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NSWRPF Archive Moghavia

Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by ActRaiser, Mar 8, 2009.

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  1. ActRaiser

    ActRaiser Jedi Knight star 1

    May 11, 2008

    Moghavia is a planet named after one of its three sapient races.. one of whcih is dead now. Moghavia is a large planet capable of sustaining life. The planet has around 22,000,000,000 people overall. Of those 22,000,000,000 there are at least several million Moghavians. No Moghavian used to even know they are native alien life forms. Moghavian technology is currently advanced enough to colonize the entire solar system. The first return trip from another solar system has already taken place. However, despite near perfect peace across the planet, and political stability, they have found that there are portals that are linked to other, alien planets.

    Now Moghavia is faced with challenges it has never faced before. The Elder race, which Mankind and Moghavia cruelly snuffed out many thousands of years ago, has appeared in one of them. The Elder Race is currently more advanced than Moghavia by centuries, and given the history of Moghavia, they refuse to help Moghavia respond adequetely to the alien attacks they are under.

    If someone does not convince the Elder Race to help the Moghavians, even the Elder Race is doomed.

    Tech Levels =
    Moghavia is a heavy cyber punk world. Most humans are extremely limited in their magical abilities. So much so that most who have magic rely on technology. Moghavians, however, are different enough that even these times of scientific dominance are not too terribly impressive to those who have just recently discovered the power of magic. Thus, technology has been invented by the Moghavians that coexist with magic to achieve effects that shouldn't work under pure science. This has allowed the humans and Moghavians to finally fight some of the invading aliens back.

    Magic =
    Moghavians are extremely proficient with magic, but usually magic from Moghavians are disguised as being super science. The ability to control Nature from the mind with elemental magic has just been discovered as well, and so has shape changing, necromancy, enchantment(improving nature and making enhancements through spells) and the more traditional magic associated wtih role playing games.

    Races =
    Vampires = Vampires are the only supernatural race that exists on Moghavia that are natural to the planet other than Moghavians. They once were forced to rely on supernatural strength, endurance, intelligence and agility alone to prove their vampirism, but now they have power necromancy and blood magic as well. Tomes of Vampiric lore have been discovered by some people that prove Moghavia is the source of all vampires in the universe.

    Moghavians = Moghavians are mid-way between vampires and human beings when it comes to physical abilities. Moghavians already, however, possess a much higher average intelligence than humans. Moghavians are among the only native races on the planet that have powerful magic.

    Humans = For all of their weakness, humans have a special ability unique to most alien races encountered.. Humans have the power to channel Yin and Yang energies, and also have the power to manipulate other paranormal powers other than magic much more easily than the other races.

    Elder Race = Some Elders are seen taking orphans and survivors of attacks from wartorn areas for humanitarian reasons. The Elder race currently refuse to fight for the planet despite their sympathies for the suffering that runs rampant across the world because they are afraid of another genocide. Elders carry with them more power than any other race, and have all of the advantages of the player race (even vampires) and no real weaknesses.

    Notes: You can be any race, even the Elder race, but no one is going to steal the spot light. The game is for fun. Magic is negotiable in this game, so whenever you do something over dramatic, and cast a spell too powerful, I will tell you.

    1) No Godmoding
    2) Please, the game is for character development.
    3) This is a PG-13 game. No sexuality please.. I mean, kisses
  2. AMNDRAG_01

    AMNDRAG_01 Jedi Knight star 2

    Jan 10, 2008
    What movie, game, or book is this based on?
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