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Science Fiction Mass Effect - Ashen

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Sir_Draco, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    36 hours before the game . . .

    Moloch, Terminus Systems, serveral thousand miles away from the Ashen Colony

    The Salarian was obviously proud of his little, well-hidden research station. But obviously it had been expensive. The details showed. Cameras, self-defense mechanisms, drones. A fortress so to say. Gael, a tall Turian had arrived here an hour ago and everything seemed odd about this place. Even for a secret research facility. Despite all their money they were amateurs. That was painfully obvious when they did not search him for weapons, but were satisfied with him handing over his assault rifle.

    ?What about the colony?? Gael asked while walking through the long, winding corridors at the Professor´s side..

    Professor Toros shook his head as if he did not like that question. ?They do not know we´re here and they won´t find out.?

    ?Maybe they will stumble upon you by accident??

    ?They have very few vessels that can get that far into the crystal wastelands and they don´t care. All they care for is harvesting their precious Element Zero. And to remind you, this station is camouflaged by the most advanced system available. We are absolutely secure from any miner who wanders around. We are perfectly hidden.?

    Gael sighed. That man was a security nightmare. He seemed to think everything would go to his plan, because it was HIS plan and meanwhile was so talkative he gave out sensitive data in every sentence. Like the nature of their cloaking device.

    The man belonged into a university. He had no idea what it meant to work on a project like this. And for people willing to pay so much for it´s secrecy probably appreciated that. He had not even realized that once his research was done people like him were a risk. An unnecessary risk. Gael would not tell him. The Professor would not be the one paying him.

    ?So, what exactly do you need me for then?? Gael asked.

    The Professor seemed to consider the question for a moment. Maybe evaluating if it was a joke.

    ?Security. Obviously why we contacted you, right? That is your branch of profession, if I am not mistaken.? He then said. Two humans passed them. Black overalls, thin, pale. And with a strangely haunted look on their face. Gael waited for them to be out of sight before answering. He stood still and turned his back on the huge window to their left. It had suddenly been there, like a viewpoint to hell. For curious tourists to enjoy the darkness around these corridors. They were in the mountain. Beneath it, probably. Tons of stone were hiding their secrets. Through the glass the giant caves were visible. Shadows. A silhouette or two cast from giant structures that had weathered in the dark for centuries. Maybe they had been here for Millennia. What did Gael know? And the illusion something moved within the dark - without ever being able to quite catch it with the eyes ? was unnerving. Gael was by no means a nervous man. But for some reason the sight of long-dead remains of . . . whatever . . . unsettling. As long as he could not see it, it did not distract him though. So he kept the window in his back.

    ?Professor Toros. You wanted the best and here I am. I have tricked Specters, killed Asari Matriarchs and wiped out whole commandos of Krogan warriors. I am the elite. As good and as expensive as they come. But what do you need someone like me for? You got a project nobody knows about. In a station nobody knows about. On a planet, nobody cares about. Cloaked under a billion cred cloaking device. All resources you ever wanted. Total secrecy. You are safe. Totally safe. You won´t need my services.?

    The Professor sighed and nodded. ?There were problems lately. Disturbing incidents have occured.? He sighed. ?The personal. The Scientists. This kind of work under. These conditions. Seem to have made them restless. Suicidal, sometimes. And sometimes . . .? The Salarian fell back to his speech-patterns so typical for his race. A sign of tension, Gael assumed.

    ?Violent?? Gael ended his sentence. The Professor nodded. Then th
  2. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Character Submission will last until next Thursday, 03.02.2011. On Thursday evening or Friday morning CET I will post my opening ofr everyone. Don´t forget to send me the CS for approval and everybody who already went through that, please feel free to post your CS now.

    If you got any questions regarding equipment etc. feel free to PM me. I will from now on check my PM-Box several times a day.

    Let´s get this one on the road, people!

  3. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Nathan Callum
    Species: Human
    Position: Freelance Mercenary
    --Eyes: Blue
    --Hair: Black, short cut
    --Age: 37
    --Height: 6?1? (185 cm)
    --Build: Fit, light muscular
    --Attire: Surplus Alliance off duty gear with Systems Alliance emblems removed.
    --Distinguishing Features: Various scars some mostly healed others quite clear all over torso and arms from various jobs gone bad and previous Marine training.
    Strong drinks, redheads, nightclubs, and is a firearms enthusiast
    --Dislikes: Rear/Upper Echelons of the Alliance military, watered down drinks, ?slow joints?, smoking.
    --Habits: Frequenting bars and nightclubs, flirting and or otherwise hitting on females of a few different species, daily workout regiment and target practice.
    Equipment: M-5 Phalanx (Pistol)
    M-12 Locust (SMG)
    M-8 Avenger (Assault Rifle)
    Terminus Armor
    Biography: Nathan has been in the Terminus systems for years. Formerly a 2nd Lieutenant in the Systems Alliance Marines he was discharged, dishonorably, for ?conduct unbecoming of an officer?. The exact nature of this conduct is known only to him and the military, though his frequency towards drinking establishments and womanizer tendencies might shed light on the subject.

    After his discharge Nathan had little to do, his skill outside being a Marine was negligible, and the likelihood of any re-education seemed unlikely. With little else to do he booked passage on a freighter heading away from the central systems of the alliance and hoped for the best.

    The further and further away from centralized government he went the more and more apparent it became that someone with military skills, and no military allegiance, could make quite the few credits by way of hiring ones self out as security. Given the lawless nature of the Terminus Systems, such security jobs are always available.

    Recently, for the past year and a half in fact, Nathan has been working for the United Mining System on the planet Moloch?s, Ashen Colony. Being freelance he has no ties to larger mercenary groups that might otherwise have ulterior motives regarding the mining operations, a rather important aspect considering the importance of the operation itself and its export.
  4. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Name: Kai'Thala nar Oran
    Species: Quarian
    Position: Engineer (on her pilgrimage)
    Equipment: Omni-tool, combat knife (in boot), pistol
    Appearance: She wears a black environment suit with light blue cloth wraps and headscarf and a dark blue visor.
    Biography: A talented engineer, Kai'Thala is currently on her Pilgrimage, ending up on the Ashen colony in hopes of finding new techniques for more efficient Element Zero mining that she can take back to the Migrant Fleet. In return, she's set up shop fixing just about anything mechanical that goes wrong on the colony, from mining equipment to omni-tools. Kai desperately wants to live up to the legacy of her older cousin Deen, who has always beaten her at everything. She is chatty and outgoing, and will not tolerate any of the myths that perpetuate about her species. Display racism about her or any other species (except, of course, the Geth) and you will be on her bad side permanently. Kai also has a habit of talking to herself, as she misses the crowded environment of the Migrant Fleet.
  5. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Name: Aleena
    Species: Asari
    Position: Head-of-Security
    Equipment: An Asari Combat Suit, her customized Stiletto VIII practically never leaves her side. When she needs to, she can pick up a Torrent VII Assault Rifle or a Helix VI Sniper Rifle from the security station.
    [image=] [image=]
    Biography: Little is known about Allena´s past, but it can be assumed she went through the same rigid and long self-education all Asari warriors do. With her 212 years she is still quite young for her race, although her former duties seem to have made her cynical and have given her a bitter tone in her voice. Rumored to have worked as a Commando of her race, an assassin, a Crime Lord and whatever else people might come upo with, the only truth known about her is she gives away nothing of her past. She concentrates on the presence. And despite the decadent Governor of Ashen, someone up there had been wise enough to hire a pro for security around the station. Even though it is obvious she approaches the job from the view of someone to be used to break in, she has kept the halls and corridors calm. Mostly through showing herself to hte miners. Aleena has been a warning presence for all those who seek to make trouble on the station so far. And splitting up bar fights by letting the fighters hurl around in the air until they loose consciousness, has surely left an impression. Neverhteless the job has been too calm, too peaceful for her lately. No real security risks have come to her attention and the "police" part of the job was never to her liking. In addition to that the unnerving Boss of the facility . . . and her lack of social contacts on the station . . . Aleena considers seriosuly to leave the colony behind after only a few month. an incredible short time for an Asari.

    Note: A more detailed sheet including all her abiliteis, weaknesses and biotic skills is in the GMs PM Box. He asked me not to reveal too much about it, to make biotics appear a little more mystical.
  6. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    GM Approved

    Name: Lyle Parker
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Despite the wonders of technology and the use of robotics and tools to make manual labor easier, Lyle is still quite muscled. Standing at a height of an even six feet, it?s all packed with muscle that gives Lyle a muscular appearance, especially with his broad shoulders. His hair ? dark brown and yet possessing prominent strands of red -, having once been kept short, has grown out to drop down to his shoulders; a choice that was fueled by rebellion and not one that he has regretted yet. Other than his green eyes, there?s a small scar on his face, specifically across his right brow that reaches to the center of his forehead when a bad motivator on a mining droid blew and caused a piece of heated metal to slice across his flesh. When not on duty, Lyle?s tanned skin is usually hidden beneath simple shirts and pants while on duty he?s decked out in official mining attire.
    Position: Miner (Explosives and Technical Expert to be precise)
    Equipment: In the mines, Lyle has access to a variety of equipment. Being the more educated of the bunch, Lyle?s previous education allows him to be more suited to handle equipment that the regular miners don?t usually access. This includes the more sophisticated sensors to mining lasers and explosives when such basic mining applications are needed. When he doesn?t have those tools at his disposal, however, Lyle at least has a handheld [link=]plasma cutter[/link] carried on him at all times which is mostly used to cut through minerals and tough rock that are commonly found in the mines. For armor, all that Lyle has are the suits that miners are given when they?re on duty.
    Biography: Lyle?s life had been all set up for him, with every step he had taken from childbirth to his current adulthood having been planned and sorted out for him.

    And he absolutely despised it. Born to two famous, award-winning, Ph.D-earning, smartypants parents back on Earth, Lyle had been expected to follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, his parents had the stereotypical , high-and-mighty attitude that went with their intelligence and accomplishments which did not lessen even in the face of their son. Living a mostly sheltered life, Lyle?s life was mostly contained to private schools and private tutors that had been paid to mold the mind of the young boy, leaving very much to be desired when it came to social life. Of course, not only was Lyle mostly contained to the schools and his residence in Chicago, he was contained on Earth.

    While he remained on Earth?s surface, being educated and trained to enroll in the most prodigious of schools to earn a highly intellectual, highly paid career and lifestyle, humans such as him were off exploring the galaxy. Despite being so smothered by books and the classroom, Lyle had still managed to hear about the aliens ? the turians, the asari, the salarians, and so many others ? that humanity has managed to come in contact with. Every year humans were expanding, pulling ever farther away from their home planet ? hell, their home solar system ? in order to colonize worlds and whole galactic territories. And Lyle was stuck back on Earth, in his room, browsing through the latest editions of books or papers of the greatest scientists or other experts.

    It was when he had turned eighteen that he finally had it. Whether it was pent-up rebellion that had finally desired release, a sudden need to see the galaxy that he had been shielded from, whatever it was, Lyle had enough. Upon being accepted into Harvard and receiving only a few nods from his parents ? a sign of how everything was going by their plan - instead of words of praise and pride, Lyle had decided that he had enough. To escape the plan that his parents had set for him, to actually do something so outrageous to throw in their face, Lyle had signed up for a Mining Corps that had been advertised
  7. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Threw together a quick picture of Kai so you guys get a better idea of what she looks like. Also because I could design Quarian environment suits all day.

  8. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    OOC: But can you do guy's in combat hardsuits? :p

    That's a real good pic Livi, nice little swirl pattern on the fabric. :)
  9. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Approved by the Draco!

    Name: Merlot
    Species: Drell
    Position: Doctor
    Equipment: Medical supplies, a fully equiped MedBay and a first aid kit. If he actually owns a gun, he refuses to wear it.
    Biography: Merlot was born on Kahje, like most Drell of his era. A smart but ordinary young man he was lucky enough to be accepted to the Hanar Medical Academy in Ouje. He went through the school with moderate results, but his talent for trauma-medicine and quick reacting brought him a position in the Drell police forces patroling the Hanar´s space.
    He served for several years and saw some minor skirmishes. When his tour-of-duty ended, he resigned and found a very profitable job with a mining guild. It operated out of Citadel-space, but the paycheck was amazing and the job easy enough. And in the last month in the militia Merlot had met Bayane, a Drell woman he had fallen in love with. She had hired there as an geologist. Analysing samples for the corporation was her daily work. He would actually spend every day with her, instead of a few days every few month. He liked that thought a lot.

    He felt fine with this new life and from his 6 month employment on the new found colony became a permanent assignment.
  10. Dubya_Scott

    Dubya_Scott Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 11, 2002
    Approved by the GM:

    Name: Andrew Kesler (nicknamed "Kess")
    Species: Human
    Appearance: 6'1", short brown hair, muscular build, athletic, quick, agile, age 31
    Position: Bounty Hunter (most skilled with pistols and submachine guns)
    Equipment: M-9 Tempest, M-6 Carnifex, Human Light Armor
    Biography: Born and raised on Earth, he wanted to join the military, following in his father's footsteps. Andrew went through all the training but didn't quite make the final cut. Having failed out of that and crushing his dreams, he didn't know what to do with his life. He didn't have any other skills. After much thinking, he decided to hunt bounties. His skills with guns would come in handy in a profession such as that.

    Over the years, his travels took him into the Terminus Systems, where he soon found himself working for the criminal underworld. He found that those bounties paid pretty handsomely. But chasing one man in particular, he ended up on a transport to Ashen. Soon after arriving on the planet, the chase continued. Andrew had then been ambushed by the man he was following and the next thing he knew, he was lying in a hospital bed recovering from gunshot wounds. So now, while he recovers, he's stuck on Ashen.
  11. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003

    Name: Arrex
    Species: Turian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 31
    Position: Security Officer
    --Turian Medium Thermal Armor
    --M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle
    --M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol
    Biography: Arrex was born into a middle-class family on the turian homeworld of Palaven. He was mandatorily enrolled in the Hierarchy's military when he turned 15, and expressed a strong interest in law enforcement. It wasn't long before he began serving with the military police of the 36th Legion, a posting he occupied until he was 20, when he requested and received transfer to the famed Citadel Security. A promising young officer, he gained the rank of Captain within the organization and met and married an asari who worked alongside him.

    When the rogue Spectre Saren and his army of geth attacked the Citadel, his wife was one of the many CSEC agents that escorted the Council aboard the asari flagship Destiny Ascension, primarily at Arrex's urging. He had deemed the battle with the geth that had infiltrated the station itself too dangerous and the massive dreadnought was the safest place for her to be.

    After the loss of her when the vessel was destroyed, Arrex spiraled into severe depression, drug use, and alcoholism. Due to the massive efforts needed to maintain the populace and rebuild the damaged Citadel in the wake of the attack, additional stress was placed upon CSEC's shoulders. Such pressure put the organization under closer scrutiny, and Arrex was deemed a morale and PR risk and asked to resign.

    Not knowing where to turn, he heard a tip about money to be made on a place outside Council space known for its Eezo manufacturing. Not caring about money so much as getting a cold, distant place to disappear, he applied to and was accepted by the security department of the Ashen Colony.
  12. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Indeed an awesome design, Livi.

    What a great response so far. I´ve approved another CS which should be posted at some point today and on Friday morning, CET I will open the game with a rather long opening post(by my standards). The vgame will be open for submissions after that, obviously. And once Act I is over it will reopen whenever the story allows new players to join.

    Hope you´re looking forward to it as much as I do.

    Your GM

  13. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Approved! [face_mischief]

    Name: Nera Cay
    Species: Volus
    Position: Miner
    Equipment: Whatever he needs to do what he's assigned (which is usually not much - Nera is not usually trusted with things like plasma cutters)
    Biography: Volus aren't miners, usually. It's more common to find volus traders or merchants. Nera ... well ... was a trader, once.

    He grew up on Irune, as many volus do - the need to constantly wear a pressure suit, and complications thereof, means few grow up offworld - and also like many volus, he left the planet as soon as he was grown to seek his fortune in the stars as a trader. But as fate would have it, he ran into trouble from the beginning: his first job turned out to be a bad deal, his second saw him attacked by pirates, and on his third run he got boarded by C-Sec and his cargo seized. It turned out his client was really a black marketeer, and the crates of dried fruit in Nera's hold were really illegal mod chips.

    That was the end of his trading career. Nera narrowly evaded jail time - it was clear he'd known nothing - but he didn't escape getting his ship impounded. With no ship, he couldn't trade; without trade he had no credits; with no credits he was a volus in some serious trouble.

    Nera was forced to started taking all sorts of odd jobs - chef's assistant, clerk, box stacker, and so on so forth. None of those gigs lasted very long, or paid very well, or indeed were jobs that a volus was suited for at all. Increasingly desperate, Nera began using red sand to dull the pain. Perhaps it was the red sand that made him sign up for a gig as a miner with the United Mining System, a job the volus physique is most definitely not suited for - but, surprisingly, they hired him and shipped him off to Ashen. And it pays well enough that, if he doesn't blow it all on red sand, he might actually be able to get his ship back.

  14. Baratheon

    Baratheon Jedi Youngling

    Nov 11, 2007

    Name: Talmot
    Species: Batarian
    Position: Bartender
    Equipment: Keeps a loaded M-27 Scimitar behind the counter; has a pack of smokes and a lighter

    Born on Khar?shan, Talmot spent years flying across the planet for a freight transportation conglomerate. Fed up with living under a repressive government, and without the hope of advancing within the rigid caste system forced upon him at birth, the batarian eventually chose to embrace a seedier lifestyle. He began moving illegal supplies for several ?venture capitalists? working to ensure the security of batarian interests in the Skyllian Verge against the encroachment of humanity. His illicit career didn?t last long, however, as he soon drew the attention of a paranoid regime cowering at the thought of insurrection. Branded a foreign collaborator, he was thrown off-world. Things were never looking better, as far as he was concerned.

    Not long after his public disgracing, Talmot discovered the Blue Suns, a mercenary organization that provided technical firepower as well as commercial and private trafficking. They became his whole life, until he had an unfortunate accident with a faulty heavy mech. The resulting explosion blinded him in two of his four eyes, and left half of his face scarred. Covering medical expenses on a mercenary?s wages was tough: he was happy to still be breathing, let alone the fact that he couldn?t cover the price of reconstructive surgery.

    Leaving the Suns behind him, Talmot made his way to Omega. He landed a job serving booze at a local watering-hole; the money was good enough, and he was in the best position to keep his ear to the ground. When he heard that a mining corporation was looking for warm bodies to fill up an Eezo station on Moloch?far away from Citadel space?he couldn?t resist giving it a shot. Things had stagnated on Omega, and besides, the pay was better.

    Less than a month later he was en route to Ashen.
  15. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    So, what a nice population of Moloch we got here. Looking forward to see them roam it´s dark halls.

    Here is our ...


    Nathan Callum, Human, Security/Freelancer (Kahn_Iceay)
    Kai`Thala nar Oran, Quarian, Engineer (Livi-Wan)
    Aleena, Asari, Head-of-security (SirakRomar)
    Lyle Parker, Human, Miner (Sarge221)
    Merlot, Drell, Doctor (DarkLordoftheFins)
    Andrew ?Kess? Kesler, Human, Bounty Hunter (Dubya_Scott)
    Arrex, Turian, Security Officer (BLemelisk)
    Nera Cay, Volus, Miner (DarthXan)
    Talmot, Batarian, Barkeeper (Baratheon)

  16. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    GM-Note: So here we go. The game begins. I advice everybody to read the opening post completely. Later you might just read the posts relevant for you, but I actually put some information and vital NPCs into these posts, so you might get a better idea of how Ashen and Moloch work by reading them.

    Any questions or ideas? feel free to pm me.

    And here we go . . .

    [link=]37 Miles away from the Colony . . .[/link]

    The storm was approaching fast. The ash now constantly besieged the imperishable glass of the space suits, trickling against it as if it had a mind of it´s own. As if it tried to find a way inside to reach the flesh and grind it from the body of the two men. Their sight was limited to a few meters, as they reached the top of the nearby hill. The dim light of the mining station below was still visible somewhere in the grey clouds beneath. But otherwise there was only an angry wall of grey, whipping against both mens suit.

    They were an unlikely couple, these two. A tall armored human who listened to the name Lyle Parker and the much smaller Volus Nera Cay had been ordered to search this region of gthe mining field. Another half a dozen teams like them had been send elsewhere to look. It was a desperate search, but Moloch had never taken one of their own until today. Despite the toxic atmosphere and harsh environment not a single miner had died so far. Superior equipment and skilled and experienced supervisors had made Ashen an exceptional well secured working place. Now two of the miners were missing and the crew of fifty men they had belonged to had not much more than 15 minutes left, before they had to take shelter. When the storm hit those left behind with all its might, everybody still outside the shelter of hte colony would simply be dead. Jasome, the Salarian head of mining had declared that this was not acceptable for him and then he had send out half the crew to go and look for their two missing co-workers. The Volus had been a logical choice to the Salarian. He was expandable to him, as expandable as any man of his crew ever became. And he was small, which meant he was closer to the ground and would have better sight of anything or anyone lying there. The human had been send with him, because he had experience. Jasome relied on him to keep the two out of trouble.

    Not that there was any. Douglas and Eyana, their two most experienced miners had been send out here ten minutes ago and then suddenly the contact had died. Probably a simple communications-problem. Probably an accident. ?Jesome to team two. Jerome to team two. Anything? You have found anything?? The Salarian sounded calm, as he always did. But after 9 month of working with him Lyle could probably feel the tension behind his calm words. They had found nothing but a marker, dust and the absence of their comrades.

    But just as Lyle was probably about to answer Nera saw something. Red. A blinking. Hard to say how far away, but in the waves of dust there had been a red blinking. Not any usual kind of emergency signal they used. But it had been there. A little downhill from the point where they stood.

    There it was again.

    And the Volus felt watched, immediately.

    Tag: Sarge, Xany

    [link=]Ashen Colony, conference room of the upper management, 6th floor[/link]

    Usually the sight from this room was breathtaking. You could oversee two dozens of mining fields and the beautiful mountain range nearby with your own eyes and once the sun came up over Ashen, the mountain ranges showed a violet glow. A breathtaking sight the Administrator had invited more than one of his female staff to share with him. But for the actual purpose the room on top of the building was build, it had never before been used. Until today.

    Administrator Taloz had been hasty when he had summoned his crew. His personal assistant, a very young Asari called Lia, had s
  17. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Kai'Thala nar Oran, Menry

    "Sure. In fact," Kai brought up her credit chit and checked it- "How about I buy it, and one for you, too? The overtime is paying me well enough."

    The Quarian got up and walked over to the bar. She was pleased to get praise for her work on the water recycling systems- it had hardly been worth noting, in her opinion. Just the same kind of maintenance she had done with her father on the Fleet every day. And yet, this human seemed incapable of performing even the most basic repair jobs without her help. Kai was beginning to suspect that Mac wasn't well qualified for his position at all.

    Even more worryingly, Kai was beginning to get the impression that Mac liked her. A human! Not that she had anything against humans, or even Mac in particular, just... that big, pink, naked face. Uncovered and swimming with disease. Ugh. It made her skin crawl to think about it.

    "Same again for him, please." she pointed at Mac, across the room. "And, uh, that one." Kai indicated a bottle of Turian ale behind the bar.

    Of course, technically Kai wasn't allowed to drink yet. She was still a child by Quarian standards, having just started on her Pilgrimage a few months ago. But non-Quarians wouldn't know that, right?

    "What a storm, huh?" she said (just a little too loudly), to cover her rising feelings of guilt. "It looks like it's going to be a bad one!"

    [TAG Baratheon, Draco, any]

  18. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Ashen Colony, Conference Room

    In a way the news were comforting her. The constant concern of loosing her edge had lately been gnawing in her mind. Too much peace, too much time to do nothing. The colony had become a prison for the wardens, she always said. But the payment, the people. Too many good reasons had kept her here. She actually liked the place. especially because it was calm. Hard work made people rich. No illegal deals, no backroom chatter. Whoever would kill or smuggle on Ashen had to be hell of a bad miner, or why would he accept the paycut?

    Aleena listened to the disgusting creature of an Administrator. The womanizing reptile and lazy thinker he had made all the obvious conclusions. And while giving them a basic secure, torture, kill-order he had behaved as if they were blessed to dig in the dirt for him. But Aleena did actually not care too much about this. He had allowed another colony to be established. Her jurisdiction was this colony. The security outside of it was the Administrators affair. Until he told Aleena otherwise, she had nothing to do with it. If anybody had to take a bucket full of blame now, it would be him.

    Folding her arms before her sleek body she stepped closer to the hologram. "Doesn´t look like mining to me." She said. "Not in a major way, anyway. I see no opportunity for them to load it into cargo-freighters, no docking stations, not larger hangars for equipment." She concluded. "So it seems to be a minor rival at best. Probably they were still building infrastructure when we found them." She went on. "The distress signal was a serious one? Any code or degree of emergency they provided?" Four men. Only one of them was a true security officer and the other two hired mercenaries. This would be a tough job. Except these guys were already down and out anyway, which would make this one easy enough.

    Maybe these people needed their help. Maybe they would surrender to be saved. it was not unlikely. But if not they would have to fight from room to room in an unknown environment. Not very likely they survived that. Highly unlikely all of them would come home. And that was a thought she did not like a lot.

    She turned to her security guys, probing their faces for their opinion.

    Tag: Draco, Kahn, BLem

  19. Baratheon

    Baratheon Jedi Youngling

    Nov 11, 2007
    Talmot; The Menry

    The counter was wreathed in smoke. Resting his forearms on the bar, Talmot listened as Collin gave his usual performance. Him and his friend Hans were regulars here, and both had succeeded in drinking away the little common sense they?d possessed before entering the Menry. He grunted with indifference at the mention of psychic abilities, saw Collin?s gesture, and gave a last drag on his cigarette, setting it in a tray close at hand with a dozen others. He moved to fill up the man?s glass.

    "See it all, huh. That include the boot I?m going to put somewhere unpleasant if you walk out of here without paying your tab again?" He turned to Hans, "And if you?re so good at finding things why don?t you help your friend find my money before I call Aleena down here to throw him around again? He can take a visit to the docs, maybe have a nice chat with that bounty hunter went and got himself shot."

    Ignoring their slurred protests, he turned to replace the alcohol to its spot on the shelf. When he?d finished, he saw that a Quarian was making her way towards him. He scowled. Hate those damn suits. There was just something unnatural about it, pretentious too, as if her kind were too good to breath the recycled air that the rest of them shared. She?d been sitting way back in the corner with some human. They had the look of mechanics, and he was surprised they?d found the time to sit around sharing drinks during a storm like this. Shouldn't they have a pipe to weld or something?

    He nodded absently as she gave him the order, blurting out something about the storm as she watched him top off her human companion?s drink, then retrieve some Turian ale from behind the counter. Talmot could sense her uneasiness as he poured her a glass. His face twisted into a mockery of a smile. "Relax, girl, I?m not gonna tell your parents or nothing. Been doing this a long time, you think you?re the first one a little young come looking to have a drink?"

    Talmot slid the glasses toward her with a practiced flourish, not spilling a drop. Tapping his forehead, he indicated her mask, his head tilted slightly to the right. "Lucky for you nobody should notice if you start getting a bit red." He glanced curiously back over to the corner the two had occupied...far away from the counter. "You guys shy or something?" he asked,reaching back over for his cigarette.

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  20. Livi-Wan

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    Sep 29, 2002
    Kai'Thala nar Oran, The Menry

    "Relax, girl, I?m not gonna tell your parents or nothing. Been doing this a long time, you think you?re the first one a little young come looking to have a drink?"

    Kai flushed inside her helmet, thankful that the glass was one-way and he couldn't see her embarrassment. Did she really look that young?

    "No. Well, maybe. This colony is all miners, after all, I mean most of these miners are adults. I haven't seen any children around here, anyway-"

    She was cut off by the Batarian placing the drinks on the counter.

    "Lucky for you nobody should notice if you start getting a bit red." He tapped his forehead round about where his faceplate would be, if he was a Quarian, then looked back to where Mac was sitting. "You guys shy or something?"

    "Not really." Kai dug out her credit chit and handed it over to the bartender. "You three just seemed like you were having your own conversation, that's all." She indicated Hans and Collin. "Besides, I doubt you want to hear about the state of your water recycling systems. It almost bores me, and I get paid to fix them."

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  21. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006

    Callum had to admit, when he was requested, quietly, to report to the rarely used Conference room he'd expected the worst. He'd been on his best behavior since coming to work on Ashen, aside from one incident when he lost a bet with a miner and wound up more drunk than he cared to be and in the medbay. However you don't just leave your past behind, and it was known to the higher ups that he'd made some sort of mistake in his military career to end up out here. Sorta puts you in a paranoid state when you get asked into upper echelon meeting places.

    That said when it was revealed to be a 'strategy meeting' or what passed for one in the eyes of the administrator, he was a bit relieved. The previous misnomer aside the meeting was far from strategic, the Admin had found a tick on his ass and was panicking, he wasn't thinking straight, and had even yelled at his assistant. That, had pissed Callum off, you just don't treat ladies that way. Fortunately for the people actually going to get their hands dirty, they had Aleena.

    After standing quietly and listening to those whom by all rights and pay grades were above him he finally chimed in his two credits worth. "I gotta agree with Aleena here, this doesn't look like a mining op, at least not a large one. I may not be a miner but I do know from working here that mining Eezo isn't a quiet operation. It makes noise, actual and electronic, among others. We've picked up nothing. Not to mention it'd be hard to hide cargo ships leaving the system that aren't ours. If they were mining eezo, the credits they'd be spending to keep this operation out of our radar would put them at making probably no profit at all."

    The merc gave the hologram another good look and shook his head. "No, this is more likely some sort of clandestine operation, not a mining one. They've clearly been well established, and we've not noticed them till today, when they started open broadcasting for help. No, this tells me they didn't want to be found. So, given that, and that we're out here in the ass end of the galaxy, I'd say we've got some sort of illegal activity going on in our back yard. And that, is a potential danger to the mines and miners. Can't have that."

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  22. Baratheon

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    Talmot; The Menry

    "Besides, I doubt you want to hear about the state of your water recycling systems. It almost bores me, and I get paid to fix them."

    Talmot wondered if that was meant to be funny, or just an honest observation. He hadn?t met that many Quarians during his travels, but the few he had talked to didn?t seem like the type to crack jokes.

    "I?ll take your word for it. Only thing is, this place is pretty dead, see? Always gets that way before the weather turns bad." He looked over at the two humans sitting hunched nearby. Collin was giving all his attention to his drink, and Hans was nodding slightly, staring off into space. "They start to lose consciousness around the third round, I?ve found, but I just give them what they pay me for. Even if they do drink enough to knock out a Krogan."

    The Batarian swung his gaze back, smoke rising between the two as he shrugged. "So you could go into detail about how every little thing we flush down a drain gets taken care of here, and I?d call it good conversation."

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  23. Livi-Wan

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    Kai'Thala nar Oran, the Menry

    "They start to lose consciousness around the third round, I?ve found, but I just give them what they pay me for. Even if they do drink enough to knock out a Krogan."

    Kai shrugged and laughed. She supposed that serving an endless succession of alcohol to the local booze hounds wasn't that interesting after all. On the Fleet, drunkenness was a rarity. Out of control behavior could endanger the entire ship, and anyway luxuries like alcohol were always in short supply. Some families kept stills, but stuff like the ale in her hand was mostly the preserve of well-off clans.

    The Batarain turned his gaze back to her, his four eyes squinting in the smoke. "So you could go into detail about how every little thing we flush down a drain gets taken care of here, and I?d call it good conversation."

    "Are you sure about that?" There was a pretty strong note of amusement in her voice as she continued. "Because somebody in the colony attempted to flush a copy of Fornax down their toilet this morning."

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  24. Baratheon

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    Nov 11, 2007
    Talmot; the Menry

    The Batarian grinned at that. "You should be careful with that sharp wit, Quarian. Might hurt somebody?s feelings." He laughed. "It?s a shame though; Fornax and cigarettes are the only two useful things humanity ever gave us."

    Suddenly Collin?s head jerked up from the surface of the counter. "Fornax you say," his words slurring badly now, "who?d commit such a dastardly crime." He paused, and then broke out laughing. After several moments he composed himself, but his shoulders still shook occasionally as the thought came back. "That?s a funny word?dastardly." His eyes lit up as an amazing thought took hold of his mind. He jarred Han out of his lethargy, jamming an elbow into the man?s ribs.

    "Hey! How about you lend me some credits, buddy. I just got a great idea."

    "That hurts," Hans whined, rubbing his side. "What?d you do that for?"

    "I need some money. Me and you?we?re going to get an issue of Fornax, then copy it, and sell it back to some of the tools here. I know Ryder would buy at least a couple, no, a dozen copies!"

    "Of the same magazine?" Hans asked doubtfully.

    "Why not? Then he could take all the extras and sell them to people for even more credits than we charged him. So we all win."

    Hans scratched his head, glanced down at his empty glass, a pained look on his face. "But?couldn?t we just sell him and everybody else one and charge more? Then we get a better profit."

    "Petty details," Collin said after mulling it over for a moment. "But whatever, I?m the brains of this, you?ve got the credits." He turned, and his eyes widened as he finally noticed the Quarian standing nearby. "Nice clothes," he observed, giving his most winning smile, "They?re so blue! Can I call you Blue? Hey, Blue, can I get that Fornax from you?"

    "With what money, Collin?" Talmot interrupted, "If you?ve got money for a start-up company, you should be able to cover part of what you owe me."

    Collin looked quickly over to Hans, who had apparently opted out of the business venture, as he was once again staring off into space. His eyes darted to the Batarian, then stopped on the Quarian.

    "Hey, uh, Blue." His voice was a very loud whisper, as he leaned towards her. "Could you give me that Fornax you found?say at a discount or?or maybe for free, a favor or something, seeing as we?re friends?"

    Amused, Talmot glanced over the Quarian?s shoulder to see the other mechanic looking at them pointedly. He was probably getting thirsty?or maybe something else. Let him wait.

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  25. Sir_Draco

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    Aug 19, 2007
    GM-Note: I forgot to tell Baratheon - so I wanted to clarify - I handed him information via PM for the NPCs. I will do that sometimes, whenever it fits. Send PMs to players for minor stuff, so I do not have to disturb any scenes. Taking over NPCs without such a PM is sttill not possible though. Just to clarify it.

    Great start of all those who posted so far. For a first day, an overwhelming response.

    Now, back to gaming.
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