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Drama Marvel Heroes: A New Breed - ~Summer 2020 Best RPG~

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. HanSolo29

    HanSolo29 Manager Emeritus + Official Star Wars Artist star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 13, 2001
    The following is a combo with greyjedi125 – thank you so much! ^:)^:D

    IC: President Thomas Gilchrist and Agent Ezekiel Thomas

    Motorcade, Enroute, Washington, D.C.

    Stifling a yawn, Thomas Gilchrist reclined back in his chair and stretched his legs out beneath the Resolute desk...the same Resolute desk that had become famous through the charming picture of the Kennedy children peeking out from under its oak paneling. Despite serving nearly three full years as the President of the United States, it was still all very surreal, if no less daunting. For example, no one had bothered to warn him that he would need to make room in his schedule for sleep. He had simply taken it for granted, and he was now suffering the consequences. The seventy-two hours workdays would not get any easier, though he had conditioned himself to take the good with the bad.

    That was the case now as Tom perused the remaining reports on his desk before turning in for the evening. It was the usual drivel, ranging from progress notes from various advisors on the rehabilitation efforts around the globe to Senators berating him on the SRA situation. The latter was more than a little infuriating, particularly since most of the dissent came from those who occupied the right side of the aisle. They were still blocking his attempts to push the recovery bill through the Senate, which would allow him to reinstate the Superhuman Registration Act. It was an annoyance that would soon need a resolution, and he made a mental note to address that at the next cabinet meeting.

    Perhaps it was also time to make some phone calls to secure those remaining votes…

    But again, that was for later.

    For the moment, Tom took solace in the fact that his day was winding down and he would soon be able to spend some time with the family during their annual Halloween celebration. It was only a minor distraction compared to the immense responsibility he had as “Leader of the Free World”, but the tradeoff was more than worth it.

    The President was just signing off on the final communiqué, a brief status update on the threat level from the S.H.I.E.L.D. White House liaison, when he heard a light rap on the door. Closing the folders on his desk, Tom glanced up to see his personal bodyguard for the day, Secret Service Agent Ezekiel Thomas, enter the Oval Office.

    “Pardon me, sir,” he said in a deep, rich drawl. “It’s time. Your car is ready.”

    “About damn time, Zeke,” Tom replied with a small smirk turning up one corner of his mouth, purposely referring to the man by his more informal nickname. He wasn’t sure if Agent Thomas ever approved of that, but he knew better than to argue with a sitting President over such trivial matters. Either way, they had developed a close rapport that had grown quite strong over the years. If it did bother him, it was probably something that was easily overlooked.

    Grabbing his suit coat from the arm of the chair, Gilchrist shrugged it over his shoulders and buttoned it before joining the other man at the door. “We have a nice, quiet evening long as we can beat the traffic. Otherwise, Emily will give me hell for making the kids wait, and then I probably won’t see her for the rest of the night. You know how that goes…”

    Tom gave the man a withering look before issuing a sigh and gesturing toward the corridor beyond. “Anyway...shall we?”

    Ezekiel smiled in response, then stood at ease as he waited and listened. This assignment was his pride and joy, a dream come true, to serve and protect at this level. He’d come from a long line of servicemen within his family and he too carried that discipline in him, all the way from the academy. While working in Law Enforcement, he had applied to the FBI and even S.H.I.E.L.D. but found his calling when he was recruited by the Secret Service.

    The fact that he liked the President was an extra bonus. Heck, he even voted for him.

    Ezekiel recalled the need for the ‘Zeke’ moniker, since they both responded to ‘Tom’ or ‘Thomas’. The President had chosen to refer to him as ‘Zeke’ and he wore that as a badge of honor, though he never did mention it.

    “The First Lady won’t have to worry about you being late, sir.”

    Agent Thomas said with a knowing smile. “The route has been secured, plus we have four unmarked cars escorting us all the way through, instead of the customary two. Same goes for the decoy.”

    Before the President could even ask why the extra security was added, Zeke interjected a quick answer in a matter-of-fact tone.

    “Halloween, sir. Can’t be too careful.”

    With a smile and a gesture, Agent Thomas escorted President Gilchrist’s to the location where the real vehicle was waiting; two other secret service agents were already there. (It was also good to note that they’d passed through all the checkpoints and other secret service personnel without a hitch).

    Today, they would be driving the modified Cadillac CTS-V. Agent Thomas nodded approvingly and pressed on the car-keys to start the vehicle and deactivate the locks. In a smooth motion, he opened the backseat door to allow the President in.

    “After you, sir.”

    Going through the motions, Zeke found himself once again in the driver’s seat, and spoke the words into his com, even as he put on his seat-belt.

    “Ferryman has the package, now bound for the barn.”

    With hands now on the steering wheel, the agent’s eyes looked through the rearview mirror, first to check on his passenger and then to see the two unmarked escorts drive past on the road, at which point he backed-up and smoothly turned into the road that would lead them out of the property. Another look revealed the other two escorts keeping a ‘discreet’ distance behind.

    Following their normal routine, Zeke’s hand moved across the dash to turn on the radio, only to find a news update on the Halloween Parade in New York. Something about the Green Goblin.

    Thankfully, that was far away from Washington, D.C.

    “You want me to change that, right?”

    A grimace crossed Tom’s features as he listened to the brief narrative provided by the station’s commentator. He had just settled in for the duration, his right hand reaching into his coat pocket to retrieve his phone, while the opposite elbow leaned casually against the upholstered door panel. The goal was to relax and wind down a bit before the evening’s festivities, but it didn’t appear as if the world was going to allow him that luxury.

    Always something, he thought bitterly to himself. Being POTUS was a demanding and often thankless job, but it was his burden to bear. He had learned that long ago.

    And yet, didn’t he even deserve some time to himself? This was for Emily and the kids, after all. Surely the local authorities could subdue the threat and keep things under control in the interim. He knew a report would be on his desk in the morning for him to review during the briefing; he would deal with it then. At most, they would likely require him to make a public statement and perhaps visit the site of the incident. He could handle that.

    For now, he turned a blind eye and vowed to carry on the evening as long as he didn’t receive that dreaded phone call.

    “As you were, Zeke,” Tom confirmed with an audible sigh, pulling his hand from his pocket and offering a dismissive wave. “As long as this bill passes through the Senate in the coming weeks, we won’t have to worry about thugs like the ‘Green Goblin’ harassing our cities any longer.”

    A wry grin pulled up one corner of his mouth. “In fact, it can’t happen soon enough.”

    “Aye, sir.” Came Agent Thomas’ easy reply as the vehicles now took a turn in the road. Ezekiel glanced at the time displayed on the dashboard, confirming that they were still right on schedule for delivery. The forward posts were still silent, which meant there was no discernible trouble on the path ahead. Despite the good sign, utmost caution and vigilance needed to be maintained in these uncertain times.

    “Pardon me, sir…” Ezekiel began after a momentary pause, his eyes quickly taking a glance at the President on the rear view mirror. “I don’t mean to pry, but, If I was a betting man, I’d guess you’ve already decided on who’s getting the Sentinel manufacturing contract. I mean, if the bill passes; well…when it passes, and with SHIELD out of commission as is, you’re going to need an army of ‘Voltrons’ to deal with criminal metas. Am I right?”

    For those in the know, which were not many, it was suggested that the DHS take over control of the Sentinel Program. On that ‘rumor’ alone, Roxxon, Omnitech, Oscorp, Rand-Meachum Inc, among other big name Industrialists, were vying for said lucrative contract. Which begged the question: Who would be made Director of the program?

    Another silent moment passes, but thankfully they were well past the half-way point. Almost home.

    The President glanced up from his phone and lifted his brow, seemingly impressed by the man’s prowess at uncovering the truth. Either it was pure speculation based on the various rumors he had heard, or he had done his homework. Tom had a hunch that it was the latter, and while Zeke had never given him a reason to doubt, the fact that he was so close to the mark gave him pause. It was almost inevitable that someone on the inside would develop loose lips, but how far did it go?

    Did he know about Meachum and Rand? Or what about Roxxon’s inquiries? The two had quite a rivalry between them, and it was only natural that they would come calling to vie for the same contract. Tom relished in the attention it garnered, and yet...he still could not ignore Osborn. Not at this juncture. He was biding his time, waiting for the most lucrative offer to present itself, but now that he had reason to believe that his efforts had been compromised, it certainly made things more difficult. The media would have a field day with this if it got out, not to mention the ramifications that would surely reach far beyond their own borders.

    Or maybe...just maybe he was being paranoid. He reminded himself that Agent Thomas probably only wanted to make small talk. Even then, he knew he had to tread carefully.

    “Let’s see what the future holds, hmm?” he surmised with a small smirk, effectively dodging the question. “While I want, and fully expect, a smooth transition, that doesn’t mean that I’m eager to equip our armed forces with heartless automatons. I’d like to keep our options open...just in case.”

    It was essentially a ‘non-answer’, but hopefully, it was enough to satisfy Zeke’s curiosity. Without waiting for the man to acknowledge his words, he waved casually toward the spacious property outside the window as the motorcade pulled into the drive.

    “For now, I suggest we simply enjoy the evening,” Tom continued in an amiable tone, reaching over with his free hand to replace his phone to his suit pocket. “I believe we’ve earned it.”

    TAG: @greyjedi125
  2. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    Combo with the amazing @galactic-vagabond422

    Blueline, Casey &Zephyr
    En route to midtown


    Stepping quickly onto the streets Aegis picked up the pace nearly breaking out into a run and they left the discrete entrance of their home. Pulling up the map on her smart watch she could keep track of where she was and where she needed to go. It was so far, but they had to get there. As she set her direction and took off again she could hear Blue struggling. His microphone having gotten turned on somehow. It wasn't very clear, but she could hear the flames roaring around him, his breaths as he shifted rubble and took yet more pain onto himself. She wanted to run faster to somehow bend space and time and bring herself to his side. He said he needed help and she could hear his struggling. She stopped at the corner looking around out of breath, she had made it some distance, but it was still too far away.

    She looked to Psion, hoping that he had some idea...they'd never make it on foot.


    Half a block away from Aegis, Psion waved at her to come over, he stood amidst a dozen identical bikes neatly parked and ready for use, however the urgency of the moment did not allow him to enjoy a chuckle at the expression of surprise from his teammate.

    “Let’s use these, we’ll get there much faster.” He said, completing the rental process with his membership fob.

    “Just follow me and stay close, I can get us there in no time.”

    It took only a few seconds for the two costume-clad heroes to make their way up the avenue towards their imperiled friend.

    Psion firmly gripped the handlebar of his Citibike as he approached the intersection, the traffic light was still green and the count down was in the single digits, at this speed they would make the light.

    “Coming through! Sorry, excuse me!” he yelled in warning to pedestrians as he rang the bike’s bell.

    He wasn’t thrilled about speeding through the streets, but his sense of urgency superseded any conflicting feelings of guilt.

    He looked back to make sure that Aegis was keeping up.

    “How are you doing back there, you all right?” he yelled over his shoulder.

    "I'm...Ok..." She said pedaling as fast as she could keeping up with him. Out of breath though her legs were burning yet her eyes up on the lookout for danger. Her heart was beating quickly part from the exertion, and part from her fear under the road noise and the wind whipping past her uncovered head she could still hear him every so often struggling and straining against something. Putting her head down again she kept her pace turning hard around another corner and just making it through the next intersection.

    These two were probably a spectacle on their own to any that happened to notice their hurried passing, a ghoulish duo indeed: the Mummy and the Grim Reaper on wheels.

    Psion kept pedaling, slowing down or accelerating with methodical precision, his power informing him of the proximity of people or objects (like cars) in his path.

    Turning east on red lights and riding with traffic on straight-aways, they made good time to a bike bank a street away from the police barricade.

    He put away his Citibike, feeling oddly grateful for a simple thing as an auto renewable membership; something he never suspected would come in handy. He also made sure that Aegis’ bike was properly placed, it was important to take good care of these modern conveniences.

    Taking a deep breath, our young hero looked at the communicator to see any updates on Blueline’s position.

    A cursory look at his surroundings revealed pretty much what he'd expected; the streets and avenues were packed with the dispersed and lingering crowds, some moving almost aimlessly and others just trying to get a better view of the police activity, phones and cameras flashing randomly.

    Standing to one side of it all, Psion and Aegis assessed the situation.

    “Hmmm…he’s definitely inside the cordoned off area…” Psion commented thoughtfully, his Cloak costume billowed lazily in the wind as he stood surveying the barricades, the police, the fire department, their vehicles and personnel.

    “This is going to be a little tricky…we need to move a little closer…so I can…um, pinpoint his location.”

    Typing on his communicator, Psion would send a message to Blueline, on silent mode, lest he unwittingly give away Blue’s position to any security agents.

    [We’re near, figuring how to get to you without incident.]

    Moving closer to Aegis he’d whisper a makeshift plan.

    “So, I think that we could try sneaking into an adjacent building, preferably one that has been evacuated, or going thru the subway…”

    The non-reflect black mask would completely obscure his expression of slight disgust.

    “…But that would involve probably lots of grime and rats…more than a few rats...”

    Out of breath she looked to him, they needed to get there fast and without getting caught.

    "Cops could be sweeping the buildings." She said between panting breaths. They all knew that heroes were not the most well liked by all police officers, and right now they just looked like two revelers looking for trouble. "Subway should hopefully get us close enough. I'm...I'm not scared of a little dirt and rats..." Dark cramped spaces on the other hand..."We can't waste too much time Blue is still in danger."

    [Looks for the fire...] came Blue's curt response. Likely using the imperfect auto complete.

    Blue’s typed response spurred Psion and Aegis into action, the danger was inescapably real and their friend was somewhere in the thick of it risking his life saving others.

    Psion looked at his communicator again before proceeding, he could not afford to be reckless and run afoul of authorities. All he needed was a good starting point.

    The mapping and locator app quickly revealed that there were a few good locations with public access that would put them relatively closer to Blue. A Starbucks, a movie theatre (probably Lowe’s) and some novelty stores, the kind that the locals dubbed ‘Tourist Traps’ because of the over priced souvenirs.

    “Ok, no rats, but maybe some latte…this way…” he said decisively as he moved to navigate the crowd, the attempt at humor more to steady his growing anxiety.

    Aegis gave a weak sort of smile, the kind to cover up her nerves, at his attempt at humor. She could see the straight lines the fastest route to her friend, but they couldn't just go running across the street. Taking a calming breath though still moving with urgency she followed along behind her dark cloaked friend keeping her head down.

    "I'll take a hot chocolate, with whipped cream." She whispered as she kept close behind him.

    The crowd was not as dense on this corner, but still plentiful enough to allow them to blend in seamlessly.

    ‘Cloak’ pushed past ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘MCU Gamora’ and settled at the corner of the building, his Mummy friend standing in front of him and facing him; further obscuring him from view.

    From the moment he’d seen the ‘Green Goblin’ on the flatscreen, Psion had a feeling that he would have to apply himself in one way or the other; it was one of those ‘ad hoc’ situations.

    And now he needed to concentrate to find his friend.

    “Cover me.” He said simply to Aegis, and then his world changed.

    She turned back looking over her shoulder turning around she tried to look nonchalant to not draw attention to Psion as he started his sweep for Blue. He'd done this before, 'reached out with his feelings' she called it. A silly little reference. When he did that she knew he couldn't really keep an 'eye' on his surroundings, and it looked a little suspicious. Standing she could feel her heart still thumping in her chest. Her hands balled into fists at her sides, preventing them from rubbing the dog tags that lay under her shirt. It had become a nervous habit for her, something to calm her when she felt anything but.

    She looked left and right seeing the crowd get less and less a few people gave her a cross glance though they kept moving. One things she'd learned is that most of the time people didn't care they could see the strangest thing in the world and they would keep moving. So a mummy leaning against a wall watching people walking past was nothing new.

    Though she could feel their gaze, even for that moment and it made her heart jump, and hear the pounding in her ears. Did they know what she was? Who she was? The fact that a monster resided just beneath her skin? She looked away back behind her at Psion as he continued to reach out, his brow knitted a little deep in concentration.

    'Find him.' she pleaded in her mind, she knew he couldn't read minds, he couldn't feel her thoughts, but she worried if she spoke she would break his concentration and ruin his chance to find their friend.

    Psion grimaced a little as he filtered the overwhelming flood of information that he received whenever he sensed the world in this manner.

    There were shapes, textures, vibrations, colors, energies and resonances that he could not describe, all wonderful and terrible to behold; he could spend his entire life like this and maybe comprehend an infinitesimal portion of it. Much like some gurus of old_ where they also metahuman?

    The filtering helped to focus his senses, which he now needed to find Blue. He had to sense past his normal range unto the grey haze that lay beyond it.

    ‘Fire’, Blue mentioned fire'. Fortunately, fire was easy to find, the hot and agitated molecules that often accompanied that energy were like neon signs and fireworks in any realm. All he had to do was find the trail of hot air that his mind perceived in various shades of glowing orange_ it was a necessary simplification at this stage of his ability.

    With some effort the raging inferno would be revealed; Inside a fractured Monolith of concrete and steel, he sensed firemen shelled in their protective suits, blue and white streams of the ‘Universal solvent’ spewing forth from ‘carbon’ weaved tubes, the ancient struggle of ‘Cooling Calm’ versus ‘Consuming Chaos’, titanic forces wrestling for control.

    His senses would see the injured bodies, some broken, some hobbling or waiting for rescue.

    ‘But where is Blue…concentrate!' a slight movement of his head would hint at the inner dialogue.

    A little further below Psion’s senses would pick up the distinct metahuman glow of Blueline, his familiarity with his friend would now mark him as a beacon in the distance.

    “I’ve got him!” exclaimed Psion, snapping to attention as if waking from a dream.

    “He’s…he’s alright…” he said, trying to sound reassuring, “and I think I saw a way to get to him!”

    Casey breathed a sigh of relief he'd found him, he was safe. It was at that moment she heard a mighty crash, or that's what it sounded like or maybe something just hard hit the microphone of his communicator. Though part of her almost thought she heard a bone break. It was a sound she had grown to recognize what with Blue throwing himself sometimes literally headfirst into problems. She couldn't be sure, but it still got her heart racing as she followed behind Zephyr.

    Taking a few steps towards the curb, the Cloak figure stopped before crossing, senses making sure that the way before them was clear.

    “Hang in there Blueguy, we’re coming.”

    Heart racing with determination, both heroes get ready to cross onto the restricted area, hopefully unseen and undetected.

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  3. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Chosen One star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: SGC/ Darwin
    Midtown, New York

    Tenzin responded in a solemn voice, “No. No, it isn’t.”, slowly shaking his head. He saw something rise from the smoke, more out of following his mentors change in expression and point of focus then looking for it himself.

    “It looks like he’s ok!” Tenzin exclaimed with some excitement, looking now towards SGC. Looking back at the screens he noted with some sadness that his mentor was wrong. The one in Green was down and definitely not moving. Survival of one of two in this instance was perhaps something to celebrate, but as he looked at the screen with the clearing smoke. . .he couldn't quite grasp that feeling.

    Then he heard it, the radio-chatter coming from a roof slightly below theirs, and then he saw the two SHIELD agents. One had a sniper rifle pointed at the flying man.

    [Come in control: We have the aerial target on sight. Unidentified meta still on the scene. copy?]

    [We copy Argus. Neutralize and Capture. Repeat, Neutralize and Capture.]

    [Roger that Control.]

    Mentor and Pupil witnessed as the SHIELD agent readjusted his weapon and prepared to fire.

    There wasn't much to think about. He reached out with his minds eye and pulled on their legs, hard. Tenzin liked and felt joy at the flying one being alive, SGC felt sorrow and sadness of the likely death of the fake enemy. Where was the choice? They had to be stopped, they had to be to secure Tenzin's joy and stop the escalation of SGC's sorrows. "They will not Neutralize." he stated harshly with finality as he stepped forward, gauging if he could leap to their roof.

    One was more than enough.

    Tag: @greyjedi125
  4. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly got to the park, and she began to smile. Cielito Park was alive with people, music playing, and the Costume Dance-Off. She saw the teens that she had seen earlier near the stage, watching the action. Some people came over to her, offering her drinks and some strange treats. She accepted them but did not eat or drink them. She just held on to them for now. As she wandered about, a woman with the tag of Chaperone on her chest, told her she could go ahead and join in the dance if she wanted to. 'Ooooh' Tempting!' she thought to herself as she looked over at the stage. She noticed the judges watching the event as well.

    A moment later, two ‘costumed’ heroes were walking over, holding red solo cups in their hands, their expressions friendly. One looked kind of like the ‘Classic Black Widow’, and the boy with the bright yellow shirt and silver headband reminded her of the old ‘Classic Power Man’. Nice! She turned to face them.

    “Hi!!” The girl would say loud enough to compensate for the blaring music, smiling at her. “We were trying to figure out who’s your CosPlay. It’s really good!!”

    Shelly grinned. At the moment, she would consider that a great compliment. Now, who to say who she was. She loved the old 'Cloak and Dagger' comics, but she felt more in tune with the guy Cloak, instead of Dazzler. Shadows were her thing. Hmm. Shadow already overused. She didn't wear a cloak, and 'Trenchcoat' sounded rather stupid.

    A name...a name. Suddenly, Shelly gave a wide smile, "The name's Shade. Thanks for the compliment". She gave the duo a wink. "Have you had a chance to check out everything around here yet?" she asked, as she assumed a happy pose. Maybe she would really enjoy this. She was really enjoying the crowd so far.

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  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Larry Stone
    Midtwon, NYC

    The silenced shot from the unseen SHIELD sniper missed its target, and instead, blew-out a window in Larry’s vicinity.

    The sound of shattering glass caused some of the police officers on the ground to look up, which in turn revealed Larry .

    “There he is!” one cop shouted. Half-a-dozen raised their weapons towards the hovering mutant with bronze wings.

    “Surrender and come down, or we will open fire!!”

    That was sure to be his only warning as tensions continued to grow.

    Only a few officers remained with the ‘Green Goblin’ while his unconscious body was loaded into a waiting ambulance, its lights flashing in the night. They needed to get him to a hospital fast.

    On the other hand, Larry needed to decide if he would risk joining him.

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  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Chosen One star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    "The name's Shade. Thanks for the compliment". She gave the duo a wink. "Have you had a chance to check out everything around here yet?" she asked, as she assumed a happy pose.

    Black Widow and Power Man looked stunned for a moment, as they quickly glance at each other, then back. Power Man took another appraising look at Shelly, with a dubious look on his face.

    “Shade?” He echoed. “You mean, like Darkveil?” Clearly, he was more than a bit perplexed.

    “ silly, I don’t think that’s what she…” Black Widow began to say, trying to interject, her face turning almost as red as her hair, before getting cut-off mid sentence.

    “Are you even a real…Ooof!” Black Widow’s semi-playful elbow caught him right in the diaphragm.

    “Don’t mind him. You look amazing!” Black Widow asserted with a smile and stepped next to Shelly. “He made it up to the semi-finals of ’Hero Trivia’, and now he thinks he’s mister-know-it-all. As if heroes can’t have similar names.” Black Widow looked back and stuck her tongue out at Power Man, who was now rubbing his stomach, still looking confused. Black Widow simply shook her head.

    “So, to answer your question….” Black Widow took Shelly by the arm and walked her a few steps away before releasing her, then kept walking slowly. “Let’s see, Hero Trivia game is over and so is the Volleyball game. The Avengers beat the Zombies by a point in overtime; Phew! that was a close game.”

    Black Widow’s smile broadened momentarily as she recalled the intense competition.

    “Tony, who is dressed as Tony Stark….” Black Widow did a playful eye-roll, is filming everyone with his digital cam and having them pretend to use powers, or do some kind of trick. He’s going to use his computer to add-in FX later, then we can all watch it on Youtube! That can be fun, right?”

    At that point, the music changed and everyone started to cheer. Black Widow stopped in her tracks.

    “Omg! Gaga’s Poker Face! I love this song! We gotta dance! Come on!”

    Tag: @Ktala

    Midtown, New York City

    Tenzin blinked in surprise at his pupil. SGC had taken action and set events in motion that he was clearly willing to accept. The two SHIELD agents located on the adjacent rooftop, one level below, fell unceremoniously on their backs as their legs were suddenly pulled from under them by an unseen telekinetic force. The sniper, who had been about to fire on the flying mutant with the bronze wings, completely missed his target, and hit a nearby window instead.

    “Did you just…”

    Tenzin didn’t bother to finish asking a question he already knew the answer to.

    ”They will not neutralize.” He heard his Pupil declare with full determination, even as SGC now stepped to the edge, gauging if he could leap to the other roof.

    The two SHIELD agents were still recovering from their fall and had not spotted them as of yet, since they had to determine what exactly had happened.

    In his mind, SGC would work out that he would need to use his powers to levitate himself down onto the adjacent roof, if he wished to maintain an element of surprise. If he leapt down unassisted, his carpace was likely able to mitigate any physical damage, which he would regenerate in short order.

    But what would he do then?

    “SGC….” Tenzin began to say carefully after moving next to his pupil, looking at his posture and then at his intended targets down below. “You sure you want to do this?”

    Yikes! I’m going to need an obfuscation spell and a darn good explanation after this.

    “Talk to me, my pupil. What are you thinking?”

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto

    Bluline, Casey & Zephyr
    Midtwon, NYC

    The entire area was filled with near frenetic activity as costumed revelers in the hundreds were still being ushered out of the engagement zone by Law Enforcement Agents, even while the City’s Firefighters endeavored to contain and control the fire caused by the “Green Goblin’s” exploding glider. It was taking a great effort just to keep things from unravelling into chaos.

    Radio-chatter from police radios revealed that the flying mutant had been spotted again, drawing the attention of both onlookers and cops alike. This gave both Casey and Zephyr, rather Aegis and Psion, an opportunity to slip-by undetected, seeing how they were heading into the restricted area, rather than away. Thankfully, there were more than enough parked vehicles to cover them as they moved along and got ever closer.

    Mummy and Grim Reaper, two daring ‘undead’ as it were.

    Inside the clothing store, the heat intensified as the fire quickly spread and the smoke became oppressive. Blueline successfully rescued a young couple and a stranger, likely tourists, that had been stuck inside the elevator in their failed attempt to escape the fire. They rushed out in a near panic, barely remembering to thank the young hero. Fortunately, Firefighters were just outside, ready to receive them and usher them to a nearby ambulance for treatment.

    No sooner had they crossed the threshold, than a loud crash was heard. Anti-terrorist blast-plates came down, sealing all windows and exits. They had been placed there illegally by the building’s owner, as he awaited approval from Building Safety Code Inspectors. One too many bomb scares had fueled his fear and clouded his judgement. As it was, the plates’ magnetic locks became demagnetized by the heat, which consequently released them, trapping anyone left inside: chiefly Blueline. Furthermore, the sprinkler system malfunctioned and was in-operational in the floors where there was actually fire, partly due to the illegal installation of the plates.

    The situation seemed to suddenly turn dire for our heroes, yet still, they were not without recourse.

    Tag: @Ameteth, @galactic-vagabond422

    Next Day, Leaving the Plaza Hotel

    The Taskmaster waited until Daken had completely dismissed all of his ‘guests’ before engaging with him. He knocked before he entered, just to announce himself, despite the gesture not being completely necessary.

    Not-Rogers Wore a fashionable charcoal colored designer men’s cloak over his gear as he surveyed the table and empty breakfast cart. Notably, he held a metallic briefcase on his left hand.

    “Seems you had a good morning. Off to a good start, are we?” He commented with a knowing smirk and a pause.

    “We’re off to Jersey to meet the rest of the team. The car is parked in a nearby garage: Mustang GT series. Black, with a kick, you’d like it.” Taskmaster half-grinned, before turning slightly to face the door.

    “Grab any mementos if you want them, this place is getting ‘cleaned’ after we leave.”

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    OOC: Combo if you wish

    OOC: More Updates to come
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  7. Ktala

    Ktala Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly mused over the strange looks that both the girl and guy were giving her.

    “Shade?” He echoed. “You mean, like Darkveil?” Clearly, he was confused.
    Shelly held onto her sly smile, as she now began to understand their reasons for confusion.

    “ silly, I don’t think that’s what she…” the girl spoke up quickly, trying to cut off her friend, her face turning as red as a beet. Shelly was beginning to enjoy this.
    “Are you even a real…Ooof!” the guy started to ask, as the girl elbowed him, to get him in the ribs.

    Shelly burst out into laughter then, even as Black Widow tried to steer her away from the current conversation. “Don’t mind him. You look amazing!” Black Widow asserted with a smile and stepped next to Shelly. “He made it up to the semi-finals of ’Hero Trivia’, and now he thinks he’s mister-know-it-all. As if heroes can’t have similar names.” Black Widow looked back and stuck her tongue out at Power Man, who was now rubbing his stomach, still looking confused. Shelly laughed again.

    “So, to answer your question….” Black Widow took Shelly by the arm and walked her a few steps away before releasing her, then kept walking slowly. “Let’s see, Hero Trivia game is over and so is the Volleyball game. The Avengers beat the Zombies by a point in overtime; Phew! that was a close game.”

    Shelly pouted. "Durn. Would have liked to have seen that!" she stated with a grin.

    “Tony, who is dressed as Tony Stark….” Black Widow did a playful eye-roll, "is filming everyone with his digital cam and having them pretend to use powers, or do some kind of trick. He’s going to use his computer to add-in FX later, then we can all watch it on Youtube! That can be fun, right?” At that point, the music changed and everyone started to cheer. Black Widow stopped in her tracks.

    “Omg! Gaga’s Poker Face! I love this song! We gotta dance! Come on!” Shelly grinned. This girl was infectious. She was really starting to enjoy herself. "Sure. Why not?" she responded. Wish another laughed, she turned to face Power Man.

    "By the way, Noo.. Im NOT like Darkveil.... she wears WAAAY to much makeup
    for my taste!" Shelly laughed out loud, while giving him a wink. As she started to follow Black Widow, she added..

    "And, I am 100 percent female, and proud of it!" she added with a smirk, as she moved to follow Black Widow to the dance area.

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  8. Master Vo'Un'Var

    Master Vo'Un'Var Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2017
    Larry Stone
    Midtwon, NYC

    Larry cursed as he saw half a dozen cops raise their weapons at him, calling for him to surrender. Didn't the idiots realize he was helping them? This was the problem with the law.

    Larry shook his head and prepared himself for what he was about to do. He took a deep breath and launched himself into the air, flying in awkward patterns to avoid the gunfire that was soon to ensue. He had to get out of here, and then he could ponder on the questions he had afterwards. What on earth was that voice in his head? He shook his head as he tried to escape, hoping he could.

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  9. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009

    Blue's lungs burned, his eyes watered the flames and smoke getting choking in the small space. The sprinklers weren't activating, but the firefighters would be here soon. They would beat back the fire. The hero watched the young couple, and the tourist rush for the exit. They gave their small thanks and he nodded his head. As they got to the exit, he cast his gaze around looking for any other survivors, trying to hear cries for help over the roaring flames. He didn't hear anything, he started making a sweep, wiping his brow of sweat as the heat increased.

    As he moved deeper he made his way to a back exit, something off the main road, didn't want to get stopped.

    However as he came close his vision even more blurred, heavy plates fell over the exit. He beat against it, his strength failing him. He tried to find the bottom edge to try and lift it up, but he couldn't.

    His communicator pinged it was from Casey.

    [We're outside. Looks bad]

    He slumped against the plates pawing at his watch.

    [Side exit, off the main street] He replied. He coughed unzipping his sweater and tying it around his waist. It was getting so hot in here. Fire quickly surrounded him and squinting he couldn't quite see another way out. He was trapped like a rat in a trap. Despite his tiredness, and lightheadedness he kept beating against the plates, trying to break through. He wasn't giving up, he would never give up…

    Till his last breath.

    Midtown Outside the Fire.

    She could feel the fear rising as she came closer, as the orange glow of the fire became the brightest light in the night. The bright red of the trucks and their lights flashed across her white bandages. Her eyes were glued on the tongues of flames that were slipping out of windows and doors. It was getting bad.

    And then it got worse. Out of the front a small group of people rushed into the waiting arms of the firefighters. Must have been Blue's work. She was about to just rush through the entrance and grab him police and cameras could be dealt with later. That was until the anti-terrorist plates came crashing down. Her eyes widened.

    [We're outside. Looks bad]

    She sent a message to him...maybe he got out.

    [Side exit, off the main street]

    Instantly she started moving going around the building into side streets. On that side she found the exit, and she was sure because she could hear Blue throwing himself against it, and it rattling. Getting close she tried to lift up the barrier. On the other side she could hear him coughing, each hit getting weaker and weaker...there was no time to wait. Her heart pounded in her ears.

    'I don't want to lose him...I can't lose him.' She thought. Tears form in her eyes, sadness at the thought, the the mere possibility that she could lose him

    'Then let me out.' The scared voice of her monster replied, sending cold terror through her. She knew what this meant, what letting his monster out would do. She'd seen the fear in Blue's eyes, in everyone's eyes when she let the beast out. But, she couldn't, it was in her power to save him and she would.

    Taking a breath she closed her eyes opening the cage that she kept that part of her.

    Her eyes snap open and her hands lashed out digging into the metal that kept Blue pinned. She slammed into it leaving a dent, her fist followed behind leaving another dent. The fear had taken over with only one thought.

    Break this.

    With another punch the plates resounded with the force, the wall that was holding them in beginning to crack

    This was the power Blue feared, the power that could topple buildings, that could wreak havoc across the city...But could also save her friend.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Liz Merrick, Bryan Dale, the Veolia Apartments, East Side
    Location: New York City, NY

    Liz sat on a high-backed stool at the small table in the corner of the room, that held the compact kitchenette.

    A few feet behind her and to the right, was the multi-bolted front door that led out into the hallway going to the lift and stairwell.

    Behind her, the main living room, where Bryan was sat, was filled with their living room, black leather couch on one side, low coffee table, and opposite them, a blue-painted wooden chest of drawers, and high up on the wall above it, a 50-inch 4k tv screen.

    This place was several steps down from the luxurious apartment that she had shared with Mary for a few hours on Triskellion Island, before being despatched on a mission.

    To be fair though, New York was a notoriously expensive city, and SHIELD had far more important things to be spending its' dosh (money) on.

    Upstairs, where the bedrooms and bathroom were, made up for this somewhat, but the fact was, it would be a tight fit hosting Mary and Nicole as well.

    True, her long-time E-Branch colleague was supposed to be coming alone, but she also knew that Mary had purchased two seats, so that if she changed her mind and brought along the young woman that she now regarded as her daughter, it shouldn't cause a problem with the airline.

    "Might cause a problem with Nicole though." She mused quietly as she pored over the open texts on the table. Information on the phenomena of upright-walking canines from around the world.

    "What's that, Dear?"

    "Nothing, just thinking aloud."

    She had jotted notes down from listening to an online podcast which claimed to have dramatised an attack by these creatures on an Argentinian prison, after one of those guards in the towers, had reportedly sniped one of a pack of dogmen, the contemporary English name for these werewolf-like creatures. South America had their own names for the things.

    Beyond Bryan, and outside the windows that looked out on the city, police and emergency sirens dopplered down long streets sided by tall buildings, as they responded to the chaos brought down onto the Halloween Parade. There was also the faint orange glow of a fire, being reflected on the glassy flanks of a distant skyscraper.

    She was part of the organisation that was involved in securing the situation, it was true, but till Doctor Redstone called her and/or Bryan into action, they were stood down.

    Still though, SHIELD was at Condition Red, so her work phone, her Baby Browning (pistol), and a Hostess Twinkie, were close at hand, holding pages open.

    Thinking about the yellow spongey treat, her attention traitorously swept slowly up from her work, and towards the cellophane-wrapped morsel.
    Mm, come to mama.

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  11. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Midtown, New York City

    The two SHIELD agents located on the adjacent rooftop, one level below, fell unceremoniously on their backs as their legs were suddenly pulled from under them by an unseen telekinetic force. The sniper, who had been about to fire on the flying mutant with the bronze wings, completely missed his target, and hit a nearby window instead. That gave SGC pause, he had saved one, had he sacrificed another to save the one? In the woods it had been much easier, a missed shot might kill a shrub or plant. It was a sobering moment even as the unasked question of his master lingered in the air.

    The two SHIELD agents were still recovering from their fall and had not spotted them as of yet, since they had to determine what exactly had happened. Even in a world were his powers were not fully alien, they were still not something one could guess at being a cause at first, let alone tell where it come from from the effect. The mind was a multi-dimensional thing even as world around it. Now if he wanted to take full advantage of that confusion he would levitate himself down. Always an awkward thing to do. Really being able to hold himself up by himself was one of those quantum entanglement scenarios where he understood without understanding how he was actually doing it. It also brought up lingering questions about the very basis of reality, but that was something else entirely.

    Then of course there was the physicality of it, hard jump forward. Scuff his chitten all for the sake of ease, and make a loud attention drawing entrance. Not to mention fully announce that he was responsible for the missed shot. That would likely increase the fight reaction that his appearance would likely cause. Although since his Mother's gift he seemed to be seen as far less threatening unless someone had a phobia.

    Either option was a direct escalation of conflict between him and these two. Then, Tenzin asked the question. The one he was asking himself. Did he want to do this?

    “Talk to me, my pupil. What are you thinking?” Tenzin asked.

    It was like soothing breakdown to simply let the answer flow. "Many things. Quantum basis of reality that allows an object to act upon itself without breaking the fundamental laws of nature as it's own energy is being expended albeit in a stable de-escalation of potential energies and lateral conservation of momentum to achieve levitation. How that shot hit something that might have a person, a desire to check the room. Not wanting the bronze wing to come to harm after seeing them harm the false Green villain. I don't want to feel sadder, I want you to be happy. Wondering if me engaging just these two will really change anything." Stepping back away from the edge his eyes scanned back to the bronze wing. To the distance. To the shattered window.

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  12. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC Oh fun, a custom black Mustang on the way to Jersey with our GM

    IC Daken and Taskmaster
    Plaza Hotel

    Daken strolled over to the clothing rack, noticing a valise hung up near the end. He donned his usual costume, putting a similar outfit to what he’d worn the night before over it, down to the black boots on his feet. The clothes from last night, however, he was sure deserved to be ‘cleaned’. He picked out a few similar outfits as well as a suit, dress shoes, and various other garments, stuffing the valise. ‘Never sure where or when I’ll get more, or need clothes to change into when some hero destroys what I’ve got on.’ he thought.

    Slipping in to a black bomber jacket, he stuffed his mask into one of the pockets, then tossed the valise over one shoulder. “Ok Boss, got what I wanted.” he said as he tied the laces of a couple other pairs of boots together and added them to the bundle. “You said a black Mustang, nice wheels. After you.” he replied as he opened the door, looked up and down the hall, and stepped outside to wait for the Taskmaster to show him the car.

    The Taskmaster nodded his approval and stepped out of the room, closing it behind him. He briefly looked at his watch then smiled to himself before beckoning Daken to follow him to the elevator.

    “Why haven’t I worked with you before? or have I?” he half-jokingly, then laughed it off. “Never mind that kid, just teasing. The garage is not far off.”

    With that said, the pair rode the elevator down and made their way out of the luxury hotel, where they were greeted by the brisk morning air and the green trees of Central Park just across the street. Several early joggers passed them by, nodding or smiling politely.

    “I’m sure gonna miss New York.” Not-Rogers commented as they took a short walk to a nearby Parking Garage which housed a large number of expensive cars. In short order, their Black Mustang GT was brought down by an attendant who had a look of amazement on his face. It was a young man in his mid twenties, with a 'smart' look about him.

    “Hey, Uhm…that’s some engine. It’s supposed to be a V8, but…that felt more like a…”

    “You’ve earned this, son. Don’t spend it all in one place, y'get me?” Taskmaster interjected, placing several large bills on the young man’s hand.The knowing wink was free. It was quite a handsome tip.

    “Uh…..uh….thanks. Wow…Uhm…Wait…aren’t you….”

    “Nah, but I get that a lot.”

    Grinning widely, Taskmaster smoothly got in the car and waited for Daken to do the same from the passenger side. He gave the parking attendant a ‘thumbs-up’ as they drove away.

    Daken tossed the garment bag and the boots he’d acquired in the trunk, grinned a toothy grin at the attendant and hopped in the passenger seat.

    “Today is a good day indeed.” Taskmaster declared as they began their trek towards Lincoln Tunnel and then to New Jersey proper.

    “Jersey, huh Boss, a little low rent for a place that would be holding or containing the product.” He grinned again, “Then again the pretty boys whose face you’re wearing came from there so who knows what else it’s hiding.”

    His claws slipped in and out of their sheathes, “Oh yes, a good day, time to really play.” he commented as he looked out the window of the Mustang, watching the streets fly by, before they dove into the tunnel and the view took on the typical twilight of the long, smooth tunnel.

    Taskmaster nodded soberly at seeing Daken’s claws sheath and unsheathe next to him.

    “Just so you know…” He said without looking once they entered the tunnel. “You’re insurance, if there’s any funny business.” Not-Roger’s said with a small huff.

    “I had to work with what was available. You’ll understand once we get to the briefing location.”

    He nodded to himself, then chuckled. “…so yeah, you’ll soon learn that Jersey is full of surprises.”

    The knowing smile slowly returned.

    Daken saw the smile and knew that Taskmaster wouldn’t reveal anything he didn’t wish revealed, much as he’d told the man last night. Instead, he chose silence, as snarky as he’d want to be it wasn’t worth it at the moment. Except to say, “Surprises, hmmm, also sounds fun, look forward to it.”

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  13. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Zephyr Vaillancour
    Midtown, NYC

    Their approach had been successful to this point, Psion’s ability had allowed him to ‘see’ if firemen or police were in their path and helped to circumvent detection. It was also a simple task to foil any cameras, either by using the smoke as cover as they passed or moving the lenses away.

    They would soon rescue Blueline and maybe make it to Ernesto’s Halloween party, but it seemed like fate had other plans.

    Using his powers to ‘see’ the world presented the challenge of staying in focus, it often felt like everything around him was competing for attention, eager to share its most minuscule detail, which was literally the case.

    It had only taken a moment to find alternative exits from Blue’s position; there were service corridors throughout the building and the firemen were currently not in the immediate area.
    Unfortunately that was about to change with the now empowered Aegis smashing against the heavy plated gates that suddenly came down with a loud crash sealing all windows and exits.

    It was very clear to the ebon clad hero that if they were going to get out of this without further complications, they needed to act now.

    It was very likely that all attention would be drawn to the banging sounds against the metal, so Zephyr used voice and text to tell his friends of his plan, his power working as he spoke.

    “Blue, I’m going to cool the air around you to take some of the stress from your healing. Aegis, I’m going to make those plates brittle in a few seconds and you’ll be able to shatter that gate, there will be a shroud of smoke obscuring you from onlookers.”

    In a darkened corner outside the building, the Cloak figure stood still like a statue, almost disappearing into the shadows that fell over it.

    In that moment, Psion orchestrated the effects as he spoke them; cooling the air and rendering the metal brittle, his abilities reordering the behavior of the things he interacted with.

    “Come this way as soon as you secure each other, the way won’t remain clear for long, and we can’t afford to be seen…or caught.”

    The smoke increased outside the building giving the place and eerie atmosphere.

    “Aegis, we can do this, bring him home.” Psion spoke with soothing confidence, trying to reach the noble part of his friend that he was certain was always there.

    It was his belief that there was a core part of Casey always present, that Aegis wasn’t a ‘berserker’. In the past year Blue always seemed to have a way to bring her back; Casey, the gentle Casey was always listening, he was sure of it.

    Psion focused on his friends, ready for the moment when Aegis’ powerful fist would shatter the heavy gate of now brittle metal, the debris would be redirected away from Blue and then they would make their exit together…if all transpired as planned.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly Vankasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    It took a moment for it to register, but Power Man finally got it.

    “I am 100 percent female, and proud of it!"

    The new girl declared with a wink. This seemed to relieve him of his confusion, evidenced by his sigh of relief and consequent smile.

    “Alright! Let’s party!”

    Finishing the rest of his drink in one full gulp, Power Man made sure to deposit the cup in its proper recyclable trash bin, before moving to join both Shelly and Black Widow on ‘the dance floor’.

    Most of the participants were around Shelly’s age with a few older exceptions. Still, the dance competition was pretty fierce as were the costumes, as it became clear that the judges were hard pressed to choose the final three contestants; but choose they did.

    The music died down in volume and intensity as the main judge spoke.

    “The three finalists have been chosen and the cheers from their peers will decide who wins First, Second and Third prize. The following participants please step forward…”

    The crowd grew silent as the ‘character’ names were called.

    Dr. Strange, Kit Kat, and Spider-Clone 99.”

    Cheers went up immediately as the contestants took center stage and waved to their friends. Shelly would notice that ‘Kit Kat’ was the girl in the feline costume she had seen earlier. The judged moved behind them and began to place a hand above their heads respectively as the crowd cheered the loudest for their favorite pick.

    “This is going to be good.” Power Man commented as he looked on, a smile on his face.

    “I would have signed you up, had you been here earlier.” Black Widow added happily, half-glancing at Shade, then looking back at the contestants. She did not discriminate, as she was cheering for all three.

    “C’mon! You guys need to make more noise for Kit Kat!” a different voice suddenly urged the trio. It was ’The Crow’ who Shelly had also seen earlier. He unabashedly sought to elicit cheers for his personal pick.

    “Please pay him no mind.” A different voice quickly interjected -dead pan. This from a red headed young man of short stature, wearing a robe of blue, brown and orange. He carried a leather bound book in one hand. Power Man would recognize him as a Calculator or Arithmetician from the Final Fantasy Tactics game franchise. “He does this all the time.”

    Calculator shook his head in silent objection, as he watched The Crow continue with his behavior, bidding others to cheer louder for the female feline.

    Tag: @Ktala

    Blueline, Casey & Zephyr
    Midtown, New York City

    Fear. It was an emotion best brought under control, especially in Casey’s case. It lent her monstrous strength in exchange for self-control. If she was ever to lose control of herself while afraid, the results could be disastrous. Blueline was trapped inside the burning store, so naturally, she feared losing him. Her fear threatened to turn into panic as she banged on the metal plates that had sealed her friend inside the fiery trap.

    Her strength was such, that with each strike, the metal rang out in protest, yielding to her power, as if trying to get away from her and call attention to her punishing blows. She needed to get to Blue, and she meant to do it now. With each passing moment, Casey’s fear rose and so did her strength.

    In essence, the process was the reverse of that which powered The Hulk. For Banner, it was Anger, for Casey it was Fear.

    Thankfully, she was not alone. None of them were.

    Positioned close by, Psion hid himself and focused as he brought his powers to bear. He spoke calming words and instructions to both Casey and Blueline. Inside the burning building, Blue would feel the surrounding heat suddenly and inexplicably cooling all around him. Any answer he sought would be relayed via communicator. Outside, with one final blow, Casey would shatter the metal barrier made brittle by her raven haired teammate. Shards of brittle metal exploded in a shower, but Psion diverted them into harmless vectors, in an unprecedented display of control over his powers.

    Casey could now enter the ‘cool zone’ unhindered and assist in Blueline’s extraction, that is, if she was still in control of her senses.

    Extending his focus, Psion now used the smoke created by the fire as a literal ‘smoke screen’, however, the nearby firefighters would see it and react to it.

    At that very moment, two SHIELD agents arrived, one setting himself just beyond the smoke screen and keeping the firefighters from advancing. The second one acted as support.

    “Hold a moment. We’ll check here for any trapped civilians while your unit gets a firehose. Control is also sending a cutting-laser from the Baxter Building Reconstruction Site to deal with the metal plates. They’ll need your assistance once they arrive. We’ll alert you if we find anyone here.”

    The firefighter paused and hesitated for a moment. He was about to protest, but upon seeing how the SHIELD agents wore full protective gear and protective helmets with filters, he nodded in agreement, saluted and turned away- already calling for the hose. This was a joint emergency operation after all.

    “How long do we hold this position?” The second agent inquired.

    “Until we are told to move.” Came the curt answer.

    ”Thank you, both.”

    Tag: @Ameteth, @galactic-vagabond422

    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York City

    As expected, the half-dozen police officers fired on Larry as he flew up in an erratic pattern. All six opened fire on him as he continued to fly up and out of their range. Larry heard and felt the hail of bullets zip by all around him. So close were they, that several grazed him, but two actually hit him. One bullet hit his left calf and the other his right shoulder.

    Thankfully, there was a broken window within reach up this high. He could fly into that opening or try and make it up to the roof. At a glance, the facade was that of an office building which had closed for the evening. It was unlikely that he would run into anyone else for the moment, should he go inside.

    As chance would have it, on the rooftops some distance across the way, he would also spy two sets of figures. On the lower roof, two SHIELD patrol agents scrambled to get back on their feet. One level higher, on the adjacent roof, what looked like a monk and a youth in some kind of ‘insect’ costume began to move away from the building’s edge.

    Larry was already painfully aware of the events unfolding on the streets below. This night was full of dramatic scenes, it would seem. Either way, Larry could also opt to keep flying further away.

    His choices were still in his hands.

    Tag: @Master Vo'Un'Var

    SGC/ Darwin
    Midtown, New York City

    Stepping back from the the building’s edge and out of sight from those below, Tenzin let out an ironic chuckle at hearing his pupil’s explanation. He indeed wondered if the Master had assigned him to SGC, rather than the other way around. His pupil’s spoken introspections always amazed him.

    “I think that building is empty.” The young Disciple stated, referencing the shattered window which so concerned his Pupil, or more to the point, the probability of an innocent being hurt by the stray shot he’d influenced.

    “If you ask me, I think de-escalation is what we need right now.” Tenzin admitted plainly, as a confrontation was not what he had in mind when he brought SGC to experience the Spirit of Halloween.

    But before he could add anything else, what sounded like a sequential explosion of fire-crackers at a Lion Dance echoed through the Avenue. Looking in the direction of the sound, ‘Bronze Wing’ came into view once again.The flying man was not only airborne, he’d also come literally under a fusillade of shots.

    Tenzin could only look-on in abject disbelief.

    But at the very least, ‘Bronze Wing’ had not fallen as he feared, but kept rising higher into the air.

    “This is madness!!” The young monk declared.

    “We should help.” He said still watching, though he sounded unsure.

    Wanting to help was a noble sentiment, but the question was how exactly.

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto

    Daken & Taskmaster
    Weehawken NJ

    The Black Mustang emerged on the Jersey side of the tunnel, moving through morning traffic with speedy efficiency, yet within the limits required by law. The two passengers didn’t speak much as they listened to a variety of Classic Rock, as no words were really needed, at least not yet.

    In short order, the black vehicle entered Weehawken township. It was an urban, yet quiet and simple place. A perfect location for an unsuspecting meeting of the minds. Mere moments later, the car was parked in front of its respective brownstone. Without delay, yet in a cool collected manner, both Daken and Taskmaster exited the vehicle and marched up the short flight of stairs. Not-Rogers deftly produced the keycard from an inside pocket, and with a knowing grin swiped the electronic lock. In little over a second, the light turned green and the door unlocked, gaining them access into the three story building.

    “Honey, I’m home.” Taskmaster announced.

    “We’re in the kitchen.” An unseen female voice answered from another room.

    Taskmaster motioned with his head for Daken to follow as he traversed the small foyer, which led to a well furnished living room and then to a door to the left, where the entrance to the kitchen was located.

    “I see the gang’s all here.” Taskmaster noted with a smile as he gestured for Daken to come in, before placing the briefcase on the counter.

    Sitting at a the table with various cups of coffee, juice, fruits and assorted morning edibles, was a blonde woman and a dark haired young man, while another adult male stood by the fridge, coffee cup in hand.

    All were dressed in casual clothing.

    “Morning folks, for those of you who don’t know, or might have forgotten, this is Daken.”

    The blonde woman tilted her head as she regarded the latest addition to the group in an appraising manner, the young man offered a nod, while the other man simply huffed.

    “Daken, I give you Moonstone, Stain and The Reaper.”




    “We are the Five.”

    That bit was met with absolute silence.

    “…Unless someone has a better name, yes?”

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Blueline & Casey

    Blue took heaving breaths his head starting to hurt, his eyes watering. He wasn't giving up, he wouldn't stop. Rushing once again at the gate he slammed into it hitting more like pebble weakly thrown against metal barrier. He was gathering himself for another fruitless charge when he found himself getting hit by the plates, as they flexed under a force from outside. His exhausted frame was thrown off its feet sent sliding across the floor away from the exit. His eyes widened...only one person he knew hit like that. Casey, and she was in a panic. The metal plates rattled again, cracks starting to form in the wall around it. The punishment continued as Blue struggled to his feet Psion's plan came through on the wrist com.

    Blue, I’m going to cool the air around you to take some of the stress from your healing. Aegis, I’m going to make those plates brittle in a few seconds and you’ll be able to shatter that gate, there will be a shroud of smoke obscuring you from onlookers.

    Around him the air cooled bringing some sense of relief to him or it could have, if he didn't know what was happening next. He dove to the floor again rolling to the side to get out of the blast range. Like a wrecking ball Aegis's fist slammed into the weakened metal breaking it apart as if it were glass. The shards were blown inward by the sheer force of the punch, each one possibly lethal if they were to hit someone. Not that Casey was necessarily worrying about that.

    As the smoke bellowed out she rushed in her wide eyes sweeping all around looking for him, looking for Blue. Her heart rung in her ears the panic rising. Finding a pile of rubble that had fallen thanks to her pounding on the gate she tore into it. Chunks of masonry and plaster flew this way and that while she frantically searched.

    'Find him'

    The thought rang loud over the roaring fire and her deep breaths as smoke choked the air. The pile was quickly dispatched with, finding nothing. The panic jumped again as she crashed through a nearby interior wall desperate to see her friend. The wall tore like tissue paper as she lowered her shoulder into it.

    Her eyes sweep this room, finding nothing but smoke and flames.

    "Casey," She heard his voice...where, where. She looked behind her seeing a figure standing up a deep shadow surrounded by bright flames. Without a second thought she rushed through flames and rubble to get to him breaking a corner off a pillar in her haste. Her arms wrapped around him clutching him close. "Good to see you too." Blue grunted through gritted teeth as her arms squeezed around him never wanting to let him go.

    The flames grew closer but she could only feel cool air around her, again her eyes cast around.


    She found her exit, the way she came in. Still holding onto Blue she rushed out. Above her she could see the sky, stained in orange and black with smoke.

    "I'm safe now…" Blue said struggling for breath as Aegis still held firm to him. There was fear in his heart, but he couldn't show it. All it would do is make this worse. "It's ok now." She looked to him, a smile on his face in spite of the pain he was in. "It's all going to be alright." Other voices reached her, voices beyond the alley they found themselves in, voices she didn't recognize. Instantly she moved to fight them, to find them and end the threat they posed. "Casey look at me." Blue said again, his voice kind. "Casey we have to go…" Her gaze returned to her friend. "We have a party to get to." Again he smiled.

    Her heart began to slow...he was safe, she took a breath of the cool night air, he was safe, her arms released him, he was safe. Finally she closed her eyes opening them again fully returning to herself.

    "Are you ok?" She asked right away.

    "I'm fine," Blue said with a smile that hid that bit of fear he'd felt. "Now let's get going." Blue was in a state, his face darkened by soot, his clothes shredded and burnt. Feeling the cold night he pulled up his hoodie, with the hem chard and back nearly turned to ribbons. It was clear he'd had a rough night.

    She looked to the darkened corner Psion had hidden himself in and moved towards it.

    "He's safe…" she said quietly to the darkness. "Thank you."

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  16. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Nicole Gravely, approaching the Gravely residence, time 8:15pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)
    Location: Portland, Oregon

    It was much later, the afternoon had segued into the evening, and Trick-or-Treating had been completed for another year, the various children, apart from Mary's anyway, home safe with their accumulated confectionery.

    The largest group of kids, marshaled by Mrs Robinson, the portly head of the local Netball America affiliate, had been escorted by Formal and Gravely directly, with the UNCLE agent keeping a distant eye on the other groups marching up and down driveways along the street furniture-lit avenue.

    Each parent that had gotten their young ones back in the house, had tapped it into their WhatsApp group, sending a notification to the two escorts, so that they would know if any little ones needed looking for. The successful night brought to completion, three operations being organised and run by Formal - safe trick-or-treating for the neighbourhood's little ones; Nikki getting the basket that she had forced her to bring along, filled with a respectable amount of 'candy', or 'sweets and chocolates', if you used the Queen's English; and a several month exercise of ingratiating herself into the community, doing odd jobs, favours, seeding the homeowners with self-bought confectionery that would in turn be handed to her suspiciously confused little girl. And no-one had stiffed her, or embarrassed Nikki. So, no-one was going to be disappearing tonight.

    Mary Formal had chosen to go out as a character from the second Resident Evil movie, so was sporting a aqua-coloured boob tube, tight black miniskirt, black calf boots, and a black wig in the same hairstyle as her usual bob. She had actually tried to shapeshift her own hair from blonde to black, but nothing doing, which had been a bit frustrating.

    Some shape-shifter," she self-reproached quietly.

    "Huh? What was that, Mom?" Nicole looked up from checking what Mary assumed to be a chocolate bar, the glossy white wrapper bearing the name 'Musketeers' in slanted red.
    Continuing the zombie theme, though one selected by her Mary herself, Nikki was in a mostly yellow cheerleader's outfit - long-sleeved top with 'CHEERS' emblazoned diagonally across her chest, pleated yellow miniskirt with white fluting, white knee socks and trainers.

    Mary smiled proudly down at her. Even with the white-painted face, she seemed so happy and content, that it warmed the Arcan's heart. "I said, you need to work on your manners, Little Missy. When someone gives you free candy, your response should be a gratefully-toned thank you, not, alright, what's going on 'ere then? You are not Dixon of Dock Green."

    "But I hadn't even said 'trick or treat' at the first few homes." Gravely protested as they walked along the damp pavement, glad of the thick body-warmer that Mary had put her into as soon as there were no more homes to pillage. She already knew the Dixon name to refer to an old time British television copper (policeman).

    "Our neighbours might look as dumb as rocks, Sweetheart, but when a zombie cheerleader as adorable as you-" She reached over shucked Nikki's cheek playfully. "-turns up at their door with about twenty smaller rugrats in costume, I'm sure that even they can read between the lines."

    Plus she had been behind the group, giving her coerced residents the hairy eyeball in case they forgot or chose to break their promises.

    She saw hesitation in her daughter's eyes, then without prompting, Nikki admitted, "I really enjoyed myself, Mom."

    Formal put an arm around her shoulder and hugged her as they passed the two squares of mown grass that made up their next-door neighbour's front yard, and drew closer to their own driveway. "Only the best for my baby girl. You know that." Her free hand came up and wiped at her eyes.

    "Hey, are you crying?"

    "You don't know what it means to me, to see that you had a good time, Honey." She leaned over and kissed the top of Nicole's head. "Now, I know that you don't want to hear this, Sweetheart, but knowing now that I will have three planes and twelve hours of flight time between us, makes it much harder for me to leave you behind. So you need to be prepared
    in case Mummy to changes her mind about you staying here. Okay, Darling?"

    There was a quiet sigh, then, "Okay."

    "Good girl. Now when Nanny come-"

    "D'you mean Amy?"

    "Well, now that she is working for us, you should really be calling her 'Nanny'. Once I'm back in town, you can go back to calling her Amy if you want. Now, when we see her next, you can show her your basket."

    "Backstrom is going to have a field day, if I start calling her that in the office." Gravely protested.

    Lieutenant Everett Backstrom was the scruffy, cigar-chewing misanthropic leader of Special Crimes, and her immediate superior. He was also a genius when it came to solving homicides. Unfortunately he was no respecter of proper procedure, or protocols. Gravely considered it her job to make sure that the cases he solved, could be presented in a court of law, so had to shadow him on investigations.

    By some bizarre historical coincidence, Gazanian and Backstrom had been in a relationship in another town, and he had been more than panicked when his 'ex' had turned up as the head of Civilian Oversight, with the power to get him sith-canned for any wrong-doing.

    A wisp of grey vapour dissipated into nothingness just in front of Mary's nose, drawing her attention to a sedan parked in front of their house, pumping exhaust fumes into the night, and the windows fogged.

    Formal untangled herself from her child and used that arm to pull her Bren Ten from her thigh holster. Nicole moved to do the same, however Mary instead instructed her to stay back and drop down to protect her hoard.

    Mary slowly crept forwards, feeling the wetness through the back of her skirt as it wiped a thick line through the raindrops coating the parked car's flanks, and staying level with the rear passenger door, tapped the barrel of the Bren lightly on the driver side window that was on her side of the vehicle.

    The window whirred down halfway, Amy's voice coming out: "Agent Formal?"

    "Mrs Gazanian?" Mary leaned down to look into the window, initially wondering what the woman weas doing all the way over in the other seat, then remembering that Americans drove on the wrong side of the road over here. "What're you doing out here? Didn't we give you the door key and alarm code?"

    "Yes, you did. But it didn't feel right to go in whilst you were out."

    "Well we're here now. Come on in." Formal holstered her weapon and looked back to her kneeling daughter, gesturing for her to come along and leaving that open hand aimed back there clearly intending Nikki to come and hold it. "It's Nanny, Sweetheart. Come on, let's get in out of the cold."

    Moments later, warm golden light spilled out of the front door to the house, as the three stepped inside.

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC Always fun when comboing with the GM and they are being four other people

    IC Daken, Taskmaster, et al

    Daken looked back at the blonde, eyes raking her, just as she had appraised him, he nodded to Stain, and snorted at the Reaper, “Keep missing me old fellow, never seems to be my time.”

    And then what the Taskmaster had said registered. Pausing, trying hard to not laugh, he failed. “Ha...hahaha, the Five, sounds like a rock band, Boss. But, you’re the boss so it works.” He wandered over to the table, sitting down and propping his feet on the chair that he guessed was Reapers due to the fact it still felt slightly warm. “Howdy all, here for the fun too?”

    “Definitely.” Stain asserted easily, as he leaned back in his chair after picking a fresh apple, then taking a bite out of it.

    “Blondes always have more fun.” Moonstone purred playfully, leaning just so against the table, crossing her long legs covered in white designer jeans, and sipping her hazelnut coffee without spilling a single drop on her white cashmere top.

    The Reaper simply stared daggers at the back of Daken’s head.

    “Alright, alright, save the commentary for later.” Taskmaster interjected as he moved front and center, the briefcase already projecting a holographic image of a large flat building for all to see.

    “This is Skye Lumber Company, just a couple of miles from here. It certainly looks like they sell lumber, but in reality, it's just a front for an underground SHIELD remote storage warehouse. Moonstone here has been ‘working' on one of the technicians there for some time now, enough that we’ve confirmed they’ve been storing some extremely valuable crystals there. Not only that, they also plan to move them back to Triskelion soon, which caused us to move-up our time table.”

    Taskmaster regarded each member of the 'Five', making sure they were following the briefing.

    “Our technician is also under the impression he will be helping Captain America complete a specific phase of a covert operation.”

    Taskmaster paused and took the opportunity to grin in a most Not-Rogers fashion possible.

    “That’s just creepy.” Stain comments offhandedly, which only prompts Not-Rogers to chuckle in amusement before continuing.

    “These crystals happen to be…” Taskmaster clicks on a pen sized device that changes the holographic image from that of a flat building, to that of the subject at hand.

    “Isotope 8, or ISO 8, for short.”

    The crystals shown are displayed in many shapes, forms and sizes, ranging from raw crystalline material to simple geometric shapes to more refined and complete multi-faceted finishes. Though they all exhibit some sort of luminous glow, their colors range the gamut of the visible spectrum.

    “Today, as we speak, ISO 8’s Black Market value is…well, more than you can imagine!!” Taskmaster exclaims with a not-too-small measure of enthusiasm.

    Daken took in the display, the schematics, then the Iso 8. ‘Hmmm, looks like almost every variety there is.’ he thought.

    “Not sure, I can imagine some seriously astronomical numbers, Boss. But you’re point is taken, although little death over there doesn’t seem happy to see me.” He hooked a thumb in Reaper’s direction.

    “Don’t care if he does or doesn’t but he better not screw up the payday if he’s that intent on disliking me.” A grin crossed his face, “Guess he doesn’t like my taste in, well, everything.”

    Face turning serious for a moment, “So you’re going in, for a certainty, as Pretty Boy, what positions do the rest of us take?”

    Taskmaster shook his head in the negative, looking over and past Daken.

    “Not now boys, you can have your pissing-contest afterwards.”

    That statement was followed by a very audible huff from the back. Both Moonstone and Stain seemed amused, but knew enough to reserve any comments for a different occasion.

    “Indeed, we are ALL here for the Payday, so let’s focus on that, hmm?”

    Not-Rogers once again returned his attention to everyone present.

    “To answer your question, Daken, our ‘friendly technician’ will be our ticket inside the building and down to the storage warehouse. He’s promised to deliver the necessary access keycards we will need to get around freely. Stain here is our technical analyst, or should I say ‘Hacker’?”

    “I’m Ok with Hacker.” The young man announced in good humor and received a few chuckles as a reward.

    “You and Reaper are Loaders, which sounds more politically correct than ‘Hired Muscle’ or ‘Goons’, which doesn’t matter, since it doesn’t affect your pay grade.”

    “Better not.” The Reaper added dourly.

    “This may sound like a strange request coming from me: Cheer up, will ya. We’re about to make a killing.”

    Not-Rogers shook his head again before returning to the point.

    “Anyway, Moonstone here is our local guide and advisor….”

    “Hello boys!” Moonstone interjected and waved charmingly from her seat.

    “And I’m a War Time Hero committed to Freedom and Justice.” Not-Rogers said in a very Rogers manner, before returning back to normal: “Who is also your driver and pilot if need be.”

    “If you recall, Captain America was against the SRA, a choice which strained his relationship with both SHIELD And the Avengers, but helps us with our undercover OPs story.”

    Taskmaster turned slightly, then gestured with the pen device, initiating a pre-viz video, where small 3D animated representations of The Five acted out their roles.

    “So, we meet our technician friend inside the Lumber Company and head in. Once we arrive at the lower level, Priority one is getting Stain to a computer terminal so he can hack into the security system. We will be communicating via earbuds, just so you know. Once that’s done, he will direct us to the correct Storage Vault and open it. Our loaders will pack the authorized truck which the driver will bring around, fill it up, then we take our haul out to a designated area, where we’ll switch vehicles. If we do things right, we can pull off this job without a hitch.”

    “Any Questions? Concerns... Anybody?”

    Daken extended one claw, hooking a pastry from the table while he thought. “Hmmm, I take it our friendly technician doesn’t know how unneeded he is, what with blondie’s ability to go intangible, or make other things intangible. Otherwise, nope, I’ve got it, me and sourpuss are the muscle, Stain’s the brains, Blondie is the beauty, distraction for the immediate term. Oh wait, no that would be you Boss, dazzling our little mole with being so close to a bonafide hero.”

    He took a bite of the pastry, “Sounds simple enough, but it is a hidden SHIELD facility so simple never happens with that. I’m all in though, so either way it’s going to be fun and fruitful.”

    “James Daken, I hope you haven’t read all my secret files now.” Moonstone quipped playfully.

    Taskmaster chuckled at that, then went on to wrap-up his briefing.

    “SHIELD’s Database was very vulnerable during the Second Cataclysm, especially right before Triskelion went Boom! That being said, I don’t expect this Op to be a ‘Blue Milk Run’, so stay alert and ready for anything. You all have current SHIELD uniforms hanging in the next room, with all the bells and whistles that come along with one, so lets suit up and get this party started. As for callsigns, I’ll be number one, Moonstone is number two, Stain is number three, Daken is number four and Reaper…I don’t want to hear it, you’re number five.”

    As if on cue, the Reaper groaned loudly, but managed to bite his tongue.

    “Good.” Taskmaster retorted aloud, then turned off the projected hologram and pocketed the control device, before moving to collect his briefcase.

    “Oh yeah, if things go really south, which they shouldn’t, remember to meet back here, but make sure your tail is clean. Understood?”

    “Yes, Sir.” came the answer spoken almost in unison.

    “Well, be taking our new SHIELD SUV. Let’s roll folks.”

    Daken grinned, cheekily, at the remark from Moonstone, it paid to know as much as possible about as many “friends” and foes as possible. “Number Four, got it.” he said as he stood, already shedding his outer layer, leaving his uniform underneath.

    In the next room he slipped into the SHIELD uniform, laughing under his breath as it reminded him of the old days and working with Osborne. Quickly redressed he enjoyed the sight of both Moonstone and Stain changing, ignoring Reaper entirely. “Time to play, kiddos, or as not so dearest dad would say, Let’s move Bub.”

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  18. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: SGC / Darwin
    Midtown, New York City

    Tenzin let out an chuckle, a laugh at hearing his pupil’s explanation. SGC was not sure what exactly was funny, but he had learned not to take such things too much to his hearts. Better to just wait and see what actually would come of it before letting his feelings get hurt.

    “I think that building is empty.” The young Disciple stated, a heavy sigh of relief escaped Darwin at that statement. It was so sure, so knowing. And it gave an immediate sensation of peace. “If you ask me, I think de-escalation is what we need right now.” Tenzin admitted plainly.

    But before he could add anything else, what sounded like a sequential explosion of fire-crackers at a Lion Dance echoed through the Avenue. Looking in the direction of the sound, ‘Bronze Wing’ came into view once again.The flying man was not only airborne, he’d also come literally under a fusillade of shots.

    Tenzin could only look-on in abject disbelief. SGC looked on in settling resolve. That was how it was going to go. Too many and Tenzin wanted de escalation. Unfortunately the humans with guns at this event did not share that sentiment, and their fear or bloodlust seemed to drive them on without care. After all, what went up had to come down as even those fast moving things as bullets could not achieve escape velocity. SGC was scared for one stray bullet, and these people who were mostly protectors he was sure were careless.

    “This is madness!!” The young monk declared. “We should help.” He said still watching, though he sounded unsure.

    Taking in the setting he tried to think it through. In the end he had two terrible ideas, and one possibly alright. "Sling Ring at a right angle to those on the ground, above the Bronze wing. We may not be able to save him, but we can give him a doorway out." Tilting his head he pondered, "I could stick my arm out or force the issue and pull him through. Whatever you think is best Tenzin." he quickly stated, buzzing with the tension of the moment.

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  19. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Larry, SGC, & Tenzin
    Midtown, New York City

    The monk's posture straightened and his eyes brightened with hope upon hearing SGC’s words.

    “Pupil, your plan- that might just work. Let’s work together.” He declared excitedly.

    Tenzin quickly took a moment to look into the distance at the flying man, then did some mental calculations, regarding spatial correlation, speed, trajectory and all things relative to the task. He wasn't as good at his Pupil expressing such ideas, but he had the necessary skill to have earned him his place among the Mystic Masters. This, however, would take some effort, but it was worth it.

    Without wasting another moment, Tenzin held his ring hand in place while gesturing in a circular manner with his free hand, in order to open a Ring Portal; but not right in front of them.

    In the distance and just a few meters from Larry, a ring of coruscating orange luminescence would suddenly and unexpectedly appear in his path. If he looked through it, he would see a young monk, gesturing strangely as he exerted himself. With him was a slightly smaller male in what appeared to be an ‘insectoid’ costume. He would recognize the background as a rooftop very similar to the area he was in.

    The monk looked at him, beckoning him with is gaze alone.

    It would seem that on this strange night, another option had presented itself to Larry, adding to his choices of escape.

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  20. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002

    Shelly Vankasser

    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Shelly began to relax a bit, as the music of the dancefloor caught up with her. She smiled, and bounced around with the others as they moved to the music. This was so much fun! Much too soon, the music ended, as one of the judges moved to the mike and began to speak.

    “The three finalists have been chosen and the cheers from their peers will decide who wins First, Second and Third prize. The following participants please step forward…”

    As Shelly watched the judging, she heard the characters names called. The girl saw earlier, was called Kit Kat it seemed. Shelly didnt know the reference, but she appreciated the costume all the same.

    “This is going to be good.” Power Man commented as he looked on, a smile on his face. Shelly nodded in agreement. Black WIndow chimed in, “I would have signed you up, had you been here earlier.” Shelly simply laughed, as she gave a happy nod. "I think the competition is pretty fierce!" she said as she cheered. Another voice chimed in over the crowd then. “C’mon! You guys need to make more noise for Kit Kat!” Shelly looked around. It was 'The Crow', they guy who was with Kit Kat. Another voice chimed in.

    “Please pay him no mind.” Shelly didnt recognize the character. “He does this all the time.”

    Shelly simply shook her head, and watched the area around her, as people began to cheer for their favorite characters. Shelly simply cheered for everyone, waiting to see who would win.

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  21. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    Amid all the cheering and the revelry, the red headed young man arrayed in the Calculator costume turned to Shelly, his blue eyes looking directly into hers. In that moment, the world seemed to slow down as he asked her a simple and direct question:

    “So tell me, are you registered or unregistered.”

    His tone was neutral, yet amiable, patient, yet purposeful.

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  22. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    The young man in the costume that Shelly had not recognized earlier, turned at looked at her. He had pretty blue eyes, but the way he looked at her almost made her want to take a step back. It was strange, and she could not really explain the sudden feeling. And then he asked her a very strange question.

    “So tell me, are you registered or unregistered.”

    Shelly had no idea of what it was he was asking her. She looked around for a second, and then answered back, with the only thing that she could relate to. "Umm... I'm not registered in the costume contest. I just came to watch the fun everyone was having."

    Shelly shifted her gaze to watch the others around her cheering for the folks to pick a winner of the contest. Why ask her such a strange question?

    A strange man, but he seemed friendly enough. But she would keep an eye on him, just in case.

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  23. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Larry Stone
    Midtown, New York City

    Larry's faced tensed in pain. Two bullets had found their target, and he needed to find refuge. Quickly.

    He had been shot before, during his time serving in the military. But from a police, when he was just trying to help them?

    He continued to fly, looking for a place to gain cover, when the orange circle appeared before him. He could see two figures inside it. He didn't care if they were hostile or not, he needed to get out.

    Launching himself towards the ring, he flew through it and found himself by what looked like a monk and someone in an insect costume, before he crashed to the floor. He grasped his right shoulder and picked himself up again. He felt weak, and he was losing blood, but he knew he would recover.

    "What the hell just happened?"

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    Mar 28, 2009
    IC: Zephyr Vaillancourt

    Midtown, NYC

    Psion felt a great sense of relief when his teammates finally made it to his side.

    Under the cover of the ‘smoke-shroud’, he embraced them both in a group hug, the cape and cloak gently draping over Blue and Casey.

    “Blue, you gave us quite a scare; we were so worried about you. Cas…Aegis, you were incredible I mean wow…” he said in a hushed and excited voice.

    “Gimme one second to do this…” his hands tapping his friends shoulders as emphasis and a signal that he was doing something and needed their patience.

    Zephyr worked quickly to repair Blueline’s garments, his power cleaning and reconstructing the material upon his teammate’s six-foot frame.

    He paused with double wonderment as he observed his friend’s metahuman ability of healing working on wounds and cracked ribs; how mesmerizing the colors and lights and movements, there was so much to see and learn. Moreover, how did Blue do it? How did he endure the pain that often was the only reward of his good deeds? There was no doubt that he was a true hero.

    With a final touch, Zephyr removed all grime and perspiration from his friend; an amused smirk crossed his lips as he resisted the urge to style Blue’s hair.

    “All done…” he said with satisfied finality “…but we can’t linger, first responders are repositioning and I think I heard voices nearby.” The sense of urgency in his voice was undisguised.

    “Please follow me…quietly” Turning to take point and lead them out, his ebon-gloved hand would gently grab Aegis’ own bandaged hand, hoping to place her second and have Blue bring up the rear.

    With another exertion of power, Psion would influence some far off flames to flare harmlessly; hopefully creating a distraction that would get the firefighters attention and further help their ‘exit strategy’.

    He took comfort in the knowledge that the other heroes of the city, the first responders, would soon have things under control. He realized how lucky they all were that Aegis’ destructive strength caused mostly cosmetic damage to the building, well, as far as he could tell.

    Now all they needed to do was scurry behind some evergreens around the corner, duck behind some tour buses and make it to the ‘freedom’ afforded by a crowded street…they HAD to make it out, there was now way they could disappoint Ernesto again and save face.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Blueline & Casey

    With some reluctance Blue accepted Psion's hug, letting the other man pull his cloak around him and Casey.

    "I would have been fine." He said though he might not have had Aegis and Psion hadn't shown up. He could still feel his ribs stitching itself back up Casey's grip had been a little too over zealous.

    Aegis looked away still a little ashamed, embarrassed that she used her power. That she let the monster take control of her. It was the only way, part of her knew that, though was it? Surely Psion could have done something, did do something. Did she really need to give into her fear? She couldn't change the past she knew that, but some part of her was ashamed that she resorted to her monster so easily. However in the moment she couldn't see another way.

    “Gimme one second to do this…” Psion said holding Blue by the shoulders. He wanted to run as fast as he could away from here they didn't have the time to wait. However his friend was holding him in place as his clothes were mended. It was almost like his own healing factor, but cloth instead of flesh. In no time at all his clothes were restored and cleaned.

    "Well, there goes my zombie costume." Blue said with a little bit of humor in his tone. "Though this does save on replacing clothes."

    “All done…” Psion said letting go of Blue. “…but we can’t linger, first responders are repositioning and I think I heard voices nearby.” Blue and Aegis nod their heads knowing the same thing. Casey stopped just for a moment looking at Blue's clothes now made whole. She wondered for a moment what would it be like to have powers that could create, rather than destroy. Her powers were hers and she couldn't change them, though in moments when she saw her friend's abilities she wished she could be different.

    “Please follow me…quietly” As the black clad hero stepped past Blue, the veteran hero put a hand on the other man's shoulder.

    "You shouldn't have brought her." His voice was low so that Casey couldn't hear. "Someone could have gotten hurt." His brown eyes were hard looking into Zephyr's steely blue. Blue shook his head letting Psion pass and take Casey's hand.

    Blue took his place at the back letting Casey and Psion take the lead. Casey for her part held a little tighter to Zephyr's hand still feeling a little lost, a little overwhelmed, but she was keeping it together.

    She wondered if they might make it for at least the end of Ernesto's party.

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