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    *~*Click here and read the TOS and Rules of the JC before you begin posting!*~*
    (Click the boldheadings, underlined headings or bolded blue links to go directly to a location!)

    Small clouds of dust rise from the trail as the traveler moves forward, catching sight of the building ahead. It's unclear whether they're a weary traveler returning, an unfortunate soul who wasn't graced with a sense of orientation, or simply a newcomer with the fortune of friendship/knowledge guiding them. Whichever, at the end of the day, it matters little for teh Mole. He has spotted them and with his yellow construction hat sitting lopsided, he eagerly awaits the traveler with a datapad. After all it is his job to ensure that all newcomers to these lands know their resources...

    Prefixes enable you to sort threads based on a certain criteria. You can use these on any forum that might have the tags, to help you find what you are looking for more quickly. To find them look right below the sub-forum title, shown in the red circle in the below picture.

    When you click on these, the threads in the current forum will be sorted to match the prefix you chose. For example, if you click info, the thread directory will now look like this:

    Note how all the posts that show up now have the orange INFO tag in front of them.

    If you have a question about which prefix means what, check the sub-forum-specific Frequently Asked Question thread, linked to in the Map and pinned to the top of the forum.

    Remember to check the top left corner to see if the sub-forum has the prefixes available (as shown in the first image), as while most do have them, some do not.


    The buzzling start of any adventurer who wants to explore with all the ammunition, rations and training they can get.

    Got a Question? As it HERE.

    Learn the Code Language. Save yourself from any... rounds of embarrassment.

    Improve your reflexes and survival instincts in our Pillow Fights.

    Had a rough day, no worries, grab yourself a hug!

    Want to take a break from all this training? Join the party!

    Teh Mole, the deceptive game of this region.

    Adoptions... cause you know, sometimes training is so much cooler with two.

    If you're interested in posting FanFiction, start off by checking out the WNU Guide to FanFiction.

    Social butterfly? Looking for someplace to stop for a chat? The Index of Social Groups Threads may be for you.



    Questions? Concerns? Any issues with your account, technical issues you may be having, or the rules of the boards you need help with can be answered in the Questions and Concerns thread.



    Where it all started… the films! From The Phantom Menace to Return of the Jedi, and all the films inbetween. Question about a plot point? Speculation about something you’ve noticed about the saga? All are welcome.

    Star Wars Community:

    *A few pointers and rules to get you started as well as the Thread Index*

    Games and social threads, all built upon those who love the films! "Eclectic" discussions about saga events that don't really fit in anywhere else are here as well.

    The Cloud City Cantina is a place for all SW fans to come together and enjoy some fun and socialization! Everyone is welcome, so kick your feet up (not on the tables, please) and order a bite or two to eat.

    Senate: A mock Senate game. Pick a planet, vote on “policies” and “motions”, and take the galaxy to turmoil, or bring it to peace.

    You can also join the Jedi, Sith, orEmpire.

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    A place to discuss Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

    Please check outthe Rules and Policy Thread before posting.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    This is the place to discuss all things related to The Force Awakens, the first film in the Sequel Trilogy.

    *Please read this FAQ and check the Thread Index before you begin to post here!*

    Get in line... and while you wait, check out the Social Thread for the Episode VII.

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi & IX - Spoilers Allowed

    The sounds of speculation and those whispers of the next two trilogy movies echo through here

    Please read the Rules and Policies thread and check out the Thread Index before you begin to post here!

    Star Wars: Anthology - Spoilers Allowed

    This forum is a place to discuss and speculate about all things related to upcoming Anthology films.

    Star Wars: New Films - No Spoilers Allowed

    In order to gain access to this forum where spoilers are not permitted for any of the upcoming Saga or Anthology films, you need to request access and agree to the rules applicable to the No Spoiler Allowed Forum (NSA) - Click here to request access to the NSA Forum.

    Prequel Trilogy

    Thought provoking discussions for the prequel trilogy (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith) take place here.

    *Please check the Thread Index before posting a new topic!*

    Classic Trilogy

    Anything discussing the original trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi) happens in this forum.

    Click here for a quick answer to yes or no questions.

    Star Wars and Film Music

    Enjoy the music of the films? Astounded by John William’s masterpieces? Starstruck by the Old Republic themes? Pop in a thread here to discuss anything musical, or stop by the Music Tavern for a while.

    Lucasfilm Projects / Indiana Jones 4

    Any other films that you enjoy from Lucasfilm have discussions here, including Indiana Jones and American Graffiti.

    Star Wars Saga In-Depth

    Topics that encompass all 6 of the films are here. A few good places to start are Rank the Star Wars Films, TPM to Rogue One, and Lucas Quotes and Interviews about the Star Wars Saga.

    Before posting, please read the Forum Rules and the Saga Spoiler Policy.



    Star Wars TV

    Want to keep up to date with the Rebels, The Clone Wars, and other various TV series? This is your best bet. Discussions, reviews and opinions on the all the latest and all the classic television shows are all here.

    *The mandatory stop before you go any further is the SWTV Rules and Spoilers Policy.

    The official place to discuss the Mandalorian. Be warned however, spoilers are allowed.

    If you're feeling like just chilling with other fans of the series, Fisto's Disco is where you want to be.




    Novels, comics, short stories… All the madness and storylines of the EU stuck into this cozy little forum. Discussions, the next release on the horizon, and, of course, speculation of the future.

    *Stop by the Rules and Policies thread, there are some important things you need to follow during your time here*

    Just starting out in the massive universe? Check out New to the EU, a little mini road map to the EU and recommendations from other EU fans! You can ask questions as well.

    Check the Upcoming Release Dates for any future books, and when they’ll be appearing in a galaxy bookstore near you.

    Fleet Junkie Flagship: Reverting from hyperspace... shields to full power, engaging scanners... the discussion about the capital ships of Star Wars has arrived!

    The Ackbar is Back (Social thread) is just for a quick chat with fellow Lit fans… don’t worry, it’s not a trap.

    The 181st Discussion: Monthly book club! Read a new book each month, and then jump into a casual and friendly literary analysis and criticism.

    EU Community

    Need a moment to gush about a specific character or particular era of the SW universe, but don't feel like doing through lengthy discussions? The EUC is home to all imaginable fanclubs and they even have their own activities to partake in.

    The madhouse's welcoming committee, probably one's best first stop in this area.

    The Blue Moon Cantina, for all of your social needs.

    Visit the Guardians of Light, the Jedi Branch of the EUC. Or the The New Sith Order, the other side of the EUC's force-sensitive population.



    (Please Note that Games discussion threads have been merged as a sub-forum to the Community Forum (JCC)).

    Cards, controllers, keyboards, miniatures... it matters little what form your gaming focuses on, Games is your base.

    *Please check the Thread Index and FAQ before posting!*

    Want to know someone's screen name, gamer tag or ID? Check the gamer ID index.

    There's no social thread here, instead there are a ton of assorted threads where you can discuss various games.

    Click the filter tabs (they look like little coloured boxes with a word within them) directly under the heading of Games to choose categories that relate to your interests quickly and easily.

    FPS to racing simulators to RPGs, stopping by the arcade; we got your six covered. Discuss upcoming and released games no matter the platform and who knows, you might even find yourself a new war-buddy to spend those Friday nights with. Don't be shy and stop by the hub: JC.N GL Gaming Lounge.



    Role-Playing Forum (RPF)

    Grab your muse and character sheets, and head on in for some roleplaying!

    New Players Read This!
    After you've checked out the links listed below, (these are important to help you understand how the RPF forum works), and when you're ready to jump in, choose a type of RPF from the prefix tags beneath the header.
    (They look like little coloured boxes with words within them)
    Then browse through the posts until you find one you're interested in. Read the first post in the thread, and Start a Conversation with the Gamemaster (or GM), and ask if you can join in.

    Head to Our Games and How To Play Them first, to make sure you understand the rules of the RPF forums.
    As of now, this post has lost some of it's text, and will be restored very soon. Patience, you must have, Restore it, the mods will.

    What Sorcery is this? No magic involved... just a helpful guide to help you understand how the RPF works.

    Feeling social? Head to Hooper McFinney's RPF Bar and Grille, meet some new people and chat with fellow roleplayers..

    Role-Playing Resources (RPR)

    You can sort this section by prefix tags. (They look like little coloured boxes with words within them)
    These tags will help you locate a specific type of post.

    Resources that may be necessary to help you with your posts and any issues you may have. Check the FAQ, then browse around. There are also Out Of Character threads (OOC), for each individual roleplay game to chat freely with other players.
    (Ask your host/GM which one to check out!)

    Head over to Milliways to chat in character with the creations of other’s minds. (Great practice for your posts in the RP forum!)

    There are some great people behind these wonderful characters, and the Vox Populi - Interviews with RPF players, holds interviews to give you an in depth look at the minds of those who make the Role-Playing Forum great.

    Fanfiction and stories, lore long lost, all within the Tales from RPF City, a thread devoted to fanfiction about the Role-Playing Forum.



    Post your own fanfics or read others. Short stories, epics, poems, screenplays and drabbles are all welcome!

    FanFiction and Writing Resource
    Here is where you will find writing challenges, workshops, help and advice, as well as a place to socialize with both writers and readers of fanfic.

    If you are new, check out the Welcome New Users Thread for the most important information on how to navigate the fanfic community.

    For all of the fanfic rules and regulations, make sure to read the FanFic FAQ. If you have questions about what is and isn't allowed in a story, you can probably find it there.

    Writing a fanfic and you are stuck on a small part, need some advice or just a more Star Wars-ish word? The Writer's Desk is where you want to go for help!

    FanFiction - Before, Saga, and Beyond
    If you are looking for a story to read or a place to post your fanfic, this is where you should go! Stories have different prefix tags to help you find the type of story you want to read, or to help others find your story.

    Non-Star Wars FanFiction (NSWFF)

    You can sort this forum by prefix tags.
    (They look like little coloured boxes with words within them.)
    Click one of them while viewing the forum to narrow the amount of threads that appear.
    Check out our Story Index to browse through everything at a glance!

    All stories and discussions about non-Star Wars fan fiction are in this forum. Check the Disallowed Works, Fandom Tag Help and FAQ at the top of the page for more assistance. Then, get ready to post your fan fiction!




    Whether you have a room chock full of Star Wars memorabilia or just a few action figures, you can find fellow collectors here.

    *Please do not advertise within this forum. Use an online retailer, or join Rebelscum and post a classified ad*

    Need to find a website or special something? Check the vendor resource list.

    Fan Art

    Grab your pencils and acrylics, and create a masterpiece. Make a thread here to display your creations, or compliment others work. Check the FAQ and the Information thread for help, or the Artist Resource thread for assistance with your fan art.

    The Starry Night Café is available for you to socialise about day to day life with fellow artists.

    Fan Films, Fan Audio, and Sci Fi 3D

    Amateur or professional film maker? Need help with those tracks for your fan made film? Harness your creativity, and share and discuss it on the boards! *Read THIS before posting a new thread here!*

    Need help? Check the Everything Resource to see if there's a website that can help you out.

    Stop by the Social VS Thread for a quick chat and to give your muse a break.

    Costuming and Props

    Making a costume for a convention or for fun? Need fabric or tips on how to create the complete ensemble? Want to share your plans and creations? Pop in here!

    *Please read this FAQ before posting!*

    Need some help? Check the Tips and Tricks thread.

    Fan Design - Sites and Graphics

    Stop here if you're planning on creating Star Wars based graphic projects, avatars, or banners!
    Check out the Fan Design Welcome and Thread Index first.



    A conglomeration of people from around the globe who are brought together by their love of Star Wars.
    Discuss current events, play games for colours, and converse about random topics, from new films to sports.

    For a quick introduction and how the shiny new Community works, check the Welcome thread.

    *In addition, please check the Community Rules and Policy before posting!*

    To sort through posts, click the prefix tags directly under the heading of Community within the forum.
    There are a few different tags. If you click one of these tags (which are directly above the page numbers) you will limit the threads that show to the selected prefix.
    EX. If you click “Senate”, only “Senate” threads will show up.

    The tags are as follows:
    (Click the names to be forwarded to that prefix)
    JCC – The JCC (A.K.A Jedi Council Community) is used to denote threads devoted to social activity and eclectic or random discussions.
    Senate – The Senate prefix is used for threads which are more political and social based, this is for serious discussions about the issue.
    Amphitheatre – This prefix appears as Amph and is to denote threads which are on the topic of media (such as games, music, television, films, or books).
    Arena – Threads with this prefix are devoted to sports and sport-related news.
    Census – Census threads are meant for polls and questions.
    Games – This prefix is used for playable in board games, such as Apples to Apples or Mad Libs.



    Fan Force Community

    General Fan Force activities, including games and socialising.

    Head on over to the Social Party to meet some of the FanForce participants and managers!

    Since the JCF has users from a number of different countries, head on over to the International Interview Thread, a place where people can meet each other in a friendly atmosphere and have fun learning a little about other cultures, countries, and places.

    Fan Force Communications

    Have any questions about the Fan Force? Post here, or check the FAQ and Rules.



    All information for SciFi/Star Wars conventions and Star Wars Celebrations are here.
    Check for nearby JC members attending, or get assistance planning your visit.



    Find fans in your area!
    Click one of the below locations to find your nearest active FanForce.

    Under each of the below, there are forums based on country or cities, as well as a general location thread. Browse through them to find the location closest to you, or click on the general location thread to talk to those from the all over the area/country you live in.

    If the forum nearest you is not active, please contact a Fan Force Representative in one of the threads. You can talk to one of them to receive help with starting, re-opening or finding the FanForce nearest you.
    (They have the title RSA or FanForce Manager under their screen name).

    Asia and Africa



    United Kingdom


    Latin America

    USA Midsouth

    USA Midwest

    USA Northeast

    USA Pacific

    USA Southeast

    USA Southwest

    Buffalo, NY

    Denver, CO
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    Looks pretty great! Well done! =D=
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    Good Lord. That is brilliant. WNUville is a much better place through WNUs like you.
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    Thank you both very much. :D
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    Great job, very well done! Very helpful.
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    Great job with the exception of one thing. In the EUC the Dominion of Darkness is no more it is now The New Sith Order
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    maybe this should be stickied [face_thinking]
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    Regularly, someone suggests to make a certain thread stickied and I think about it regularly as well. But in my opinion it's best not to make threads stickied ones (beside one exception). So I've added this thread to the description area already plus it'll be listed in the index (the only thread that'll get stickied). In addition, stickied threads get overlocked too easily. That's why promoting it by posting a link to it in welcome threads, is the best way to go. :)

    But I appreciate this suggestion, because it means that this thread is very well done!
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    Holy moly that's awesome.
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