Story [MLP-Studio Ghibli] Shifter Magic

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    Oct 3, 2016
    -My Little Pony: Shifter Magic-
    Teaser trailer:

    (Screen fade in with text) Studio Ghibli

    (Piano fade in of Mononoke Hime (instrumental))

    (Text fade in on screen)
    Hasbro Ltd

    (Camera pan and scan of Everfree Forest at night. Loud crashing is heard as a human girl the spitting image of Miyazaki’s Arritetty frees herself from the tangles and brambles)

    Megan v.o. [Bridget Mendler] Where am I?

    (Camera fade to black and text fade in to crescendo of Mononoke Hime (instrumental)) My Little Pony: Shifter Magic

    Official Trailer Number 1:
    (Screen fade in with text) Studio Ghibli

    (Text fade in on screen)
    Hasbro Ltd

    (Camera pan and scan of a rural estate with Megan Arrietty Flyheight (Arrietty) running down a paved country road in high spirits as Crasdant’s rendition of Nos Galan plays)

    Megan v.o. [Bridget Mendler]: My name is Megan Arrietty Flyheight. My brother, sister and I all have shifter magic powers that we inherited from the Shifter Plane. (Scan up towards a mother of pearl planet visible in the early morning sky). But my powers are stronger than theirs.

    (Megan stops suddenly at the end of the road where a forest begins and the road veers off in the other direction. Crescendo of Hedwig’s Theme)

    Megan, thoughtful v.o.: I made a promise, a long time ago… (Camera scan down to Megan’s blazer to a pin of two intertwined draconequises in red lacquer)

    (Text fade in on screen) To return a kindness in the human world, a spirit from Equestria was switched with that of an unborn human. Now, to reveal her true calling, Megan Flyheight must reconnect long buried secrets with someone who has all but forgotten his heritage.

    (POV switch to Discord as he and Fluttershy are touring Canterlot Palace. And Forever background music)

    Discord v.o. [John DeLancie] Are you absolutely sure about this so called Phantom Menace? Sounds like a wild goose chase if you ask me, and I should know!

    Fluttershy v.o. [Andrea Libman] Whoever it is, sweetheart, we will fight it together. (Indicates engagement band and kisses him)

    Discord v.o.: I guess your right honey. But why do I get the feeling something big is about to happen?

    Celestia, amused v.o. [Nicole Oliver] You mean besides the upcoming wedding?

    (Text Fade in on Screen) There will be no turning back once true human Megan travels to Equestria. A long fated meeting between species separated by light years and history will impact everything all hold dear. Will past sins be forgiven and can love in all forms truly conquer all?

    (Final Crescendo of
    Book of Days) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic the Movie: Shifter Magic
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    It's a challenge to write in script form^:)^, nice to read the v.o. actor's identities and 'hear' the musical themes. I don't know much about the MLP fandom and the setup for future adventures piques my interest, especially since MLP is a cartoon fandom.[face_love]:)
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    Thanks for the feedback, these are merely the trailers for the upcoming story. I like to give my readers a preview of what they can look forward to reading. The story itself will be up sometime soon, I hope. So stay tuned. :)
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