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Saga - Legends [Mod's Time Trials] Knights Together - An ObiTano Vignette

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    Aug 29, 2019
    Title: Knights Together
    Author: Bacta Bubble Bath

    Genre: Romance, Drama, Action
    Time Frame: After the Clone Wars series and before Episode IV
    Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Summary: Ahsoka and Obi-Wan are sent on a secret mission to recover sensitive Intel for the growing Rebellion while discovering more about themselves.

    Notes: This is for the Mod's Time Trials. I didn't really have much time to dedicate to it in 72 hours, but I hope you all enjoy! Please R&R!
    1. Your TV trope is: All Just a Dream
    2. Your weather forecast is: Dragon Storm
    3. Your random element is: a Hunt
    4. Your required line of dialogue is: "No, it makes sense."
    5. Your random word is: Opia - def: the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye.
    6. Your reaction gif is: (Original Link:
    7. Your artwork is: The Love Letter, by Auguste Toulmouche
    8. Your picture is: (Original Link:

    - - - - -​

    Ahsoka sighed as she slid her bare feet from under the sheets to sit on the edge of the bed. So much had happened in the course of several weeks. Reuniting with one of her oldest friends during the course of her own self-proposed exile and taking part in a mission to stop the newly-founded Galactic Empire was definitely a pleasant surprise.

    Especially when it meant getting this close.

    Obi-Wan stirred in the bed next to her, rolling over as his eyes slowly opened.

    “You’re troubled.” He said, half in a daze.

    “Just an early riser, Obi-Wan.” Ahsoka smiled and stood, sliding on a nightshirt as the faint bedroom lighting accentuated her womanly curves. She had grown a lot in the time apart; in more ways than one. She wasn’t upset that she had left the Order, in fact, it reinforced her decisions to be on her own and help those in need. As it turned out, Obi-Wan needed her help as well.

    A damaged ship lost in the reaches of space had caught Ahsoka’s attention about two months ago, shortly after her eighteenth birthday. During an expedition to Malastare, she had picked up the distress beacon and to her surprise, the ship belonged to her former Master’s former Master: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    Upon nursing him back to health in her own borrowed ship, The Stalwart Lance, she regaled him with tales of her adventures and the two exchanged more than just stories. They exchanged feelings… emotions… something that Obi-Wan had been forced to bottle up for years under the mantle of the Jedi Order. Ahsoka knew that pressuring him to do so against his will would only hurt them both in the end, but being that they were both of sound mind and body, they eventually found that everything was more than mutual between them.

    “Go back to sleep.” She encouraged, curling her toes until the joints faintly popped. Her steps took her to the cockpit of the ship, examining their course. They still had a few days left until they reached Thule, where the suspected plans of the Empire were being held. It would be under heavy guard, but nothing that she and another former Jedi couldn’t handle.

    She examined the reports, flipping through digital pages of intel that she and Obi-Wan had scoured over many times before. They couldn’t screw anything up.

    As a Fulcrum, Ahsoka was a top informant for Bail Organa and the Resistance. She and other Rebel agents exchanged information as securely as possible, passing through networks of trustworthy spies and dealers of intelligence. It was through sheer luck alone that Obi-Wan came back into her life…

    “Anything new in the same old reports?” She could feel his bare arms and chest against her shoulders, leaning her head against his arm in response.

    “Same letters. Numbers. Though if you squint reeeeally hard sometimes they’ll look like something else.” She joked.

    “They say reading in the dark is bad for your eyes.” He flipped a nearby switch, turning the light on above the Togruta. She laughed and spun around in the chair, resting her feet on his toned, yet faintly scarred stomach.

    “They tend to say a lot of things.” She rolled her eyes and passed him a datachip. “We’re a few days from Thule, but we still need our last mission packet. We’re supposed to meet with another Fulcrum on Manaan to retrieve it.”

    Obi-Wan nodded and moved to the empty seat beside her, fetching a cup of caf for each of them. As they sipped in silence, Ahsoka crossed her legs and typed in their coordinates.

    “Incoming message.” Kenobi turned on the audio receiver.

    “-By the light of Lothal’s moons.-” A garbled voice came through.

    Ahsoka flipped a switch, her own voice seeming distorted to the listener.

    “-It’s good to hear from you again, Agent Bid.-”

    “-I trust you are well. Living the spy lifestyle?-”

    “-Yep.-” She looked to the side, catching the opia of Obi-Wan’s intense stare. “-My own personal arm-candy and all.-” Ahsoka joked.

    “-Heh. All kidding aside, your informant is an Ithorian named Bobresh. He moonlights as a dock worker among one of the hangars on Ahto City, but they say you can find him in just about any of the bars there. He’s agreed to meet near the fountain at this time…-” The garbled voice sent a few digits that would need to be decoded, but she nodded in understanding as this was all part of her newfound life path.

    “-Thank you, Bid. Is there anything else we should know?-”

    There was a long period of silence. This was common when dealing with other Agents as they had to make sure what they said wasn’t being transmitted or deciphered.

    “-You’re still being hunted. I would just be mindful of your surroundings.-”

    “He sounds like my old Master.” Obi-Wan whispered.

    Ahsoka smiled. “-Will do. May the Force be with you.-”

    “-And also with you.-” Bid’s transmission went silent as Ahsoka spun in her seat once more.

    “Manaan. It’s like one of the old spy vids. The beautiful spy and her handsome model-esque boy toy find themselves on a beach soaking in the sun…”

    “Except I’m not a boy, nor am I a model.” Obi-Wan chuckled and stood, embracing her. “And I’m doubtful that there will be time to relax upon a beach when we’ve got a corrupt Empire to stop.”

    Ahsoka sighed. “You’re still no fun.” She teased.

    “There will be plenty of time for beach vacations when this is all over. Believe me.”

    “If you say so.” Her eyes went back to the navigation chart. “We’ll reach Manaan in a few hours.”

    “A few hours, eh?” Obi-Wan pulled her closer, making the young woman giggle in response.

    “Drink your caf and back to bed with you!”

    - - - - -​

    The Lance docked at Ahto City, with Ahsoka and Obi-Wan emerging in their plainclothes, taking on the guise of two legitimate spacers. Ahsoka wore cooler shades of purples and blues while Obi-Wan dressed in warmer tones of red and yellow-orange.

    “Welcome to Ahto City. I see you’ve never docked with us before?” A Selkath worker said as he typed away on a datapad. “We have a docking fee of 100 credits for new arrivals.”

    Obi-Wan’s hand waved faintly at his side.

    “There’s no need for a fee.” He said convincingly. Ahsoka shot him a sideways glance as the Selkath nodded his head.

    “Of course. How silly of me. Welcome to Ahto City.” He stepped aside as the doors slid open to let them through.

    “Thank you. Have a nice day!” Ahsoka called over her shoulder as she gave Kenobi a nudge with her elbow.

    “Mind tricks? Really?”

    He smirked. “We can’t afford any delays.”

    “Not even a little one?”

    “Not even a little one.”

    Ahsoka pouted playfully as the two made their way into the city’s thoroughfare, passing by Selkath and other species alike. The temperature was definitely somewhat humid, but comfortably so as the moisture in the air was benefitting of the native Selkath population.

    The two Jedi approached the center of the city, taking in the open skylights and the large fountain refurbished and well-maintained since the times of the Old Republic. Both took a moment to drink in the pristine picture of it before moving closer.

    “That must be our contact.” Obi-Wan murmured, garnering a nod from Tano.

    The two approached, with Ahsoka patting Obi-Wan on the arm to let him know to stand to the side. He found a wall to stand near, pretending to busy himself with a datapad.

    The Ithorian saw Ahsoka approach, the Togruta leaning over the fountain’s edge to dance her fingers across the surface of the water. Ahsoka kept her focus away from him, lingering for a few beats before speaking up.

    “By the light of Lothal’s moons.” She spoke loud enough to be heard by the older Ithorian, who reached into his sleeve to procure a datachip. He didn’t speak and passed the chip among a leaf of papers.

    “This is the shipping manifest. I’ll make sure that it’s loaded on your ship before you leave.” Bobresh explained, his eyes venturing to Kenobi off on the wall. “I trust that you and your… companion will find everything to be in order.”

    Ahsoka nodded. “Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation.”

    “May the Force be with you…” He mumbled, striding off in the direction of Kenobi. He gave the Jedi a nod and lumbered towards the hangar. Obi-Wan’s eyes followed him for a moment before rejoining Ahsoka near the fountain.

    “Personable fellow.” He mumbled, folding his arms in his sleeves.

    “As long as the information is correct, it wouldn’t matter if he called me a nerf herder.” She said, palming the small chip while holding the papers under her arms. “Maybe we can double-check this manifest over a couple of drinks?”

    Obi-Wan smirked. “A delay?”

    “Just a little one.” A wink was given as she sauntered ahead of him, swaying her hips as if knowing he would be watching.

    - - - - -​

    “It’s been years since I’ve had Jawa Juice.” Obi-Wan said as he finished his third glass.

    Ahsoka chuckled. “It’s been a couple months for me.”

    “You leave the Order and the first thing you do is drink?” He raised a brow in surprise.

    “No… I tried dating for awhile.” She lied, sipping her second drink. “Didn’t really work out.”

    “I can’t imagine, especially with how soon the Purge started.” Kenobi’s voice went somber for a moment, feeling Ahsoka’s soft fingers on the back of his hand.

    “I’ve learned to accept that it was out of our control. Anakin would have--” She cut herself off and looked down into her bitter drink and sipped it instead of finishing her sentence.

    “Mm.” Obi-Wan practically punctuated the conversation with one grunt.

    Though the were in the back of the cantina, they could still see patrons as they entered and exited just past the bar itself. A group of five Gand strode in, looking around as if trying to locate something before settling down at a table. Obi-Wan felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up for a moment.

    “Findsmen.” He whispered. “They’re on a hunt.”

    Ahsoka wanted to turn, but she felt Obi-Wan’s stare keep her in place.

    “No. Don’t look.” He could see the four sitting at a table while one slowly made a round through the cantina, passing by each table slowly. Obi-Wan reached out to caress Ahsoka’s hand, trying to play up at a romantic rendezvous between the two of them. The Gand didn’t pause at all, but even Tano could sense that its eyes were upon her as it passed by.

    “What are they looking for?” She mouthed.

    Obi-Wan shook his head and watched it return to the others. A young Twi’lek barmaid paused at their table to take their order, leading the Jedi Master to come up with a plan.

    “Meet me back at the ship. Be careful. Watch to see if they follow.” He stood up, feeling Ahsoka pull his sleeve and yank him down into a brief kiss.

    YOU be careful.” She warned.

    He nodded and began walking casually out of the cantina, pretending as though the Gand weren’t there.

    Three of the five stood from their table only moments after Obi-Wan left, exiting at a rather quick pace. Ahsoka could feel her heart drop into her stomach as they most certainly followed after him.

    She waited for a few beats and stood up as well, dropping a few credits on the table before attempting to exit as well. It wasn’t long before the remaining two Findsmen blocked her path. Both silent; both still. Like predators knowing that their prey had been cornered.

    “This wouldn’t be the place to do this.” She warned under her breath.

    The Gand flanked either side of her and gave her a little tap behind her leg with their staves to indicate that she should move forward. Ahsoka did as they ordered, walking slowly out of the cantina without making a scene. She couldn’t sense their intention through the Force, but she knew that they likely wanted to bring her in alive… if she were lucky.

    - - - - -​

    Obi-Wan and Ahsoka were led into a private hangar on the opposite side of the city, just short of the Embassies. The two were cuffed, blindfolded, and ushered with the shock staves the Findsmen used to goad their prey. They could sense one another through the Force, almost reaching out metaphysically to hold the others hand for comfort.

    A sharp prod to the backs of their knees sent them to the ground, kneeling as the Gand tore the blindfolds from their prisoner's faces. Their eyes didn’t take long to adjust as they took in the sight of the Sienar Star Courier before them, each contemplatively calm as the insect-like hunters stood guard over them. The Gand seemed to be communicating amongst themselves, leaving Tano and Kenobi to whisper to one another.

    “What’s the plan?” Ahsoka asked, watching the Findsmen linger around the mottle-patterned vessel.

    “We’ve got two options: one is to wait until they drop their guard and we overpower them to escape. This would be less tricky if there weren’t so many of them.” Obi-Wan watched as two Gand slowly paced in front of them. In total there were roughly ten that they could see; a rather large amount for bringing in two Jedi. Though the Gand likely knew the skills of the ones they were hunting and didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

    “I don’t think they’re dropping their guard anytime soon.” Ahsoka’s eyes followed the guards and picked up on their routine. Ten paces then turn; ten paces, turn…

    It would be a split second of time if they had to spring up, but even if they managed to catch two of the hunters off-guard that still meant eight more to contend with. The Gand were fast, fierce, and more importantly, Force Sensitive.

    “And option two?”

    Obi-Wan met her eyes with a faint smile. “We wait to be rescued.”

    Ahsoka blinked and smiled, though it was more out of confusion than understanding. She had to blink away the simplicity of that option, her mouth going agape as if to protest it and finally nodded.

    She knelt there for a time, considering things as the Gand prepped their vessel for departure.

    “Alright then. I guess on the count of three…” She chose for them, as time was of the essence. Kenobi nodded and they counted down together.

    One… two… THREE!”


    The doors of the hangar exploded, sending plasteel containers and shards of metal flying. Both the Jedi and the bounty hunters were disoriented, a ringing pulsating in their ears. They were sent tumbling across the hangar floor as blasterfire zipped overhead. There were a few brief, precious seconds to get back to their feet, keeping their heads down as they staggered towards the heavier cargo crates.

    “Ungh… what was that?” Tano asked, head still spinning.

    “I believe… that was our rescue.” Obi-Wan seemed genuinely pleased. As Ahsoka studied his face, she had to believe that he had some part in what was happening now. That confidence that he exuded was definitely an attractive quality, for sure.

    The pair slid their legs over the bindings to have better use of their hands, peeking around the containers as bolts of energy collided with the surrounding area. Obi-Wan rubbed his chin and pointed to the Gand’s ship.

    “This might be our only chance to escape.”

    “You mean the chance a few seconds ago didn’t count?”

    “Keep your head down.” He said as he gave a few hesitating lunges towards the ship, crouching and running as fast as he could. Tano followed, an errant blaster bolt catching her in the shoulder. She winced and staggered onto the ramp, Kenobi lifting her up with his cuffed hands.

    “Easy now! I said to keep your head down…” He scolded, obviously worried for her. He slammed his fist against the loading ramp controls, causing it to close itself up as they moved towards the cockpit.

    Ahsoka slumped against the nav computer as Obi-Wan struggled to get the engines started with his bound hands. She could feel the burn in her shoulder from the shot, wincing as her fingers lightly grazed over it.

    “Sssst…. Ouch…”

    “I’ve almost got it---” KWAATHUUMMMP “... … what was that?”

    Ahsoka managed to get back to her feet, holding her shoulder with a palm while she peered out of the viewport. Another explosion rocked the vessel, causing several of the alarms to go off.

    “Are they… trying to blow up their ship?!”

    “They would rather have the satisfaction of taking us out with their ship than the dishonor of not being able to bring us in at all…” Obi-Wan explained.

    “No, that makes sense.” Ahsoka agreed, though as the ship lifted off it was wracked with another two explosions.

    “Just get us out of here!”

    The older Jedi Master did just that, pulling the ship out of the hangar and immediately made for the watery planet’s atmosphere.

    With the klaxons on the ship no longer wailing and the two having found the keys to their cuffs, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan sat down to nurse her shoulder. Some refined kolto was applied to the area, allowing the young Togruta to sigh in relief.

    “Manaan… always full of surprises.” She joked.

    “I’m surprised we got away at all. I wasn’t so sure that Bobresh had gotten my hint when they were bringing us into the hangar.” He admitted as he wrapped her arm.

    “Wait… so that was part of the plan?!”

    “You seem surprised.”

    “Enough with surprises! I’m done with surprises for at least another couple years…” She sighed, noting the smirk on Kenobi’s face. She backhanded him in the chest to stifle his oncoming laughter, sliding the datachip from her sleeve.

    They had stolen a ship, received a precious top-secret document, and were on the run from bounty hunters. ‘Some spy life, Ahsoka.’ She complained to herself, pressing the chip into a small personal datapad. Her eyes scanned the information as she spun around in her seat, plotting their coordinates.

    “We’re not going straight to Thule are we? Not in your condition.”

    “It’s now or never, Obi-Wan.”

    He furrowed his brow.

    “We’re unarmed, you’re injured… we need to better assess this.”

    “Our window of opportunity is closing!. We have to fly through it or else all this was for nothing. We can’t go back to Manaan and ask them if they’ll kindly return us our ship and our gear and hope that those Findsmen decided to cut their losses and leave.”

    Obi-Wan stood up and stared deeply into Ahsoka’s eyes. She didn’t want to appear weak and postured herself in front of him, puffing out her chest.

    “... I’ll plot a course for Thule. You’re going to rest.” He ordered, not backing down for an instant.

    She wanted to protest, she wanted to be defiant, but what was the point in all that? She had what they came for… what she came for. Her lips met his cheek and she made her way to one of the bunks to try to get some much-needed sleep.

    - - - - -​



    ‘Ugh…’ More klaxons. Ahsoka shot up in bed and made her way to the cockpit, staring out as the ship tumbled and rocked in what appeared to be a heavy storm.

    “We’ve arrived… though it appears we’ve come during Thule’s rainy season.” Obi-Wan pointed out towards the front of the ship. “A dragon storm; it’s thrown off all sensors and is making piloting just a little difficult at the moment--”

    The ship lurched to the side, Ahsoka stumbling into Obi-Wan as he kept an uneasy grip on the controls while they rattled and shook.

    “The good news is if we can’t pick up anything on our sensors, they can’t pick us up either. Perfect…” She grunted as the ship was assailed by flashes of lightning and huge plumes of white clouds. The thunderous atmosphere of the planet was certainly benefitting their arrival for the time being… provided they could survive the landing.


    A bolt of lightning cascaded over the ship's hull, shutting down all sensors and lights. Ahsoka panicked and tried to flip a few switches, Obi-Wan doing the same.

    “We’ve lost all power! Brace for impact!” He said as he clutched the safety bar next to him.

    Ahsoka did the same as the surface of Thule came closer… and closer… and closer… and closer… and…

    “AH!” She awoke with a start, sweat pouring off of her brow. Her heart was thumping so hard she could hear it in her montrals. She surveyed her room on The Lance and blinked several times.

    “It was… a dream?” Her palm patted the empty space beside her, a somber frown crossing her face. ‘Of course it was a dream, silly girl. No way something as nice as THAT could happen to you--’

    “Ah, you’re awake. We just received word from Organa letting us know of a new mission. We are to meet him on Alderaan.” Obi-Wan said as he moved in closer, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Bad dream?”

    She shook her head. “No just… a fantasy I guess.”

    Obi-Wan seemed confused but patted her gently on the arm.

    “I’ve made some caf for when you’re ready. I’ve already plotted a course.”

    Tano smiled. “Thanks. I’ll… be there in a moment.”

    The older Jedi nodded and bowed his head, walking out of view. Ahsoka pulled her knees to her chest and wanted to sob. It wasn’t some silly teenage crush, but the dream was so vivid that she wished she could just get back to sleep and see how it all ended. She buried her face in her knees and grumbled, turning her head to the side to spy a piece of paper folded up on her bedstand.

    She reached over to pick it up, reading it to herself.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed catching up with you these past months. Your company has been most refreshing. I was hoping that perhaps after things settle down we could take a break and perhaps visit a beach together? Just the two of us. A well-deserved vacation after everything we’ve been through.

    A girlish smile crossed her face as she clutched the letter to her chest and fell back onto her bed.

    “What a surprise.”
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    What a riveting adventure to dream about and a wonderful bit of romance thrown in -- which yummily enough seems to be in reality starting to develop. Yay for mutuality. [face_dancing] I've been on these boards a long time and I don't think I've ever read an Obi/Ahsoka pairing and let me tell you, it works! [face_laugh] Ahsoka and Rex works for me as well. [face_mischief] Thanks for sharing this delightful one-shot. =D=
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    Great one shot. Didn’t want it to just be a dream either!

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    Ooh, this was fun! Nice edge-of-seat spy-mission action (and always great to see the Gand make an appearance, even as antagonists :p ), with a nice heady dose of romance thrown in; these two do seem to make a pretty good team, don’t they? And then—was it really all just a dream, or maybe not all? [face_mischief] Fun ambiguity there, and nice riff on the prompt—welcome to the boards, and thanks so much for sharing this with the challenge! =D=
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    Well, this is a pairing I'd never seen before, but it works.

    Yay for Star Wars and its long and glorious tradition of adorable May-December romances. [face_laugh]
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