.

    Tag: Darth_Elu;CPL_Macja
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    GM Notification:

    Here is the official tally of Player Teams!

    1) Dathomir Rancors Darth_Elu
    2) Rydonni Prime Knights CPL_Macja
    3) Druckenwell Bulwarks Vehn (Roster Post still needed in Resource Thread)
    4) Thyferra Tornadoes Jedi Gunny (Officially Approved and ready to go, just hasn't yet posted due to busy schedule)

    Status Update: We also have three more interested parties that should be appearing soon, with one nearly complete! And a fourth party that is on the fence, so hopefully they say 'yes'. ;)

    Hoping all of those teams can be finished and up by Friday, so that same day I can have NPC Teams finalized and League Members decided as well as have a 287 Season Schedule up by Saturday; with Sunday kicking us off officially! However, this is all up to change and only the initial plan. Will keep you all updated to any changes. Thank you for patience and interest! :)

    Lets Play Ball!
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    GM Approved!

    Character Sheet

    Name: Leif Cliinton
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42

    Homeworld: Ralltiir
    Relation To Team: Spouse of a super fan
    Bio: Leif was never an athlete. His interests included solving mathematical problems, theater and fine dining. Leif became an engineer shortly after graduating from Ralltiir University. He owned his own home by age 30 and had a small group of close friends to hang with, but he was lonely. One evening he saw a woman on the mass transit that looked perfect for him. She was beautiful but her figure wasn’t out of his league. She was dressed for an office job, but obviously hadn’t put too much into the outfit.

    Even though he was scared out of his mind Leif decided to make his move. Two years later Erica and Leif were married. The couple loved each other. There was just one thing about Erica that Leif never quite understood. Her love for the game of Lightball. Erica participated in her company Lightball League as a third basemen. She watched it on holovision almost every weeknight during the season. Even during the off-season she followed the players every trade and injury rumor.

    Leif had learned to tolerate Erica’s love for Lightball, but now something major seemed to be brewing. He didn’t always listen with two ears when Erica spoke about Lightball, but she mentioned getting a second mortgage on the house for season tickets. Was she serious? So what if they were moving up…he thinks that’s what she said. Some bigger more prestigious league. Leif was too busy getting approvals for a new suspension system he wanted to trademark.

    At dinner one evening she said excitedly, “Our name was picked in the lottery! Can we get the tickets?” Leif wanted 48 hours to think it over and that was all he had before the couple had to give up their tickets to anther chosen pair. Leif knew one thing he wasn’t taking out a second mortgage. He also knew it would make Erica a very happy woman.
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    GM Approved, Locked and Loaded

    Name: Mackanack “Mac” Fleeger
    Species: Zeltron
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Hair/Fur/Scales: Pink skin like all Zeltrons, long dark brown hair with some volume to it (think Jacob DeGrom of the New York Mets as a close resemblance)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height and Build: Skinny, 6’1
    Homeworld: Zeltros
    Relation to Team: Rookie Relief Pitcher
    Bio: Mac Fleeger is a talented, yet brash, young pitcher. Some find him difficult to deal with due to his ego. At a young age, he found that he could throw balls harder and faster than most of his friends. In school, coaches saw his arm strength in physical education class and encouraged him to try out for Lightball. He pitched all four years of high school as a closer and reliever, which landed him a scholarship at the University of Zeltros at Paradise. In one season with the U of Z-P, he collected eight saves in nine opportunities with an ERA under 1.5 as the team’s primary closer. After the season, he declared himself eligible for the MLL Draft, wanting to cash in on his successful freshman season.

    He was eventually taken in the second round of the Draft by the Thyferra Tornadoes. The Tornadoes are one of the worst teams in the League, finishing with the second-worst record in the MLL in 286. Despite playing in the League for several decades, the team has never made it to the MLL Championship Series in franchise history. The closest they came was an appearance in the League Championship Series, when they were completely routed by the Coruscant Yankees in four embarrassing games in the 260s. Their fanbase has stuck with the team through the years, but attendance has always been inconsistent. The team was looking for a good young relief pitcher to help shore up a bullpen that had been one of the worst units in the League.

    Now Fleeger has found himself in the set-up role out of the bullpen for the Tornadoes. He has his eye on the closer job, a job he finds to be prestigious despite the woes of the team. While he does not dislike the Tornadoes, he has no affection for the team, and sees it as a business opportunity. If given the chance to be traded to a more prestigious team with a chance to win a championship, he will do whatever he can to make sure it happens. What he wants is to win a title and to make a name for himself, something he may not be able to do with the Tornadoes. For now, he will fight for the closer’s role in hopes that it will boost his brand and eventually give him what he wants.
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    Name: Korvik Vorkohk
    Species: Trandoshan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Hair/Fur/Scales Color: Scales, Greenish-Brown Yellow[​IMG]
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Height & Build: 6ft 7"
    Homeworld: Trandosha
    Relation To Team: Captain
    Bio: Lived on Trandosha as a hunter, But moved to Tatooine where he found and killed a Krayt Dragon, He then heard of The team Krayt Hunter Killers, He became a huge fan of the game and the team, Playing in his backyard and eventually playing in a home town tournament, He won the tournament and continued the career of a sports player, He eventually managed to join the all-trandoshan team, The Krayt Hunter Killers
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    GM Approved

    Name: Jax Matha
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Dark Blonde
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height & Build: 6’ with a wiry frame
    Homeworld: Taanab
    Relation To Team: Rookie Pitcher
    Bio: Jax Matha was one of the top prospects coming out of secondary school on Taanab. Even at that young age everyone was watching him. He didn’t have a fiery fastball or a batting average that shocked the galaxy. What he did have was a hand that could paint the corners and fake out batters like no one in his generation. A once in a lifetime talent they called him. At Taanab A&M he earned the nickname “The Break Ball Wizard” for his amazing breaking pitches. They broke left they broke right, always unpredictable. Some even claim that he can throw the near mythical riser.

    Jax himself was a simple boy, the son of farmers that picked up an old pitcher's guide his father had from his days playing for his school. They say every boy’s first dream is to play ball for their favorite team. Jax never had a favorite team growing up. His father was a diehard Taanab Staga fan but, Jax just loved the game and the challenge of pitching.

    As soon as he could he was going to declare for the draft but, already had offers on the table, from Byss to Csilla everyone wanted the “Southpaw Sorcerer”. In the end he chose the Courscant Yankees. Mainly because they offered the most money. He didn’t want it for himself, he learned how to live on very little, he planned on sending most of it back home to support the farm. There had been a few bad harvests that had hurt the family in the past.

    Now he sets out on a new life, leaving behind his small town home and heading to triple zero, the capital of the galaxy, the never ending city.
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    Because you knew it had to happen...

    We are live, from downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Taungsday afternoooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, I'm Randy the rancor, he's Justin Pitt and we are GM approved!

    Character sheet:

    Name: Randy "the rancor"
    Species: Zabrak
    Age: early 40's
    Gender: Male
    Relation to team: Host of the Rancor Pitt HoloNet sports talk show.
    Homeworld: Originally Coruscant, now Mandalore

    Name: Justin Pitt
    Species: Human
    Age: mid 30's
    Gender: Male
    Relation to team: Co-host of the Rancor Pitt HoloNet sports talk show, former Limmie DB at The Ord Sabaok University. Member of 274 LFL Champion Concordia Crusader's team
    Homeworld: Originally Ord Sabaok, now Mandalore

    As the Co-hosts of the Rancor Pitt, the Mandalorian sector's highest rated sports wave show, for the last several years Randy and Justin have come to be known as the voice of the fans during the golden age of Mandalorian sports history, at least with regards to Mandalore's favorite sport, meshgeroya. It is an age that has seen three GCAA championships go to Manadlore's hometown powerhouse, the Keldabe Military Institute's Warriors and four Galactic Cups won over the span of just a decade by the ELL's Mando'ade Mercs.

    Recent time hasn't been so kind to the few Mandalorians that pay attention to another sport; lightball. Lightball is not, and has never been, very popular on Mandalore. Too slow, not violent enough and a lack of personality have all been common complaints heard by the few fans that still trek out to the Field of Valor or listen in on the wave for a game. There are those though, just barely enough, who enjoy the strategy and pace of a game that many Mandalorians simply don't seem to understand. So the team endures, despite low attendance and threats of the team's relocation every few seasons.

    On the Rancor Pitt discussion of Lightball is kept to a minimum, generally not even mentioned during the off season, and relegated to the D Block of the show during the regular season. Few on Mandalore seem to care, save the chosen few, those hardcore fans that still delight in a game once regaled as the Republic's past time.
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    Apologies for the super late GM Announcement, but Mother's Day threw a wrench into everything as expected. lol

    As some of you may have guessed, due to the pushback in the start of the season for the Limmie League (to next Sunday), I have pushed back the MLL Start date as well. Same day. Throughout this coming week, I'll finalize player teams, announce NPC Teams and work on their rosters, officially reveal the League Placements, and generate the Season Schedule.

    I will be open to Pre-Season Posts starting on Wednesday, with a small opening post of my own around then as well.

    In the mean time, here is the official tally of Player Teams!

    1) Dathomir Rancors Darth_Elu
    2) Rydonni Prime Knights CPL_Macja
    3) Druckenwell Bulwarks Vehn
    4) Thyferra Tornadoes Jedi Gunny
    5) Ralltiir Renegades Runjedirun
    6) Krayt Hunter Killers Master Vo'Un'Var
    7) Coruscant Yankees galactic-vagabond422
    8) Mandalore Warriors Bardan_Jusik

    Still one person on the fence currently, so we'll see what they decide. And people are free to join anytime, though if you wish to make it into the Major League level for this upcoming season, I'll want a Character Sheet and Team Roster sent to me by no later than Thursday or Friday!

    Thank you and Play Ball!
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    OOC: Here we go everyone! Feel free to make any Pre-Season/"Spring" Training posts before the season starts on Sunday if you wish. Will get the ball rolling officially now. As a few details haven't been finalized yet (the schedule being the most glaring one), just focus on your team and/or character for now. All details will be ready soon! :)

    Since the Schedule is undecided currently, err on the side of you potentially playing against another player in the first series of games. So PM me where you want your Bonus Runs for this week. (Games 1, 2, and/or 3)

    Raimae Riverwisp IC:
    ~Oanoa Park, Wilds of the Heart University, Dathomir~

    It had taken forever but Raimae had managed it at last! She had escaped work's clutches, nagged at her mother long enough to get out of clan duties, and prepared all the necessary essentials.

    She now lounged in the sun amid her success. Dathomir Rancors training camp. The glorious sights, sounds, and smells that only the action before the season truly got underway springing up into her nostrils. They liked to do such Pre-Season games and training at the local university field rather than their professional stadium so it could ready itself for the Regular Season.

    Laying beyond the outfield wall on her basic lawn chair, with umbrella shading her from the most intense rays, she took it all in. The Rancors seemed to being doing well, but then again…it was only training camp. They weren't even playing a game, they had finished the last pre-season one a couple days ago. This was the final stretch.

    Still. Looking well was good in her book.

    There was the kaleesh Xizer sha Qareen and arcona Fimmara Nezal arguing over who got to practice on the mound at the moment. A fairly usual occurrence and it seemed the rest of the team just took it in stride, though the chagrian pitching coach Eruui Morasa was attempting to mediate. Good luck with that one. Two strong personalities who both insisted they were the ace and didn't like walking away from the mound. Ever.

    Munsul'val Chuzai, the nikto closer, was practicing in the bullpen with the fallen Ziton Mythax. He seemed to be attempting to calm her down from something or other. The nikto woman was good. Really good. Yet nevertheless, she seemed to suffer from self-confidence issues often and Raimae could only hope that perhaps this would be the year she broke through that.

    Laughing and jostling each other playfully as they ran around the outfield in laps, closest to the wall where Raimae could get a good look were the rookie catcher she had heard was a potential prodigy in the making, a bothan named Traist Vak'ote; as well as the defel second basemen Manaar Xa and jenet shortstop Reht Horsh. Apparently those three got along really well.


    The dathomiri woman nearly laughed. There went the center fielding wookiee, Korawharra again. He had a cannon of an arm and good all around skills, but he was infamous for his short temper and high competitive spirit. Judging by his folded arms and mouthing off in his native tongue, he was clearly unimpressed by the fielding practice already from his teammates.

    The Hittiing coach, Varr Kozak was tossing balls up and smacking them off to the side of the field where a select number of fielders attempted to catch them as he yelled out their names for the intended target. It seemed the wookiee was watching them.


    The human woman that often started in left ran for the ball that was sent as a high pop up and caught it, but not before nearly losing it in the sun.


    The team captain, first basemen, and by far and away the best player on the team: the zabrak Kotra Larack was on the dugout steps, nodding his head as he listened to the Chiss Manager Naro. By the gloves on his hands and helmet on his head, he was headed for the batting cages where the rookie talz third basemen Guffmak was swinging next to the giant herglic right fielder Dortya-kann and human shortstop Jacen Barken.

    Yes. It all seemed well in hand. The team was acting normal and that always was a good sign.

    Here's hoping the season would start off well because of it.

    Tag: No One

    Pitching Rotation (Only necessary this one time unless injuries among pitchers happen later)

    1) Xizer sha Qareen
    2) Fimmara Nezal
    3) Tena Noctur
    4) Atric Weson
    5) Nakolis Treboh

    Starting Lineup for Games 1, 2, & 3

    1 - SS Reht Horsh
    2 - 2B Manaar Xa
    3 - 3B Guffmak
    4 - 1B Kotra Larack
    5 - CF Korawharra
    6 - C Traist Vak'ote
    7 - P Xizer sha Qareen (Game 1) / RF Carana clan Sarnakh (Games 2 & 3)
    8 - RF Carana clan Sarnakh (Game 1) / LF Sabryna Torne (Games 2 & 3)
    9 - LF Sabryna Torne (Game 1) / P Fimmara Nezal (Game 2) / P Tena Noctur (Game 3)
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Jax Matha
    Taanab Spaceport, Taanab

    Training was about to start and that meant the start of the lightball season was about to start. In the terminal for the flight to Courscant Jax Matha stood with his loved ones. His father pulled him into a hug his brawny arms squeezed tightly as if he never wanted to let go. The scruffy beard on the father's face scratched against his son's clean shaven face.

    "Now, remember son," the older man, Camb Matha, started, "You promised to visit over the off-season. And if you even need anything just…"

    "Aw," Jax replied, "Paw, you know I'll be fine."

    "I know, I know, I just want you to know that we're just a call away." Reluctantly Camb released his son.

    Next came his mother a woman with greying brown hair and soft brown eyes. Jun Matha was shorter in height but a little broader in fame than her son. With a lick of her thumb she began to rub what she thought was a smudge on his forehead.

    "Awww, Maw," he protested trying to pull her hands away. She of course she brushed his arms away straightening his hair. "Maw, you're embarrassin' me." He cast his eye around hoping no one was looking at him as his mother dotted over him.

    "Make sure you don't stay up too late partying ya' hear me boy."


    "And don't go skipping meals now, gotta' keep your strength up."

    "Maw…" Jax said again his annoyance and embarrassment rising.

    "You'll do no one any good if you're tired and weak." Camb put an arm around his wife's shoulders. "And make sure to call us and tell us you're alright," she continued, "we'll be worried near to death 'bout you if you don't."

    "I will maw, I will." The son reassured his mother. He continued moving coming to stand in front of another woman, this one younger than his mother, actually she was around the same age as him. Soria Annye was a little shorter than her boyfriend with shimmering braided brunette hair that rested on her shoulder. She reached up her hands interlacing her fingers behind his neck. In response he put his arms around her waist pulling her closer. Jax tilted his head down to look the grey eyes he loved so much.

    "Now, there are some conditions," she started a look of mock seriousness on her face, "to your release."

    "Yeah, and what are those warden?" he replied, his words lacking the same gravity as hers.

    "One, you have to promise to miss me everyday."

    "I already am."

    "Two you have to promise to call me when you can."

    "Will do,"

    "And finally, I'll be watching every game, so you have to always do you best on the mound."

    "Aww, Sor…"

    "No slacking off Jaxie, this ain't the Taanab school league any more, you can't just slide on your slider."

    "You've been waiting a whole week to say that haven't ya'."

    "Oh, just shut up." She stood on her toes giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek. He responded by giving her a quick peck on the lips. Part of him wanted to go further but, he could feel the prying gaze of his parents right next to him.

    He pulled away slightly resting his forehead against hers,

    "I'll call ya' as soon as I land."

    "After you call us." Camb called out.

    "After I call my folks ok."

    "Deal." Soria slowly released Jax and he moved to the last in this line of well-wishers. His best friend Sill Masur was around Jax's height but, a little stockier. His reddish hair was, for once, combed and his brown eyes, as always, held a sense of mischief.

    "Hey I'm only here to see you fall flat on your face as you board." He said with a crooked grin.

    "Remind me, why are we friends?" Jax asked jokingly.

    "Ahhh…because I'm the only one that can stand that huge ego of yours." Jax looked away embarrassed shuffling his feet. "See, there goes that ego again," Sill looked into the distance as if he was following a fast moving bird. He lightly tapped his fist against his friend's chest, "You're going to get eaten alive if you don't own your skills Jax. You got 'em flaunt 'em."

    "Sill you know I'm not one for showboating."

    "Come on Jax, you're going to the Majors, it's nothin' but showboats up there." He put a hand on his shoulder, "Look I'm only lookin' out for you bud, would I ever steer you wrong."

    "Ya' would, and that's the problem Sill." The hand on the shoulder pulled away clenching into a fist that forcefully but, not painfully slammed into Jax's shoulder. Jax gave a punch of his own slightly turning his friend's body.

    "Just take care of yourself Jax, you're the best thing to come out of this planet since…ever really."

    Jax shook his head shouldering his luggage. It was light, what he carried with him, just a few changes of clothes, and his glove. It was once too big for him playing catch with his dad in the front yard. Now it was his lucky charm. He never felt right standing on the mound without it on his right hand. The material had frayed a bit, and he had to have it repaired so many times he actually lost count. It looked its age, all battered and worn, most of the big league players he saw on the holo had pristine, shining gloves. They'd probably laugh at him or try and get him to change to a new glove but, this was something he'd be steadfast in. He would not take the mound without that old ratty mitt on his paw.

    On the shuttle he packed his gear away, the Yankees had sent him a first class ticket for his trip but, he found a man trying to get home to see his wife after a long business trip and gave his ticket to him. Now he was 'slumming' it in economy class but, he didn't mind. Nestled between broad shouldered man that took up the armrest and a frazzled mother with an unhappy infant Jax settled in for a long ride, from his home, and everything he was used to. No longer would he see wheat fields to the horizon, no longer would he see the sun rise over the rolling hills of his farm.

    Where he was going, it was nothing but, glass, steel and smoke as far as the eye could see. It would be a change, he knew that, he just wasn't prepared for how much of one it would be.
    Yankee Training Camp, Courscant

    It was the first day training Jax had just gotten off his flight one day prior and his neck, despite the comfortable accommodations, was still stiff. He was also dealing with a bit of space lag. His body clock was all thrown off by the time difference between his home and where he was now. He called when he landed, the sun was still shining in the sky but, his Maw and Paw were sitting down to dinner when he called, Soria was getting ready for bed by the time he was done talking with his folks. This morning, while he was an early riser, he didn't usually wake at 3:00 in the morning. The only person that did that was his father, up before the sun and before any of the Stagas were awake.

    His eyes still unfocused he pinched the bridged nose trying to clear his vison. He had to be sharp, had to be prepared. He walked into the locker room and saw more species of being in this one room than he'd seen in all his life. Tall, short, furred, scaled, blue, green everything in-between was ahead of him. A towering Kaltooinian brushed past him.

    "Keep your eyes up Rookie." He grumbled. Jax took a panicked step back bumping into a blue skinned Pantoran.

    "Watch where you're going Newbie." He snapped, Jax jumped to the side this time he felt two arms wrap around his shoulders.

    "Might just want to try standing still, new guy."

    He turned around to see a human woman, about his height with blonde hair bound at the back of her head. Her green eyes wrinkle a little as she smiles at him. The first smile he'd gotten all day. He returned the smile standing still for a moment.

    "Aww, I'm sorry mam'," Jax said nodding his head.

    "It's Mara Piazzi." She looked him up and down, Jax quirked his head. "You must be the new wonder kid."

    "Aw, yeah uhh…Jax Matha." He held out his hand for a shake and she took it with a firm grip.

    "Good to meet you Jax." Instantly she had an air about her, a confidence and skill that somewhat drew him in. "Well I'm the starting catcher so, we're going to be working closely." She gave another smile and released his hand. Taking a quick look he saw his old ratty glove. "You not really going to use that thing are you?"

    "What…" Jax started a little flustered before looking to his lucky cham. "Oh, yeah, it's my first glove, worn it to every practice and game, you have to cut my hand off to stop me wearing it."

    "That thing looks a little worse for wear, you sure it'll last through a game?"

    "It hasn't failed me yet, like my paw says, Ain't broke don't fix it."

    Mara stifled a laugh, "Whatever you say farmboy." She quieted for a moment looking around. "Alright well get your gear on and head out."

    "Yes mam'."

    Jax dressed in his practice uniform and stepped on to the field. He felt a little sense of nervousness. It was brewing up from his stomach, and started to make his hand shake. This was real, he was in the big leagues now, on a big name team.

    The first thing the team wanted to do was put the new pitcher through his paces. He took his place on the mound looking to Mara.

    "Curveball." One of the other players called out. Mara showed two numbers with her left hand, 2-1. Jax nodded his head. There would be time later to learn the team's signals, right now, they were testing him.

    "Ok," he said before letting loose a perfect pitch that dropped right from the top of the strike zone to the bottom.


    "Ok," this time the ball broke down and to the side actually moving closer to a right handed batter.

    "Slurve." Another called out.

    "Ok," this time the ball dropped fast curving a bit to the right.

    This continued for a bit, the team calling out pitches and Jax throwing them, each one with precision though not as much speed as other pitchers. Some were impressed with his ability to throw such accurate and deceitful pitches, others scoffed at their lack of speed. Though it all Jax never showed any trepidation. Each pitch came out steady from his left paw, each going exactly where he wanted them to go. He had an easy way about him, almost smirking as he threw pitch after pitch. Whatever nerves he was feeling earlier seemed to fade away as he took his place. He always felt calmer on the mound, everything just faded into the background, it was just him and the batter, a game of wits.

    It also helped that he'd spent untold hours practicing each pitch until he could get it right, and throw it the same way every time.

    Consistency that was the key, to make sure that you can hit the same spot with the same pitch every time. You did no one any good if one pitch was in the strike zone, and the next wasn't. Jax had trained long and hard, he wasn't just a natural, he was also dedicated.

    After a few more tests, it was time to move on to other things, the rookie had been sufficiently trialed. At the end of the day Jax felt a little drained, still trying to get used to the time difference. He'd powered through but, now once it was all over his will to keep going had nearly left him. She showered and headed back to the hotel. Before crashing for the night, he made a call, waking his parents from their sleep. He told them about his day, what he did, basic checking in stuff. Afterwards he called Soria.

    "Huh…" a tired voice answered.

    "Hey Sor," Jax started apologetically, "sorry for wakin' ya' but, just wanted to tell you I love ya', and that my first day went well."

    "Well, I'm glad," she mumbled, "and I love you too,"



    He hung up and laid back on the bed a smile on his face. It was a long day but, he'd proven himself, showed that he could hack it, at least at practice.

    There was still a long season ahead of him, a lot could change.

    Pitching Rotation

    1- Neptis Clin
    2- Yin Hao
    3- Jax Matha
    4- Sitoch Talis
    5- Fabi Vibulan

    Starting Lineup for Games 1, 2, & 3

    1-1B Zelenogo “Zel” Noyarsk
    2- C Mara Piazzi
    3- 3B Pinchas Krendo
    4- CF Onythe “the Hammer” Hammyn
    5- 2B Phyllon Haight
    6- SS Orache Czinkota
    7- RF Nikole Medzi
    8- P Neptis Clin
    9- P Sitoch Talis

    TAG: Darth_Elu
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Limmie is right around the corner!"

    about two and a half hours later...

    "...Concordian Crescent Technologies, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every shabuir accept no substitutes."

    "OK, we're back and I guess we have to give a mention to the opening of the lightball season..."


    "Well, it is a sport..."

    "I guess."

    "..and we are a sports talk wave show."

    "That part is true."

    "So there we are."

    "Sure, sure."

    "Season starting for the Mandalore lightball Warriors, and from what I understand they've sold out their home opener..."

    "That's no surprise, the stadium holds what...Like 10,000 people?"

    "45,000 actually."

    "Right so like a 10 percent..."

    "1 percent."

    "...of the capacity of Meshla Vhetin. No one on Mandalore likes it."

    "Well you can't say no one, they do sell out on opening day."

    "Yeah, and then the rest of that first series you might get half of that..."


    "...and then by mid season you have like 87 people showing up to a game."

    "They have their attendance issues yes, but the die hard fans, they truly love the game."

    "They do?"


    "I mean they do, they must, why else go? But I just don't understand why they like the game so much."

    "It''s hard to say. Back when I lived on Coruscant I was a Yankee's fan, I admit that."

    "Really? You followed lightball?"

    "Just a little, not nearly as much as I followed limmie, and I follow limmie now even more than I did back then."

    "So what is it about lightball? Why should anyone get excited about something so boring?"

    "There are a lot of nuances to the game that I suspect appeal to some folks, even Mandalorians."

    "Well it doesn't appeal to me, and I'm not even Mandalorian."

    "Well, I'm not really a fan either, but I know enough about the game to get by."

    "OK fine, so explain the...uhhhh..." there was the noise of Justin adjusting his microphone as he searched the terminal in front of him. "Ah, OK. Explain what this infield fly rule is then..."

    "Oh. Oh boy."

    TAG: Darth_Elu

    Pitching Rotation

    1- Newbacca "newbie"
    2- Hersh'iser
    3- Cal "Thermal Detonator" LaLoosh
    4- Finn Mancuso
    5- Bart Roberts

    Starting Lineup for Games 1, 2, & 3

    1- Kenneth Luftwaffe: CF
    2- Margo: LF
    3- Jaina Ericksson: 2B
    4- Ceedaak: 1B
    5- Bel'war: RF
    6- Kragen: 3B
    7- 'Crash' Daviss: C
    8- Traco'mar'leez "Omar": SS
    9- (Pitcher)
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    Mar 19, 2017
    IC- Korvik Vorkohk
    Krayt Dragon Arena Stadium

    The hot, sweaty air mixed with sand wipped up from the ground slashed at Korvik Vorkohk's face. He was standing in the stadium, looking forward at his team, all anticipating what he was about to say, their scales glinting from the rays of the sun.
    "Let's Play Ball."
    It was the season, And that only meant two words...

    Hell Yeah.

    "Come on boys! It's practice time!"

    The team was excited, who would they play was a big question in the team, hopefully they could slay some mando's or dathomir's, any team would do. Korvik sped around the pitch,

    Let's Do This...

    "Great Practice Fella's! I will expect the same all the time. And I want you to give the opening match ya best."

    Korvik unscrewed the top of his water bottle and took a swig, This was a season that was almost as good as the hunting season.

    TAGS- @Darth_Elu

    Pitching Rotation

    1) Salamence Vestive, 21 years,Trandoshan, Power Pitcher
    2) Varkee "RipGut" Horvoss, Trandoshan, 19 years, Power Pitcher
    3) Solvation, Trandoshan, 19 years, Precision Pitcher
    4) Hell Hound, 25 years, Trandoshan, Balanced Pitcher
    5) Blood Hand, 30, Trandoshan, Balanced Pitcher
    Starting Lineup for Games 1, 2, & 3

    1) Catcher: Doom Face Mav
    2) First Base: Korvik Vorkohk
    3) Second Base: Malevolence Verikan
    4) Shortstop: Maverick Vossk
    5) Third Base: KillKam Korviis
    6) Left Field: Mordred "Hate Eyes" Crovak
    7) Center Field: Hassen Ezek
    8) Right Field: Krasenio Vesanik
    9) (Pitcher)
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    May 20, 2008

    Posted in Memoriam of Chris Cornell, the lead vocalist and guitarist for Soundgarden who died last night. I might also scrap my music plans for this season and just roll with Soundgarden, which works for me.


    That was the sweet sound of contact, of ball against glove. That was the sound that was most appreciated. The ball came back on cue. Spin the laces, change the grip, let it fly.


    OK, you’ve seen that offering; will you ever expect this next one? Change the grip again, feel the laces against the skin, make the right alignment. Let it fly and make ‘em run for cover.


    How do you like a little heat? I bet you won’t even see this one coming.


    Oh, how about another serving of heat? High heat.


    “Ow, come on, Mac! You’re hurting my hand with all those fastballs!” the catcher yelled as he threw the ball back in the pouring rain. “And let’s go inside. It’s wet out here, and I’m soaked to the bone!”

    “Not until I finish this batter!” Macanack Fleeger yelled back at his friend.

    “You’ve already struck him out fifteen times! Give my hand a break, or it’ll fall off!”

    “Just two more pitches, I promise!”

    “No, I’m going inside!” the other child yelled, pulling off his cap and running towards the house, leaving Mac standing on the makeshift rubberlike strip that was his pitching mound, the roost from which he stared down imaginary hitters and mowed them down one after another with his arsenal of pitches.

    “Someday the catcher won’t run away. Someday, that’ll be the batters running away,” he muttered to himself as he walked in a resigned fashion back to the house in the driving Zeltros rain.

    Many Years Later

    “Mac Fleeger on to pitch the ninth,” the holowave commentator said. “After a tough first outing in which he gave up a home run and lost out on a chance to earn the save, he has been lights-out on the rubber since. He has gone 7 for 8 on saves, and looks to shut out the University of Rattatak right here.”

    The lanky right-hander looked down at the rubber below his cleats before kicking at the dirt. A small cloud of dust formed in the air before settling onto his cleats. He flexed his toes a few times to shake out any stiffness in the joints; he would need every muscle and every bone in his body to work in sync to make this happen.

    Up came the first batter, and Mac wasted no time going after them. He started off with the warning shot, the blazing fastball right down the pipe. The batter swung feebly at the pitch, unable to catch up to it. You like that? Let me give you something a little different Mac thought as he changed the grip on the laces. There was nothing quite like the feeling of the laces against his hand; he had always marveled at that feeling which transported him to another place and time. On the mound he was an unstoppable force, the closer, the finisher of the game. Opposing batters would shake in their cleats at the mere sight of him in the bullpen; when on the field, they would visibly quake. That was what he wanted, the fear in their eyes. Then the battle was already won; he just needed to finish the job with his pitches.

    Out came a nasty slider, and the batter swung and missed at the pitch as it hooked away from the plate at the last moment. Ha, didn’t see that coming. What to throw now? Changeup? Nah, save that. Fastball? When in doubt, always go fastball. Make ‘em swing to save their hide.


    “Stee-rike three!” the ump yelled as the Rattatak batter almost fell over on his knees form the feeble swing.

    Up came the next batter. Fastball, fastball, fastball . . . maybe slider . . . fastball . . .

    “Strike one!” Got ‘em swinging down and away.

    “Strike two!” Right over the plate, couldn’t catch up to it.

    Change of approach. Looking for ball away. Switch to breaking ball

    The slider hung around the plate before diving away, and the batter tried to make contact but found only air.

    “Stee-rike three!”

    The last batter came to the plate. Two were out, and none on. This was just how Mac liked it.

    A fastball went low for a ball, and the slider went away too early. Two balls and no strikes was the count. Mac took a moment to steady himself; he had only walked two batters all season. That was not going to change now. A heater on the outside corner caused a foul tip that brought it to 2-1 on the count. A slider brought on another foul tip, this time evening the count at 2 apiece.

    You expect fastball. Everyone expects the fastball. Then let me give you the fastball . . . or so you think.”

    He changed the grip slightly and let the ball fly. The ball fluttered in the air longer than anticipated, and the batter swung much too early.

    “And a devastating changeup absolutely buckles the Rattatak batter’s knees for strike three! That’s the ballgame!” the commentator said in astonishment. “He is the ultimate magician, starting out with that blazing fastball and then fooling you into thinking that’s all he has. But that changeup, the only time he threw it today, was unexpected at that slow a speed. This guy, folks, can change his pitch speed with the best of them. He is going places.”

    Mac wiped his nose with the back of his hand before walking off the mound. That made eight saves on the season for him, and he would have the chance at more with the Big 20 Tournament coming up soon.

    “ . . . the Thyferra Tornadoes select Mackanack Fleeger, relief pitcher from the University of Zeltros at Paradise,” the announcer said at the MLL Draft.

    “Ugh, why couldn’t I have been drafted by a better team like the Yankees?” Mac said, rolling his eyes.

    “It’ll be a good opportunity for you,” his mother said. The entire family was watching the Draft unfold.

    “They are a hopeless cause. They never win, and they never will.”

    “Maybe what they need is a stout reliever like you to shore up their bullpen.”

    “Fat chance. They need several miracles to win anything.”

    Thyferra Spring Training


    Thyferra Municipal Stadium looked only a little less like a dump when Mac first stepped into the stadium than it looked on the Holo. The ongoing saga regarding the stadium had been in the local media for years, the municipality and the taxpayers unwilling to budge on the owner’s request to upgrade the stadium. It was such an old structure that the Thyferra Force of the Limmie Futures League had once shared the venue before a new stadium was built. There were rumors that the plumbing overflowed during major rain events and flooded the visitor’s dugout, and that the smell of the venue was rather malodorous.

    Only the finest for the biggest joke in the Majors.

    Mac walked up the steps from the home dugout onto the field. His first impression of the field involved the wide-open foul territories on both sides of the field. He had never seen a field with such vast swaths of foul ground before; most parks tried to contain it as much as possible. Obviously the needed reconfiguration of the space to play Limmie ion back in the day had caused this abnormality to exist, something that was found nowhere else in the Major Leagues.

    “You must be Fleeger,” said a grizzled Bothan nearby. The man was standing with several others, one of them holding a clipboard.

    “That’d be me,” Mac said, not interested.

    The Bothan came over and extended his hand. Mac shook it, but was still not impressed. “Jok Cal’ver. I’m going to be your manager this year. Let me introduce you to some of the coaching staff. This gentleman right here is Webb Danson.”

    “Hello,” Danson said. He was a dark-skinned human man with short-cropped hair.

    “He will be your hitting coach, since we don’t use the designated hitter in the Major Leagues like they do in some other leagues around the galaxy,” Cal’ver continued. “This fine young woman is your pitching coach, Bria Clemmens.”

    “Hi,” Clemmens said. She, like Danson, was human, with long blonde hair that featured some brown streaks in it. She did not look as old as the other two coaches, almost more of Mac’s own age.

    “And this is Regad, our First Base Coach,” Cal’ver said, pointing to the Quarren with the clipboard. “Vil’s around here somewhere. She’s our third base coach, and a damn good one, too. She used to manage our minor league affiliate, but when our old third base coach retired, she was promoted here. Maybe someday she’ll replace me when I’m too old and gray to coach any longer.”

    Shouldn’t be too long, then, you old geezer, Mac thought to himself.

    “They tell me you’re a bit of a firebrand, Mr. Fleeger,” Cal’ver said. “While I like a little competitive fire, I do not appreciate players mouthing off at me. That’s the easiest way to get yourself benched. You may not agree with my decisions, but ask me in a conversational tone or keep it to yourself. I’m not here to make friends with you; we’re here to win ballgames.”

    “That’s all I want,” Mac said. He wanted to win above all else.

    “The scouts also said that you have almost no friends. Tell me, Fleeger, why is that?”

    “I value winning above all else.”

    “Shame. As much as I shouldn’t be your friend, and as much of your business as it is to make your own life decisions, I will respectfully ask you to work on the relationship you have with your new teammates as the season goes along. I know you’re a rookie, but you can learn a lot from your fellow players. That is especially true for your fellow bullpen-mates. Take Milhollin, for instance. He’s been a steady closer for the last three years. Not flashy, but he gets the job done in the ninth. You would be wise to learn a few tricks from him, since you’ll probably be in middle relief this year as you learn the ropes.”

    “When can I try out to be closer? I’ve always been a closer.”

    “We’ve got a closer. What we need is a set-up man.”

    “I don’t pitch the eighth. I pitch the ninth,” Mac said flatly. Throughout school, he had always been a closer. The set-up man who got the eighth inning always set the table for him; he never had to do it for anyone else.

    “Watch your mouth, kid,” Cal’ver said. “Frankly, I see your talent is off the charts. Two-plus fastball, nasty slider, changeup that varies in speed, and a curveball. Very impressive. But what I also see is an impish player who needs to understand his role. If you want to be closer someday, you’re going to earn it the hard way. That means pitching in whatever role I give you. I don’t even have to play you; ownership would understand if I bench a player for insubordination.”

    “You want to win? Let me pitch.”

    “I’m going to give you a shot at set-up. If you do well, and if Mil ever struggles, then we’ll talk. But for now, you’d be best to embrace your new role. Welcome to Thyferra.”

    “Let’s see what you have in that arsenal of yours,” Clemmins said. A ball materialized in her hands seemingly out of nowhere, and she tossed it to Mac. The Zeltron barely caught the ball, completely off-guard. “I want to see this amazing fastball of yours.”

    “Prepare to be amazed,” Mac said. He walked to the mound and stretched out his arm a little bit. When he was done, a tough-looking Klatoonian adorned in catcher’s gear came to the plate and crouched into normal catching position.

    “Let’s see a fastball or two, rook,” Clemmins said.

    Mac uncorked the first fastball, the laces spinning in harmony as the ball sailed through the air before smacking solidly into the catcher’s glove. Three more times he pitched the ball, each time right on target.

    “How about the slider? Can you control that pitch? Your scouting report says you can have command issues,” Clemmins commented. “Let’s see it.”

    The slider got away, and it sailed to the backstop. The next one was spot-on, but the third and fourth didn’t hook as they were supposed to.


    Four pitches went as expected. Mac looked to Clemmins, but the human seemed unimpressed at the sight.


    Four curveballs came in, one of them a perfect 12-6, the others a little less so. The last one found its way into the dirt.

    “Throw a curve into the dirt. See how you bounce it.”

    The ball went into the dirt, but it kicked away from the catcher. The Klatoonian didn’t even flinch.

    “You know what I see, Fleeger? I see a one-pitch pitcher here,” Clemmins said. “You may have been able to get away with mistakes like those against college batters using your speed and fastball, but most of the pitches I just saw would be in the second deck by now had there been a live batter here. This is the Major Leagues, rook. We do things differently here. You may think you don’t need anyone to tell you how to pitch, but it’s clear that you need work. That’s why I’m here, to get you ready for the season. We need to work on some things so that you can do to batters here what you did to them in college.”

    “Frak off,” Mac muttered to himself as he got off the mound. He didn’t need anyone telling him that his pitches weren’t good. They had gotten him this far, and yet someone barely older than him was challenging his talent? How dare she think that of his stuff?

    “I suggest you take a lap of the field, meet some of your teammates,” Clemmins said. “I’ll figure out what to work on for tomorrow, and I’ll check back in with you later.”

    My stuff doesn’t need work. Get stuffed, Mac thought as he walked away, glove in hand.

    On the other side of the field, the infielders were taking grounders. It was a motley bunch of players. A hulking Talz took grounders alongside much smaller players like a Mon Calamari female and a human female. Other infielders were doing drills on the basepaths. One such drill was the double-play drill, with a soft grounder hit towards the shortstop to initiate a double play. The ball went onto the ground and was quickly scooped up by a female Twi’lek. The woman then effortlessly flipped the ball to a male Bothan who covered second. The Bothan then fired a laser to a human male at first to finish the play. Mac stopped to watch the players.

    Time and time again, grounders were sent towards the shortstop. Every time, she gloved it without much effort and flipped it to the Bothan at second. Their rhythm was perfect, as if they were two dancers in perfect sync as they completed the simple play at second base. Every so often, Mac caught a big smile from the Bothan as he looked to his double-play partner, and the Twi’lek returned the smile. If Mac didn’t know better, he could tell that there was something between the two, something more than just being teammates in the middle infield. But a Bothan and Twi’lek being together in any sort of meaningful relationship off the field? Like that’ll ever happen Mac thought as he kept going.

    The outfielders were going through throwing drills. A diminutive and thin man with a gaunt face was throwing absolute darts from the field. He looked like one hit would cause him to fall apart, but he had an amazing arm. Next to him were a Devaronian and a Shistavanen, both throwing balls back and forth with other players on the roster on the other side.

    Behind him, Mac could sense pitchers getting in their work. Out came a Chiss man, throwing a variety of off-speed pitches. The catcher this time was human, but at one point he peeled off his catchers’ gear and walked to the mound as the same Klatoonian that Mac had thrown to went into the crouch. The dark-skinned human got in quite a few pitches off the mound before eventually returning to the foul territory where he donned the catcher’s gear once more. It was clear that he played both positions.

    Eventually Clemmins came back with a gameplan for how to “improve” his pitches. Mac played along with it, although deep down he resented the woman for challenging his arsenal of available pitches.

    “Have you ever thought of throwing something a little different? Maybe a cut fastball? Cutter?” Clemmins asked.

    “I don’t need more action on my fastball. It’s fast enough to get the ‘K’, nothing less.”

    “Knuckle curve?”

    “What’s wrong with my curveball?”

    “Circle change?”

    “What’s your problem?” Mac asked indignantly.

    “My problem is that you’re stubborn,” Clemmins snapped. “If you’d just be willing to work with me, you could improve as a pitcher.”

    “I just need my pitches, and that’s it,” Mac snapped back. “No experimentation, none of that. I worked on my pitches for years, and I know how to throw them.”

    “And they end up in the seats. Like I said, things are . . .”

    “Different here, I got the memo the first time,” Mac said angrily. “What’s wrong with my pitches? If they are so bad, I never would have gotten this far.

    “You’re so caught-up in your own ego that you don’t know how to learn. I bet your coaches just let you go by how you pleased. Tell me, how many mound visits did you get last year?”

    “Mound visit? Never got one. Coach knew to let me pitch, and I never got rattled.”

    “You’re full of crap, you know that?” Clemmins asked. “All I see here is a serious talent with a serious ego problem. You need to cut down on that, rook, or else you’re going to either find yourself at the end of the bench or picking a fight with some giant Wookiee because you plunked him with that fastball of yours and he gets angry. And I’m just going to sit and watch the spectacle. If you know what’s good for you, you will work with me to improve your pitches before it’s too late and you cost us games.”

    “What made you such an expert at pitching?”

    “Let’s just say that I did my time.”

    “If you’re so good, then why don’t we see you pitch a few, show me why I’m supposedly not so good?”

    “I don’t pitch anymore.”

    “Why not? Afraid that I’m right?”

    “Fine. Gie me your glove,” Clemmins said. “Hey Sachi, I’m going to throw a few. You mind?”

    “Not at all,” the Klatoonian said.

    “Hey Igarn, let me have a few,” Clemmins said to the Chiss on the mound. The man stepped aside to let Clemmins onto the rubber.

    “This should be good,” Mac said to himself.

    “What the hell did you do, rookie?” Cal’ver asked, annoyed. “Why is your pitching coach on the mound?”

    “Wants to show the rookie something, teach him a lesson, I think,” a human female with flowing red hair and freckles said as she leaned against a bat whose barrel was dug into the grass.

    “We told her to limit this kind of crap,” Cal’ver said, sighing.

    Clemmins finished her warmup stretches and then got into the stretch position. Nodding to the catcher, she got back into the ready stance before throwing her first pitch. The ball came out of her hand and gracefully floated to the plate. However, just as it was about to cross the plate, the ball hooked violently downwards and almost landed in the dirt. On her next pitch, the ball screamed to the side, a tailor-made curveball if there was one. Her third pitch also hit the target perfectly, even featuring a little topspin as it approached the batter’s box. Then she pounded in three perfectly placed fastballs before throwing in a nice-looking changeup. She finished out the series with several more dangerous breaking pitches. Had a batter been on the right side of the box, the bat would have been sawed in two or the batter would have been left looking foolish after hitting only air with the barrel of their bat.

    With her pitch sequence complete, Clemmins tossed the Chiss man the ball and trotted off the field.

    “Bria, we’ve talked about this,” Cal’ver said. “You promised me not to get hurt again.”

    “Jok, it was the only way to teach the rook his lesson,” Clemmins said. She looked at Mac, who was barely able to shut his agape mouth before the pitching coach saw him.

    “Where’d you learn that?”

    “Experience. Something you’d be wise to heed in the future,” Clemmins said flatly. “You’re not the only one here with a rocket arm.”

    “Then how’d you end up sitting idly by instead of winning games?” Mac challenged.

    “Bria, don’t,” Cal’ver said.

    Clemmins wriggled her right shoulder out of her polo shirt to reveal the bare skin to the surrounding air. Across the shoulder joint down to her armpit was a large red surgical scar. “Sometimes you don’t get to choose why you make decisions in this game; they’re made for you whether you like it or not. Tomorrow, we’re working on those pitches of yours first thing at practice. I expect you to be on your best behavior, or you’ll find yourself floating home,” she said as she pulled her shirt over her shoulder again and stalked away.

    “Wow, you really set her off. Nice job, rook,” the redhead female said, a bemused look on her face. “Now you’re really in the rancor’s den.”

    “What’s eating her?” Mac asked the grizzled Bothan manager.

    “She used to be a talented pitcher like you. First-round pick, all the hype. Electric arm, just like you, great stuff. Unlike you, though, she had a thirst to improve her pitches and to soak up any knowledge she could of the game. Won six games for us her rookie year; perfect 6-0 record, I think. But tore her ACL the next year two games in, and was out for the year. Blew out her shoulder the next year, and finally when she thought she was ready two years ago, tore a shoulder muscle again. You should have seen how depressed she was; 24 years old and flamed out as a pro ball player. But you know what she did? She didn’t get in her manager’s face or challenge her coaches. She lived and she learned. She learned how to be a good coach. Last year she was our pitching coach because ol’ Bill finally retired, and she kept our staff together despite the rash of injuries. I mean, everyone went down at some point in the season. You could tell that she was ready to take the mound if the need arose. She’s that kind of Lightball mind, and you would be wise to take her advice. You want to be a closer at this level? Learn from a player who has been there.”

    Mac was silent for several seconds. “I expect my shot at the closer role at some point.”

    “We’ll see,” Cal’ver replied bluntly. “For now, get used to being set-up, because that’s what we need. A fireballer like you will set up Mil perfectly with his off-speed stuff. The two of you can be something special, so I expect you to be on your best behavior at all times, got it?”

    “Whatever,” Mac muttered, but he nodded anyways.

    “Good. Kollette, I think it’s time for batting practice. You’re up first, as usual,” Cal’ver said to the redhead.

    “You got it, Skip,” the woman said with a nod. “Welcome to Thyferra, rook. Your life just got a whole lot different, whether you like it or not.”

    Oh, I’ll be ready. I’ll show all of you what Mac Fleeger has to offer, Mac thought. Just you wait and see.

    Thyferra Tornadoes Rotation:

    1) Rana Pless (Pantoran, Female)
    2) Leger Sintale (Chagrian, Male)
    3) Lyann Sengian (Human, Female)
    4) Wava Rhelt (Zabrak, Female)
    5) Bronson Arriya (Human, Male)

    Lineup (Game 1 and 3):

    1. Itchero Sasuki - RF
    2. Ganner Er'sala - SS
    3. Cameron "Winger " Hapbrook - 1B
    4. Kollette Finnergan - 3B
    5. Vannet Calder - LF
    6. Valla Prin - CF
    7. Sachi Rohit - C
    8. Seewa Malsee - SS
    9. Pitcher

    Game 2:

    1. Itchero Sasuki - RF
    2. Ganner Er'sala - SS
    3. Chon Gallus - 1B
    4. Vannet Calder - LF
    5. Kollette Finnergan - 3B
    6. Valla Prin - CF
    7. Sachi Rohit - C
    8. Seewa Malsee - SS
    9. Pitcher
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Leif Cliinton

    Erica laughed out loud. It wasn’t a hysterical laugh, more of a sarcastic laugh. “I wasn’t serious about the second mortgage Leif,” she said as she sat down with her data pad view locked on the ticket plan screen. “The only reason we would need to do that is if we wanted seats behind home plate. They are the eventual goal, of course. I’m willing to settle for much less right now.”

    “How much we talkin’?” Leif asked as he pushed around the lettuce on his plate.

    “For the tickets up here,” Erica said touching a section mid-level on the first base line, “We’d pay four hundred credits a month.”

    “Four hundred credits a month! I could make a speeder payment with that,” Leif stabbed a slice of tomato with his fork. “This is only four hundred a month during Lightball season?” He asked hopefully.

    “Not exactly,” Erica mumbled.

    “What? This is a yearly payment?” Leif nearly choked on a mushroom. “Is there anything less expensive?”

    “Not if you want a decent view. Leif this is the Renegades were talking about. Mollie Jul!”

    “Do you still want to try for a baby next year? Babies’ cost a lot. Maybe we can just go to a handful of games.”

    Erica doesn’t say anything, but the look of disappointment on her face speaks volumes. Leif fishes his own data pad form his pocket. He searches the Renegades ticket page. Leif doesn’t understand why, but these tickets mean the Galaxy to Erica. They’ll have to cut other expenses. He takes the plunge. “Happy Birthday,” Leif says as he turns the device to show Erica the confirmation screen.

    “Oh, Leif you won’t regret this! But it’s not my birthday until next month.”

    “This is your present,” Leif replied. “And your Lifeday present and your anniversary gift and your Valentine…”

    “Okay, I get it. And I love you! Thanks, baby!” Erica moved the data pad to the side and sweetly kissed her husband.

    Opening Day

    Leif stepped outside his office building just after lunch time on a warm spring day. He’d worked late for a week to secure this afternoon off. When he boarded the public transport it was packed with beings in Renegades ball cups, jerseys and t-shirts. The energy and excitement radiating off the fans was inexplicably contagious as he approached the stadium. He reaches into this back pocket and retrieves his data pad. After unlocking the device Leif texts his wife, Where are you?

    Gate C, comes the answer. Leif looks up to see he’s at gate D. He heads toward gate C. A minute later he sees his bride. Her smile is giddy as she frantically waves him down. When Leif reaches Erica she throws her arms around him. Leif has never seen his wife this happy. “Shall we find our seats?” He asks.

    “Our seats.” Erica says savoring the words. “I like the sound of that. Let’s go find Our Seats.”

    Pitching Rotation

    1) Mollie Jul
    2) Jorge Finn
    3) Bom'cages
    4) Jasmiine Rustle
    5) Lerhea Brukbemgiac

    Starters Games 1-3

    Catcher: Sam Puljos
    First Base: Riley Stunn
    Second Base: Buxton Smalles
    Shortstop: Chirterr Dimas
    Third Base: Krrucceeepumpiaavv
    Left Field: Suzzan Forressen
    Center Field: Rart Nagric
    Right Field: Lissa Forressen

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    Jan 2, 2003
    287 Season of Major League Lightball

    ~First Series~
    Byss Emperors @ Bakura Nobles
    Krayt Hunter Killers @ Ralltiir Renegades
    Taanab Staga @ Alpheridies Seekers
    Dathomir Rancors @ Mandalore Warriors
    Jakku Scavengers @ Csilla Clawcraft
    Druckenwell Bulwarks @ Coruscant Yankees
    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Onderon Drexls
    Rydonni Prime Knights @ Thyferra Tornadoes
    Kashyyyk Rage @ Bastion Ren Knights
    Takodana Tigers @ Naboo Royals

    ~Second Series~
    Alpheridies Seekers @ Rydonni Prime Knights
    Krayt Hunter Killers @ Bastion Ren Knights
    Naboo Royals @ Dathomir Rancors
    Byss Emperors @ Kashyyyk Rage
    Ralltiir Renegades @ Onderon Drexls
    Bakura Nobles @ Thyferra Tornadoes
    Csilla Clawcraft @ Taanab Staga
    Coruscant Yankees @ Mandalore Warriors
    Takodana Tigers @ Druckenwell Bulwarks
    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Jakku Scavengers

    ~Third Series~
    Rydonni Prime Knights @ Jakku Scavengers
    Bastion Ren Knights @ Anaxes Royal Guards
    Alpheridies Seekers @ Druckenwell Bulwarks
    Csilla Clawcraft @ Kashyyyk Rage
    Mandalore Warriors @ Krayt Hunter Killers
    Bakura Nobles @ Taanab Staga
    Thyferra Tornadoes @ Ralltiir Renegades
    Dathomir Rancors @ Byss Emperors
    Onderon Drexls @ Naboo Royals
    Coruscant Yankees @ Takodana Tigers

    ~Fourth Series~
    Alpheridies Seekers @ Onderon Drexls
    Bastion Ren Knights @ Takodana Tigers
    Rydonni Prime Knights @ Anaxes Royal Guards
    Byss Emperors @ Naboo Royals
    Taanab Staga @ Bakura Nobles
    Druckenwell Bulwarks @ Thyferra Tornadoes
    Mandalore Warriors @ Jakku Scavengers
    Csilla Clawcraft @ Coruscant Yankees
    Ralltiir Renegades @ Dathomir Rancors
    Kashyyyk Rage @ Krayt Hunter Killers

    ~Fifth Series~
    Onderon Drexls @ Csilla Clawcraft
    Druckenwell Bulwarks @ Naboo Royals
    Mandalore Warriors @ Anaxes Royal Guards
    Byss Emperors @ Rydonni Prime Knights
    Thyferra Tornadoes @ Alpheridies Seekers
    Ralltiir Renegades @ Coruscant Yankees
    Kashyyyk Rage @ Taanab Staga
    Jakku Scavengers @ Takodana Tigers
    Bastion Ren Knights @ Bakura Nobles
    Krayt Hunter Killers @ Dathomir Rancors

    ~Sixth Series~
    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Kashyyyk Rage
    Taanab Staga @ Jakku Scavengers
    Bastion Ren Knights @ Byss Emperors
    Alpheridies Seekers @ Csilla Clawcraft
    Druckenwell Bulwarks @ Krayt Hunter Killers
    Naboo Royals @ Onderon Drexls
    Coruscant Yankees @ Rydonni Prime Knights
    Ralltiir Renegades @ Mandalore Warriors
    Thyferra Tornadoes @ Dathomir Rancors
    Takodana Tigers @ Bakura Nobles

    ~All Star Game~
    Vader League All Stars @ Windu League All Stars

    ~Seventh Series~
    Csilla Clawcraft @ Takodana Tigers
    Naboo Royals @ Bastion Ren Knights
    Alpheridies Seekers @ Anaxes Royal Guards
    Bakura Nobles @ Rydonni Prime Knights
    Kashyyyk Rage @ Onderon Drexls
    Jakku Scavengers @ Coruscant Yankees
    Thyferra Tornadoes @ Druckenwell Bulwarks
    Mandalore Warriors @ Ralltiir Renegades
    Taanab Staga @ Dathomir Rancors
    Krayt Hunter Killers @ Byss Emperors

    ~Eighth Series~
    Naboo Royals @ Anaxes Royal Guards
    Taanab Staga @ Druckenwell Bulwarks
    Jakku Scavengers @ Bakura Nobles
    Takodana Tigers @ Thyferra Tornadoes
    Csilla Clawcraft @ Rydonni Prime Knights
    Coruscant Yankees @ Alpheridies Seekers
    Kashyyyk Rage @ Mandalore Warriors
    Ralltiir Renegades @ Byss Emperors
    Onderon Drexls @ Krayt Hunter Killers
    Dathomir Rancors @ Bastion Ren Knights

    ~Ninth Series~
    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Kashyyyk Rage
    Bakura Nobles @ Alpheridies Seekers
    Takodana Tigers @ Taanab Staga
    Rydonni Prime Knights @ Coruscant Yankees
    Druckenwell Bulwarks @ Csilla Clawcraft
    Naboo Royals @ Ralltiir Renegades
    Byss Emperors @ Bastion Ren Knights
    Thyferra Tornadoes @ Jakku Scavengers
    Onderon Drexls @ Mandalore Warriors
    Dathomir Rancors @ Krayt Hunter Killers

    ~Tenth Series~
    Onderon Drexls @ Byss Emperors
    Bakura Nobles @ Druckenwell Bulwarks
    Jakku Scavengers @ Csilla Clawcraft
    Rydonni Prime Knights @ Takodana Tigers
    Bastion Ren Knights @ Thyferra Tornadoes
    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Ralltiir Renegades
    Krayt Hunter Killers @ Alpheridies Seekers
    Coruscant Yankees @ Taanab Staga
    Mandalore Warriors @ Naboo Royals
    Dathomir Rancors @ Kashyyyk Rage

    Notice To: Vehn CPL_Macja Jedi Gunny Runjedirun Master Vo'Un'Var galactic-vagabond422 Bardan_Jusik Darth_Elu Trieste (Due to Partial "Overview" of Bakura :p )
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    Apr 10, 2010
    Guest Post!

    287 MLL Season Opening Ceremony
    ~Captison Field, Salis D'aar, Bakura~

    The stage was set for another dramatic year in the sport of Lightball. All that was required was for it to begin. This particular year, it was set to take place on the Outer Rim world of Bakura in a Vader League matchup! The large holo screen for the entire lightball stadium said it clear as day for all those sitting amid the Pre-Game Festivities taking place as well as those filtering in late.

    Byss Emperors vs. Bakura Nobles

    A perfect start to the season as two myths collided head to head for the first time! It had been noted that every season that Byss started on the road, they always made the playoffs. Alongside this was the notion that every time Bakura started at home, they always made the playoffs. It was going to prove interesting by the end for sure.

    Soon enough, the majority of festivities and revelries came to a close, leaving only one last highly important one. The ceremonial First Pitch.

    For this year's Season-Opening First Pitch, it was decided that a show of the major Galactic Sports Leagues was in order.

    "Now, throwing out the First Pitch to begin the 287 MLL Season," the stadium announcer intoned, "we have three highly important individuals in the sporting world by the mound! First there is the great Netball Commissioner of the GNA, Akaito Jaisuke!"

    An important looking kyuzo male bowed while holding a lightball in his hands.

    "As well as the incredible Limmie Commissioner of the ELL, Fenrir Lokensgaard!"

    Cameras swiveled onto the impressive man for a few moments before shifting to one everyone in Lightball knew well.

    "And finally, the new Lightball Commissioner of the MLL himself, Darenas Tsa!"

    The echani bowed and smiled to the cameras, lightball being rolled between his palms in anticipation, before taking a moment to lean in toward Commissioner Lokensgaard ahead of the actual throw.

    "Thank you again for agreeing to this. At least we can potentially all embarrass ourselves together, hm?"

    The highest limmie official in the galaxy laughed as he finished waving to the crowds. Even at a lightball game it seemed there were plenty of adoring fan beings (of both sexes) there to offer up their adulation to him. As usual, he appeared to enjoy the experience, if not revel in it.

    "Embarrassing?" Lokensgaard repeated with a grin. "Why, I'd never dream of it on your big day!"

    The limmie commissioner pulled back and hauled off a sidearm throw that streaked in towards the catcher's mitt. Was it perhaps a little too far outside the strike zone? Probably, if anyone cared to pay attention. Was it showy as all-get-out? Absolutely. Did it make for a good spectacle for the fans? Yeah it did.

    The three commissioners waved to the crowds together as Major League Lightball was now officially underway for the season.

    Darenas smiled amused. Lokensgaard's antics were just as they always said, with his exuberance paralleled by Commissioner Jaisuke's quietness. It was almost laughable to see the two standing next to each other.

    "Nice throw," the echani laughed as he wound up and gave an expert pitch right into the mitt in more traditional fashion. His old playing days hadn't left him yet! The Netball Commissioner himself made a decent throw, though it was a bit low.

    The crowds went nuts for all three of them, in particular for Fenrir. Everybody loved a personality!

    The season truly was underway as the three of them waved and began to move off the field, cameras flashing as they went.

    "And now we can begin to perhaps speak of inter-sports cooperation on some level," he mused slyly without the nearby microphones picking it up. Possible plans had to be kept under wraps after all.

    Tag: Darth_Elu (with whom I collaborated on this post, his idea in full!) CPL_Macja Vehn Runjedirun Jedi Gunny Master Vo'Un'Var galactic-vagabond422 Bardan_Jusik
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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Gryffyn Karr

    Gryffyn Karr thrust his hands into his pockets as he watched the Druckenwell Bulwarks take the field for the inaugural game of the 287 MLL season. All he could see were credit signs floating above the heads of those involved. He could rattle off every player salary, every credit it took to transport the team to Coruscant, and every credit he was due to make by investing in a sport that was due for its time in the sun.

    He pulled out his datapad and sent a quick message to his sister, Addison, who was general manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. "May the best team win today. Even though we play in different leagues and different sports that competitive fire that drives our family is very much alive and well. You remember the old challenge: the first of our franchises to deliver a championship to father will be the one to bask in all the glory."

    He pressed send. The message delivered. The competition was on.

    He looked over the roster and knew he had a capable team under his command. He'd pulled the coaching staff from a variety of locations. Some mid-tier in the minors, some who had hanged up their cleats in the majors, but they all had the players focused. That was the goal. That was the dream.

    Gryffyn felt a presence in the owner's box. He turned and raised an eyebrow. "I wasn't expecting you to meet me here."

    "The mission is changing. The target has protection," the anonymous voice replied.

    "Find a way around it," Gryffyn said as he slipped a cred stick toward the being, "I want this taken care of soon."

    "As you wish," the voice replied before leaving.

    Gryffyn looked at the roster lineup. It was solid. It would hold for games 1-3.

    Here we go.

    Pitching Rotation:
    1) Emil Zalo
    2) Bella DuForrest
    3) Trae Volar
    4) Danny Keyes
    5) Vincent Cutter Jr.

    Starting Lineup Games 1-3:
    First Base: J.V Frost
    Catcher: Mikhail Pizarro
    Second Base: Krag Bygo
    Left Field: Jerome Battiste
    Third Base: Jamie Soldaar
    Shortstop: Allyson Lechard
    Center Field: Gwendolyn K'frey
    Right Field: Venus Argyle

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Waiphl M’nrydo
    Ryell, Rydonni Prime


    Sitting in his penthouse office atop the new M’nrydo Hotel and Resort, constructed just days before the M’nrydo family went into exile, Waiphl had a breathtaking view of Knights Field. His office was encircled by windows, allowing him to see Rythani Center and Monarch Stadium to the north. Just like everything else on Rydonni Prime, the Houses K’ntarr and M’nrydo turned everything into a competition, even their buildings. Where the Rythani Center dominated the center of Rydonni Prime’s capital, the M’nrydo Hotel and Resort towered above the rest of the buildings in southern Ryell.

    When Waiphl commissioned the building of the new M’nrydo to replace the one destroyed in central Ryell he never thought that it would also act as the head office for a Major League Lightball team. When he returned to his home planet it hardly felt like a homecoming. Most of the populus was still weary of the Royal Houses, especially the K’ntarrs and the M’nrydos. Favor seemed to return quickly for Waiphl’s cousins with yet another deep run in the Galactic Cup of Limmie playoffs.

    Now that the beginning of the Inaugural MLL season on Rydonni Prime the Duke’s focus was on the currently empty Knights Field.

    “You realize how big of a risk this is, right?”

    The new voice behind him snapped him out of his silent contemplation. “And how is my risk any concern of yours, little brother?” Waiphl did not have to turn around to know his brother, Commander Hendrick M’nrydo, had walked into his office.


    “Are you kidding me, Wai? You’re bringing a brand new professional sports team to a planet that is rebuilding from two separate civil wars in direct opposition to the more popular already established professional sports league.” Hendrick reminded him as the young Commander crossed towards him.

    “So?” Waiphl asked matter-of-factly, “Uncle Wilren did the same thing without even having an established product.”

    Hendrick’s mouth fell a gap, “So! Uncle Wilren had the backing of the King’s coffers. We’re doing it with our own money.”

    “I’m doing it,” he corrected, “As is my right as Head of House M’nrydo.”

    “But you’re also using capital from my company! You’re putting the entire House in jeopardy!” Hendrick slammed his fist on his brother’s desk, “And for what? Some stupid family pissing-contest?”
    If anyone else spoke to Duke M’nrydo this way he would have had them promptly removed and possibly incarcerated, but he knew his baby brother meant well. “Listen Henry, we’ve been able to assemble the best lightball players from the entire Tinnel 16 team independant league. Besides, if I wanted to get into a pissing contest with our cousins, I would have picked one of our Lenua ones.”

    “Why’s that?” Hendrick asked with a slight look of confusion

    “Because they’re from Jakku,” Waiphl responded as he turned away from the windows, “they need to conserve their water.”


    Pitching Rotation -
    1) Oster Feldman
    2) Fernis Dezavan
    3) Lorianne Ramirett
    4) Nia Sparrow
    5) Eld Nammit

    Starting Lineup For Games 1-3
    1) 2B Jeanna Loving
    2) CF Kretschimiah Kibe
    3) 1B Teyo Tojov
    4) RF Blair Scorge
    5) LF Jess Mendavall
    6) 3B Cami Alohe
    7) Pitcher
    8) SS Taz Watley
    9) C Skyler Hart

    TAG: Darth_Elu Jedi Gunny
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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: NPC Team Rosters will be up as soon as I can get to finishing them. But for now, it changes nothing fortunately.

    Bonus Runs For: Dathomir, Coruscant, Mandalore, Krayt, Thyferra, Ralltiir, Druckenwell, & Rydonni Prime!

    Full house! But four teams will have theirs determined by me at random due to not notifying me of how they wanted to distribute them in time. For those who didn't give a lineup, but only listed the starters (sorry for any miscommunication regarding what was needed), I randomly generated a batting order this time order. Here's hoping it works out for you!

    Linescores and Stats will only be given for games with player teams in it. The first numbers surrounded by the |s are runs per Inning. The numbers listed after the ~ are Runs(the Score), Hits, & Errors committed. Any additional information will be listed below that. A list of glossaries will be given in the resource thread soon, for now feel free to ask any questions in The Dugout. Have decided to change pitchers information to only stating Innings Pitched, Strikeouts, and Walks.

    Now lets PLAY BALL!

    Major League Lightball

    287 Game 1 Results

    Byss Emperors @ Bakura Nobles: 10-11
    Krayt: 7 | 0 | 1 | 1 | 7 | 5 | 0 | 1 | 2 ~ 23, 22, 0
    Ralltiir: 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 1 | 1 | 0 ~ 5, 10, 1

    Hunter Killers - Hassen Ezek hits 1 HR and hits for the Cycle, Korvik Vorkohk hits 1 HR, & KillKam Korviis hits 1 HR.

    Salamence Vestive throws 8 IP with 0 Walks and 5 Ks. Earns the Win.
    Vorsoni throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.

    Renegades - Riley Stunn hits 1 HR.

    Mollie Jul throws 1.1 IP with 3 Walks and 1 K.
    Iuyuk'hohe throws 3.1 IP with 1 Walk and 2 Ks.
    Jasmiine Rustle throws 3.1 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K.
    Everette Howe throws 0.2 IP with 2 Walks.
    Lerhea Brukbemgiac throws 0.1 IP with 1 Walk.

    Taanab Staga @ Alpheridies Seekers: 1-5

    Dathomir: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 3 | 3 | 1 ~ 8, 7, 0
    Mandalore: 0 | 0 | 0 | 3 | 1 | 3 | 2 | 2 | x ~ 11, 11, 0

    Rancors - Guffmak hits 1 HR. Traist Vak'ote hits 1 HR.

    Xizer she Qareen throws 7.1 IP with 2 Walks and 9 Ks.
    Munsul'val Chuzai throws 0.2 IP with 1 Walk and 1 K.

    Warriors - Newbacca "Newbie" throws 6.1 IP with 3 Walks and 2 Ks. Earns the Win.
    Tikk throws 1.2 IP with 2 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Druw Miller throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K. Earns the Save.

    Jakku Scavengers @ Csilla Clawcraft: 2-4

    Druckenwell: 5 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 2 | 0 | 2 ~ 10, 15, 0
    Coruscant: 3 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 0 | 2 | 0 | 1 ~ 9, 18, 1

    Game ended in 13 Innings!

    Bulwarks - J.V. Frost hits 1 HR.

    Emil Zalo throws 7 IP with 1 Walk and 7 Ks.
    Mara Laago throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Vincent Cutter Jr. cannot complete an Inning and earns a Botched Save.
    Randy Jackson throws 2 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Jessica Wynter throws 2 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks. Earns the Win and Save.

    Yankees - Phyllon Haight gets a SB.

    Neptis Clin throws 8 IP with 1 Walk and 3 Ks.
    Micion Boeotia throws 2 IP with 1 Walk and 0 Ks.
    Sayören Besni throws 2 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Sophron Mus throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Onderon Drexls: 0-2

    Rydonni Prime: 1 | 1 | 1 | 0 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 ~ 8, 6, 2
    Thyferra: 2 | 0 | 3 | 1 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 0 | x ~ 9, 9, 2

    Knights - Jeanna Loving gets a SB.

    Oster Feldman throws 8 IP with 0 Walks and 5 Ks.

    Tornadoes - Sachi Rohet hits 1 HR. Itchero Sasuki hits 1 HR. Kollette Finnergan hits 1 HR. Ganner Er'sala gets 2 SBs.

    Rana Pless throws 8 IP with 2 Walks and 8 Ks. Earns the Win.
    Milhollin throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Kashyyyk Rage @ Bastion Ren Knights: 0-2
    Takodana Tigers @ Naboo Royals: 1-2

    287 Game 2 Results

    Byss Emperors @ Bakura Nobles: 5-6

    Krayt: 2 | 2 | 1 | 6 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 2 ~ 14, 19, 0
    Ralltiir: 0 | 1 | 0 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 2 ~ 7, 12, 0

    Hunter Killers - Maverick Vossk hits 1 HR.

    Varkee "RipGut" Horvoss throws 6 IP with 4 Walks and 7 Ks. Earns the Win.
    Vorsoni throws 1.2 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K.
    Gorsoni throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Grakii throws 0.1 IP with 1 K.

    Renegades - Jorge Finn throws 5 IP with 4 Walks and 5 Ks.
    Iuyuk'hohe throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K.
    Jasmiine Rustle throws 1.2 IP with 1 Walk and 2 Ks.
    Everette Howe throws 1.1 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K.

    Taanab Staga @ Alpheridies Seekers: 8-1

    Dathomir: 0 | 1 | 0 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 ~ 5, 7, 0
    Mandalore: 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 1 ~ 3, 10, 0

    Rancors - Fimmara Nezal throws 9 IP with 1 Walk and 6 Ks. Earns the Complete Game Win.

    Warriors - Hersh'iser throws 4 IP with 6 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Tikk throws 1.2 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Tokk throws 1.1 IP with 1 Walk and 1 K.
    Shur'show'she "The Show" throws 2 IP with 1 Walk and 1 K.

    Jakku Scavengers @ Csilla Clawcraft: 7-3

    Druckenwell: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 2 ~ 3, 8, 0
    Coruscant: 1 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 0 | 0 | 4 | 4 | x ~ 11, 13, 1

    Bulwarks - Bella DuForrest throws 6.2 IP with 3 Walks and 8 Ks.
    Mara Laago throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K.
    Randy Jackson throws 0.1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Yankees - Zelenogo "Zel" Noyarsk hits 1 HR. Runemo Candau gets 2 SBs. Mara Piazzi gets 1 SB.

    Yin Hao throws 8 IP with 3 Walks and 3 Ks.
    Micion Boeotia throws 0.2 IP with 1 Walk and 1 K.
    Krai Wolff throws 0.1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Onderon Drexls: 3-8

    Rydonni Prime: 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 1 | 0 | 4 ~ 8, 13, 3
    Thyferra: 5 | 2 | 5 | 0 | 4 | 0 | 0 | 6 | x ~ 22, 19, 1

    Knights - Jess Mendavall hits 2 HRs. Jeanna Loving gets 1 SB.

    Fernis Dezavan throws 3 IP with 1 Walk and 5 Ks.
    Lisa Glassigle throws 1.2 IP with 1 Walk and 1 K.
    Loren Nezleah throws 3 IP with 4 Walks and 0 Ks.
    Ne'wts'werd throws 0.1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Tornadoes - Ganner Er'sala hits 1 HR. Vannet Calder hits 1 HR. Itchero Sasuki hits 1 HR. Ganner Er'sala gets 1 SB.

    Leger Sintale throws 6 IP with 2 Walks and 4 Ks. Earns the Win.
    Chi'gara'ness throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Rokee Wel throws 1 IP with 2 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Mackanak "Mac" Fleeger throws 0.2 IP with 0 Walks and 1 K.
    Milhollin throws 0.1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 K.

    Kashyyyk Rage @ Bastion Ren Knights: 5-4
    Takodana Tigers @ Naboo Royals: 4-2

    287 Game 3 Results

    Byss Emperors @ Bakura Nobles: 8-0

    Krayt: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 0 | 0 | 0 ~ 2, 4, 0
    Ralltiir: 0 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | x ~ 3, 8, 0

    Hunter Killers - Krasenio Vesanik hits 1 HR.

    Solvation throws 7 IP with 1 Walk and 3 Ks.
    Horsani throws 0.2 IP with 3 Walks and 1 K.
    Grakii throws 0.1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Renegades - Lissa Forressen hits 1 HR. Krrucceeepumpiaavv has 1 SB. Buxton Smalles also has 1 SB.

    Bom'cages throws 5.2 IP with 3 Walks and 5 Ks.
    Iuyuk'hohe throws 2.1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks. Earns the Win.
    Lerhea Brukbemgiac throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks. Earns the Save.

    Taanab Staga @ Alpheridies Seekers: 8-7

    Dathomir: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 ~ 1, 13, 0
    Mandalore: 1 | 0 | 0 | 2 | 1 | 0 | 3 | 2 | x ~ 9, 11, 0

    Rancors - Tena Noctur throws 6 IP with 1 Walk and 2 Ks.
    Omor Oigres throws 0.2 IP with 1 Walk and 0 Ks.
    Way Gamo throws 1.1 IP with 1 Walk and 1 K.

    Warriors - Kenneth Luftwaffe hits 1 HR. Ceedak hits 1 HR. Traco'mar'leez "Omar" hits 1 HR.

    Cal "Thermal Detonator" LaLoosh throws 6 IP with 1 Walk and 4 Ks.
    Tokk throws 2 IP with 1 Walk and 0 Ks.
    Shur'show'she "The Show" throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Jakku Scavengers @ Csilla Clawcraft: 11-3

    Druckenwell: 0 | 2 | 0 | 0 | 3 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 ~ 5, 8, 0
    Coruscant: 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 ~ 2, 6, 0

    Bulwarks - Gwendolyn K'frey hits 1 HR. J.V. Frost hits 1 HR.

    Trae Volar throws 7 IP with 2 Walks and 6 Ks.
    Jessica Wynter throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.
    Vincent Cutter Jr. throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks. Earns the Save.

    Yankees - Jax Matha throws 8 IP with 4 Walks and 5 Ks.
    Sophron Mus throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.

    Anaxes Royal Guards @ Onderon Drexls: 3-2

    Rydonni Prime: 0 | 1 | 1 | 0 | 4 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 ~ 7, 12, 2
    Thyferra: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 4 | 0 | 3 ~ 8, 11, 1

    Knights - Jeanna Loving gets 1 SB. Taz Watkey gets 2 SBs.

    Lorianne Ramirett throws 6.2 with 2 Walks and 4 Ks.
    Lisa Glassigle throws 1 IP with 1 Walk and 0 K.
    Ne'wts'werd throws 1.1 IP with 2 Walks and 1 K. Earns a Botched Save.

    Tornadoes - Cameron "Winger" Hapbrook hits 1 HR.

    Lyann Sengian throws 4.1 IP with 3 Walks and 4 Ks.
    Chi'gara'ness throws 1.1 IP with 2 Walks and 1 K.
    Rokee Wel throws 1.1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.
    Mackanak "Mac" Fleeger throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 2 Ks.
    Milhollin throws 1 IP with 0 Walks and 0 Ks.

    Kashyyyk Rage @ Bastion Ren Knights: 1-4
    Takodana Tigers @ Naboo Royals: 0-5

    Tag: Darth_Elu CPL_Macja Vehn Runjedirun Jedi Gunny Master Vo'Un'Var galactic-vagabond422 Bardan_Jusik
  23. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh man what a stinker the Mercs put up yesterday."

    Three hours and 58 minutes later

    "Thanks MercMan, always a good time talking to you..."

    "He mad."

    "Yeah he is, but I think we all are. We got time for one more caller?"

    "Yup, one last one.."

    "OK, let's go to 'Fems dig the long ball' out in Sundari. How's it going Fems?"

    "How's it going? How is it going?"

    "Yeah, what's on your..."

    "I'm angry. Like really angry."

    "I can understand that, talked the whole show about how angry Mercs fans are all over the sector after an effort like th.."

    "I'm mad because you wasted the entire show talking about the Mercs!"


    "Mercs this, Mercs that. They lost a game, get over it, there are other things going on in..."

    "Well yeah, and we know that. But this is a sports show so we talk about sports."

    "...sports, even here on Mandalore."

    "Yeah but..."

    "The Warriors just went 2-1 to start the season and..."

    "The Warriors? KMI hasn't played..."

    "The lightball team you shabuir!"


    "Oh yeah, they started their season last week..."

    "They did?"


    "Yeah, we mentioned it in passing I think..."

    "Huh. So how'd they do?"

    "Won the first game of the season in front of a sellout crowd over at the Filed of Valor, 11-8."

    "Shab, they outscored the Mercs."

    "Oh by the manda they did."

    "Lost game two, five to three in front of a crowd of 12,187."

    "Scoring as much as the Mercs did in a loss by the way!"

    "And won game three nine to one in front of 10,001 fans..."

    "Yeah don't forget that one, it's important..."

    " a nine to one margin."

    "They've played three games already?"

    "Easier sport on the body than limmie, they can play a lot more..."

    "Sure, sure."

    "Yeah well in three games they've given up just 14 runs, that's less points than the Mercs gave up in a half!"

    "...without risking in... Oh ouch."

    "Yeah, that's a burn."

    "Glad it's a New Mandalorian calling in and not a warrior type, a burn from them usually involves a flamethrower."


    "And that's all the time we have today folks, maker sure to turn in tomorrow when we'll have Coach Kor'le of the Mercs on live following her press conference, an injury update on the Mercs and a preview of their upcoming game against the Smugglers, all that and more..."

    "Don't forget the segment on KMI forward sensation..."


    "... tomorrow right here on the Fandalorian!"

    Week 2/Series 2 Lineups

    Starting Lineup for Game 1

    1- Kenneth Luftwaffe: CF
    2- Margo: LF
    3- Jaina Ericksson: 2B
    4- Ceedaak: 1B
    5- Bel'war: RF
    6- Kragen: 3B
    7- Traco'mar'leez "Omar": SS
    8- Cad Bumm: C
    9- (Pitcher)

    Starting Lineup for Game 2

    1- Kenneth Luftwaffe: CF
    2- Traco'mar'leez "Omar": SS
    3- Jaina Ericksson: 2B
    4- Ceedaak: 1B
    5- Bel'war: RF
    6- Kragen: 3B
    7- 'Crash' Daviss: C
    8- Villie Mays'hays: LF
    9- (Pitcher)

    Starting Lineup for Game 3

    1- Kenneth Luftwaffe: CF
    2- Margo: LF
    3- Jaina Ericksson: 2B
    4- Ceedaak: 1B
    5- Bel'war: RF
    6- Kragen: 3B
    7- 'Crash' Daviss: C
    8- Traco'mar'leez "Omar": SS
    9- (Pitcher)

    TAG: Darth_Elu
  24. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Mac Fleeger
    Thyferra Municipal Stadium

    Despite the attendance issues faced by the Tornadoes ball club, the fans had come out in droves for Opening Day at Thyferra Municipal. Banners hung throughout the stadium with the red and blue of the team and emblazoned with the swirling logo. It was a nice, yet somewhat humid, day on Thyferra, as was to be expected during the late spring season. The team would take on the Rydonni Prime Knights, an expansion team, for the first series of the season as they tried to make a good impression for the rest of the league.

    As Mac warmed up on the field prior to the game, he was reminded of how intimidating the stadium looked. It was unlike any stadium he had ever played in before. College stadiums were typically much smaller, so this was a huge step up from those diamonds. There were larger stadiums in the MLL, but this was a giant leap into the professional realm. As ego-driven as he was, there was also a bead of fear in his mind, a small sense of uncertainty. The last time he had experienced it was before his first college save opportunity. He had given up a homer to the first batter he faced that day before shutting the opposing team down the rest of the way and earning a win.

    He had done everything he could to avoid working with Pitching Coach Bria Clemmins after their chippy first encounter the first day of Training Camp. His fastball remained solid, but his other pitches still weren’t working as they were supposed to. Clemmins had been in his ear with advice, but he still hadn’t listened to much of it. It was noise, an earful of jumbled words and concepts that he didn’t need. He had faith in his fastball, and figured that the other pitches would come around. He was a little nervous, after all; once that was over, he would improve markedly.

    Rana Pless took the mound the first game against Rydonni Prime. The Pantoran ace had a sharp-breaking curveball that made her difficult to hit, along with an interesting circle change that fluttered away from opposing hitters. She was easily the best pitcher in the starting rotation, her experience making her a tough nut to crack for opposing hitters.

    As Mac sat in the bullpen awaiting for the call that meant he was to start warming up, he watched the other three pitchers and the bullpen catcher carefully. Igarn, the Chiss man, chewed on some seeds of a plant that was foreign to Mac; he had never seen such seeds. The man would then spit out the husks onto the ground. Rokee Wel, the Cerean long reliever, kept loose by standing up every fifteen minutes and walking around the bullpen confines, occasionally stretching out to keep the arm ready to go in case she was needed. Milhollin, the Gran closer, had a very stoic look on his three-eyed countenance, like he was a silent assassin ready to strike at any given time. The bullpen catcher was real chatty, and thus Mac was stuck dealing with it for the early innings before the catcher finally gave up and stalked away to the other side of the bullpen. The bullpen coach eventually gave the catcher someone to talk to, so Mac was alone again.

    On the field, the Tornadoes were in a tough battle with the Knights. They didn’t play like an expansion team; they had poise and toughness, and were able to touch up Pless for a run almost every inning she pitched. While the Pantoran had the overall handle on her stuff, the Knights kept chipping away at her resolve. On the Tornadoes’ side, Itchero Sasuki, the short, thin right fielder, smashed a home run that easily cleared the wall in right field. Sachi Rohet and Kollette Finnergan, the captain and assistant captain, respectively, both went deep off the Knights’ pitching staff. Through eight innings, the Tornadoes were clinging to a two-run lead.

    “Mil, time to warm up,” the bullpen coach said after getting off the comm.. line with the team dugout. The Gran got up and started to pitch on the bullpen mound. Mac watched the man pitch; he had great control of his pitches, but little speed on his fastball. He was the exact opposite of the fire-balling rookie, relying on precision instead of raw power to finish of hitters. Mac couldn’t understand how a pitcher could go through a career without an overpowering fastball; it made things a lot easier when hitters couldn’t even get the bat off their shoulders to challenge a pitch.

    When Milhollin entered the game, Mac was placed on standby in case he was needed. The Gran got an out but then ran into trouble. Eventually he gave up a run, and the call came in.

    “Fleeger, get warmed up,” the coach said.

    Mac eagerly jumped off the bench and grabbed his glove. The bullpen catcher tossed him a ball, and he made his way to the rubber. Digging his toes into the dirt, he loosened up his arm before starting in on his pitches. He tossed a couple soft tosses in before bringing his fastball to bear. A changeup and slider came in afterwards, but the breaking action just wasn’t there like it was supposed to be.

    In the end, it didn’t matter how sharply the ball broke mid-flight. Milhollin got out of trouble and finished off the Knights to earn the save. Mac had a long look on his face when the final out was recorded; here he had a chance to make a heroic debut, and it was snatched away from him by the closer.

    The second game of the series took place the next day. Ligar Sintale was on the mound for the Tornadoes, the first-round draft pick of the franchise in the 287 Draft. Sintale was a towering Chagrian whose power pitching had gotten him drafted #2 overall. However, unlike Mac, the Chagrian had better control of his off-speed pitches, and used that to great effect in his six innings of work. The Thyferra offense exploded for 22 runs in the game while limiting Rydonni Prime to 4 through seven innings.

    “Fleeger, you’re in!” the bullpen coach yelled.

    Mac’s heart skipped a beat. He was finally going to make his MLL debut. He went through the bullpen and out the doors that led to the field. He had seen Igarn and Wel do this earlier in the game, and now it was his turn. He jogged onto the field and went to the mound, where Jok Cal’ver, the Bothan manager, handed him the ball.

    “First game, first chance to make a good impression,” the Bothan said dryly. “Don’t screw it up with ego. Make your pitches count.”

    Get stuffed, old man, Mac thought as he grabbed the ball and walked off the mound for a quick trip around it. He then started his warmup sequence, throwing some pitches off the mound to get ready for live action. When the first batter came up, Mac was ready.

    Fastball. Make them run.

    He unleashed a vicious fastball that screamed towards the plate. The only problem was that the hitter was right on it and smashed it. The crack of the bat was unmistakable, and Mac immediately knew that this was a perfect shot. He didn’t even need to turn around to know that the ball had cleared the fence in the outfield. Yelling something in frustration, he angrily snatched the ball thrown to him by Rohet before stalking back to the mound.

    Three more runs later, with only one K to show for it on an ankle-breaking low fastball, Cal’ver had seen enough from his rookie pitcher. The Bothan tapped his sleeve to signal the ump that a pitching change would be made, and came up to the mound. “What did I say about the ego? You have a long way to go, kid.”

    Mac handed Cal’ver the ball and walked off the mound, the tip of his cap down towards the ground so that he wouldn’t have to make eye contact with the fans in the stands.

    The first figure to greet him in the dugout was Bria Clemmins. “Willing to learn from me now, rook?”

    Mac wanted to say something unsavory, but the sting of the four earned runs had fried his circuits. Any sense of ego that he had was gone, replaced by a scared individual. “Fine,” he said, not seeing another option.

    As MIlhollin closed out the game on the field, Clemmins had one message to say. “Your mechanics are wrong.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “You’re over-throwing the breaking pitches. You are trying to throw them like a fastball, but they aren’t the same pitches. They don’t come out of your hand the same way. Focus on your release more than the grip; if you can release the ball correctly, the ball should finish the job.”

    The lesson came to a head the next day in the series finale. Rydonni Prime had jumped on Lyann Sengian and staked their team to an early lead. Once again the Tornadoes had to go through their bullpen to complete the game, and when it was Mac’s turn in the eighth, the team was still trailing. As he stood on the mound with the first batter entering the batter’s box, he looked to the dugout. Clemmins was on the top step with Cal’ver. She mouthed “Release, not grip” to him. Whatever, Mac thought. But he would give it a try anyways. He didn’t want to get shelled again. If he did, the team would probably sour on him and demote him to the Minor Leagues. That meant trip to Fresia for a tour of duty with the Fresia T-65s, the Tornadoes’ minor league affiliates.

    The first batter stepped in, and Mac was on the attack. He threw a low fastball that elicited a swing, then a high strike for strike two. A curveball went wide for ball one, and he loosened his grip. Think about the release, not the grip. He released the changeup correctly, and it fluttered in for what he thought was strike three. But the umpire called it a ball.

    “Come on, that was a strike!” Mac yelled as the ball was thrown back to him. “Dammit!”

    In the dugout, Clemmins watched the rookie pitcher closely. “Think he can figure his way out of that?” Jok asked.

    “We’ll find out.”

    Mac tossed a fastball down the pipe that was hit foul, then went to the changeup. The batter swung feebly and missed, earning the Zeltron a strikeout. It was his second punch-out of the season, and much better-looking than the first K of his career. The second batter came into the box, and Mac attacked again with the fastball. The batter whacked the ball solidly towards the shortstop. Seewa Malsee, the Twi’lek shortstop, easily scooped up the ball and tossed it to Cameron Hapbrook at first for the force out. That brought a third batter up. Mac started with a slider, followed by a changeup and curveball down in the dirt. That was three strikes and the batter had struck out. His inning was over without any damage being done.

    When he got back to the dugout, Clemmins had something to say to him. “See, that wasn’t so hard. Remember to keep the release solid, and the pitches will react as they are supposed to. Keep working on that this week.”

    Milhollin pitched a scoreless inning in the ninth, and the Tornadoes stormed back in the bottom of the ninth to pick up the win. They swept the Knights and were now 3-0 and on top of the Yoda Division. Mac got a small sense of satisfaction in the win; the team had something positive to build off going forwards.


    Wava Rhelt
    Bronson Arriya
    Rana Pless

    Lineup (Games 1 and 2):

    1. Itchero Sasuki - RF
    2. Ganner Er'sala - SS
    3. Cameron "Winger " Hapbrook - 1B
    4. Kollette Finnergan - 3B
    5. Vannet Calder - LF
    6. Valla Prin - CF
    7. Sachi Rohit - C
    8. Seewa Malsee - SS
    9. Pitcher

    Game 3:

    1. Itchero Sasuki - RF
    2. Ganner Er'sala - SS
    3. Vannet Calder - LF
    4. Kollette Finnergan - 3B
    5. Chon Gallus - 1B
    6. Valla Prin - CF
    7. Sachi Rohit - C
    8. Seewa Malsee - SS
    9. Pitcher
  25. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Leif Cliinton


    Leif sat down next to his wife and tried not to judge the patrons around him. Some of them were just…fat. They were stuffing their faces with sausages and nachos. Washing down it down with cheap ale. Leif may not have been naturally athletic, but he did start every day with an hour long power walk. He also paid close attention to his diet, he feared if it wasn’t today that one day this season he’d see someone suffer cardiac arrest in these stands.

    Leif volunteered to stand in line for waters during the first inning. “So how’s the game going?” He asked when he returned to his seat.

    It took a while for Erica to answer, “Well it’s early.” She said at last.

    There was a scoreboard but Leif couldn’t figure out how to read it. Where were the points? What was an R? The Hunter Killers had gotten a lot of R’s in the time since he left to buy waters.

    Leif was getting a vibe from his wife that he knew too well. It meant don’t talk to me, so Leif knew the game hadn’t started well. It was a beautiful spring day so he leaned back unscrewed the water cap and took a long slow drink. Soaking up the atmosphere. A female Twi’lek replaced the human woman that was getting a lot of boo’s on the pitching mound. As the inning progresses Leif begins to follow the game better. He figures out how the score board works better. One number tallies balls, another strikes. When a player from Ralltiir runs across home plate Ralltiir gets a 1 under the R category where Kryat has a 7.

    R stands for points Leif realizes now why his wife was so upset. The point scored has the crowd on their feet. Everyone is cheering. Even Leif, he likes to see his bride smile. It’s a happy moment, but it won’t be a happy afternoon. The Hunter Killers outscore the Renegades 14 to 2 in the next 4 innings. Leif is afraid to ask if this is normal. “Maybe we just weren’t ready for the majors,” Erica mumbles under her breath midway through the 5th inning. Leif wants to agree with his wife, but he’s not sure it’s a good idea.

    “Let’s go home,” she says miserably after the Hunter Killers score even more runs in the 6th inning.

    “What?” Leif asks. “You just want to leave?”

    “I don’t want it to be this way,” Erica says sadly. “I just…let’s beat the traffic.” Leif looked around and saw that lots of beings were headed towards the exits.

    Leif had been enjoying the fresh air and opportunity to just sit and do nothing for a change. He shut off his data pad and just absorbed the Galaxy for two hours. Isn’t that what he’d paid for? Now his wife wanted to go home before the game even ended. “Let’s just stay one more inning,” Leif suggested.

    Erica wiped back a tear. “I hate this game,” she said. “I wait my whole life for season tickets and this is the first game I see in my own seat.” Erica sat back defeated crossed her arms and pouted for the entire inning.

    “Okay,” Leif said as the players ran off the field to take their turn at bat. “I guess we can leave now.”

    “Finally,” Erica said springing to her feet.


    The fans were more subdued today. At least at until the pitcher allowed the first batter to walk, then a rain of boo’s hit him from the crowd. Even worse when a home run was hit. Leif found the whole experience to be no fun at all. Why did all these beings pay good credits to come and not even try to enjoy themselves? They yelled rude comments at the field all afternoon. Leif knew 100 better ways to spend a Saturday. Doing yardwork, shopping and watching paint dry just to name a few.


    Three quick innings, no angry fans yet. The tension in the ball park was so thick on this Sunday evening you could cut it with a knife. No one dare go to the fresher or move a leg even. Leif was learning that in lightball superstition was like nothing else. Bon’cages hadn’t allowed a hit. All the sitting still finally came to an end when Ralltiir got players on base. Fans rose to their feet and cheered like they actually liked this game when two runs were scored at the bottom of the 4th.

    “They never should have taken Bom’cages out,” so many fans grumbled during the 6th when the Hunter Killers tied up the score. There was no going home early tonight. It didn’t matter how early Leif needed to get up for work the next morning. Staying was worth it in the bottom of the 9th a single walk off homer won the game and Renegade fans were hugging strangers in rejoice.

    Leif kissed his bride on the forehead. She was very happy. On the way out Leif forgot how late it was and waited in line for an official Renegades Lightball cap. His very own, his first ball cap.

    Pitching Rotation
    1) Waavvesh
    2)Ozzie Miire
    3) Mollie Jul
    4) Bom’cages
    5)Jorge Finn

    Line Up Game 1
    1) Suzzan Forressen LF
    2) Sam Puljos C
    3) Rart Nagric CF
    4) Lissa Foressen RF
    5) Riley Stunn FB
    6) Krrucceeepumpiaavv TB
    7) Buxton Smalles SB
    8) Chirterr Dimas SS
    9) Pitcher

    Line Up Games 2 & 3
    1) Buxton Smalles SB
    2) Krrucceeepumpiaavv TB
    3) Suzzan Forressen LF
    4) Chirterr Dimas SS
    5) Rart Nagric CF
    6) Riley Stunn FB
    7) Sam Puljos C
    8) Lisa Forressen LF
    9) Pitcher

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