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    Title: Briannakin Drops Drabbles
    Author: Briannakin
    Fanoms: Various (probably a lot of TWW, Hamilton, and Doctor Who)
    Notes: Written for the Ultimate Drabble Challenge VIII. I debated doing a NSWFF entry for UDC8, but then Legacy popped into my head and I just had to. These are probably just all over the place even within weeks. My apologies if my hoping around confuses anyone but my muse just isn’t really trained for NSWFF.

    I’ll also be using historical people, but since I’m going off fictional representations of them, I don’t really counts as “real person fic”. I could write an essay on use of historical authenticity in fictional story telling, but I won’t bore you.

    Week 1 and 2: Doctor Who, The West Wing, Hamilton (yes, they will all rhyme), and the HBO series John Adams.

    Valour (DW)

    They were all so brave. His companions. Full of valour. He never ask them to be. But perhaps when one traveled with the Doctor in the TARDIS, one had to be brave. Was it a prerequisite? Or did traveling with him made one brave.

    They had all lost so much when traveling with him. Yet they always did what was good, what was right.

    But what about him? Did traveling in the TARDIS make him good? Did it make him brave?

    Or did all this running across the universe, across time, never settling in one place, make him a coward?

    Honour (TWW)

    Honour thy father and mother. It was the fourth commandment - according to the Catholic church - and the one Josiah Bartlet grappled with the most (though Abbey would always argue that Jed sucked at keeping the fifth: remember the Sabbath and keeping it holy).

    It wasn’t so much the mother part that he struggled with. But how was one supposed to respect the man that had abused him, both physically and mentally.

    The man had been a bastard. The only lesson Josiah Bartlet had learned from his father had been how not to treat your children.

    For that, he was grateful.

    Sacrifice (TWW)

    No one talked about the small sacrifices the First Family had to take. Moving to the White House had meant so much alienation for Helen Santos. She couldn’t even walk around her own house barefoot (God she hated shoes). She hadn’t talked to any of her friends from Texas in months, let alone seen them. They simply did not get her struggles.

    At least her kids got some normalcy at school; they were making friends.

    With a sigh, she got up from her desk to see if Donna or Annabeth wanted to join her in the cafeteria for ice cream.

    Defeat (Hamilton/JA)

    He would always feel so warm when she would play piano. He would join her with his violin or cello.

    But now, all he felt cold. Deep down, he had known this was inevitable. But his Martha. Oh his Martha. There was no comfort in Monticello.

    Together they had shared it all, and lost so much. Their names were all etched on his heart: Jane, Peter, Lucy Elizabeth.

    And now, she joined them, while he was forced to remain. Here, on the horizon of Independence, of all Thomas Jefferson had worked toward, he felt defeat. His breath stolen by death.

    Thomas Jefferson’s wife died in 1782 after many years of ill heath and 3 out of their 6 kids dying. According to historians, Jefferson was extremely distraught by his wife’s death. Two years later, another one of Jefferson’s daughters (also named Lucy Elizabeth) would die and during his presidency another daughter (Mary) would die. Only one of his (legitimate :p) children outlived him.
    This is not to say I support the dude’s ideas. I find him both an interesting man and an interesting character, but the dude’s ideas were horrible.

    Victory (Hamilton/JA)

    They won the war, but what was it all for?

    Was it truly victory when it was all so contradictory?

    And I’m just not talking ‘bout the constitution. The whole damn institution!

    How could some scream liberté! Egalité! When so many did not join in their fraternité?

    And what about France? Without them they would have never had a chance!

    Had they exchange one master for another? Or would the nation truly be a brother?

    Victory? But what did they pay? They would now write the histories. But what would they say?

    Is this cynical? Or was this the pinnacle?

    [Week 2]

    Name (TWW)

    Charlie Young was was a lost. This normally didn’t happen to him. The question posed to him was so very hard.

    “So? What do you want to name him? It’s only fair,” Zoey said softly, tired from the birth. “I named Josie and Jedidiah.”

    Charlie looked down at his newest child. “Are you sure you don’t want to name him after your father?”

    “No, Dad was always very clear. No grand-kids named after him, and we already kinda broke that… twice.”

    “Well, I say we keep the theme. Jethro. His name is Jethro.”

    “Dad is rolling in his grave.”

    Title (TWW)

    Charlie adjusted his tie. Today was the day. The day he would marry Zoey.

    There was a knock at the door. He was expecting this.

    He let future father-in-law in.

    “Sir, with all due respect, you won’t be changing my mind.”

    “I know. Abbey wouldn’t have let me in here if my mission was malicious. I’m not here to put the fear of God into you. We need to settle something. I don’t want to called ’Sir’ by my son-in-law - unless it is Doug… or Vic.”

    “Sir? If I could? I’d like to call you Dad.”

    Number (Doctor Who - speculation with the new companion)

    “So what’s the number?” Bill asked, pulling out her cell-phone.

    “Number?” the Doctor replied, brows furrowing in confusion.

    “For the phone. This place does have a phone, right?”

    “Of course! Right on the front! This is a police box.”

    “So what’s the number? Incase, you know, aliens start invading, taking over the over the US - though that might be an improvement.”

    The doctor had to pause. It had been so long. So long since he had given someone that number. Had he actually forgotten? He hadn’t even given the number to Clara. Missy had.

    Maybe Missy remembered the number.

    Date (Hamilton/JA)

    1826. Forth of July. His mouth dry. Let this forever be on the records. John Adams uttered the famous final words: “Thomas Jefferson Still survives.”

    But, let us rewind the clock. Hours? Five.

    Monticello. Jefferson hears a piano, violin and a cello. Then he says goodbye? No. Hello. To Martha, to his five children: Jane, Peter, Mary, and two girls named Lucy Elizabeth.

    Their final breaths were taken on the anniversary of the adoption of the declaration of independence.

    Then history can start their sentence.

    As revolutionary men. Flawed humans. So let’s pick up a pen. And say never again.

    My favourite random fact: John Adam’s last words were “Thomas Jefferson still survives.” Jefferson had actually died five hours before.

    Legacy (Hamilton/JA)

    “Why are people here so sarcastic?” the foreigner asked. “With the winter climate, you people are sadistic. But the summer is kinda nice.”

    “Do you really want to know?” the native tempted the ice.

    “Yes. Entertain a nerd.”

    “The town was named for King George III.”

    “Huh? The monarch who lost the American Revolution?”

    The native cleared the confusion. “Now he’s better known as ‘that king in Hamilton.’ This place is his legacy. Well, one of his many anyways.”

    “Well, I understand it all now.”

    “Oh! So you have figured out why people here are so mentally unstable? AWESOME! WOW!”

    Yeah, I guess I should confess this now. I live in a town named after King George III. I’m not kidding. I know it explains A LOT.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love to see Doctor Who and The West Wing in these drabbles
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    Aug 14, 2002
    Identified most with the Doctor ones. Good job with them all.
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    They were all amazing! But wow do you have the Hamilton rhyme and rhythm down. I'm awed! =D=

    Wow! What a great question from the Doctor. Is he just always running away??

    Very in character. I can see how he would struggle to reconcile the commandment with the person his father was. I loved the line about Abbey saying he didn't do well with the 5th either.

    Holy moly, that was awesome!! :D I could really hear it in the rhythm that Hamilton has and it was amazing! I think this was probably my favorite.

    Aww... I think that would be perfect for both of them! I think that was a conversation that definitely happened, I mean he gave him the Paul Revere knife!!

    Ha! That's exactly what I thought of when I read Defeat with Jefferson. I've always loved that Adams said that and that they both died on the 4th of July. It was quite apropos.

    That hit me right in the gut. Amazing.

    Hahaha... that is great!
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    Valor: You definitely nailed that correlation between the Doctor and his companions in this one. The last line really hit home!

    Honor: There were so many spot on character points in this one that I don't even know how where to begin. The 'how not to be a father' line was a powerful sentence, but I really just loved Abbey's quip about the Sabbath. :p

    Sacrifice: Mmm hmm. It's a completely different way of life in so many ways. Another great character piece.

    Defeat: Eugh. Thomas Jefferson is one of those characters who is fascinating, mainly because so many of his personal opinions/political positions/life choices were flat out flawed, or simply different from contemporary thinking in so many ways. But, at the very least, he did adore his wife, and I can't even imagine his grief at losing her and so many children. This was a very fitting tribute to that. (This could totally be a piece of trivia you already know, but, in case you don't . . . did you know that Sally Hemmings was Martha's half sister, to make that a further tangled web? That entire situation was such a complicated mess that I don't even know where to begin. [face_plain])

    Victory: IT RHYMES . . . and it rhymes so well! I've seen a few authors tackle this format to honor the fandom template, but this is definitely one of the most successful attempts - especially with the message it was conveying. Just fantastic! =D=

    Name: JETHRO! [face_laugh][face_laugh]

    It's those DAMN NINJAS, I swear!! :p But I have such a smile now . . .

    Number: (I loved the subtle America jab. Just . . . eugh. :rolleyes: :p) But I loved the question about the phone number, too . . . it makes sense. (I am so far behind with DW, but this was very enjoyable. :))

    Date: Because this has to be one of the most fascinating ironies in history! This was a poignant drabble - especially the ending sentence about flawed men picking up pens - very, very apt. =D= (And I love the JA drabbles, period! I have such a love hate relationship with some of the writing choices in the miniseries, but the acting was fantastic, no doubt about it. You perfectly portrayed this scene here. [face_love])

    Legacy: Awesome. Wow. ;) [face_laugh][face_laugh] This was a great bit of levity to end these on. :) =D=
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    Thank you!

    Thank you. Not a lot of Doctor Who plots have come to me recently, so I'm not sure how frequently Doctor Who will appear in these drabbles. Maybe once the new series comes out?

    Thanks! Once Hamilton takes over the brain, it is kinda hard to get out :p
    Thanks. I don't think Presidents should be good at keeping the 5th one :p But of course Abbey would think that of her husband.

    Thank you! I just wrote it and went DAMN! Did I just write that? History degree finally paid off :p

    HE GAVE HIM THE KNIFEEE!!!! [/the west wing weekly]

    Yeah. It is just one of those weird facts of history no one could make up.

    I'm loving the simple gut punches Hamilton has empowered me with.

    Hahaha... that is great![/quote]
    That's true! [/hamilton]

    Thanks. I wasn't sure about writing Bartlet, but that one came easily given the subject matter.

    Eugh is right. The more I read about him, the more of a contradiction he seems. His writing is amazing, but he also held some horrible positions. He's definitely fascinating.

    And I do remember reading that somewhere. It just makes him... yeah, even more of a mess.

    Thank you. I kinda amazed myself!

    Could have been worse. Could have been GERALD!

    Those damn ninjas with their damn onions!

    Me? Make jabs at 'MURICA! nooooooo. Never! :p

    Yeah, probably one of the most memorable ironies. Yeah. I just finished JA. It was... interesting? Even from someone like me who never learned much of Adams in my schooling (we basically went from the broad strokes of the revolution to... well... burning the White House) some of the artistic liberties were very apparent. But, the acting was amazing and I guess the artistic liberties make it easier to justify writing fanfic?

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    Week 3: All TWW [Sorry! Was going to do Hamilton but I got into a rap battle with my sister and used up all my rhyming capabilities (life is kinda awesome when your name rhymes with so many things, including your sister’s name). Plus all that came to me was lyrics from these songs. Then this came to me. Still. Ninja alert.]


    Charlie Young entered the hospital room to see Ellie slumped over in the chair. She had been the one to spend the night. Seeing her, a doctor, look so helpless, tied knots in his stomach.

    His eyes then reached the figure on the bed. The man - who just a few years ago was leader of the free world - now struggled to breathe. Josiah Bartlet had fallen in his barn and hadn’t been found till the next morning. Pneumonia was their worst fears realized.

    Another one of his parents would die.

    “Get some rest,” Charlie told Ellie. “I’ll sit with Dad.”


    Abbey was angry. “I hope you’re satisfied,” she gritted out to her husband as she held his hand. He was dying, but she refused to believe this was goodbye. Instead, she lashed out. “I told you not to work in the barn when I’m away. But no, you had to work. You always have to be doing something? It was all that damed smoking. Why did you insist on getting the Christmas decorations. It’s only November.”

    He wheezed and weakly coughed in his sleep.

    “Don’t you die on me now, you… you jackass. I’m not done being pissed at you.”


    Josiah Bartlet was raised never feeling like he was enough for his father.

    That feeling had never abated. Even when he had become president.

    But here on his deathbed, he felt full. Like he had done more than enough.

    His loving wife held his hand, whispering threats. He heard the door open and fluttered his eyelids long enough to see his four children enter. His three daughters were now beautiful women. And Charlie, the son he never had, was going to change the world.

    He closed his eyes, ready to meet his maker. Ready to answer for all his deeds.


    Josh was working non-stop. It alarmed everyone. He sat, hunched over his desk, doing everything and anything. Margret got him food. Not that he ate it.

    “You should go, get some rest,” she suggested once. Josh had only snapped at her.

    Donna had tried as well. “Josh, you need to sleep.” That had dissolved into shouting.

    Finally, the president took matters into his own hands. Matt Santos blocked the doorway. “Joshua. Apologize to your secretary and your wife, then go home. That’s an order.”

    Josh resented internally, but obeyed. Eventually he was grateful. He was finally forced to grieve.


    All Abbey was left with was her memories. She looked back on them fondly.

    She remembered the day after his presidency. She found him on the porch with a letter and a lighter.

    “What’s that?”

    “The letter I wrote you incase I didn’t survive my presidency.”

    “Do I get to read it?”

    He ignited the flame. “Nope.” He smiled and lit the letter. It burned. “And I praise God for that fact.”

    She would never know what that letter contained. But that is what he wanted. Instead his last words to her had simply been, “Forgive me.”

    And she did.
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    A/N: So most these started out with the intention of being humorous and kinda stupid, but all somehow got really real. And then ninjas took over.

    Week Four (All Hamilton).

    16. Hunger (Burr’s POV)

    Hamilton has his head full of fantasies of dying like a martyr.
    Meanwhile I keep my sanity. My drive is a whole lot smarter.

    He doesn’t see the value in compromise.
    He will go around screaming high cries till he dies.

    It makes no sense.
    It’s because he’s just that dense.

    Hamilton’s hunger will be the death of him.
    The guy can’t do everything under a pseudonym.

    He insists he needs a legacy.
    But he’s blind! Why can’t he see?

    That comes after the end.
    Written alike, by both enemy and friend.

    Hamilton eternally screams.
    His hunger drives his dreams.

    17. Thirst (Hamilton’s POV)

    Burr has a thirst.
    Lafayette calls him the worst.
    He insists he will eventually be the first.
    I say he’s bound to burst.

    At least I know to grasp and clench.
    He’s always going to be on the bench.
    He’s so stagnant - waiting for it - he’s developed a stench
    At his rate, his thirst will never be quenched.

    But little did I know, he would find his water.
    In the form of a little girl - a daughter.
    He always sought her.
    And it would lead to my slaughter.

    He will win.
    But history always makes one pay for their sin.

    18. Itch (Angelica’s POV)

    Sure you want to call me a bitch?
    But I gotta tell you, got a itch.
    Sit there, listen to my pitch.
    And hopefully I will enrich.

    You rant and rave about freedom.
    And what about us women?
    What makes us so dumb?
    Just cuz Eve tempted Adam?

    Yeah, I got internal reproductive organs.
    So what? I can still carry my bullets, my guns.
    There may be orphans.
    But let me share some of the burden.

    Let’s talk about equality.
    You want soldiers with quality?
    Let us be a part of the polity.
    Even if I must be a casualty.

    19. Yearn (Eliza’s POV)

    He was born on Nevis, thought he was stuck in a crevice
    He was known to yearn, so the town said “Go, learn”

    Off to the port, bound for New York
    He never dare turned, something inside me churned

    May have punched a bursar, and that was only a precursor
    Admittedly, it was a bit of a spurn, so he had to adjourn

    Met Burr and more friends, he didn’t care if he met he ends
    Washington knew to be stern, and then I showed concern

    We won! It was all done.
    But as the world turned, it all burned.

    20. Impulse (Eliza)

    My Phillip went on an impulse.
    And I had to sit with his father and feel his last pulse.

    My heart was torn.
    Forever would I mourn.

    Then Alexander followed his son.
    I thought I was done.

    But there were so many breaths.
    Between me and my death.

    I was cursed to live to ninety-seven.
    Angelica was fifty eight when she joined them in heaven.

    I was the last to live.
    I made sure to forgive.

    Them all for leaving me.
    My children were my glee.

    I was blessed to live to ninety-seven.
    Alexander’s legacy was my obsession.
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    love your poems and the story told in TWW
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    Dec 21, 2016
    TBH, I have never liked rap. I can't stand it. But these I like. Maybe because they're written out.
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    So, at first I was simply enjoying Burr and Hamilton's complete and utter inability to understand each other - but you quickly moved from humor to a very pointed take on legacy. They both made some great points from separate sides of the fence, and it left you with a lot to think about as a reader/listener - which is honestly why I love this style of music for the play. A traditional broadway format would not have hit in the same way. (And there never would have been room for all of those words, let's face it. :p)

    But I really, really loved the force and conviction in Itch! That was Angelica spot on to a T, and I really adored the last line.

    My favourite drabble of this set was Impulse, though. Eliza living for so long, and accomplished so much during those years . . . she truly was an extraordinary woman, and this was a fitting homage. (Though now the ninjas got me, dang it! :()

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    I've never been a huge rap fan either, but Hamilton is a whole different beast!

    I think the fact that Burr and Hamilton are so different (yet went through so many similar things), yet are both right makes the musical so interesting. And, yeah, I think the music really just works for the story (which is ALREADY long, so I don't think the traditional music would have worked at all)

    Thanks. Eliza's story was truly bittersweet - she lost Peggy, Philip, both her parents, and then Alexander, all within like 4 years. She lived to an extremely old age, outlived all her siblings AND a couple of her children, and yet she left an amazing legacy for both herself and her husband.
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    AN: My head was kinda everywhere so these are both TWW and Hamilton (or both?)

    21. Dinner (TWW)

    Today was a bad day. Charlie could see it on Abbey's face as soon as he and Zoey entered the house. The former first lady was tired.

    The former president, Josiah Bartlet, was sitting in a leather Lazy-Boy recliner, not moving very much. The attacks were getting worse. Everyone knew it would be the next doctor's appointment when the news would come. The disease had progressed.

    So, Charlie suggested to Zoey, "Why don't you take your mom out?"

    Abbey resisted, but eventually Charlie sat with his father-in-law, feeding him dinner.

    Josiah was grateful to have a son.

    22. Theater (TWW)

    Josh Lyman was doubtful. "A musical about a founding father? Alexander Hamilton? I can't believe you are dragging me to this!"

    His wife fixed his bowtie. "Ainsley said it was amazing. Besides, you said you wanted to take me out for a nice night now that I'm no longer Chief of Staff to the First Lady."

    The gunshots in the theatre rattled Josh. Donna asked if he wanted to leave, but it was clear Donna was enthralled.

    After the musical was over and the theatre had been cleared, Donna Lyman was in tears. Josh did his best to console her.

    23. Pint (TWW)

    Josh felt completely overwhelmed. He had created a president, help alleviate an international financial crisis, and advised two commanders in chef at war. Yet the figure giving him heart palpitations was pint-sized baby named Leo.

    Leo was currently screaming his lungs out, yet Josh had no idea what the little guy wanted or needed. Leo's diaper was changed, he had refused a bottle, and he just would not sleep.

    Donna wandered into the messy living room.

    "Your supposed to be resting. You just had a c-section."

    "Your son wants his mom." And Josh was amazed by her instincts.

    24. Shot

    Donna was in the driveway when Josh came home from, picking their children up from school. He instantly knew something was wrong. He had seen that face on her before: the night their eldest son's namesake died.

    She kissed her children and ushered them inside. She then approached him as he exited their mini-van and he feared her words.

    "Josh. There was an assassination attempt. Sam's alright. But Charlie…"

    She didn't have to complete the sentence. He didn’t hear her anyways. The world turned dark and empty. He heard music. Sirens. Charlie had been shot and had died shorty afterwards.

    This was a part of my very evil fic that shall never see the light of the boards.

    25. Alcohol (Hamilton)

    Hamilton doesn't need to get drunk to pull out his inner teenage punk.

    Alcohol has no hold on him like other men, his vice is the ink, the pen.

    “John Adams you are a disgrace to the whole God damn human race!
    Friend to humanity? Dude you are more like a manatee.
    President? You aren’t even a permanent resident.
    You spend all your time in Massachusetts. And you call me a nuisance?
    Are you seriously the best us federalists got? You threw away your shot.
    I was never part or your plans, so now I gotta choose between two Republicans?”
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    love your take on Pint
  15. Sith-I-5

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    I quite liked Week Three.

    Satisfied, Enough, and Non-Stop being my favourite.

    All five were coherent, showing you know your subject, but those middle three resonated on their own levels.
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    These hit a fantastic range of emotions - and fandoms. ;)

    Dinner - Oh, so beautiful and sad all at once. I loved the last line.

    Theater - Fandom fussion at its finest! I can totally imagine the entire WW cast seeing Hamilton, but the image of Josh consoling Donna, in particular, was lovely.

    Pint - What a great interpretation of the prompt! A perfect family moment. [face_love]

    Shot - Ack, ack! I had a feeling that you were going to take this prompt literally, and you certainly did not disappoint. :( Stinkin' ninjas and their onions . . .

    Alcohol - Bwaha!! For some reason, every word of this seemed entirely historically accurate. And, honestly, I think the fury of roasting a rival is something the WW staff can more than understand. [face_mischief]

    A wonderful set, once again. =D=
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    Feb 25, 2010

    Thank you. Writing it was a bit nervewracking. I find it hard to put myself in the mind of an older white dude who has been president.

    Thanks. I (obviously) love the Jed and Charlie relationship.

    And, yeah, I can totally see the entire TWW seeing Hamilton.

    As for Alcohol. I just started reading the Chernow biography, which has given me a whole new appreciation for Hamilton and the character by the same name.
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    AN: Kinda random this week with some DW, some of Mav’s and my OCs for TWW, and a sneak peak at what I have planned for my diary.

    26. Dream (DW)

    The Doctor did not dream. His nights were filled thoughts and memories, but he never dreamed. He left that up to his companions.

    Their lives were so short, they couldn’t possibly experience everything. Instead they dreamed.

    But he wasn’t jealous of their ability to let their mind wander to their deepest desires.

    Rose dreamed of her father.

    Martha dreamed of making a difference.

    Donna dreamed of people telling her story.

    Amy dreamed of the universe.

    Rory dreamed of Amy.

    Clara dreamed of Danny.

    River dreamed of him.

    Bill dreamed of all of time and space, the future and the past.

    27. Stars (TWW - OCs)

    His older brother, Leo, was probably going to change the world, and Noah’s own twin, Abi, was probably going to conquer it with her mouth.

    But as for Noah, his eyes were set on the skies - on the stars. His parents were very still much of the 20th century, but Noah was of the 21st. Law and politics bored him endlessly. He loved physics and engineering. Noah was quiet and thoughtful, but like his father, a hard worker.

    One day, he’d become an astronaut, and leave this world far behind. He’d shoot for the moon and land among the stars.

    28. Barricade (TWW)

    Matthew Santos’ last opponent of his political career was a joke. Everyone was saying that, despite 12 years of Democrat rule, a Santos re-elect was in the bag.

    Still, Matt feared Torvald Drumf. Or rather, what Drumf would do to America and the world.

    Drumf wanted to build a giant wall to deal with illegal immigrants.

    As everyone kept saying, if he builds a ten foot wall, they will simply get an eleven foot ladder.

    America was the land of the free, not of barricades. But Matt couldn’t say that. Drumf already accused Matt of being a Mexican alien.

    29. Rain (TWW - Pre-show)

    Abigail Weathergill mentally cussed her roommates. If they hadn’t have been so loud, she would have never have decided to come to the public library and thus would not be currently waiting for a bus in the pouring rain.

    Suddenly the rain stopped, but just above her. She looked up to see a man holding an umbrella over her.

    “You looked like you were getting wet.” The man was about her age, and handsome.

    “Well aren’t you an observant one?” she retorted. “Why don’t you sit down? We don’t both have to be wet!”

    He did. “I’m Jed.”

    “I’m Abbey.”

    30. Home (DW)

    His companions would always ask, “Where do you come from? What’s your home planet?”

    It was always a painful reminder of a planet he had destroyed. How he killed billions and his own home.

    But then events were changed and Gallifrey had been saved.

    And when he found it, he realized why he had left. Home was boring.

    His companions would always ask, “Is the TARDIS your home?”

    It wasn’t. It was how he had run away from his home.

    He had stolen a time machine and run away. He had saved his home, but he was not going back.
  19. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Love your Dr Who in dream not dreaming at all and in home using the TARDIS to save it
  20. Cowgirl Jedi 1701

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    Dec 21, 2016
    Yeah, we all know who "Torvald Drumf" is. Especially with that comment about the wall......
  21. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    21 to 25

    The Josh and Donna visit to see the show read very well, but not knowing the plot, I don't get why Donna was enthralled on the second-to-last line, and needed consolation by the end. What the heck could have been worse than the shooting scene?

    The last one, nice work, getting Massachusetts and nuisance to rhyme.

    Good work overall.
  22. Mira_Jade

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    Dream: This was a beautiful look at the Doctor and all of his companions. I especially loved the bit about Amy dreaming of the universe and Rory dreaming of Amy. [face_love]

    Stars: I love how Noah is forging his own path! I can totally see a personality like his fitting into the family. [face_love]

    Barricade: Boom. Bang. That's how political satire is done at its finest. [face_laugh]:rolleyes:=D= A very thoughtful look on what is, currently, a very sad reality. :(

    Rain: Forgive me while I grin like a loon: the Bartlett early years. Perfect. Honestly, when my muse gets off its butt for TWW fic, that's probably where I'll start . . . [face_whistling]

    Home: There's probably not a more complicated subject for the Doctor than this. Another fantastic character sketch. =D=
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    ME?! Sass the current state of United States politics from the safety of Canada? NOOOOO. Never! [/sarcasm]

    There's a LOT of shooting in Hamilton, but the last song is basically how the wife of the (dead) title character went on to tell his story, live 50 years without him, and establish an orphanage. Basically, the show is a lot of shooting and a lot of crying.

    Oh. I'm only getting started with my mocking of the current state of US politics.

    Oh I love the Bartlets! I wish the muse had more material for them, but I WOULD TOTALLY 100% a fic starting in the early Bartlet years.

    Thanks for your comments!
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    A/N: I was kinda behind and lost as to what to do for some of these, so I decided to fandom hop and try my hand some new fandoms. Hopefully at least some of you guys know some of these fandoms. ALSO, rhyming IN FRENCH?! WHAAAAAA?

    Week 7:

    31. Tangy (Firefly/Serenity)

    River Tam curiously considered the round orange fruit Shepard Book was offering her.

    “It’s an orange,” he said.

    She let out a sigh. She knew her colours. “Yes, I see that, but what is it?”

    “A fruit.” He began savagely ripping into the skin, revealing juicy flesh.

    “What kind of fruit?”

    “It’s called an orange.”

    River furrowed her eyes in confusion. Whoever came up with the English language was stupid and unoriginal.

    Book offered her a slice. She opened her mouth like a bird. He placed the piece in her mouth. The fruit exploded her senses and she liked it.

    32. Sweet (Love Comes Softly - the book series because the movies are dumb)

    Clarke Davis was a sweet man, Marty had decided. Not because he had taken her in after her husband died, and not because he looked at his daughter with such tender eyes, and not because he often held Clare, even when her son wasn’t crying.

    Though all these made him kind and a gentle soul, he was sweet because he had opened his heart to her. He had every right to be an angry, bitter man. The world had taken his wife from him, he could have left this arrangement with Marty purely amicable, yet he opened himself to love.

    33. Spicy (Doctor Who)

    The Master shimmied her hips after she had recovered from her regeneration. She looked down to see that she was a…

    “I’m a woman!” she exclaimed with joy.

    “Alright, the inner narration has to go! Joy is just so much of a blah word. I’m full of felicity! Because this version of me has a flavour and that flavour is spicy!”

    Though she yelled at her inner monologue, she did so to drown out the sound of drums still pounding in her head.

    “Shut up! I don’t hear drums. All I hear is you going ‘blah blah blah.’ AND BONGOS!”

    34. Bitter (The Martian)

    There was nothing more bitter than a quarter of a potato dipped in crushed Vicodin. However, once one get past the taste, not to mention the boring taste of the potato - a taste that never seemed to end - life got a whole lot better. Pain ebbed away.

    Though, there weren’t many ways life could get worse when you were stranded on a planet with quickly diminishing food, water, and air.

    “That’s really dumb thinking, Mark,” the single inhabitant of the planet murmured to himself. “You really need to stop tempting the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing.”

    35. Bland (Doctor Who)

    Exploring the galaxy in a stolen time machine was not all that it was cracked up to be. Not when you were trapped between your last two heartbeats.

    Clara’s “detour” was draining on her. She knew she had broke the laws of the galaxy and her punishment was a body that could not taste, could not heal, and could not feel pleasure of any sense.

    Because somewhere, on earth, in the early 21st century, this body had died. She had died.

    She always knew this adventure had an end, and it was time. It was time to face the raven.

    Week 7:

    36. Rebellion (Hamiltion)

    As a little hellion, Hamilton had dreamed of a rebellion.
    He would stand up, fight, not go gently into that good night.
    A chance to be someone, he’d never run.
    Had sailed from a tiny port, into New York.
    Intro the belly of the beast, his desires never ceased.
    He had become Washington’s man. It was all according to God’s plan.

    Let history write, not of failed fights.
    Not of rebels, hell’s bells and terror cells.
    But of revolution, and a written constitution.
    Victory over Britain, as if it had been written.
    A bastard son, told by his beloved one.

    37. Revolution (The West Wing)

    Charlie’s fingers danced down the spine of many books - some old, some new. Some were even from the library of Dr. Josiah Bartlett, signer of the Declaration of Independence. These books told the tale of revolution. Some of these books had probably seen revolution.

    And they were all Charlie’s. Former President Josiah Bartlet had left them to his son-in-law on the occasion of his death.

    Charlie’s ancestors had been owned during the American Revolution. Nothing had been passed down from his biological parentage.

    But now he was going to be the one to carry on a revolutionary family.

    38. Freedom (Firefly)

    The girl was… odd. But Malcom Reynolds knew he had to give her and her brother a safe place. The Tams had pissed off the Alliance something fierce, but that made them alright by Mal’s standards. Sure he was always going to have to look over his shoulder, but that was nothing new. Simeon’s skills as a surgeon came in handy.

    And the girl… well the girl was a fighter.

    Truthfully, it was all worth it to see the smile on the girl’s face as the wind swept her face.

    Like Mal, she had known captivity, and therefore knew freedom.

    39. Martyr (The West Wing)

    Charlie was dead, so President Seaborn had to tell someone. He told his best friend - the man who Charlie had taken over for, and the man who was reprising his position now that Charlie was gone.

    “Charlie had been receiving death threats. I asked him if he wanted to step down, but he refused. He said that if he stepped down, that hatred would be victorious. We increased security, but I should have urged him to stay safe. Hatred won.”

    Josh shook his head. “No. Chairlie’s death was senseless, but it was not in vain. Let’s make sure of that.”

    40. Veteran (Hamilton)

    Derniers jours de Marquis de Lafayette.
    Here, in the final hours, his lungs wet.

    Combien de guerres?
    Peace within his life oh so rare.

    Never did he fear.
    Practically his career.

    Désillusionné avec France.
    But America, now they stood a chance.

    Combien ont perdu?
    Yes, freedom had its dues.

    Il avait été trahi,
    But he held no ill will, to too many he had said bye.

    Dans années,
    He’d be remembered as no ordinary.

    The Hero of Two Worlds,
    The titles that only he holds.

    Le Héros des Deux Mondes.
    But here at his end, the languages seemed to blend.

    Because Québécois would actually be closer to 18th century French (and because that is what Briannakin grew up badly mumbling). Though this probably isn’t 100% correct.

    Derniers jours de Marquis de Lafayette.
    Final days of Marquis de Lafayette.

    Combien de guerres?
    How many wars?

    Désillusionné avec France
    Disillusion with France

    Combien ont perdu?
    How many lost?

    Il avait été trahi
    He had been betrayed

    Dans années
    In years

    Le Héros des Deux Mondes
    The Hero of Two Worlds

    So… despite studying the history as well as the historiography of the French Revolution quite in depth, it was a HUGE FREAKING EVENT, so I never really focused on any individual - I more-so studied women’s and peasants’ involvement and how historians have written the causes of the French Revolution (I could insert a spiel on Marxist interpretation here). Needless to say, my knowledge of Marquis de Lafayette is limited to Hamilton and some quick reading. So apologies of this is inaccurate. Lafayette died of pneumonia after seeing France go back to an absolutist monarchy.
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    I liked what you did for Tangy; and having read a lot of The Martian, enjoyed seeing a drabble for it.

    The rest of that group was good too, especially consequences and closure for Clara. Good. I didn't like how she treated 12.