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Star Wars CLOSED Mercy Flight

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Darth_Elu, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Star Wars

    Mercy Flight

    Turmoil! With the advent of the Clone Wars,
    the planet of TEPASI finds itself in perilous
    STAR SYSTEMS has launched a daring assault to
    consolidate its territory.

    Baroness Sanya Tagge, in a plea to the GALACTIC
    REPUBLIC, has asked for assistance. While the ARMY
    OF THE REPUBLIC is currently tied up throughout
    the galaxy, they have sent a lone representative of the
    Galactic Senate.

    Senator Amidala, upon recently returning from a small
    ‘vacation’ on Naboo, is sent to bring the local populace
    medical supplies and humanitarian aid. But in truth, she has
    been tasked by the Supreme Chancellor with contacting rebel
    factions in an effort to begin throwing off the Separatist oppression...


    This game takes place in 22 BBY, just a month after the events of Attack of the Clones, and centers on the adventures of Padmé Naberrie-Skywalker (Amidala) and those who accompany her on occasion.

    This is meant as a One-on-One game with @Kurisan as the Nubian Senator (and whom also creatively supplied the images in this Opening), but will allow and feature occasional cameo appearances from other players. Any character type will be available for those guest roles.


    Character Sheet

    Picture: [If you wish]

    [If you do not use a picture above]

    The Rules

    1) If you wish to take part in a guest role, please PM me and we can discuss the details. :)
    2) Will be using a blend of Legends and Canon in this tale, ask me if you have any questions.
    3) No god-modding, as usual. Or else…Force help you.
    4) Obey the TOS. Always.
    5) Lets have fun and get this show on the road! :padme:
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  2. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    [Approved by GM. Thank you so much for this, @Darth_Elu [face_love]]



    Name: Padmé Naberrie-Skywalker (Amidala)
    Species: human
    Gender: female
    Age: 24
    Weapons: ELG-3A blaster pistol
    Padme was elected as Queen of her native Naboo at the age of 14. The tenure tested her to the limit with the crisis of the Trade Federation Invasion. She broke the hold of the Federation by gaining the support of the Gungans, who had for generations distrusted the Naboo, and foiled the plans of Nute Gunray.

    After her term was completed, Padme took up service representing her planet in the Galactic Senate. She became the subject of assassination attempts; Gunray was obsessed with getting revenge. She was reunited with Anakin Skywalker, whom she had met as a boy. He was now grown up and a Padawan tasked with keeping her safe. They slowly began to fall in love, but Padme recognised this was forbidden for the Jedi, and would distract from her own duties.

    However, after attempting a rescue of Obi-wan Kenobi on Geonosis and becoming involved in the opening battle of the Clone Wars, Padme secretly married Anakin.

    They are now separated by the war, and Padme turns her efforts to supporting the failing Republic in any way she can – including travelling to dangerous warzones to seek out and negotiate the aid of factions loyal to the ideals of democracy and freedom...
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  3. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Mercy Flight

    In the darkness of space, the hum of engines sound for those close enough to hear as a CIS Providence-Class Carrier Destroyer came into view, escorted by two Munificent-Class Frigates.


    Within moments of their arrival, a confederate shuttle departs from the carrier and begins to approach the planet just ahead, while the three larger ships begin to take up an ominous orbital position.


    The shuttle flew on a calm, leisurely route until it came to a slow vertical landing on its designated landing pad on the outskirts of Unlos Tagge, capital city of the world of Tepasi.


    About twenty battle droids and ten super battle droids all came to line up for the expected visitor, with a woman who was being both escorted and watched over like a prisoner by two more super battle droids; was marched up toward where the exit ramp was descending.

    They came to a nice stop about thirty feet from the shuttle. The woman in question was Baroness Sanya Tagge.


    And coming down the ramp to meet her, with more droid guards in tow, was none other than Separatist leader and head of the Techno Union:


    Wat Tambor.

    With a barely disguised look of disgust, the woman bowed her head to the skakoan approaching her as if he now ruled the planet. Which, by the looks of things, he basically did.

    Baroness Tagge. It is such a…wooorhoooreee…”a quick readjustment on his suit, “…pleasure to see you in person. I assume you have come to formally pledge your support to the Confederacy.”

    Here the woman did not hide the narrowing of her eyes and the intake of breath that showed her displeasure before replying. If she could have just taken one swing at the man, just one, she would have done it in a heartbeat! If only they hadn't discovered her hidden vibroblade earlier...

    “I have already made a public pledge of faith to the Galactic Republic, Minister Tambor. You will have no allegiance from me.”

    Wat nodded, as if unsurprised, and began to move thereby forcing her to stroll alongside him, their guards also following with the mechanical sounds of their marching accompanying their strained exchange of words.

    “That is unfortunate, but we will have Tepasi’s resources nonetheless. You are free to sign the declaration of surrender while I am present to smooth things.”

    The Baroness shot him a glance as they moved, “You are sorely overestimating your chances of that.”

    “It would seem you are the one sorely underestimating my chances. I have already captured your planet and yourself. Your people are held under restriction, which can be alleviated with the signing of the declaration, and your resources are already about to be mined for the uses of the Separatist cause.”

    She was silent, her lips thinning at the skakoan’s words.

    “At this point, this is all just formality. If you sign now, you will be allowed to retain your title as a sign of good faith.”

    Her eyes glared daggers at the CEO of the Techno Union. “The Republic will come to Tepasi’s aid and then you will regret all this, Tambor.”

    They paused outside the doors that separated them from the rest of the private spaceport facilities usually reserved for only the members of the noble House of Tagge.

    “The Army of the Republic is currently stretched too thin to come to your aid, Baroness. Why do think we arrived now? I had been waiting for this…oroorrwwee…chance. Now come, we have much to discuss so that our increases in profit can begin swiftly.”

    He turned to lead the way again, to which Sanya Tagge could only glare at his back and hesitate a few moments longer.

    “We shall see who is stretched too thin in the end…” the woman whispered with barely restrained anger before being prodded by a blaster to the back to keep moving.

    With great poise and great disdain, she did. Whether she liked it or not, the Separatists had full control of Tepasi.

    For now.

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  4. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant


    It didn’t take long for Padmé Amidala to gain entry into the Supreme Chancellor’s Office, which was a sign in and of itself regarding the importance of the meeting.

    After taking her month long ‘vacation’ on Naboo where she was officially recovering from the ordeal on Geonosis and plotting her political response, though in truth was undergoing her marriage to Anakin Skywalker and simply extending her stay to cover it up with something that seemed realistic to any onlookers; she had recently returned to Coruscant to renew her political work as the Clone Wars began to rage throughout the galaxy. Taking her husband away to fight in the process.

    It had only been a few days before Palpatine summoned her and it was her duty to answer. She could scarcely imagine what must be going through the poor man’s head with all these dramatic events breaking out!

    With R2-D2 and her handmaidens still left at her personal apartment and C-3PO told to wait outside the Supreme Chancellor’s Office with his receptionist (who seemed particularly thrilled to have the golden droid with her), she was only accompanied by her ever-present bodyguard Captain Gregar Typho.


    As they strolled through the entrance, Palpatine was already swiftly moving toward them in greeting, a warm smile on his face as he held out his hands.

    “Ah, Senator Amidala! Just the woman I was hoping to see. It is truly a pleasure to see you again,” he stated as he came to briefly embrace her before beckoning toward the seats and his desk.

    “It is also nice to meet you again as well, Captain Typho. Diligent as ever.”

    Typho smiled and inclined his head as he moved along with them, coming to a standing stop next to Padmé’s chosen seat.

    “Thank you, Chancellor. It is always an honor to see you in person.”

    “You are too kind and please, do send my warmest regards to your uncle.”

    That of course being the one and only, Quarsh Panaka. Her old Head of Security and protector during the Battle of Naboo.

    “I shall. Rest assured!”

    With that nicety settled, the Supreme Chancellor motioned for the Senator to actually sit and did so himself behind his desk. The warmness remained in his countenance, but a somberness began to clearly settle itself. Already he looked worn and tired from the brewing chaos of the conflict.


    “I do hope your time away found you well, milady. To be honest with you, I’m afraid I have a rather grim situation I need to discuss with you and I need to make sure you are well enough for it. You gave us all quite the scare back on Geonosis.”

    One could only wonder what sort of scenario was about to play itself out, especially since the Chancellor’s words were accentuated by the seriousness of his expression. With the Clone Wars having started, who knows what he was about to speak with her about.

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  5. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant


    Padme entered the Chancellor’s suite with a sense of so much having passed since she was last here. So much had changed.

    The Chancellor embraced her and warmly greeted Gregar, before bidding her to sit. He seemed tired and sombre and she wondered at the burden of making decisions daily that had galaxy-wide repercussions. The war was quickly spiralling out of control, just as they had all feared it would.

    Still, she almost began with a barb. Well, you got your grand army. Happy now?

    It was not the first difference of opinion she had had with Palpatine, but it was such an important one she felt it had changed their relationship forever, despite the warmth with which they still greeted one another.

    She held her tongue, knowing it would be churlish. The fact was, Geonosis would have been a disaster of even greater magnitude had the clone forces not arrived. She might not even be sitting here now.

    And, something else…

    Padme had always enjoyed clarity of moral purpose. When she knew she was right, she could fight relentlessly and without hesitation. She would batter her political opponents with righteousness. But she carried a secret now, and the guilt coiled inside her like a snake, strangling her confidence.

    I married a Jedi.

    How could she sit and judge any others now? She knew it would compromise her work, she knew it was forbidden for him. She had resisted for as long as possible, but in the end she had given in to her love.

    Yes, I love him! How can something that feels so true and real be so wrong?

    It was a fight she had with herself every night in those long sleepless hours. No matter how many times she justified it to herself, she felt like she had betrayed her office, her colleagues, her friends, her family, and the Republic in which she so faithfully believed.

    But when he had held her, soothing her, the doubt all melted away. At that time, she knew it was right, that somehow they would make it work and still continue to do the things they were supposed to do, and be good people.

    But he was gone now: To the war, every day throwing himself into danger. She missed him so much, she wished she could bring him back, and then hated herself for such selfishness. It was an endless loop of torment.

    Palpatine spoke. “I do hope your time away found you well, milady. To be honest with you, I’m afraid I have a rather grim situation I need to discuss with you and I need to make sure you are well enough for it. You gave us all quite the scare back on Geonosis.”

    The words and his expression suggested he needed to ask her to do something difficult, perhaps even dangerous. Padme saw an opportunity of redemption. Yes! she silently shouted. Give me your most arduous task! Let me serve my Republic, as I vowed to do!

    At that moment, he could have sent her to the front lines of a warzone and she would have gladly accepted. Anything to prove to herself that she can reclaim that moral purpose. Further, she felt the need to sacrifice, to face danger, like Anakin did every day. It was not fair that he did so and she did not.

    “I am fully recovered, thank you,” she said. “I am eager to serve the Republic in its hour of need. Your staff must be so stretched. So please, do not hesitate to use me in any way, no matter how grim the situation. I am ready.”

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  6. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine IC:
    ~Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant~

    The Supreme Chancellor watched and gauged Senator Amidala’s response carefully, noting how she seemed when she spoke.


    “I am fully recovered, thank you. I am eager to serve the Republic in its hour of need. Your staff must be so stretched. So please, do not hesitate to use me in any way, no matter how grim the situation. I am ready.”

    Palpatine seemed to eye her only a few seconds more before giving a small nod, a little smile once more settling easily onto his face.

    “I am so glad to hear that, you were always one I could count on when I really needed someone I could trust. Thank you, Senator.”

    With that he seemed to take in a breath as he composed his words, moving his hand to press a button on his desk that made a small holo of a planet appear hovering in the air for them to look at. Confederacy ships, also shown in the holo diagram, were also in evidence in orbit. At least five, but things could have changed since the data had been constructed.

    “This is the planet of Tepasi. I am sure you have heard of it, also located here in the Core.”

    Captain Typho even nodded that he had heard of the world when the Supreme Chancellor looked his way as well as Padmé’s.

    “I am distressed to learn that it has suddenly come under Separatist occupation before they could amount much resistance. A good friend of mine, the Baroness Sanya Tagge has managed to sneak in a message pleading for our assistance recently. She has already pledged publicly her and her planet’s support for the Republic before they were attacked.”

    Palpatine’s eyes reflected his deep and personal sorrow over the matter as he watched Padmé.

    “Unfortunately, the Army of the Republic is too thinly stretched for us to even be able to send her reinforcements to come to her aid.”

    “With all due respect, Supreme Chancellor,” Gregar cut in apologetically, “What then can we do?”


    Palpatine just gave him a curt look. “I had a little plan in mind actually, but only if the Senator agrees. From what I understand, Baroness Tagge has always been a bit of a fan of yours,” he nodded back toward Amidala with a light smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as if remembering an old memory, “And I thought the best we could do for now is send some humanitarian aid, perhaps open some initial negotiations with the Separatists to allow it.”


    “They would never allow us to fly in and do that.”

    “No, you’re quite right,” Palpatine admitted but with a coy expression coming over his face, “But that’s not the only reason I’m sending you two. Captain, I expect you to protect Senator Amidala carefully because I need her to quietly make contact with the various disgruntled populace on Tepasi as well as with Tagge herself while you’re there negotiating aid.”

    Palpatine watched Padmé, gauging her reaction again, as he allowed his words to trail off a bit. Hoping she picked up on the unsaid.


    In other words, he wanted them to help secretly organize a revolt against the occupiers until the Republic Army could assist.

    If Amidala had wanted a dangerous mission to ‘redeem’ herself in her own eyes. She just found one in her lap.

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  7. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    ~Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant~


    Padmé waited while the Chancellor introduced his topic. She took in an involuntary gasp when she saw the Confederate ships blockading the planet.

    Tepasi. Yes, she did know it. It was her calling to know all these places.

    Palpatine explained the invasion and Padmé shuddered, remembering how her own people had become temporarily enslaved by the droid armies of Nute Gunray. Now Baroness Tagge was suffering the same way.

    Padmé had met Baroness Tagge at several functions – twice on Coruscant. She remembered the older woman as elegant, intelligent and tenacious. She liked to believe they had much in common.

    The mission was to bring humanitarian aid, to negotiate her way past the blockade on that basis. That supposes the Confederates are still playing by the rules, she thought. And that is not true.

    The objection was made, and Palpatine’s expression became coy.

    Then he described the real mission. He did not state it so plainly, of course, such as he was the master politician, but Padmé understood. He wanted her to use the humanitarian aid as a cover, to contact and organise the resisting factions, and lead a revolt.

    It was a daring gambit. So, now the Republic is not playing by the rules either.

    She was perhaps being harsh. If the Baroness had just declared for the Republic, not many could judge that Padmé would be sowing sedition against the will of the population or its rightful government.

    Nevertheless, if they caught her doing this, the Confederates could lawfully execute her as a spy. She took a moment to consider this. Palpatine surely knew the danger in which he was placing her.

    She nodded acceptance anyway. This was exactly what she had just asked him to do, what she had silently pleaded for, in order to assuage her guilt. It would be cowardly to baulk now.

    And she had experience of this. Her greatest achievement as Queen of Naboo had been to unite the hostile Gungans with her people and end their long antagonistic relations. She was, she realised, the perfect choice for this mission.

    She glanced up to Gregar, expecting an objection. Her heart went out to him. Palpatine had challenged him with an impossible task. She knew his devotion to her safety was more than just professional. They had talked about it after what happened to Cordé. She had been gentle and respectful, but made clear that she could not return those feelings, and had offered him an honourable resignation.

    He had steadfastly refused, vowing that he could and would do his duty. And she had believed him. Their friendship had grown stronger for this openness, but she feared he might actually be a burden to this particular mission. If Gregar had been present when she took off to Geonosis to help Obi-wan, he would surely have tried to stop her. She had no doubts about his bravery, but she worried if he had the nerve and skill to maintain the façade of negotiation, while she was sneaking away on her own mission.

    On the other hand, his military wisdom would be useful, to evaluate the forces available on Tepasi and how best for them to achieve their freedom.

    She would make the choice with him, later. For now, she decided to overrule his objection before he could make it.

    “I accept, Chancellor,” she said quickly. “I will take my Nubian yacht. It is a civilian vessel, not a warship, but with enough space to bring a useful amount of bacta. I have a feeling they will let me land if only for the chance to capture and ransom me.”

    She glanced up at Gregar. “We will discuss security arrangements on the way.”

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  8. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Captain Typho, & C-3PO IC:
    ~Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant~

    “I accept, Chancellor.”

    Captain Typho merely looked incredulous at his Senator, his mouth opening in protest, as if instinct. By this point, it practically was given Amidala’s antics and track record.

    How had his Uncle kept up during the Invasion of Naboo when she was Queen?


    It stopped there as he just closed his mouth and looked away for a small moment, knowing it was already too late, but refocusing back on the conversation. It was time to simply prepare for the next adventure he now found themselves in!

    “I will take my Nubian yacht. It is a civilian vessel, not a warship, but with enough space to bring a useful amount of bacta. I have a feeling they will let me land if only for the chance to capture and ransom me.”

    Padmé looked up to her bodyguard then. “We will discuss security arrangements on the way.”

    “We will,” he agreed, trying not to betray his frustration too much. Knowing these two though? It might as well have been like a Wookiee trying to sneak through a pottery shop.

    The Supreme Chancellor seemed to ignore the little interaction, nodding toward the woman’s words.

    “Excellent, that was my idea as well. Just incase you accepted, I had already had the supplies set up. There is a little bit of food also added to it. I wish we could do more, but for now, this is a start.”

    He seemed to press a button on the desk and the holo of Tepasi faded away and was replaced with that of a rodian worker, who glanced up mildly surprised.

    “Chancellor?” He said in his native tongue.

    “You may proceed with the shipment, Nuuro. The kind Senator has agreed to take them.”

    “I’ll get right on it,” the rodian replied before the brief call was ended.

    Palpatine settled his gaze back on Padmé, turning serious for a moment longer. “Unfortunately, I’m afraid you are right about the intentions of the Separatists when they let you land. And they will let you land, I assure you. And will likely play along with the idea of negotiations at first.”

    “What should we do about that then?” came Typho's response.

    “Why, that’s what you are for, Captain,” a little wry smile from the Leader of the Republic, “And these security arrangements you will discuss amongst yourselves, I trust.”


    With that he stood up in a clear dismissal, now that matters had been discussed and agreed upon. “I do wish you both well in this endeavor and please be as careful as you can.”

    As farewells were finished and the two made their way out, Typho had to allow himself one last moment of displeasure.


    “I am not exactly pleased with this new mission of ours,” he stated quietly as they exited the Supreme Chancellor’s Office and into his receptionist’s area.

    Before they could get much further though, a certain golden form began moving away from the center disk and toward them in its iconic shuffling movement. The receptionist herself seemed relieved just by having the droid turn away from her.


    “Oh! Oh, Senator Padmé and Captain Typho! I am glad to see your meeting has adjourned! I hope it went well?”

    “Well enough,” muttered Gregar before silencing from the look he was likely to receive.

    C-3PO looked between the two of them for a moment, adding in a little extra before his current master could reply.

    “Also, we received a message from Representative Binks while you were in the meeting. It appears he wished to speak with you regarding something urgent.”

    What could Jar Jar possibly have that was urgent this time?

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  9. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    ~Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant~


    Padmé winced as Gregar made his objection known, just too late. She had known it was coming. She would deal with it later, in private, as she indicated to him.

    “We will,” he confirmed, his tone sour.

    Palpatine seemed almost amused by all this. He certainly warmed to her idea of using the yacht.

    The Chancellor said, “Excellent, that was my idea as well. Just in case you accepted, I had already had the supplies set up. There is a little bit of food also added to it. I wish we could do more, but for now, this is a start.”

    Padmé was just a little disconcerted at how predictable she must have been to the senior politician. Sometimes, she felt like there was more going on behind those eyes… that he knew all her secrets…

    Still, a combined food and bacta package would serve the purpose. It was just a token really, a screen for the true mission, but it had to be convincing. Palpatine ordered the arrangements with his Rodian man, then his expression became serious as he scrutinized Padmé.

    “Unfortunately, I’m afraid you are right about the intentions of the Separatists when they let you land. And they will let you land, I assure you. And will likely play along with the idea of negotiations at first.”

    Gregar made his concerns known about that, and again Palpatine challenged the security captain with dealing with it. Padmé frowned. Why was the chancellor goading Gregar like that? She decided a neutral declaration was needed to diffuse the tension.

    “We are brave, Chancellor Palpatine, and we are glad to serve the Republic.”

    Palpatine dismissed them then, and she rose to leave.

    “I do wish you both well in this endeavour and please be as careful as you can,” said the chancellor.

    Padmé curtsied in response and they made their farewells and left. In the corridor outside, she could sense Gregar swelling like a volcano about to blow.

    Sure enough, he snapped, “I am not exactly pleased with this new mission of ours!”

    Before she could give him a reply, C-3PO waddled towards them from the receptionist’s desk.

    “Oh! Oh, Senator Padmé and Captain Typho! I am glad to see your meeting has adjourned! I hope it went well?”

    “Well enough,” muttered Gregar. Padmé took a deep breath and prepared to make her representations to him, when C-3PO cut her off with another announcement.

    The droid said, “Also, we received a message from Representative Binks while you were in the meeting. It appears he wished to speak with you regarding something urgent!”

    Padmé sighed. There was always something else urgent to deal with. She could not let this go with Gregar, to simmer unresolved all the way to Tepasi, or it would endanger the mission. It would be better to leave him behind – but that would communicate mistrust in him, which was furthest from the truth. She was worried his complete dedication to his role as her guardian would interfere with her… creative diplomacy. She had to get him on side with this.

    One thing at a time, she decided. Political triage. She turned to the golden droid.

    “Threepio, please arrange a conference call with Representative Binks now.”

    She turned to Captain Typho and gave him a meaningful look. I have heard your objection, and I will answer it, in time.

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  10. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Force Ghost star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Captain Typho, C-3PO, & Jar Jar Binks IC:
    ~Chancellor’s Suite, Coruscant~

    Padmé’s request for Threepio to set up the conference call seemed to surprise him. But then, what with the golden droid’s personality, it certainly seemed that feat wasn’t exactly very hard to accomplish.

    “Oh. Me? Why, yes, yes of course, Miss Padmé! One moment, please.”

    From there the droid shuffled further away to do this, thereby giving them the chance to have a bit more privacy in the call instead of right in front of Palpatine’s receptionist. Captain Typho walked with the Senator after him, noticing her look and understanding it completely.

    He still wasn’t the happiest of people at the moment, but he nodded that he understood all the same. The man would listen at the very least, he always did. As Padmé well knew, his objections always came with the best of intentions. Straight from the heart as it were. Perhaps a little too straight from the heart even. Though he never overstepped his bounds, which was a blessing.

    The moment they had an alcove in the Chancellor’s building that they could communicate more securely, Threepio initiated the call.


    “Hello? Yes, Jar Jar, it’s me. C-3PO! I am returning your mes—“

    The droid seemed to straighten a bit, confused. “Oh.”

    He tilted his head as he brought the comlink closer again. “Is everything quite alright over there? Are you there? Sometimes I can’t understand that gungan…”

    Suddenly the comlink, an advanced variety that had the capability of holographic conference calls, seemed to switch on displaying the blue miniature image of Representative Jar Jar Binks. He seemed to be just standing up for some reason and brushing himself off, shaking his head as if he had been surprised.

    Given the situation, he had likely fallen over somehow. Again.

    “Oi! Oi! Mesa so clumsy sometimes…Oi! Threedio!”

    “It’s Threepio!”

    “That is wat I’s said. Threedio! Oh! Looky looky! The blue picture call working again!”

    It was likely that he had probably turned it on purely by accident. Threepio sighed, shaking his head as he moved to hold the comlink in a better way so the image was displayed better for Padmé and Gregar.

    “This is why I called the other way first. He’s lucky he managed to activate the conference function without breaking anything…” the droid paused as if remembering himself, “Oh! My apologies Miss Padmé! Here is Representative Binks for you.”

    “Hello dere, Miss Padmé! I mean, uhhhh….Your Senatoryness. I jus want to see if you could come to your loverly office. I has someone I am eager to show you here, right now!”

    If nothing else, the gungan’s enthusiasm still remained despite everything and it clearly showed. The Head of the Senator’s Security was unamused however, like most who spent too much time with the gungan.

    “I’m afraid we’re currently in the middle of preparing for something important, Jar Jar. Can this friend of yours wait?”

    “Oh no, no, no! It no wait! He is here now! And uhhh…”

    There was that hesitation that showed he had probably bungled up another thing that he had been trying not to mention before. Sometimes Captain Typho privately wondered how Binks hadn’t managed to get himself killed or in serious trouble by now.

    “…Well. It kinda embarrassing. I just need a teensy weensy favorah!”

    Threepio shook his head again and Typho merely turned away and slid an annoyed hand over his face where Jar Jar couldn’t see.


    In any event, if the Senator wanted to learn more about what he wanted, she’d have to get to her personal offices.

    What did Binks do this time!?

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  11. Kurisan

    Kurisan Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 26, 2016
    ~Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant~

    Padmé sighed again. Threepio and Gregar were understandably annoyed by the Gungan's antics. But she had learned as a politician to accept different species. Sometimes what appeared as clumsy or gregarious to humans, was just normal to others. She certainly was a clumsy fool when swimming in the water, compared to a Gungan.

    On this occasion, however, she had to admit the interruption was untimely and aggravating. And he had not even said what he wanted.

    She was about to dismiss him when she paused. Why did he hesitate to say who was with him? Was it because Threepio and Gregar were also listening? He said he had someone he was eager to show her.

    Padmé bit her lip. Her union with Anakin was a secret, she was sure of it. But Jar Jar had been a part of both their lives for so long - he had been there when they first met on Tatooine. And he was more perceptive than people gave him credit for. The antics were a perfect cover in that respect. Did he somehow know that she would not want Gregar and Threepio to overhear if Anakin had come to visit her?

    Or maybe it was her desire getting the better of her imagination. She would have to look out for that: If she was constantly pining for him it may affect her focus on missions.

    She could not risk missing the opportunity if it was him. She looked at Gregar. He had turned away in despair for a moment. Threepio was just shaking his head.

    Padmé snatched the comlink from the droid. She said, "Excuse me a moment, Threepio."

    She retreated a few steps then switched off the hologram feature of the comlink. She whispered, "Jar Jar, it's just me now. Who's there with you?"

    She hoped she could find out now, before making the journey.

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    Jar Jar Binks IC:
    ~Chancellor’s Suite, Coruscant~

    C-3PO could only watch Padmé confused for a moment, but said nothing to impede her actions. To do so would be unthinkable in his position after all! He waited calmly where he stood while Captain Typho managed to glance over to see that his ward was now in possession of the comlink and switched to a more private mode.

    His brow furrowed for a moment, wondering what that was about. While it certainly felt notable, he decided it was unlikely to be cause for any major concern and so decided to wait patiently, just like the droid.

    Jar Jar on the other end of the call seemed to let out one of his exaggerated sighs of relief.

    “Oi! For a minute dere, I thought yousa gone from da call, mesa no seeing you!” There was a pause as he listened to a voice just out of range of being detected for familiarity, “Oh! Right. Ummmm.”

    There was another long pause as Binks seemed to debate whether he should say or not for some reason.

    “Mesa wanted it to be a surprise! But uh…yousa real busy, sooo…” the Representative was certainly dragging it out though, that was for sure, “It be a friend of mine. Cousin actually! But mesa wanted you meetin’ him! He had a teensy request to ask yousa in person. That was the favor mesa was mentioning.”

    She could hear the sudden uncertainty and doubt eating up Jar Jar crawling into his voice more and more as he spoke, likely unsure if he had overstepped his bounds in some way.

    “If yousa don’t mind.”

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    ~Supreme Chancellor’s Office, Coruscant~


    Padmé bit her lip. Not Ani, then. The Gungan was being infuriatingly vague, but something did seem very important to him. She glanced at Gregar and Threepio. She knew they needed to prioritise the mission to Tepasi but... no good decisions were ever made in haste. Surely it could wait just a little longer?

    She owed a debt of gratitude to the Gungans, and had vowed to respect them as full representatives of Naboo. This was one of those times she had to do her duty. However, she thought of a way to minimise the delay and perhaps reassure Gregar at the same time.

    "Alright, I'm coming over now, Jar Jar. See you soon," Padmé said into the comlink.

    She switched it off and faced the others. "Captain Typho, I need to attend to this matter. Please can you prepare the yacht? It is civilian, but as you know it is equipped with enhanced shields and blaster cannons. I would be grateful for your personal review of its capabilities and readiness. Also, if you could put together a small selection of... equipment and weapons that may be useful to me while on Tepasi, it would be most useful."

    Then she turned to the golden droid. "Threepio, if you could accompany Captain Typho and ensure the yacht is ready for immediate take-off on my return? I would also like you to put together a datafile for our destination; geography, peoples, lifeforms, and so on. I will return soon. Thank you."

    She turned before they could object. She would use one of the courtesy skycars and jet straight there. Maybe she could pick up some things while she was there, too.

    As she hurried along, she wondered what Jar Jar could possibly really want...

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    Captain Typho, C-3PO, & Jar Jar Binks IC:
    ~Chancellor’s Suite, Coruscant~

    When Padmé finally returned to the others after finishing her call with Jar Jar, they watched her carefully. Most especially her bodyguard, Captain Gregar Typho.

    It was all over her face, she was going to get rid of him again. Even if temporarily. He always knew when she was about to undertake something on her own. It was a certain look she got right before speaking up or abruptly acting. It annoyed him to no end.

    He also loved her for it.

    As she told him to prepare the yacht and a review of their readiness, in addition to a selection of weapons for potential use on Tepasi, he nearly scowled. Right now, he decided, it just annoyed him.

    “I will, my lady. But you do know that—“

    She had already turned and began speaking her instructions to Threepio, who nodded happily. He had no issues whatsoever with what was going on. She was merely being decisive and rather efficient with spreading out their duties for a coming trip after all. Sometimes he had no idea what got other humans so worked up. Despite his primary functions!

    “Of course, Senator. I shall see to it immediately! Rest assured, I’ll have the information ready for you upon your return!”

    It was at that point that Padmé turned and headed off to get a skycar and fly toward her Senatorial Office. Threepio merely turned to the man staring after her.

    “Well, I am ready when you are, Captain! This will be so exciting, don’t you think?”

    Typho just looked at the droid for the briefest of moments before turning away and sighing.

    “Come on.”


    ~Senator Amidala's Office, Coruscant~

    It didn’t take too long, all told, for her to reach her personal office here on Coruscant. It wasn’t located far from the Supreme Chancellor’s Suite due to her position’s need to deal with the highest ranking official in the Republic so often. About twenty minutes at the most.

    As she easily breezed into her office, she was greeted by its usual appearance.


    Sitting off to the side at one of the casual chairs, was Jar Jar Binks. The moment she entered, he set down a drink of his and got up excitedly, turning to face her.

    Senator Padmé! Senator Padmé! Here wesa are!”

    The way he was practically dancing, you’d think they were in the middle of a crowded bazaar and trying to desperately to locate each other amongst the diverse throng of peddlers and potential customers. Yet there they were, not but twenty feet from each other initially, with no one in between.

    As he turned, he also knocked over the glass he was drinking from without even realizing it, but before it could completely topple over and make a mess, a different gungan hand shot out to catch it.

    It belonged to the individual that had been sitting right next to Jar Jar, off to the Representative’s right. A cousin if Binks was to be believed earlier. After righting the glass, he stood up respectfully and faced the Senator as well. The moment her eyes fell on him, he would bow low to show his sincerity. From these simple movements it was clear. He was nothing like the gungan she was more used to.

    Jar Jar finally moved toward her meanwhile and shook her hand, enthusiastically as always.

    “I so glad you could make it! Dis means much to me!”

    “A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Senator Amidala. I have heard much about yousa,” spoke up the other causing Jar Jar to look at him as if he had momentarily forgotten.

    “Oi! Right, right! Let me introduce you! Senator Padmé, dis is my cousin! Fann-Fann Naldiem! Fann-Fann, dis is da Senator!”


    The gungan bowed once more, with a small smile though with a quick side glance to Jar Jar. “Just Fann, please. It is an honor.”

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    ~Naboo Senatorial Office, Coruscant~

    Padmé smiled at Jar Jar's noisy and clumsy greeting. She knew it annoyed others, but she found his enthusiasm and genuine affection endearing. There was precious little of that in the life of a senator, constantly playing word games with politicians who only pretended to be her friends.

    Then she noticed the other individual - another Gungan, but nothing like Jar Jar. He had rescued that falling glass with impressive reflexes.

    Jar Jar introduced him, and he in turn greeted her with serious decorum. Fann, he called himself. The voice was gruff, almost like a growl compared to Jar Jar's squeaks. The voice reminded her of the loyal kiba guard dogs of Naboo.

    While he was an interesting individual, to meet him alone seemed a poor reason to call her away from her duties. She thought of angry Gregar, even now muttering and cursing her name in her absence.

    She curtsied to show the proper respect to a co-habitant of her homeworld, then said, "I am pleased to meet you, Fann. I understand there is something urgent you wanted to ask me?"

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