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    Angstmongers Annonymous Gothic Quote Roulette Challenge

    Written by: Nehru_Amidala

    Pairing: Grand Admiral Thrawn/Princess Leia Organa

    World: AU!Rebels

    Tags: Psychic vampirism, arranged marriage, secret marriage, the greater good, shade of gray morality, hidden pregnancy

    Cast list: Princess Leia- Jessica Brown Findley, Thrawn- Benedict Cumberbatch, Darth Vader- James Earl Jones, Bail Organa- Jimmy Smits

    Character ages: Leia- 24, Thrawn- 35, Vader- 60, Senator Organa- 55

    The lyrics to Leia’s draining song are created by the author.

    Challlenge Quote: “It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.” (Mary Shelley, Frankenstein)


    Mononoke (Japanese, 9th century)- a term used to describe angry, vengeful spirits and the curses on mortals. Brought to western knowledge with the release of the film Princess Mononoke by Touchstone Pictures in 1999.

    Blackness, all was blackness in the dimly lit interior of Leia Organa’s bedchamber, Alderaan’s sun yet to cross the mountainous horizon. Ambivalent in the grey shades that enveloped her small, slender form, a delicate hand pulling the plush curtains back to let in the morning light. How her mother loved the light! Breha Organa had died in a wreck, precipitated by Phoenix Squadron in a botched attack on the Imperial Garrison maybe two or three clicks outside of Canyon City.


    Throwing the curtains open, she blinked back tears, the memories of her mother’s death helping frightened survivors, the psychic stains had overwhelmed the young senator, she had not been able to keep her head on, the tantalizing flavours, the fear, the dread, intoxicating! She could feel the ambrosia of death around her, a siren song rising in her veins. Standing transfixed, the slight hints of fangs unfurling from her cupid’s bow lips, when she heard mother scream!

    Breaking out of her aberrant behaviour, Leia darted to her mother, cradling her broken body. It was too late, the shards of durasteel were too far inside her backside, even with emergency personnel on their way. Eyes wide, Breha shivered when she felt Leia’s ice-cold hands gently cradle her face. What had happened to her little girl?

    “Leia! Oh Leia, what…what were you doing? What did Grand Admiral Thrawn teach you?” Her voice, broken but defiant, was touched by fear. She had been concerned about the upcoming marriage between the two of them, even when it had been first announced when Leia graduated from university and was formally presented on Coruscant six weeks later. Her tongue could no longer form the words, so much pain. She was not ready to die!

    Crying because this was the only way to free her mother’s soul, Leia kissed her mother’s forehead softly, and touched her mother’s temples. Closing her eyes, Leia tapped into her burgeoning vampiric Force abilities, and slowly and carefully drained away her mother’s physical life force, freeing Breha’s brilliant white soul. As Breha died, Leia began to sing:

    Night falls, the stars are cold,

    Life goes on and out, soul, oh

    Little soul! Thou are free, Fly!

    Fly away home!

    As Leia sang, Breha’s breathing slowed, and from the Queen’s body rose an ephemeral shape brighter than any star, and away it flew, in the form of a white bird. She kissed her mother’s forehead, and this is where Bail rushed in, finding his daughter crying uncontrollably. Not that he could blame her, seeing her mother die in front of her had to be just as traumatic as the time the Inquistorious abducted her all in a convoluted scheme to draw out Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    That had been a month ago, and now Leia was awaiting her serving maids to come in and dress her (even though she was perfectly capable of dressing herself), she was numb with grief. She was angry with herself for losing control of her desire to feed (Thrawn had warned her about that) and the fact she had frightened her mother, and that was the last thing Leia had wanted. Leia loved her adoptive parents very much,

    So, here she was, musing over what the day would bring when her eyes fell on the milky white moonstone brooch Thrawn had given her as an engagement gift less than half a year later. Her fingers traced the etched form of a chimaera, the sigil of House Mitth. She wore it proudly, much to her father’s consternation. Not that he was her real father, as Leia had learned about her ties to Vader during her time on Coruscant, and both would be attending the funeral later today. She smiled, she could not wait to see Thrawn again. She gently rubbed her belly and took the small holoprojecter that hid her wedding band and slipped it on her finger.

    About an hour away from jumping out of hyperspace, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader sat in stony silence, picking up on Leia’s anguish. Thrawn, a born psychic vampire (as were all Chiss), had been the one to seek Leia out as a lifemate, and it had thrilled him she found him to be a good match, the courtship of nearly two years had gone well, as had the secret wedding on Mustafar last month. He smiled gently as he sensed the two tiny lives she was carrying. “Your lineage is secure, Lord Vader,” the Chiss informed his father-in-law.


    Vader nodded, “That is indeed good news. However, are you certain your combined powers will be enough to ward off the Emperor? He does not fear your kind and will try to take advantage of your relationship with your beloved Leia.” Outside the shuttle, the stars swirled and formed psychedelic patterns before the verdant world loomed large, a gentle fertility goddess welcoming weary pilgrims homeward bound.

    Out on the landing platform, the holographic apparition on Grand Admiral Thrawn popped up on Bail’s datapad. “Good morning, Senator. I wanted to let you know my shuttle is arriving soon. How is my Leia faring,” Thrawn inquired smoothly. Bail nodded gravely and replied Leia was depressed, quiet and frightened. He could not understand why the Rebels would attack Alderaan, especially the group known as Phoenix Squadron, who were known to be principled with civilian casualties, had racked up a body count. The attack seemed like something Saw Guererra’s Partisans would attempt.

    The shuttle came into view as Bail went out to greet his esteemed guests, and as the ramp landed, a gust of wind buffeted around them, sending yellow and red leaves flying in the wind. Bail bowed, “Welcome to Alderaan, Lord Vader and Grand Admiral Thrawn. Follow me, please.” Both men followed Organa into the white palace, the footsteps echoing Lord Vader’s heavy, metallic wheezing. From the spectacular circular staircase, all three men caught sight of Leia walking down to meet them, wearing a familiar dress. The corset top was of black leather, the narrow black underdress, sleeves, the jet choker necklace and headpiece- those were Padme’s!

    …She had worn the corset dress that night on Naboo after their picnic, after there second kiss. The fire was roaring, he remembered how beautiful Padme had been, her lips trembling as they feasted on red wine and cheese. Taking a halting breath, he told her how much he was falling in love with her, how he could not stand being away from her. “From the moment I met you, all those years ago, not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of you. And now that I'm with you again... I'm in agony. The closer I get to you, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with you- I can't breath. I'm haunted by the kiss that you should never have given me. My heart is beating... hoping that kiss will not become a scar. You are in my very soul, tormenting me... what can I do?- I will do anything you ask.”

    Trembling, those rose petal lips opened, her melodic voice begging him that they could not continue, their love could not be. It was here Anakin confronted her, she felt love for him! At that point, she had turned away, ashamed she was not brave enough to confess the truth as he had…

    As Leia walked down the stairs, she curtsied to her guests, and Thrawn gave her a gentle kiss to the forehead. “Please excuse us, I wish to be alone with Leia,” Thrawn explained. Vader and Senator Organa agreed. Offering Leia his arm, the two vampires walked along a corridor, until they reached a secluded spot. Finally, Thrawn pulled Leia into a very heated kiss and held her in his arms.

    “I felt your anguish this morning, heart’s half. You still carry guilt from the attack.”

    “I…I lost control in all the chaos, I couldn't think!”

    “Leia! Loosing control is dangerous! Did you not know that?”

    “I did know that!” Leia smacked him upside the head, and Thrawn winced. Truly, she was Anakin’s daughter. Her emotions were wild, but she was a young vampire, turned in a ceremony under the full moon on Midsummer’s Eve back on Csilla, because that was when the powers to turn mortals was at the strongest. He did not like scolding her like she was some pretty dress up doll, among the many traits that had attracted him to her was her fiery independence and her protection of those who could not defend themselves. At the same time, Leia was somewhat naïve to the dark underbelly of the Rebellion, not all of them were as noble and pure as her father (who Thrawn had a great personal respect for), Senator Mon Mothma and General Dodanna. After today, all that would change. Vader had foreseen it.

    After ranting by herself, Leia had cooled down and returned. Thrawn was correct, she needed to learn control, she could not let the galaxy know she was a psychic vampire. Thrawn kissed her hand gently. ““It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another,” he told her. Leia nodded, “We are not monsters, per se. We are Mononoke.” Thrawn smiled, he was very familiar with Lothalian mythology and the ballad of San, the high priestess of Moro-No-Kimi, the Wolf Mother.

    The funeral was beautiful service, and both Bail and Leia gave moving eulogies. Vader and Thrawn felt pangs of pain, Vader wished Padme lived to see what an amazing woman their daughter had become, Thrawn remembered her mother Thisbe’s funeral before he broke up with Ar’alani. From heartbreak came the strength to continue, even with such steep prices. Eternal eternity.

    The following wake was a somber affair, people from all over the upper echelons of Alderaani society, heartfelt condolences passed on to Bail and Leia. Leia stayed close to Thrawn, happily receiving the comfort. So many conflicting emotions, Leia could feel herself wanting to sip on the gathered psyches to quell the gaping pain in her soul. Psyches and the draining of them, like alcohol, dull pain but nothing more, Thrawn thought kindly at her. Leia looked up at him, one of the physical changes that came with being turned was a six-inch growth spurt, one that confused her general practitioner and her father.

    Vader and Bail were on the other side of the room, watching Leia and Thrawn. “The match, it makes you uncomfortable,” Vader commented dryly. Bail nodded, “It does cause me some discomfort, Lord Vader. I know very little about that man, and yet…he frightens me with his intensity. Yet, he clearly adores my daughter and she has taught him much of Imperial politics, but something about him I do not feely fully comfortable.” Vader nodded, “Indeed, the Grand Admiral is a private person, but the Emperor’s wish for the two of them to be wed stands. I do however, agree with your stance on Project Stardust, a waste of resources. More systems will flee to the Rebellion.” Bail nodded in agreement as his nephew Naíno walked up, clearly drunk and looking to rub the bad news in Leia’s face.

    Leia scowled when she saw her cousin saunter over, if anyone deserved to be partially drained and suffer from the mother of all hangovers as a result, it was him. Bad enough he never considered her a “real Organa”, but when Breha had been diagnosed with breast cancer, he had gone out of his way to be physically abusive, even when Bail and Leia intervened, the chemo infusions leaving Breha bedridden most of the time. Even after Breha had beaten her cancer, Naíno was still awful. Thrawn could sense her anger, he would be good to drain.

    “Hello cousin, who’s the blue thing,” he slurred, standing at mock attention. Leia gave him a thin smile, and introduced Thrawn as her fiancé. Naíno smirked and asked how Thrawn obtained the rank of Grand Admiral, he had not killed any civilians. “The killing of civilians, no matter who they back politically, is a morally reprehensible act and something that goes against my moral and religious views,” Thrawn pointed.

    “Oh yes- your mere monotheism,” Naíno laughed. Truth be told, Chiss took their spirituality quite seriously, and viewed immortality as a curse and blessing. The Celestials had created them to be somewhere to be demons and angels, too pure for Hell but not pure enough for Heaven. They had souls and could ascend when they reached a certain age, but not as high as the Celestials. Because of this, Chiss only fed on those around them lightly and only drained those who deserved it, as dictated by their religious beliefs. Also, the drinking of blood was forbidden, and in time there were those who learned how to free the souls of the dying to spare them the pain. This is where the legends of the Angel of Death came from. Leia had a talent for this, and Thrawn had taught her well.

    The wake ended, and Bail retired to his quarters to have a good cry, while Vader went to report back to Sidious about the day’s events. Leia and Thrawn went to her room, and once the door was closed, Leia moved Thrawn’s hands to her belly, letting her shielding drop. Thrawn could feel eyes widen, twins! Kissing Leia soundly, he asked how far along she was and was shocked to learn she had conceived on their wedding night more than a month ago when the taxation of the Outer Rim was up for a vote, requiring Leia and Bail to be there. Leia said she was excited about the babies, and wanted to share the news, but it wasn’t safe.

    Holding Leia close, Thrawn assured her soon it would be safe for all of them, he had foreseen it, as had Vader. As it was, Vader knew Bail Organa was secretly supplying aid to Outer Rim worlds, and one of the planets was Lothal. It would be here Leia would put her vampiric powers to the test, to truly become a Skywalker, to become a Mononoke.

    Over a dinner of roast pufferpig and garden salad, Thrawn asked how the fight against the Rebellion was going in the Senate. Bail shrugged his shoulders, touch and go. Vader merely breathed and said it would not be long before the Rebellion was crushed, they were a threat to the stability of the Empire. “I wonder what Senator Amidala would make of that statement,” Naíno joked, earning glares from the table.

    Vader curled his finger, “Do not mention that name.” Even though he was choking, the lad simply brushed it off, having grown up with a father he tried to emulate, Naíno had very little fear of some cyborg. He managed to cough up an apology and beat a hasty retreat, and the dinner was stone silent after that.

    Leia went to see him after dinner. Vader looked up from the book he was reading, “You remind me of your mother in that dress.” Reaching out, Leia tried to soothe him, but was rebuffed. “The man once known as Anakin Skywalker is dead, only I remain,” was his stony, detached response. Leia sighed as she left, how much guilt he must still feel.

    Thrawn was wearing a white dressing gown and matching boxers and was sipping red wine when Leia entered their shared room. “How did it go,” he asked quietly. Leia sighed, neither of her fathers were in high spirits. Thrawn had her sit down next to him, and poured her some seltzer water, “You can only do so much, it will be up to them on how to best move forward.” Leia smiled, Thrawn had a way of bringing her comfort.

    Later, when they were in bed together, Leia asked Thrawn what he thought of the Rebelllion, “My feelings towards them are complicated, my heart’s half. While the treatment of poor worlds and non-human species is truly deplorable, most of cells are terrorists, not caring about damage or lives. You must also remember, I come from a militarized, oligarchic society that adores families and abhors civilian casualties. Sleep now, my darling love, and we will talk in the morning.” Leia snuggled in his embrace and fell into a deep sleep, peaceful.

    As much as Leia took pleasure in having her “secret” family with her on Alderaan, Thrawn and Vader left a week later, and Leia felt restless, angsty. Her active mind went wild, and she began hitting the discos and underground clubs, losing herself in the heavy beats of the wild music, feeding of the euphoric crowds. She went shallow at first, joining in their happy enthusiasm as loyal Imperial citizens. It helped her work through her grief, but at the same time, her righteous fury was enflamed when her comrades began to whisper about family members lost in battle. It got to a point she had to leave, and nearly ran into her cousin, Naíno.

    He scurried down the alley, and in his back pocket was a QR code. Returning to the palace, she looked it up, but it required a special clearance. As a junior senator, she had that level and what she read broke her heart. Naíno had filed a false report on the Holonet, and Phoenix Squadron- her cousin and the Rebels had murdered her mother!

    At this news, the Dark Side consumed Leia’s delicate soul. A loud howl of anguish ripped from her lips, the electronics began to whine and break, books left out began to fly open, pages whirling in the wind. Leia’s fangs popped out, not pronounced but noticeable. Bail felt the sharp wind, what was going on?

    Shouting her name, the doors to the library, Bail let his datapad drop the floor at the astonishing sight in front of him. Leia had lost control of the Force, and he called her name, begging her to come back to her senses. Hearing him call her name, Leia came back to herself, “Father?” Concern crossing her face, she turned around…only to see her father stare at her in terror. “What…what are you,” he choked out.

    “It’s me, Leia! Please, I won’t hurt you,” Leia begged, and as Bail was still too much in shock from this rancid revelation. Mind reeling, Leia took off, she had to find Thrawn. She could not stay on Alderaan. Piloting a shuttle, she headed towards Lothal, where the Seventh Fleet was stationed.

    The Seventh Fleet was not expecting the shuttle from Alderaan, but it had the correct landing codes, and a frantic Princess Leia. Thrawn sensed something was off, and whisked her off to his quarters. Leia spent the next hour vomiting into his toilet with an IV in her arm to combat dehydration. She was also given a mild sedative, and once she was in bed, Thrawn held her close. “You should have called me, I could have anchored you, but your father found out. I…you have to stay with me now. The Emperor will turn you into a weapon, like Vader. Oh, heart’s half!” He kissed her soundly, how her heart still fluttered!

    Meanwhile, Bail had been able to pull himself out of his shock and was beating himself up. How dare he react like that! His wife had been murdered, and his daughter had a nervous breakdown, tapping into her inherited Force powers…and she was now a vampire! Was that was Thrawn was? That explained why he was so private, and why he was so insistent the courtship last a couple of years. “I must make this right!” He noticed the paper, what had Naíno done now? Either way, all roads led to Lothal.

    The night was a long one for everyone. Vader got the news he had been dreading, Leia had lost control, she would have to drain Naíno for his crime and the Spectres. Leia had to right the wrong committed. Leia and Thrawn were a bit better, they were prepared to do the next right thing, and Bail was speeding towards Lothal, hoping to avoid any bloodshed.

    Using the Force, Leia deduced her cousin was using a holoshroud to disguise himself as her father and was helping the Spectres load ion cannons as a shipment for their hidden base, hidden somewhere in the Outer Rim. After meditating on the grim task ahead, she informed Thrawn she would use her public image to infiltrate and go from there. Thrawn would follow as back up, disguised as a Mandolorian. Konstantin was just glad to be rid of them.

    Once the public shuttle landed, Leia headed for the marketplace, near the parking lot where the ATATs, AT-TEs and other ground vehicles and equipment were stored. Reading the auras of the guards, she focused on Kanan and Ezra, there they were. They had no guilt about killing her mother, those kriffing hypocrites! Did they not know how much her mother supported the Rebellion? Apparently not. Letting out a deep breath, she followed them, stalking them in the shadows.

    Kanan turned around, someone was following them, when out of nowhere, the “real” Senator Organa approached them. “Troopers, there you are! My supplies were stolen, but your captain was kind enough to assist me with procuring more.” Leia could only balk, oh well! She followed from a close distance and was soon aboard the Ghost.

    Naíno chuckled when his disguise came off, “Well, I threw the Imps off our trail…” Hera was not amused, “I still cannot believe you pinned us for the murder of your aunt! Berha Organa was on our side!” What?

    “So, you knew,” Leia wailed from where she was hiding! The Rebels jumped up in surprise, what was Princess Leia doing here? Hera and Kanan tried to apologise, but it was too late. Leia had unfurled her fangs, the landing ramp clamped to the ground, they had murdered innocents.

    “You were Jedi, how could you,” she sobbed. As none of them had encountered a vampire before, they leaned in to kill her, but Leia begged she did not want to hurt them, she just wanted the truth. As they would not listen, Leia began to drain them all at once. Taking deep calming breaths, the Rebels shouted and slurred, and one at a time she gave them the most horrible migraines imaginable. Walking over to Hera Syndulla, the older woman asked, “What are you, some monster?”

    “I am not a monster, I am a Mononoke, a Mononoke hime. Why did you murder my mother, Breha Organa of Alderaan? She supported the Rebelllion,” Leia cried quietly. Hera said she had not known, they had come under attack from Alderaanian forces, and out of the corner out of her eye, she say Naíno make a run for it (or crawl as that was all he could really do at the moment)…only to be stopped by the real Bail Organa and Grand Admiral Thrawn.

    “Naíno, what did you do?”

    Pulling a blaster, Naíno pulled a blaster and aimed at Leia as she collected herself, only for Bail to push her and Thrawn down the ramp, taking the death shot. Thrawn looked on in abject horror and Leia screamed and ran to her father, who lay dying in the cargo bay of the Ghost.

    “Father, no! Please, please do not die,” Leia cried. Bail smiled at her gently, and placed Thrawn’s hand over Leia’s. “Please, take care of Leia and Alderaan. You will both be good rulers, I do not mind you are both vampires. Please, be aware of the Emperor and his power. I must meet Breha now. Leia, I love you,” he breathed slowly.

    Holding Leia close, she sang the draining song, and Bail’s death was beautiful, bittersweet, and serene. Naíno shouted that they were monsters, but Leia and Thrawn turned to him and said in unison, “We are Mononoke.”

    Bail’s state funeral on Alderaan was grand affair, Leia and Thrawn giving moving eulogies and announcing their full support of stamping out the Rebellion. Because of this, Palpatine decided to spare Alderaan from being destroyed by the Death Star and had a dozen garrisons built on the planet instead.

    The months passed, and as Leia’s pregnancy grew, so did the Emperor’s wish to have the young couple murdered. Vader was not about to let that happen, Leia was the only thing keeping him treading towards the Light, and was not going to give them up without a fight. Securing a dozen or so ysalamiri, he had them smuggled into Palpatine’s office when Thrawn and Leia arrived to drain him.

    “So, you have come to overthrow me,” he croaked and raised his hand to strike them down…only for nothing to happen. He called for his guards, but they did not rush in, as Leia and Thrawn had drained them, and they were on the floor crying out in pain at their awful hangovers. Together, Leia and Thrawn chanted the draining song for those who were complete monsters:

    Ashes fall, the sun and moon

    Darken upon the barren land,

    No more blood drawn, water

    Comes to cleanse the wicked.

    “What…what are you,’ Sidious croaked, as his body withered, and his soul returned to Exegol. Thrawn and Leia gave no indication of what they were. Once the deed was done, Vader sat on the throne and gave the order for the Death Sqaudron to head to Exegol and destroy the planet. Once that had been taken care of, Vader was named Emperor and Thrawn and Leia were crowned King and Queen of Alderaan.

    Sometime after the twins were born, who were proudly named Bail and Breha after their grandparents, it finally got out that the rulers of Alderaan were psychic vampires. The Alderraanians did not care one way of the other, after all, wasn’t everyone a monster at some point in their lives?

    Leia thought about this the night the twins were born, as she gazed out the window, and she thought back to what Thrawn had said to her, “It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.” They may have been cut off from other humans who did not understand them, or their ways.

    They were not monsters.

    They were Mononoke.
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    Dark Leia and Thrawn, helping Vader and defeating the truly dark Sidious. A great response
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    Thank you, I found inspiration and ran with it. Seriously considering expanding this at some point.
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    These lines are sublime, “She could feel the ambrosia of deatharound her, a siren song rising in her veins. Standing transfixed, the slight hints offangs unfurling from her cupid’s bow lips, when she heard mother scream!” -Nehru_Amidala

    Your descriptions and weaving of the scene and feelings is poetic and I can see it in my mind. Bravo. Reading on, “I am a slow reader.” :p
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    By the Immortal Gods of the Sith!,
    “Outside the shuttle, the stars swirled and formed psychedelic patterns before the verdant world loomed large, a gentle fertility goddess welcoming weary pilgrims homeward bound.” -Nehru_Amidala

    This kind of writing is brilliant Nehru! It allows me to see it, feel it, and connect with the visualization and symbolism.
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    So glad you are enjoying this!
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    I love the psyche draining. [face_devil]

    “Chiss took their spirituality quite seriously, and viewed immortality as a curse and blessing. The Celestials had created them to be somewhere to be demons and angels, too pure for Hell but not pureenough for Heaven.” -Nehru Amidala

    Beautiful! I love the mention of The Celestials. Is this Chiss history or your invention? I love it.
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    my invention.
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    Finished reading it.
    I think you have the blueprints of a long and epic tale her @Nehru_Amidala ! This one shot is so good I’d love a longer version where it stretches the events out and you get even deeper into the lives of these characters. That is if you ever wanted to. :)

    I much enjoyed this. Keep writing my friend. And tag me for future writings. :)
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