May 2011 Recommended Reading List

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    May 2011 Recommended Reading List


    Albeit a little late (DRL got the best of me last week), this month's collection of recommended stories has arrived! Again, we have a wide selection of excellent stories, so there should be something for everyone. :)


    Jedi Trace recommends: [link=]The Keeper of Memories: The Journal of Alida Maritin[/link] by divapilot

    Written for the first (I think) Dear Diary Challenge, this is the intricately romantic and sometimes rocky love story of Alida and Bruno Maritin that also shows the reader an outsider?s POV of the budding romance between Luke and Mara. I say it?s a love story, but it is also so much more than that, featuring divapilot?s in-depth portrayal of Twi?lek culture and one woman?s inspiring struggle to break free of social norms and find herself and her independence.

    Commander-DWH recommends: [link=]Untitled KOTOR II fic[/link] by Kip_Tipsy

    This piece is a great look at the relationship between the Exile and Atris shortly after the Council expelled him from the Jedi Order. What I love about this story is that it takes Atris beyond the unsympathetic authoritarian you see in the game, and gives her depth that lets you see why she was ever a Jedi in the first place. For a character the game paints in such a negative light, this story managed to give a glimpse at the good person inside her.

    mavjade recommends: [link=]Through a Child's Eyes[/link] by VaderLVR64

    Through a Child's Eyes was a story written for the disability challenge a few years ago and it has remained in my mind ever since. It shows how amazing the strength of a child is and that even through tragedy, family is what holds us all together. It's a story that will break your heart but touch it as well. I was really at a loss for words the first time I read it and I remain at a loss of words on it today. If you are looking for a short fic with very powerful emotions, this story is it.

    Luna_Nightshade recommends: [link=]The Naboo Chronicles[/link] by JediMasterRev

    My favorite stories always focus on Naboo--the handmaidens, Naboo culture, Naboo OC's. This story gives all of that in a fantastic, well-written adventure, but it also shifts into a beautiful A/P romance in the sequel. Essentially a PT rewrite, this is the story of what would have happened if the Jedi refused to train Anakin, and Queen Amidala had to come up with a backup plan for him. Interwoven stories abound, and I really enjoyed this version of the PT! What's even better--if you like it, there are sequels--one on board, and one off board. One of my favorites to remind me of what I loved about the PT.

    Mira_Jade recommends: [link=] On the Edge[/link] by Master_Jaina1011

    In which James T. Kirk gets his heart handed to him, the crew of the Enterprise saves the galaxy (again), and one Miss Audrey Pearce proves that she just may be one of the best OCs to grace this fandom (or any other) in a long, long time. If you looking for a story with fast dialogue, twists and turns, enough banter to laugh at, and drama to tug at your heartstrings, then this is a story for you. Master_Jaina is an excellent story teller, and this is one tale which just gets better and better as it weaves onward. You will not regret giving it your time.

    NYCitygurl recommends: [link=]The Reluctant Journal of Ron Weasley[/link] by FelsGoddess

    What happens when Ron
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    Wasn't this supposed to be a monthly thing?
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    Yes, but it fell off the radar during Awards preparations. We were focused on that. We're getting it back in there now, though. We have a list prepared for once the Awards are complete.
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    Good to hear! :D
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