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Thriller Max Payne 3: A Bad Day in L.A.

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by DarkLordoftheFins, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Sir_Draco and DarkLordoftheFins proudly present . . .

    [i]Midair[/i], the click warned him of the inevitable . . . he had run out of ammo.

    Both weapons stopped firing the second he hit the floor and he rolled away from the raging impacts of the two guys Uzi´s hammering into the floor of the bar. Uzi-Guys. he called men like this. Not precise, but uncaring and not worrying about collateral damage, they simply pumped lead into the air, knowing they eventually kill the guy they came for. Among all others.
    People were screaming, running, panic spreading like a radioactive cloud. Soon the Club above, the streets outside and everyone around would be contaminated. Making the Uzi-guy´s escape easier, if they managed to kill him.

    A big if, actually. He made it behind the bar, and splinters hit his face. Causing small wounds, as the bullets of both sub-machine guns hit the oak-wood of the bar. The bartender desperately tried to get to safety. Watching him, he did not even twitch as the splinter hit him. Instead allowing his hands to do their thing.

    [i]Magazine. Thrown out. New one from the jacket. Pushed inside. Reloaded. Ready.[/i]

    It all happened while he tried to estimate the situation. He saw one of the guys nearing him through a mirror above the bar he was hiding behind. A second of his movement he saw, before the mirror was shattered by another hit. And alcohol was spattered all of him. He cursed. The wood he was leaning against trembled and splintered, as another wave of lead hit it. Then there was silence and screams.

    [i]He is reloading . . . [/i]

    His body moved, before his mind gave his okay. Leaping up, the [i]Glock 17[/i] ready and raised, his eyes lurking over it´s barrel searching for something to kill. The second Uzi-guy had a full magazine, though. And he pulled his trigger. Bottles, wood and ash-trays exploded around him. As his own finger pulled the trigger. Once, twice. A third time and the third bullet got the raging guy with the firing Uzi. Probably he had been killed by the second shot. But a forth made it a sure thing. And went to the head. Then there was silence.

    Nobody there. Nothing. The second guy in hiding, probably, as the dust settled and the last people made it out of the shattered remains of the bar. Slowly turning he checked every corner, slowly stepping out of his cover of the bar. The sound of something hitting the floor behind him made him turn. Grenade. He realized it as his body was already moving. Running, his left leg taking the energy of his acceleration and leaping through the last remaining window, as the explosion behind him grabbed him in the shock wave and send him against a car waiting out there. The alarm went of. The emergency system made water sprinkle from the ceiling above. And as he managed to get his eyes opened - the foams of the explosions biting in them, like little insects - he saw the Uzi-guy in front of him. He had his Uzi one handed pointed directly to him and his grin revealed several golden teeth. Spitting out, Joe looked up. As the guy pulled the trigger.

    Nothing happened. Desperately, he tried to do it again.

    [b]"Chinese replicate, hm?"[/b] Joe asked the Uzi-guy. [b]"Yeah they do that. Sometimes." [/b]

    He raised his Glock and shot Mr. Uzi twice. As the man made his way to the ground, a third one got him in the head.

    Joe raised himself to the feet, his ears still ringing. He checked them, but it would stay that way for hours. He knew. His headache had gone worth. And the question who wanted to kill him and why his partner and best friend had tried to lure him into a trap seemed less pressing than to find out who send the guys themselves. And where had these guys from Miami got to, anyway? And then . . .

    Somebody would have . . . [/i]

    A Bad Day in L.A. ~ An Action Adventure Game[/color][/hl][/b][/i]


    Bullets were hissing past her head, as she hurried down the alley. Away from the motel. Her little girl pressed to her chest as hard as she could. A last shot rip>
  2. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Expect monologues! GM approved . . .

    Name: Max Payne
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Beretta 92, two extra magazines
    Link: [link=]The Computer Games Guy, not the awful Wahlberg version of him.[/link]
    Reason to be in L.A.: Criminal Case
  3. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    GM Approved!

    Name: [link=]Anita Blake[/link]
    Appearance: 5'3" long black wavy hair, petite build
    Weapons: derringer, browning 9mm, knives strapped to her forearms, and a mini sword down her back (she has federal marshall status so she can travel with the weapons in a bag)
    Link: link= Also, note that she has supernatural powers, but those aren't necessary for the game so I won't use them.
    Reason to be in L.A.: Frequently Anita is loaned out to various cities to investigate creepy and bizarre crime scenes. She was called out to LA for an opinion on a crime scene.

    Anita Blake has been purged of all supernatural talents that are found in the wiki bio.
  4. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    GM Approved CS. The artist is back to paint another masterpiece
    [b]Name:[/b] John W. Creasy
    [b]Weapons:[/b] 1x [link=]Glock 21[/link], .45 ACP, (fast draw concealed carry hip holster), 3 spare magazines
    1x [link=]S&W 625-10[/link], .45 ACP (ankle holster), 6 rounds in cylinder
    1x [link=]Folding Knife[/link]
    (expect more to be acquired as the game goes on)
    [b]Mini-Bio:[/b] Not much is known about John W Creasy's life, and he prefers it that way. What is known is that he is a former United States Marine and French Army Foreign Legionarre, and that during his tenures in both organization he specialized on counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations and activities, making him an expert with not only a wide variety of firearms but guerrilla and counter guerrilla tactics. Now however Creasy is a burned-out mercenary who is uninterested in life and has turned to alcohol to deal with the burden on his conscience.

    Still, even with a myriad of personal problems, to underestimate him would be a foolish thing in no small terms.
    [b]Reason to be in L.A.:[/b] At the behest of an old friend and colleague, looking for a few last jobs before retiring to Mexico...>
  5. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    GM-Note: We are happy to announce we got five characters so far and for a day, I must say I am very glad about it. A isxth is in the pipeline. So about two thirds of our slots are filled now, actually. Not bad for a first da,y is it? We will wait another few days for players to join and then will start with our opening post once we think we´re settled or all slots are taken. A unique group of characters we got so far. Consider me eager to see them interact. :D

  6. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007
    Self-approved, sort of. But Draco had a look :p

    Name: Tequila Yuen
    Weapons: Beretta 92, .38 Special
    Link: [link=]Hard Boiled and Stranglehold[/link]
    Reason to be in L.A.: International Exchange of Police forces between China and the U.S. . . .
  7. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    "What was that thing in the middle? Oh yeah. Approved!"

    Name: Otto West
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Silenced pistol and a knife.
    Bio: Following a less-than-stellar turn as a bank robber in London, Otto West went on to become South Africa's Minister for Justice, setting a record for shortest time in office. He has come back to America searching for a new lot in life. By searching he means taking money from others and by new lot in life he means violently. Don't call him stupid.
    Reason to be in L.A.: Money.
  8. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007

    So, we had a good wave of incomings here and are now at six approved characters and one we´re still waiting for. Many different franchises and even some original characters. All in all a very good mix. Because we already have more players than we hoped, we decided for an early start on Wednesday.

    Expect our Opening Post therefore on Wednesday around the time of the european evening.

    You will all be given your current kill-quota then and start with perfect health.

    I am looking forward to have my Bad Day in L.A. and playing with all of you.

  9. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    GM Approved

    Name:Antonio "loco" Rodriguez
    Age: 26
    Job/Rank: reluctant gang member
    Appearance: 5'8 solid muscular build, black chuck taylors, green combat pants, white tank top, black check long sleeve shirt (top button done up), left arm has a sleeve tattoo, courage tattoo across stomach, marine corps tattoo in right shoulder.
    Weapons: 9mm pistol,AK-47
    Resources: does you character have any special resources, available to him in L.A.? his gang is known and feared through L.A though based in east L.A. several safe houses, and armed back up
    Skills: what is your character especially good in/known for? Except shooting. learned advance hand to hand while serving in Marine force Recon.
    Antonio was a leader of "Vatos Locos" a feared and violent gang coming out of east L.A with himself earning much of their reputation, however he was arrested after putting a rival gang member in hospital when he was 18, he chose to join the marines rather than go to jail, while in the marines he was accepted into force recon and served two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan. However when his father was murdered in a shooting Antonio left the marines to come home and look after his family, with no jobs available he began running with his old gang so he could support his family. though reluctant he doesnt hesitate to use violence if it gets him what he wants, his only loyalty being to his family and "Vatos Locos".
  10. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006

    Name: Jacob Mare
    Age: 24
    Job/Rank: A mix of bouncer and minor bodyguard work.
    Appearance: At 5'9", possessing some broad shoulders, and a muscular build Jacob can seem to be an intimidating sort when he wants to be. However, the green eyes that sparked with life and a humorous grin tending to plaster onto his face were hints to a man that enjoyed life. Specifically the life in L.A. that one can have all sorts of adventures with. Atop of his short, curly dark brown hair lies an olive-colored bush hat with a matching jacket. The jacket is a good item to help hide the Browning HP that's in his left shoulder holster and the Mare's Leg that's found in it's own improvised back holster.

    The rest of his getup includes a dark red shirt and dark blue jeans. With all his time outdoors Jacob has a bit of a tan for his skin and a short goatee had started to sprout up at his chin. And no matter what the situation is, there's usually a bar of candy or two tucked away somewhere.
    Weapons: A [link=]custom Browning Hi-Power[/link] converted from 9mm to .40 S&W and an old-fashioned [link=]Mare's Leg[/link] loaded with .44 Magnum rounds.
    Resources: Candy. Oh, and the extra family cash that comes with.
    Skills: Training in unarmed combat, first aid, and tactical driving.
    Biography: So there be candy; a product of sugar and chocolate that can be turned to, to satisfy a sweet tooth, take away some depression, or give you a nice dose of sugar to send through your veins. All in all a pleasurable thing of ingenuity.

    Though Mare has a sweet-tooth of his own, inheriting the family candy factory had not been in his future plans. The early signs were some martial arts classes and excessive amounts of time in shooting ranges. Whether he has the kicks for the more "actiony" kind of career choices, he had decided to pursue a different kind of living. The bouncer jobs came after he got an apartment of his own with past martial arts classes and some other unarmed combat training. A nice, easy job most of the time but there would be the occasional customer that had too many drinks or had a bit too much of a temper. Okay, this being the "Gang Capital of the Nation" there were quite a few of those kind of customers. These kind of customers would usually need some extra incentive to leave peacefully...even though the methods to get them to do so are not so peaceful.

    Once again, whether that was just not enough action to give him his "kicks", Mare looked into some bodyguarding business through some contacts. Minor work, not so much as guarding politicians and presidents or anything of the like but rather celebrities that would pop into town and an extra member is needed on the security staff, a driver to get them from point a to point b safely, some rich guy who's having a party on a boat, things like that, that Mare could get called in for, for extra cash and some fun. Like before, mostly a lot of standing around and taking advantage of some free food and drink but hey, one can never forget that this is Los Angeles and thus the city of drive-bys, riots, fires, floods, earthquakes, and producers. Once in a blue moon a party wrecker or two would come in...with guns. Considering that Jacob is still alive it can be quite clear as to who won those couple of fights.

    So that's how life's been so far. Nice and easy with moments of loud noises, screaming...and a whole lot of fun!
  11. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    So, here is our roster for the opening of the game. If I forgot anyboy (I doubt that) or you join between now and Wednesday, please shoot me a PM.

    Ladies. Gentlemen.


    [link=]Max Payne[/link] - LordTroepfchen
    [link=]Anita Black[/link] - S65horsey
    [link=]John Creasy[/link] - Rally-Fan84
    [link=]Tequila Yuen[/link] - DarkLordoftheFins
    [link=]Otto West[/link] - Penguinator-176
    Antonio Loco Rodriguez - Morkai
    Jacob Mare - Sarge221

    The game will now have twelve Chapters for each player, everyone covering exactly two hours "in-game". More about that comes with our opening post.

    Glad to have you all and read you on Wednesday.

  12. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006

    Name: Dante
    Alias: Anthony "Tony" Redgrave
    Appearance: [image=]
    [image=] Ebony & Ivory: Modified Colt M1911's, with grips modified for comfort and with the ejection ports on opposing sides of each pistol so as to eject spent shells away from the gunner. Each gun has a unique hammer as well (Ebony's is a spur hammer, while Ivory's is a ring hammer). The insides of both gun's frames (when holding the guns) have the words Ebony & Ivory in a cursive script along with a unique design. They also have muzzle brakes to reduce recoil, and rail systems are present on the underside of both guns, despite there never being any attachments for the pair. The right gun, Ivory, was custom built for rapid firing and fast draw times, while the left gun, Ebony, has been modified for long-distance targeting and comfort.
    [image=] Rebellion: Dante's trademark sword, a keepsake from Dante's father. She's large and heavy, but Dante has the ability to wield her with ease, even with his powers sealed by some unknown factor. Dante keeps Rebellion in an instrument case that resembles either a Cello or Oversized Guitar case, when in public areas.
    Link: [link=]Devil May Cry Wiki[/link]
    Reason to be in L.A.: Investigating some unusually violent and odd crimes he's heard about that he thinks may be attributed to a demonic worshiping cult.

    Dante's powers (save enough strength to wield his humongous sword) have been sealed for the duration of this game. So speaketh the plot gods.
  13. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    GM approved

    Name: Taliana Mordack
    Working Name: Shadow
    Age: 27
    Job/Rank: Assassin
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Two matte black dessert eagles worn on things, a silenced black beretta worn at small of back, PP-2000 worn on back or belt if used, and a boot dagger.
    Resources: Money from assassinations for the past couple years, a house in LA.
    Skills: Stealth, martial arts, weaponsmith (i.e. can take care of her weapons and improve them, as well as make ammunition for them as needed), computer and security system savvy, can pick locks, hotwire cars, etc, etc.
    Biography: Being raised by a fairly well off family can have it's disadvantages. Boredom was the main one for Taliana early in life, before she started studying martial arts. It was a way to power for her, and before long she started wanting to know more about other factions in it, Ninja's in particular caught her interest. From there it was a very simple step to her interest in other things came to be. Gun play from the shadows became a favorite of hers, taking her friends from behind with bb guns and so forth. As she got older Taliana started to want it to be real, and she was found by a member of a league of assassins.

    Her training there was very much to her liking, but her final assignment before she could graduate was something she would have rather not had to do. Her parents had to die to prove she had what it took to truly be an assassin. And it had to be done in such a way that it could not be traced back to her. She succeeded, but was forever changed. From that point on she left the league and decided to kill those who deserved it... as well as to make money off of her talents. She continued her training as well, as she was able, as well as learning other things that would be useful as well. This is what she's been doing the last seven years, killing and growing even more enamored with it. She's found that she rather enjoys it, and as such has started to consider killing people that she is neither paid for or those deserving... This frightens her, but for now she can see no other life for herself.

    After killing her parents she moved into their house, in LA, which is where she was born and raised. Deciding to try and use it as a reminder of the cost she paid to become who she is. Lo and behold, it looks like the near future for her is going to be busy as usual.
  14. renegade142

    renegade142 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 7, 2007
    Name: Rubi Malone
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Two revolvers and a Katana
    Reason to be in L.A.: Works in the Southwestern U.S.
  15. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    ***GM Approved!***

    Name: John McClane
    Appearance: [image=]
    Weapons: Hero Beretta Pistol and two extra clips, and a .22 backup
    Link: [link=]John McClain, reply's to a terrorist that went too far[/link]
    Reason to be in L.A.: Visiting his son John Jr.

    EDIT: Links.
  16. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Since Dante's official history is a bit to sci-fi for this game, we got this. And of course, Fins Approved!

    Background: Dante is a problem solver, he takes odd jobs. Bodyguard work, protection, making sure a very important item (or person) gets somewhere unharmed. You name it. But he's mostly an Investigator. He'll take a job to look into anything. Got a husband you suspect to be cheating on you? He'll look in on it. Think your business partner's taking a little on the side, Dante's your man. Dante however takes those other jobs that 'high brow' investigator's dismiss, particularly those in the realm of the Paranormal and the Occult.

    Now, not to say that paranormal things exist, but there are people out there who believe they do, and a good number of them are nut jobs. And while its not common to hit the news groups of demon worshiping nut jobs running around killing people for some higher power they believe in is quite common. Dante takes care of those sorts of things. He's an expert in the field so to speak, as much of his rebellious childhood was spent in the Occult, he's quite familiar with it. It is to this effect why he's arriving in L.A. A slew of Murder's involving people getting splayed open, organs missing, and having their blood used to draw occult writings on walls have been cropping up. Half the police force is baffled, the other won't touch the cases, so Dante's been called in to get it all cleared up.

    About the Sword: Dante's father, was an avid collector of all things sharp and pointy. Knives, Dirks, Daggers, Swords, even Pistol Swords, the man collected it. It wasn't really a surprise that on his 14th Birthday his father gave him the Sword. Rebellion, it was so named because of his rebellious nature, always cocky and determined to do things his way, even if it was the hard way.
    [blockquote]How he can Use it: In Dante's line of work he gets a lot of exercise. More often then not the nutjobs he's hired to take care of also wanna take care of him in kind. There's a lot of running, jumping, shooting and collective ass hauling involved in his job. This, combined with Dante working out at a Gym three times a week when he's not working keeps him in shape. Add the fact that He took classes on how to use the sword when he was younger, and you understand he's pretty good at it. Needless to say he's not a video game character, nor a master swordsmen. He still tends to use Ebony & Ivory more often but in this day and age, people don't expect a five some-odd foot long sword coming at them, and thats a plus.[/blockquote]

    About the Hair: Dante's hair turned white at a young age, while uncommon, its not unheard of. His doctors when he was younger attributed it to a non-serious Thyroid Deficiency a common cause of grey and white hair in people.

    Plus image: [image=]
  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002

    CS ? Franchise Character

    Name: Miranda Frost

    Appearance: Cultured English woman. Pale blonde hair in a hairbun. Frosty demeanour. Likes to dress well, and in feminine fashion.
    Weapons: Carrying a Beretta 3032 Tomcat compact automatic pistol; and inside a padded attache case in the boot of her cherry red Nissan Sunny (bulletproof), an FN P-90 sub-machine gun, and several clips.

    [link=]British Secret Service operative[/link].
    [link=]Berette 3032 Tomcat[/link]
    [link=]FN P-90[/link]

    Timeline - This day is prior to this MI6 agent's appearance in Die Another Day, which was made, or at least released in 2003.

    Reason to be in L.A.: Phone call from London:
    M - "Miranda, GCHQ has picked up a telephone call from within Los Angeles, from the daughter of Elena Clementy, claiming that men have been sent to kill her.
    Her mother has vanished about a year ago and was a great asset to us and we assume this might be connected to newly growing crime syndicate with it's headquarters in L.A., so we are sending you the details. I want you to try to extract Ms Clementy and her daughter to safety. She might have invaluable information.

  18. DarkLordoftheFins

    DarkLordoftheFins Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 2, 2007

    We GMs are officially amazed by the quality and the quantity of CSes send in. And we would love to play with everybody who wishes to join us, but at this point we reach a number which will be hard to deal with. At least with the time we have to do this.

    Therefore we are officially closed.

    Everyone who is interested to join us, can get his name on a waiting list. We will contact those on the list, when player-spots get free and allow the player to slip into the story then with his new character.

    We also got three more pending CSes, we might approve or not. That is depending on our experience in the first few days. And how hard the update-workload will be.

    [b]And some changes . . . [/b]

    After the player-rush we have given the game some more thought. Especially the question how to deal with so many plotlines simultaneously.
    We have come up with a system based on Chapters. The game will last [b]24 hours game-time[/b], divided into [b]twelve short and intense Chapters[/b]. Each [b]Chapter covers two hours game-time[/b], therefore.
    Every character will pass the Chapters in is own rhythm and every player in his own speed. But you do not have to be in the same Chapter as the others always. Therefore we want you to add your Chapter to the IC. Like this.

    [b]Tequila Yuen, Chapter 3[/b]

    Means he is in between the 4th and 6th hour of that day. The time covered by Chapter Three.

    So you will know which time frame you are and which the others actually are by looking at their IC. Questions about that? Ask! My PM box is open.

    We also moved the story to the year 2002, because of continuity reasons Wikipedia revealed too late. [face_tongue] But that shouldn´t affect any of you too much.

    Opening Post is coming soon from [b]Sir_Draco[/b], himself.

    [b]Let the Game begin![/b]>
  19. Sir_Draco

    Sir_Draco Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2007
    Here we go.

    Kill Quotas will be send via PM tomorrow.


    [i]6 hours before the game begins . . .[/i]

    [b]Philip Mordell[/b] entered the restaurant with the same grim, dedicated look on his face all criminals in L.A. feared. It had been a career on the fast-lane the youngest [b]District Attorney of California[/b] had made. Barely forty and people thought, that even being the states highest ranking prosecutor was only another step on this man's career.

    Others thought, it might have been the place he wanted to be in in the first place. The Untouchable they called him in the force. The Enchanter, had been his nickname in the Internal Affairs Department where his career had begun. The Commissioner of L.A.P.D. had different names for him. Far less metaphorical and far less polite names. [b]Frank Miller[/b] had been a Cop for almost forty years. And he had seen all these ladders the young Mordell had needed to take to get to the top and despite hating the younger man, he had been unable to keep him from climbing a single one of them. One-by-one. It was as if the guy was chosen. A hero by design. Miller did not believe in heroes. He believed in experience. And today, he had made Mordell stop and take a breath on his way up. The latest of the Mordell´s wild plans needed the Commissioner to give his okay. And he did not deal with men like Mordell. He watched them rise and fall and that for over two decades, now.

    "Philip, wanna sit?" The bulky cop asked. Wearing his cheap suit and sly grin. Waving his hand. Breathing heavy, as another piece of his enormous steak vanished in his mouth. Mordell did not show any disgust for Miller if he felt any. But his face grew less angry. He gently sat down. "Something to eat?" Miller asked with a full mouth. "they make a steak unlike anyone on L.A., I tellya!" He laughed and pushed a few fries after the meat. Chewing the mix with a grin.

    Mordell smiled. A patient smile, barely hiding how unnerved he was by the old Commissioner. "No, thanks. I´ll try to keep my shape, Frank." He said.

    "Always the cover-boy, hm? Should have been model. Less harmful to your ego, too." Frank Miller said and drank a sip of his bear, to make the swallowing of the food easier. "Okay, let me guess. You are here to speak about your so called task-force." Miller then added and began cleaning his teeth with his fingers.

    "I am." Mordell said and looked at the man. As the Commissioner did not speak, he sighed and waved to the [OBER??]. "Water please. Tell me Frank, what do you want for it? How can I make it happen?" Mordell asked. Always a deal. Everything.

    Frank Miller smiled. "Hm . . . let me see. You know what? Get me better steak than this one and I´ll give you your little gestapo." Miller laughed.

    "I am not wishing for a secret police, all I want is . . ."

    "A bunch of cops answering only to you and pretty much everything we got left of our budget, for funding your little operation. I got it. Hand chosen by you, the cops. The cream of my troupe. Under the radar. Sure, no secret police. How could I think such a thing." Miller snorted. "Boy, I am in this game far longer than you. If your mommy was from the right district, I could be your freakin´ father! Don´t tell me what you want. You´re not the first power-hungry bastard trying to get his own playground, so he doesn´t have to share the sand with us other children."

    Mordell did not show any reaction. So Miller kept on talking.

    "What is it you want hm? Become Major? Gouverneur? Boss of the FBI? Tell me."

    "I want to take down Cesar." Mordell simply said.

    "What for?"



    "Yes, I have a great enthusiasm for justice, Commissioner. Something that would benefit your office, too." Mordell folded his hands. "Why is everybody so afraid I bring down the towns major criminal? Because I could show it was not impossible? Because you would look bad?" Mordell shook his head. "You can have the arrest, once I am done. Commissioner. Or do you fear of how many names of your p>
  20. Rally_Fan_84

    Rally_Fan_84 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jan 14, 2009
    IC: John Creasy, Chapter 1
    Location: Venice Beach, house of DA Phillip Mordel
    [i]*If there was one thing that could be said for the Legion, it was that it forged bonds which were stronger than any known or fictional substance. John Creasy, once a feared and respected Marine and Legionnaire who commanded respect and and honor from his comrades and absolute fear from his foes, had acted like a loan shark and used those common bonds on his old friend Jordan Colme to get work, although by the sound of things it was apparent that not a whole lot of twisting was needed. Even his personal problems seemed to be secondary to whatever the situation was*[/i]

    [hl=sienna][color=burlywood]"Man, hope you´re sober, John. It´s not only that you need this job, I tell ya, we need a man like you right now. We got this crazy chick brought in for support, but if you ask me . . . we will need a real pro. Someone who seen fire, you know."[/color][/hl]
    *John merely grunted in response. He was not drunk, he had stopped drinking awhile ago before the plane had disembarked, now he was merely hungover, and the sunglasses that were affixed to his face at night weren't only for looks but were also there to diminish the glare of the street lights in LA.

    Eventually the lights gave way to relatively placid Venice beach, and transitioned into one of the more affluent parts of town. Johns mind had been doing a tally and he could guess where this was headed, although truthfully if he were employed in southern California it was highly unlikely that he would have gotten an easy and cushy gig doing security for some wannabe starlet. No, easy was for other peoples, for guys like John and Jason it was always the dirty work...

    After passing through the gates and a cursory pat-down John was sober enough to remove his glasses without fear of having eyes that were too bloodshot. He wondered if the goon who had patted him down had thought about the fact that him not flinching when he found all of his guns didn't mean that he was an amateur but that even if he had grabbed one of them it wouldn't have stopped Creasy from killing him if he needed to.

    Philip Mordell was the name of his potential new employer, some young visionary District Attorney who somehow thought that life could still be fair. Rather quickly he was introduced to a Mrs. Malone who quite frankly looked like some sort of version of what the Parisian fashion nuts would come up with when tasked with envisioning a hired gun. However he kept his face impassive as DA Mordell went through his spiel.

    Apparently some woman with an ever-changing last name but with a given name of Elena had either stumbled upon or coerced her way into some vital information on major players in the criminal underground of Los Angeles. Long story short there was more than one group that wanted her dead, and with her being persona non-grata to aformentioned not-very-nice people, the DA thought it best to keep it away from the ever corrupt LAPD and give the dirty work to professionals. All of this of course came with a picture that was enough for an ID if one stared long enough, provided of course that it was still up to date.

    Then of course came the inevitable question, after the obligatory promise of compensation.*[/i]

    [color=blue]"Any questions? Do you accept my offer?"[/color]

    [i]*Well Jason had been right, John needed the work. Even places like Sierra Leone were not hiring mercs these days, and LA was no worse than Algeria or Kosovo. He would do the job alright, just like all the other times that he would do the job in front of him. And DA Mordell would pay for his service rather heftily as well, if indeed his pockets were that deep.

    Considering the photo for a minute, he flipped it against his fingers a couple of times before slipping it into the left inside pocket of his jacket before speaking*[/i]

    "Two things Mr. Mordell, how recent is that photograph you handed us, and where as the last place there was a confirmed sighting of this Elena?"
    [b]Tag:[/b] Ruby (Renegade), GMs (Fins or Drac)>
  21. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: John McClain
    The Cobra Lounge, Downtown

    It had been a while since he had last been in L.A., perhaps too long when it came to visiting with his kids, but he was cop and there wasn't much else he could do and he wasn't about to leave N.Y. For some reason he was planted there, most of the time, and like the O.K. Corral he just had to keep going there no matter what. Enough about that, what was he, getting sappy in his old age? Nah, must of been that book he read the first ten pages out of that his daughter Lucy had given him last year.

    Anyway he was here to spend a little time with Al, checking on old pals while he was in town, something that amounted to a remarkably short list. Not to mention he couldn't get a guilt free six pack or a cigarette while around John Jr., not to mention Holly, now there was a bottomless can of worms opened one too many times. But as he was taken into a quick embrace as he patted Al on the back the man started starting talking and all those passed away as he knew soon he would have a cold beer in his hand.

    "John! You lost some hair, did you?" Al laughed and stood up, embracing his old friend. "Man, look at you! Pretty good in shape, I´d say. The only workout I did lately was carrying my files. Damned, you make me look old!" He laughed and they sat down.

    "Yah, I hear it's a growing trend." he quipped back through Al's laugh as they took there seats. Al meanwhile seemed to kick his gift of gab into overdrive which only caused a taunt smile to form on his face.

    Finally an opening came as Al ran out of Twinkies driven steam, "He's eighteen now. Don't know where the time went, Lucy's already started college, it all just keeps slippin' ya know." After a slight pause his mind back tracked further into the beginnings of Al's tirade. "The tower needed some fresh air anyway." laughing he looked down at the bar top as he waited for whatever twisted drink had been produced with the Gruber brothers, the last of which probably was just cooling in his grave after seven years.

    "I'm fine, well fine enough that an American beer and a cigarette can't fix." he said as he reached under his jacket to pull out a cigarette and his zippo lighter. "What's up with you," he said nodding toward the expanse of red behind them, "Twinkies finally migrate to the brain or somethin'?" the place looked like an Cupid Valentine Special from the Love Boat, not really his kinda place at all, and unless he had him pegged wrong he doubted Al's either. Many would have tried a more delicate approach to the topic, but being about to be served German beer just didn't quiet improve his temperament when it came to patience.

    TAG: Sir_Draco
  22. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Miranda Frost, second floor, outside room 2004.
    Location: Half Moon Hotel

    In spite of her dire surroundings, Miranda still dressed to impress: long-sleeved black sweater, black knee-length ?ethnic? flared skirt, brown knee-boots.
    She carried a delicate little purse, as if she were on the way to the opera.

    Miranda stopped as she heard the voices from inside the room, and listened.
    Two male voices. No females yet.

    Thanks to updates from London on the situation surrounding this Elena - the Russian mob; Columbians; essentially, the world and her Significant Other were after this girl - the silent Englishwoman had entered the hotel loaded for bear.

    She had her Beretta in the purse, the 50-shot P-90 cunningly and not comfortably, strapped to her right thigh, concealed under the skirt, and in true Q Branch fashion, there were Kevlar and sheet metal layers inserted around her sweater in case she took body shots.

    Up to now, she had hardly had to draw her pistol in the line of duty, she was far from being a Double-O. Despite that, she was feeling decidedly underdressed.
    She could see herself having to wing a couple of? now what was the local colloquialism, ah yes, ?gangbangers?, in order to get more arms.

    Miranda dropped to one knee, frostily ignoring the faint aroma of old urine that permeated the corridor.

    Snapping open the purse, she quickly and quietly took out the miniature fluoroscope, essentially a handheld monochrome screen attached to a length of fibre-optic cable possibly with a miniature camera at the other end, and began to feed the cable through the handy keyhole to see what was going on inside.

    Frost doubted anyone, at least, any residents, would disturb her. If the smell of pee was anything to go by, Neighbourhood Watch would probably be just an un-interesting string of syllables to the locals.

    Tag: GMs for the view inside Room 2004
  23. renegade142

    renegade142 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 7, 2007
    IC: Rubi Malone
    Chapter 1
    The House of District Attorney Philip Mordell...

    Rubi was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed with her katana at her side and revolvers in their holsters, the man at the window gave her a smile. She raised her eyebrows, not changing her full expression; in a way that would say "I see you, but I got nothin' to say." But she kept quiet,

    Philip Mordell informed them of their job offer. She studied the picture a few seconds, then set it on her knee.

    "Just call me Rubi." she nodded her head towards the Mr. Creasy, apparently he beat her to the questions. "And how do we know you're not going to take her down when we drop her off?"

    Tags: Rally_Fan84 and GMs

    OOC: More about Rubi can be found [link=]here.[/link]
  24. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Loriana "Shadow" Mardock/ The Great Expecations/ Downtown
    Chapter 1/ Health 1

    [blockquote]Beat, music, pulsing light. It was everywhere, dancing, drugs, drink, debauchery all combined into a into a soup was slurped beyond tolerance, much to their chagrin in the morning. Yet they kept coming back, night after night. Loriana was one such who returned regularly, even getting into the VIP lounge whenever she wished, but never partaking of those things that would impair her ability to do her job. Or keep her life, because she was not the only gun for hire here. For instance the man beside her who had just had his drink stolen she would be willing to bet was one such. Shaking her head at the idiot who had stolen said drink, Shadow figured he was not terribly long for this world.

    Happily, pleasure was not the sole reason she was here. There was a job to fulfill, which was a separate pleasure of it's own. She had already marked her target, a very ugly black man to her tastes, he was tall and apparently acquainted with ManDo. But then everyone who was anyone knew about ManDo, regardless of whether you worked with him or not. Generally he was not someone you crossed, but the man who had hired her for this hit had told her what the black man had done. 1Shot was a rapist, murderer and the gods alone knew what else. In short the kind of man she would kill anyway. A man she would savor ending. The money was simply a bonus, and if it helped keep the cops and fibbies of her back to do their dirty work for them all the better. That was an irony that had always amused her. She was among the most wanted women on the face of the earth, Interpol, CIA, FBI, KGB, Scotland Yard, and any other police type agency you could think of had her among the top ten, arrest or kill on sight warrents... and they all hired her. Taking a sip of her virgin martini, she smiled silently.

    Gently stretching her muscles, preparing herself for whatever she was going to have to do to kill this man. Her long black leather duster hung loose around her, masking, and being very useful in breaking up her form when hiding. It had received more than its fair share of holes, and was regularly replaced. Absently she considered that she was going to need a new one soon. Then there was her rather tight black bodysuit that was very useful for moving, whenever it was needed. In the varied pockets of her coat were the tools of a thieves trade, all very useful for any serious killer. Then there were her shoes, which simply were not fashionable but very sturdy and functional. A climbers shoes, they too were black. Her flaming red hair wasn't pulled back in it's normal work ponytail, but rather flowed freely around her head helping her blend in to the crowd.

    Standing up, having tossed of the rest of her drink and having the olive on a tooth pick clenched between her teeth, Lori moved sensually towards towards the wall behind the black man. There just happened to be a door to another lounge nearby, making it a nearly perfect kill spot. As she moved towards it, her gloved hand moved to the small of her back and pulled out her silenced beretta, the only weapon she had that made any sense at the moment. She waited until he had taken the hand of one of the men he was meeting, and then...



    Double tap, one to the head, one to the heart. A shudder ran through her at the sight of blood blossoming from 1Shot. No one had heard a thing, and he still stood there for a moment. Ignoring what she wished she could stay and watch, she smoothly pocketed her pistol and moved through the door into a much more... ecstatic part of the club. Here was where the harder party goers went, those with the money for the more exotic offerings the Great Expectations offered. The flashing blue lights drew her farther in. This was not a place that the police were called when there was a body to get rid of, instead it was disposed of. This was a hunters place, and she was among the very best. Nibbling the olive off of the toothpick, her lips curved into their most enticing s
  25. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Tony "Loco" Rodriguez
    The Great Expectations
    Chapter 1

    Tony eyes this 1SHOT with alittle skeptisim, while not at war Tony had heard some of the things he had got up to, he wasn't impressed in his mind it took the lowest kind of scum to treat a woman like that...but that was life eh?. He shook hands with 1SHOT "Yeah i listen dog" he began "Just depends on what you gotta say cabrone" he finished as he reached under his plaid shirt and adjusted the glock he had hidden in his waist band. suddenly 1SHOT fell to his knees blood pouring from the twin wounds in his head and chest, even as he felt Tony had his gun out and took a kneeling firing stance and began scanning the club for the shooter. ManDo and Raoul were shouting at each other but he paid them no mind for now, there was no noise and the way 1SHOT got done spoke of a pro job. Tony was no stranger to blood, he'd served more than his time in marine force recon, and it was that training in looking for the small details that let him get a glimpse of the red head who disappeared into the next room.

    "Yo shut the F#@K up dog!" he yelled at the other two "the buto just got assassinated man, what the @#$% did you get us into ManDo!?" he said as he stood and pointed his glock in Mando's face. Raoul pulled his 9mm and was scanning for the person you killed 1SHOT "RAOUL, were outta here dog, this smells real REAL bad man" Tony said as he pushed his friend towards the nearest exit, he pulled ManDo close to him "I dont know what your into vato but were gone before the polizia pin this on us!". with that he joined Raoul as they pushed their way through the crowd towards the exit.

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