Before - Legends Momentary Pleasure [OC vig for Valentine's Day, H/C Romance] Qualifier for Best Romance!

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  1. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Title: Momentary Pleasure
    Author: Alexis_Wingstar
    Characters: OC's from Blank Slate
    Note: These two OC's were made by my co-author, Jinngerbread, for the story, Blank Slate. However, I'm the one who fleshed them out (they were originally only minor characters), and she gave me permission to write their background story. This takes place a couple years before that story begins.

    Shelia walked aimlessly down the hallways of Aldera Universal Medcenter. She tried not to think as she turned the corner, and if not for the quick reflexes of Jedi Healer Jon Orvis, she would have collided with him. She studiously avoided eye contact with him as she muttered, ?Excuse me, sir.?

    Normally, she would have been glad to see him. Now though, with all that had happened in the past 12 hours, she would rather have avoided any contact with him. So she quickly continued down the hall without a second glance.

    ?Healer Gib, is something wrong??

    ?No,? she snapped. She stopped abruptly, and the Jedi, who had no trouble keeping pace with her with his long legs, came to a stop in front of her. ?Sorry, I just need to be alone right now.? She looked around with a frown as she realized his office was only a few meters ahead. [i]Why did I come this way[/i], she wondered. She noticed her hands were trembling, and she quickly clasped them behind her back.

    Healer Orvis glanced in the direction Shelia was looking, and laid a hand on her shoulder as he turned and guided her to his office. ?You can stay in here as long as you need,? he said softly.

    ?Thank you,? Shelia replied in a whisper. She looked up at him, and cursed silently as her eyes met his. [i]Damn him![/i] The object of condemnation was not the man before her, but the one she?d slapped a few minute before. The palm of her left hand still stung, and she hoped she left a print on his cheek.

    ?If you wish to talk, I?ll stay,? he offered as she stepped through the door he?d politely opened for her.

    The kind offer brought unwanted tears to her eyes. ?Not right now? I? can?t.?


    She watched the Jedi Healer close the door quietly behind him as he left before she let the tears flow. She stumbled over to one of the chairs and sat down heavily. She folded her arms and held her sides as she wept.

    It was ten minutes later, and she?d calmed down with only occasional sniffles when she heard a knock on the door. It opened and Healer Orvis peeked in. ?I?m sorry, but, I need a report.? He looked slightly embarrassed.

    Quickly wiping her still damp cheeks, she looked on his desk to see a file on his desk. Standing, she reached over and picked it up. ?This one??

    ?Yes,? he answered as she brought it to him, ?thank you.?

    Shelia swallowed when her fingers brushed lightly against his. She quickly withdrew her hands as she blushed. ?You?re welcome.?

    ?Healer Gib, are you sure you don?t wish to talk? I? overheard what happened in the ER.?

    ?Crap!? She looked away from him as her cheeks burned in embarrassment.

    ?Come, sit down,? he said gently as he guided her back to the chair she?d occupied a moment before. He placed the folder back on the desk before sitting in a chair next to her, turning it to face her. ?Please, tell me what?s wrong. I want to help you. I?ve never seen you angry enough to hit anyone before.?

    ?Please, sir, you have helped me in the past, but? I can?t talk to you about this? it?s?? She shook her head. [i]Damn it,[/i] she thought as she made the mistake of looking into his eyes and quickly lowered them to her hands in her lap. ?I? I?m sorry; I?m not acting professionally right now. Perhaps it?s better if I just go home.?

    When the Jedi didn?t say anything in the couple moments after she spoke, she began to talk rapidly. ?We broke up last night, and he?s angry at me about it. I [i]tried[/i] to keep it from affecting me while I work, but while we were working on the patient in the ER, he kept making really snide comments? he made it sound innocent enough, but everyone in there knew what he was talking about, and wh>
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    Wonderfully done! :_|
  3. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    lovely and loved the healers. Great characters.=D==D=
  4. Alexis_Wingstar

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    Sep 16, 2006
    Thank you, Valairy and earlybird.

    I'm surprised this has qualified for best romance this year! A warm, heartfelt thanks to whomever nominated it. @};-
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