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    Title: Gamiel's Drabbles
    Author: Gamiel
    Fanoms: Various

    Here I will try to post my non-SW drabbles.

    EDIT: I will no longer post Marvel drabbles here since I have a created a new thread just for that, the Marvel based drabbles I have already posted will remain here unchanged but I will not post any follow ups on them here if I write them.

    Table of Contents
    Avatar the Last Airbender, 10 AU:s meme.
    Warhammer 40.000: A library visit
    Marvel: Tales of the Spider-'verse, part 1
    Marvel: Tales of the Spider-'verse, part 2
    Marvel: Tales of the Spider-'verse, part 3
    Marvel: Black Panther - Crule's challenge
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    Avatar the Last Airbender, 10 AU:s meme.

    This is mostly something I wrote years ago inspired by an AU fic-meme that was going around in Livejournal back then.

    1. wild west:
    The wanted poster showed a face split in two, one side aristocratic and good looking the other nothing but scar tissue, over the name Hex. The officer holding it up did not offer a reward; her cold smile said that not giving her soldiers a reason to stay was the reward. So Song told her. She told her that the man had come thru the town five day ago. She told her that he had called himself Lee and had eaten a meal in the saloon before shooting the sheriff and his vice’ and she told her that he had continued north-westward toward Crocked-Mans Canyon.

    As the red coats rode out of town Song thought about what she had told them and what she had not told them. She hadn’t told them that the sheriff was a bully and a drunk, and that he had drawn first, or that Hex left with full supplies. She also hadn’t told them about the canyon crawlers that had their home in the canyon, or that she had warned Lee about them.

    2. cyberpunk:
    “So, are you trying for a retro feeling or is it some kind of personal reason you’ve decided to have a dungeon” said Sokka as he was hanging from the wall, arms and legs in the high-tech shackles he was referring to.

    “Cute”, said Scary-Hot-Leader-Girl, “Mai put a knife in him next time he tries to be funny.”

    He guessed that Scary-Cold-Knife-Gynodroid – she had to be a gynodroid, no girl cold be that not-girl like – was Mai and he knew that that female shaped robot would not hesitate to follow that order so he decided to keep his sealjerky trap shot.

    “So Ty Lee do we have an ID for those trained hogmonkeys”, she continued as she waived her hands toward him and Lee that was hanging unconscious in the other corner.

    Scary-Perky-Pink-Point-Point-Girl looked at the dataslate she was holding.

    “Yep, Clown-makeup”, here Sokka wanted to shout at her that it was traditional war paint and not ‘clown makeup’ but decided that it was better that his pride tock a turn than his body got a flesh wound, “is Sokka Akhlut, no current job but seems to have been a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades before, has had some run-ins with the law a couple of times, mostly small things of no importance, last registered job was at ‘Bako’s garage’. And Bad-hair-day is… Zuko?!”

    This got a reaction from all three of the girls – it seamed that he had to revaluate his assumption about Mai, who had became slack jawed – so Zuko was Lee’s real name but who was he to get such a reaction from the trio.

    “Zuko”, spited Scary-Hot-Leader-Girl out, “are you trying to be funny Ty Lee! Zuko fried! He is dead or wished he was dead.”

    Fried, thought Sokka, that explained so much. Like how Lee, Zuko, know everything about swimming the matrix wile never diving himself and how he got those scars, now when he thought about it Lee’s, Zuko’s, Whatever’s scars covered the places were the usual ‘jaks were placed.

    “I’m not joking Azula! It say so here, in black on white in 500 ppi!”

    “Give me that”, said – was it Azula or Atzela? – as she grabbed the dataslate from Ty Lee’s hands. In half a minute it seamed as if the whole room was holding its breath, or maybe it was just Sokka who was doing it, as she looked at the ‘slate. Then she just throws it causally toward Mai, who expertly caught it, and walked forward to As-for-now-Whatever.

    “Is it really you Zuzu”, she asked as she pulled his head up by the hair. The only answered she got was a groan.

    3. fairy tale:
    As the hunter escaped with the Moon’s daughter, he saw the witch following them in her chariot, it wheels spinning so fast that they burned the ground. As the witch came closer the hunter called upon the badger-mole. The badger-mole came to his help and with a mighty bending move created a mountain range between the hunter and the witch. The witch screamed furiously and with her scream she summoned storm clouds that throw lightning on the brave hunter and the Moon’s daughter. Then the hunter called upon the happy monk, who came flying on his buffalo and with a laugher and a quick move with his wind staff blow the storm clouds away with a mighty wind.

    4. pirates:
    The captain had tried to outrun them but the two pirate ships, bearing the flag of Dual Dao Lee, had quickly hemmed them in. Fighting was not a true opinion, Lee was known for having benders of all kind in his crew and they themselves only had the bodyguards for the important passenger.

    Mai felt her parents tighten their grip of her and each other as the pirates boarded the ship. After the first wave of pirates, who quickly made certain that any thoughts of resistance was crushed, come there Captain - Dual Dao Lee. He was dressed in fine lose cloths from all the nations, and had the swords that had given him his name on his back. The man himself was obviously of Middle Western heritage with his pale skin, black hair and golden eyes. Mai was certain she know him from some were.

    When Dual Dao Lee told them there wisdom in surrendering Mai realized where she knows him from. It was Zuko. When Dual Dao Lee nearly stumbled and her parents tightened there grip Mai understood that she had said his name out loud.

    5. SPACE!!:
    The Jasmine Dragon was not the type of establishment neither Katara nor Sokka expected to meet a rouge trader. It lay in the Terran block, near the edge of the Open districts, of the Ba Sing Se space station, and was a finer but not to expensive, tea house with a garden, filled with guests and a smell of tea. The only thing that could be called unusual was that the garden was a real grass and tree garden with a small pond instead of the usual rock garden.

    “Welcome to the Jasmine Dragon, would you like a table”, asked the waitress, Ming said the name tag, who had come to great them.

    “We are looking for Captain Lee”, said Katara, “we were told that he was here.”

    “Oh, he is here. I’ll take you to him”, said Ming and directed them to a table by the wall, near the garden door.

    If the Jasmine Dragon did not master up to the expectation, Captain Lee did. The first they noticed was the dark red captain’s coat, the second was his, large, yellow lanced cybernetic right eye that come into view when turned his head to face them.

    “So what can I do for you”, asked Lee as the man he had presented as his first mate, Jee, took up a dataslate.

    6. born another gender:
    The northern prince was like no other man Katara had ever meet. Physically so fragile, he was like a spirit, white haired and fair skinned, and at the same time a Water bender of a proportion that even seemed to suppress Aang’s. He had asked her to teach him how to heal and he had said that she was interesting. He found her interesting, her, a simple southern girl, it was like a dream or the set up for cruel joke, but until the punch line fell she was going to enjoy it.

    7. schoolfic:
    “Hey, guys”, said Sokka as he entered the flat he shared with his sister, and right now also Aang, “You can never guess who I saw today.”
    “Gran Gran?”
    “Aang continue with your studies.”
    “Yes Katara.”
    “Alright, I give up who did you see?”
    “Freaking Zuko!”
    “You know, that guy from Sozin academy, who I went up against in the tournament.”
    “Oh yea, now I remember him. He cleaned the floor with you”, said Aang with a smile but quickly returned to his homework as he noticed the look both siblings were giving him.
    “Okay, what’s so special about seeing Zuko-guy”, asked Katara.
    “Okay, you see, it was like this I was taking Suki to that new tea house…”
    “Suki? Are you not dating Yue right now?”
    “Just because Suki and I are no longer together don’t mean that we can’t still be friends an’ take a cop of tea together”, said Sokka, slightly defensive, with Katara commented with a humf. “Now were was I… Yes. We went to this new tea house that Haru had recommended, Lotus Dragon, or something like that, and as we were looking thru the menu I saw him!”
    “So what? He do seems to be the tea type.”
    “He was not there drinking tea. He was serving it!”

    8. an other culture:
    Fire Lord Arnook looked at the young, white haired man bowing before him. He had read the reports but he realized now that he had not really believed them until he saw it with his own eyes.

    “Admiral Hahn We have read the reports but We want to know what happened from your own mouth, so tell me.”

    “Everything was going as planed, my lord. While the barbarians were distracted by our troops, I and my elite team was slipping around them and into the Spirit oasis. It was no real problem to catch the Moon when it was in material form. I was just about to strike a crippling blow toward the Avatar and the Water tribe when the bag with the moon spirit was pulled out of my hand by the Avatars white haired companion, who cowardly had sneaked up on me. I was just about to challenge him when he suddenly was replaced by a glowing white woman. I tried to attack her but I could not move. She… she told me that I would have to pay for my crimes and… and then said that she would show me the power of the moon… the power of change and… and then… then there was this white light and I don’t really remember anything until I awoke on the ship on our way home.”

    “Is it true that you can no longer bend?”

    Hahn swallowed, “It… is true, my lord.”

    Fire lord Arnook looked at the man who once had been one of the competitors for his daughter’s hand. “This never happened to you Admiral Hahn, you died valiantly fighting the northern barbarians and you will get an honorable funeral”, he owned Hahn’s family that much, “you, yourself will spend the rest of your life among the Firlong monks on Ongai island. Where your existence and shame will be kept a secret”. And may Agni have mercy on your soul.

    9. after the catastrophe…:
    The old world ended in radioactive fire and toxic ash, only they who had escaped down into the underground enclaves survived. No one knows how long, under how many generations humanity stayed underground until the failing systems compelled them to return to the surface. What they found was a harsh and dangerous world of acid rain, radioactive zones and strange beasts were spirits and intelligent humanoid beasts stalked the land. To survive humanity had to once again learn and use the ancient and nearly forgotten art of bending. As humanity explored this strange new world they found the abhuman decedents of enclaves who had open to early, they who had survived had mutated in body or mind to something more and, or maybe less the human.

    Humanity had probably destroyed itself in this new dark Eden if it was not for the Avatar, the master of all the four Elements. For generations the Avatar helped and guided humanity but then one day he disappeared and the delicate balance of the world was tipped.
    Now one hundred years later a rumor has begun to fly, from the conquering Fire Empire with its ever expanding borders in the North to the mystical Sky Nomads Monastery city on the Bone steps in the South to the Water Triad, three grate tribes only united by there water bending and there war against the Fire Empire, in the West to the grate city state Ba Sing Se in the East. A rumor that whispers that the Avatar has returned, riding on a flying bisox, accompanied by two water people and protected by a winged lemur swordsman.

    10. superheroes:
    “At last. With the mayor under my hypnotic power I finally control the whole city council. Nothing can stop me now!”
    “Not so fast Long Feng!”

    The malevolent mastermind, and his green clad henchmen quickly turned toward the speaker

    “The Aeronaut and Water Witch”, spited the diabolic despot, “Dai Lee! Take them!”

    “Hey, I’m here also”, said the insulted voce of the Blue Boomerang. It was the only thing he had time with before he and his companions joined battle with the Shadow Mandarin’s heinous henchmen!
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    Interesting stuff.

    With the first two being the best out of what I read.
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    These were all fantastic! I particularly liked the cyberpunk AU - Sokka's nicknames and mouth will never not make me smile. Though the wild west one was probably my favourite for Song's omission. Nicely done, Song; nicely done!

    It's great to see you on the NSWFF side of things - I can't wait to see what you add next. :D =D=
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    Cool Wild West one and the rest -- have the flair of an Asian space pirate adventure. [face_laugh] [face_mischief]
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    A scene taking place in the Warhammer 40.000-'verse, following a member of the Deathwatch. I will maybe expand on it in the future.


    A library visit
    The main library of Watch Fortress Argus was the size of a Hunter-class Destroyer and was filed with books, scrolls, data tapes, optical disc and information sticks, all taken care of by members of the librarian-clans and their blessed ancestors, in the shape of servo-sculls. As Brother-Teğmen İlhan of the Sons of Jaghatai, Watch-Captain of the Deathwatch, entered some of the younger members of the librarian-clans stopped with their work for a moment, for even if Watch Fortress Argus belonged to the Deathwatch so was it not often one of the blessed gene-descendants of the Emperor entered the hall of the grand-library. Most of them kept to the smaller libraries near them or sent thralls to fetch the information they were looking for.

    İlhan stood and took in this temple to the written word for a moment until one of the princeps-librarios approached him. She was an ancient creator, in much resembling a tech-priest, even if her mechadendrites was made for fine manipulation and writing instead of mechanical work. His armour’s machine-spirit informed him that she was called Xandra, threat level ‘Minoris’ even if she could be hiding potent weapons that its systems could not detect which made the threat level ‘Minoris+?’.

    “Greeting Watch-Captain İlhan, your presence honour us”, as she spook one of the scriber servo-sculls wrote down what she said, “the books you have asked for has been collected. Let me lead you to them.”

    The princeps-librarios lead him to a astartes-sized table with a small bookcase, where the books waited. Each book was bound in artisan crafted metal bindings with advanced clasp-systems keeping it locked and guardian servo-skulls chained to them to prevent even attempts to fiddle with the locks.

    İlhan reached for the first book, touched the front with his left hand, the machine-spirit in the arm greeted the one in the clasp-systems and the locks opened as they recognized each other. Behind the heavy bindings was pages made by leaf-thin adamantium plates, the letters and pictures in the book was creating by etching the plates with potent acid and then filled in with lacquer.

    Each of the books in the case was for one Chapter that the Deathwatch know of, they were part of the stations great collection of knowledge regarding on all the Chapters that have served in the Deathwatch.

    As he sat down İlhan realized that princeps-librarios Xandra was standing beside him in attention, waiting for any request.

    “You may leave me princeps-librarios Xandra”, as he spook, her scriber servo-sculls wrote down what he said, “I will call if I need anything.”

    “Of course, Watch-Captain İlhan”, her scriber servo-sculls wrote down what she said.

    As the princeps-librarios left him, İlhan opened the unlocked book. Each book begun with a visual description of the Chapter it was dedicated to on one side; on the other side: a list naming its Progenitor, Founding, Homeworld and Heraldry. Then followed information regarding their homeworld, culture, tactics, known gene-seed flaws, battles of interest to the Deathwatch and how to best use and integrate them into the Deathwatch. Then followed a list of Battle-Brothers the Chapter had seconded to the Deathwatch, each Brother getting at least a page describing them and naming all their missions and deeds while serving the Deathwatch.

    İlhan begun to read.
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    Very interesting! I'm not familiar with Warhammer, but I like the setting of the scene and all of the alien details within it; in just a few hundred words you managed to create something incredibly dense with world-building, and I'm curious as to what he's reading now. [face_thinking]=D=
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    Thanks :)

    My idéa is that this is a kind of prologue to some later story (that I hopefully will write some day) where a group of Space Marines from different chapters are gathered together in the Deathwatch. The first chapters, who would introduce each character, should begin with some information about the Chapter they belong to, taken from the books İlhan read.
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    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    After a dangerous family of interdimensional vampires started hunting spiders, Spider-Men, -Women and Others from across the multiverse banded together for their own survival. Many fell in the conflict, and now a small team of those who survived use their powers to shoulder the responsibility of the fallen as the WEB-WARRIORS

    Part 1

    Salem Center, Westchester County, New York, USA, Earth-93070
    The first rule of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters’ basketball was: no powers (or at least don’t get caught using them); the second rule was: be on the team with Sam.

    Samuel ‘Sam’ Guthrie may not be the most coordinated of them but he made it up by being the tallest and having the longest reach. That meant that any team with him on was the most likely to win.

    Right now that teams was Blue (Xi'an, Sam, Kitty, Rahne, Tabby), which meant that Red (Dani, Bobby, Amara, Doug, Rusty) had to work harder. The referees was Chance and Taki.
    They were fifteen minutes in and Blue team was leading when Xi’an missed a pass and the ball bounce out of the court, as the New Mutants stopped what they were doing as the ball was no longer in play the realised that a somebody was walking down the road toward the main building.

    “Who’s that”, wondered Sam.
    “Don’t know.”
    “Don’t recognise her.”
    “No idea, but she looks hot.”
    “Xi'an”, said Tabby, “You go and talk to her.”
    “Why me?”
    “You are the oldest, duh.”

    Since she could not find any argument against that, Xi’an found herself walking toward the stranger. She seemed to be around Xi’an’s age, good-looking in the gymnastic way, had a rather big fluffy hairdo and was dressed a bit strange for Xi’an but nothing that really stood out.

    “Hello, I’m Xi'an Coy Manh, one of the students here. Can I help you?”
    “Yea, you can”, New York accent thought Xi'an as she tried to remember if they know of anybody fitting the person in front of her, “I want to talk to the teachers”, as she said the last the stranger raised her arm to show her hand, which suddenly turned black with blue patterns and her fingers now ended in claws.


    April Parker recognised most of the people that were in the office with her, even if they all were different from her own world’s versions. The one she know from the news was Ororo Munroe (her world’s UN environment ambassador), Lilandra (looking strange in human clothing instead of the garbs of the Shi’ar Empress) and Kurt Wagner (in his first uniform instead of the Euro-Force one she was used to); Charles Xavier, Peter Rasputin and Anna-Marie Rankin she only know from photos and stories. Of the two people she did not recognize so was one best described as a green tree-woman, who had shown herself able to stretch her limbs; the other one was a lanky and vigorous woman with a scared face and a patch over her right eye. The tree-woman was seemingly naked while the one-eye one was dressed rather punk-ish.

    For what felt like the near infinite time she went over her head on how to best describe her situation and for the near infinite time she could not come up with a good way to do it. It was not like they would believe her if she just stated that she was the clone of Spider-Man’s daughter from an alternative reality here to explain what had happened to their worlds Spider-Man.

    “I would believe you”, suddenly said Professor Xavier.
    “You read my mind”, said April, it was more an accusation then a question.
    “Yes, but in your case I would have been hard pressed not to, since you were nearly screaming out your thoughts.”
    “That’s good and all Prof”, said the punk woman, “but what’s it that you would believe?”
    “Our guest here is from another universe. Similar to ours in many ways but a bit farther into the future then ours. She’s the daughter of her world’s Spider-Man, here to talk to our Spider-Man’s family, explaining who it was that killed him and why.”
    “But why then come to us”, wondered Peter Rasputin.
    “Because all the other places would most likely have ignored me, called me mad or similar”, snapped April.
    “So you come to us”, said Xavier, “where you hoped a telepath would be able to see the truth you spook.”
    “Or have one of your tech-guys scan off my outer reality energy, but you already know that Professor.”
    Xavier smiled, “Yes, I do.”
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    I liked all the links![face_alien] And the multiverse explanation of April fits right in with what a multi-powered multi-verse group would understand, in the world they inhabit. Thanks for introducing Earth-93070 - I can picture Marvel, at some point, doing a DC "Infinite Crisis" and paring all these 'verses down to one![face_laugh] It seems Xavier is the same in this 'verse as he is in the familiar one, kind and paternal.
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    Good :) I thought that since I used some more obscure characters and an already existing alternativ Earth it would be best to just link to who the characters was instead of stopping in the writing an explain who-was-who and what had happened.
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    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    Part 2


    After one of the Inheritors had fought and feed on this world’s Spider-Man, his corps had been left on the street. This had led to somebody of the first responders finding out about who he was behind the mask and then told the papers. To prevent attacks from his enemies or paparazzi, the family and friends to Spider-Man, now know to the world as Peter Parker, had been taken in by the Fantastic Four.

    That’s why April was standing at Xavier’s back lawn, awaiting transport to Baxter Building.

    “There, I see the Fantasticar”, come from Danny who was now pointing up into the sky, and there it was. The bathtub shaped vehicle quick approached and turned from a just a recognisable shape into the fully visible Fantasticar with Johnny Storm behind the steering wheel.

    As it went down for landing April heard the students behind her whisper about their guest. She realised that she had forgotten how big a thing FF was, and for the student body – who had never been meet them, unlike her – this was not just meeting a big name star but also somebody that was being what many of them was hoping to do in their future, a fulltime superhero/adventurer. When Johnny Storm jumped out of Fantasticar to talk to the approaching Professor X and Ororo she also realised another reason for the whispering (at least among the girls): hubba-habba was Johnny Storm hot when he was young, and she was not meaning his powers.

    After a short talk with Professor X and Ororo, Johnny Storm turned to the students, “I’ve been told that you all really wanted to meet me and get a chance to talk to me. Sadly I don’t have the time to flare you all with my burning hot looks”, he turned his powers on for a second and after the laughter of the student body had quieted down continued, “but Prof and I have decided to have me over in the near future and give you a lecture and answer all your questions”, with the sounds of approval coming from the student body he turned to April and said with a juvenal smile, “Ms Parker, my sky-chariot is yours, we leave by your command.”
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    Tales of the Spider-'verse
    A Marvel fanfic

    A bit short and a bit late, hopefully the net chapter will come quicker and be longer.

    Part 3


    “So”, begun Johnny Storm, his voice a bit high to overpower the sound of the air rushing around them as they travelled toward Baxter Building, “you are from a different reality. Do I exist there and am I as marvellous as here?”

    “Yea, you exist in my world but you are old and bald.”

    Johnny paled for a second, his face in shock.

    April smiled, “Kidding, you still got your hair, even if you have another haircut.”

    “Oh you! You truly are related to the Webhead”, his smile turned into something more ambivalent.

    “You miss him?”

    “Yes, he was my best friend. I should have been there to help him, to stop that monster.”

    “I’m sorry but there was nothing you could have done. We know of at least one world where members of the Inheritors killed all of the Fantastic Five on their quest for Spider-totems.”

    They both where silent for a while until Johnny broke the ice again “You said the Fantastic Five, not the Fantastic Four. Who had joined us?”

    “In that reality, Spider-Man. In my reality FF’s made up by you, who’s now the leader, your wife there, no I ain’t telling you who, Ben, Franklin and Ben’s son.”

    “And I guess you ain’t telling what happened to Sue and Reed?”

    “You guessed right. Can you tell me a bit about your Peter’s family and friends in Baxter building?”

    “We-ell, there is his aunt May, poor woman she is taking this hard, she found out Peter was Spider-Man when journalist barged in on her, wanting an interview. Then there is his girlfriend Gloria.”


    “You don’t know? Gloria Grant, they meet while living in the same building.”

    “Don’t think I have heard about her.”

    “Huh, I guess that’s one of the ways our worlds are different. Well beside those two, we have taken in Harry Osborn and Flash Thompson, they were Peters closest civilian friends. And their girlfriends Liz Allan and Sha Shan Nguyen, who also know him. Then there is Mary-Jane Watson, an old school-mate of Peter and colleague of Gloria. Do you know of them?”

    “Most of them.”

    "Okay, well no more time for chitchat. Here we are: the Baxter Building."
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    A scene taking place in the Marvel multiverse on an alternative Earth. I will maybe expand on it in the future.


    Crule's challenge

    He is called Crule. Crule the Slayer. Crule the Wanderer. Crule Lord of Carnage. Crule the Beginning of the Blood River. He is an External, a kind of mutant with practical-immortality as one of their powers, in Crule’s case he also has superhuman physical abilities, claws and purple tinted skin. His earliest memories involve fighting against people with stone weapons, in a land that was eaten by the desert long ago, and he has spent his long existence going from one battle to another, always looking for a new kill, a new challenge. And that’s why he had walked into Wakanda and continued toward it’s heart, because he wanted a challenge and the priest-king of Wakande, the Black Panther, have always been good sport. That’s why he had challenged and killed three of the earlier carriers of the title; the last time was sometime after he had killed on both sides of U.S.A.’s Civil War.

    As of yet, had had not been able to get to the current priest-king, instead warriors and guards from different tribes and societies had stood in his way. They had developed new weapons and defences since last time he was here but in the end they all fell to quickly to truly entertain him.

    He screamed out a challenge: “Black Panther! Come and face me! Or watch more of your subjects blood paint my skin!”

    His answer was not the appearance of the Black Panther but a sudden pullback of the forces that had been coming toward him and a shaking of the ground. At the end of the now empty street a herd of rhinos was running toward him, with armed riders on their back.

    Crule smiled, now this might actually entertain him.
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    This last one was quite good, and since you highlighted recently that English is a second language, very good job here.

    I like that you mentioned this was an alternate earth, as that explains how there was no shield dome for this immortal warrior of yours to contend with, and how a Black Panther encounter conflated with the US Civil War.
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    I will no longer post Marvel drabbles here since I have a created a new thread just for that, the Marvel based drabbles I have already posted will remain here unchanged but I will not post any follow ups on them here if I write them.

    The Marvel stories I have here will be reposted in my Marvel drabbles thread, if not all at once.

    Thanks :)

    The way I took it (from the film) was that the shield dome usually did not go all the way down to the ground

    In the comic the Black Panther legacy go as far back as pre-Roman time (how far back seems to depend on the latest retcon) and as the movie told it my impression was that the Black Panther legacy have been going on for a long, long time.
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    Oh, okay.

    I only know the cinematic universe, so shall bow to your knowledge.
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    Dec 16, 2012
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