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Buff, NY "Meeting Notes (No Replies Please)"

Discussion in 'Buffalo, NY' started by strawbary, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Mother_of_the_Twins

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    Apr 8, 2005
    Meeting date: January 12, 2008
    Location: Chris and Mindy?s house (the Big Boy den)
    Members in Attendance: Chris, Mindy, Jay, Danielle L., Matt S., Danielle, Larry, Janice, Annie, Jason N., Jaime, Elaine, Gil, Dan, Elizabeth, Antoine
    Members Excused: Marty, Kyle, Lisa, Rob, Aaron, Bryan, Peter, Christine, Derek, Eli, Shawn, Jenn, Ryan, Dave

    Sargent at Arms: Jason N.

    New Members: Everyone introduced themselves- Matt S. and Danielle were re-introduced to the group

    I. Treasurer?s report:

    The North Ridge appeared at twelve different events in 2007 (Feb. ? December). The annual review will take place at the next meeting.

    II. North Ridge T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

    It was agreed that a cutoff for payment of money due will be the date of the February meeting. See thread for updates. Ordering hats were also discussed ? pricing and measurements need to be completed.

    III. Star Wars Force Unleashed (Gil is coordinating)

    Details for this event are still being discussed. This will likely take 4-6 weeks to plan properly. Several different possible activities during the appearance were considered. A spring release date of the game is expected. See future thread for details.

    IV. North Ridge Banner
    It was agreed that we should move forward with the planning and ordering of a new banner. Possible designs were discussed, which would include listing the group website address on the banner artwork.

    V. Upcoming Events
    We have several events in the next few months. Participation is needed by all members . We have had the same few people at our recent events. Since the group attending the Philadelphia Con will not be available for the Feb. 9 & 10 appearances, we need other people to step up and make themselves available for at least one of those days if possible.

    a. Lackawanna Winter Fest ? we have been invited to appear at this event because of our attendance at the Clarence Winter Fest last year. So far we have only a few people signed up to appear.

    b. Clarence Winter Fest ? this will be our second appearance at this event. We need to brainstorm some new ideas to keep this event fresh.

    c. Costuming Party ? There doesn?t seem to be enough interest to schedule something at this time. Will schedule as needed.

    d. Timothy Zahn book signing ? we have been invited to attend this event which is being held in Rochester on April 5. Watch future thread for details.

    e. 2008 ?Weekend on the Niagara? Festival ? June 7 & 8. We have been invited to return to this event again this year. Discussions were held about which day to attend, time of day, and length of appearance. More info to follow.

    VI. CR Updates

    a. Appearance Etiquette ? No NR member should pick up a child during any appearance or event.

    b. Photographer - We will have one designated photographer for the North Ridge at each event. This person will be identified to the person in charge, who will be told that a disk of the photos will be provided to them after the event. This information will also be shared with others (ex. other parents at birthday parties), who will be told the party organizer will be provided with the disk.

    c. Meeting attendance -All members were asked to be specific when responding about who/how many people (for ex. guests or spouses) plan to attend meetings. This will allow for better planning of seating requirements and food.

    d. New Events - New event ideas are always needed and encouraged. Speak up!

    VII. Next Meeting date

    Our February meeting will be held on Saturday, February 23rd at 7 pm at Chris and Mindy?s house.

    VIII. Open discussion

    The Fan Force Awards will not
  2. BobaChris12

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    Aug 30, 2002
    February 2008 Meeting
    Chris & Mindy's home

    Attended by: Chris, Mindy, Lisa, Rob, Jay, Danielle, Jason N, Jaime, Jason S, Gil, Dan, Elizabeth, Peter, Larry, Janice

    Excused: Marty, Antoine, Christine, Jeff, Annie, Ryan, Eli, Kyle

    I. We discussed drafting a document of Appearance Guidelines to address behaviors that have been witnessed at recent events. The Guidelines will hopefully make parents/promoters more aware of the potential for problems and prevent occurances from happening again. A thread was started on the forums and will continue at the March meeting.

    II. Money was collected for the t-shirts. Please check the appropriate thread for purchasing information.

    III. Money and orders were also collected for the tribute patch for Jay's Dad.

    IV. It was collectively decided that money raised from appearances this year (less any monies alrady colelcted and agreed to go to Compass House) will bedonated to the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of Mr. Lalewicz.

    V. Gil discussed the release of Star Wars Unleashed, and our appearance with Best Buy. More details to follow. Please see thread.

    VI. The financial books will be reviewed in March.

    VII. All members were reminded to keep communication open and share ideas for events and get togethers.
  3. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    March 2008 Meeting
    Jaime & Jason's house

    Attended by: Jaime, Jason, Jay, Danielle, Mindy, Chris, Dan, Elizabeth, Larry, Eli, Gil, Elaine, Peter

    Excused: Kyle, Antoine, Matt, Annie, Lisa, Rob, Bryan

    Sergeant at Arms: Jay

    I. We opened the meeting with voting for Sergeant at Arms, then a Treasurers report from Larry.

    II. Money still needs to be collected for t-shirts. Chris has a contact for a potentially cheaper price, no set up charge,
    and the ability to have any number of shirts run at any given time. We agreed to hold the order until I can get more

    III. We discussed the Appearance Guidelines form that will be given prior to our appearances. Larry is going to collect all
    the ideas and draft a small document. It was also suggested that we condense the guidelines into a few short sentences
    that can also be announced at the beginning of the Jedi Academy performance.

    IV. The event with the United Way has been postponed. Any ideas are still appreciated. Gil & Chris met with Best Buy and
    the planning is under way for a potential 9/9/08 release of Star Wars Unleashed. We will also be working on an
    appearance for the Clone Wars in the theater.

    V. Some upcoming events were reviewed:
    - Birthday Party 4/26
    - Birthday Party 5/3

    Weekend on the Niagara Craft Show
    It was discussed that we will appear on Saturday June 7. The date will be forwarded to Matt for announcement.

    VI. The CR reminded everyone to use the forums as most of the information you may need regarding an event will be posted
    there. As a general rule, if you are sick and wondering if you should attend an appearance or not, please think of how
    you would feel if you requested us to come in an we showed up sick. We will be purchasing some business cards shortly
    with a general North Ridge email address. Eli is working on designing the card and may be able to print them for free.
    I'll be researching some more pricing for a vinyl banner. Peter is checking into the 4th of July parade again.

    The North Ridge was nominated for the Fan Awards at ICON 4/5. We're hoping to bring home a Fanny or two!:p

    VII. Voting will be open for the next meeting via a poll. Chris verified contact information with the members in

    Meeting adjourned.
  4. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    April 2008 Meeting
    Jaime & Jason's House

    Attended by: Larry, Janice, Jason, Jaime, Jay, Danielle, Chris, Mindy, Dan, Elizabeth, Lisa, Victoria, Annie, Gil, Eli, Ryan, Toots

    Excused: Marty, Antoine, Jason S, Peter, Kyle, Elaine

    1. Eli created new North Ridge business cards. He is looking into a thicker paper to possibly use and we are alos looking into a quote to have a printer run them for us.

    2. A new thread will be started for a Costuming Party. Anyone who needs help with assembling a costume is encouraged to post.

    3. Upcoming Events
    A new thread will be started to begin discussion and planning for aa summer picnic.

    Other ideas for events include game night, bowling, poker night, fragfest, Wii night, and a Force Unleashed game party.

    Indiana Jones opens May 22. See new thread for details.

    4. After reviewing our calendars, the May meeting date has been set for Saturday May 24 @ 7pm. Eli has offered to host.

    5. Chris updated that the forum issues are resolved and back to normal. If anyone has pictures for the website, please forward them to Chris, or directly to Ken. Design and layout will begin for a new banner as well.
  5. JediKnightLisa

    JediKnightLisa Jedi Master star 4

    Oct 12, 2002
    May 2008 Meeting
    Chris & Mindy's House

    Attended by: Chris, Mindy, Jason, Jaime, Dan, Elizabeth, Marty, Matt, Gil, Peter, Lisa, Rob, Victoria, Xander.

    1. Reminder about the importance of personal safety for our members and the attendees/general public that we interact with during appearances and photo opportunities.

    2. An invitation was received regarding a local summer appearance, however due to scheduling conflicts we must graciously decline.

    3. Ideas/brainstorming for future club improvements were discussed.

    4. June 2008 meeting date is to be decided. Please watch forums for poll.

    5. No photos were taken at this meeting.

    Respectfully submitted by club secretary, Rob.
  6. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    June 2008 Meeting
    Jason & Jaime's house

    Attended by: Larry, Janice, Jason, Jaime, Gil, Bryan, Chris, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Elaine

    Excused: Marty, Antoine, Peter, Dan, Biz, Lisa, Rob, Matt, Ryan, Annie

    I. We discussed a our schedule of upcoming events (all are posted on the forums) and discussed a potential event currently being planned with the United Way.

    II. The July meeting was cancelled after reviewing the available dates. We will resume in August.

    III. The North Ridge picnic will be scheduled in September to coincide with our anniversary.

    IV. We rolled Padawan certificates to use at various future events.

  7. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    September 2008 Meeting
    Jay & Danielle's House

    Attended by: Chris, Mindy, Jay, Danielle, Dan, Elizabeth, Gil, Elaine, Antoine, Peter, Eli, Ryan, Toots

    Excused: Jason, Jaime, Kyle, lisa, Rob, Larry, Janice, Matt, MArty, Annie

    I. We discussed the Best Buy appearance and CR asked that everyone do their best to try and make it for at least 1 hour to help raise $1,000 for Compass House. All details of the event can be found in the thread.
    Best Buy: The Force Unleashed Release ? September 16

    II. Website Updates
    A list is available in the thread as well as from the CR as to the remaining needs we have to update our member section and Event pictures.

    III. Upcoming Events were discussed. All but H have a thread with details. Mindy stressed the importance of the Stone's Buddies event and how much we can do to make a sick child happy.
    A. Birthday Party Request ? Sat 9/13 @ 5:30pm
    B. Best Buy ? The Force Unleashed ? Tues 9/16
    C. N.R. Picnic/Anniversary Party ?Sun 9/28 @ 2pm
    D. Light the Night Walk ? Fri 10/3 @ 7pm
    E. Breast Cancer Walk ? Sun 10/5 @ 10am
    F. Stone?s Buddies ? Sat 10/11 @ 2pm
    G. Cub Scout Pack Night ? Fri 10/17 @ 7pm
    H. (Tentative) Best Buy: Star Wars DVD Release ? Tues 11/4

    IV. Plan for events
    We briefly discussed a couple of future events on the table. Please keep an eye on the forum for updates as they do ot have threads yet,
    A. NR Halloween Party
    B. Santa Parade ? November (United Way)

    VI. Open Forum
    A. CR Updates - Communicate and watch your language
    B. October Meeting date - TBD. We may meet at our Halloween Party
    C. Recapped Summer events
    E. Close Meeting
  8. DarthSinistre

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    Jan 18, 2003
    Anniversary Picnic Meeting
    September 28, 2008
    Rob & Lisa's House

    Members in attendance: Chris, Mindy, Larry, Janice, Dan, Elizabeth, Jay, Danielle, Rob, Lisa, Jason, Jaime, Gil, Peter, Elaine, Antoine, Christine.

    Several younglings were also in attendance.

    Treasurers Report was received.
    Club will be presenting a check for $800.00 to the Lymphoma Society in memory of Jay's dad. Presentation will occur at the "Light the Night Walk" on 10/3. This was money that was raised from club appearances, etc. All members are encouraged to attend the presentation and walk.

    Halloween Party: Saturday November 1st at Rob & Lisa's. This will be a costume party, NO STAR WARS costumes. Thread will be started on NR forum.

    We, the NR specifically, were contacted regarding a potential appearance event in July 2009. Due to the magnitude of this event and importance of advance
    planning it was advised for NR members to keep their schedules clear for maximum participation.

    Gil has acquired a large cache of toys that will be distributed to some of patients at Women and Children's Hospital in Buffalo during the Stone's Buddies appearance on October 11th.

    Reminder that the Breast cancer walk will be on Sun 10/5. Please try to attend and show your support.

    2008 North Ridge Survey results were reviewed. They will be used as a guide to determine the course for growth and maintain a strong membership.

    T-Shirt update: Nothing to report at this time.

    The next NR meeting is scheduled to be at Chris & Mindy's home. Dates and times will be announce via the boards.

    In recognition of his hard work and dedication to the NR, Chris was presented with a ceremonial mallet (gavel) at the end of the meeting.

  9. DarthSinistre

    DarthSinistre Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 18, 2003
    Meeting Date: Saturday October 11, 2008
    Chris & Mindy?s Residence

    Attendance: Jay, Danielle, Elizabeth, Dan, Chris, Mindy, Xander, Rob, Lisa, Victoria, Elaine, Janice, Gil, Jaime, Jason.

    I. Officer reports were received

    II. Discussed various ideas submitted from the members present regarding swag items to be used in conjunction with appearances. Please submit a brief description of item that was researched to Chris via email.

    III. Reminder for members to check boards regarding any missing information for members bio/photo for the NR website. Please respond to Ken with any information that is needed as soon as possible.

    IV. Reminder of upcoming birthday parties and our participation in the Electric Light Parade again this year. Please watch boards for more details. A gentle reminder? it is important for everyone to respond to event threads (serious business of the club) regarding your availability, interest in , or answer - yes, no, maybe to a particular event before engaging in chatter on the entertainment threads (less serious stuff). This way we can insure maximum participation and involvement in club events.

    V. North Ridge Holiday party will be at Rob & Lisa?s December 13th or 20th. We will be doing the gift exchange again as well; $15.00 gift limit. For those who wish to participate we will draw names at the November meeting, thereby allowing ample time for a thread to be created for the participants to post gift ideas.

    VI. 2009 North Ridge Elections - In order to allow for more involvement from club members and to allow for the CR to delegate responsibilities for a more balanced workload, the idea of creating a position of VICE-PRESIDENT was suggested. This idea met with favorable approval from members in attendance; more information regarding this proposal will be presented soon.

    VII. November meeting will be on November 8th at 7:00 PM at Jay & Danielle?s residence.

    Elaine will now be responsible for posting birthdays on the ?HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU? thread.

    There will be no events scheduled during the months of December and January. This will allow members to recharge, prepare for future events, and to get through the hectic holiday season.

    Recommendations for revisions to the ?appearance form? be made for the benefit of participants and club.

    REMINDER: COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE ! Please communicate to the club via the boards, not only for your participation in an event. A simple ?Hello, all is well but I have been busy with ?(insert reason here).., however, I am still interested. What can I do?? This is OUR club and it operates at many different levels. We need EVERYONE to be involved with it at various times; not only for the high profile appearances. Thank you.
  10. BobaChris12

    BobaChris12 NE RSA & North Ridge VP star 9 Manager

    Aug 30, 2002
    November 22, 2008
    Chris & Mindy's House

    Attended by: Chris, Mindy, Dan, Biz, Jason, Jaime, Gil, Elaine, Larry

    1. Elections for the 2009 North Ridge officers were discussed as well as a timetable. Please check the forum for the appropirate thread.

    2. The Holiday Party has been set for Saturday December 20 @ 5pm.

    3. We looked at some events to plan ahead for in 2009. A list will be forwarded to the membership shortly to pencil into their calendars.

    4. We've received a heart warming thank you from Stone's Buddies. We've received a framed collage of various pictures from the event as well as a thank you letter. Pictures to follow.

    5. We agreed to wait until after the holidays to plan for the January meeting.
  11. DarthSinistre

    DarthSinistre Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 18, 2003
    April 26, 2009
    Rob & Lisa's House

    Members in attendance: Chris,Janice,Larry,Dan,Biz,Peter,Antoine,Elaine, Gil,Kyle,Brian,Lisa,Rob.
    Sgt-at-Arms: Elaine
    New: Jess, Dave

    I. Welcomed new members and officer reports were received.

    II. Members reminded to, if they have not done so, to submit description of their swag items to Chris. This information will be compiled and reviewed with the membership at a future meeting. Information regarding T-Shirt order will be forthcoming, please see boards for information. Dan asked that if you have not done so to please communicate your contact information to him ASAP.

    III. The website will be updated to announce future events so that the public will be able to see our touring schedule. Photos will be posted to the website in a more timely fashion following events. Dan will handle posting photos.

    IV. The CR delivered his State of the NR and gave a synopsis of the emails and comments of the members regarding their feelings on the NR. The clubs objectives and goals were also discussed by the members. Planning more social events was encouraged.

    V. Ideas for recruiting new members and motivating current members were discussed.

    VI. Reminder of the upcoming events that NR has been invited to be a part of. These will be posted to our forums. Once again it was stressed that the success of these events mean that everyone needs to do their best to attend. It is undestood that we all have committments outside of NR, however, anything you can do is appreciated. The success of the group is dependent on member involvement.

    VII. Please watch the boards regarding the next the meeting date.
  12. 72Princess

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    Jun 15, 2010
    January 15 2011 Monthly Meeting Minutes
    Location:Anna's Home
    Attended: Chris, Janice, Larry, Bryan, Steve Lu, Michelle, Anna, Chris Lo., Dave, Elaine, Gil, Jon, Karen, Kathleen, Lisa, Norma, Marty, Mindy, SteveLo,
    Excused: Dan, Elizabeth, Peter

    I. State of the North Ridge
    Chris and Dan are open to all questions, comments and concerns. Recent change in By-laws determines VP position term ends upon resignation or death. Please keep communication open. For those who are unable to attend events, please post accordingly. This includes posting occasionally to let the group know you are still interested in being a member of the North Ridge. The group continues to grow. Members are asked to consider meeting locations to accommodate the size of our group. Any ideas and information are welcome. Discussion was held to add Annie?s Place as a North Ridge Charity, splitting North Ridge donations between Annie?s Place and Compass House. Refer to Annie?s Place website for more information.

    II. Treasurer?s Report- Received thank you letter from Compass House regarding $563.00 donation made in Fall 2010. Also received thank you letter from Compass House for auction items donated by North Ridge members towards basket auction fundraiser. Will refund money collected from members who did not receive t-shirts from last order. Have had to change banks. Make checks payable to Janice or Larry with the memo:The North Ridge

    III. T-shirt orders discussion tabled for Feb meeting. Awaiting more information from vendors for discussion and vote.

    IV. Invitation to North Ridge events will be extended by the North Ridge CR and/orVP only. As North Ridge Events are posted on the boards, please continue to post your availability

    V. 2011 Dueling Club - Several people have inquired about starting Dueling Club for 2011. A location for introductory or social dueling is to be determined.

    VI. Upcoming North Ridge Events

    A. CLARENCE WINTERFEST - Clarence Town Park Lodge January 30th. Check the thread for more information and note your availability. Costumed characters with wranglers, table and craft help needed.

    B. Clearfield Library in Williamsville Event Feb 23rd - watch the Boards for more information

    C. Birthday Party March 5th - watch the Boards for more information.

    D. Possible: March 12- WNY Toy/Comic Collectible Show-check the thread for more information

    VII. North Ridge Goals for 2011 - everyone was asked to consider and present a few goals for North Ridge in 2011. In no particular order, here they are as best as I could capture:

    A. Have fun again- meet socially outside of scheduled events/appearances. Dates for such events should be posted on the Boards well in advance. Establish a REGULAR social evening once a month to be held on a different day each month. This rotation would allow those who work specific days regularly to be able to attend social events. Social events could include a game night, movie night, bowling, etc. THIS INCLUDES WATCHING THE STAR WARS FILMS TOGETHER!!!

    B. Continue with recruitment and retention of new members as well as encourage participation in all members. Also, start a thread to discuss new meeting location choices and availability. Continue to build annual events.

    C. Do a little more for charity. Perhaps hold specific drives for meetings or social events. Example: a can drive for the Food Bank at a monthly mtg. Also, participate AS A GROUP at community events, not in costume but still wearing North Ridge shirts, to demonstrate the philanthropy of the group. Example: Ride for Roswell, other Cancer Awareness Events, Habitat for Humanity, serving a meal at a Soup Kitchen, etc. Collect baskets for basket drawings at events.

    D. Dueling Club to meet throughout the year. Meet regularly for fun, socializing, and learning new routines. FInd a location for regular Dueling Club activities. Perhaps only run during warmer months when outdoor locations are available.

    E. Streamline appea
  13. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    FEBRUARY 20, 2011

    Location: Anna's Home

    Attended: Chris S., Janice, Larry, Bryan, Steve Lu, Michelle, Anna, Chris Lo., Dave, Elaine, Gil, Karen, Kathleen, Lisa, Victoria, Norma, Marty, Mindy, Steve Lo, Chris B., Antoine, Stephen & Mary, Dan, Elizabeth, Peter, Peter II, Jacob A., Jessica

    Sargent At Arms: Marty

    Excused: Rob, Jon, Aaron

    I. Introductions and Welcome New Members

    II. Trading Cards Spring 2011 Order Discussion

    New members with costumes have requested Trading Cards. If you are working on a costume, be sure to finish it up for a Trading Card shoot. Will try to get a North Ridge Costumed group photo for a group card. This card will have contact information on back instead of a checklist. Thread will have the supplier?s secure website information so everyone can order their own. Before ordering, bring drafts of cards to the group for proof reading. Ordering early reduces the need for ?rush? orders and will keep the cost down.

    ACTION ITEM: David will get the trading card template from Kyle ASAP.
    ACTION ITEM: Chris S. will start thread for interest and dates for photo shoots

    III. T-Shirt Order Interest and Information

    Discussed Logo design and colors, shirt colors, changing the back of the logo shirt to have a word crawl on back with NR contact information. A few members have received quotes for shirts. Discussed possibility of ordering drawstring bags and/or water bottles with NR logo to sell at Bison?s Game. Members are asked to research this as well. Other members invited to get quotes for t-shirts/hoodies. Quotes should include:

    screen set up fee
    minimum order - for the first order and/or all orders? - and does it have to be all the same size?
    youth sizes available and cost as well as additional cost for larger sizes up to 5X - please be specific
    prices for 1 and/or 2 color logos, matte or shiny graphics
    get information on the shirt itself (brand, materials, etc) for comparison
    if possible, obtain samples of shirts for ordering
    can people provide their own shirts for printing?

    IV. 2011 BISON?s Star Wars Night June 12

    Filming of video segments to be done in May - watch Boards for more information. Need ?little Clones? for a scene.
    Bisons will provide security and interns to assist with the event. Schedules of appearances and scenes will be in all dressing areas, tables, and possibly with programs. Set up for tables and appearances will be different this year, all members asked to try to make it to the walk through once a date has been established. This includes table staff and help. Watch the boards for more info.
    Will look into buying more SW rings for the table. Table staff will have assistance with closing and breaking down so they may change into costume for final battle.

    ACTION ITEM: Respond to [link=]"Power of the Force" Dueling Show - Preparation Thread[/link] to determine number of Jedi and number of Sith available for the final battle and dueling interest

    During the meeting, we read through the script for STAR WARS: THE POWER OF THE FORCE, by Bryan Patrick Stoyle. Everyone agreed it was awesome!!! Bryan continues to be open to ideas and suggestions for the story. Please email or PM your ideas to him.

    V. 2011 Dueling Club
    Christine from Hausrath Landscaping has agreed to distribute 2 keys, with stipulation and restrictions, for use of her facility for Bison-game dueling practice. Lisa and Bryan have accepted the responsibility with group approval. Lisa is looking into an alternative location for more practices and dueling activities. All dueling rehearsals will be scheduled which will be established at the first dueling meeting. Rehearsals will be scheduled according to partners and scenes. Everyone must be considerate for dueling practice. If unable to attend, it is YOUR responsibility to contact your rehearsal partners.
    All rehearsals will be video taped. Dueling communication will be done via email.

    VI. Upcoming North Ridge Events
  14. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    North Ridge Meeting April 10, 2011

    Location: Michelle and Greg's Home
    Attended: Chris S., Janice, Larry, Bryan, Steve Lu, Michelle, Anna, Chris Lo., Dave, Elaine, Gil, Karen, Lisa, Victoria, Norma, Marty, Mindy, Steve Lo, Chris B.,Dan,, Jacob A.
    Sargent At Arms: Chris B.
    Excused: Kyle, Peter, Stephen, Mary, Elizabeth, Jessica, Antoine, Rob, Jon

    1.) Future Meeting Locations and Scheduling
    Discussed possible new sites for meeting locations. Michelle and Anna verbalized happy to continue to occasionally host meetings. Norma offered backyard when the weather breaks. Discussed possible other meeting locations such as a Galleria Mall Community Room (716-681-7600 ext 130 for info) or other like areas.
    Discussed scheduling meetings with plenty of notice for scheduling purposes.
    Discussed Recruitment meeting after the Bison?s game. Bryan has contacted his contact at the bowling center. Waiting to hear back. Scheduled for Saturday June 18th.

    ACTION ITEM: New Thread to discuss and SCHEDULE future meeting locations and dates

    Next meeting APRIL 30 4pm at Anna?s house. Meeting will end in plenty of time for Dueling Rehearsal as scheduled. [link=]See thread[/link]that has been started.

    2.) Summer Picnic
    Look at July dates - schedule early so people can plan accordingly
    Anna has volunteered her home and pool for the party. Will check dates and availability and let the group know for certain ASAP

    3.) T-Shirt Order
    Discussed options and previously received quotes for T-Shirt order. The group unanimously agreed to go with Bryan?s contact. The quote is as follows:
    $30 screen set-up fee per screen (shirts requiring screens front and back will need two screen set up fees) The screen set up fees will be absorbed into the cost of the t-shirts
    Price ranges from $6-8 per shirt, depending on colors (one color or multi)
    Does not require a minimum order - can order as many or as few as necessary

    ACTION ITEM: Bryan to follow up with his vendor with the following questions and report:
    Price ranges for various sizes up to 5X
    Kids/youth T-shirt prices
    Brand of shirts - Fabric
    Hoodies/Long Sleeves availability
    Can people provide their own shirts etc to print

    4.)Trading Cards Spring 2011 Order Follow Up Discussion
    A thread is in progress on the Boards discussing interest. Link is [link=]here[/link].
    Kyle is to do the artwork. Dan is checking on photography assistance.
    Chris S. is looking into more affordable card options.

    ACTION ITEM: Comment on the thread your interest, character/costume, and an idea of how many cards you MAY want. This is not a final order, this is an interest seeking thread. Link is [link=]here[/link].

    5.) Promotional Table Etiquette Review and information for ALL EVENTS
    No cell phone calls or texting at the table.
    No eating at the table. No exceptions.
    Table personnel to help costumed members as needed.
    Looking into updated Compass House flyers for distribution. Janice will contact them for more material.
    Discussed possibility of composing a F.A.Q. sheet for distribution. This would include information on North Ridge characters, how to join/participate, how and where to begin building costumes etc. This will be discussed further at a later date.

    6.) 2011 BISON?s Star Wars Night Saturday June 11
    Planning meeting with the Bison?s organization is upcoming.
    NR members may be asked to do some promotional events. Examples: Appearing on School Kids? Day June 9th. Watch the Boards for more information.
    Filming of video segments to be done in May - date TBD.
    Bisons will provide security and interns to assist with the event. Schedules of appearances and scenes will be in all dressing areas, tables, and possibly with programs. Set up for tables and appearances will be different this year, all members asked to try to make it to the walk through once a date has b
  15. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    APRIL 30, 2011
    Location: Anna's Home

    Attended: Chris S., Janice, Larry, Bryan, Steve Lu, Michelle, Anna, Dave, Gil, Lisa, Norma, Marty, Mindy, Chris B., Dan, Elizabeth, Jon D, Kyle, Kathleen, Antoine
    Sargent At Arms: none

    Excused: Steve Lo, Chris Lo, Marty, Elaine, Jacob, Jessica, Karen, Rob, Stephen & Mary, Peter

    T-Shirt Order
    Bryan has obtained more information re: T-Shirt order:
    Screen is one size. Larger and Youth sizes are available as well as hoodies, long sleeves but they must accommodate the size of the screen.
    T-Shirts used are 50/50 Poly Cotton Blend Jersey
    Any sizes after X-Large will increase approx $2 per shirt
    Will allow to bring in own items/shirts on a limited basis
    ACTION ITEM: Bryan to follow up with his vendor with the following questions and report:
    Female cut shirts available
    Pay cash, save sales tax?

    Trading Cards Spring 2011 Order Follow Up Discussion
    A thread is in progress on the Boards discussing interest.
    Kyle is to do the artwork. Dan is checking on photography assistance. Kyle estimates a 5 week turn around for cards. Chris S. to check on turn around time for his card contact.
    Chris S. is looking into more affordable card options.

    Comment on the thread your interest, character/costume, and an idea of how many cards you MAY want. This is not a final order, this is an interest seeking thread. Link is here.
    Dan to arrange photography session and report ASAP.

    Discussed planning items for the upcoming Star Wars Night at the Bison's Game

    NEXT MEETING IS May 14th at Michelle?s HOUSE - see thread
  16. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    MAY 14, 2011
    Location: Greg and Michelle’s Home
    Attended: Janice, Larry, Bryan, Steve Lu, Michelle, Anna, Dave, Gil, Norma, Dan, Jon D, Chris Lo., Steve Lo., Norma, Karen, Elizabeth, Kathleen
    Sargent At Arms: Bryan
    Excused: Marty, Elaine, Jacob, Jessica, Rob, Stephen & Mary, Peter, Kyle, Chris S, Mindy
    1. T-Shirt Order
      1. Vote was held and passed to hold off on T-Shirt order until after the Bison’s Game.
        1. Most members will be in costume for the event or can borrow a shirt as needed.
        2. Anyone willing to take over the t-shirt order process is welcome to do so.
        3. Still need the high quality graphics for the shirts.
    2. Trading Cards Spring 2011 Order Follow Up Discussion on the Boards discussing interest. Link is here.
    3. YAHOO GROUP: the following members need to be added to the NR Yahoo Group: Michelle, Norma, Steve Losey, Chris Losey, Jon D, Kathleen, Karen
    4. Bison’s Game UPDATES
      1. Discussed contacting Great Lakes Plastic for plexiglass donation. Jon D has cutters to build a display case for the lightsaber to be raffled.
      2. Discussed Ultrasaber raffle. Lightsaber to be displayed at North Ridge Table. Discussed selling tickets until the 6th inning. Drawing to be done on the field by NR member and announced at beginning of the 7th inning. Ticket number to be displayed on Jumbotron, lightsaber to be given to Bisons - winner to report to Guest Relations or similar Bison’s location to pick up. Norma has 2 rolls of tickets that are available for use for raffles.
      3. Chip in Carbonite is coming along nicely. Please watch the Boards for project dates.
      4. Anna’s Graphic Designer contact has agreed to help us with signs and will begin to work on them ASAP. The group voted unanimously to offer her tickets to the event for her donation (she has requested 4).
      5. Event notes:
        1. Stantions will be placed to organize the photo line for R2-D2. Jon will dictate R2’s accessibility as he sees fit. Safety is a priority. The group voted unanimously it is okay for Jon to display an R2 Builder’s group sign or logo. Janice has an R2 Builder’s booklet received at C5. Jon will ask permission from the group for distribution.
        2. Will use the Bison’s staff for line control. Costumed face characters will assist at the table as per a schedule.
        3. Janice will work on character and table schedule. Possibly will display photo-op schedule at the table. Characters will be scheduled according to innings. Please realize some innings go faster than others. If you are out during a long inning, DO NOT HESITATE TO TAKE A BREAK!
        4. Everyone to bring SHARPIES (at least 2 each) for signing. The click ones work well and are convenient.
        5. Bring LOTS OF EXTRA BATTERIES for your sabres.
        6. Current inventory for the table:
          1. Rings - Hexagonal Clone Wars and Round SW
          2. 50 Trifolds, plenty of appearance forms, 40 half sheets with NR information, 1 2/3 box of business cards, Compass House Signage, 9 Photo Books.
          3. Kyle is working on maze, crosswords, and word finds for distribution.
        7. Practice dueling etc in your costumes so you have time to make necessary adjustments.
        8. Recommend applying SCOTCH GUARD to costume to protect from getting stained. Available at Wal Mart at $7.97 per large can (only size I could find). Be sure to test fabric first before applying to the entire costume.
        9. FRIDAY JUNE 10 there is a home game. Waiting to hear if we are able to drop off items on Friday.
        10. Saturday JUNE 11 - plan on being there in the morning. Will rehearse on the field. Time to be announced. Will show the out of towner’s placement and run through the show.
        1. MAY 28th is the general deadline for raffle basket donation items, items for printing. SUBMIT TO JANICE.
        2. Develop an information slip (quarter sheet) to distribute with basket raffle and lightsaber tickets as they are sold with announcement and retrieval info as well as NR contact information. Info to include: Raffle tickets sold until end of 6th inning” and “winners to be announced at 7th inning stretch” and “winners retrieve items at Bison’s Guest Services” DEADLINE IS MAY 28th.
        3. Bring donation items for basket raffle to dueling rehearsals ASAP DEADLINE IS MAY 28th.
        4. Contact BRYAN for ANY AND ALL schedule conflicts. Rehearsal schedule for MAY and June is attached
        5. Kyle to design sheets for distribution: DEADLINE IS MAY 28th.
        6. Have programs, character appearances BY INNING, and cast of characters available for distribution at the table. Janice will begin to work on this. DEADLINE IS MAY 28th.
        7. Chris S. to follow up with Jabba’s potential arrival.
        8. Jon to f/u with permission to distribute R2 Builder’s booklet Janice obtained at C5.
        9. Please contact JANICE ASAP with your event day ticket request.
        10. Dan to make a display frame for the Banner.
  17. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    June 18 2011 Recruitment Meeting
    Location: Transit Lanes
    Attending: Chris, S, Ken, Anna, Gil, Dee, Michelle, Larry, Janice, Norma, Kathleen, Elaine, Bryan, Chris Lo., Steve Lo., Mindy S., Biz, Kyle, Dave B., Dan, Stephen, Mary, Jon D, Jacob A, Steve Lukasik
    New Attendees: Victor (QuiGonSchuel), Bill (GrandAmDraco), Jenny, Jacob, Mike, Andy, AJ (RevanStarkkiller), Will
    1. Welcome/Open Mtg
      • Introductions
      • Seargant At Arms - Mindy
      • VP Report
      • Treasurer's Report - donated $825 after expenses to American Heart (Raffles/Photos)
      • Secretary's Report
      • Social Media Report
    2. History of North Ridge
    3. Structure of NR
    4. NR Guidlines
    5. Bison's Game Follow Up
      1. Time of Event possibly to start earlier- concerns- not too eraly d/t light issues, hosting earlier in the year brings rehearsal issues
      2. Table locations: need to have more major characters @ Main Table- same info at both tables
      3. Raffle signs-more specific
      4. Need more out of costume members to bring raffles sales
      5. Need more donation buckets
      6. Use "random Jedi" as "street crew"
      7. Close down at 7th inning, possibly disctibute flyers/programs after game
      8. Potential DVD sales on website
      9. Reinforce interns- stantons are very helpful!
      11. Need more communications re: Jersey raffle, NR Raffles
    6. NR Merchandise- tabled for future mtg
    7. Future events
      1. Annual Picnic- Pot Luck- watch thread
      2. American Heart Walk - September at Ball Park
      3. Comics Fest October 15- to expand, bring more artists, panels, 501st, RL
      4. Toy and Comic Show - Oct 22
      5. Wierd Al possible at UB
    8. Open Forum
      1. Next Mtg - at JULY PICNIC
      2. Update THREADS!
  18. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    AUGUST 2011 MTG
    Attending: Chris S, Larry, Janie, Norma, Peter, William, Peter Jr, Steve Losey, Steve Losey Jr, Chris Losey, Michelle, AJ Cinch, Andy, Bryan, Karen, Gil, Jon D, Bill B, Lisa W.

    1. Discussed Weird Al event - at UB in JULY
    2. Comic Fest - Oct 15, 2011: 10-4
      1. Wall for banner, same changing room as previous. Panels are okay- NR info, Intro to costuming - Imperial Armor, Rebel/Jedi
      2. The goal is for this event to become a convention
      3. Idea- inexpensive ribbons to pin on good costumes then perhaps a masquerade/parade
      4. SW TRIVIA? Scavenger Hunt? Borrow Carbonite Chip?
      5. Crafts, raffle off AT-AT PLANTER
    3. Bison's article has been submitted to Bantha Tracks
    4. T-SHIRTS- files, Cooler than HOTH design
      1. round off to $10 per shirt, no minimal order
      2. Interest: NR Shirt, Dueling CLub, same colors-Event SUPPORT, ice blu COOLER THAN HOTH
    5. Discussed NR Patches- Bryan to post info on FORUMS
    6. TRADING CARDS - Tom has contact info for supplier
    7. EVENT: UB MINICON Convention- invited by the GARRISON Nov 5-6th
    8. EVENT: SEPT 24- Heat walk @ CocaCola Field Concourse. Change in same room, be present at beginning of walk in costume prior to walk through entirety of event.
    9. Jon discussed lightsaber blade ideas
  19. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    NOVEMBER 19, 2011 MTG
    Locations: ANNA's house
    Attending: Michelle, Anna, Stephen, Mary, Lisa, Dave, Elaine, Kathleen, Marty, Peter, Peter Jr, Bryan, Chris, Biz, Norma, Jess, Steve Lukasik, Steve Losey, Dan, Jon D
    Sargent At Arms: PETER

    1. Open MTG
      1. SoA- PETER
      2. VP REPORT - possible Toys for TOTS
      3. Treasurer's Report - $205 to Compass House, THANK YOU CARD from Nancy and Dan, stickers purchased
      4. Secretary Report
      5. Social Media Report
    2. NR Holiday Party
      1. Sat Dec 17, 2011
      2. Menu Selections Discussed
      3. Start time 3pm- dinner 5pm
      4. Gift Exchange- RSVP by 11/26, Value of gift 15$ minimum, discussed guidelines and deadline to participate- watch for Thread/Mindy to coordinate
      5. Pantry Drive - basic pantry items, toiletries, school supplies
      1. Nomination Period Nov 26-Dec 3) for DIPLOMATS
      2. ACTIVE members only are available to vote/run for election- Active=Paid one time DUES
      3. Votes emailed to Chris by ACTIVE members
      4. Winners announce at Holiday Party
    4. CR/VP Updates
      1. Comunication!- post re: meetings, events: availability
      2. EVENT ETIQUTTE: no eating, no texting atht he table. Assist costumed (esp helmeted/masked characters)
      3. HAVE FUN!!!
    5. Upcoming Events:
      1. Jan 14- Buffalo Warriors Game -basketball at Villa Maria College- see THREAD- arrive 1 hr before gates, need costumers, table help
      2. Jan 29 - Clarence Winterfest - see THREAD
      3. March 25 - North Tonawanda Toy/Comic Show- see THREAD
      4. SAVE THE DATES: 6/9/12 SW NIGHT @ Bisons, 7/9/12 ALL STAR GAME HOME RUN DERBY and possible appearance, 8/3 Bisons PIRATE NIGHT
      5. NEXT MTG- at CHRISTMAS PARTY 12/15
  20. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    DECEMBER 2011 HOLIDAY PARTY ELECTION RESULTS: The group unanimously agreed for Chris, Dan, and Anna to continue with their positions. DIPLOMATS: there was a tie: BRYAN, ELAINE, KATHLEEN, MICHELLE, STEVE LUKASIK
  21. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    Location: Kathleen’s Home
    Attended: Officers: Chris, Janice, Larry, Bryan, Anna, Michelle, Steve Lukasik, Kathleen
    Members: Steve Losey, Steve Losey, Dave, Lisa, Norma, Karen, Biz, Gil

    1. OPEN MTG
      1. Sargent At Arms: Anna
      2. VP Report
      3. Treasurer’s Report - Current Balance $295.03. Purchased Banner for $176.83 and $20 Variety Club SW pins: selling for $2 each.
      4. Secretary’s Report:
      5. Social Media Report: FB - 320 People, setting up Video logs
    2. T-Shirt ORDERS
        1. Chris: The shirt: Black Tee, preshrunk
        2. $15 per screen, need 30 shirts for first order, min 6-7 shirts for re-order
        3. Small-XL 8.35, 2X 10.35, 3X 11.35, 4X 12.35
        4. Stipulations: Only available to active members, must pay up front, checks written to Janice or Larry, not NORTH RIDGE
        5. ACTION ITEM: Place orders on the Boards, Janice and Larry to collect orders and place. DEADLINE FEB 13, 2012
      1. THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D in theaters! - February 10
        1. Larry is negotiating an appearance schedule, watch Boards for updates and appearance times.
        2. The NR group will attend the movie as a group the following weekend- FEB 19th in the afternoon. Will have meeting before at Anna’s house, go to movie with Dinner afterwards. Watch BOARDS for update.
        1. to have date determined by MARCH 1st
        2. Watch for thread- be sure to update availability
      3. Anniversary Party/Dinner: Watch Boards- plan for September
      4. Holiday Party - discussed Cater vs. potluck - decided on pot luck d/t success of last year’s party
      5. Open suggestions for events?
        1. Compass House - Soap Box Derby in September for a costume appearance
        2. March 25th - Variety Club Telethon possible appearance
    4. Communication
      1. update email contact information
      2. pay dues
      3. ask questions/verbalize concerns
      4. communicate via FB or Forums
    5. Bison’s Star Wars Night
      1. Responsibilities and Participation- update threads on costumes and participation
      2. Game at 6pm this year, gates open at 5pm
      3. 4 packs on sale now, March 3rd individual tickets go on sale
      4. Brainstorming:
        1. discussed traffic flow and improving
        2. photo props on the second floor
        3. PROPS: need to submit prior
        4. sell lightsaber and t-shirts
        5. additional face characters on second level
        6. manage multiple characters (2 Vaders, 2 Fetts)
        7. Sith introduce Referees/ away team (lightsaber arch)
      5. Invites
        1. Promo Clips: Dan on snowy field as SNOWY, Characters in line for tickets
      6. Rehearsal Schedule/Film Schedule
        1. Video filming: Sat 2/25 - green screen available
        2. 3/10 evening TBA- 1st rehearsal
        3. 3/24 , 4/7 4/21, May Tues & Thurs & Sat - will get time on field that week
    6. 10th Anniversary Review
    7. Diplomats
      1. concerns re: SW BISON’S have been raised. Diplomats presented the following suggestions
        1. Suggested organizing committees for the event- either assigned or elected
        2. Script committee- Bryan will chair- perhaps a 5 person committee
        3. Changes or suggestions to be submitted in writing, 2 rounds of revisions, completion 6 week time period
      2. these ideas/suggestions/and concerns were discussed

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
  22. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    Location: Anna’s House
    Attended: Peter M, Peter Jr, Williams, Dave, Lisa, Norma, Gil, Marty, Stephen, Mary, Chris, Bill R, Bryan, Larry, Janice Anna, Kathleen, Steve Losey, Steve Losey, Chris Losey, Steve Lukasik, Karen, Rob, Mindy
    Sargent At Arms: Rob
    Excused: Michelle, Dan, Bill B, Victor, Antoine

    1. Officer Reports:
      1. President’s Report
      2. VP Report
      3. Treasurer’s Report
      4. Secretary’s Report
      5. Social Media Report
    2. T-shirt order
      1. Black shirts- Gilden Men’s and Women’s, Bella Women’s
      2. Place order now- Larry will clarify- need minimum for additional screen runs? (ex: cooler than Hoth)
    3. Group order from Ultrasabers- Bryan will organize- watch BOARDS for THREAD
    4. AllStar Game at BISON’s - JULY - evening event- possible appearances between innings - home run derby? -5-10 min skit?
    5. Invites to Bison’s event going out this week
    6. FILMING: Feb 25
      1. arrive 12noon, start shoot 1pm - approx 1-2 hours
      2. green screen will be set up for photos
    7. Bison’s Pirate night - Aug 17- Friday Night Bash - show up in costume- update THREAD
    8. Paws Cares - watch THREAD
    9. Bryan is taking limited orders on Jedi belts. Please contact him if you are interested.
    10. Schedule Recruitment MTG 2 weeks after BISONS event
    11. Summer Picnic JULY 29- tentative date- Anna & AJ to host
    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
  23. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    Location: ANNA & AJ’s Home
    Attended: Chris, Larry, Janice, Anna, Bryan, Michelle, Steve Lukasik, Mindy, Gil, Karen, Biz, Steve Losey, Steve Losey, Jacob, Dave, Lisa, Chris Losey
    Sargent At Arms:

    1. Officer Reports:
      1. Register to TEMP Forums - All information is supposed to be transferred
      2. Contact (email) Chris if having issues
    3. Bison’s Game
      1. BPS- discussed dedication for the show
      2. Idea for T-shirts- buy/have donated Bison’s T-Shirts- add NR logo to the back - Larry will inquire
      3. Possible Celebrity appearances for SW Night- James Arnold Taylor, Richard LaPomontier (England Heart Assoc), Anthony Forrest, Robot Chicken Team
      4. Auction lightsaber at game- advertise on the JUMBOTRON
    4. Upcoming EVENTS:
      1. March 31st - BDAY party - only Janice and Larry Available
      2. April - 7th -
      3. April 14th BDAY Party
      4. April 21st Filming
      5. April 28th Rochester- Strong SW EVENT - non approved members to email photos - will accept non- 501st/RL to troop
      6. Summer Picnic- JULY 29th
      7. SPCA - possible October event at the FAIRGROUNDS
      8. OCT 20th- ComicFest- possible event
      9. PIRATE NIGHT - BISONS AUG 17th- Janice putting together a basket raffle

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
  24. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    Attended: Chris, Dan, Janice, Larry, Anna, Bryan
    Steve Lukasik, Kathleen, Elaine, Michelle, Norma, Marty, Bill R, Bill B, Gil, Biz, Steve Losey, Steve Losey, Chris Losey, Dave, Lisa, Peter, Peter Jr, William, Jon D, Rob, Chris B
    1. Officer Reports:
      1. President’s Report
      2. VP Report
      3. Treasurer’s Report
      4. Secretary’s Report
      5. Social Media Report
      1. Carpooling- Chris need acr count for tickets/parking passes
      2. Forums- bring light snacks for after party
      3. Bring fresh batteries - best for light sabers: Rayovac ENERGIZER RECHARGABLE NIMH
      4. Be sure to hydrate!
      5. Scotch Guard costumes to prevent staining
      6. bring fans- the conference/changing room gets warm
      7. GROUP PHOTO - Channel 4 4pack and BDAY party give away
      8. Gates open at 5pm
      9. COSTUME NLT 430pm
      10. Review location for Death Star Banner/Photo display.
    3. Not needed for ALL STAR GAME
    4. JULY 21st- Bisons’ AHA check presentation -
      1. bring family and kids- SUITE is provided
      2. characters for check- helmeted- no Vader, chewy, or JEDI : Peter, DAN, Steve Lu.

    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary
  25. 72Princess

    72Princess Jedi Knight star 4

    Jun 15, 2010
    Location: THRUWAY Lanes
    Attendance: Officers: Chris, Dan, Anna, Janice, Larry, Bryan, Steve Lu, Kathleen, Elaine
    Attendance Members: Mindy, Biz, Jon D, Norm, Gil, Steve Losey, Steve Losey, Chris Losey, Stephen, Mary, Ken, Bill R, Jess, Marty, AJ, Karen, David, Victoria, Bill B, Peter, Peter Jr, Williams, Lisa, Dave, (lgtsaber), Antoine, Dee, Victor, Dave B (Darth Erebus)
    Potential Recruits: Terry (Darth Jelley) & wife Kristin, Mike, Rob, Austin
    Sargeant at Arms : Mindy
    1. Introductions
    2. North Ridge Presentation
      1. History - formed in 2002 - this is 10th Anniversary
      2. Structure
      3. Membership - Dues come w voting privileges, no costume required
      4. Questions - Charities include COMPASS HOUSE
      1. Great event - went very well
      2. Show delayed due to light!
      3. Discussed re: costumed guests and NR Participants - discussed lanyards, wristbands, etc
    5. Upcoming Events
      1. Darien Lake : SCI FI DAY
        1. 430 to costume, 5-8 appearance, 8pm show
        2. Staff will wrangle characters, will discuss re: bringing families/tickets
      2. Official North Ridge Summer Picnic - JULY 29 - 1pm
        1. Food will be potluck- list of supplies will be on thread
        2. Pitch in for BOUNCE HOUSE - watch THREAD FOR updates
    6. Discussed organizing group social activities -
    7. Mtg Adjourned for BOWLING!!
    minutes by 72Princess (Anna)
    North Ridge Secretary