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Saga [MMM] Jailhouse Schemes

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by moosemousse, Sep 17, 2018.

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    Oct 3, 2004
    Title: Jailhouse Schemes
    Author: moosemousse
    Timeframe: Undecided
    Genre: Mush, romance
    Characters: OCs Vyy and Scora
    Synopsis: Something is amiss in prison and Scora is bamboozled by it all.
    Notes: Written for the Monday Mush Mania challenge!


    I stopped in the doorway as I saw Vyy sat there trying to look innocent. She was a definitely up to something. I could tell by the way she looked guilty and was trying to look innocent, which only made her look more guilty. I often wondered if it had anything to do with her prosthetic lekku. I narrow my eyes as I slowly rubbed my short hair dry with a towel. “What are you up to?”

    Vyy looked startled. “Who? Me? I'm not up to anything? What makes you think that?”

    There was a slight cough behind me, and I felt a stun baton poke me gently in the back. “In,” ordered the guard, poking me with the deactivated weapon until I was over the threshold. The door slammed shut behind me.

    Sitting opposite Vyy on my own bed, I finished drying my hair. When I was sure the guard was gone, I looked at her. “If you're planning pranks then I want in. Otherwise I'd rather not know.”

    She nodded, keeping her mouth firmly shut, like her secrets were spill out if she opened it. She swallowed. “It's nothing bad, promise!”

    I raised an eyebrow. “Didn't you also say that about robbing a bank that one time?”

    “I thought we were robbing deathstick dealers!” she blurted out. “I didn't know they were bank managers.”

    “What about that time you suggested we smuggle those creatures?” We could laugh about that now, but at the time there was no funny side to that story.

    Vyy leant her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands. “Don't remind me. I had only seen them in pictures. I had no idea they would be bigger than our ship.”

    “And that was the biggest ship I could find, too. I thought they would eat us.” I stood and hung my towel up. “It would have made for a better story, but we wouldn't be telling it.”

    She muttered and grumbled before laying down and tugging her bed sheets over herself. “These beds are too small.”

    “They are, but at least the room isn't much bigger than it is.” I climbed into bed and reached out my hand.

    “Yeah,” she replied, lacing her fingers through mine. “Things could be worse.”


    When morning came, I found Vyy not only awake but also not in our cell. I was always awake before she was, but to see her bunk made up for the day seemed odd.

    Rubbing my hair tiredly, I got up and put my towel away. I guess someone else was awake as I heard a loud ‘psst’ noise.

    I ignored it and it came again.

    “Scora! Oi, Scora!” I ignored them still, but that didn't stop them. “You're boyfriend's a snitch!” I closed my eyes and sighed. Calling Vyy my boyfriend was nothing new, nor was calling her a snitch. “Snitches get stitches, ya hear?”

    A guard banged they baton on some security bars loudly. “Cut it out in there. I come in there and this comes on.” They banged their baton again to clarify what they meant.

    The other inmate hissed “stitches” again and was quiet after that.

    Were they right about Vyy? It wouldn't be the first time other inmates had been put in solitary because of her, not that it was her fault they were up to no good. That didn't stop her being blamed for it.

    Last month she found a shiv and a guard caught her with it. She tried to hide it but she looked so guilty she had to tell the truth. The owners of the shiv weren't happy about that. They should have hidden it better, if you ask me.

    But still, something felt wrong, and I didn't like it. She would never deliberately snitch on anyone, would she?

    The uneasy feeling persisted as I sat through breakfast alone. The food wasn't bad but it just didn't appeal. As I picked at it I learnt a few new words that rhyme with ‘snitch’ and not all were Galactic Basic.

    Eventually I gave up and headed to the exercise yard. I used to like working out but since I got here where it's one of very few things to do I found it go boring. It was still good working out bad moods and troubled thoughts though.

    My plans to pump iron were dashed when I saw a small crowd gathered around in a corner. The yelling and shouting told me they were up to no good. It put a dampener on my workout plans, and I went over to the crowd.

    One of the inmates was just lingering at the back, a bit too short to see anything but still involved. “What’s going on here?” I asked them.

    She spoke without looking at me, “we got the snitch cornered.” She held up a small rock and offered it to me, “want to throw something?” When I pushed it away, she turned to look at me. “Oh frak, it’s you!”

    “Yes,” I scowled, “It’s me.”

    Cupping her hands over her mouth she yelled “it’s Scora! Run!”

    Forcing my way through the fleeing crowds, I pushed my forward. As the crowd dispersed Vyy and I were left alone. She was kneeling on ground sniffling a little. Her left lekku was bent and crooked, but she smiled as I gently eased the overlapping plates back into place, straightening it out.

    I knelt in front of her, making sure she was OK and that the bruises were just bruises. “What is going on? Don’t tell me it’s nothing, because this is clearly not nothing.”

    She put her arms around me and gave me a gentle squeeze. “It’s not nothing, but it isn’t anything bad. I just don’t want to get you involved.”

    “You got hurt,” I replied, pulling back so I could look at her. “You’re hurt, and you’ve never been hurt before.”

    Pulling me back into the hug, and gave me a harder squeeze. “You need to trust me here. Everything will be fine.” She sniffed and wiped her nose on my shoulder. “Please, just trust me here.” And with that, she just stood up, leaving me on the floor. “Right, I need food. Let’s go and get some.”

    That was not something I was expecting and it left me trying to catch up both mentally and physically and she made her way to the mess hall.


    Things got, well, they got weird. I knew something was going on, but I couldn’t tell if they were pretending there was trouble or pretending that there wasn’t any. Two windows faced onto the exercise yard and passing the first I saw a group of inmates gathered around, but when I passed the second they were being rowdy. It made no sense.

    As I lay on my bed, I stared at the ceiling. I liked it better when I had a routine and all I had to worry about was how to pass my time. Everything just seemed messy, and Vyy kept squirming.

    I’d skipped dinner as I couldn’t face any weird, but I was hungry. I took deep breath, and as I let it out in a long sigh, the riot alarm went off. I bolted upright and saw prisoners running past. I looked over at Vyy who was unusually calm. She was trying not to show any emotions, which only made her show more but I couldn’t read any of them, so I guess it worked.

    After a few minutes, Vyy grabbed my hand and started pulling me. It was so sudden that I nearly fell over, but I managed to get to my feet first. She hunched into a running crouch and I copied her, following her through the prison complex.

    With too many questions running through my head I couldn’t focus on where we were and I got thoroughly lost. I did notice that it was entirely too quiet for a riot, and all the doors were open. This felt more like a trap and I faltered.

    Vyy stopped and looked me in the eyes. “Do you you trust me?” I nodded. “Just keep going. Everything will be fine.”

    With a quick kiss on her cheek, I whispered “OK.” She flushed a little and turned to keep going.

    We were not somewhere I recognised, but Vyy seemed to know where we were, so I just trusted her. A little further and a door opened ahead. I was quickly pulled into a shadow and a finger was pressed against my

    From our not very good hiding place, I heard the warden come out of the room. “A riot? At this time? I’ve just sat down to dinner!” She stomped along the corridor, passing close to where we were. “I hadn’t even taken a single bite!"

    I looked at Vyy and saw she was quietly smirking and trying not to giggle. She was adorable and I was confused. As the warden’s footsteps faded, she pulled me out of hiding and along the corridor, pulling me into the warden’s room.

    The room inside was plain but comfortable. It was definitely more comfortable that the rest of the prison, but it had a similar look to it. In middle, just off to one side, was a table with two chairs.

    The furniture wasn’t interesting as I’d seen the same furniture everywhere else. On the table, however, was not just a simple meal for one. There was an elaborate meal for two. There were candles and fruit juice. There were even a few fake flowers to make it look really nice.

    Putting a hand on my cheek, she turned my head to look at her. “Happy Anniversary.” She gave me a slow kiss. “This has been the hardest secret I’ve had to keep, ever.” She gave a slight shrug and a sigh. “I hope you like it.”

    “Like it?” I asked, leaning back so I could see all of her face clearly. “I love it.” I pulled her into my arms and squeeze her tight against me. “Thank you, thank you so much.”

    She pressed her face into the nape of my neck and smiled. I don’t know if someone was watching or not, but it was a perfect moment for some slow music to come piping into the room through the tannoy system.

    Dinner could wait a few minutes more, and we slowly danced, enjoying each other’s company, like we hadn’t done for years.
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    Wow, you really chose an unexpected and interesting setting for this—the fact that Vyy is able to throw together a romantic anniversary meal for Scora while they’re both in prison is nothing short of incredible, and of course the juxtaposition makes it all the more of a special gesture. Great job setting the scene here with the gritty details of the prison, the other inmates’ taunts, and the pair’s reminiscences of past heists, and I’m glad these two got this pleasant moment together even while stuck in this dark, bleak place. Nice work with this, and thanks so much for sharing! =D=
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    I LOVE these two! [face_love]

    [face_laugh] Right from the start, their dynamic was great! I get the feeling they get into a lot of trouble together! :D
    This cracked me up!

    :mad: But even more than the infuriating thing of calling Vyy her boyfriend is the scary thought that she's being threatened.
    I'm so glad it turned out to be minor and I love that Vyy tries to protect Scora from it all.

    Before I realized this was set up, I was feeling for the warden just a bit as I've been there. I'll sit down to eat at work and get called back to see a patient. I don't really mind (so long as it's a legitimate reason) but it can be quite frustrating.

    But then to see a meal there for the two of them... [face_love]

    This was so perfectly mushy, but so interesting because of the location! Great job! I'm excited to see you back here and posting fics again!

    And just a note, I added your title into the title bar. I thought I'd done it the other day but I guess I didn't hit save.
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