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    Nov 22, 1999
    Author: Raissa Baiard
    Title: Toon Wars
    Era: Saga-OT
    Genre: humor, crack!fic, dare challenge
    Summary: A SW fanboy submits a script treatment to the DizNerds forum

    I recieved the following dare from Ewok Poet:
    For my good friiend Ewok Poet@};- I hope this lives up to your toon-tastic, crack!tastic vision! [:D]

    DizNerds Forum >> Movies >> Rumors

    SWGuy: Hi, I’m new to the DizNerds. Not really a Disney fan, more of a Star Wars guy :D but I joined since the Mouse bought out LucasFilm. I happen to very good friends with a HIGHLY PLACED SOURCE at Disney who showed me this incredible script they’re working on! They’re planning to remake all the Star Wars starring Disney characters! My friend said not to show anyone, but I couldn’t resist giving my fellow DizNerds a sneak peek at this awesome treatment!

    Here’s a scene from Toon Wars: The Empire Strikes Back:

    Darth Vader, a tall, stocky rooster in black armor and beaked helmet and Lando Calrissian, still Billy Dee Williams, because Lando is awesome, are on the carbon-freezing platform. Six Smurfs with piggy noses wearing gray coveralls carry in a coffinlike container, singing.

    SMURFNAUGHTS: La la la la la la, la la la la la!

    Boba Fett, a helmeted avian with a pointy beak and a wild plume of red feathers protruding from his helmet, leads squad of six stormtroopers who bring in Han a tall, gangling youth with shaggy brown hair and a prominent adam’s apple,Leia a hostile looking girl with a uni-brow and ponytails that stand straight out from her head, and Chewbacca a squat brown marsupial with bow legs, and tufts of fur like devil’s horns. Strapped to Chewie's back, with only his head, torso, and one arm assembled, is Threepio, a droid with pointy cat ears.

    HAN:(to Lando) Like, hey, what’s going on old buddy…old pal…old friend?

    LANDO: You're being put into carbon freeze.

    Boba Fett darts away from the group to Darth Vader, and performs a bizarre dance, popping up from around the freezing chambers, warbling:
    BOBA FETT: He’s no go good to me dead, dead, dead! No good! No good dead! Dead! No good to me dead!

    VADER: Don’t worry so much, boy! I say-- don’t worry. The Empire will compensate you if he dies-- compensate, I say. More money than you can shake a stick at-- stick, I say stick!

    Realizing what is about to happen, Chewie lets out a wild howl:

    CHEWIE: Grrrr whhhhhthhhhbpffftt bleah!

    He starts spinning like a miniature tornado and crashes into the stormtroopers, who go over like a set of bowling pins in a strike. They spring back up immediately and begin clubbing Chewie. He chomps off the end of one and belches a blaster bolt. His face twists into a wicked, toothy grin and he begins chasing the troopers around the stage, spitting laser fire. They yelp, grabbing their armored posteriors.

    HAN: Like, stop, Chewby-Doo, stop! Do you hear me? Stop!

    CHEWIE: (shakes head) Wheehoo ptthhh ftttt...uh-uh.

    HAN: Would you do it for a Chewby snack?

    He pulls a green box with a picture of a bone on it out of his vest and shakes it. Chewie pauses in his pursuit and his eyes light up. He spins across the platform to Han, grabs the box, empties the contents into his tooth maw and then eats the box, too.

    In a flash the guards have slipped binders on Chewbacca, who is too busy chewing to protest. Han turns to Princess Leia, who shoots a spitball at him.

    LEIA: (Scoffs.) Han. What a womp rat . What a moof-milker. What a stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder. How I hate you. And yet... (pulls a tiny, hand made Han doll from her belt pouch) I love you. Oh Han, bastion of sanity in this crazy mixed-up galaxy in which we live. When you brush past me in the corridors, my heart leaps like a hyperactive tauntaun, and I forget my chaos. How the essence of you lingers in the Falcon’s cockpit, sweetening the air from the scent of Wookiee fur. And I feel peace: true peace at last. Ohh…

    HAN: Zoinks!

    Leia punches Han for the last time, and the troopers lead him to the hydraulic platform. Suddenly, the platform drops.

    HAN: Chewby-Doo! HELLLLP!!!!


    Instantly, fiery liquid begins to pour down in a shower of sparks and fluid as great as any steel furnace. A huge mechanical tong lifts the steaming carbonate slab that encases Han out of the vat and stands it on the platform. Some Smurfnaughts rush over, push the slab over onto the platform, and attach an electronic monitor to it, singing the whole time:

    SMURFNAUGHTS: La la la la la la, la la la la la!

    Lando kneels and adjusts some knobs. He shakes his head in relief.

    Meanwhile Vader inspects Han in carbonite, rapping on Han’s frozen head.

    VADER: I always knew -- I say I always knew that boy was hard headed. Hard. Head. That’s a joke, Calrissian. (In an aside behind one hand) Nice kid, but he’s about as sharp as a bag of wet pittins. Well, Cal-I say well, Calrissian, did he survive, I say did he survive?

    LANDO: Yes, he's alive. And in perfect hibernation.

    CHEWIE: (grabbing Lando by the collar) Whyfore you put Han in the cold, cold carbon?

    SWGuy: So, what do you guys think? It’s going to be epic, isn’t it?

    MickeyEarz: can’t be serious right? You realize that almost none of these charactersactually BELONG TO DISNEY?

    SWGuy: Really?

    FreakinGoofy: Yeah. And the one that does is like the most obscure Disney character this side of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This has got to be fake. Your “highly placed source” must be high.

    SWGuy: This is 100 percent genuine, you guys! Here’s another scene; I know you’ll love this one:


    Leia, Lando, and Chewie, with Threepio on his back, march along, guarded by six stormtroopers. The group reaches an intersection where Lobot a young boy with thick black-trimmed glasses, a shock of curly red hair and a cybernetic implant, and a dozen homemade robots of varying sizes, shape, and builds stand at attention.

    The robots aim their weapons at the startled stormtroopers. Taking the stormtroopers' weapons from them. Lobot hands one to Leia and one to Lando.

    LOBOT: (to the stormtroopers in a vaguely Russian accent) Get out of my laboratory!

    Meanwhile, Artoo-Detoo, a diminutive astromech droid with a large pair of round mouse ears and a long tail, rushes towards them. Threepio, still in the sling on Chewbacca’s back sees him and does a double-take. The camera zooms in to an extreme close-up of Threepio’s head, revealing that he is imagining himself about to take a bite from a sandwich made of Artoo between two slices of bread. The camera pans out again. Threepio licks his lips, scrambles out of the sling and falls to the floor in a heap. He is instantly reconstituted as a whole droid and runs after Atroo, his legs moving so fast all you see are circular blurs at his sides.

    Artoo spots his pursuer, jumps into the air and flees back the way he came. He ducks into a small hatch that is just big enough to admit him. Threepio crashes into the wall. He is flattened like a pancake, and falls to the floor, spinning like a dropped coin. The protocol droid shakes himself back into three dimensions and sticks one hand into the hatch and gropes around, trying to find Artoo. His hand connects with something and his eyes light up in triumph. He pulls out his prize, only to find that it is a lit stick of dynamite. Threepio fumbles frantically with it, trying to stuff it back into the hatch before it explodes, but too late. It blows up in his face; he puffs out a smoke ring.

    MickeyEarz: oh come on! Do you think we’re stupid? These still aren’t Disney characters!

    SWGuy: I’m pretty sure they are.

    FreakinGoofy: Uh, no….Tom and Jerry are MGM. Dexter’s Laboratory was on the Cartoon Network. None of us believe your “script” is real!

    SWGuy: Wow, you guys are harsh! I’m telling you this is absolutely true and this next scene will prove it!


    Luke a mouse in a flight suit with large white buttons at the waist, white gloves and puffy yellow shoes, and Vader are dueling on the platform overlooking the chamber. Their lightsabers clash and the platform sways.

    LUKE:(as they fence) Whoa! Ha...ah...oh..whoa!

    VADER: I say, you've learned much, boy, much, I say. You’re a regular egghead!

    LUKE:(laughs nervously) Heh-heh...gosh, I guess I’m just full of surprises.Vader sends Luke's saber spinning, forcing him to jump back.

    Luke loses his balance and tumbles down the stairs, bouncing on each one, his tail coiled like a spring.

    LUKE: Ow….oof...ooch…

    He sprawls on the floor, dazed. He shakes his head with a rattling “oy-ee-oy-ee-oy-ee” noise and looks up to see Vader flying at him.

    VADER: Your destiny, I say your destiny lies with me, Sky--I say, Skywalker! Pay attention to me when I’m talking to you boy! Even old Obi-Wan knew it and he was strictly G.I…..gibberin idiot. Idiot, that is..

    LUKE: Ah, golly, Mr. Vader, sir,...ah, I don’t think Obi-Wan ever said that!

    Behind Luke the lift cover has opened. He cautiously moves back, away from Vader, who lunges at Luke forcing him to topple back into the opening.

    LUKE: Whoa!

    There is a rumble as steam rises from the carbon freezing apparatus.

    VADER:(dusting his hands together) Well, that was easy--I say, easier’n taking candy from a youngling, youngling that is! That boy’s about as sharp, I say he’s about as sharp as a nuna-ball. I say, he’s thicker than a Hutt’s mid-section! (The Sith Lord is clearly tickled by his own wit.) I say, that boy’s about as bright as….

    Behind Vader something blurs upward. He turns around to see Luke, who leapt fifteen feet straight up, hanging from some hoses on the carbonite outlet.

    LUKE: (grins sheepishly, wiggling his fingers in greeting) Uh..heh heh...hi there.

    VADER: Well boy, that, I say that was impressive...most, I say most impressive.

    Luke jumps down to the platform and raises his hand. His lightsaber, which had fallen onto another part of the platform jumps into his outstretched hand, performing several neat loop-de-loops as it flies.

    LUKE: (amazed as lightsaber lands in his hand and ignites)Heh-heh...gosh!

    VADER: Obi-- I say, Obi-Wan has taught you well, but only, I say, only your hatred can destroy me. Hatred, that is.


    Moving through a tunnel like entrance, Luke approaches the reactor room. He ignites his lightsaber as Vader enters.

    Behind Luke a large trapezoidal weight marked “500 lbs” comes smashing forward toward his back. Luke ducks, spins and cuts it in half just as a another weight, this one labeled “1000 lbs” rockets towards him. Using the Force, Luke manages to deflect it and send it flying as if it had been hit by an invisible baseball bat. A grand piano comes out of nowhere and flies at Luke.

    LUKE: Huh?

    He deflects it.

    A drawer pulls out of the wall. Its entire contents of forks, knives and spoons come flying at him. Luke’s lightsaber morphs into a giant, glowing flyswatter and he swats frantically, doing his best to deflect everything. Finally, an over-sized anvil with the word “Acme” on it hurtles towards him. He ducks just in time, but the anvil crashes through the window.

    A white feather wafts in the window and settles on Luke’s nose. He is knocked out of the window.


    VADER: You're beaten, beaten, I say, like an egg. Egg. Beaten. I made a funny, boy, and you’re not laughing.

    Luke rolls sideways, thrusting his lightsaber at Vader and nickshim on the shoulder. The black armor sparks and smokes

    LUKE:(sheepishly) Heh heh…oops!

    VADER: Now cut that out boy, or I’ll spank you where your flight suit’s thinnest!

    Luke backs off along the narrow end of the gantry as Vader comes at him, swing his lightsaber and singing:

    VADER: Lum dum dum dum da da de doo da, DOO-DA, DOO-DA!

    On the last “doo-da “ Vader's lightsaber comes slashing down, cutting the top off the pillar Luke was hiding behind. He ducks down to hide behind the remainder; Vader slices off another chunk, forcing Luke to squeeze himself behind the tiny piece that still stands. Vader cuts this off as well.

    LUKE: Uh-oh!

    At that instant, Vader's red blade comes down across Luke's right arm, sending a white gloved hand and his lightsaber flying.

    Luke stares down.

    LUKE: Golly...ah..hah…that wasn’t very nice!

    Screwing up his face, Luke crawls along the gantry to its end. Vader follows.

    VADER: You can’t escape, boy! Don't, I say, don’t make me destroy you. Pay attention to me boy! I’m not just talkin’ to hear my head roar! Join me boy, I say join me and we can bring order to the galaxy.

    LUKE: Sorry, Mr. Vader, but, uh...huh...I'll never join you!

    VADER: If only- I say if only you knew the power of the dark side. Dark. Side. Dark Side, that is. Obi-- I say, Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.

    LUKE: He-- he told me enough! He--ah, he told me you killed him.

    VADER: No. I’m--I say, I’m your father, boy. Your father! I’m your dear old dad, and you’re my sonny boy! Sonny!

    LUKE: N-n-no! No. That's--that’s not true! That's...huh..that’s impossible!

    VADER: Search, I say search, your feelings, son. You know it’s true. True, I say. (aside) Nice kid, but a little on the dumb side. Musta, I say musta got that from his mother...

    LUKE: No! No! No!

    VADER: Luke-- I say, Luke. Son, you can destroy the Emp--I say the Emperor--destroy him that is. That Sith’s as cold as a nudist on Hoth, but you and me, boy, --I say you and me, we can can rule the galaxy. Gal-I say galaxy! Whaddaya say, son?

    Vader puts away his lightsaber and holds a black-gloved hand out to Luke.

    A calm comes over Luke. He steps off the platform into space.

    LUKE: (as he falls) Ya-ha-hoo-hoo-hooey!

    SWGuy: I told you! Epic and completely true!

    MickeyEarz: YOU CUT OFF MICKEY’S HAND1!!

    FreakinGoofy: :eek::eek::eek:

    WaltsFrozenHead (admin): SWGuy, under the DizNerds’ TOS, your activity constitutes trolling.

    SWGuy: Trolls? That was a great Disney movie, too! Hey, maybe they could use the Trolls instead of,wait, the Ewoks already was a Disney cartoon…

    WaltsFrozenHead: #sorrynotsorry

    SWGuy’s account has been suspended
    SWGuy closes his laptop, chuckling to himself. The camera pulls out to show the back of a man with curly, salt and pepper hair, wearing a flannel shirt. He turns around and grins at the camera.

    GEORGE LUCAS: And they said I couldn’t write a good script!
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Oh, I know it's going to be epic—it already is! :D

    I have to say, I'm really impressed—I could not have done as well with a dare like this (and you got a dare from one of the Mistresses of Dares ;) ). Great job with all the various characters' voices; they're all distinctive and recognizable, and at the same time they all fit perfectly with both this particular ESB scenario and the SW spirit in general. For some reason I really love Leia here, even though her character is one of the ones I'm least familiar with—"when you brush past me in the corridors, my heart leaps like a hyperactive tauntaun, and I forget my chaos"—I actually can imagine actual Leia Organa feeling that way about those stormy ESB corridor exchanges! [face_love] I had to look up Foghorn Leghorn to remind myself who he was, but for some reason his "I say, old boy" talk is perfect for this conversation with both Fett and Calrissian.

    It's nothing short amazing that even in this short first installment you've gotten pretty much everyone in the list but Luke, and I very much look forward to seeing his scene! Don't keep us waiting too long for more of this crazy, mixed-up fun! :D
  3. RX_Sith

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    Mar 13, 2006
    Great TOON-Y fun all around as the Carbonite Freezing still takes place and freezes poor Han as Shaggy again.
  4. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014

    So, this is everything I hoped for...AND MORE.

    I have been re-reading this every couple of minutes and laughing like an idiot. Not only that this was doable, but you managed to make these characters be BOTH their old and new selves, as if that was the sanest thing in the world. And a world where Boba Fett is represented by a hyperactive bird is my kind of a world. I'd live there. Have I mentioned that I'm not the sanest thing ever? :p

    I didn't expect it to look like a script for a "new version" of the movie, but when I think of it, that idea is so.incredibly.meta and such an earnest parody of the SW. SWGuy picks one of the most lauded films of our lifetime and changes it. Now, where had we seen that before? Both among the creators AND the fans. And having it that happen to the installment that most people praise, whether they really mean it or just wanting to go with the flow is - of course - PRICELESS.

    Now, the next thing that comes to mind is that he thinks all these characters are Disney. Knowing you, that's intentional.

    And, of course, since playboy types are OMGZ, he need to actually write that Lando is awesome IN THE SCENARIO PROPER. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

    Then, there are the Smurfnaughts who just la la la la la to everything. BETTER THAN THE KEY KEY FOLKS FROM SPACEBALLS.

    Best character interpretation at the 2018 Fanfic Awards - for both of these.

    I can totally imagine those OMG EVIL IS COOL fanboys jumping out of the windows after seeing this.

    This is the part where I start laughing uncomfortably, despite the fact that I'm reading the story for, like, tenth time. ZOINKS! Mom asked me if I was crying from living room, I told her that it was "something about the Tazmanian Devil" and she was confused. If I started explaining this now, she'd probably conclude that we're all insane here and mentally twelve. This way, she'll only think that about me.

    Not sure what's the best of these three things: belching a blaster bolt, spitting laser fire or the posterior-grabbing Stormtroopers. :D :D :D


    But, of course! :D

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! My kind of romance. And this is the craziest balance between Helga and Leia ever.

    The bolded sentence is just.too.much for me to handle. [face_rofl][face_rofl]

    Poetry. *wipes a tear*

    So expected of THIS Vader.

    As far as Chewie's reply goes, I actually knew a similar quote, from Mississippi Hare (1949) and did not realise that Taz said something similar himself. I learned something new.

    Either way, this thing is the kind of stuff I'd keep in my wallet since I have no hubby and kiddo pix, or a hubby and a kiddo, for that matter.

    Can't wait to see Mickey and Jerry...I mean, Luke and R2-D2. :p Dexter, I mean, Lobot, too. :D AND LET'S SEE HOW A CHICKEN FATHERS MICE AND UNIBROWS HUMANS.
  5. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Reserved for responses.
  6. Raissa Baiard

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    Nov 22, 1999
    Part Two now added! :eek:
  7. Mistress_Renata

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    Sep 9, 2000
    That was...disturbing! [face_hypnotized]

    And funny. [face_laugh]

    Some of those characters, I have no clue who they were, but the ones I did recognize, the characterization seemed spot on. And I loved the "framing"--a leaked script on a fansite! And the reveal of who SWGuy really is!!! [face_rofl] I would never have had the courage to take on that dare, :leia: "You're braver than I thought!" :leia:
  8. Chyntuck

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    Jul 11, 2014
    S-H-E-E-R E-P-I-C-N-E-S-S !!!!!!!!!!!!! Every. Single. Word. of it!

    Like others I had to go and do some research before I read this, because I'd forgotten about some of these cartoon characters, but the way you "translated" them to the GFFA was perfect. As a Tom & Jerry buff I particularly loved the Artoo/Threepio scene, but all of it was hilariously awesome.

    And the final reveal... That was the watermelon on the cake!
  9. Findswoman

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    Feb 27, 2014
    W. O. W. !1! :eek:

    This is sheer, indubitable GENIUS right here and I am absolutely in awe. ^:)^ This has got to be one of the hardest, most detailed, and most unique dares that came in for this challenge—on the level of that Bollywood dare from 2011 (and yes, Ewok Poet, that's a compliment :p ), and I remember your telling about how difficult it was to get started on it—and now you have knocked it absolutely out of the park. Again, you've managed to write all the 'toon characters in such a way that they dovetail just perfectly with both the GFFA characters and the ESB scenario; I mentioned a few in my first review above, and in this second half Mickey's "gollying" and "oh boying" and "Mr. Vadering" is perfect for young, slightly naive Luke—especially since this very scene of ESB is exactly where that naiveté undergoes a huge sea-change.

    The way you worked in the message-boards frame was a fun little "meta" touch—almost certainly at least partially inspired by this place, I'm guessing. ;) And all those super-cool extra little cartoony details you threw in to the action and scenery are absolutely priceless and perfect: the droids' Tom-and-Jerry sequence, the trapezoidal "500 lbs." weights, the "Acme" anvil, the falling piano, Fett's Aracuanian "He's no good to me dead" song, and the Leghornization of those iconic Vader line "I’m--I say, I’m your father, boy. Your father! I’m your dear old dad, and you’re my sonny boy!" [face_laugh] I would be here till the shaaks come home if I listed every single hilarious detail, so I'll summarize: it's clear that you've thrown your own extensive love and knowledge of cartoon lore into this. @};-

    But the most genius moment of all—as the others have said—was that HEADSPLODE of a final revelation! :eek: Absolutely the perfect touch—I really did gasp out loud at that. I know the dare stipulated that things had to come to a resolution, and... well, they most definitely did, and then some!

    Just amazing work here, and did I mention how in awe I am? Molto, molto bravissima. =D=
  10. Ewok Poet

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Finally responding to the part two. Last time, I accidentally deleted my whole comment because I was laughing at the scene where Chewie-Taz spits laser bolts and hits Stormtroopers in the posteriors. I just can't NOT laugh each time I think about it, y'know? It's absolutely insane. :D




    :r2: + [​IMG]= :c3po:=P~

    And that whole scene reminds me of the Tom & Jerry episode with the mechanical cat on the spaceship. Just too bloody brilliant for words!


    YOU WIN THIS UNIVERSE. [face_rofl]

    It's safe to say that I will be needing mavjade and her work department after this. BECAUSE I'M DYING HERE. The combo of Mickey pattern and Foghorn pattern is crazier than I thought it would be. [face_rofl]


    AND HERE IT IS. I WAS WAITING FOR IT LIKE THE DESERTS WAIT FOR THE RAIN. WOOOOO-HOO, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. And I'm crying again, might do something else as well, but who cares, my life is complete!


    The other thing I was waiting for, his "sonny boy" thing. WOOO!


    And then, the twist at the doubt, this must be one of the greatest parodies ever written. Thank you for completing the dare and making it like my wildest dreams. <3
  11. AzureAngel2

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    Jun 14, 2005
    That was fun. NOt unexpected, because you always write fun stuff, but I do not always have the time to comment on everything. This time I did.

    You really should write theatre sketches! Because this is more hilarious than "Blackadder", Terry Prachett & Monty Python together.
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  12. ihatesandtoo

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    Dec 30, 2017
    I just wanted to say (with Ewok Poet typing this for me at the kitchen, because I need to cook!) that this is one of the two fanfic that I have read, the second being EP's Drops of Mustafar and that you had a task to put absolute nonsense to life and you managed to do it! I have not read your other stories, or anyone's for that matter; I think that people spend too much time here, especially my daughter who needs to reconsider her priorities, but this is splendid.

    Foghorn or, how we call him, Sofronije, is the best here.

    I don't intend to vote at the awards because it's not possible to prove which one of us is voting and it would be unfair, but this story deserves all the nominations it got! THANK YOU!