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Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by moosemousse, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. moosemousse

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    Oct 3, 2004
    So, uh, I'm looking to make a costume. I can sew but I haven't got much experience and most of what I've done has been machine stitching straight lines or sewing hems by hand. My main interests are the Dawn of the Jedi and Legacy comics, but I've had to pack them up so I can't look at them. What I'm looking for is a costume that would be easy-ish to make and has something to cover my legs, either a long skirt or loose fitting trousers. I am open to race and gender bending. Can anyone make any suggestions?

    I am tempted to do Rey from the end of TFA but that looks like wool and I can't find any wool where I live, so that'll have to wait.
  2. Darthmaul208

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    Dec 29, 2013
    The main character from Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void looks fairly simple.

    I don't costume though/or make them. Just looks simple for an outsiders perspective.

    You would have to make the gauntlets, boots and possibly/probably the main body piece out of leather or like material.
    You'd have to cut out the holes in the shoulders to add the circle things.
    The Lightsaber would also have to be either sourced or made.

    Just a suggestion.
  3. moosemousse

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    Oct 3, 2004
    It's a great suggestion! I can only seem to find that picture of her though, so it might be tricky. I do have a related question. If I'm going to go with Dawn of the Jedi, the character probably won't have a lightsabre. How should I go about making the weapon if I can't use metal? As a reenactor I find it really odd that I can run into battle with a metal weapon and actually hit people with it but I can't pose with the same weapon at a con.
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    Jun 5, 2016
    Are you looking for a specific character? Or just to make a costume in general? For instance, Han Solo I think would be a very simple choice to make. Leia's outfit on Hoth may also be quite easy. I can try to find some patterns for you if you would like :)
  5. Beskad

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    Apr 24, 2017
    I agree (I think?) with Nihilon- Create your own character in the time frame you wish and you'll have more fun than acting as somebody else. Plus, you don't get bothered with these exacting details about particular costumes (Han's gloves, correct accessories on the belt, ect)

    My brother made his costume by himself and he didn't know how to sew. He picked up a pack of Simplicity costume patterns that had a tunic in it, and ust bought a material called Osnaburg (its a thick, rougher muslin) and whipped it up. I think he made the tunic four layers so it feels and looks sturdier. thrift store boots and off-white pants, and made a cloak from a surplus blanket.

    In the end he spent not a whole lot of money and ust some time doing it, and ended up with a very swell costume. Since you already know how to sew better than he did, you shouldn'thave much of a problem. If you decide on the timeframe so early, before the edi order, then robes don't seem to be needed, even. look at characters in the comic and try to create an impression of that. I will warn you though, for something so obscure to casuals, you will get asked what you are. A lightsaber will alleviate some of that, but you might want to keep that in mind not to be disappointed when you put a lot of work into something and people ust look at you oddly. If that doesn't bother you, go for it! :cool:

    As for your weapon, go into a hardware store and see if you cant get a plank about the size of a meterstick. sand it down and if you are skilled/take your time, you can sand a false edge onto it. then after fine sanding, prime it and sand again. you may have to repeat but the wood will become very smooth like metal. then you can paint with metallic spray paint and viola, you have your blade. This is how i made the Beskad for my Mando set.

    if you need anything, give me a shout!