Bloom, IN MT visits area October 4-5-6-7-8

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  1. MusicTrooper

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Hi to those who still visit this area.

    I am planning my usual fall trip to the Indianapolis/Bloomington area.

    IU Home-comming parade my major event,
    this is usually on Friday,
    it has been during the day and at night in the past.

    am unsure about it-s current status.

  2. MusicTrooper

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Still no idea when the parade is, exactly,
    but it should be tomorrow.
    I am currently in INDY, so, will be wandering
    Bloomington tomorrow.
  3. MusicTrooper

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    Feb 22, 2005
    well, I am currently hanging out at the bookstore, and have had a chance to see a local newspaper.

    Seems that I should have been google-ing for, No iu homecomming parade.
    cause that is what has happened, IU has canceled a more that 50 year tradition, indenfinitely.
    Saying that the football game itself, will get more alumni involved.

    Well, not some of the older or those of us with back trouble. I can only last about 5 minutes
    in the actual stands at the stadium, as opposed to hours and hours anywhere along the parade route.
    Oh well. The real reason is probly time and money.

    Think I will spend my day wandering campus instead :)
  4. MusicTrooper

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    Feb 22, 2005
    Rain Rain Rain_________I love it!
    Saturday was sunnier but colder, no big deal

    Drove in from INDY and had breakfeast at my favorite restaurant,

    amazingly, this is their 45-th year in business, on a weekend which sees the 100-th homecomming game
    while announcing the end of a 50 year traditional homecomming parade,
    The only parade, that the IU Marching 100 do I think, but then, that is my MusicTrooper perspective.

    I did see one film this trip that had some STAR WARS in it.

    Perfect Pitch,

    Not a real good film, but fun at times for me, and others into Music, especiall accapella.

    Anyway, The Star Wars story part of this film is when a Freshman arrives at college,
    and decorates his half of the dorm room with a lot of Star Wars stuff,
    made me wish I could pause to check it all out.

    ok, enough from me this trip,

    Stay tuned for a hopeful report of a get-together with
    The South Bend Fan Force Star Wars Club
    up in Soutn Bend, IN.

    They only really get together once a year, for a pre-thanksgiving event,
    of playing nerdy games and pizza at a members house.

    It is the re-birth of these boards that has made this possible,
    oh, and also, one of the more ......hhhhmmmm......organized and daring
    phone-ing me at work no less. Very cool, and a guaranteed way to get me in person.

    more soon


    a ps on the Waffle House,

    My first visit there was somewhere after midnight, maybe 1-am or so,
    I and my "caving" companions, were caked in mud, in spite of the all day
    (or maybe because of) rain storm.

    and the Waffle House, did not seem to care how muddy/dirty/wet we were,
    and we were starving, as weather related caving stuff, caused us not to eat for
    some time, and we had nothing with us,, and had been going all day long,
    and so, that meal was awesome, uh, er, what ever it

    Cause my first memories of this place were like,
    wow, is this place old and beat up, perfect for a colege town.

    oh, did I forget to mention that my first visit was back in 1971 :)
    when the place was only 4 years old!
    amazing, it has not changed a bit.