Star Wars Major League Lightball

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    IC: Leif Cliinton

    Game 1 vs Mandalore

    Leif enjoyed the afternoon games the most. He could take a long power walk in the morning. Get some work done in the garden and then fall into the sofa with an iced beverage guilt free to watch the game. He especially liked any time that Mollie Jul pitched because his wife loved Mollie. Erica was so animated and infatuated with the female pitcher and Leif had to admit to himself that the pitcher had a great body.

    Despite being completely knackered from his earlier activities Leif was celebrating on his feet with his bride as the Renegades put up 10 runs in the first two innings. Mandalore slowly tried and nearly did creep back, but luckily right when they needed it the most the Renegades scored another 5 runs in the top of the 9th.

    Game 2 vs Mandalore

    After a long Monday Leif liked to come home and read fiction. Before Lightball season had started he was about to begin a new book about a Jedi who had refused to learn to wield his powers only to regret it when he had been unable to save his sister’s life. Tonight Leif was determined to finally start reading. He’d just check the score periodically. Besides Erica knew Lightball wasn’t his thing.

    Erica seemed delighted that Leif wanted to read tonight. “I was wondering when you’d pick up that book,” she said with a laugh.

    So Leif headed to the bedroom and tried to read, but he didn’t get far before he heard his wife whooping and hollering downstairs. He checked the score on his holo pad sure enough the Renegades were up 1-0. Leif was able to get midway into the second chapter before her cheers interrupted him again. She was very happy, Leif was not surprised to learn that the Renegades had scored two more runs and there were no outs yet. He was tempted to go downstairs and watch the game.

    Leif decided to try and keep reading. The story got interesting as the Jedi struggled to make decisions now that he had lost his sister. The Jedi in the story was regretting every moment he had missed of his sibling’s life. Just then Lief closed the book and decided not to miss a moment of the life he shared with Erica.

    The Renegades had a 7-4 lead and were able to add one more to their total before it was over. “I thought you were reading,” Erica said with surprise.

    “I was, but the book will be there when Lightball season is over,” Leif explained.

    Game 3 vs Mandalore

    Leif and Erica set up their holo trays in the living room. It was the final game in the series against Madalore. It appeared the Warriors were finally going to get a game. They came out strong with 3 runs in the first inning and 2 more in the second. But the Renegades were still in it with 3 runs of their own. At the start of the 8th Ralltiir had 5 runs and Mandalore had 7. The Renegades tied it up.

    It was the top of the 9th now. There were two beings on base for Ralltiir. Lissa Forressen hit a long ball. “Run, run!” Erica screamed with excitement. Lissa stood a moment as if to watch the ball sail out of the Mandalore ballpark. “You can’t do that!” Erica said.

    “She can’t do what?” Leif asked confused.

    “Didn’t you see that? Lissa watched the ball leave the park before she ran.”

    “Yea, so?”

    “It’s just a rule in Lightball you hit the ball, you run the bases. You don’t stand and admire your hit,” Erica explained.

    “Why not?” Leif asked. “It was a beautiful hit.”

    “You just don’t,” Erica said. “It’s an unwritten rule.”

    Leif wanted to ask what the hell that meant, but Erica acted as if everyone knew. He decided to pretend he understood, even though he didn’t.

    No matter what it meant the Renegades won another game. This time with a score of 10-7. Their first sweep of the season.

    Tag: Bardan_Jusik

    Line Up:
    Sam Puljos C
    Chirterr Dimas SS
    Buxton Smalles SB
    Riley Stunn FB
    Suzzan Forressen LF
    Rart Nagric CF
    Krrucceeepumpiaavv TB
    Lissa Forressen RF
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    IC: Mac Fleeger

    Pitchers needed to have a short memory to survive. It was the way of life for the player on the mound throwing high heat at batters with large bats who could easily hit a screamer back where the ball initially came from and cause major damage. For Mac, it was essential that he forget the horrible outing in Game One of the series against Dathomir, in which he had not only given up runs, but had thoroughly embarrassed himself. Another rough outing followed that, so he had to make sure this time around would be different. He didn’t want to get sent down to Fresia.

    He was in the game to pitch the ninth. Usually this was where Milhollin came in to pitch, but for some reason Jok Cal’ver had decided not to use his Gran closer and instead go with the rookie set-up man. It was Mac’s first taste of the closer role, and even though he knew he was lucky to be here, he wanted to show something good to the coaches. After all, he had everything to prove. Taking his second loss of the season in his prior outing had been rough, pushing his record to 2-2. He had as many wins as rookie Leger Sintale, but as many losses as Bronson Arriya and Liann Sengian, the pitcher he was trying to support today. The human was not in line for a win after pitching less than the minimum, but a win from her start would be important going forward.

    The first batter up against Mac fouled off a pitch before lining a sharp single to center field. Mac attacked the next batter up and in with two heaters, pushing the count to 1-1. He then added a slider that slid off the plate for a ball, then used a fastball down the pipe that was fouled off. A curveball was launched to deep right field, but the ball was tracked down for the out. The third batter hit a ground ball to Seewa Malsee at short, who tossed the ball deftly to Ganner Er’sala at second. The Bothan stepped on the bag and fired the ball to first, where Cameron Hapbrook caught it in the webbing of his glove right before the batter got to the base. Mac had faced the minimum three batters in notching his first career save.

    “Good job, rook,” Kollette Finnergan said as the team lined up in the celebratory line with the rest of the team. “Savor the moment, because you don’t get a lot of firsts in this league.”

    Now it was the All-Star Break, and the players would have a week off. Mac wanted to keep working on his throwing mechanics so that he would be more effective coming out of the break with the new splitter grip he had been working on. The Tornadoes would likely have several All-Stars on the roster, so the team would be well-represented.

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    IC: Jax Matha

    The next two weeks go by in a blur Jax finally won a game. Sure Kari came in the ninth inning to clean up but, the rookie got them there. Next was a sweep of the Knights and the team was ecstatic heading out to celebrate as soon as they touched down on Courscant. It was there that someone, maybe on the team maybe not, posted a picture of the pitcher taking with Mara. They were close shoulders touching. The next day Soria didn't answer his call. He tried twice, she didn't answer. She always answered.

    The next day Jax felt nervous, did something happen to her, did something happen to her family? Why didn't she answer? The question plagued him all day at practice, showing in his performance. At the end Mara took him aside.

    "You feeling alright Jax?" she asked standing maybe a little too close.

    "Awww, I'm…I'm fine just a little distracted." He replied looking away. It was a personal issue and didn't feel like sharing with the team, or Mara.

    "You know," the blonde haired catcher took a step forward, "You can tell me anything, it stays between us."

    "It's fine Mara, thanks for the offer." Jax walked away heading back to his apartment.

    Once there the light was blinking on his answering machine. As he walked over to check his com rang again. He answered right away.

    "Hello?" he nearly asked still a little surprised.

    "Finally," the voice on the other side was unmistakable to Jax, it was his friend Sill Masur. "I've been trying to reach you all day."

    "Yeah," a slight smile grew on the young man's face, maybe now he could get his answer. "I'm busy most days, little tired right now but…what's up."

    "What's up, I think you have the wrong impression. I'm not checking in, I'm staging an intervention."

    "What…an intervention? Why…"

    "Because you're doing something stupid…well, more stupid." Sill's voice normally carrying an air of humor lacked it, made Jax take notice.

    "What is that?"

    "That Mara chick. I don't know what's going on between you two but, it's harming things over here."

    "This again…it's nothing."

    "Right, nothing, and her nearly wearing you at that bar was just nothing as well?"

    "We were talking, we're friends."

    "No Jax we're friends, or at least used to be, and I never got that cozy."

    "It's just a Courscant thing, they're close with their friends."

    "Right, sure they are. But, do you know what it's doing to Soria?"

    "Is she alright?" Jax asked still worried about her.

    "Alright…Alright…Forcedamnit man she's the reason I'm calling. She's putting up a brave face, saying everything's ok but, I know it aint."

    "Why what's happened?"

    "What's happened, frackn' you. It's always you. She saw that picture of you and Mara, gettn' all cuddly."

    "It wasn't like that and you know it."

    "Do I now…'cause to me it looks like you might be seeing someone on the side."

    "Come on, you know I wouldn't do that. We all three grew up together."

    "Yeah we did, so I know how much she cares about ya'. And I can see when you hurt her."

    "I didn't mean…she's just…"


    "Yeah…nothing's happening."

    "Your words aint going to cut it. You need to start making some changes. I get that you still care about her but, your actions, the pictures we're seeing, don't speak to that."

    "Oh come on. You're going to believe gossip over your own friend."

    "It's because you're my friend that I'm telling you this. The town is talkin' and it's getting hard to defend you when every other news we see is you gettin' all 'friendly' with another woman."

    "So you want me to stop seeing her."

    "Look you do what you want but, know that you're hurting Soria, the most trusting and kind person I know. Ya' don't have to stop seeing her, but, you do need to put some distance between you two. Not a lot, you can still be friends, just not that close."

    "But, we are just friends."

    "And that's fine but, from all the way over here, it don't look that way."

    "Why should I care how things look."

    "Force you thick headed dumb…Arrgggg…look do you want Soria to talk to you again. Do you want Soria to still call you hers?"

    "Course, I still love her."

    "Then put some distance between you and this other woman. It's tearing her up inside. And I'm the one that has to stand by and watch her suffer. All because you are denser than durasteel."

    "Look if she'd just talk to me, I could explain things. Sill just get her to talk to me."

    "Hey I'm ya'll's friend not your councilor. You're gonna' need to get her to talk to you."

    "She won't not when the news has got her all…irrational."

    "Really now, you're saying she's irrational. Maybe from your point of view but, from where I'm at she has every right to be a little despondent. You gotta' stop thinking you're above the gossip. Gotta' start realizing that you actions no matter how innocent are going to be interpreted in the worst light possible."

    "Does my word mean nothing any more?"

    "It still has some weight but, when you're just checking in, just saying hello, it's hard to explain what is going on in your life."

    "I'm busy, and the time difference…"

    "Then you make time," Sill snapped back. "If you still love Sorie, you will make time for her."

    "Is that even a question, of course I love her."

    "Then show it man. Make time to sit down and figure this thing out. Force, it’s a simple answer you just have to decide which you care about more, Lightball or her."

    "Oh come on, Sorie knew this was going to happen that I wouldn't be at her beck and call anymore."

    "Really man you're going to go there. Did you forget how much she worked her schedule around you? She was there every practice, every game, and never asked you juggle things for her, she was just happy to spend time with you. Now that you have to start sacrificing for her it's her fault for being needy. Because Force forbid that you have to make changes to suit her. Relationships are built on mutual sacrifice for each other."


    "I aint done Jax," his friend snapped, "For the longest time sacrificed for you, and never raised a fuss. She is the most loving and kind person I know, and you've taken her for granted."


    "I'm not done," Sill's voice was beginning to become enraged, "You always expected her to just be there, and now you expect her to understand what is going on from parsecs away. If you want to keep her, you're going to have to start making sacrifices yourself. I know it's going to be hard, you're not used to giving things you want up, but she's been doing it for years and it's about time you did it."


    "She might not be there next time. You are dangerously close to losing the best thing in your life. More than this stupid sport. You are the luckiest son of a bantha that I have ever seen and you are throwing her away because it got hard. You don't get to treat her like that, not without consequences."

    There was a long pause.

    "Are ya' done now?" Jax asked

    The only reply he got was the line going dead.

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