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Drama Marvel Heroes: A New Breed - ~Summer 2020 Best RPG~

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Oct 25, 2019.

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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 6

    Apr 29, 2002

    In Memory of Tim Battershell

    1955 - 2016

    *Knight Sentinel in the Guardians of Light*



    The story so far

    Inevitably, the Second Latverian Cataclysm came and went, leaving that country and its annexed neighbors in what is now known as the Latverian Restricted Zone. As a consequence of that epic battle, many of the legendary heroes are still missing in action. Even S.H.I.E.L.D has been rendered largely inoperative and reduced to an auxiliary role globally, due primarily to the Shadow King, who had secretly taken over control of Jocasta, S.H.I.E.L.D’s global operational A.I. in his role as a well placed pawn of Doctor Doom.

    Thanks to a tip from the metahuman known as The Executioner, the uncanny Sage was able to coordinate a two pronged assault against the shadowy infiltrator, both in the astral plane and the material. That conflict resulted in the destruction of the S.H.I.E.L.D Global Mainframe and the crippling of both A.I.M and H.Y.D.R.A. operations. In the aftermath, Wakanda decided to share its Anti-Ultron Firewall with the world, thanks to a key exchange of intel.

    Though still comatose,Charles Xavier has been freed from his mental prison and his body recovered from the depths of Triskelion itself.

    With Jocasta gone and its operations also crippled, S.H.I.E.L.D’s global position and influence are greatly reduced. With no one to manage or enforce the Superhuman Registration Act and the database destroyed, compulsory registration is suspended in both hemispheres. Presently, both Stark Industries and The Kingdom of Wakanda are supplying technological aid worldwide in the wake of the Second Latverian Cataclysm.

    One and a half years later…

    A kind of peace has returned to the world as people, cities and governments sue for normalcy. Many varied tales are told and many more sightings are reported, but such is the way with heroes. Yet, even in times of relative peace, there is still a need for heroes. Always a chance for fate to herald a new breed.

    This is their story.

    Thank you for your interest in Marvel Heroes: A New Breed.

    The game will be largely driven by your character’s development and story elements. Sub-plots from previous game installments will manifest in-game, but are not mandatory storylines. New Characters and Recurrent Characters are both welcomed here. There will be a limit to characters with same or similar abilities.There is no official dice or leveling system as a narrative approach will be the focus.

    Basic character sheet:













    Basic Abilities:



    House Rules

    1) Respect the GM.

    2) Follow the TOS.

    3) No Godmoding.

    4) No Spamming, Trolling, Baiting. Don’t do it.

    5) Clean Language, please.

    6) Realism is rewarding.

    7) Try not to die.

    8) Ask questions ( via PM or OOC thread)

    9) Have fun!!

    10) Respect each other.



    Welcome to the game, true believer.
  2. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Force Ghost star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Blueline

    Codename: Blueline

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Hair: Dark Blonde



    Weight: 185lbs

    Likes: Food, lots of it, saving people, and being around good people (even if there’re precious few of them)

    Dislikes: Overbearing authority, liars, Con men (really good liars), and Russians (He’s had a bad experience)

    Personality: Quiet, self sacrificing, will always put everyone before him. Despite everything he’s seen his eyes are kind. He will not kill, no matter how dark or evil the person may be, he will not kill them or leave them to die. He will give his all to save a person, to help a friend, or to stop a crime.

    Appearance: Average facial features, medium build, probably the most average kid you’ll meet until you look at his clothes. He wears a blue hoodie, stained red with his own blood, and perforated with bullet holes and knife slashes. A blue bandana covers his face from the nose down, he rarely removes it, even in friendly company. On his right wrist is a pair of bloody handcuffs, rusted shut.

    Basic Abilities: A healing factor equal to that of the vaunted Wolverine, though still feels the pain of every hit he takes.

    Bio: It’s you typical hero story. Blue lost his mother at a young age. She was killed right in front of him in a mugging gone lethal. He lost his father six months later, cancer. Went to live with his aunt and uncle for a few years, things were stable then, until he fell in love with a girl from school. It took him a long time to finally admit his feelings to her, and he was surprised to learn she felt the same.

    For a bit there it felt like nothing could touch him, that he’d finally put his mother’s death behind him. When she started wincing when he’d touch her, he began to worry. When one day she didn’t come to school the next day he stopped by her house. When she opened the door, he understood what happened, her right eye was swollen shut, raised red and purple skin surrounded it. She tried to say it was an accident but, he knew, knew it was her father, a bear of a man with a temper to match. That night he hatched a plan to get her out, get her somewhere safe. As he approached the house he heard screams, screams of pain, and shouts of anger. He didn’t wait, he broke in grabbing the first thing he could, an umbrella. Blue swung it and it bent helplessly on the monster’s arm. The beasts rage grew seeing the boy, and he pummeled the young man into the floor. His face was swelling and an eye was forced closed but, he could see her, his first love, slumped against a wall not breathing. A heavy boot landing on his head caused him to blackout. When he came to, the house was dark and empty, and her body was gone.

    It was a few years after when he was old enough to drive when he was driving with a friend down a back road. She was more than a friend but, his heart hadn’t let go of his first love. A truck missed a stop sign and plowed into the passenger side of his car. As the car was burning he pulled his friend out. Blue didn’t have a mark on him, despite the violence of the crash he was seemingly unharmed. The police, paramedics and firefighters arrived and declared his friend dead at the scene. They were also surprised at the Blue’s lack of injuries.

    Blue was driven to his aunt and uncle’s house, as they pulled into the driveway, the house exploded. Shrapnel killed the two cops escorting him. Blue slipped out the shattered rear window and started looking for his guardians in the rubble of his home. His hands burned as he shoved aside flaming wreckage. He found their bodies charred, almost beyond recognition. He hadn’t moved when the fire department showed up.

    Blue was swiftly sent into the foster care system, having no living family remaining. It didn’t go well, there were too many kids in the house and the ‘parents’ didn’t care, rarely feeding them, barely even looking after them. Blue took it upon himself to protect them, taking several beatings for his trouble but, he didn’t care as long as his brothers and sisters were safe. One day one of his ‘brothers’ got in the way and the attacker’s rage became focused on the other boy. Blue tried to stop it sooner but, by the time he did, his brother wasn’t breathing. Overcome with fury he pummeled the monster that killed his ‘brother’. Not stopping until the body was still. His hands ached his knckles bled , and bile rose in his throat. He’d just killed a man.

    After that he ran away, running into the city, someplace big with many hiding spots. Not two minutes in and a mugging occurred down a side street Blue could have avoided. But, he couldn’t stand by and let it happen. Without fear he rushed in and beat back the attackers with wild flailing strikes. The man he saved was named Zeke, and they became friends and roommates after that. Zeke was the one that convinced Blue to be a hero, and the one who chose the name, the only name the hero uses now. Again things began to stabilize but, they didn’t stay that way. Two ‘cops’ showed up to ‘arrest’ Zeke and Blue. Blue broke one of the cuffs in the struggle forcing the ‘cops’ to handcuff the two together. A little later a gun battle broke out, seemed Blue had made some enemies during his short time as a hero. The two ‘cops’ were slain, along with Zeke, once again Blue survived.

    He pulled his friends body into a dark place, and did what he had to, to release them from their shackle. He still wears it, one side bloodied, a reminder of his friend. It’s been a while since that, and Blue has kept going. Because no matter what he is a hero, they take pain, they take punishment, they take whatever the world can throw at them and keep going, keep saving people, because no one else will.

    When the SRA came down, Blue never signed, never gave up his ways. He stayed in the city, his city doing what he could to keep the peace. It was many many long days, but he wasn't alone...he had made some allies, Psion, and Aegis, also known as Zephyr and Casey. If he was honest he might have broken without their support. Together they kept their part of the city safe, and did what they could to put a stop to the madness taking over the world. And became stronger over the year and a half. Though Casey has started taking a more active role in their efforts...and deep down, that scares him. He knows her power, the destruction she can cause and it terrifies him. He was against her coming with him, but she wouldn't back down.

    He guessed it was better to have her with him, than on her own in a city that could not contain her. Though he was still afraid, afraid of the day he wouldn't be there when she needed him.

    Name: Casey Sark

    Codename: Aegis

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18

    Hair: Blonde

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 90lbs. (normally)

    Likes: Quiet, writing in her journal, watching Law& Order, helping people (when she can)

    Dislikes: Large groups of people, cats, and creepy men

    Personality: Quiet, shy, keeps to herself and stays away from others. Her aloofness and emotional distance is a defense mechanism, she's lost everyone in her life, she doesn't want to feel that pain again. Though around her two friends, Blue and Zephyr she's started to come out of her shell a little.

    Appearance: Plain looking with her blonde hair pulled into a top ponytail. Her eyes are usually wide with barely controlled fear. She wears an orange tanktop over a white t-shirt, a burnt orange hoodie, blue jeans and black sneakers complete her usual outfit.

    Basic Abilities: Superhuman strength and density linked to her fight or flight response.

    Bio: Casey was born into a loving home and was an absolute daddy's girl. Her father, Samuel Sark, was a solider and her protector. When she'd cry at night because of nightmares or monsters in her room, he was always there, beating the monsters back or banishing the darkness away. She loved him and missed him fiercely when he was gone. He was never deployed overseas nor was he transferred from base to base so she never experienced the 'Army Brat' lifestyle so many of the other kids she knew did. Until one day her father died, it wasn't in combat or an accident, the doctors said it was a brain aneurism. The way they explained it to her was that a weak blood vessel popped in his head and he died soon after. Young Casey didn't believe this, her father was a mountain of a man, his arms wrapped around her like a stone wall and she'd seen do great feats of strength without breaking a sweat. So to think that he was killed by a weak blood vessel was impossible for her to process.

    Without her protector the nightmares became worse and nearly unending, when she'd cry it was only her mother who came to her aid. Her mother did what she could staying up all night with her watching old re-runs of Law & Order trying to comfort her. It helped but, never banished the terrors like her father's heartbeat or his rumbling words. One day after school Casey was cutting an apple, something she'd done before, but this time her hand slipped and she cut herself. She stood there frozen, staring at the wound and the crimson blood that leaked from it. A chilling, irrational, fear grew inside her. When her mother put a hand on her shoulder Casey whipped around slapping her mother with an open hand. Next the young girl threw her own flesh and blood into the stove shattering her mom's vertebrae and paralyzing her from the waist down.

    After the fear had faded from her mind Casey threw up, she'd just harmed the only person remaining in her life that cared for her. She felt like a monster, like some best that needed to be put down. She couldn't stay in that house, not where she could hurt her mother again. She rushed upstairs and packed a bag, she was heading to the city and maybe catch a train or a bus or whatever she needed to so as get far away from people. Her mother told her everything was going to be alright, that she didn't need to run away, but that was all she could do.

    With what money she had she made her way into NYC with the hopes of finding a way to make it further, she got lost and ending up near Union Square Park, right in the middle of a crowd of angry people.

    She was saved from that crowd by two strangers, one of them wearing a bandana around his head hiding his face. She was still scared, but she trusted him. They retreated from the crowd finding a quiet place to settle for a bit, to let the storm pass. She had to beg Blue, as she would come to call him, to stay always wanting to leap into danger.

    As they grew to know each other, they learned of their abilities, of how they could work together. Though she was always afraid of using hers, always afraid of losing her control and hurting someone. So for most of their first few missions she worked behind the scenes, giving them information and keeping an eye on them. Until she was forced to fight back, made to defend herself. She doesn't have perfect control and would never go anywhere without Blue or Zephyr, but slowly, surely she was becoming a hero, just like them.

    Though that fear remained, the fear that she would kill someone, that she couldn't control the scared monster that lives in her heart.
  3. Master Vo

    Master Vo Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    GM Approved

    Name: Larry Stone

    Codename: Bronze

    Gender: Male

    Age: 43

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Black

    Height: 6'4"

    Weight: 198lbs

    Likes: Cigarettes, Motorcycles, and his trusty silenced 9mm pistol

    Dislikes: Being static, planes, annoying people.

    Personality: Quiet, but sociable, Sarcastic. Typically looks out for number one.

    Basic Abilities: the ability to form large bronze feathered wings. Slow regeneration

    Bio: After being involved in a lethal car crash, killing both of Laurence "Larry" Stone's parents, his first ability of slow regeneration was discovered when he was recovering in hospital. When he should have lost all function in his legs, he was able to move them within several months of recovery.

    His core ability, however, was discovered when he was running from a mugger who was armed. He couldn't remember everything exactly, but the first time flying was painfully embarrassing. The good thing, however, was that he would get better, much better.

    All this happened in his teen years, when he turned 19 he joined the U.S Army, and served for 3 years. He didn't use his powers during this time. In fact, he hasn't told anyone about his powers, they remain largely under the radar.

    For years, he has been practicing his flying, and living an average life. However, recently, he decided he wants to do more than just get by on his minimum wage job. Living in the city made him feel sick with the petty crimes that happened. Muggings, robberies, and murders. He was going to take a stand against it.
  4. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009

    Basic character sheet:

    Name: Zephyr Vaillancourt

    Codename: Psion

    Gender: male


    Hair: black

    Eyes: silver blue


    Weight:155 lbs

    Likes: Adventure, creativity, individuality, free spirit, intelligence, bravery, conviction, positivity, empathy.

    Dislikes: Bullying, deceit, abuse of power, corruption, selfishness, negativity, indifference.

    Personality: Generally private, sometimes generous to a fault. Adventurous, outgoing, a bit of a risk taker, can be sarcastic at times. Determined, observant, studious when necessary. Team player when comfortable.

    Appearance: Likes to wear black, somewhat stylish but not showy or ostentatious.


    Powers: Psion is able to manipulate matter.

    Bio: Zephyr is the son of Alma Forsythe and a Kree exploratory researcher, Xereth-Fiyrr, who was killed by a Skrull assassin. Alma later married Reinauld Vaillencourt who was also a visionary scientist as herself and had loved her since their younger days when they met during a scholastic Science Program.

    Alma came to realize that Xereth might have selected her for her ‘genetic potential’, evidence of this became clear not too long after his death.

    She and Reinauld raised Zephyr in comfortable seclusion to better keep control over his abilities, which manifested very early, and proved to be exceedingly dangerous if left unchecked.

    They almost enrolled him in Xavier’s School for gifted children but were concerned with the mutant stigma. Instead, they availed themselves of materials concerning

    metahuman subjects, either publicly available or through ‘data couriers’. Ranging from thesis by Reed Richards, papers from Dr. McTaggert and Dr. Charles Xavier himself, including Dr.McCoy.

    However the most help came from the information stored in Xereth’s hidden workshop. Alma had become familiar with some of the items and machinery there during her time with Zephyr’s father. The Kree technology allowed and permitted access to some of the knowledge, which was vast and beyond anything on Earth, a fraction of the ‘basic’ information proved to be a wellspring of knowledge and life changing information. This was also kept secret.

    Zephyr grew up apart and isolated from the general public, having little to no contact with other youngsters. He received his education from carefully selected tutors who were sworn to secrecy. He was also unaware of his true paternity for most of his life. He was instilled with a strong moral code, but his abilities separated him from most of humanity, moreover, though well instructed in manners and social graces, his isolated upbringing would often lead to some awkward interactions with individuals of his own age group.

    Upon reaching the age of majority, Zephyr realized that the only peers he had were the heroes out there. So his dream was to become one and thus he took the name of Psion.

    He vowed to help in the defense of the weak and be brave for the timid.

    That dream came true in the midst of turmoil and a world at the brink of chaos, more or less. Fate would have it that he would meet and work with two youngsters, Blue and Casey ( codenamed Aegis); strangers bound by purpose and a purity of heart, or at least that is how he optimistically viewed their encounter.

    Zephyr was drawn to their courage and strengths and also moved by their vulnerabilities. There was much that he would learn from these two, about the real world and its vicissitudes. Not only had he found teammates to bring his dream alive, more importantly, he had found friends.
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  5. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 RPF/SWC/Fan Art Manager & Bill Pullman Connoisseur star 7 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 13, 2001
    GM Approved!


    Name: Thomas J. Gilchrist

    Codename: “Maverick” – Secret Service codename

    Gender: Male

    Age: 48

    Hair: Brown with a few wings of silver becoming more prominent

    Eyes: Blue

    Height: 6’2”

    Weight: Average

    Likes: Pursuing a good challenge and utilizing unique, though often unorthodox, ways in which to triumph; engaging in intense debates and interviews, usually to hear the sound of his own voice and to soak in the limelight; sports, more specifically, the New York Yankees and New England Patriots; indulging in a good glass of whiskey to wind down at the end of a long day; working out and exercise; success and having complete control of a situation

    Dislikes: Vulnerability and fear, especially when it pertains to himself; being told that he cannot do something, or when someone tries to make excuses for a poorly managed situation; being stuck in traffic or late for an appointment; greasy foods; admitting defeat; obvious bids for attention and being upstaged by people who are less qualified than himself

    Personality: Tenacious, ambitious, a desire to dominate, has a penchant for manipulation, and an overwhelming sense of pride; on the flip side, his public face is very cordial and compassionate, a real ‘go-getter’ whom the people have fallen in love with – he is very charismatic, the perfect candidate for the job


    Basic Abilities: N/A – he does not exhibit any ‘superpowers’

    Bio: Thomas “Tom” Gilchrist is an American politician and a former Governor of New York; he was elected President of the United States as the Democratic nominee in the most recent election.

    Born in Poughkeepsie, New York, Tom attended law school after completing a high school career riddled with excellence in both academics and sports. He was a star running back for his own PHS Pioneers football team and later went on to play in college. Upon graduation from Cornell University, he immediately signed up to serve in the United States Air Force. While he never admitted it out loud, Tom did so with the intention of kick-starting his political career, especially since his grandfather had also served and was a decorated war hero from WWII. Unfortunately, he doesn’t speak much about his experiences during this time, particularly those that took place during the Iraq War following 9/11. He utilizes this mostly for political gain and has even expressed anger on some occasions when people have tried to push too far for answers.

    His political career began in 2006 when Gilchrist was elected New York State Comptroller. He served in this role for two terms before campaigning and winning the 2012 bid for Governor of New York.

    It wasn’t long after moving into the Executive Mansion in Albany when the national Democrats saw him as a future President. He had the right look, a youthful disposition, and a personality that could relate directly to the people. Tom also had a strong core in family values, as was seen frequently through his rallies and the social media videos he put out that featured his wife and children. But what really made him stand out on the campaign trail was his promise to find a solution to the Superhuman Registration Act.

    Following the Second Latverian Cataclysm, he became an advocate for the people and vowed to prevent such a catastrophic event from ever happening on American soil. He called for control and order in the ‘superhero’ ranks and believed that he could achieve this by reimplementing the SRA in some form; it was for the people – for their own personal safety and freedoms. He even expressed his willingness to work with the various superhero groups themselves to meet this goal. It was this overall stance that ultimately pushed him over the top to get him elected as the next President of the United States.

    Gilchrist is currently married to Emily Nash, a former secondary school teacher, and they have two children Rebecca and David.
  6. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Mod-Emperor of the EUC, Lit, RPF and SWC star 9 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    Approved by the GM!

    Name: Uatu

    Codename: The Watcher

    Gender: Male

    Age: Immortality

    Hair: None

    Eyes: Two

    Height: Irrelevant to myself, and to you

    Weight: Again.

    Likes: I am without self; I merely watch, and wait

    Dislikes: Must I repeat myself?

    Personality: I tire of these questions.

    Appearance: As plain as my face.


    Basic Abilities: Psionic abilities, but I would never use them. Superhuman intelligence and scientific knowledge beyond Earth measuring... of that I do not boast.

    Bio: I watch; my oath is just that. I do not intervene. I merely watch. I do not intervene, ever. There is no need. My people have assisted worlds before, and it is our sin that we did. Never again will we intervene.

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  7. darthbernael

    darthbernael EU Community Mod, Fuego, Pyrofuego! star 5 Staff Member Manager

    Apr 15, 2019
    GM Approved!!!

    Basic character sheet:
    Codename: Daken
    Gender: Male
    Age: Born 1946

    Black, long
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’9”
    Weight: 167 lbs

    Violence, Using people, Controlling others, Emotionally, Physically, and using his Pheromones playing with others, both men and women

    Due to his memory loss and his several quests for vengeance he has no real feelings one way or the other about anyone or anything.

    Daken is basically what you would get if you mixed Wolverine and Deadpool’s DNA and abilities and then trained him within an inch of his life. Due to the harshness of his training and events that have happened over his life he has turned into a cold, manipulative, controlling, and animalistic being that care nothing for any other person. With most of his memory still lost, he is often seen as no more than a living weapon to be turned against whoever his boss wanted dead.





    Basic Abilities: Regenerative Immortality, Ageless Immortality, Self Resurrection, Foreign Chemical Immunity, Disease Immunity, Superhumanly Acute Senses, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Reflexes, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Agility, Pheromone Control, Superhuman Mental Processing, Telepathic Immunity, Retractable Claws, Master Martial Artist

    With his skills and mental processing abilities he either knows or has learned how to operate most weapons systems that have ever been created but most often tends to rely on his martial arts training and his retractable claws as his weapons. He has two claws on each hand that release in the same place as Wolverine, above his hands, but he does also have a third on each hand, that extend from the inside of his wrist.

    In 1946 Daken’s mother, Wolverine’s wife was murdered by the Winter Soldier. His mother had been murdered so as to draw out Wolverine, but as his mother lay dying another mutant appeared and cut him from his mother’s womb. Due to his regenerative ability, even at that age, he survived even this very early ‘birth.’

    He was abandoned by this same mutant on the door of a wealthy Japanese couple who took him in as the answer to their prayers of having a child. He was raised by the and his adoptive father named him Akihiro, but most of their servants and staff nicknamed him Daken, which meant ‘bastard dog.’ At about 11, he had a falling out with his adoptive family which led to him killing his mother by accident leading his father to commit suicide.

    As a result of this falling out and what occurred during it, the majority of his mutant powers finally came to the fore. As he stood in the remains of his life, the same mutant that had saved him at birth reappeared and took him to be trained in the same program his father had been trained in, the Weapon X program. He spent several years studying and training until he became better than almost any other person that had been trained. In a final battle with his mentor, the mutant that had rescued him twice reappeared.

    He left the program and followed that mutant, working for him. While working for him he had several conversations with Romulus, that mutant. Romulus told him most of what had happened the day he was born but lied to Daken about who had killed his mother, placing the blame on his father, Wolverine. This caused him to swear vengeance against his father and strengthened the bond between himself and Romulus.

    During the following decades this oath twisted hm further and further, leading to several confrontations with his father, all ending poorly. During a fight with his father and Deadpool his was struck with a bullet made of a material which could reduce the regenerative abilities he had. His father saved his life but carried him to a cave where he had guarded the failures of the Weapon X program. After killing most of the failures he was rescued by Sebastian Shaw and Ms Sinister.

    They realized quickly that something had happened that had seemingly erased most of his memories. Ms Sinister attempted to restore his memories but did not completely succeed. As well, during this period he learned that Romulus had lied to him and that his father had not been responsible for his mother’s death. Even though he gave up his quest for vengeance against Wolverine, with the truth revealed, he now swore vengeance against Romulus.

    Over the following decades he worked with many in the superhero or mutant hero community including the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men. He was involved in many operations, some on the side of right, but many to satisfy his own lust for control and animalistic nature. As with his father, he has bone claws in his wrists that have, at times been bonded to metal. However, unlike his father, his claws and skeleton are not coated in adamantium.

    Over the last decade he has crisscrossed the world, at times assisting other heroes or villains, at others following his path. Due to this nomadic nature he has been out of the loop with the many events that have occurred recently, save for having been thought killed in a battle with a NuSentinel and various others in New York City. He was loaded in a body bag and into a quinjet and that was the last most have seen of him.

    Due to his Self Resurrection ability and ability to regenerate, his body was left in a secure location, guarded by those that had taken them. Not too long ago he finally awoke and escaped. Since then little has been known about him, but with the world finally rebuilding and stabilizing, he has reappeared, but how will he act in this new world?
  8. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 6

    Apr 29, 2002


    Blueline, Casey & Zephyr
    Zephyr’s Place, Early evening

    It was that time of the year again, and the city was abuzz with the excitement of celebrating a Happy Halloween. Last minute shoppers rushed to and from costume shops in a last ditch effort to look their very best for the various parties many were invited to.There would even be a Halloween Parade scheduled down Fifth Avenue in midtown this year. That was a first. The night would be cloudy, but the moon would still be visible.

    Ernesto had been very insistent in his invitation of Blue and his friends.

    “Yu canno miss my Halloween Party, eh? Promise you come with yur friends. Lourdes is wanting to see you too!” The Bodega owner had said, emphasizing his wish with a friendly pat on Blueline’s back. “I see yu later, ok Azulito?”

    How could Blue refuse such an invitation when the man clearly loved him like a son.

    It was something he would have to discus with both Casey and Zephyr. Not to mention what they would wear.

    In the meantime, Zack had left a video message for the gang, wishing them a ‘Happy Halloween’.

    Zack appeared in a lab setting, lab coat and all, smiling as he spoke into the recorder.

    [“Happy Halloween guys. Just had to stop by the lab to check on some things. Ling and I are going to a staff costume party later, so I figured I’d call and say Hi”.]

    He waved at someone off-camera and a shy acting girl with dark hair also in a lab coat joined him, blushing as she too waved to the camera.

    [“I’m going as the Human Torch. Doh!”] He looked up with his blue eyes and blew air at his blonde hair, then gave a small laugh.

    [“I’m going as Minmay. Again.”] Ling put in.

    Minmay was an ‘old school’ anime character who shared the same first name.

    [“She makes a great Minmay. No, really, she does.”] Zack said, whispering to the camera. Ling playfully bopped Zack on the shoulder and blushed some more.

    [“We’ll send you videos. Hope you’re all doing something fun. Bye for now!]

    Both wave enthusiastically, before the screen goes blank.

    Zack was continuing his internship with the Baxter Foundation, but had to move to the BBWCC; Baxter Building West Coast Complex to do so- that due to the damage the Baxter Building NYC had suffered during the night of the Second Latverian Cataclysm. Triskelion, Baxter Building, Avengers Tower, they had all been targets of coordinated attacks, but were now thankfully undergoing reconstruction.

    The mood was light and the evening could prove to be much needed fun for our young and upcoming heroes. That all depended on what they decided together.

    Tag: @galactic-vagabond422, @Ameteth

    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York City, Early evening

    Well, it was bound to happen. A traffic jam. Right on 42nd St and 6th Ave. Cars, taxis, buses and ubers were all congested, going nowhere fast, beeping and honking. The traffic cop blew his whistle and wound his arm aggressively as he urged several cars to clear the intersection. A group of Halloween revelers took a chance and quickly ran across the street, laughing and giggling at the rising excitement. Were Sally and Jack skellington always this happy?

    As it was, 5th Avenue was closed-off for today’s parade and the city was excited for it. Larry could sit in traffic or go down a side street and park, if he wanted to catch a glimpse of the parade. Alternatively, there were many pubs open, with costumed patrons already in them, their giant TV screens already live-streaming the congested path where the parade would take place.

    A cop on foot patrol walked close by, eyeing him curiously for a moment as he gave Larry the once over. He glanced at the back of his jacket, then at his head. Was that a mohawk helmet or just a plain mohawk?

    [‘zone all clear, condition green’] His radio blurted as he neared.

    Tag: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Undercity, NYC, Hellbent Diver


    He’d heard of this place, this secluded and guarded area in the underside of the city, that could not be found by chance-unless one was invited or allowed entrance. He’d had no interest in it while he was free to roam topside and traipse throughout the globe doing as he pleased. But since his escape from Triskelion, he’d been forced underground. He had to lay low for awhile, a long while. It had taken a longer than he thought to fully recover from the lethal wound he’d received to his chest cavity. All vitals had been blown to atoms.

    Killing those S.H.I.E.L.D security guard had not brought sufficient satisfaction, but bloody revenge would have to wait.

    Undercity was a strange place. His senses continually assaulted him with uncanny information. There was magic down here, technology, cyborgs, mutants, Masters, Servants, all manner of strangeness- even undeath. The players always changing. Over time, he started to recognize certain symbols and insignias. There seemed to be sectors for each. This was likely a hub: neutral ground.

    These symbols, tattoos and insignias that he saw; some were ancient and archaic, others modern and futuristic. Some of the patrons were rich and powerful, others not so much. It was all mildly intriguing.

    No one asked him any questions so far, which was interesting.There was a cordial neutrality he grew accustomed to, which was practiced by all. Trouble makers were dealt with in a severe manner by dark enforces which managed to stay just outside his perceptions.

    Here at the Hellbent Diver, the music was good, the drinks were free and the patrons curiously intriguing. Tonight’s theme was Halloween. Which was amusing, as it seemed such was the case everyday.

    The bartender chic dressed as Morrigan kept smiling and feeding him drinks. She smelled like a mutant of some kind. Lestat over yonder seemed equally interested. Undead.

    What to do, what to do.

    Before he could decide whether to amuse himself or not, a hooded figure dressed as the Grim Reaper walked over and sat next to him. The cloak did little to hide the man’s muscular frame underneath.

    “You’re much harder to track than I imagined.” the man said, his voice sounding a bit strange, as if masked or strained by effort. Even through the loud music he could tell. He could also smell the weapons on him. A dangerous man then, but one who posed no threat, and likely knew what would happen if he caused trouble.

    Tag: @darthbernael

    Thomas J. Gilchrist, POTUS
    The White House

    It had been a long day, for him and for everyone in his administration. The Secretary of State had her hands full as well as the Secretary of the DHS. They were still dealing with the fallout from the ‘first’ Latverian Cataclysm and now there had been a second. World governments were desperately trying to bring a sense of normalcy to their borders. Now with S.H.I.E.L.D laid low and the indefinite suspension of the SRA, it was up to localized governors to find some measure of control. Some Senators were still blocking his efforts to implement measures on US soil, citing invasion of privacy.

    Thankfully, there was the family Halloween party to take things off his mind, at least for an hour or so.

    As he sat on his desk and reclined on his chair, he had a moment to pause- but it was short lived as a secure text message came through on his monitor screen. It was from the S.H.I.E.L.D White House Liaison: Agent DuBois.

    [Update Report: As per your request. All sites and cities are under surveillance. Conditions remain green. Director Johnson has escalated security levels to yellow for the next 48 hours.]

    The message was for both the Secretary of Homeland Security and himself. He needed to be kept in the loop on this one.

    There was a sudden rap at the door, followed by someone coming in.

    Agent Ezekiel Thomas, his personal bodyguard and driver.

    “Pardon me, sir. It’s time. Your car is ready.”

    Tag: @HanSolo29

    Uatu the Watcher
    Blue Area of the Moon

    Once the home of the Inhumans and the site of many Epic Battles, the Blue Area of the moon is once again, silent. Its ancient structures now occupied by a sole inhabitant, one who rarely has any visitors.

    It is his sworn duty to witness events and to simply watch. The Earth has undergone great changes since the advent of its superhuman population, but is it for the better of the species? Time and time again he has seen the results of humanity’s naked ambitions, all with varying results. What will be different this time, now that cosmic powers are at play. Will he witness a catastrophe, a miracle?

    Maybe both.

    This was his domain, so he sensed the other as soon as he had arrived. Why now? and to what end?


    “You know, He’s challenging me…and I must answer that challenge.”

    Apocalypse strides forward, confident and superior. Unapologetic of his intrusion.

    “And to think, he’s not even a mutant, but a mere scientist and amateur mystic. No, that’s not quite accurate is it?”

    Thanks to the breathable air and earth-like conditions within the blue area, he can be heard. A remarkable feat made possible by a space faring civilization.

    The being also known as En Sabah Nur clasps his massive armored arms behind his back as he steps next to the towering Uatu and looks off towards Earth, the blue marble floating in the vastness of space, a prized world in the grand cosmic scheme.

    Victor is a genius level-intellect, perhaps even more so than Essex; His ambition is certainly greater, that is apparent.”

    A moment of silence and contemplation pass between the two beings.

    “He grows too powerful, enough to setback my schemes. You know he must be stopped.”

    Another pause.

    “That “I” must stop him. And for that, I will need to create my Horsemen once again.”

    Indeed, the Earth was a beautiful creation, a jewel to behold, a grand prize to whomever possessed her. A feat that could only be accomplished by the strongest, by the worthy.

    “I thought you should know.”

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    Sep 7, 2002
    "Because he said I can!!"
    GM approved.

    Basic character sheet:

    Name: Shelly VanKasser
    Codename: Shade
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Black Hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130
    Likes: Books, quiet places, friendly people, doodling/drawing, and of course CHOCOLATE. She also adores puzzles, especially the spatial ones.
    Dislikes: Strong armed authority, liars, mean people, anyone who reminds her of her parents.
    Personality: Massive trust issues, especially with authority figures. She prefers what she considers normals, like the servants and regular folks that worked for her parents. Normally shy, she can become very protective when it comes to the young or defenseless. She loathes bullies, people who think they are superior to others. Tends to wear dark colors. Long dark trenchcoat.

    Basic Abilities:
    Darkness is her solitude. Her safe spot. She can hide in the darkness, and none can touch her there. She can become intangible in the shadows. She also can shape other shadows, bringing some of them into a substance so that they can reach out and grab objects. She also uses the shadows to teleport within. She has no trouble seeing in any levels of darkness, and even though she does not feel it, it has been said to be a chilling experience whenever she transports a person over long distances.

    She is a living shadow.

    Shelly's childhood would be considered to some a dream come true. If only they knew. Born the second child of a very wealthy Virginia family, (Charles and Margret) her mom a high standing microbiologist and her father who dabbed in what she only new was the "family business", seemed to be a powerful man. Her brother the eldest, was doated on and groomed to be the next head of the family. She was pretty much ignored, and in a way, it afforded her much more freedom. She loved to read, and had access to a huge library. She was shipped off from boarding school to boarding school, and when she came home, her parents were seldom around. But the servants who served her family seemed to understand and would bring her small toys and items, often sitting with her and talking to them for hours on end. Family taught her to fence and martial arts. But she learned to street fight from the Gardner.

    She knew most of the staff by the first name. And she returned at friendship, helping them when needed when she could. Sometimes, she would just sit and listen. But things changed once she was 16.

    Charles and Margret had their own agenda. They had seen the mutant rise and fall. And they figured that it would not be long before another wave rose up. And they were interesting on how they could be involved. Or maybe it was more in control. In either case, they had experimented on their children, without their knowledge. They had high hopes that the son would be the one who would show any signs. But nothing. They didnt even bother to check Shelly. To them, she was just a reject. To keep the family face, they looked to marry her off to some other rich family, for her to become their problem.

    And if she refused, they had other plans.Shelly couldn't understand why they seemed to not care. She did everything they asked. She was a straight-A student, went to all the family silly parties, but still nothing. Only the staff seemed to care. So one day, she simply left. Angry and upset, she wished she could just disappear. And she did. She simply slid into the shadows. With this newfound ability, she escaped her family's compound and left.

    She left the state and moved out west, as far away from her background as she could. She found herself in Arizona. She realized these powers made her different, but she didnt see herself as a mutant. She changed her looks to blend in with her new life and has been trying to find her calling in life, now that she is free.
  10. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Mrs. Wesley was a widow, a retired English teacher and an Author, as well as a part-time humanitarian. She was a strong believer in helping troubled youth, no matter from where they hailed.’ Helping young people was an investment in a better future’. At least that’s how she viewed it. Her late husband had been a political analyst, and a pretty good one at that. He was always popular, but he was right about things more often than not.

    Everyone knew Mrs. Wesley, for she liked to give-out books. Reading was the key to keeping the mind sharp, according to her. You ever accepted one of her books, you’d better believe she would quiz you about it in due time. How did she keep it all straight in her head, no one knew, but that was part of her charm.

    Within her one modest one-story home, she kept a spare room. Shelly was its the occupant. The word on the street was that Mrs. Wesley always had a place for anyone who needed it. Of course, that meant one would have to do work around the house. No free boarders allowed.

    Tonight was Halloween. Mrs. Wesley loved to decorate her home and give-out candy to all who stopped by. This Halloween would be no different, except that Shelly was here to help. She hadn’t asked her young guest any intrusive questions of her. One long scrutinizing look was all she needed to know if you were going to be naughty or nice.

    Shelly dressed in black, but she was all light on the inside.

    Mrs. Wesley loved to dress-up as a fairy god-mother from one of the classic Disney animated films. No, not on a daily basis. Just for Halloween. She was quite believable in such a role, if she ever decided to take up acting. As it was, she hadn’t had a chance to change, and evening was coming.

    On a table near the door, there were several buckets filled with candy to give out. The assortment was vast and varied, all kinds of flavors and shapes.

    “Shelly dear.” She called out behind her.

    “I can’t seem to find the smiling pumpkin ornament. Could you please check in the kitchen for me?”

    Thinking aloud now, she placed a finger to her chin as she muttered to herself; peering at the buckets atop the decorated table, to make sure she hadn’t missed it.

    “I didn’t leave it on top of the fridge, did I?"

    Looking back again, she waited for Shelly to respond.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly LOVED Halloween. All the costumes. Parties. Looked like fun. Allowing you to dress up as something else. Of course, she never had any real experience with it, except for the occasional bag of treats sneaked in for her. But now, looking at, and watching all the excitement that surrounded it, she was enjoying it. The house smelled of cinnamon, pumpkin and of course chocolate. As she sat, thumbing through a new book, she heard Mrs. Wesley call out to her. Mrs. Wesley was a wonderful and kind woman who had taken her in, not long after she had arrived in Phoenix. Shelly didn't give her last name, and Mrs. Wesley didnt ask.

    “Shelly dear.”

    Shelly sat up, putting down the book. "Yes, mam' am!?" she called out, standing up. Shelly grinned. Mrs. Wesley had told her she didn't need to be so formal, but Shelly couldn't help it. Mrs. Wesley continued.

    “I can’t seem to find the smiling pumpkin ornament. Could you please check in the kitchen for me?”

    Shelly smile grew. "Sure thing!" she called out, as she began to move, heading quickly for the kitchen to check for the requested ornament. As she scanned the kitchen, she heard the older woman call out once more.

    “I didn’t leave it on top of the fridge, did I?"

    On top of the fridge?

    Shelly turned to take a look at the fridge. "I'm checking. Don't see it yet...." Shelly replied as she searched the area, and then around the kitchen area looking for a smiling pumpkin. She
    tiptoed, to peer on top of the fridge, before moving to other areas.

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    Here we go


    Leaving Ernesto's

    "Alright, alright Ernesto." The young man said feeling Ernesto clap a hand over his shoulder and pull him close. "I'll come, I'll come. Just don't expect me to be in costume…" He looked down at himself, still in a cut up, bullet riddled, bloodstained hoodie that made him look like a Warrior's reject. "Or more of a costume." It was getting weird, going to a friend's party with other friends, it was all so normal. And if there was one thing that was rare in Blue's life it was normal. He gave a wave to the store owner as he left the bells jingling as the door opened. He was alone, having dropped Casey back at the Sanctum, their nickname for the house Zephyr had so kindly offered to them as a base of operations.

    It took some convincing to get her to go back, she was getting more and more confident, more and more willing to stay out longer and longer on patrol with him. And that terrified him. He will be the first to admit that she has become better, and that she has saved lives with her power, he would never take that away from her. However, he's seen the full extent of her power turning cars onto their side with a single push, putting holes into the pavement with a stomp. She said she had some control, always keeping the threat in mind, but he'd seen her on the brink, an edge or losing control, he or Psion had to pull her back before things got worse.

    He supposed that was why they never let her head out on her own. It had been a while, a long while that they'd been together, working as a team and still he was cautious about Casey, and her powers. He would never let it show on his face, but he was still worried about what could happen if she was alone and scared. More than that, he'd began to think about how she would react once the fear faded, when she looked upon what she had done.

    He shook his head, he'd made his feelings very clear, but Zephyr said they had made some progress in controlling her powers, that they could maybe take small steps. The hero still wasn't sure, but he supposed it was better than her heading out on her own unprepared.

    But, other than that, he felt himself settling into this new life, having a home, getting showers at night, sleeping someplace soft and warm. It was almost normal, and part of him liked it. After so long just dealing with life it finally felt like things were turning around. Though he still knew it could be taken away at any point, that bad luck followed him wherever he went. The thought was always in the back of his head, what would he do if he lost this? He'd just go back to what he used to do, sleep in shelters, visit soup kitchens, do hero work.

    Though that came with a complication...Casey. He couldn't just go back to that, or maybe he could, just drag her along with him.

    Again he shook his head he supposed he'd have to figure that out when it happened. Because he felt as though it would happen, one day, someway somehow, he would lose this, he had lost everything else.

    The Sanctum Sanctorum

    Blue had dropped her off at the Sanctum what felt like a while ago, part of her was beginning to wonder if he was sleeping rough again. It wasn't outside the realm of possibility, he'd done it before. She had to go out searching for him find the blue clad hero curled up under an awning in an alley. That was one of the reasons they all carried communicators now. She walked by the back entrance where Blue should be returning to. On the end table next to the door where three strips of tape, two communications resting on top of it. One was slick and black Psion written on the strip of tape underneath it, the other was orange it's label Aegis, the third empty space with Blue written on the tape. It was a little touch just something to make this place feel a little more like home.

    It had been a year and a half by her recollection, at least that was when she put her first entry in her journal. Looking back she was so afraid, so scared in those early days. She was better now, more stable, she was lucky she found a home, found some friends, even if there was still a little distance between her and Blue. She walked around the space taking in the changes that had come about, the glow in the dark labels on the doors. It helped in the early days when Blue would stay out late, very late and stumble back in not remember where his room was and end up sleeping on the floor somewhere in the house.

    In the kitchen she opened a cabinet pulling down a glass to get some water. In another cabinet she found a box with a label for 'House Stuff'. Really just a small box for money used for little things around the house. Zephyr had wanted to leave a card for Blue and Casey to use for necessities. Blue vetoed that very quickly. He couldn't bring himself to take any more from the man. Though there were needs around the house, and those needs could really only be solved with money. She could see him begrudgingly accept that, it was like pulling teeth to get some things done.

    She knew it came from a place of selflessness, not wanting to take from those that needed it more though given where he was, he was the person that needed it more.

    Herself she was starting to understand why he did this, the hero thing. She also didn't want to just mope around the house doing nothing or just keeping Blue and Zephyr informed about events. Blue again was against it, knew what her power could do, the damage it could cause. She did too, but how could she learn to control power if she didn't try. There were somethings she just had to do herself. After that first time she 'activated' her powers she realized she could control it...a little. She wasn't confident completely but she couldn't keep being afraid of it. Her powers couldn't be taken away from her she might as well use them.

    Blue returned home as she sat at the computer the message coming in from Zack, Zephyr's friend.

    [“Happy Halloween guys. Just had to stop by the lab to check on some things. Ling and I are going to a staff costume party later, so I figured I’d call and say Hi”.]

    Zack started still wearing a lab coat the lab going on behind him. He waved to a person off screen bidding them to enter frame. A nice looking woman gave a shy smile giving a slight wave.

    [“I’m going as the Human Torch. Doh!”] Zack Blew a lock of blonde hair from his eyes.

    [“I’m going as Minmay. Again.”] Casey furrowed her brow a little looking up the name on another screen. Nodding her head seeing the images that came up.

    [“She makes a great Minmay. No, really, she does.”] As Ling bumped Zack on the shoulder Blue leaned against the wall watching it all play out.

    [“We’ll send you videos. Hope you’re all doing something fun. Bye for now!] The message ended and Casey looked about the room, there weren't many decorations for the season, a few pumpkins that was about it. Did they have anything fun to do? Maybe Zephyr had some idea though Casey wasn't too much of a fan of Halloween, at least the way the kids at her school celebrated it. All about jump scares and the like. Not her idea of a good time, not with her powers.

    As she turned in the office chair she found Blue standing behind her, still wearing his bandanna. It had been a year and a half, and he hadn't taken it off around her and Zephyr.

    "You got any plans for All Hallow's Eve." She said somewhat jokingly as she looked at the ceiling.

    "Well, maybe." The hero said looking away.

    Right away Casey fixed him with a look of surprise.


    "I mean, if you want to go...I have's Ernesto's party, he invited"

    "Didn't he invite you to that last year and you blew it off?"

    "Look it's halloween, a free pass to wear a mask and be someone else. Things get busy for people like me."

    "But you said you had to go this time?"

    Blue looked down non-comittality maybe he spoke too soon. He shrugged his shoulders, putting his hands in his hoodie.

    "Is Lourdes going to be there?" She asked genuine curiosity in her voice.

    "It's her father's party of course she's going to be there."

    "Oh," She turned away returning to the screens.


    "Nothing, nothing, just...I'm glad you're branching out."

    "Doing more with my night than just stopping some petty criminals and sleeping rough?"

    She spun in her chair fixing him with a look.

    "You really scared us with that stunt."

    "And I said I was sorry, just...still getting used to this...all this…"

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    Excelsior GM Approved Return!

    Name: SGC’s 28.57^3
    Codename: Darwin - A name given by amic
    Gender: Male originally, currently unknown.
    Age: 24
    Hair: Clear
    Eyes: Right cluster red, left cluster blue
    Height: 1.5m (4’9” ft)
    Weight: 111kgs (244lbs)
    Likes: Sunlight, freedom, computers
    Dislikes: Confinement, Isolation, scientists
    Personality: Shy
    Appearance: Insectoid.
    Post Wundagor:

    Bio: Born a Deviant he was taken, sold, given to, or created by a group of Skrull scientists and raised from infancy. Raised in a lab in a neighboring nation to Latveria, Skrull Genetic Compromise Subject 28.57^3 (S.G.C. s: 28.57^3), or SGC for short grew up knowing the waving of probes, the study of genetic makeup, and the questions of power testing, potentials, and gene drift from his earliest memory on. And he knew his mother. She would come to him, appear to him every night as he laid down to sleep, talking to him until he could keep his eyes open no longer after the long days of testing and physical trainings. Telling him of things called sky, space, rock, city, animal and other wonderful tales beyond imagining.

    With little else to do he went through testing, grew, and eventually was given a serum to make him. . .better they had said. He had asked if he would be like his mother, something he had kept secret his eighteen years of life to this point as she had told him to, as he felt his chitin based exterior, mandibles, and clear mop of hair on his head was strange and nowhere near the level of beauty he had associated with his own mother or the Skrull scientists. Only they lied. He awoke a year later floating in a bubbling tube to find his body had gone from something vaguely humanoid into this new four legged form. His hair was gone leaving fine clear cilia coating his carapace and joints, his arms were elongated and his eyes changed to have color and increased range of vision.

    He was scared and he was angry and when he was decanted and fully was able to see the level of his changes, so much so in his rage he shattered the mirror and threw the closest scientist away from him. Only he never touched them. He was afraid when he saw the injured scientist, what would happen to him? His mother had warned him not to lash out at them, only they did not seem upset, they seemed thrilled! It was not long after that they spoke of other changes, less evident. It meant little to him, air was no longer a necessity, his body could survive on chemical reactions, anaerobic cellular action on a whole body level reaching days instead of the natural muscular restrictions lasting minutes. His body cilia absorb and clean his body, eating the dirt as his lungs filter the air to absorb the particles out of it. His mental acuity was rated as higher, and his body more ‘sturdy’ with the redundancies of external and internal skeletal construction.

    It was not long after this that the Skrull’s left, and the suites of human’s arrived for a brief time. They too left him in his ‘dorm’ as they sorted the facility, they were not as beautiful nor as ugly as he had heard his mother say in passing. In all honesty he could not fathom what was beautiful, only that it was not him. They in turn soon left to be replaced by a man in a suite who called himself Doom. Odd name, his stay was brief and merely saw a change of suites to include more lab coats and metal things. Then the destruction came, the facility was rent through and in the chaos and destruction SGC saw a chance, through the rubble and the bodies he stole what he could carry, looting the facility and the dead and set out into the terrifying and first truly abject thing of beauty to be found. Outside.

    It was panic and it was wonder, but it was his. From here he has never seen nor heard his Mother, known her comfort, but he is free, and he will not go back. Never. . .

    Or so he thought. Until one day he heard her again, and against all simple life but free acceptances he went with a blind man on an adventure to follow that voice and escape his own home that was being cracked down on by soldiers. They crossed a boarder illegally and entered into a gypsy camp, where he had the weirdest welcome and acceptance. Something which was oddly endearing. Two of the gypsies became their guides to Wundagor Mountain and he found what at least he had thought might be his mother in his head, in the flesh.
  14. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC Combo with our brilliant GM, as Taskmaster

    Daken and Taskmaster
    Hellbent Diver

    ‘This bar has attitude, has charisma in spades.’ Daken thought, knowing he could feed his multitude of vices and desire for control, should he so choose. The bartender seemed to know the drinks he was consuming like water were having no effect, or she was just trying to get him drunk enough to be able to drag him to her lair and do what she wished with him. And hmmm, the Undead, he’d not dallied with one before, not even sure his pheromones would work on such a creature.

    And then the Grim Reaper sat down, intruding on his thoughts and musings on whether solitude would be better than the effort it would take to dominate one of the two interests he saw before him. His nostrils twitched and a K9 showed in a smile at the information the scents provided, dangerous, armed, but smart too, for not openly displaying any of that.

    “Bud, don’t need to be tracked, don’t want to be tracked. Why do you think I’m here, in this place?”

    'Grim Reaper' chuckled as he slowly shook his head.

    "I get it. You gotta lay low for now, and this place..."

    He looked around and watched the bartender bring Daken another drink, while simultaneously showcasing her amplitude. She was about to pour 'Grim Reaper' a drink in an empty glass she produced, but he held up his hand. Morrigan shrugged, smiled, then simply moved on to the next patron. The music was loud and something about it seemed to get in your bones, there was a subtle toxicity in the air. It was oddly...motivational.

    "...Don't let it get inside your head, kid. Many who go deep never come back. Besides, I figure you might like a real shower, some real food, some nice clothes."

    Grim Reaper looked up and followed the slinking mix of smoke and incense that coursed above their heads, it was almost mesmerizing.

    "Maybe some fresh open air might do you some good."

    Carefully, he pulled out an object from the folds of his black cloak and placed it gently on the bar table. It was a mask which closely resembled Daken's old one.

    "This might help you topside. I paid good money for that I'll have you know. Speaking of which; your unique skills are needed. Big job. Bigger payday. It's a mess out there and opportunities are knocking."

    A subtle movement of the hand. A calling card produced, held and offered between gloved fingers. It read: Taskmaster.

    "Trick or Treat."

    Daken looked down at his own clothes, ‘Damn, the pheromones must be working overtime for those two to find me attractive in this state.’ he thought even as he saw the grubbiness of what he wore. He’d been down here for some time. As he pondered, he looked down at a soft noise, seeing his mask, not a replica, not a copy, not a new version of it, but his mask, sitting on the bar’s surface.

    Even as he listened to the remaining words, he picked it up, turning it in his hands. He could feel, smell, himself in the material of the mask. Looking up now, he pondered all that the Reaper had said. And then the card was produced, and the name told him so many things.

    “Trick or treat indeed, bud, or is it boss now?” He grinned as he spoke, a feral, hungry grin.

    “Food, a shower, new clothes, and work. How can I turn that down?” He stood, smiling seductively at Morrigan, “Maybe next time, sexy.”

    Turning back to the Taskmaster, “Lead the way, fresh air and a chance to flex my claws await, as you said.”

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    Mystic Masters Sanctum Sanctorum, NYC

    The respite from the conflict surrounding the Latverian Restricted Zone was truly a welcomed one.

    Shortly after being changed to his current form during his stay at Wundagore Mountain, it wasn’t long before SGC found himself and the brave Knights of Wundagore caught in a pitched battle against Dark Forces spurred by the Second Latverian Cataclysm.

    The beleaguered Knights soon found succor in the timely arrival of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, who aided in stemming the tide of darkness, therefore saving many lives. Wundagor Citadel was eventually declared ‘secure’ and Sir Aslan was unanimously voted as the new leader after a short ceremony. For his bravery during said conflict, SGC was asked to join the Knights, but his amic, Erasmus, who had receive the gift of sight, argued that SGC deserved a taste of normal life after his life long ordeal. Thus, it was agreed that he would always be welcomed in Wundagore and was free to come and go as he pleased. A young mystic volunteered to be his guide and tutor, even as Erasmus and his gypsy guides embarked on a journey back to their own camp, all with the aid of mystic escorts.



    The day began much like a normal one, filled with studying, lessons, meditation and reflection. However, there was something different today as well. The decorations would likely give it away. Well, at least the ones near the front door and just outside of it.


    Young Tenzin was the mystic who'd volunteered to be SGC’s guide and tutor, but in truth, he had much to learn himself. Tenzin finished his garden duties in the back patio, then quickly returned to decorating. By now he was able to recognize his ‘student’ by the unique sound of his steps on marble floors, upon hearing him approach.

    “SCG. How was meditation?”

    Tenzin asked in his usual friendly manner, taking a moment to look over his shoulder.

    “Master Tan doesn’t quite approve, but he allows me to decorate for Halloween, as long as I don’t over do it.”


    “So...what do you think?”

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  16. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    greyjedi125 approved!


    Basic character sheet:

    Name: Mary Formal

    Codename: "Mother"

    Gender: Female Arcateenian / Arcan shapeshifter

    Age: 244

    Hair: Blonde. Chin-length, face-framing bob cut. Sideswept bangs

    Eyes: Green

    Height: 5 foot, 4 inches

    Weight: 55 kilos, although slim

    Likes: She likes referencing movie and television pop culture, but she is a major Man From U.N.C.L.E. fan girl, and if anybody believes her, she will claim to be one of their agents. Her favourite gun, is the discontinued Bren Ten automatic, as used by Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice.
    Recently, she has drifted towards taking care of people she perceives as smaller or weaker than the norm. Approves of girly girls.

    Dislikes: Being told what to do, treated like a kid, going longer than a calendar month without consuming a fresh human heart. People that she has taken under her wing, using bad language. Females wearing trousers.

    Personality: Nurturing, though it can quickly turn into forceful mothering. Quotes A LOT of television and film media. Will treat anyone that she is working with, as a wider family, and worthy of her protection.

    Appearance: SHIELD liaison officer Arthur Chesterfield's dubious claim to have never heard of the fictional superhero, Batman, inspired Mary to adopt the latest iteration of the Wonder Woman costume as both everyday and workwear.
    She also has the Amy Pond woman police constable outfit: black bodycon miniskirt, white short-sleeved blouse, black bulletproof vest with POLICE on the front, and U.N.C.L.E. on the back, tights, black combat boots.
    Myriad skirts, tops, and dresses. Wears a black webbing garter belt with a drop holster velcroed round her thigh, for her Bren Ten automatic. Wedge-heeled strappy sandals.

    Basic Abilities: Can punch through a human ribcage. Superspeed over short distances up to 300m (too fast for a human to see, but we're not talking The Flash), superstrength (more upper body strength than you would think, to look at her). Healing factor, sorta. She took a musket ball to the shoulder in Georgian England, and it healed right up. Her mind is impenetrable to telepaths.

    Bio: Arcateenian shape-shifter. Very adept at concealing her true form, and has not revealed it since being knocked unconscious by an explosion at a Russian Consulate in the 1960s (see, From Russia With Love, or this Earth's version, Mary Formal attends SMERSH interview).

    Has been on Earth since Georgian times, mostly taking human hearts and hibernating for fifty years at a time, or living on the fringes of society as a tramp.

    1960s - Mistaken for a Russian consulate worker in Istanbul, and conscripted into a SMERSH operation to pass misinformation to British Intelligence.

    1994 - Emerging from hibernation to get her five hearts, she was captured by British E-Branch, a secret service staffed with psi-powered agents that had earlier unwittingly discovered the existence of vampires on Earth, and were dedicated to wiping them out.
    Not realising Mary's true nature, but noting her strength and super-speed, they conscripted her into their ranks as an "Agent". Agents have no mind powers, so are support staff and muscle for the Operatives.

    2003 - Was in Australia for a joint E-Branch, Australian Special Air Service (SAS), Australian Special Intelligence (ASI) vampire-hunting operation.
    Seconded to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), temporarily commissioned as an Acting Sub-Lieutenant.

    Since Resurgence: That night at Dugans Bar, Doctor Redstone despatched her and Liz Merrick to West Virginia to do a ride-along with an A-Team (the 'A' standing for Appalachian) intervening in a Dogman (cryptid) incident.

    Two months later, Mary was by herself in Los Angeles, dusting the vampire revellers in one of Deacon Frost's infamous warehouse raves.
    The LAPD, reeling under the weight of a prolific serial killer (Sidney), responded to 'shots fired' calls, and arrested her at the scene. After SHIELD and E-Branch anonymously vouched for her, she got her gun and liberty back, but was drawn into the multi-agency Sidney Taskforce to find the killer.
    She partnered with a Portland detective, Nicole Gravely, who was also seconded to the taskforce, quickly taking her under her wing.

    Forced her way into Gravely's life, in a parental role, and has been living in Portland, Oregon, with the young detective, since.

    Mary has never had a formal education, except for six months at E-Branch's training facility, The Farm, in 1994. She speaks, in descending levels of competency, English, Romanian, and Russian.

    Preferred weapon: Bren Ten. (10mm Auto silver bullets)


    Basic character sheet:

    Name: Liz Merrick

    Codename: Personifying her SHIELD work, she has named herself, "Section 23"

    Gender: Female human

    Age: 27

    Hair: Straight brown. Occassionally braided.

    Eyes: Brown

    Height: 5 foot, 4 inches

    Weight: 60kilos, though slim. Less endowed than her partner.

    Likes: Likes to be liked, but has no real hobbies that I know about. Going steady with SHIELD limo driver, Bryan Dale.

    Dislikes: Being told to use her telepathy on other espers within E-Branch.

    Personality: Personable, can lack in self-confidence, but brave enough in combat. Believes in E-Branch's calling to destroy vampires. A lot more comfortable with contemporary Earth technology. Playful around Bryan Dale (boyfriend), Mary Formal (colleague and friend).

    Appearance: English Rose. Caucasian. Bit of a tomboy in attire, favouring check shirts and jeans if no dress code. Pleated tennis skirt for emergencies. Still has her black SHIELD uniform
    Basic Abilities: Telepath.

    Bio: Normal upbringing and education in England, possibly doing Psychology at university. She did an experiment with cards for her thesis, getting students to guess the next card, and finding herself getting so invested that she tried helping them. Her own guesses regarding the next cards began to improve in accuracy.
    This was how she came to E-Branch's notice, and is employed by them for her telepathic ability.
    In E-Branch's hierarchy, she is an "Operative". Her psi ability is more important than other skills.

    2003 - Was in Australia for a joint E-Branch, Australian Special Air Service, Australian Special Intelligence vampire-hunting operation.

    Since Resurgence: That night at Dugans Bar, Doctor Redstone despatched her and Mary Formal to West Virginia to do a ride-along with an A-Team (the 'A' standing for Appalachian) intervening in a Dogman (cryptid) incident.
    Liz and Bryan Dale (piloting the quinjet at short notice) actually stayed in the plane for a bit of privacy, at the airport where they met the A-Team.

    The two remained embedded with the A-Team for a number of months, as part of their work with SHIELD's Paranormal Phenomena Department.

    They have since moved back to New York.

    Preferred weapon: Baby Browning. (.25 ACP 6.35mm silver ammunition)
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    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Uatu
    Blue Area of the Moon

    Turning away from the world, away from his watch of Daken, who had caught his eye at that moment in time, in the little bar, having a Trick or Treat.

    The mutant had been speaking. Uatu had been listening, meditating silently on his ability to multi-task with his senses; he disliked distractions however, for they detracted from his ability to watch, if he was participating. His eyes thus stared, and the interloper of course had no ability to accept silence; he merely spoke into it, unperturbed by the breach of the simplest of peace.

    “That “I” must stop him. And for that, I will need to create my Horsemen once again.”

    Another pause.

    “I thought you should know.”

    Uatu sighed. "En Sabah Nur," he spoke Apocalypse's true name as a reminder of his knowledge and that he would be intimidated; . "You appear to be asking for my permission, and I do not have it to give. Otherwise," he intoned. "You are asking for my guidance."

    Another pause, but he calculated it so as to be shorter than the average of all the other pauses that Nur had felt the need to fill, so as to merely emphasise his point by separating it from his narrative. He felt that the point was especially made as he turned back to look at Earth.

    "That, too, is not mine to give."

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York City, Early evening

    The sounds of Pink Floyd's In The Flesh? rang in Larry Stone's ears. He wasn't much of a music guy, but when it came to Floyd, he was a die-hard fan. He had decided he would listen to The Wall while he explored the New York streets for Halloween. The noise of the bustling streets were dulled by Larry's cheap earbuds, their volume cranked to the max. He was on his bike, wedged between two cars in a stifling traffic jam, with a cigarette wedged between his lips. His friends in school used to call him a chimney because of how frequently he would smoke. He knew it was unhealthy, but it didn't matter to him much. He made up his mind on what to do and slithered between the cars to a side-street to park. He wanted to watch the parade, but he didn't want to be stuck in another crowd, so he had an idea.

    He found a secluded parking spot, and left his bike there, before making his way into a small alleyway where he wouldn't be bothered. He took of his top, and the unbelievable happened. Huge, dazzling bronze wings had sprouted from Larry's back. They looked as if they belonged to some magnificent eagle, but were sized for a human. You'd be a lunatic to walk around with those in public. But luckily, it was Halloween, so this was Larry's costume.

    If someone was looking, they would be able to see a figure standing on one of the towering skyscrapers of New York, with what looked like wings on his back. Larry didn't actually care much for the parade, he found it rather boring. The costumes could sometimes be impressive, and everyone seemed fairly happy, but Larry was hoping something would go wrong. Not so that someone could suffer, but so he had something to do. At this height, he wouldn't be able to see much. I mean, he was on top of a skyscraper. No, if he wanted to see anything he would have to get closer. He smiled, and launched himself off the skyscraper.

    He dived through the air like an eagle, rushing towards the rooftop of a building he could use to survey the area. He flapped his wings as he came closer and glided gracefully on top of the building. The excitement on the streets would hopefully be enough to distract those on the ground from the winged human soaring through the skies.

    He was being careless by flying out in the open like this, but he was excited. Something about the parade had stirred something inside him. He didn't know what it was. Maybe some distant memory of his childhood...

    He landed on the top of a quick-mart. Here he would be able to see everything going on in the streets. His wings morphed back into his normal human body as he peered at the crowds. He was shirtless, as he didn't want to tear his clothes. He had tried to devise some kind of suit that would allow him to sprout his wings without having to take off his shirt, but he didn't find a solution. Someone must have been trying to take advantage of the Halloween commotion. Larry wished in this moment that he had some kind of gadgets to help him find crimes. How did the famous heroes find crime to fight?

  19. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: SGCs / Darwin
    Mystic Masters Sanctum Sanctorum, NYC

    Sitting there with a lone candle on the shelf in front of him, SGC watched the flickering flame with unblinking eyes and tried to clear his mind. Leave it open and let what thoughts come, come and then go like the solar wind over a patch of space. He was kneeling, feeling his odd new limbs rise and fall with his breathing. Longer antenna twitched at a waft of smoke from the candle. Breathing was shallow, and slow. Slower.

    His mind slowly wandered to the present. The respite from the conflict surrounding the Latverian Restricted Zone was truly a welcomed one. Also a weird one, not weird in a bad way, just odd. He was in many ways, free. Yet he was also away from any and all family or friends he had ever known to be with a Monk in some major city crammed with life. . .to have a normal life inside a secret building.

    Was this really what normal was? He was physically better. Closer to what he had been and yet more than he was now. It was odd and it was hard, and he had had to learn through a trial of fire fighting for his and everyone else's lives at Wundagore Mountain.

    Now he was learning from the Masters of the Mystic Arts, whom had aided in stemming the tide of darkness allowing them to win in some measure. Wundagor Citadel was eventually declared ‘secure’ and Sir Aslan was unanimously voted as the new leader after a short ceremony. SGC was asked to join the Knights, apparently for being good enough at fighting for his life was going to be seen as welcome there, with his Mother. His amic, Erasmus, who had receive the gift of sight, had wanted this odd life here for SGC. Something about it being a normal life, whatever that was. Although some unsettled part of him felt like he had traded, if his english studies were correct, monastic knights for warrior monks. How the one was more normal than the other besides their fleshy appearance was still beyond his understanding and this meditating thing was not helping him figure it out. His friend had a new home with the gypsies and he had normal life school and an invitation to return to the Knights and his Mother later.

    That was the past, breath in and out. Let it go. Pull back to himself.

    The past ebbed away until only today shone out. It was becoming routine to have these meditation issues of the past and then the present as if warring in his mind. Today was no different, if the past was not to be entertained, then the day. The english lessons and history lessons trickled by, learning proper conversation and history that he never knew existed for this planet. Although at the same time it seemed to be glaringly empty of mentions of the Skrull or Knights of Wundagore Mountain, as if their portions of history didn't matter as much, or perhaps that was something that would be covered after the colonization of this nation?

    Letting out a heavy sigh he noted the clock and standing, blew out the lone candle with a huff. He teetered a moment staring at the darkness and the decision to end his meditations for now. They didn't seem to do much for him. He never felt that inner peace from it.

    Walking about the home he followed the mental itch to where he knew, how he was still figuring out how to be comfortable with, Tenzin his volunteered guide and tutor.

    “SCG. How was meditation?”

    Tenzin asked in his usual friendly manner, taking a moment to look over his shoulder.

    “Master Tan doesn’t quite approve, but he allows me to decorate for Halloween, as long as I don’t over do it.”


    “So...what do you think?”

    Looking at the decorations he didn't really understand why anyone would want them out. "I am still not certain I am doing it right. My mind does not seem to like being empty." he stepped forward getting closer to look at the candies and decor. "You are leaving sugar out in petroleum byproduct wrappings, by open flames of two scared. . .weasels facing an angry Doom head with bad teeth and comical hair? I am afraid I do not understand enough to think more than to be confused."

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  20. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Zephyr Vaillancourt

    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’, NYC

    Zephyr stepped into his house shoes before heading up the stairs to join his teammates. He sensed Casey by the ‘control center’, probably sifting expertly through the endless stream of newsfeeds, clips and assorted information from the web. She had gotten really good at picking out any relevant info that could lead them to be helpful locally.

    It was a pleasant surprise to sense Blue was also present, probably back from doing some solo hero work. Reflexively Zephyr scanned the floor for traces of blood or some form of trail or detritus, but found the way clean. So maybe Blue was going to stay for dinner and hang out; that would be cool.

    Inviting Blue and Casey to stay at his brownstone to figure out life and the super hero thing was the best antidote to his solitary existence. Once strangers bound by purpose (escape and safety), now friends and teammates, super heroes alike.

    As he approached the doorway to the living room and ‘control center’ area, Zack’s video message could be heard playing.

    [“Happy Halloween guys. Just had to stop by the lab to check on some things. Ling and I are going to a staff costume party later, so I figured I’d call and say Hi”.

    After listening to the message, a soft chuckle almost escaped him as he thought that his friend Zach going as the Human Torch and Ling going as Minmay would essentially make them a ‘hot couple’.

    And just before he could make his presence known he heard Casey say to Blue…

    "You got any plans for All Hallow's Eve."

    Something about the tone of the question made him hang back a little, curiosity ruling the better part of his instincts.

    "Well, maybe."Blue responded looking away.

    Right away Casey fixed him with a look of surprise.


    Outside the doorway Zephyr’s eyes widened in surprise.

    “For real?” He echoed in his head.

    From the way the conversation was going it seemed like those two needed to work out some things.

    Out of politeness he waited for an opportune moment to cut in; he didn’t have to wait long, as Blue was being put on the spot by Casey’s motherly rolling pin of caring.

    "You really scared us with that stunt."

    "And I said I was sorry, just...still getting used to this...all this…"

    “All this high tech stuff and decadently delicious foods? I know it’s a bit overwhelming.” Zephyr cut in with a sheepish grin.

    Moving to stand next to Blue, Zephyr continued in a comic conspiratorial manner_

    “Someone’s moving up in the world, getting good with the ‘Boss’, getting invited to a party, huh, huh?”

    “So…are we going?” The question was more directed at Casey, since it was her ‘comfort’ level that usually determined most group activities on the social front, whenever the rare occasion presented itself.

    Zephyr chuckled to himself and contemplated the newness of it all.

    He usually avoided all things Halloween. Having grown up in seclusion, he’d become used to observing it from afar, never being able to truly participate in his childhood or youth, save for one or two occasions.

    He had heard some scary stories and learned a few things from the scientists and mentors that comprised his formative years.

    Apparitions and creatures of the night were very real and exceedingly hard to deal with, he heard about the veil between worlds and it becoming thinner during Halloween and all the theories that came along with that.

    Some scientists were into paranormal studies and some mentors did study mysticism. But most eye opening of all was the biodiversity archives in his progenitors lab. The term ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ was never more evident to him than during this ‘Holiday’. In the case of children, he’d thought of it as ‘Innocence’ rather than ignorance.

    Still, his enthusiasm for this party felt strange, but good. He attributed this change to his having friends, meta-human friends. With them he could face danger and use his powers without fear of adverse reactions and this brought a sense of comfort. It pained him to keep his superhero life from his best friend Zack, but he couldn’t risk the possibility of a villain targeting his buddy.

    Shaking aside the gloomy thoughts he focused on the topic at hand.

    “Are we dressing up, huh, huh?”

    He looked from Casey to Blue with and expectant expression, waiting for the verdict.

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  21. galactic-vagabond422

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Blueline & Casey
    The Sanctum Sanctorum

    All this high tech stuff and decadently delicious foods? I know it’s a bit overwhelming.” Zephyr cut in at Blue's pause. The bandanna wearing hero turned not as surprised as he usually would be. He'd gotten used to their gracious host just appearing next to him. In the house he wasn't too on guard he felt, against all odds, safe here, and sudden surprises didn't spook him much anymore. “Someone’s moving up in the world, getting good with the ‘Boss’, getting invited to a party, huh, huh?

    "Yeah, a party." Blue said turning to his black haired compatriot. "He asked me to come last year, but I had...Other things to do." He looked to the command center then back to Zephyr his meaning clear. Blue wasn't very good at keeping his friends informed of his 'social' activities. Maybe he should get better about that. "But, yeah, I don't think I should blow it off this time."

    "Lourdes is going to be there." Casey added. Blue just rolled his eyes.

    "It's not like that and you know it." He said somewhat off handedly.

    "I know but...It's just nice to see you getting out...doing something more that just superheroing."

    So…are we going?” Zephyr asked very pointedly looking at Casey, and she looked to the floor. Of course she would be the deciding vote on whether or not they would go. She was still not the most comfortable with crowds, but she could handle it. It wasn't as though she was a powder keg waiting to explode, what good was all her control if she didn't get to live her life. Though these thoughts were balanced by the fact that if anything did go wrong, they could go very very wrong. While she felt unsure, she knew that Zephyr and Blue could always pull her back, they would be there.

    She's been out on patrol, and faced down the very same dangers that Blue faced and she thought handled herself well. And, and she'd been cooped up in this house for too long, been doing work to keep her team informed of recent developments. It would do her some good to get out if only for a little. Besides, Lourdes seemed like a cool girl, she wouldn't mind at least saying hi to her.

    "I...I like to go…" She started looking up a little, "I mean I know I'm not the best with crowds, but it sounds like fun, and as long as you guys are there I should be ok and...if things get too much I can just leave. Make an excuse?"

    "We can leave." Blue stated firmly, he would not leave her to walk the streets alone.

    Are we dressing up, huh, huh?

    "Huh" Blue said leaning his head back. "Most of what I wear is already a costume. And if you guys want to dress up, go ahead."

    "Well," Casey picked up, after a little thought. "I once went as a Police officer...though I was a little girl so I don't think that could work, it's also a little late to go shopping for stuff." She thought for a little longer. "Unless you can whip something up Zephyr. Or have any ideas? Otherwise I might just go as my 'alter ego'."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    It probably came as no surprise to Shelly that the smiling pumpkin was exactly where it was left; atop the fridge, as Mrs.Wesley had recalled- next to a framed old fashion recipe for Pumpkin Pie.

    At that moment, Shelly would hear the voices of several children cry out in unison, ‘Trick or Treat’, then squeal in delight as Mrs.Wesley would answer ‘Happy Halloween’ and fill their containers with candy.

    Moving from the kitchen through the well decorated living room was the most direct way to the front entrance. The front door was already open and Shelly could clearly see several children and their parents waving at Mrs.Wesley as they departed through her front gate. Several more kids and their parents now crossed the street, making their way to them.

    “Thank you, dear.”

    Mrs Wesley says smilingly at Shelly as she takes the ornament, then places it by the Jack-o’-Lantern at the foot of the door.

    “Hi Mrs.Wesley, Trick or Treat!”

    The next group exclaim in greeting.

    The evening is pleasant and the skies are clear, stars are visible through the remaining evening light.

    As Mrs.Wesley attends to the next wave of charming spooky revelers, Shelly can see some of the kids her age walking by, some in costume, but not all. They talk excitedly among themselves, though some are on their mobile phones. It seems they are walking towards Cielito Park, which is nearby. There was some talk about an outdoor Halloween party being hosted locally.

    A few take notice of her as they look-on at the familiar sight, but two of them make eye contact. A girl wearing a costume which makes her look a leopard right out of the cast of ‘Cats’ waves at her, offering a friendly smile. The guy in the ‘Crow’ costumes gives her a typical once over and a playful wink, before returning to his conversation.

    Overall, the night air is fresh, if not a bit cool, and the ambiance was charged with seasonal excitement.

    Mrs.Wesley caught the exchange out of the corner of her eye, even as she continued to give out her treats.

    Tag: @Ktala

    Blueline,Casey & Zephyr
    Zephyr’s ‘Sanctum Santorum’, NYC

    It was good to have the three heroes under the same roof, as they shared very similar desires concerning the world they lived in. How best to go about realizing those dreams was the tricky part. Being a young person in the world was challenging enough, being young with powers in a world that did not necessarily accept you just added a great deal to that challenge. Getting along with individuals facing similar challenges…well, that took a ‘heroic’ effort.

    Thankfully, deciding whether or not to go to a Halloween party was not as difficult as facing down criminals. Right?

    The environmental monitor made sure to keep the room quite pleasant as Zephyr arrived, adding a third person inside the habitation.

    So far, Zephyr’s controlled enthusiasm spoke for him, as he was clearly interested in attending Ernesto’s Halloween party. Blueline, who had been invited by the owner of the corner bodega, was encouraged to bring his friends. It was a friendly invitation, with no pressure or strings attached, but after missing last year’s invitation, perhaps it would be a good idea to go.

    Casey seemed to have no objections.

    As the trio took a moment to decide, the Flat Screen on the wall came on, as it was programmed to turn-on when content of interest was detected. An aerial view of Midtown Manhattan filled the screen, showcasing all the tall buildings and streets around 42nd Street and 5th Avenue.

    The Halloween Parade was just beginning and the streets were already packed with costumed revelers. To say that the mood was ‘festive’ would be overstating the obvious.The view on the screen changed to a close-up of several extravagantly dressed revelers, and featured a few on-the-spot interviews as well. What was being said could not be heard, as the sound was low and subtitles scrolled at the bottom of the screen, in order not to disturb the room’s occupants. The camera suddenly panned left, showing agitated movement in the crowd and a long shadow created by a spotlight.

    Ernesto’s Halloween Party was a modest affair by comparison.Both events offered their own attraction as well as different opportunities to the trio.

    ‘Trick or Treat.’

    Tag: @Ameteth, @galactic-vagabond422

    Daken & Taskmaster
    Midtown, New York

    Taskmaster nodded slowly before rising from his barstool, black cloak flowing smoothly as he did so. He moved on without looking back, but simply signaled for Daken to follow after him.

    The two walked in silence for a time as Undercity slowly receded from view, then from their perceptions all together. They were underground still, but surrounded only by forlorn steel beams and a multitude of train tracks, lost in the darkness of the tunnels.

    Taskmaster paused, regaining his bearings and sense of direction.

    “You can thank me later for the rescue, kid.” He said, sounding amused as he scanned his surroundings, the lenses on the skull mask he wore shifting to a reddish tint momentarily.

    “You would have made a nice snack for either the blood-sucker or that succubus- active verb not withstanding.”

    A gesture, pointing in which direction they should go.

    “Funny thing. I looked everywhere you should have been, but didn’t find a trace. So I decided to try the places you shouldn’t. Life is funny that way sometimes, huh.”

    Signs of life became increasingly apparent, as lighting grew more frequent.The two were coming upon denizens which dwelled below the surface of the city. The homeless, the socially disenfranchised, the infirm, the hidden, and of course, a Morlock watch post. Even down here, mutants and metahumans fared better than their human counterparts.

    In short order, they came to an opened metal gate that by the looks of it, lost it’s lock long ago. The gate lead to a stair which went up for several levels.

    “I got a hotel room nearby. Let’s get you all cleaned up, shall we? Can’t have you meeting the others looking like that.”

    Daken would not be able to see Taskmaster smile under his mask, but he was sure to detect it in his voice.

    “And put on the mask as we get topside.”

    Without further delay, Taskmaster moved up the flight of stairs with some alacrity. A normal human being would have been winded by the time they reached the top, but both Daken and Taskmaster possessed stamina and endurance far above the average man. At last the pair reached the surface, and when the doors opened, they were greeted by the sound of the Halloween Parade. It was very crowded and very loud. There were revelers all about them, all clad in a diverse array of costumes, from impressive to garishly poor, yet all seemed to be having a great time.

    “C’mon, kid. No lagging behind. We’re at the Plaza Hotel. Ten blocks or so, that way.”


    It would be slow going for them, especially if they wished to blend with the crowd and draw no attention to themselves. That objective was true for them, but both Taskmaster and Daken would perceive a sudden scream piercing through all the cheering as they moved along.

    Tag: @darthbernael

    Uatu The Watcher
    Blue Area of the Moon


    Apocalypse utters the word as if he’d just heard it for the very first time. What an alien concept, that he, En Sabah Nur,The First, should need permission from anyone.

    At first, his expression is inscrutable, before it resolves itself into mild amusement.

    “I must admit, you are a curious being Uatu.”

    “But mark my words, mutankind is MINE, and Doom’s meddling will not bear fruit. The time of man is at its end.”

    Slowly he turns, eyes narrowing as he scans the towering Watcher’s countenance for any sign or hint.

    “But you already know that.”

    Apocalypse does not ask the question, for he knows the Watcher will not answer him. Uatu, much like himself, opts to break rules at a time and under conditions of his own choosing. Still he wonders, what have those eyes seen? What of Victor Von Doom?

    No matter. He too will be dealt with in due time.

    “I’ll be sure to provide you with something worth -watching.”

    He does not hurry as he walks back to the very spot where he had arrived, and with an exertion of his power, He is gone.

    Tag: @Sinrebirth

    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York

    After regarding Larry and his bike for a moment, the beat cop concludes that he’s just a lone biker probably looking for a local pub. There are no tell-tale markings on him, nor does he react suspiciously to his approach. With that, he continues on his beat down the avenue.

    Despite the traffic jam and the crowded conditions in the area, Larry finds a parking spot that meets his needs. Thankfully, his bike is quicker than the car waiting for the same parking spot. The man’s curses a lost in the din of the city.

    As expected, the reaction to his wings by Halloween revelers is one of amazement as they comment on their utter magnificence and realism. One lady scolds him, however: “Hey, buddy! How many birds had to die to make those wings, huh!? You should be ashamed.”

    “Calm down lady,” a costumed stranger interjects, coming to his defense. “It’s Halloween. You’re wearing leather shoes, right. I don’t hear ya belly-achin’ ‘bout no cows!”

    The two trade barbs regarding animal rights, but soon go about their separate ways.

    Finally, Larry gets to soar through the cool evening air, above the noise and the costumed revelers. A few folks notice him from the ground and point towards the darkening skies, but he is also visible to others as well. Especially those stationed on rooftops.

    After all, the city is under Yellow Alert.

    SHIELD was still working with the NYPD to keep the city safe, and today was no different than any other day, or night.

    [Come in control, we have an airborne bogey over the green zone, over.]

    A roof patrol watching over the Halloween Parade was able to pick-up his presence.

    [Roger that, Argus. Can you ID the bogey? Is it armed?]

    [Negative control. No positive ID. SRA database is still down. No weapon signatures detected.]

    [Then approach with caution, copy?]

    [copy that, control.]

    Unaware that his aerial stunt had been spotted by the roof patrol, Larry landed atop the nearby quick-mart. He definitely had a good view of the Halloween Parade proceeding below at street level. As was his custom, his wings morphed back into his normal body, disappearing entirely from sight and leaving him as a simple shirtless man.

    Larry’s instinct were good tonight, however. Not a moment later, the loud sound of a crowd cheering in wonder turned to screams and screeches of panic. A technician with a spotlight on the ground was a quick thinker, immediately illuminating the source of the disturbance.


    “Happy Halloween!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!”

    A creepy voice cried-out, louder than it was humanly possible from the menace flying atop a glider, all while tossing several hand-held pumpkins, which billowed smoke into the crowd below, setting off a rush of panic.

    [Control, condition Red, Green Goblin has been spotted. Repeat, the Green Goblin is on site!]

    Tag: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    Mystic Masters Sanctum Sanctorum, NYC

    "I am still not certain I am doing it right. My mind does not seem to like being empty." SGC stepped forward getting closer to look at the candies and decor.

    Tenzin turned fully to greet his pupil with a curt bow and an uncertain smile.

    He couldn’t understand why SGC was having trouble with meditation. For him it was quite simple, but then again, he was already a young Disciple within the order. Well, he would just go over the finer points of meditation with his pupil as many times as was necessary.

    "You are leaving sugar out in petroleum byproduct wrappings, by open flames of two scared. . .weasels facing an angry Doom head with bad teeth and comical hair? I am afraid I do not understand enough to think more than to be confused."

    Tenzin couldn’t help but to give a short laugh. He was still amazed at SGC’s effortless understanding of chemistry, science and the like, yet social mores were a complete mystery to him. He was reminiscent of an innocent who needed guidance, and he had been chosen to be that guide. It was quite a responsibility.

    “A diamond in the rough, that’s what you are.” Tenzin declared.

    “I have an idea.”

    The young monk held up a finger, indicating for him to wait, then another finger came up to join the first. With a smooth motion, he donned his Sling Ring.

    “Maybe it’s best if I just show you.” He said with a playful, nigh mischievous smile now upon his face.

    His arms now moved gracefully as Tenzin drew and weaved the pattern of portal creation, instantly opening a path that led to Time Square, where the Halloween Parade was being held.

    “You can experience the Spirit of Halloween for yourself. Come.”

    Tenzin was the first one through as he beckoned SGC to follow after him.

    On the other side of the portal, the monk and his pupil would find themselves atop the former Toys-R-Us building. The night air was cool and refreshing, and clouds passed above them languidly, oblivious to all. Bellow, a veritable throng of costumed multitudes celebrated Halloween in all manner of revelry.There was music and pageantry, even as an undeniable charge filled the very air. But moments later, the sounds of revelry and celebration would transform into those of panic.

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  23. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Zephyr Vaillancourt

    ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’, NYC

    The room seemed to go quiet as Zephyr stood thinking; he absently stroked his chin as his silver-blue eyes shifted, quick micro-movements that indicated the sudden flurry of activity in his head.

    Ideally he would have liked for all three to go in costume, but Blue had a very strict code about his identity and Zephyr considered him the senior team member in terms of experience and had a great deal of respect for the bandana clad hero…he also couldn’t come up with a sufficiently persuasive argument at the moment.

    However, Casey seemed to be willing to try to get into the ‘spirit’ of the occasion. He appreciated her bravery since a room full of raucous strangers was definitely outside of her comfort zone.

    She was right though, it was too late to go shopping and he could reasonably, with his powers, ‘whip’ something up.

    “Hmmm…I could always alter my suit to look like a living ‘Stick Figure’ or Cloak, or maybe even Spiderman’s symbiote…but maybe people won’t get that one.”

    It was apparent that he was still working out a quick solution since it sounded like he was half talking to himself rather than to his friends.

    “Let’s see…” He said, fixing his eyes on Casey as if studying her.

    “How about a Mummy! I can use some existing material, like some gauze or bandage material and we can wrap it around and give it an aged look, through oxidation…and voilá! Instant costume.”

    “ Aaaaand…” He continued, lifting a finger for emphasis.

    “That would also protect your identity. What do you think?”

    As he waited to hear what Casey and Blue thought of his idea, the big panoramic flat screen display came on as it often did when the system caught something of interest.

    Zephyr glanced over just to get a glimpse at what the screen was displaying. Seeing the normal telecast of the ‘Halloween Parade’ and the absence of words like ‘Emergency’, ‘Alert’ or anything that may require immediate attention, he was about to return his attention to the discussion at hand but a sudden panning of the camera showed agitated movement in the crowd, which almost always signified that something unplanned (and usually bad) was going on.

    “Um…guys…I think something’s going on at the parade. ‘TV. Volume up’.”

    All thoughts of partying were instantly suspended, not one to jump the gun, he focused his attention on the telecast, the information was coming in LIVE and he subconsciously held his breath.

    Trying not to assume the worst, he registered a feeble complaint with the Universe.

    “…C’mon, not today…”

    TAG: @greyjedi125 , @galactic-vagabond422
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nicole Gravely (npc), Liz Merrick (on the phone), Mary Formal, Amy Gazanian (npc), the Gravely residence
    Location: Portland, Oregon

    Nicole Gravely, a petite redheaded detective sergeant with the Portland Police Bureau, was having an anxious last minute telephone conversation with Liz Merrick, calling from New York City, the Big Apple.

    "You're not phoning to cancel, are you?" She asked, standing by the bakelite phone in the hallway, most of the device sitting on the three-legged mini-table stand thingy, with its knick-knacks and embroidered white cloth, while the handset on its curly cable, was held up to her ear.

    "Of course not, Sweetheart. Bryan and I would love to see Mary again."

    Mary Formal, the British investigator that had forced herself into Nicole's life down in Los Angeles, over a year ago, was due to fly out the next day, to be with her friend and E-Branch and SHIELD' colleague, Liz Merrick.

    All that well-founded paranoia about meta-humans, and no-one had mentioned a risk that one of them might decide to adopt a human, and treat them like their own child, which was precisely the situation that Gravely found herself in.

    She had only gone down to L.A. to pick up a prisoner, but had found that one of her own bosses up here, had volunteered her to help the overwhelmed Los Angeles taskforce attempting to track a prolific serial killer named Sidney by the media, due to a witness saying he had an Australian accent.

    Agent Formal, who Nicole had initially mistaken for a prostitute, had joined the investigation, and partnered Nicole. By time Formal had started encouraging her to refer to their LAPD guide as "Auntie Karen", it had been too late to back out.

    "Are you sure you can take her for a few days?" Nicole asked.

    "Absolutely." The cultured-sounding voice on the other end, reassured, easing Nicole's concerns. "At the very least, Doctor Redstone will want to debrief her, regarding what she has been up to in the last eighteen months, and bring her up to speed on what is happening here."

    "Is it bad? What happened in New York, I mean. I don't watch the news that much."

    "Well, we lost the Baxter Building. The place the Fantastic Four call home."

    The detective frowned down at the phone. "What all of it?" Bits and pieces of that place had reputedly disappeared and reappeared, and been destroyed and rebuilt, over the years.


    "And what about the Fantastic Four themselves?" She didn't really care, but it was a pertinent question.

    "That is not information that I can readily access, with the SHIELD Global Mainframe down...I have no idea if that was supposed to be secret...."

    "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

    "It's the global mainframe, Sweetheart-" Merrick's voice countered sternly. "-not Windows Vista. Now be a good girl and put Mary on."

    Gravely bristled, but didn't say anything for a second. She had adjusted to getting this from the UNCLE agent that had taken over her house, but it was most unlike Liz to patronise her; perhaps her attempt at long distance IT trouble-shooting had irritated her.

    "Okay, hold on." She held the phone away from her, so as not to deafen the woman, and yelled into the next room, "Mom! Auntie Liz is on the phone!"


    Living Room

    Mary Formal was sitting on the sofa in the living room, almost knee to knee with the woman, Amy Gazanian, who would be looking after Nikki while she was away.

    Gazanian was athletically slim, with long frizzy blonde hair, and a similar dress sense to herself; and at the moment, they were twinned in dark sleeveless figure-hugging sheath dresses.

    Mary had just explained that she wanted Nikki sitting outside Amy's office - they both worked at police headquarters, with Amy being head of Civilian Oversight - after her shift with Special Crimes, and that she would make sure she had colouring books in her satchel, to keep her occupied till Gazanian was ready to take her home.

    "Excuse me a moment." Formal rose off the sofa, and headed into the hall where the phone and her daughter was, taking the phone off her. "Thank you, Honey. Why don't you show Mrs Gazanian your room?"

    Gravely did not look enthused with that plan. "Do I have to?"

    "She'll be seeing it anyway, tomorrow night; so she might as well see it now."

    The sergeant sighed, like the weight of the world was on her. "I work with her. I don't want her seeing my bedroom!"

    Particularly not the bunk bed and desk set-up, made to look like a mauve-bricked princess castle that Formal had sorted out for her, eight months before, and insisted she use.

    Gravely clearly had not thought this through, when bringing in Gazanian, in lieu of her 'mother' hiring an actual nanny.

    Mary tucked the handset between her cheek and shoulder, and used her freed-up hands to turn Nikki towards their abandoned guest, and swat her gently across the back of her green tartan kilt, as encouragement.

    "Aw-right Amy, come on. But you literally cannot tell anyone at work. You know what cops are like."

    Gazanian grabbed at her purse and smiled as she stood up out of her comfortable armchair. "Oh, how bad could it be, Sergeant?"

    Behind them, Formal watched them disappear upstairs, then got on the phone, hoping her friend had not rung off during the hostage negotiations. "Liz, you still there?"

    To be continued...

    Note: Both npcs are Backstrom characters.
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    Jul 11, 2009
    Blueline & Casey
    The Sanctum Sanctorum

    Blue waited quietly as Zephyr thought Casey did much the same though she swung her legs a little.

    Hmmm…I could always alter my suit to look like a living ‘Stick Figure’ or Cloak, or maybe even Spiderman’s symbiote…but maybe people won’t get that one.

    He was muttering to himself again, a fairly common thing for him, they had gotten use to him getting a little lost in his head. Blue coughed into his hand a little trying to get his attention.

    Let’s see…” the other man started looking to Casey. Playfully she did a spin in the chair, doing a turn so he could see what he was working with. Though she was fairly sure he too entirely too much about least when it came to her clothing, she still had that 'super suit' he'd created for her, still fit like a glove. “How about a Mummy! I can use some existing material, like some gauze or bandage material and we can wrap it around and give it an aged look, through oxidation…and voilá! Instant costume.” The young woman nodded her head it seemed simple and a little silly, but wasn't that the point of this? She knew they all could use a little fun and wrapping her up in gauze seemed like fun.

    Aaaaand…” He continued, lifting a finger for emphasis. “That would also protect your identity. What do you think?

    "I like it...could be fun." Casey replied moving towards the kitchen where they kept the first aid case. Which was more like one someone would find in an Ambulance. They've had some scares in the past and thought it prudent to have in the house. Hospitals had a thing about asking questions, questions the young heroes didn't feel like answering.

    Blue gave a nod, he had a thing about giving his name, about showing his face. Not that he made others follow it. Well he did when to came to superheroics, always made sure to have an extra bandana, for the team. Made sure Casey had hers to hand. While yes they were going out for a social event he knew better than most one might need to step in at anytime.

    Like now...The tv turned on, something Casey and Zephyr had figured out using an AI and certain keywords. While she wouldn't call herself a programmer by any stretch, with some help from Zephyr she was able to make something to alert the group when something was going on.

    Blue set his jaw looking at the crowd he could feel something about to kick off. He'd been in enough of those situations to have a sense about these things. A feeling for when violence was about to occur and he was feeling through the screen

    “…C’mon, not today…” Zephyr said looking at the screen.

    "Crime never takes a vacation." Blue said simply.

    "Hey guys you think…" Casey started, her arms full of gauze. Her words were stopped when she saw the tv on. She helped make that system she knew it meant trouble. "Oh...I guess the party's canceled?" She asked, more pain in her voice than she expected. Just one night she wanted to be normal, to just hang out with her friends at a party.

    "Not yet. Go, get your suit on…"

    "Already ahead of you…" She said unzipping her hoodie and showing the dull grey material of her 'supersuit' underneath.

    "Good, get bandaged could be nothing, I'll head out now check it out." Blue started moving towards the back exit. He was not going to stand by and do nothing. His heart wouldn't let him.

    "You taking your communicator?" Casey called out.

    "Yes, you have your bandana?" He said back, securing the Communicator to his wrist.

    "Yes." she said stuffing her hand into the pocket of her hoodie, double checking that it was there, it was always there. "Though I'll be in bandages, should be good enough."

    "Always good to have a back up." He moved to the door, ready to leave.

    "If anything changes get ahold of me…"

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