Beyond - Legends Malice Aforethought [Warcraft crossover, one-shot]

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  1. Harpalyce

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    Jun 19, 2010
    This fic can be found in its entirety on FF.N here:

    Title: Malice Aforethought
    Genre: Horror, Action, Crossover
    Characters: Mara, Ysera, Jacen Solo/Caedus
    Summary: Given a chance to return to her own universe, Mara comes back for revenge.
    Disclaimer: Just here to play, not to make profit.

    Author?s Notes: This is one of those fics I feel terrible about writing, because it's a crossover, and because this is my first time writing all of these characters. It is actually a sequel to a longer fic-in-progress I may or may not write, but it is sufficiently removed that I think it stands on its own. Sadly, you do have to know your Warcraft lore at least a bit to read this (the content is pretty WotLK-heavy).

    This was also meant to be my Halloween 'fic (less than a month late, whoo?), so probably a good shot of nightmare fuel for some.

    Malice Aforethought

    Peace had returned to Azeroth as much as it ever would, and calm had spread for nearly a decade by the time Mara was called to an audience with Ysera. Truthfully, she had nearly forgotten about her request. There had been so many years of fighting. Part of her had even grown content to accept that she had died and been raised into a new life: Mara Jade was dead, and Mara Skywalker would never exist. But she could be Mara Netherwalker of the Ebon Blade, and that was good enough.

    The emerald dragon guards stood a little straighter as she entered, the air around her going suddenly chill. To her surprise, they did not ask for her weapon ? neither her runeblade, nor her lightsaber. The lush greenery at her feet crunched, covered over with sudden frost left in her wake, as she stepped up to the large dais. The great dragon raised her head and gave a cat-like yawn seemingly designed to display her teeth. Although she didn?t open her eyes, it was quite clear she was staring Mara down as the death knight stood silent before her.

    ?Ah, you are here already.? The dragon?s tone was pleasantly surprised, as if she had dozed off and was pleased to see Mara so quickly.

    ?So I am.?

    Another long yawn, tongue unfurling like a red banner. Mara did not flinch. ?You will be pleased to know,? the dreaming dragon said, ?that after years of searching, Nozdormu has finally worked with me to fulfill the promise that the Dragonqueen made you.?

    Slowly, she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, heavy plate armor grinding like a beetle?s carapace. If happiness had not been dragged from her and slaughtered, the death knight likely would have sounded pleased. ?I can? go home, then??

    ?In a sense. The universes have weakened enough that it is possible, but only for a short time,? the dragon continued, sounding almost apologetic. ?You already know the magic that sustains you does not exist, there ? not unless I accompany you, and even then, only for a short time. All dreams come to an end. Provided, of course, you succeed in your task ??

    ?I am ready,? she said quickly.

    ?Already?? The dragon gave a small laugh. ?I haven?t even told you what your task is. No matter. The truth of it is that Nozdormu has hunted for a universe the same yet different; you continue living up until this moment. The timeline must be preserved in that neither survives this battle, but ??

    Her eyes, glowing the same flat ice-blue common to all death knights, narrowed. Her armor gave a heavy clank as she shifted again. Although Mara said nothing, her meaning was clear: Get on with it. It was a bold impertinence that one would only expect from the woman who had come from the same strange, distant universe as the Lifebinder?s champion.

    ?This is who you are to kill,? Ysera explained with another small yawn, gesturing to the thin shimmering frame of magic which revealed a young man?s face (scuffed and bleeding as it was).

    ?And who is he??

    ?Your murderer.?

    The death knight considered this for only a moment before nodding yes curtly. It was all the answer the dragon needed to gently tease open the tear between the universes, even as she yawned and rubbed at her eyes in her elven form. For a long moment the death knight simply stood, breathing in the air
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    [face_dancing] OMG!

    My two favorite fandoms colliding! [:D]

    Mara as a Death Knight is FREAKING EPIC. I can't tell you how much I loved this.

    Please please please let me know when you start posting the larger story! Especially if you feature my Warcraft boyfriend, Tirion Fordring. ;)
  3. Harpalyce

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    Jun 19, 2010
    Why thank you! I'm glad you like it! :) I'm going to be posting the other story here once I get a little more work done on it. But the first tiny bit is already up on (my username there is PlaidButterfly). :)
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