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Drama Marvel Heroes: A New Breed - ~Summer 2020 Best RPG~

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. darthbernael

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: The further adventures of the Five, combo with @greyjedi125

    IC Daken and the Five
    Super Secret SHIELD Facility

    Daken kept attent as the news played out on the radio, listening to hear what other events took place and if there was anything else about the faux Goblin, the winged intruder, or anything else. However it was all mostly blurbs about the fires and the wild shots as well as that the situation was finally calming down. Once the news looped around he returned his focus outside.

    A small smile creased his face as he watched Moonstone step out of the SUV and sway her way over to their contact. He could tell she had him eating out of the palm of her hand even before she uttered a word. Their time together hadn’t been bad, at all, and had nothing to do with how good they were together, but past is past and it was, as she thought, just another game to him.

    His focus was dragged back to the vehicle by the discussion about the security. Nothing yet had caused him to fully doubt anyone, minus the dead body of course, but so far the mission was still on track so he’d follow along and do what was necessary. And then the Taskmaster directed his words toward him.

    “You’re a SHIELD agent now, so no funny business.”

    “Roger, Pretty Boy, errr Cap. I’ll be the good little soldier as long as needed. Of course, tell that to the QRF teams that were all Hydra, there are good boys and then ‘good’ boys.”

    Daken’s smile didn’t reach the wraparound sunglasses he wore a part of his persona, but also didn’t seem all that friendly either, just as a soldier’s humor would be.

    Taskmaster merely offered a solid and knowing nod to Daken as he closed his eyes again. He wondered if the young mutant was aware that he had trained some rank and file foot soldiers from AIM and even HYDRA in the past, for an exorbitant fee, of course; not that it mattered in the greater scheme of things.

    Daken could clearly hear the conversation between Cartwright and Moonstone. By the tone of the man’s voice, Daken could tell the man was completely smitten with her. Moonstone had him eating out of her hand. Daken could also tell that the man was slightly nervous about meeting Steve Rogers, the Living Legend, but was doing a good job at braving his nerves.

    “Well, here we are Chester.” Moonstone said loud enough for them to hear, her hand leaving the familiarity of the SHIELD technician’s shoulder. She moved off a few paces, then leaned against the side of the car, tossed her hair gracefully, and relaxed - almost framing the driver’s window.

    She didn’t even look at Daken.

    Not-Rogers turned in his seat to face the newcomer, a big welcoming smile on his face, blue eyes wide and friendly.


    “Hello Chester, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Not-Rogers greeted amiably.

    Chester froze in place, like a deer in headlights, as he was finally face to face with Captain America.

    The Hero who had saved his Father.

    Listening to Moonstone do her spiel, Daken grinned internally. ‘She still has that magic touch.’ The man was awestruck, doubly so because he knew she was about to introduce him to his icon. That made her job there even easier.

    He wondered if the disguises were as foolproof as the Boss thought. Knowing a decent bit about most of their pasts he knew any slip-up would mean that the full weight of those poor, powerless SHIELD troops would be sent against them, especially given his, Taskmasters, and even Moonstones past affiliations.

    And then Moonstone and the man reached the car. Another internal smile lit as the man turned to a deer in the headlights when he was brought face to face with “Captain America”. Other than that though, he maintained the usual, senses on alert, posture of a SHIELD operative, lest his actions give away the plot. ‘Hopefully Blondie can get him moving again so we can get this show on the road.’

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    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Combo post with greyjedi125

    IC: Liz Merrick, Doctor Sebastian Redstone, phone conversation
    Location: New York City

    "Good morning, Liz." Seb's voice said into her ear.

    Laying back on her pillow, she imagined her boss calling from an underground cave, facing a curved array of TV and computer monitors, a square moat of running water around an artificial island, and a knobbly-sided, black Tumbler parked prominently behind him.

    After what had happened at the Triskellion, she imagined that a lot of the remaining SHIELD personnel would jump at the chance to live underground if the option was available. That, or on board a cloaked heli-carrier.
    Oh yeah, she knew what the things were now.

    "I hope I haven’t called you at a bad time. I can try again later if you wish."

    It was early, and Liz would indeed have preferred to delay the call, however she needed his cooperation to help deal with Mary and Nicole during their stay, so best not to give him the hassle of having to call her back.

    "Now is fine." She assured him, immediately relaying that Mary had called, and was bringing her daughter. "She wanted me to ask if we can arrange for Nicole to attend that Xavier School for the Gifted as a day boarder, whilst the rest of us are in the field. Frankly, as long as we let Agent Formal think her little girl has been safely making finger paintings and doing elaborate skipping games with her new chums, she doesn't have to be doing kid stuff; she could be a teaching assistant, help in the office, or provide on-site security. The Mansion can always use more security."

    "Xavier's is closed for the time being..." He informed, pausing as if to let her draw her own conclusions.

    'Closed' covered a litany of sins, from having what British schools called "insect days" to allow for teacher training, to there being a burned-out special forces helicopter on its side in the cafeteria. Again.

    Mary might not realise it, but that place could not have been attacked more times, if it had upped sticks and moved to Somalia.

    "But I may know of a suitable alternative to that issue, which we should discuss in person. Also, I would very much like to hear about Mary's situation so we can assist her properly."

    "Well, it doesn't have to be that school, Boss. I expect that that is just the only one that she knows about in the Tri-State.

    He paused again.

    "I'm willing to meet at a place and time of your choosing." He offered genially.

    This time, it was Merrick who paused, aware from her degree in Psychology that humans picked up on patterns, and twice now, Sebastian had offered to meet her in person.
    Like a bolt out of the blue, she got it; he wanted her to shut the **** up.

    "Ah, okay, umm..., you ever tried Shwarma?"

    Best Shwarma Joint in the five boroughs. Allegedly.

    Liz Merrick had gone back to sleep for an hour, and now, showered and dressed - her leather-effect, black SHIELD jumpsuit, Baby Browning pistol holstered on her right hip - had a window seat in the Shwarma joint, looking out on the busy New York streets.

    Glancing behind the glass counter, where metal bowls were brimming with shredded salad ingredients, a worker was slicing thin pink and brown rind-like strips off a slowly revolving vertically spitted cylinder of 'meat'; she un-intentionally renewed her annoyance at what shwarma actually was: the doner kebab.

    It sounded all exotic, and to be fair, the doner was a Turkish dish, but its' typical incarnation back in Britain, were decidedly low-end fast food places that you only ate for much needed food after a night out on the lash (pub-crawling).

    Her teenage self had only came within a sniff of such places, and tentative sniffs at that, after being out clubbing with her girlfriends; or later, during those holidays when everything else was shut. You certainly did not sit down in one, waiting to meet your boss for a power lunch.

    In fact, this was the first time she had seen one that was not a takeaway only.

    "So why've you got a face like a slapped arse?" Bryan's voice came over her earpiece. He was in their SHIELD SUV, keeping an eye on her.

    She was never alone. That was the deal that E-Branch had insisted upon. Mary was only gallivanting solo across the States, because Bryan had stepped into the picture.

    Liz was a bit embarrassed that he could tell that from across the street. She spoke softly, knowing her voice would be picked up. "The place is a sodding kebab shop, Bry'."

    Sensing movement, she looked up and nodded thanks as a waitress in a white apron, deposited a green 7UP can, and a Rum Baba on her table. Sounding like a Arabian Nights' character, the latter was actually a moistened ring doughnut on a saucer, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Not great for her hips, but the only food from a kebab shop that passed her lips whilst she was sober.

    The agent looked about for the teaspoon that she was going to need to eat the thing.

    In her ear, Bryan warned that "Scarletpebble", their code for Redstone, was inbound.

    Twisting in her seat to get her face closer to the large window, she looked both ways along the sidewalk for some sign off the boss, amongst the traffic.

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  3. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Mystic Masters Sanctum
    Halloween Night

    Larry's mind was racing all over the place, but when he saw the bed in the room he walked directly towards it and collapsed into it. He listened to what the two said, and nodded.

    "I think I just need rest for now... but thanks. For everything." he would say, before quickly falling to sleep.

    @greyjedi125 @Mitth_Fisto
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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    The evening air felt cool, yet comfortable to the skin, which was quite inviting. Shelly had been right. There were many other kids making their way towards Tony’s House, walking down the same path she did. They chatted among themselves or on their phones, but the overall mood was one of excitement.

    As they all collectively neared their destination, it was easy to figure out which house belonged to Tony. Clearly, it was the one with all the kids standing about on the patio, the lights on and the music pumping. There were several cars also parked in front of the yard, some still having occupants socializing from within.

    The sound of multiple conversations became intermixed with the music, as folks greeted each other in many different ways. It was clear most were familiar with each other, but all were welcome.

    “Hey there, welcome.” A young man conversing by the door greeted Shelly, dressed still in his ‘Jack Sparrow’ pirate attire. He gave her the once over, then an expression of recognition came to his eyes.

    “You must be Shelly, right? I’m Jake.” The young pirate intoned. “Marla said to keep an eye out.” Smiling, he gestured for her to enter the already opened door, then glanced inside the visibly crowded living room.

    “Not sure where she might be. Anyway, all drink and eats are in the kitchen, all the way in the back. Please help yourself. Lady’s room is on the ground floor- have fun.”

    ‘Jack’ nodded, then turned to greet the next person.

    Inside, there was a live DJ who catered to the crowd. The ample sized living room had been cleared for the most part and seats provided- though they were all taken at the moment. Everyone seemed to have some manner of beverage in hand while they either danced or chatted.

    Looking for Marla might take a bit of doing. As far as she could tell, her new friend in the Black Widow costume was not in the front yard, or the living room. The kitchen or the backyard perhaps?

    Getting to the kitchen would be a steady, but slow process, given the amount of party goers milling about the hallway. On the way there, other rooms were open and available.

    The first open room was on the left side, where a giant TV screen dominated the view.

    This room was also crowded, but mostly with guys who’s attentions were fixed on the big screen as a familiar FPS game unfolded. Call of Duty Modern Warfare was still a thing.

    A few steps more and there would be another room, with folks standing in the doorway looking in. If she managed to peek inside, Shelly would understand why. On another equally large screen, a scene from a familiar movie played a well known event, as if for the first time.

    Cheers and clapping went up as if on cue once the legendary words were spoken. There was nothing that could compare to seeing Real Heroes in dramatized roles. It was admittedly, a highly surreal experience.

    At that moment, a young man costumed as Daredevil would approach her, saying: “Hey, Tony needs a few more girls for the CosPlay video, he’s in the backyard.” Not waiting for a response, Daredevil would move off to find other likely candidates.

    It wasn’t a bad idea, and perhaps, Shelly would find her friend there.

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    Blue, Casey & Zephyr
    Ernesto’s Bodega

    Lourdes beamed with happiness at finally meeting Blue’s friends.

    “Hi, Zephyr.” She said, repeating the name exactly the way she’d heard it. She certainly appreciated unique names and found that saying them correctly was important. Besides, he certainly sounded friendly and well mannered.

    “He’s saying ‘slowly’ in Spanish.” She informed Blue’s raven haired friend.

    “Hello, Casey.” Lourdes’ smile broadened, charmed by Casey’s apparent shyness. Inwardly, she wished she could see and appreciate the girl for who she was, but it was Halloween, so that pleasure would have to be reserved for another day.

    Lourdes felt very happy to see that Blue had such nice friends, after seeing them interact the way they did. Everyone needed to have a ‘family’ they could count on. In time, she hoped she could get to know them better- if nothing else.

    “I…uh…you look good.” Blue said, catching her by surprise. Lourdes felt her cheeks flush a she wordlessly smiled back, all the while looking into Blue’s eyes. Then he suddenly pitched forward, causing her to gasp. He was so close now, that she lowered her gaze as she felt her heart skip a beat and her face flush ever further.

    “I’m…I’m sorry I…I lost my balance.” Blue offered as an apology, his hand reaching out but not making contact. Lourdes gracefully stood her ground and forced herself to lift her gaze. “Oh, it’s OK.” she reassured.

    “You alright?”

    Lourdes met his gaze and nodded smilingly, as she forced herself to give his hand a gentle squeeze.

    “HEYYY! What is this!?”

    Lourdes quickly released Blue’s hand, her expression already hardening as she turned to meet the approaching Gaston.

    “Mind your business…” Lourdes countered, tamping down her rising annoyance.

    “Nice to meet you all.”she managed to say to Blue’s friends, before moving off.

    “Oh….sorry, Lulu.” Gaston exclaimed, watching her go. He then turned to Blue.

    “Got my eye on you Blue-man.” He said with a leer, then simply gave a nod after eyeing the other two and departing himself.

    No one else seemed to be the wiser to that bit of interaction as the party simply continued on.

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    Cameron Giles
    SHIELD Director’s Office, Triskelion

    [Deputy Director Cameron Giles has arrived.]

    “Thank you, Jarvis.”

    Daisy had not looked up yet, but continued typing. As she finished, she gave a small sigh. So much to do. However, one small comfort was having a limited portion of their A.I. running. Thanks to, quite ironically and in varying degrees: Tony Stark, Agent Bishop Knight and A.D.A.M., last but certainly not least, the Kingdom of Wakanda. Truth be told, SHIELD was not out of the woods yet, far from it, but they were ahead of schedule in that respect. In addition, after everything that happened with Jocasta, changing the A.I. voice and gender had become not only imperative, but also non-negotiable. Agents were still reporting having nightmares or reacting negatively upon hearing ‘Jocasta’s’ voice.

    In addition, Vision was still off-line and in need of ‘repairs’.

    A soft and gentle chime announced the Deputy Director just before he entered the room, which gave Daisy enough time to compose herself and smile as she looked up. The fact that Cameron still bothered to ‘knock’ made her smile widen just a bit further. That too was a small comfort.

    “Come in.” She called out, feeling herself relaxing, tension flowing out of her with a breath.

    Daisy tilted her head slightly as she tried to recall when was the last time she had seen cameron in person. Was he looking younger?

    “Nothing like that fifteenth floor view, hm Johnson?”

    Standing up, the Director returned the Deputy’s easy smile and gestured towards a nearby sofa.

    “Please have a seat. And call me Daisy, I insist.”

    Daisy gave a small chuckle as she sat back down.

    ‘The beard. He trimmed down the beard.’ she observed mentally.

    “Apologies for having to recall you from the field in such short notice, but it could not be helped. We are approaching a critical stage in our Reconstruction Schedule and I need all available personnel on hand.”

    Daisy sat back on her chair as she mentally chided herself: ‘Too much Maria Hill.’

    “Please, would you like some coffee or tea?” She said, ‘starting over’ with a more sociable approach. At the touch of a button on her desk, the beverage cart wheeled itself towards Cameron.

    “We still have a few minutes before the meeting. Tell me, how are you holding up?”

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    SGC, Tenzin & Larry
    Mystic Masters Sanctum

    The Tutor: Emptying himself of all anxiety, Tenzin would have a restful evening as he often did. In the morning, he would feel renewed.

    The Student: SGC was a unique being who was still growing in many ways. Who could possible know what dreams his mind would conjure?

    The Guest: Larry found himself in an unfamiliar place, but out of danger.The past few hours could be said to have been ‘dramatic’ at the very least. How would this affect his sleep remained to be seen.

    The Next Day

    The monk rose early as was his custom for morning meditation in the garden. A new day was upon them now, as were new lessons. Thoughts of the previous evening did come to mind, for they now had a guest. To that end, Tenzin served a simple breakfast for three and waited for his student and their guest to appear.

    Their paths now intersected with that of the Winged-Man.

    What did it portend?

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    Dr. Redstone & Agent Merrick
    Best Shwarma

    The subway ride to the ‘shwarma spot’ was thankfully, uneventful. Dr. Redstone was as always, his dapper self. Wearing dark seasonal colors with lighter neutral accents for effect. Who would ever suspect that such a man was a ‘hunter’ - especially of creatures of the dark.

    Though of late, something had been nagging at his consciousness, something he was still unable to clearly identify. Though he could not travel with his traditional weapons in plain daylight, he did carry with himself a concealed Ceremonial Dagger coated in Silver. After all, in this city, it was always wise to carry some form of ‘protection’. Especially after the events from over a year past.

    His enhanced senses had not picked up anything out of the ordinary, nor had he seen any Malfested auras. Was he being overly cautious? Paranoid even?


    Still, there was much to consider. And when had Agent Formal acquired a daughter? How perplexing. Sebastian had read the E-Branch Agents files and recalled no mention of one - which was odd. No matter. Things would be sorted in short order.

    Rounding the corner, Sebastian scanned for the eatery’s sign, which he found almost instantly. A small smile blossomed upon his face, as he played a game with himself and tried to guess which vehicle would Agent Merrick’s lover be in.

    He was aware of the protocol, but had not learned the make of the car.

    In no time, Sebastian made it to the middle of the block and opened the door to their meeting place, chimes announcing him in the process. With a single glance, he found Agent Merrick…rather, Liz already seated at a table.

    “Ah, there you are. Hello.”

    Sebastian walked over and greeted her with a curt and polite hug. At once he noticed her official attire, also that she too carried her weapon, which she was well licensed to sport as she did. Indeed, best to move about in an official manner, even when off-duty.

    “Glad we could meet like this.” Sebastian intoned as he sat.

    “I’ll have the same thing she is having.” He informed the approaching waitress, long before she even made it to their table, causing her to nod and turn back to fill his order.

    “You’re looking well.” He said, turning back to face Liz.

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    Daken, The Five
    Weehaken, NJ, Secret SHIELD Vault

    Not-Rogers simply smiled and waited patiently for the man to recover his senses. Thankfully, he did not need to wait long.

    “Oh…! I’m sorry…..” The Shield technician said, snapping out of his stupor.

    “I’m….uhm….Chester. My name…I mean…It’s Chester Cartwright. Uh….Sir.”

    The man wasn’t sure whether to salute or to shake hands, which Not-Rogers was quick to recognize as he stuck his hand out to shake the man’s hand.

    “A pleasure. Easy now Chester, no need to be so formal.” Not-Rogers said casually. “Thank you for deciding to help us with our mission. I’m really grateful.”

    Stain remained looking down at the hand held device he’d just produced, which prevented him from showing his surprise on how convincing Not-Rogers sounded like ‘Real-Rogers’, at least in his mind- given the fact he had never met the real article in person himself.

    Standing at the back of the SUV, Reaper was rolling his shoulder and cracking his neck repeatedly, which were sure signs of mounting angst.

    “You did bring the keycards with you, did you?” Moonstone cooed encouragingly.

    “Oh, yes, yes…here they are.”

    Chester produced six Shield keycards from his utility pouch and eagerly held them out to Captain America.

    “Why, thank you Chester, but we’ll only be needing five.” Not-Rogers said, taking them and smoothly handing them to Stain. The young hacker nimbly took them and began to work on them.

    “Oh, I thought you needed six.” Chester exclaimed, frowning in confusion.

    “Do not worry, we had a to alter our plans slightly. Is that going to be a problem?”

    Chester thought for a moment. “We’ll, not if your tech can report the sixth person as suddenly calling out sick. A ‘no-show’ will trigger other security protocols.”

    Not-Rogers glanced back, his concern unspoken.

    “I’m working on it.” came Stain’s response.

    “I really can’t believe i’m here with you guys. This is unbelievable.”

    Moonstone placed a hand on Chester’s arm to calm him. The realization that the secret undercover mission they talked about for so long was actually happening was likely making him a bit nervous.

    “You’re doing fine.” She said in a whisper to calm him further.


    “Got it.” Stain announced triumphantly, then began to pass out keycards.

    “Had to get past a redundant security subroutine in the communications interface.” He explained, handing Not-Rogers his keycard.

    “Lars, Owen. Proud Uncle and certified Quinjet Pilot.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Darya Timoczech, liaison agent and field advisor.” He passed Moonstone her card through the window.

    “You’re the best.”

    “Carmine Papalardo, is our first loader. Please hand this to big and brooding in the back.”

    “I’m James Holliday. Level 5 coder and Technical Analyst…and you….” He said, now handing Daken his security keycard. “ Are Raizo Ozunu. Security detail.”

    “We needed another loader.” Not-Rogers interjected. “What’s the sixth card?”


    “I’m sorry, I didn’t….”

    “No, you did fine. We’ll make it work. Right Cap?”

    Everyone was silent for an extended moment, which ended in Not-Rogers nodding his head.


    “Let’s roll.” Stain opened his side of the SUV and stepped out of the vehicle.

    Chester looked crestfallen as he gazed apologetically at Captain America.

    “Don’t worry about it. We always find a way to make it work. That’s what we do.”

    A nod and a reassuring smile was all it took to make things right.

    “Alright team. We all know our roles, let’s go win this war.”

    For the moment, the Five became Six. The initial entrance to the compound was though a large automated rectangle for both essential and non-essential personnel. Only the keycard was necessary at this point. The Five were technically inside. To go deeper, all they needed was to find an available terminal for their hacker and hope his skills were up to the task.

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    OOC: Residual combo material with greyjedi125

    IC: Liz Merrick, Doctor Sebastian Redstone
    The Shwarm, NY

    Squeaking over the synthetic leather seat to be in a position to rise into Sebastian's hug, Liz dropped back into her window seat as he told the attentive waitress that he would have the same as what Liz was having.

    Once his 'meal' mirrored hers, and the worker brought them both teaspoons wrapped in white tissue serviettes, the seconded E-Branch agent brought Redstone up to speed on what she had planned to say during the curtailed phone call.

    First she reported on an experience that happened the previous evening, within twenty minutes of the attack on the Parade.

    "During all that commotion, last night, I received or sensed a telepathic message on the ether. He's safe. He's safe. The Sender sounded or felt female, and there was a sense of extreme heat.

    Either to do with why the fire department was so busy, or the night shift at a His 'n' Hers' strongbox design company.

    She filled the following silence by commenting aloud that she realised that there wasn't a lot that he could do with that.
    She moved on.

    "As you know, Bry' and I have been doing the online equivalent of what our MiB cousins use the National Enquirer for, and looking out for weird stuff. Bry' has a bee in his bonnet about something going on at a US marine base called '29 Palms', with an unknown force or entity flipping over armoured personnel carriers whilst they travel in convoy. He has found news stories online that corroborate repeats of such incidents across multiple years." She watched his face across the chipped Formica table, as he absorbed this news. "Bryan wanted to know if the USMC still trust SHIELD enough that if we say, 'dudes, knock off sending your marines there', would they would listen to us?"

    Her boss within Section 23 did not quite answer her boyfriend's question, which she worried that she may have mangled in the re-telling, but he did acknowledge her.

    “I’ll see if my sources can confirm anything regarding ’29 Palms’.” He said nodding.

    This encouraged the brunette to lean forwards over her Rum Baba as she used her spoon to gouge a moist morsel out of the base of the sweet. "As for me, I'm still following up on more dogman incidents, and am trying to verify a big one down in Argentina, where a pack of the things supposedly assaulted a high security prison, cos a tower guard spotted them outside the fence and took a pot shot." She savoured the sweet moistness of the sponge, doubting that it was actually rum, despite the name. "I can't even think of how to research that further. It would be so much easier if we still had Jocasta. If I call the Argentinian embassy, I don't even know if they talk Espanol or Porteguese yet."

    Now she let him get a word in edgeways.

    Would he respond to her continued investigations into this fantastical-sounding creature that was right out of Hollywood. Or would he jump into the impending matter of the Formal family unit jetting their way from the other side of the country.

    She gratefully remembered Mary mothering her during the Australian mission, back in '03, when Liz had been a very young agent, barely weeks into the job with E-Branch.

    Merrick had been assigned to monitor the dreams of their new necroscope, Jake Cutter, and had been a silent observer alongside him, as he relived a nightmare recreation of his past act of revenge on a member of Marseille organised crime.

    Liz had crashed out of it in a traumatised state, with Mary somehow sensing her distress, and coming in to her bedroom to comfort and debrief her.

    This thing with Detective Gravely, though. It sounded like Mary had gone full Mama Bear, and it felt like getting her head fully into the game, was going to require convincing her that her 'child' was safe and happy. Especially after the arrangement with Nicole's Nana had fallen through at the last minute.

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Mystic Masters Sanctum

    SGC had been standing at a large console array, adjusting data points as he mapped a genome. Making tweaks and seeing a projected outcome twisting, changing. It was him as a child, then him as he was before the Knights and finding his Mother, then as he was now. Then wearing a Green Goblin mask. He heard a noise, turning he saw the Knights, the police. Figures of safety and justice as they shouted, "The Enemy has returned!"

    "What enemy? Where?" He asked, afraid he looked about as the console shut down and in the glass saw the reflection of Doom. Only as he looked about he realized that it was himself. "No. No! Nonononono! It's me! SG-" he never finished as a hail of bullets tore through his body. As the majestic Lion Knight on his left and his Mother on his right closed in swinging swords to decapitate him. And then. . .

    He was awake. Panicked, breathing hard. He looked about his modest room. His cot now adorned by sheets he had ripped in his dreams panicked struggle to back away and escape. It was just the room, he patted his hard carapace quickly and felt the truth, he was still himself. He was not Doom nor a mere child in a mask. He moved to a corner and leaned into it. Letting the coolness of the wall seep into his head before he sank down to his knees. Trying once more to meditate, to find that inner peace as he shook in ragged breaths from what he did not know. A fake fear without name nor form and a sadness all to real.

    Coming down a little late he found Tenzin had laid out a meal for three. "Good morning Master Tenzin." SGC greeted as he took a seat, giving a small bow of respect. "Are we waiting for the Winged-Man?" He asked as he looked at his own plate. Still finding served food in a communal setting somewhat of novelty.

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Cameron Giles IC:
    ~SHIELD Director’s Office, Triskelion~

    ”Come in.”

    Cameron entered calmly and ignored the slight tilt of Daisy’s head as he did so. There were times it was hard to fathom what went on in that one’s head. He was sure it was harmless. Maybe.

    He nodded as she gestured to the nearby sofa and took his place upon it, sitting down smoothly, ready for anything. At her ‘insistence’ of being called by her name, he chuckled briefly and nodded, showing he’d figured she’d say something like that.

    “And I’m still Cameron. When not in meetings at least.”

    He watched, bemused though trying to mask it, as she sat back down in her seat. It was going to take a while getting used to see Daisy Johnson in that particular chair.

    ”Apologies for having to recall you from the field in such short notice, but it could not be helped. We are approaching a critical stage in our Reconstruction Schedule and I need all available personnel on hand.”

    That was surprisingly professional. Not that she didn’t have it in her, far from, just that she didn’t just jump straight to it usually. And the way she phrased it…sounded almost awkward coming from her. Maria? Oh yes, definitely Maria. But Daisy? Yes, this was going to take some getting used to.

    Looks like she thought it was a bit much herself. He mentally grinned. She was still her under there after all, she was just letting the new position get herself all wrapped up. Couldn’t blame her, it was natural. He was a little stiff when he got the Deputy Director position himself to be honest. Overly supervisorial and constant 'formal speech' for a time, as he recalled, felt like he had to 'act' the part. Got under a few people's skins before he finally relaxed.

    ”Please, would you like some coffee or tea?”

    Cameron noted the beverage cart wheeling itself over. Ah, the wonders of technology.

    “Coffee. Going to need to it, I think.”

    Taking what he needed, he listened to the new Director add: ”We still have a few minutes before the meeting. Tell me, how are you holding up?”

    Looking up at her as he resettled where he was, his eyebrows rose just a bit. There would be plenty to do in the field, as always. But he could already feel there was plenty he needed to do here at ‘home’ as well. His thoughts from before entering the room felt confirmed somehow. Just in the subtle ways of their interaction thus far.

    “If I’m honest?”

    There was a slight pause.

    “I know we only have a few minutes,” he gave a wry smile, “But it’d feel a little less odd if you’d just plop down on the sofa next to me as we chatted before we had a joint briefing together like you used to. It’s going to take a bit to get used to new Director you.”

    It was a teasing poke that he couldn’t help give her, knowing such things always helped her unwind. Whether she accepted it or gave one right back, he’d know he was on the right path. If not, well then, things would be worse than he thought. Regardless of what she said or did, he’d continue a bit more seriously.

    “I’m like the rest of us though, as you’d expect. It’s been non-stop for…” he raised and lowered his free hand to emphasize, “…however long it has been now. But I’m always ready to go. Just point me in the direction you need me.”

    The Deputy Director eyed her composedly. “Question is before we begin. How are you holding up?”

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    Apr 15, 2019
    OOC: More fun with the five, with @greyjedi125

    IC Daken and the Five
    Into the Facility

    Daken sat in the SUV while the little drama played out, a small smile touching the corner of his lip. He waited while the Taskmaster, Stain, and Moonstone all worked with Chester to program and distribute the keycards. So now they also had their new names as well. ‘Hmmm, Raizo Ozunu, ok, I can handle that.’

    As he stepped out of the SUV, he reached down, checking to be sure the clasps were free on his equipment as well as the small clasp of the quick draw holster on his hip. Daken waited while the others stepped out of the SUV then joined Chester as he led them to the facility. As the entered he stepped to the side, ensuring none were in the line of fire, should it be needed, and waited for the Chester to lead them where they needed to go.

    The group walked past what Not-Rogers understood to be ‘security area zero’. It was the lowest possible security check-point which grouped visitors, civilians, walk-ins and all level of personnel as a single authorized grouping. Not-Rogers sighed inwardly in relief at not hearing a certain ‘female A.I.’s voice. Of course, he learned much later of the perpetrated treachery that was committed; however, his present concern was that SHIELD may have reactivated the A.I. Thankfully, it didn’t seem that way. Their mission would have been immediately ruined had that been the case.

    Each of the Five’s ID badges pinged softly, including that of their guide, Chester, which confirmed their arrival into the complex and in turn, sent them their scheduled shift to their paired device. As they continued to walk, Not-Rogers turned to face the group.

    “Check your current scheduled posts and locations, but delay your check-in as much as you can while our ‘tech’ completes his first assignment.”

    Almost as if on cue, they all did so.

    Pilot Owen Lars: Material Transport, Washington D.C. LZ-7B

    Advisor Timoczech: Meeting in the Blue Room, Sub level 2

    Technician Holliday: Maintenance check, Data Towers 13-19 sub level 3

    Loader Papalardo: Receiving and distribution Bay, Arriving Goods Hub, sub level 1

    Security Agent Ozunu: Patrol route, TBD. Detention Block, sub level 6

    Not-Rogers gave Stain an 'easy' smile. Indicating he should find a free terminal with all due haste. He needed to infiltrate the Vault's security system and re-assign them all.

    But to all appearances, so far, all seemed normal with the group.

    The walkway was fairly populated with SHIELD personnel and many civilians walking past in either direction, some coming in and others going out. The flow of traffic was unsurprisingly steady, however, Not-Rogers knew not to take unnecessary chances. As planned, he spied an ‘equipment bay’ for pilots, which he confidently approached, then used his ID card to retrieve a piloting helmet, which he immediately put on, bringing down the polarized reflec visor with a smooth motion.

    No one needed to see his ‘face’ for the moment. Out of the entire group, his was the most recognizable by far. Each one of them wore masks for their ‘day jobs’, though he wasn’t 100% sure if Stain did or not.

    "What should I do?” Chester managed to say, after mustering enough courage to speak when the group came to a stop.

    “You should proceed as normal, Chester. If all goes well, we’ll meet again.” Not-Rogers said through the helmet, muffled at first, then the voice clarified as he found the speech filter.

    “We’ll have you to thank for it.”

    The now helmeted Captain America extended a muscled arm, offering his hand for the technician to shake.

    Chester looked at it for a second, before smiling back, then shaking it, as he now didn’t want the encounter to end.

    “I’ll be particularly grateful.” Moonstone interjected, as she moved in close enough to touch his arm for a moment. Chester’s smile broadened as he quickly blinked away a pang of embarrassment, then spared a glance at his device to see his new assignment.

    “They need my help in sub level 3.” He stated simply, still delaying his own departure.

    “Alright. I guess I’ll see you all later.”

    “See you soon, Chesterkins.” Moonstone reassured, waving charmingly at him.

    The Five watched as their guide departed and easily crossed to the next check-point, which was something they weren’t quite ready to do. The giant platform ahead only admitted SHIELD and Authorized Personnel before descending to the lower levels.

    Not-Rogers turned in place to face the young tech once again.

    “You’re on.”

    His tone was now serious, as the mission timer was still counting down.

    Daken smiled at his assignment. With so little explanation given for his patrol route he’d be able to wander freely most of the complex, which meant, of them all his would have probably one of the higher classification for entrance to areas. It also meant that, given what he knew of such facilities and their security, that he’d be given only a cursory scan at almost any checkpoint, as long as it appeared to be on his patrol path.

    He grinned at the reflective visor that Taskmaster now wore, “Seems most of us are headed downstairs, eventually, so makes sense our ‘Agent’ go first so that at least one of us is past the checkpoints while our Tech gets to work.”

    Turning toward Moonstone he grinned, a lopsided, cheeky grin, “Gonna wish me luck too, love? Or don’t I get that anymore.”

    He faced Stain, “Work your magic, I’d prefer not to have to use all my charm or lack thereof unless necessary.”

    Sniffing as he faced Reaper, “Big man, boxes downstairs, use legs to lift, try not to think, it’s not your strong suit.”

    His, for now, parting words given, he headed toward the checkpoint. He had to trust that Stain would do his part, as well as the others, or he’d hunt them down one by one and damn their powers, they’d pay for betraying him. Approaching the checkpoint he got the wave from the Security guards manning the station. They had him move out of line, at which his senses went into overdrive, just in case.

    He approached the station.

    “Ozunu, why aren’t you downstairs already?”

    His eyes flashed behind the wraparound sunglasses, as he let his pheromones loose, anything to aid his passage would help. He carefully let the potent chemicals be directed only at the supervisor and the other manning the station. “I was ordered to ensure those four,” at that he hooked a finger at the others of the Five, “were guided to the lifts past this checkpoint and then continue my patrol route.”

    He could sense that the pheromones were working as the next words were less harsh.

    “Then get them back over here so they can be processed and through to their assignments.” The supervisor shook her head, not entirely sure why Ozunu was seeming very interesting at the moment, “Look me up after shift so you can debrief me about that order and I can add it to my report.”

    Daken gave a half smile at her words, “Will do.” He turned and headed back to the group, a grin having to be suppressed as he knew SHIELD agents wouldn’t do so without good reason.

    As he rejoined the group he looked to the Taskmaster, “Ok Boss, we’re going to be good through this checkpoint, just need to have you four follow me through, and no funny business.”

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Monin Bellascort
    Monin’s Place, NYC

    The previous evening had been filled with costumes, lots of people and revelry. It hadn’t been half bad as celebrations went; but, the next day was back to reality.

    Monin’s morning greeted him with several voice messages left in his answering service. The first was from his parents asking if he was OK, given the events that had taken place during the Halloween Parade in Midtown. That was indeed an unfortunate incident, however, they would always worry- no matter what happened, even if they imagined some kind of trouble that had not actually occurred.

    The second was from one of his many contacts in the entertainment business. Chuck was a smooth talker, who was basically an ‘idea’ man. The two had discussed in passing an all female ‘Warriors’ production- now he’d called with three girls he had for auditions. Typical Chuck move.

    There was even a caller who’d clearly dialed the wrong number, seeing how he sounded like Mickey Mouse; and last but not least, a telemarketer speaking in mandarin.

    Still, the morning was an open book, waiting for its author to pen a story of his own making, despite the nagging sensation that lived just outside Monin's conscious mind.

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Phoenix, Arizona, Alhambra

    It felt wonderful outside, as Shelly walked about the cool air, she saw many other kids also looked like they were going to the house as well. That made Shelly feel much better. The air felt filled with excitement. As she got closer to the address to Tony's house, it was not hard to tell. There were kids all over the place, and the music was jumping. And cars. Wow. She had never seen so many kids at one house altogether. This looked like fun!

    As she neared the door, she heard a voice call out towards her. “Hey there, welcome.” A young man dressed like ‘Jack Sparrow’. A pirate. She grinned at the reference and nodded her head. He continued. “You must be Shelly, right? I’m Jake.” Shelly nodded. "Hi, Jake." He continued, “Marla said to keep an eye out.” Smiling, he gestured for her to enter the already opened door. “Not sure where she might be. Anyway, all drink and eats are in the kitchen, all the way in the back. Please help yourself. Lady’s room is on the ground floor- have fun.”

    "Thanks" Shelly responded, even as Jack turned to greet the next person. Shelly looked inside.

    HOLY MOLEY! she thought to herself.

    Wall to wall kids, like her. But not too crowded. A live DJ and lots of folks. Woah. Marla was going to be hard to find. Taking a deep breath, Shelly stepped inside. There were many places to go, but for the moment, Shelly followed the flow of people who seemed to be heading for the kitchen. Maybe she would get a drink. At least it would give her a cup to hold. Shelly passed various rooms, looking inside to see what was going on. A huge TV with some gammers playing online. She kept going.

    A few steps more and there would be another room, with folks standing in the doorway looking in. If she managed to peek inside, She saw a huge movie screen, with a familiar movie being played. As she was making her way past it, a young man costumed as Daredevil approached her.“Hey, Tony needs a few more girls for the CosPlay video, he’s in the backyard.” He didn't even wait for a response before he turned and went through the crowd of folks, possibly looking for others.

    Could Marla be there? Perhaps. But then again, it would give her a chance to meet this guy Tony, who seems to have all the kids going wild to be over at his place. He must be bloody rich, to afford a place this big. Or lucky. Either way, she could run into Marla as well. So why not?

    Now, where was the backyard?

    Shelly started to head towards the back of the house. She should at least past the kitchen, and could continue afterward to the backyard.

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  11. Master Vo'Un'Var

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    Mar 19, 2017
    Mystic Masters Sanctum

    Larry needed to run. The passageway was long and dark, but Larry knew he needed to keep going. He could hear them calling for him, but he couldn't go back. The Sergeant called out his title and name again. The orders were to retreat, but he couldn't. Not yet. He pushed his way through flaming debris. They hadn't expected the sudden attack, and Larry could still hear distant screaming of his comrades. He needed to keep moving, through the rubble. He needed to find it.

    "Private Stone!"

    Larry Stone snapped awake, drenched with sweat. He looked around, confused, and then slowly recalled the events of yesterday. That explained the dream. He usually had such nights, recalling his war days, but this time had been worse. Something more. Getting up, Larry made his way towards the closet and found a set of comfortable clothes he decided to wear. Quickly checking the pockets of his jeans from yesterday, he pulled out a pack of camels and his lighter, and left the room.

    He briefly explored the sanctum, before he heard the voices of Tenzin and SGC, the two he had met the night before. Strange people, especially considering one of them was not human at all. He entered, and saw them both sitting at a table with breakfast prepared. He hadn't felt it earlier, but hunger quickly crept upon him. He sat down, and greeted the two.

    "Morning... I helped myself to some clothes I found, I hope you don't mind." he would say, taking out his pack of cigarettes. "Can I smoke in here?"

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Monin Bellascort
    Chelsea, New York

    Last night...

    Monin remembered most of it.

    Well enough of it.

    The hot water traveled down his back in tiny, temporary streams. The wonder of very hot showers had been introduced to him by an ex. He had never been particularly fond of them before her. The air of his small bathroom was thick with the smell of the new soap he had bought. Monin smiled and nodded to himself. It was a good buy. Small wins and accomplishments helped him tremendously. He turned the shower off, let out a small sigh, and stepped out. The way his bathroom was constituted when one stepped out of the shower, they would find themselves directly in front of his mirror. He began combing his afro as he hastily got dressed: jeans and a red deep v neck shirt.

    "Eliza, have you seen my phone?" Monin emerged from the bathroom still perfecting his hair and walked barefoot across the hardood floor to the kitchenette. Eliza was a new acquaintance in Monin's life. She was actress/producer/coach... a very versatile figure. One needed to be to make a living in New York in theatre. She stayed with him whenever they partied late as her neighborhood was far from their usual hangouts. She was blonde with a bright smile, dressed in the stereotypical New York hipster chique. If one couldn't see her sleeve tattoos, Eliza would have a very girl next door look to her.

    She sat at the counter, looked up momentarily from her phone with a blank face, and slid his phone to him. "You're always losing your stuff. Where would you be without me?"

    Monin chuckled. "Probably with more food in my house."

    She ignored the comment.

    "Your parents called. And Chuck did too. Probably found a couple of the "next Kerry Washingtons" or the "next Margot Robbies."

    "Your sarcasm and air quotes are noted for the record." Monin paused. "Did the girl from...I mean Gina."

    Eliza rolled her eyes and showed a teethy grin. "Nope. She slipped right out this morning. You really gotta do a better job of picking them, M."

    He grabbed the case of eggs from the fridge and turned on the stovetop. He lifted the pan and jokingly tapped Eliza on the head. "I do a fine job. And you don't know if she was late for work. She could definitely still call."

    "Spoken like a true romantic. Too bad true romantics have a short lifespan in this city."
    Breakfast was done. Eliza was washing the dishes and Monin rubbed his belly as he sat on the sofa. Something... He couldn't really put a finger on it. But something seemed off. Like he had forgotten something important to him. Or like there was somewhere he was supposed to be.

    Eliza showed him an image on her phone but whilst deep in thought, Monin's lack of facial reaction gave him away. "You do that often. You go from fully engaged to spaced out. What's on your mind?"

    "Hmm...I don't know. A few things I suppose. Whether Gina will call. Dealing with Chuck's auditions today. I guess I'm just trying to get myself up for the day. And I feel like I'm missing something. Can't really put a finger on it."

    He would call his parents later, but for now he decided to give Chuck a ring.

    Maybe that was it.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Shelly VanKasser
    Tony’s House, Alhambra Arizona

    Shelly gracefully weaved through the jubilant attendees as she made her way to the backyard, ironically keeping in rhythm to the music. She skillfully made it past those gathered at the backdoor and made it to the backyard, where a fantastic scene awaited. It looked like a partial set from a superhero movie scene. In the background, there was what resembled the lobby entrance to Stark Tower, complete with fallen machine parts of generic mechanical enemies on the floor. Everyone was posing and mimicking using superpowers while Tony did the filming. Flood lights lit the scene for filming, viewing and showcasing.

    Shelly would be able to see ‘Power Man’ hefting the front end of half-a-taxi, over his head like some kind of trophy. ‘The Crow’ and ‘Spider-Clone 99’ were doing some mano-a-mano against a pair of evil-bots. ‘Dr. Strange’ and ‘Calculator’ weaved their hands in intricate patters, doing who-could-guess-what, against unseen villains that would later be edited-in digitally by Tony. ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Kit Kat’ did ‘runway’ while battling baddies.

    All the while, Tony moved in and out of the heroes with his camera.

    “More dynamic movement you guys. Oh, that’s perfect. Hold that pose. Can you do that again..?”

    Other heroes came in an out of the scene. Some posed or moved tentatively, while others were more over-the-top with their contributions. Many simply looked-on an cheered, but over all, the shoot looked quite fun.


    Marla called out in happy surprise once she spotted her new friend, then motioned for her to join the fun.

    “In coming!” Tony instructed suddenly, as he got low for an upshot.

    “All yours…” Kit Kat said, lending credibility to her portion of the scene with a gymnastic vault over Black Widow, who deftly pivoted to one side and made shooting motions with her wrist-stingers.

    “Perfect!” Tony beamed, smiling, then swiftly turned the camera and focused on Shelly.

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    Blue, Casey & Zephyr

    It wasn’t much longer before celebration at Ernesto’s came to a close. Everyone seemed to have had a great time as they smiled and said their good-bye’s. Ernesto personally bid each guest farewell as Lourdes stood beside him handing out party bags.

    “I’m very happy you came, Azulito...” The shop owner said as he smiled with joy and gratitude. “...You, and your friends.” He shook all their hands enthusiastically as he bid them farewell.

    “This is for you.” Lourdes, added, handing Casey and Zephyr a party bag each. “This one is for him.” She informed, handing Casey a second bag before glancing towards Blue. “Thank you all for coming.”

    Once they found an opportunity to open the bags, not only would they find various sweets, but also a small container with some delicious spanish cooking.

    The trio clearly would have no problem biking back to their abode with them, for they were heroes in every sense of the word. Balancing a party bag while cycling through city streets was child's play.

    Finally, after all the excitement, the night came to a close. All that was left to do now was clean-up and get some rest. No doubt there would be much to discuss and catch-up on, on the following day.

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    SGC, Larry &Tenzin
    Mystic Masters Sanctum

    "Good morning Master Tenzin.” SGC greeted as he took a seat, giving a small bow of respect. "Are we waiting for the Winged-Man?"

    The monk looked up and smiled as he bid his student to sit, returning the bow offered.

    “Would it be Ok with you if we did wait on him?” Tenzin inquired. But before there was any answer, Larry entered the room.

    "Morning... I helped myself to some clothes I found, I hope you don't mind." he said while taking out his pack of cigarettes. "Can I smoke in here?"

    “Good morning.” Tenzin greeted back. “Glad you found the garments, as they were intended for you.” He nodded lightly before continuing. “You may smoke in the patio or anywhere outside the premises.” The monk informed. “The Abbot is generous, but not that generous I’m afraid.”

    “Shall we begin?”

    With that, the trio began to enjoy a humble, but healthy breakfast. There were even second portions if any so desired. After all, this temple was located in the land of plenty.

    “So, how are you both feeling today?”

    Tenzin asked SGC and Larry.

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    Cameron Giles
    Shield Director’s Office, Triskelion

    Daisy paused as she gave Cameron a genuine smile. After half-a-second, she simply got up from her desk and covered the distance to the sofa with a few steps.

    “I’ll always be me, Cameron. Director or not.”

    Daisy sat next to her fellow agent and gave him a quick hug, before reclining back comfortably- exhaling as she did so. They had been through quite a lot, both on and off the field- as agents and as individuals.

    “Yeah, I know what you mean…about it being non-stop.”

    ‘How are you holding up’ had become a rhetorical question by now.

    “I keep thinking about what we could have done differently, so that things could’ve turned out better.”

    A subtle look of pain twinged in her eyes as she shook her head lightly.

    “Well, what matters now is what we do going forward, isn’t that right?”

    Daisy punched Cameron’s shoulder playfully and chuckled. The past could not be changed- as they only had now and whatever lay ahead in the not-so-distant future. That is what SHIELD would continue to protect.

    Tag: @Darth_Elu

    Liz Merrick
    The Shwarm, NY

    Sebastian absently stroked his chin as he listened to Liz, then paused for a moment before offering any kind of answer. When the waitress brought his order, he seemed to hardly notice.

    “The best way to pursue the ‘dog man’ case would be to go directly to Argentina.” Dr.Redstone offered, as he turned to regard Liz squarely. “But that would mean putting yourself at great risk, and I wouldn’t quite recommend that at this juncture- not without certain SHIELD resources in place. If you’re really serious about it, I’m sure something can be arranged.”

    Sebastian leaned back, not wanting to intrude on the good agent’s personal space.

    “As for the mental message you sensed, I will admit, I am most curious to find out more, but as is, I don’t wish to get sidetracked too much.”

    Sebastian also didn’t want to discuss potentially sensitive topics in public.

    “So please, tell me, how can we best assist Agent Formal?”

    Sebastian seemed to relax in his chair, as he prepared himself for what was to be an interesting tale.

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    Daken, The Five
    Weehawken, NJ, Shield Vault

    Stain’s attention was so focused on acquiring all of TechnicianHoliday’s access codes on his datapad, that he hadn’t realized what was occurring until a moment too late.

    Ozunu, why aren’t you downstairs already?”

    One of the guards at the Platform check point had engaged Daken.

    “What? Wait, no…Dak…..ugh!” Stain hissed out, but it was no use.

    Behind his helmet’s visor, Not-Rogers squinted his blue eyes and moved next to Stain. He looked down to see the young hacker’s fingers moving over the face of the datapad at such high speeds, that they seemed to blur.

    “What’s going on?” He managed to ask in a most casual manner, which masked his concern.

    Stain took a single step to the side and muttered under his breath, so only that Not-Rogers, and perhaps Daken, could hear.

    “Right now, I need line-of-sight commo with the Platform. Using an emergency measure to ‘connect’…. aaaaand Got it. Accessing sonic scanner-emitters, modulating voice frequencies, matching, matching….88.7%….good enough. Now for the face……”

    It took a moment for it to click, but Taskmaster believed he got the gist of what Stain was doing. Fooling the machines would be ‘par-of-the-course’ for the young hacker. Fooling the living would need a bit more work.

    Taskmaster watched Daken’s interaction with the guard while he listened to Stain as he worked.

    “The checkpoint has the tech I need to make him sound and look legit, with the necessary micro-adjustments to sound-emitters and holo-projector nodes. Luckily, security types all talk and sound pretty much the same.”

    Inwardly, Stain was grateful there was no Jocasta A.I. to contend with.

    Reaper followed Moonstone, forming a loose semi circle around the technician. Reaper, was in character as he grunted derisively.

    “Relax, he’ll get us through.” Moonstone offered in reassurance.

    You’d better she thought to herself, as she watched the scene develop.

    No one seemed the wiser as micro-technology, coupled with mutant cunning worked their magic.

    The group watched as ‘Ozunu’ concluded his business and began to make his way back. If the room had been quiet, perhaps sighs of relief might have been heard.

    “Ok Boss, we’re going to be good through this checkpoint, just need to have you four follow me through, and no funny business.”

    “Lead the way.” Came Not-Rogers’ reply. Moonstone would offer a subtle and almost imperceptible congratulatory smile, while Stain would simply nod. Reaper’s look of disdain was fixed and unwavering.

    As expected, the group’s credentials ‘checked-out’ as they came to the Platform and were allowed to continue on. Thankfully, the Platform was of considerable size, enough to fit several large vehicles side by side, so there was more than enough standing room for everyone.

    “Well done.” Moonstone whispered without looking as she took her place and struck a casual and unassuming pose.

    “Next time give me a heads-up.” Stain put in half-joking, coming to stand close enough to be heard. “Let’s get to a Sub Level so I can do this properly.” He urged. “Hmmm. There’s a mess hall on Sub level 2. What do you think, Boss?”

    “The less contact we have with locals the better.” Not-Rogers reminded the group. “The Hub on sub level 1 might be our best bet. Right Ozunu?”

    Here he turned half way to regard their escort.

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    Monin Bellascort
    Chelsea, New York

    “My man….Moni, Moni, Moni. I’m so glad you called.”

    Monin could probably see Chuck in his mind’s eye as he spoke into the phone. The man wore a face like Adam Sandler, with Harry Styles’ clothes, but Lando Calrissian’s swagger. He was truly One of a Kind.

    Or was he?

    “I have three lovely ladies with me that would simply love to meet with you. We are at the studio near Alvin Ailey, you know the one. Come on through, in say…30 minutes? I can send you an Uber.”

    With everything that was going on, Chuck’s impromptu ‘auditions’ could serve as a much needed distraction.

    Of course, if he brought Eliza along, that would probably make things more interesting for Chuck.

    Decisions, decisions.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Blueline & Casey

    Blue returned the squeeze Lourdes gave him. Under his bandanna he smiled, and he felt a little bit of warmth in his chest. As Gaston stepped in making his presence known. The warm feeling quickly dissipated and it was almost replaced with anger. He quashed it down as quickly as he felt it. Blue was a bandanna wearing kid that dished out beatings to try and keep the peace. It was understandable that people would be suspicious. Though there was part of him that felt there was something more going on there.

    He stepped up ready to follow Lourdes, part of him wanted to keep her safe. Though he knew that was just his heart taking control of him. That he was having a feeling that he had thought he'd deadened inside him. A feeling that had only brought him pain at the end of it. Reigning himself in he stood with Casey and Zephyr.

    Casey looked to Blue smiling she was half expecting him to go chasing after Lourdes or 'Gaston'. For a moment it looked like he would until he stepped back with them.

    "You know, you could go talk with her, I think she would really like that." She said trying to be helpful. But he pulled back maybe he was working up the courage. Which was strange, he was the bravest man she knew, and he was afraid of talking to a girl. Looking out over the crowd of people she clenched her fists trying, trying to summon her courage to maybe, possibly, mingle. Her legs shook a little, her sneakers shifted a little, but it pulled back. She couldn't do it, she couldn't even take a step. Why was this so hard, why was it so difficult to take a step to just say a few words with strangers.

    Maybe because if she gets too afraid she could lose control and hurt all these people.

    So she remained stood next to the snack table and Blue had to pull his eyes away from Lourdes. Though he caught himself watching Gaston keeping an eye on him. It was this constant paranoia that kept his gaze focused on the man that didn't trust him, he was worried about him that he could try and do something. Not to Lourdes but to the hero or his friends.

    As the party wound down the guests started to file out. The pair supposed it was time for them to head out too. As they walked through the line Blue leading the way Ernesto took his hand in a harty shake.

    “I’m very happy you came, Azulito ...You, and your friends."

    "I'm happy I came." He said though there was a little waver in his voice. As he came to Lourdes he gave another smile turning down the gift bag. "I'm good thanks...And if you need any help well, I'll be around alright." He said with a smile. Part of him wanted to give her the number for Zephyr's house or some sort of way to get in contact with him...but he held back. He couldn't do that, not and still call himself a hero.

    He was supposed to treat everyone the same. He couldn't give someone his direct line, a way to contact him that no one else had. And it hurt, it hurt a lot not to do that but he merely nodded his head.

    “This is for you.” Casey accepted the bag of goodies with a smile...that couldn't be seen but she hoped it could be felt. “This one is for him.” She said handing the other girl and other bag and pointing towards her stoic companion. “Thank you all for coming.”

    "It was great to be here." Casey said taking a breath and stepping back outside.

    She took a big breath bags in hand and looked towards the bikes. Thankfully they had baskets on them to carry the bags.

    Blue kept quiet on the ride just enjoying the night while also keeping his ears and eyes open for trouble.

    Casey was much the same.

    Once they arrived home Blue instantly made his way to his room locking the door behind him. With the door closed where no one could see him, he pressed his back against the door and slid his way down in until she reached the floor. He was spent wiped out hanging his head. Things had gotten too real, too close to things that Blue had thought he'd put away. He kicked off his shoes, unzipped his hoodie and threw it up onto the bed.

    Hanging his head he untied the knot holding his bandanna to his face. He had kept his stoic demeanor at the party, though he knew it did slip after that interaction with Gaston. Now with no one watching he let it fall away. He ran his fingers through the beard he'd been hiding under the bandanna. He didn't shave often, or at all really. He didn't have the time to shave he had things to do, people to save. Hanging his head more his fingers dug into his scalp through his thick shaggy hair.

    He took a few breaths trying to calm his heart to calm down, but also just letting himself feel. It wasn't as though he was unfeeling he'd just thought he'd locked down certain things. After Charlotte he hadn't let anyone that close ever again. And he knew these feeling, a caring that went above just looking out for someone.

    However, despite what some would tell you, Blue was still human, still susceptible to all the many pitfalls and foibles of life. Though his heart was hurting him his mind was telling him it was for the best…

    Everyone close to you dies...this is for her protection.

    Casey was just getting into her pajamas getting herself ready for bed. Her heart was calmer now, the further away from crowds she was the better and she was back in what had quickly become a home to her. Sure the wall scrolls weren't her thing but she had grown to appreciate them. Before it felt just a little cold, like it was a place only visited sometimes. Picked up and clean but didn't feel lived in. Now with her and Blue here full time...well at least she was here, it felt more like a place someone stayed, that someone cared about.

    Opening the door of her room she looked out to Blue's room, of course the door was closed, it was always closed. Casey had asked once she could come in and Blue politely but forcefully said no. She respected his privacy and would never enter his room without permission but it worried her a little when he would lock himself in there. It wasn't frequent, maybe once or twice since she'd known him he would come home and go straight to his room and not come out. Part of her was certain that he would just slip out a window and go back out on patrol only to return once the sun rose like a teenager or something.

    Casey remembered how he acted at the party, the interaction with Lourdes, it was clear to her at least that she liked him, and with how awkward he was being around her Casey was sure there was something going on there. She wouldn't dare speculate, but there was something there. Carefully she stepped out of her room, moving quietly in her sock covered feet. Standing at his door she brought up her hand ready to knock, but she held back. Blue was always so closed off when it came to a lot, would he even want to speak to her. Would he just give his standard: "I'm alright," answer that he always gave whether he getting up after falling three stories or walking up to her with bullets popping out of his skin.

    So instead she walked out to the living room flopping onto the couch still coming down a little from the party, still too awake to sleep, though it could be the soda running through her.

    She looked around the space smiling, tonight was nice even if she was nervous through most of it.

    "That was different…" she said to Zephyr or just to the house if her other friend had decided to head out back to one of his many other homes in the city. "Ernesto seems kind, and Lourdes seems nice…" She kept her other thoughts to herself...didn't want Blue over hearing. Didn't want to upset him.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Liz Merrick, Agent of SHIELD, 'The Shwarm' kebab restaurant
    Location: New York

    Liz listened to her Boss's responses.

    His reluctance to send her to Argentina, mirrored her own.

    "Oh sure! There are plenty of instances here in the US, before I start putting boots on the ground to look into other countries' version. The surviving prison guard in that one, when he got out of hospital, started having dreams where he was speeding through the jungle, then towards the city, then onto roads he recognised, then eventually recognised the red door at the back of his house. Then one afternoon, whilst convalescing, he went into the back garden for a smoke, and ran into one of the things. If their ones can establish a psychic link and follow you home-" She raised a palm, and fist holding her teaspoon. "-I don't want any part of that! Plenty of cases this side of the Rio Grande, thank you very much." She focussed on Sebastian across the table, seeing him lean away from her, then tangented conversationally. "Did you know that that just means 'Big River'? The name just sounds so grand-eh when you hear about it, especially in films." She shook her head, momentarily thinking about translating 'well, this river is pretty big as well' into Spanish, and Googling it.

    "As for the mental message you sensed," Redstone sidestepped the question. "I will admit, I am most curious to find out more, but as is, I don’t wish to get sidetracked too much."

    She nodded her understanding and scooped the cherry and some of the white cream into her mouth, savouring the mix of flavours.

    “So please, tell me, how can we best assist Agent Formal?”

    She smiled. "Well, in the style of Listen With Mother, are you sitting comfortably?"

    Sebastian seemed to relax in his chair, as he prepared himself for what was to be an interesting tale.

    "Then we'll begin." She enjoyed her re-enactment. That famous phrase, the opening salvo of a radio series for mothers to listen to stories with their children, had lasted in the national psyche long after the original broadcast had finished.

    She re-told how Formal had inserted herself into a multi-agency police investigation down in Los Angeles, for that Sidney serial killer, eleven people in two days, LAPD couldn't keep up, so an UNCLE agent and a Portland detective on their patch, they couldn't help but draw them in to assist, which is how Mary met this girl.

    "I don't know if Agent Formal considered this woman particularly cute, small or vulnerable in some way, but she dotes on her, she has gotten her calling me 'Auntie Liz' and no doubt she will be told to call you 'Uncle Seb', when you meet; and now, like any normal mother, her main priority will be her-" Merrick did air quotes with fingers and the spoon, "'child's safety', before we can get her head back in the game for SHIELD or E-Branch matters. For instance, I don't think she would knowingly let Nicole use the New York Subway by herself.

    So, ways to help that would benefit SHIELD, since Nicole Gravely is an extra body with police experience, we could give her a non-paying role at one of our locations, and as long as Mary gets to kiss her in the morning, give her a lunch pail or whatever you use over here, and leave her with a responsible adult; Mary and I can bring the gang back together for a few hours until it is time to pick Nikki up and bring her back to mine for bath time, story time and bedtime.

    Oh, if you can help them get an apartment of their own, that would be great for Bryan and me. We don't mind baby-proofing our place to an extent, but there will definitely be disruption, and Section 23 doesn't need its people off their game.

    Thinking that neither she or Bryan would be able to use their loo during Nikki's bath-time, she paused, giving her boss an opening to say something.

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    Apr 29, 2002
    SGC, Tenzin &Larry
    Mystic Masters Sanctum

    “Huh…is that so?” Larry exclaimed, eyeing his unlit cigarette.

    “Suddenly not hungry. Gonna have me a smoke, if you don’t mind, eh?” He said as he got up from the table, then headed for the front door.

    “You should know, that if you go out that way….” Tenzin began to say at the man’s retreating form, only to have Larry hold up a hand to wave him off, open the wooden door, then walk through it before closing it behind him.

    “…you won’t be able to come back in without knowing…” Tenzin trailed off, then took a breath.

    The monk shook his head lightly, then regarded his student; SGC.

    “The entrance to the Sanctum is concealed from the general public’s perception. Only those who know the secret cipher can find it. I’m afraid our friend has not conquered his chemical master.”

    Tenzin spared a solemn glance towards the door.

    “Perhaps our paths will cross again, fates willing. But first, we must eat.”

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, Nicole Gravely, "De plane! De plane!"
    Location: Halfway from Portland International Airport, to Seattle-Tacoma "SeaTac" (8am Pacific something Time)

    Agent Mary Formal was struggling with several matters as she sat in the centre pair of seats, to the left of her child.

    The blonde-bobbed Arcan was wondering how well she had handled that morning's discovery of Nikki watching the local tv news in the living room, where a night-time hunter trying reach his deer stand (she didn't know what one was either), had stepped into an unused shallow grave in the woods, fractured his ankle, and fortunately had a distress beacon on him - as he wouldn't have been able to hike out to his truck - leading rescuers to him, three shallow grave plots and a stolen wood chipper.

    As body disposal options, that was overkill, however she had insisted on them, clearly not confident that the trick-or-treating would go as smoothly as it had.

    Startled at finding her little girl exposed to Mummy's machinations, Mary had had to compose herself really fast in order to take up the remote with a steady hand and switch the tv over to Dora the Explorer.

    Her resident evil cosplay had grown on her, so the aqua boob tube and black miniskirt had been through the washer-dryer, and was being worn now, although Mary also had a thick black coat to cope with the cold of the region, laying over her lap.

    Worries about how well she had handled the morning incident, coupled with the feeling that they were being stalked by suspicious-looking men in removal vans, when they had emerged from the house to get into the taxi that had turned up to take them to the airport.

    She remembered spying the furniture removal trucks sitting at the ends of their road, one to her left and one to her right, with the latter slowly retreating backwards out of sight, not suspiciously at all.

    She had urgently flapped her hand at Nikki standing in the doorway, pink backpack on, and clutching her heart-themed Care Bear, Jennifer; to come join her, so that she could bundle her into the back of the taxi.

    Without having to make the concessions supposedly necessary to accommodate her work as a policewoman, Mary had indulged herself when dressing Nikki that morning.

    If you hadn't known that the titular Alice wasn't meant to be a redhead, her little girl could easily have gone undercover into Wonderland - twee little frock with short puffy sleeves, several layers of petticoating.

    Getting her belted into her seat had been a two person job.

    On a bright note, the E-Branch agent was quite glad that Nikki had insisted on continuing with Clifford, King of the Monsters, for story time, since thoughts about the morning kept intruding on and derailing her attempts to put meat onto the bones of her own preferred option, Clifford and the Crash of the Byzantium, based on the Doctor Who episode where the Doctor, Amy, River Song, a platoon of camouflaged troops (including one she remembered from the werewolf movie, Dog Soldiers), had searched the wreckage of the starship Byzantium, through a cavern filled with statues that had turned out to be Weeping Angels. Age old creatures that were statues when you looked at them, but superfast, homicidal time-energy guzzlers if you so much as blinked.

    Her central conceit of having the Big Red Dog having peed on several of the statues, then having the lead soldier warn over the radio, "The statues are active, I repeat, the statues are active," just wasn't translating into a longer tale.

    "So, you are with SHIELD, are you?" Nikki's statement intruded onto her thoughts.

    Mary glanced at her, noting her little girl's cautious tone.

    Her pretence of only being an UNCLE agent had come to an abrupt halt back at the airport, when her laminated black-and-yellow card had not been accepted as sufficient proof to back up Nikki's announcement that they should be able to keep and wear their guns in the cabin on thigh drop-holsters, as they were both LEOs, law enforcement officers; and Mary had been forced to break out her SHIELD identification.

    "That warden from the Mexican prison who contacted us about Jimmy McNamara's drug trafficking sentence, said that he had been dropped off by a gringa SHIELD officer."

    Mary frowned. "And who is this Jimmy character when he's at home?"

    Nicole gave a bare bones explanation, but Mary was already well aware of who Jimmy was. He had been Gravely's twenty-first bust when she had been an undercover with Vice. However, the man had been politically connected, and arresting him had stalled Nikki's career, gotten her previous twenty Vice arrests purged from her record, and almost gotten her fired. Also, for some reason, a rumour had been started, that she had been sleeping with her clients.

    This was at least two years before the girls had met, and though the young woman put on a brave face, it was clear that it still upset her, and it may have been established by now, that when it came to her daughter's happiness, Mary wasn't ******* playing around.

    She had gotten the idea from watching a quality show called Person of Interest, where the ex-CIA assassin anti-hero had used this on a US Marshal using his badge and contacts to stalk his ex-wife.

    The British woman leaned over, putting her mouth close to Nikki's ear.
    "Sweetie, we are on an aeroplane. I will not discuss this in public. Am I understood?"

    Nikki nodded silently.

    Mary reached down into her hand luggage to retrieve a plastic bottle with ridged measurement numbers up the side, and a rubber teat, leaned back in her seat, and thumbed the button on the inside of her armrest to call the stewardess, the responding person wearing a short-sleeved navy blue knee-length uniform dress with a lighter blue kerchief around her neck.

    "How can I help you?"

    "That milk that I pre-ordered. Please can you heat it up, and bring it along? Thank you.

    Mary's tray, along with the armrest between them, was up by time the stewardess returned, the woman waiting patiently in the aisle as Formal pulled Nikki backwards across her lap, tried to keep her own chin above Nikki's ruffles, and took the bottle. "Thank you."

    "Mom!" Nikki whispered in protest.

    "Shush, don't be precocious, Darling. This'll help Mummy to relax; and help you when your ears start to pop as we come in to land."

    "I can swallow, Mom; I don't need the milk."

    Mary held her kid securely around the waist, and used her right hand to glide the heated bottle closer to currently firmly sealed lips, doing an impression of a harried Colonial space pilot to facilitate the meal.
    "Galactica, Kat! I got Cylons all over me, clear the landing bay!"

    Nikki refused to play ball, so Mary diverted the bottle at the last moment, and took a sip herself.

    "Actually, good call. That is still a bit hot."

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Two Ravens
    Sitting on a tree, Downtown Manhattan, NYC

    The two Ravens, black and sleek, sat on a tree, squawking unintelligibly at each other. Most passerby ignore them, few even noticed or payed them any attention. The few that did, would cast a curious glance at best, but nothing else.

    Munin: < A prospect I see, A prospect he be. >

    Hugin: < Long have we searched, for one such as he.>

    Munin: < Hurry and Quick, this news we must deliver.>

    Hugin: < ‘Fore Midgard is drowned in a bloody river.>

    Pleased with their discovery, the two Ravens took flight in an unknown direction, carrying with them hopeful news and elation.

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    Shelly VanKasser
    Tony’s House, Alhambra Arizona

    Shelly's jaw nearly fell, when she made it to the backyard. This guy must be mega rich!! He had managed to turn the place into a full movie set, aka mega superheroes central! Everyone was posing and faking using various superpowers while the guy she guessed was Tony was filming it all. It was...

    It was fantastic!!!

    Floodlights lit the scene for filming, viewing and showcasing. After the initial shock of seeing such an expansive set, and scanning the screen, she eventually spotted 'Power Man' lifting the front end of .. half a taxi? Folks were fighting, while some magic-user types were weaving their hands. And past them... Kit Kat and Black Widow. Shelly broke out into a large smile, as she watched them go.

    “Shelly!” Marla suddenly called out, as she motioned for her to come over. As Shelly began to move, Shelly was surprised as suddenly Tony moved, and yelled outloud...


    “All yours…” Kit Kat said, lending credibility to her portion of the scene with a gymnastic vault over Black Widow, who deftly pivoted to one side and made shooting motions with her wrist-stingers.

    Whats all who?..what?! Shelly thought, as she heard the word, “Perfect!”, and the camera suddenly turned towards her.

    She took a few steps back, wide-eyed, trying to keep the smirk off her face. PLAYTIME! Shelly fell backward, using her training, as she came up into a roll, and then dived to one side. Spinning, she made a few throwing gestures at targets unseen.

    'This is fun!' she thought to herself, very glad she had taken upon Mara's request to come to the party. For once, she felt like she was accepted as is, and with that thought, flipped herself over towards were Marla was standing.

    "What a party!" she stated under her breath, as she waited to see what other fun stuff the evening would bring.

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    Apr 15, 2019
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    IC Daken and the Five
    Playtime, almost

    Daken’s lip twisted up in a half smile that just as quickly disappeared, his eyes betraying nothing behind the wraparound sunglasses he still wore.

    “Perhaps if our little hacker had told me he needed more adjustments I would have waited but standing around in the lobby is just as surefire a way to get ourselves caught as it would be if someone thought I didn’t completely look like ‘myself.’”

    He thought quickly as the Platform descended, nodding to Moonstone, and feeling there was still something tingling at the edges of his senses there, whether good or bad was yet to be determined. “The mess hall, probably not a good idea, not sure when shift changes are and we definitely do not want to be there in the middle of one, when it will get crowded, and try to hide Sta...Holliday’s work.”

    “The Hub is probably the best bet, Boss, easier to control access, if needed, and probably also the best place for him to quickly finish what he needs to do so the rest of us can appear to be moving toward our ‘usual’ assignments while his work runs its course.”

    Not-Rogers gave Daken ’Ozunu’ a solid nod in agreement.

    “Yes.” Stain ‘Holliday’ exclaimed in hush tones, then quickly refocused on his device.

    Meanwhile Moonstone was being low-key flirtatious with a worker on the same platform as it smoothly descended at an angle. The man appeared confused however, uncertain as how he should react quite frankly, seeing how he was being intimidated by Reaper ‘Papalardo’s Death Stare.

    The interaction did not last long as the platform came to rest at Sub Level 1 entrance. Instead of a greeting by a now infamous A.I. voice, a holographic red script appeared, along with a chime, to announce the lift’s arrival.


    “I think I found an available terminal. It’s this way.” Stain said to himself, yet loud enough for the group to hear. But before anyone could take a step, a stout man with an electronic clipboard moved in, seemingly to intercept them.

    “Papalardo.” He called out, his tone partially brusque, edged with a measure of professional respect and mixed with a great deal of authority. He wore a very tidy shield uniform, but the band around his left arm identified him as the ‘Shift Manager’.

    “You’re assigned to Exo-Loader 15 in Distribution Bay 3; Right away.”

    ‘Papalardo’ leveled a hard gaze at the man and grunted, but did not move.

    As the little drama with Reaper/Papalardo played there was a tiny twitch to Daken/Ozuno’s lip. He knew this type of person, reveling in their petty bit of power. He decided such a person needed a little tweak of his power.

    Moving around the immobile brute of a compatriot, he came up to the Shift Manager. As he did he directed his pheromones toward the man, giving him more than a full dose, just because he could.

    “I see a tag labeling you the Shift Manager but I don’t see any name tape or anything that would indicate security clearance level, trooper. And, as you can see I’m a guard with full clearance to every level so why are you here bothering the people I was directly ordered to escort here. Papalardo was included in that group, so he will be late for his shift, by direct order of higher. Now you can seek them out and get confirmation or you can scurry back to whatever little hole you pulled yourself out of to find him and wait for him to get to his position when he is done here and maybe I’ll not come invite you to spar with me in the training hall, so I can get my exercise in, later.”

    He turned away from the little man, passing by Reaper with a whispered, “Your welcome, ugly.”

    Taking another couple steps forward, he moved up beside Moonstone and Not-Rogers, “Sorry, little men with clipboards and a heightened sense of importance really peeve me off.”

    The Shift Manager scowled at the Security mouth and opened his mouth to level a powerful retort, but then his paused, his expression changing from confused, to perplexed to something akin to remembering- or was it imagining? It was hard to tell. He tried once again to protest, but this time the effort seemed less potent and short lived.

    “I……” he began stammering. “…guess I owe you an apology Ozunu. I didn’t realize you were on escort duty.”

    The Shift Manager offered Daken/Ozunu a solid nod, but did not meet his eyes, however, he did dare to look up at the still staring Reaper/ Papalardo with an ‘you got lucky’ expression on his face.

    “Please, carry on.” He said to everyone, before retreating back to where he’d come.

    “You certainly have a way with people.” Moonstone whispered sweetly.

    Not-Rogers was very pleased indeed, a sentiment he communicated To Daken with a slow nod.

    Reaper simply continued to stare at the retreating Shift Manager, almost as if painting a target on his back.

    “This way.” Stain urged, stifling a chuckle.

    The Five reached a traffic delta once they left the platform, which led to six different corridors. As expected, this level was populated mostly by loaders and manual laborers who were too busy with their own work to pay them any attention. Stain/ Holliday took the right most corridor, then walked for about 20 meters before he saw the empty terminal. The young Analyst did his best not to move with too much alacrity. ‘Acting natural’ and like they ‘belonged’ was an important part of their infiltration.

    Even before they reached, he’d already plugged a hardline from his wrist into the device an began ‘shaking hands’ with the terminal. About half-a-dozen holo-projected screens winked into existence, flashing code and images at speeds too fast to follow.

    “Log-in protocols running…aaaaaannnnnd……we’re in!”

    Stain had to admire Holliday. At a glance, the man had some very impressive work stored in his 'profile'. Stain made a mental note to have a 'look' at some point, if possible. He'd also have to take care there weren't any cyber-security-traps in place when he did so.

    Without any hesitation, Stain stepped inside the terminal booth and began his part of the mission. Finding the all too valuable Iso-8 vault, and arranging a way for his comrades to steal it.

    Daken grinned at the departing back of the Security Manager, then at Moonstone, “Most people are easy, and then some,” his hand rose, winking at her, then looked at Taskmaster and Stain, “are more complex.”

    He stayed in role as the Security officer as they approached the terminal. Scanning for threats, sending out pheromones that were meant to keep people distracted and not wanting to pay attention to the little group. As Stain plugged in, he turned away from the group, as though he were guarding them during whatever task was ongoing. He nodded to other officers as they passed and kept a neutral expression on his face as others passed.

    When Stain entered the terminal he turned to Taskmaster, “Boss, time to disperse and appear to be doing what our profiles say we should be doing?”

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    Jan 2, 2003
    Cameron Giles IC:
    ~Director’s Office, Triskelion~

    The Deputy Director watched his superior pause a moment, then give a smile. A true smile. Ah, so he had managed to hit something in there after all. Good. She wasn’t entirely engulfed by the stress yet. A good sign. His eyes followed her as she crossed over to the sofa to sit with him.

    ”I’ll always be me, Cameron. Director or not.”

    Cameron nodded, his eyes not leaving her out of respect. “Good. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

    Chuckling, he returned her small hug comfortably and reclined backwards at the same time she did. This was something he was used to with her. Something she was used to with him. They didn’t have a long working relationship, like some others around. But it wasn’t short either. And not only that, there was more than one mission where things had gotten…

    Lets just say: Intense. And this is from a meta human SHIELD Agent’s perspective. Should give you an idea. And the two of them managed to ride through the fire and find their way back out. Always back out to safety. It didn’t matter how hot the inferno got, somehow, they always made it back. And now here they were. The figurative summit of their field.

    And the flames were rising to greet them again.

    The circumstances and angles of attack and defense were different, but in some ways…it felt almost like old times. But Cameron wanted to verify that. With the spark of Quake still remaining defiant and strong, he was relieved.

    ”Yeah, I know what you mean…about it being non-stop. I keep thinking about what we could have done differently, so that things could’ve turned out better.”

    He shook his head as she let the pain flash by in her eyes, head shaking as well.

    ”Well, what matters now is what we do going forward, isn’t that right?”

    A chuckle of her own and a shoulder punch. Another sign of normalcy. The relief returned as he shifted where he sat and took another sip.

    “Got that right. Right mess we got ourselves caught up in. Again. Started having flashbacks to that disaster in Eritrea a few years back. Remember that one?” He sighed and shrugged, “But let’s just keep making do with what we got. I’m curious what you have in store for me, Director.”

    This time he said it playfully teasing the woman, a grin sprouting, another memory blooming.

    “You know, I think I recall a conversation we once had,” he gave a faux act at trying to recall something, “Something about what if a certain Miss Daisy Johnson ever somehow became Director of SHIELD. Or some crazy nonsense.”

    He looked at her with a gleam in his eyes. “Don’t believe you ever really answered that theoretical.”

    Cameron J. Giles supposed they were both to learn the answer to that very soon.

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    IC: Zephyr Vaillancourt


    Zephyr smiled contentedly as he delighted the sights of the happy revelers and the sound of their laughter and music, but especially the delicious aroma of the home cooking being offered with the party fare.

    As he moved rhythmically to the lively music, trying not to sway too much, he tried to guess what ingredients or spices were used or how many he could identify; it was one of the more subtle aspects of his abilities but one he always had fun exercising.

    Maybe that was the reason his taste in foods seemed strange to most people.

    The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming that he wondered why people even bothered being unkind to each other; this was a very naïve and childish thought, but that feeling of harmony was very strong at the moment.

    Maybe it was the easy friendly way that he was being greeted, a nod here, a smile there and even a raised glass or cup of juice, this was all definitely fuel for the heroic spirit.

    Being out with Blue and Casey in a social setting was cathartic in many ways, it provided a much-needed sense of ‘normalcy’ that most metahumans were, almost by nature, unable to attain or even denied.
    The giggling, smiling, teasing and blushing, almost erased the extreme angst of possibly losing ones life in the defense of others.

    For just a moment, Zephyr wondered if anyone else present might be part of the metahuman community, perhaps they too wanted a moment of normalcy, but the thought faded with the next spoon of Boo-Berry Pudding.

    When the dust settled and the music stopped, it was Blue who lead the group back out onto a reality that was still waiting to resume.

    Don Ernesto said his farewells with such gratitude and sincerity that it almost felt like he was a relative, in an avuncular sort of way.

    Zephyr shook the man’s hand with great respect.

    “Thank you Don Ernesto, it was a pleasure being your guest.” He said with a smile.

    Lourdes handed them party bags and thanked them for attending the party.

    “We had a great time, everything was just wonderful…and delicious!”

    He inhaled dramatically in enjoyment of the contents of the bag and the feast in contained.

    “Thank you for inviting us, maybe we’ll have something at our place just to be neighborly.” He added half jokingly.

    The truth was that he did enjoy seeing Blue squirm and being non-heroic and totally human in front of Lourdes, and Casey’s sisterly reactions were precious. But the realities of their ‘superheroing’ activities made the management of friendships a very difficult thing.

    Case in point, he had been keeping his best friend Zack in the dark about his abilities and activities, mostly for everyone’s protection.

    The ride home was uneventful and unhurried, and quiet. Much had transpired earlier and there was much to contemplate.

    At home Zephyr got ready for bed; a quick shower and a bit of grooming was part of his end of day routine, however his mind was very preoccupied as he tried to work things out in his head.

    What to do about Casey; it was his opinion that a bit of training would go a long way, that if she could turn her fear into courage, it would return to her a measure of control over her metahuman abilities.

    But where to get such training? The Morlocks? Too unpredictable. *The White Star? They were known as good guys, but not much else was known at the moment. Maybe the Xavier School for Gifted Children would prove helpful…but were they even open?

    It was possible that Casey may have considered getting help or perhaps she was taking things day by day, it was impossible to tell without asking. But how to ask, and when was the question, timing was everything.

    And then there was Blue…he would definitely object to all of it, but if there were a glimmer of hope to improve Casey’s situation, perhaps he would see things differently.

    ‘I was there too Casey, afraid of my abilities, I know what is like to live in constant fear of hurting someone else. But you don’t have to go at it alone…' the thought brought on memories of his younger days, but with them came also a feeling of hope.

    The dull vibration of movement above caught his attention and let him know that someone was in the living room; a brief scan revealed that it was Casey; apparently no one was ready to go to sleep yet.
    A few quiet but quick steps brought Zephyr to the living room door.

    “That was different…” He heard Casey say.

    “It was certainly fun, better than expected…at least for me.”
    Zephyr rolled the computer chair next to the couch and used a beanbag to prop his feet up, making himself feel as comfortable as Casey looked.

    "Ernesto seems kind, and Lourdes seems nice…" Casey continued in a thoughtful manner.

    “Yes, they seem to be very nurturing, with an understated strength…”

    “…The kind of people you’d want to have as friends.” Zephyr said in response.

    "I’m really glad we decided to go…I’m glad we got to do something fun together, something that didn’t involve explosions…or possibly dying.”

    Chuckling at his own dark humor, the raven-haired youth turned to face Casey with hint of excitement.

    “Do you like Asian dramas? I know of a series we can binge on until we fall asleep, what do you say…yeeeeesssss?”

    Hopefully a bit of tv-time would suffice to bring about the touch of Somnus and a new day.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Sanctum Sanctorum

    "Yes," Zephyr replied, she looked at him with a smile, he always seemed to be right there when she needed him. "they seem to be very nurturing, with an understated strength…The kind of people you’d want to have as friends."

    "Friends," Casey replied looking down, it had been a bit for her, having friends. Well she did have friends, Blue and Zephyr though after a year and a half they felt a little more than that, like family.

    "I’m really glad we decided to go…I’m glad we got to do something fun together, something that didn’t involve explosions…or possibly dying."

    "Though you know Blue would likely have taken the ladder option in a heartbeat." Casey joked a playful smile on her face. "The guy will throw himself head first into danger with no fear. But will trip over his words talking to a girl." She couldn't help the chuckle coming to her. "But it was fun, to get out of the house...even if I spent most of the time hanging next to Blue."

    "Do you like Asian dramas? I know of a series we can binge on until we fall asleep, what do you say…yeeeeesssss?"

    She laughed again at her friend's eagerness. While she might not be up for subtitles it might help make her mind tired and put her to sleep.

    "Sure I think I've seen a few, had...a bit of time to myself…" She settled in watching the television looking to her companion every now and again. There was a bit of a lull while the show established a location with a wide shot and pushed into the halls of the building. "Do you think Blue is right...That I shouldn't be out in the field." She said curling up a little. "I saw the look in his eyes as he turned to talk to you. And...well I can sense his fear every time I mention coming with him. He's not wrong to fear...I fear myself, but you always seem to want me out there, want me to participate."

    She tried to talk while following along keeping an ear out for Zephyr's reply. This had been something that had been bothering her for a while. This yearning to do more than just sit around, yet the fear of what could happen if it all went wrong. Zephyr had always seemed to put a better spin on it, to look at the brighter side. Blue only ever saw the bad. She just wanted to know where she stood with him, with Zephyr.

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  24. The Jedi in the Pumas

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    Jun 23, 2018
    Monin Bellascort
    -New York

    "SURE I'LL COME." Eliza yelled ostentatiously as they boarded the elevator of Monin's building. Their fellow travelers chuckled as her enthusiasm and Monin, himself, let out a little chuckle.

    "Geez, there's a thing called being normal." He said while checking the status of the Uber that Chuck had sent.

    "Yea, and normal is a thing called overrated." Eliza responded.

    The elevator came to a stop and opened up into the lobby of Monin's building. It was... extravagant. High ceilings, marble floors, and white walls that seemed like something out of a picture. Everytime she would come by, Eliza always would get quiet and stare when they entered the lobby because she thought it was the best part of his building. She had commented that it was something out of an early 90s movie made in New York. Monin had to admit: He was a down to earth person and never actively wanted to be rich, but he'd be lying if he said that he did not prefer the finer things in life. Part of him had realized years ago, but was afraid to speak aloud, that the reason why he had just a laissez faire attitude towards money is because of what his ability had been able to do for his family.

    So, while he was down to earth, the level of earth he had grown accustomed to being on was higher than the common man's. Maybe it was because of the career in the arts he had chosen to pursue, but In the words of Jay-Z:

    "I could blame my environment, but there ain't no reason why I be buying expensive chains."

    The Uber was a family SUV and Eliza joked with the driver the entire way. A middle aged man who was only doing Uber as a side job and also, he joked, to get away from the family. Monin texted Chuck that they were on the way and Eliza punched him in the arm.


    "All the things that you could be doing, and you're a talent scout."

    He sighed. "I'm not a talent scout. I am a producer and I guess... like a headhunter but for actors."

    The Uber driver spoke up from the front: "That kind of sounds like a talent scout, bud."

    Monin smiled. "Okay, so a talent scout is someone who goes actively looking for people. I am more... if I find someone or a group of people who would be good in a role I know about, I try to facilitate that."

    "Same job, you just have a different philosophy, Monin. Plus, its 2 to 1 in this Uber that you're wrong." Eliza joked.

    He thought for a moment and smirked at her. "Y'know... we've been friends for alittle while. And you know what I do for a living. Yet, you've never asked me for help. I know plenty of roles and jobs you'd be good for. So why have you never asked? The unbearable, unshakable midwest hard working pride."

    "No, its not that. I just haven't asked you. I don't mind help, but I'm okay where I am in life and the roles will come. I don't feel like I have particularly missed out on anything."

    "So, you're saying that I can help you then?"

    "Sure, but I retain the right to refuse said help and make you look like an ass."

    Monin laughed and looked out the window. They were arriving at their destination and he started trying to peer and catch Chuck before Chuck saw them getting out of the car.

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    IC: Mary Formal, Nicole Gravely, Departure lounge
    Location: Seattle-Tacoma airport

    Seated with their bags, Formal had Nikki standing between her legs, her own fingers interwined behind the youngster's petticoated rump, keeping control of her, but not making it overt enough that her daughter would feel confined.

    Mary did not want her watching the large wall monitor behind her, finding that some of those adverts were a bit too suggestive for Nikki's young mind. Far better to have her facing the windows behind her mother, so that she could watch the aeroplanes taking off.

    "I cannot believe that you bottle-fed me in public!" Nikki complained during a break from plane-spotting, looking down at her.

    "I cannot believe how long it took you to open the hangar bay, Galactica." Mary beamed contentedly up at her. "Kat could have gotten really hurt. Besides, it got your mind off the McNamara bust, and feeding you certainly relaxed me, Sweetie. Plus you didn't have any ear pain when we were coming in to land, did you?"

    Nikki made a mildly frustrated expression. "No, but I told you; I know what to do-"

    "My job is to make sure that you don't experience that, not let it occur and hope that you can deal."

    The redhead fidgeted and rolled her eyes. "I suppose. Is it going to happen again? Today I mean. Before we get to Auntie Liz's."

    "Well, at least two more times, Honey. Every time we land at an airport, so San Diego and JF-hello."

    The sight of a fairly happy-looking labrador, gambolling in slow motion across some verdant green, tree-backed parkland, on the monitor beyond Nikki's left shoulder, distracted her from her sentence, and whatever her child said next.
    Son of a *****, she thought upon seeing the dog turn and jump to catch a frisbee that had been thrown by someone off-screen. that's how Clifford can take down Mothra!

    Without Godzilla's nuclear breath, the Big Red Dog was getting spanked during Story Time by that giant moth thing, but if she had it skim low enough, she could visualise Clifford jumping and catching its wing in his jaws.

    He could turn this franchise around.

    Mary glanced up at her little girl, noting that she had quietly gone back to watching the planes, mouth ever so slightly open, her green eyes flicking back and forth as they found something else to focus on.

    The only thing that would make this scene better, the Arcan felt, would be if Nikki were contentedly sucking her thumb.

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