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Discussion in 'Literature' started by Point Given , Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Thanks, do you know how things developed as meat eating become more-an'-more culturally taboo? And/or what animals was used as working animal and if so how?

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  2. jSarek

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    Feb 18, 2005
    I don't know if this counts as a "farm animal," but one detail of Japanese animal domestication that I always found interesting was the use of cormorants for fishing.
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  3. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    B.t.w. I think this is something that could interest some people here
    "Here’s a sample chapter from the book I’m working on, Spacecraft of the First World War. Just hit the 'download' button to read the PDF. [​IMG]

    Told in an in-universe style, it tells of the ships and events involved in the events that occur after The War of the Worlds."

    From here where you also do find the mentioned PDF
  4. Nom von Anor

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    Oct 7, 2012
    SMS Derfflinger and HMS Tiger would make awesome starships.
  5. Barriss_Coffee

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    Jun 29, 2003
    That was the arrival of Buddhism. It was always a bit patchy. They'd have a leader every now and then be like "hey everyone stop eating meat. And by that I mean only mammals." All the domestic birds were still allowed. And I think it was enforced in the big cities and stuff but you go out to the countryside and people weren't exactly following it everywhere. As these things go. Because it covered hunted mammals too, and that was really hard to control.

    The water buffalo, by the way, were mainly traction animals and still are. They help move carts, plow, etc. So even with the vegetarian laws in effect, they were around.
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  6. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Thanks. Do you know anything about the use of milk/milk-produkts?
  7. fett 4

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    Jan 2, 2000
    Off Topic
    Iv just been accused of being arrogant in (completely unrelated board) without meaning to be and it’s made me think. Now I know I’m very forthright in my views and if Iv offended anyone or spoilt there enjoyment of Starwars anyone at all I want to apologise right now and say that was not my intention
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  8. Barriss_Coffee

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    Jun 29, 2003
    Eeee ermm... I honestly don't think they were using them. By the era you're talking about, post 1000 AD, they were definitely aware of milk (or at least in some areas), but they weren't drinking it and most people were (and are) lactose intolerant because they didn't have the genes to counter it.

    (btw that's a good question -- poor Japan usually gets forgotten in the history of domestication)

    I think you're cool Fett. But yeah I have noticed people tend to gang up on you here. Your opinions aren't the most popular but you're not cruel or anything like that (like you're not being contrary to be a troll; it's usually about mundane stuff). Also you're one of those people who gets really passionate about making a point about something. There are a few people here like that, but I'm glad you're here because otherwise it would be an echo chamber.
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  9. fett 4

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    Jan 2, 2000
    Thank you Barriss :)
  10. Gamiel

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    Dec 16, 2012
    But at the same time butter, cheese and fermented milk products (like yogurt and sour-cream) have so small amounts of lactose that most lactose intolerant can eat them without any problem.
  11. Senpezeco

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    Apr 27, 2014
    Aw @fett 4 I'm glad you're here too. At least your posts encourage some back-and-forth. Nearly all of mine are the same white noise comments over and over again. :p "issue good" "art pretty" "Ghost Prison great" "Two Tubes more like 2 COOL" etc.
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  12. Vthuil

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    Jan 3, 2013
    @fett 4 , never apologize for your opinions. I disagree with you on most things about Star Wars, but people disagreeing with each other is a perfectly normal part of life.
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  13. CT-867-5309

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    Jan 5, 2011
    Okay I read this and just started laughing maniacally. You? Arrogant? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Show me where. I will show them arrogance.

    Oh. Well.

    I don't do other boards. This one is more than enough. But still. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
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  14. vncredleader

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    Mar 28, 2016
    @fett 4 Don't worry dude. Like the others said, you always provide nice discourse. Honestly I have had that same thought about myself before. At the end of the day, if you are in the right crowd of people who you consider friends/acquaintances, you don't have to second guess yourself very much. Obliviously we all have those moments when we take things to far, or say something that without inflections comes off totally different than intended. However I think the Lit community here is always pretty understanding on the whole. That's why the lot of us frequent here above all else on the boards, this group of people is really accepting of differing opinions. In fact I feel that the people here are some of the most passionate, and more sure of their opinions people of the SW fandom. We all get super into our debates and to outsiders it might seem like a lot of us are arrogant or pretentious, but I think among our community here we all have an understanding about that. We all think super deeply about SW and get uber passionate, so those conversations that seem overly intense to others, are actually the reason all of us love talking to one another.
  15. Supreme Leader Woke

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    Dec 29, 2017

    Check out Kate McKinnon's shout-out to Shyriiwook. Any other "easter eggs" in this cut for time SNL digital short?
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    Oct 20, 2017
    HIGH quality post right here. This illustrates perfectly why the Lit community has become my board of choice. The community consists of individuals who can engage in passionate conversations, while also recognizing valid points from members of a different opinion. For me at least, that’s the difference between debating and arguing.

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  17. fett 4

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    Jan 2, 2000
    Well to be precise it was on Twitter and it wasn’t a troll but somone who is quite articulate from Collider (someone whose views I always respected) , it was about Rebels and
    Ahsokas Return.
    I don’t like it and he did.

    Now if he thought I was arrogant etc (it was unintentional if it was) it did make me wonder what some thought on here.

    Side note - Thank you to all the above. It’s appreciated :)
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  18. starfish

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    Oct 9, 2003
    yeah, Ahsoka definitely seems to be a character that people have very strong opinions on, either they really really like her and therefore really really like everything she’s in, or they really really dislike her and therefore really really dislike everything she’s ever in. And when someone offers something in the middle it tends not to go over very well. Thankfully it’s not like that here in Lit, about Ahsoka or any other topic.
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  19. Dr. Steve Brule

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    Sep 7, 2012
    I saw Annihilation last night. I loved it - I was a big fan of the novel when it came out a few years ago, but the film very strongly feels like it takes just as much from the classic Soviet sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic/its Tarkovsky film adaptation Stalker, mixed with influences as varied as 2001, The Thing, Alien, and even The Last of Us.

    Plus for Star Wars fans, Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac play a married couple, and there's also a character named Dr. Ventress.

    Reminds me a bit of the old Dark Horse comic Scarlet Traces: The Great Game (though admittedly, the idea of using Martian technology to counter-invade Mars after War of the Worlds is an idea that only took about six months following the original novel to originate).
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  20. Jedi Ben

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    Jul 19, 1999
    Time for a change.

    Manners. Maketh. The Man.
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  21. Ghost

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    Oct 13, 2003
    No wonder Kylo hates Poe... he time-travelled to help his grandmother cheat on his beloved grandfather!

  22. Barriss_Coffee

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    Jun 29, 2003
    Chadwick Boseman is literally cosplaying the King of Wakanda at the Oscars:

    Seriously, how many actors have subtly cosplayed their characters at the Academy Awards in history? There must be a few...
  23. Revanfan1

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    Jun 3, 2013
    That is simply wonderful.
  24. cthugha

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    Sep 24, 2010
    There are some very interesting juxtapositions in this collection...
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  25. Onderon1

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    Mar 18, 2008
    Something unpretentiously cute I discovered - dancing porg video:

    (True, there've been others, but this isn't overly flashy or OTT. :))