Story [Multi-Fandom] Mav's Drabbles of Doooom... or something ~ UDC VIII - Set 3 April 23- TWW

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    Note: Several of these took on a poem like quality when I was writing them, so even though I'm terrible at poetry I decided to actually write a poem for Defeat. I'm just going to say I'm sorry now.

    Week 1- The West Wing (Josh)

    One never really knows how you will react in a situation until it happens. Josh had always hoped that he’d be run toward the danger to help others rather than run away, but it wasn’t until a shot rang out at the Newseum that he knew he would.


    He didn’t think, just reacted.

    He ran for his friends, for the President.

    Time slowed down, everything still.


    He felt cold


    Pain blossomed in his chest


    He needed to call for help, but nothing came out.


    Toby always knew what to do.

    He was safe now.




    He couldn’t believe he was about to walk into the Oval Office and hand the President his resignation. He'd worked his whole life to be where he was, he'd almost given his life for the man who occupied that office. But he knew it was time to move on, soon this man wouldn't be President and it was his job to make sure someone with their values rose up to take the on the mantle of the leader of the free world.

    Walking in he almost lost his nerve.

    He took a deep breath.

    "Mr. President, it was my honor..."



    Josh was angry.

    Angry at the President for not revealing the M.S.

    Angry at Donna for lying to Congress about her diary.

    Angry at Cliff Calley for putting Donna in the position to lie in the first place.

    But other than anger, Josh felt loyalty.

    Loyalty to the President who was human after all.

    Loyalty to Donna who was his entire existence, who had lied to keep his enemies from knowing his biggest vulnerability, PTSD.

    It was this loyalty that meant he was willing to sacrifice everything for them. He hoped it wouldn't come to that, but he was ready.



    A crushing blow to their needs
    It was a chance to plant the seeds
    of care for those who needed it the most
    But the Republicans made sure their reform was toast.

    It always seemed when they'd take a step forward
    something else would come along and move them toward
    another direction that wasn't in their best interest
    and Josh would feel the blame like it was his to entrust

    It was his job to see things through
    and when they failed he'd feel it true.
    That the defeat was his alone to bear
    But she made sure, he'd share.



    "Victory is mine, Victory--"

    "Josh, not again. I can't take it."

    "But Donna, you love it when I gloat."

    "Yes Josh, I love when you demand I bring you the finest muffins and bagels in all of the land."

    "Was that sarcasm, Donatella?"

    "No Josh."

    "That was sarcasm for sure!"

    "I found it amusing the first million times you did it, but now your children are starting to say it every time they get a good grade, and well... it's getting obnoxious."

    "I think it's cute."

    "Of course you do!"

    "Why do you say that?"

    "Because you love being obnoxious."
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    Well done on those.

    Sacrifice was probably my favourite of the group.
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    Wow. These are great!

    Man, the friendship and the love Josh has for Toby really shows in this. The moment when Toby finds Josh always tugs at my heart.

    I (obviously) really loved the storyline of Josh going out to find “the next guy”. It was just such a fitting moment for Josh to really be the one to carry the Bartlet ideals into the next administration. You really captured that well here.

    Victory had me laughing so hard. Particularly this:
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    Valor: Just: wow. I love how utterly stream of thought this was. Every emotion was so spot on - especially with his equating safety with Toby at the end. [face_love] :( =D=

    Honor: There was a lot of bittersweetness in this one - one era ending and a new one beginning, and all that, but the thing about the values remaining really hit hard. =D=

    Sacrifice: I love what this one boils down to - how people are human, they make mistakes, but it's the character of those people who make you want to go to bat for them anyway. This drabble was so quintessentially Josh - he really does have a pit bull streak when defending his own! [face_love]

    Defeat: I don't see why you were apologizing for the poetry! This was beautiful. And it's great that the drabbles inspire so many versatile styles - that's half the fun of the challenge!

    Now THAT was the perfect note to end these on! [face_laugh][face_laugh][face_love]=D=
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    Thank you for reading and commenting everyone!! [:D] I appreciate you all!

    Thank you! Josh is always fun to write because he has such strong emotions

    Yeah, their friendship is something I always loved, which is why I hated it when they had that big fight. Their arguing was part of the fun, but that was too much. (I feel like I've said this to you before, lol.) When Toby finds Josh gets to me as well, he looks so devastated.

    :) I always loved that Bartlet told Josh he was the next generation because I could see Josh feeling guilty for moving on. I wanted to feel the moment Josh tells Bartlet he's leaving, even if just a quick moment.

    I couldn't not use the 'Victory is mine' line somehow, and I could just totally see his kids doing that, if only because Josh told them to in order to drive Donna nuts. :p

    Thank you! That's one of my favorite scenes in the whole show and I thought a drabble was a great way to do Josh's feelings and to turn the prompt around just a bit.

    I hate endings of things, and Josh leaving was really that for me, even if it was for a good reason (and I loved what came next!). I wanted to show how he was struggling but knew it was the right thing to do.

    He really does! I really do think he'd do just about anything for the people he loves. He doesn't love easily, but he loves hard.

    Thank you so much. Poetry is not my strong suit at all, but I do love that the drabbles bring out the creative styles!

    I love the "Victory is mine" speech and I just had to use it, not only because it's quenesental Josh, but because I could see Josh using their kids to drive Donna crazy!
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    Note - This week the drabbles are from Queer As Folk (US). This is NOT a family friendly show, most of which is fine to avoid, but I didn't realize how much characterization -especially of Brian's speech patterns- are not family friendly at all until I started writing. If you know QAF, I hope it's not too OOC.

    If you don't know QAF, under the spoiler tag is just a tiny info on the characters in these drabbles if you would like to know more. I don't think you have to know anyone.

    Brian - One of the main characters and has been in a "Non-defined, non-conventional" relationship with Justin, that started in the first episode of the show. He's kinda a trope in that he's a bad boy, but has a heart of gold underneath, but he's still a well rounded character.

    Justin- Another main character who met and fell in love with Brian at 17, he is a talented artist and manages to worm his way into Brian's not so cold and unfeeling heart. At his senior prom, another kid hit him in the head with a bat and he almost died. (Brian was there).

    Gus- Is Brian's biological son, but lives with his two moms. Brian donated to his friend's so they could have a kid and he initially didn't want anything to do with the child (before he was born), but found he loved him despite his trying not to do so. Brian and Justin met on the night Gus was born.

    Week Two - Queer As Folk (Various Characters)


    It was family lore that Justin had given me my name. It wasn’t that he walked into the room my mom and momma occupied and declared I was named Gus. It was more that he picked Gus over Abraham when they asked for my dad's opinion.


    And like dad's always done since, he asked Justin.

    Justin's been there for me since I was born, always willing to help. Even when he and my dad have been on the outs, I know he’d do anything for me.

    It’s time I give return the favor and give him a name—




    Brian looked down at the papers that said he and Justin owned the house Justin had dubbed 'Britin'. Justin didn't know that he owned half of it, that was going to be part of his wedding present. The house, the loft, Kinnetik, everything that Brian owned was half Justin's.

    But now the wedding was off and Justin was in New York City trying to make it as an artist. They were still together, technically, but Brian wondered if this would be the end. He thought about selling the house and sending the money, but he couldn't give up.

    Not yet.



    "It's only a number," Justin said. "It doesn't mean you are old, or unattractive, or whatever that brain of yours has cooked up. It's just a number."

    "That's easy for you to say, Sunshine" Brian responded. "You're only 21."

    Justin lightly smacked Brian's arm, "28, and I'm still more mature than you are."

    "True. God, forty," Brian sighed, "I remember when 30 was the end of the world and I refused to live past it, now here I am."

    "And look how much better your life is now. Just imagine how much better it will be at 50!"

    "Don't start..."



    The day that Chris Hobbs took a bat to Justin's head was a shared history that they couldn't escape; Brian with his memories, and Justin with the damage that was done to him. A permanent, physical reminder of pure hate.

    Every year they spent this day together. It didn't matter what was going on in their lives, where they were, this was a day just for them. Sometimes they would stay in and shut out the world, other times they'd go out of town and pretend the day didn't exist. But whatever they needed to do, they did it together.



    When Brian started building his business, his empire, he was doing it only for himself; to prove that he had gotten out. He'd escaped the life his parents tried to literally beat out of him and pray away. But soon, it wasn't just for him, it was for Justin, it was for his son, Gus.

    He'd built something from the ground up, his name had become known, and his family would never want for anything. That was something he was proud to pass on to his son, a legacy that would take him as far as he wanted to go.
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    I don't know much about this series (though it totally sounds like something I would love.... NOOOO! Mav drags Bri into something else!) but I still really enjoyed these. This made me laugh:

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    I too am not familiar with this show, but these drabbles were fantastic. You did a great job coasting through a variety of moods and scenarios to paint a larger picture of their relationship. Legacy was my favourite for how well it tied everything together on such a triumphant, powerful note, but Number drew quite a laugh from me. The banter, the horror of aging! It was perfect. :p [face_laugh]

    It was fun to see your muse go off in an unexpected direction, that's for sure! I can't wait to see where you go next. :) =D=
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    Thank you both for reading even though you don't watch QAF!
    Mwaahh haha.... Do it! Do it!
    It's a great series, and at the time it came out really ground breaking.

    Thanks! That was the drabble I had the most trouble not putting a disallowed word in. Brian's has a very distinct vocabulary and I know exactly what he'd say, I just can't say it here. Also, it would have made me one word short. :p But the sentiment of hating aging is alll Brian.

    Thank you!
    Legacy was probably my favorite as well because it shows the underneath part of that character. He's someone who had to learn to protect himself at a young age so he doesn't show much emotion, but there is a lot there. He does have his more shallow moments though, as is shown in Number.
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    Notes- Back to The West Wing, because I can't stay away from it.
    This might be a bit heavy on needed to know what happened in the show.

    Week III - The West Wing (Donna)


    She was watching him spiral out of control and she didn't know what to do.

    He said things she knew he didn't mean, did things he would have never done before.

    She was worried if she went to Leo, Josh would lose the job which he loved above all else. But she worried that not telling someone would lose him everything, they would all lose Josh altogether.

    She was worried that if he found out she was the one, he'd never trust her again. She needed him to trust her.

    "I'm sorry, Josh," she thought. She had to be strong.


    She wanted more out of her job, to really do something. To take what Josh had shown her and use it. But she also wanted more out of Josh.

    She'd been in love with him since he walked in on her answering his phone. But he was her boss and he was clueless.

    So she stuck around hoping he'd see what was right in front of his face. This way she got to see him every day, more than she saw anyone else. They were in a relationship, just not the one she wanted.

    She could wait four more years.


    For years, she'd been satisfied with what she had. Satisfied that being with Josh was enough to tide her over in a job she'd outgrown, but since she'd almost been killed, she couldn't just stand and watch her life pass her by. She had to go out and grab what she wanted.

    She knew that Josh would be upset, but he would eventually see this wasn't enough for her anymore. She was good, he'd taught her well and she would make him proud.

    So she quit, moved on to another campaign.

    Would she have stayed had she know?

    Who knew.


    The alarm went off at 4:45am and she'd only been asleep for a few hours.
    She'd done this seven years ago but she was seven years younger. Campaign trail life was not for the faint of heart or for those who needed sleep.

    She started her day that proved to be longer than the last and as long as the next.

    She saw Josh in the lobby and she could visibly see how the lack of sleep was killing him. She hoped not literally, but she didn't stop to ask.

    She was too tired.

    They could sleep in November.


    “I’ve got an airplane hanger out there filled with 500 strangers looking to me for direction. I’ve got a candidate who doesn’t trust any of them, and frankly neither do I. And if you think I don’t miss you everyday…” -Josh Lyman - The Ticket

    He said the words that she'd longed to hear for so long, but they didn't matter now. She came to him asking for a job and he turned her down.

    He'd taken a chance on her all those year ago, but those years didn't seem to matter. She'd said things in the name of her job that she had to, but he couldn't, wouldn't look past it.

    He made her face burn with embarrassment, but the feelings between them didn't matter. She'd find a way to do what she loved and he'd did what he thought he had to do.

    Bonus Helpless - Josh
    I wrote this first and then realized I wanted to do Donna drabbles, but I wanted to include this as well, so bonus drabble!!

    He could feel everything around him slipping out of his control.

    He knew he had gone far beyond his normal flirting and picking on Donna and was downright mean to her. He wouldn't blame her if she didn't forgive him.

    He listened to himself yell at the President, but it was like watching a movie. It wasn’t real. It was a cover your face with your hands moment that he didn't want to watch.

    But it was real and he couldn't stop.

    The tide rolled on and the emotions built.

    He was helpless to stop himself, helpless to move on.
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    These were all great and really well suited to Donna!

    BAHAHAHA. Pretty much the first six and a half seasons of Donna/Josh summed up in three words.

    I really enjoyed the last bonus drabble. It really captures Josh during Noel.
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    Oh, these were a fantastic way to study Donna's character!

    Satisfied was my favourite of the set - boys really can be clueless, and Josh in particular. :p I love that Donna knew her own heart so well.

    And the bonus Helpless was a fantastic addition - you could really feel Josh spiraling downwards, and the emotions packed a punch. Well done! =D=