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    Oh! Hopper and El and Mike and Joyce - those couple of scenes were really everything they needed. Security and friendship and comfort. [face_love] Though I completely understand Hopper's concern about El and a boy! The poor guy is being tossed into the tricky end of fatherhood under very unusual circumstances, but it looks like everyone is figuring it out slowly. Together. I also love the low key bond between Hopper and Joyce - there's so much trust and affection there. El scampering back to the truck just that quick at the end was all sorts of endearing, I just loved how vividly that entire scene was portrayed! [face_love]

    Then drabbles, yay! You did a great job of showing the early days in their relationship - the cabin sure did need some sprucing, and El's 'yuck' was too endearing. The coffee too! [face_laugh] :p But it was the entirety of First that really got to me. Safe. What a way to convey so much poignancy in just a couple of words. The same goes for the dialogue in Last. I loved it.

    Keep up the good work, Brodie! :) =D=
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    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks for reading, Nyota! I hope you continue to enjoy them. Hopper and El have a lot to learn about each other and how to be a family.
    Mira_Jade: Thanks again for reading and reviewing, Mira. I love this show and the Hopper-El dynamic is win for me. Hopper is my favorite with El and Steve following him. Dustin, too. However he and Steve are not making a mark on my muse. We'll see.

    A/N: These are a hodge-podge and don't follow a word limit. I may expand The Dustin-Lucas story. Enjoy.


    Dustin was already tired of Lucas and Max. It was bad enough that the red head had chosen his friend, but it was made worse when Lucas would bring up Dart and harp on his mistakes in front of her. His frustration finally boiled over one afternoon at Hopper's cabin. Lucas made a crack about Dart's escape though the Henderson storm cellar.

    "What the Hell, Lucas?" Dustin said, angrily. "You weren't even there."

    Caught off guard by his friend's sudden hostility, Lucas replied. "Chill, Dude. I know."

    "No, you don't," Dustin said, hardening his tone. "Stop showing off."

    Lucas looked at Max who looked at El who looked at Mike. Silence.

    Dustin got up and left the cabin.


    When it came to Dart, Dustin had to continually rationalize keeping him a secret from the Party. He knew what he was doing was dangerous. He could tell that the 'lizard' he found in his trash can was not local, much less of this world. However, it was cute and it made a funny sound. It seemed to like him and it loved the nougat he ceaselessly fed it. He watched it mutate before his very eyes, but wouldn't...couldn't kill it until the rationalization was overcome by the reality of a demodog! Even then, Dustin wouldn't be the death dealer.


    Hopper didn't know much about angels, but he recalled some of the Sunday school stories he learned as a child. Angels were God's messengers. Angels were also God's warriors. They were supposedly devoid of evil which made them innocent of any sin. His mind worked hard to remember, but he wondered if he cared enough to. The bottom line is that his daughter was an Angel. She was so pure, innocent of the larger world, and wanting to learn more and more each day. He wished that she would never be hurt again, that he could somehow keep her from world.

    She had brought him a message. A pretty damn important one; one she might not be aware of. He smiled and made a point to tell her tonight when he got home. She let him know it was ok to start over. It was okay to love another child. She brought him the message that he was being given a second chance. He wouldn't fail her.

    There was the other side of her; the warrior. She was strong. So strong. Strong enough to face the world, to face the darkness she would inevitably encounter. Strong enough to protect him and her friends. She would be strong enough to face God's enemies. If there was anything that was an enemy all that is good and Holy, it was the Shadow living behind The Gate.


    Jim Hopper was in a black mood. His charge had just blown out the windows of their home as the culmination of a telekinetic temper tantrum. He was thankful that force of that power was not directed him at him, even if it was about him. She went into her room and slammed the door, leaving him outside and unable to get in. He yelled at her to open up. It was the prerogative of all parents to want to throttle their children, but it was incumbent upon them not to actually do it. On top of all of it, he was out of cigarettes.

    Red 2

    It was weird to see Dustin really pissed. He had stormed out of the cabin so quickly that no one immediately followed. After a beat, Lucas stood and followed his friend out the door.

    "Dustin!" he called, wanting his fellow Party member to turn and acknowledge him. "Dustin."

    The other boy was walking, rather quickly, down the dirt road that led to the cabin. He was not interested in apologies or explanations. He just wanted to get away.
    Realizing that Dustin was not going to stop, Lucas started running to catch up.

    "Dustin, stop!" Lucas said as he reached the other boy and grabbed his arm to turn him around. "What's this about?"

    The momentum of Lucas pulling Dustin around, brought a stiff arm into his chest. He staggered back step.

    "Leave me alone, Lucas!" Dustin cried. "I'm done talking."

    Lucas opened his arms helplessly. "We haven't even started talking."

    "And we're not going to. Get lost, Sinclair."

    Lucas knew it was serious because Dustin hardly ever called him by his last name.

    "Is this about Max?" Lucas tried.

    Dustin just kept walking.
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    Red I, II & Grey - Oh, I completely understand why Dart is a soft spot for Dustin, on top of Max and Lucas. I can't blame him for his thinking he found a friendly little pet - I was hoping so myself every step of the way, even after the demodogs were revealed. But it still hurt to have him refuse to let Lucas talk to him at the end. I definitely want to see more on this - the party needs to have as few rifts between it as possible. :(

    White - What an interesting take on the subject. Hopper never struck me as the religious type - and he self-admittedly isn't here, but if there's anything to prompt such comparisons it's what they've gone through. And there are definitely similarities to be drawn. I especially loved his thoughts on the warrior-side of El. For being such a sweet, innocent cinnamon roll, it's a very unwise being to get in the way of what she has to protect. [face_love]

    Black: Yep. [face_laugh]:oops: That sums up that scene nicely. :p

    Awesome job, again, brodie! =D=
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    White is my favorite. Angels are indeed messengers & warriors. They can be loyal or treacherous by choice. [face_thinking] I like Hopper's thoughts on them and El's innocence and how he wishes to protect her.
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    Mira_Jade: Hi Mira! Thank you for reviewing. I'm glad you enjoyed these little nuggets. I don't know that Hopper is a religious man either, but I think El being like an angel was on his mind. More Dustin and Lucas to come now that 'The Ride' is concluded.
    WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you for the review, Nyota. El is most definitely like an Angel. It's hard to see treachery in her and her loyalty is beyond question. ;)


    There were times when Hopper wondered how Jane was able to stay innocent, how so much adversity had still managed to produce a good kid. He tried not to dwell on her lack of socialization, lack of nurture, and lack of education. His girl had been in survival mode. She knew what she needed to do to stay alive, to bide her time and her power for the possibility of escape. He had to wonder if escape was ever on her mind. If it was, what would she do once she escaped. The Sheriff chuckled at his thought process. She would have done just what she did. She would have looked for help.


    El had told him how nice Benny had been to her. He had given her food and tried to warm her up. He had spoken good words and never once showed her 'mad'. It was hard to imagine what one would do when faced with a girl who didn't speak, wore nothing but a hospital gown, and had a virtually shaved head to boot. He was thankful for Benny's kindness and would never forget it. In fact, during that first year, they had gone to Benny's grave. El had wanted to. Her time with him been short and, ultimately, just another trauma to throw on the heap, but it was meaningful and El would not be denied.


    Hopper and El had a lot of time together; a lot of time to talk, a lot of time to yell. A lot of time to break things. But the talking happened the most. El didn't talk much and most of what she learned was from the television. You can imagine the amount of redirection and explanation that went on. Aside from that, the only thing she wanted to talk about was Mike. Hopper didn't know the kid very well, but his part in El's journey today can't be ignored. Though Hopper was privy to much of what went on after El left Mike's house, it was his ongoing 'privilege' to hear is daughter tell him about all Mike did. Clothing. Shelter. Friendship. Kindness. Understanding. Patience. Love. That last one wasn't his favorite. They were kids for Heaven's sake. But, Wheeler was instrumental in keeping her out of sight of his parents, or anyone else, for as long as he could. As hard as it was to acknowledge the 'love' they professed, it was hard to deny that El was here, now, because of the Wheeler kid.


    His mind wandered back to the DOE and Hawkins Lab and Martin Brenner. Bastards. What kind of sicko does that to a baby girl. Twelve years. Born into captivity. Born into slavery. He knew if his mind steeped itself too long in Brenner's machinations, it would take him to a dark place. He took solace in the fact that the mad man was dead. Or was he? Doc Owens had opened the rotten apple core of the possibility that El's 'Poppa' was still out there. Just dandy. For now, it didn't matter. For now, she was safe. For now, she was loved. She was no longer a victim. She was no longer ignorant. She was his daughter. She was Jane Hopper and he would storm hell again if that is what it took to giver her the life she deserved.
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    Superb introspections. =D= El is amazing in her courage and the state of untaintedness. She has been affected by her experiences naturally but they didn't turn her into someone who does not feel or wants to lash out and inflict pain on others. @};- This makes her more lovable and precious to those who care and want to protect her. [face_thinking]
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you for reading, Nyota! Hopper and El are my fave's if that hasn't been made clear yet.;)

    Stranger Drabbles 6


    Sick stinks! El's body ached. Her head hurt. Her nose ran. She had to blow her nose all the time which made it red and raw. There was one thing that she thought would make her feel better. She hunched over the toaster feeling the heat on her face while waiting for the golden disc to pop into her hand. She pulled her blanker tightly around her, trying keep the 'colder heat' from touching her. The Eggo sprung out of its chamber and she caught it in the air. She tore into it with her teeth, but as she chewed, she noticed something was wrong. The golden goodness didn't taste right. She looked at the box. Plain, like she liked. She wrinkled her nose and chewed more slowly, suddenly not in a hurry to swallow. She swallowed anyway. She took another bite. El never thought the day would come when Eggos didn't taste magical on her tongue. It had to be because she was sick. Sick stinks!


    The box of chocolate pieces was nice of Hopper, even after she had blown out the widows in a monster fit. He was gone again and she was missing Mike. She decided to make herself feel better by eating as many pieces as she could. What she loved most about chocolate was that it melted in her mouth. She supposed most candy did eventually, but not like this. And chocolate had so many uses. Chocolate cake. Hot chocolate. Chocolate milk. Oh, she loved that. Chocolate bars. Chocolate fudge. She had heard of that one, but hadn't tasted it yet. And chocolate covered things! Like the candies in her box. 'Whitman' must be a genius. There were so many different shapes and flavors and textures. And, when she removed each piece there was a name printed in the square. She liked 'caramel' and 'nougat' and 'cherries'. She really had to meet Mr. Whitman. He was her new hero. Mike could come with her. And, Hopper, of course. He would have to drive.

    After each piece she ate, she tried to place the dark brown wrapper back in the empty square. It didn't work! The wrappers kept popping out. Frustrated she took them all out of the box and piled them next to her on the couch. Soon, she realized that half the box was empty; and with that, the next piece was not so sweet. Her 'tummy' suddenly felt heavy. So did the rest of her body. This wasn't right. Chocolate was amazing! This was not amazing. This was 'Ugh'. She slid over onto the brown wrappers, which crunched beneath her, and moaned.


    El sat on her bed, fingering the eye holes in the white sheet that was going to be her Halloween costume. She had figured it all out. She thought of all the reason's Hopper would say 'no' and the answer for all of them was simple: No one would see her. She placed the sheet over her head and adjusted it so she could see through the holes. She was not the best at cutting, but she could see. That is what mattered.

    She left her bedroom and found Hopper standing in the kitchen. He smiled when he saw her. He must think she is smart or 'clev-er' for thinking ahead. His smile faded when she pointed to the door. His head started shaking before he spoke.

    Even though she thought 'out of the box', he still wanted to keep her inside of it. This made her mad and she would let him know it.
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    Bland: oooh, you have to be sick not to love Eggo waffles particularly with Nutella on top!!!! Sweet: oh yes. El is a lady after my own taste buds! [face_laugh] Any kind of chocolate any time! =P~ Although :p [face_laugh] I guess after half a box :oops: your tummy definitely would feel ugh.
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    Ooh, I have a bit of catch up to play here!

    In the previous update, I loved the introspection. So many people have had an influence on El being where she is - both for good and for bad. I love that Hopper recognizes that, and is so determined by fight for El no matter what comes next. Beautiful.


    Blank: Oh, poor sweetie! Yes, one of the worst parts about being sick is your taste buds going haywire. It's a sad say when even eggos don't do the trick!

    Sweet: "Whitman must be a genius!" Lol!! I loved that line. And poor El! There are indeed consequences to indulging in too much sweets, unfortunately!

    Bitter: Poor thing. While there is definitely a reason for Hopper's caution, I can't even imagine how it would chafe on El. You did a great job showing us a peek in her mind as this scene escalated.

    Wonderful work, again! =D=
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    @WarmNyotaSweetAyesha: Thank you, Nyota! I like Eggos too, every once in a while. Poor El note having a luck wtih her favorite foods.
    @Mira_Jade: I'm so gad you like the 'Whitman' line. I did too. Thank you for your wonderful comments. If El can't enjoy her Eggos, that's bad for everyone. It's hard to imagine everyone involved ever being the same after such events, but El had it rough from birth. She'll have baggage for sure.
    A/N: This series grew out of an idea that everyone involved would need someone to talk to about their experiences. They only have wach other.


    Will Byers hadn't slept alone since the Mind Flayer had been driven from his body. Granted, it had only been a week, but the first three nights he was in his mother's bed, the next three his bother Jonathan slept next to him in his bed, and on night seven, he was back with his mother. Every night, without fail, the Shadow monster would appear to him as in his waking vision in the Upside Down. He would wake up screaming or in a cold sweat or shaking as if having an epileptic seizure. His mom and brother were at their wits end about how make the nightmares stop. There was no reason to believe he was still under the cold thing's influence. Hawkins lab was a empty tomb, but sometimes he wished the useless help that Doctor Owens offered was still available. Sometimes, useless help was still help.


    It had only been a couple of weeks since El had closed the gate and shadow monster had left Will. But it had been more than a year since his best friend had been abducted and held prisoner in the Upside Down. More than a year since El had killed the demogorgan and saved his life. Thank God she was still alive. If not for that, Mike Wheeler might be truly lost. Dungeons & Dragons was one thing, even scary movies with hideous creatures another, but none of it compared to a living, breathing, monster from a dark dimension actually trying to kill you. He had dreams. He had nightmares. He would toss and turn all night, never getting a good night's sleep. He didn't want to sleep, to see the blooming, tooth filled face of the demogorgan. He didn't want to run for his life, fleeing from a pack of demodogs. He also didn't need the panic induced by the thought that this time Will would be gone for good. He had people who would understand the horror. He knew they were experiencing the same things. He needed to talk. They all did.


    For Dustin Henderson, the experience with El and the Deomogorgan was part insanely awesome and part freaky. The awesome did not cancel the freaky and he, who always put on a brave face, was freaked out! He was afraid that The Mind Flayer would find a way to reopen the gate. He was scared that the master of the demodogs would be coming for him and his friends personally. Part of him thought it was silly that a powerful creature from another dimension would focus its efforts on a group of Middle school kids from a small town in Indiana. But, the other part of him knew that Will had been taken and later possessed. What would be next? He had talked to Steve about it, tried to get real with his older friend, but, as much as Steve knew, he didn't want want to talk about feelings and how the experience had messed them all up. Dustin decided it was time to call a 'family' meeting. Now, he just had to make sure everyone would be there.


    Max almost made everything okay for Lucas. But not quite. It was cool to have someone to talk to about what happened. Someone he liked, someone who wanted to know and wanted him to tell her. After the what she did to her stepbrother and the demodog encounter, she had her owner experience with the Upside Down. Though talking to her was freeing and seemed to lessen the tension he been amassing, it wasn't enough. He never used to snap at his parents or shirk his studies, much less avoid his friends by missing more Party meetings than he attended. He wasn't scared. That was never it. At least, after. Anyone would have been scared during. He was pissed off. Strangely, though, he wasn't angry on the surface. It was was a subconscious anger that he knew could not be allowed to continue. He was pissed at Hawkins lab for what they did and how they treated El. He was pissed at the whole Upside Down for taking Will and bringing its Hell into their lives. He was even still mad at Dustin for the Dart fiasco. It didn't make sense. But there is was. He didn't want to alienate his friends or parents. Maybe, his sister, but only a little. He loved her even though she was a little brat. At school Dustin said something about getting everyone together to talk it out. It wasn't a bad idea, but he wonder it would ever happen.


    In the days following closing the gate, El didn't want to do anything. Not only was she exhausted, she missed Mike. If sulking was what it would take to get by, it would be what she did for as long as she could. She had a right to sulk, to feel sad and happy and mad and hurt and trapped. The year with Hopper had been good. She was free from the 'bad men', from Papa, from the things he made her do. In a hidden place, she still loved him. She new it was wrong. No, she was not wrong to love him. He was wrong for using her, for treating her like an animal. That is what Hopper said. Sometimes when she was sad, Hopper would get angry at Papa. Even though he was dead, Hopper would say he wanted to kill him. She would never kill Papa. She couldn't. Maybe she should have. But, she didn't know any better. Hopper had said that too. She knew better than he thought. She had a lot to learn. But she understood a lot. She didn't blame Hopper. He was her protector. Her guardian. He loved her. He said so. She loved him too. She also loved Mike. She sulked some more.


    SNAFU - This was Max's life. It was Max's life before 'Stalker'. It was Max's life with 'Stalker'. One would think it was enough to deal with having a new stepdad on constant simmer and his son, her new stepbrother, a psychotic rebel who takes his father's abuse and passes it on to her. But, no. She's minding her own business at a new school in a new town and suddenly she has two nerds scoping her out. Said nerds turn out to be both jealous of her Dig Dug skills and, subsequently, drooling over her. Which is weird because Max isn't used to attention from boys, much less science dweebs. However, the Dorky Duo end up being more interesting than she thought. And, soon, Lucas, the cute one (the aforementioned 'Stalker'), is spilling his guts about a monster from another dimension kidnapping his friend as if it really happened. SHOCKER! It really happened! Lucas, Dustin, and a high schooler named Steve, lead her into an ambush of one of these monsters. The next thing she knows, she's tagging on an underground mission burn it all down. Clearly, her family dynamic was not enough to cause years of future therapy. Now, she can add in demon dogs with Venus Flytrap faces that want to eat her.
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    There is more where that came from!

    Fight or Flight

    Max Mayfield knew it was now or never. Never seemed like and impossibly long time, like exactly the number of days before she would see El again. The cold shoulder she had been given since that night at the Byers' house was getting old. She was in with Will, Dustin, and, Stalker. Even Mike had made softened a bit. But, El wouldn't budge. She was distant at party meetings and, rarely, when they were left alone together, the other girl would stick to one or two word answers effectively killing any possible conversation. Max knew that the brunette was a girl of few words, but Max wasn't fooled by the ignorant act.

    Given that Hopper would only allow his daughter to see them once a month, Max knew she needed to force the issue or suffer the agonizing wait to have another chance. She decided to throw down the gauntlet, which was a night metaphor for the boys, but probably lost on El. She asked the boys to give her a moment alone.

    “I think it's time you and I had it out,” Max said, coming directly to the point.

    “Had it...out?” El replied, unsure of the meaning of the phrase.

    “Yeah, I think as long as we are going to be enemies, we should probably have a fight.” Reverse psychology! That ought to do it.

    “Why would we fight?” El asked, concern showing in her slightly knitted brow.

    “You couldn't use your powers, of course,” Max continued as if she hadn't heard the other girl. “That would be unfair."

    “Why would we fight?” El said again, making sure that Max heard her.

    “Let's put it this way. If we aren't friends, we're enemies. If we're enemies, I have to leave the party. If I have to leave the party, that would suck and I would be mad. When I get mad, I want to hit something. Follow me?”

    “Like Billy hits you?” El said, quietly.

    Max's eyes grew wide and her temper edged higher. “What did you say? Who said Billy ever hit me?And,who are you to talk about Billy? You barely talk to me and now you want to comment on my family life?”

    “Mike said I should try to be more dip...diplot...friendly.”

    “This is a fine way of showing it, El,” Max replied, still angry over the Billy comment. “Friends don't judge!”

    Mike poked his head back into the door of the cabin. El looked at him and, wordlessly, gave a quick shake before Mike could speak. He disappeared outside.

    El looked at Max for what seemed like the first time. It hard to describe the feeling of being truly seen by someone. Especially, some who had been purposefully trying not to see you. El's soft brown eyes had lost their coldness and there was an inviting warmth where, previously, there had been a roadblock.

    “I am not judging you, Max,” El said, softly. “I know what it's like. People being mean to you.”

    Max was not so easily persuaded. “But you have been being mean to me by not talking to me. You froze me out. You wouldn't tell me why. You just did everything you could to ignore me. Do you know how that feels?”

    “Yes,” El replied. “I do.”

    “Then, why did yo do it to me?!” Max exclaimed.

    El was unperturbed, which infuriated Max. How was the girl so calm in the face of how she had treated Max? How was she so calm when Max was all but yelling in her face? It was maddening.

    “I don't know,” El said. “Best way to stay safe.”

    “Safe? From what? Me?”

    “Being hurt, Max,” El replied. “So much hurt.”

    Max's fury started melting. The lost girl had found a way to make Max look away from herself and think about her. From what Lucas and the rest had told her El had been through Hell since birth. It was hard to imagine. But, Max had had her own Hell to deal with. Losing her dad to divorce, getting a step dad who was violent piece of work, and a stepbrother who wouldn't bare the humiliation alone.

    “I know, El,” Max finally said. “I know. Me, too.”

    It was a weird time and place for this breakthrough to take place. Hopper would be here any minute to take them back the Byers'. El still needed to say goodbye to Mike. But, Max would not be denied. She extended her hand to El, a gesture of friendship. El closed the gap between them and hugged Max, hard. “I'm sorry,” she whispered. “Friends.”

    Tears welled in Max's eyes as she returned the hug. “Friends,” she replied into El's ear.

    The hug was broken when the sounds of an engine could be heard coming up the path. El and Max hugged again and Max made for the door. She winked at El as she disappeared outside.

    “Your turn, Fort Boy,” she said to Mike.

    Dustin laughed hysterically. “She called Mike Fart Boy!”

    “Not Fart Boy, Idiot,” Lucas said. Fort Boy. Remember, the fort?”

    “Of course, I do, Dunce Cap!” Dustin replied. “But Fart Boy was funnier.”

    “Thanks for clarifying, Stalker,” Max said. “ I could have done that myself.”
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    Wonderful coming together of El and Max. They really can empathize with one another on a deep level. Such "boys" [face_rofl] Fart versus Fort. [face_mischief] Happy they are able to indulge in such banal behavior, which cuts across time and place apparently [face_laugh]
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha : Thank you for your continued readership and the time you take to leave comments. I really appreciate it. I enjoyed writing this one even it seemed kind of rushed. ;)

    UDC V On Air - Week 1


    The small town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the States, no less, was a place the Doctor never thought he would end up. As he exited the TARDIS, in the middle of a pumpkin field, he was assaulted by the odor of rotting vegetation. Taking in the scene before him (and waving his Sonic to and fro), the Doctor realized exactly why Sexy had brought him. Sadly, a root deep infestation by another-worldly virus was not sexy at all. The trail led east toward Hawkins Lab. If the virus had broken through, the lab may well be the point of origin.


    The Doctor was not presently traveling with anyone, for which he was thankful. He hated hearing the complaining of his companions when the missions, or fun disguised as work didn't live up to their expectations. The Doctor disliked encouraging them to be open minded and look for the silver lining even in the most boring of places.

    A dark stairwell inside a strange lab was not exactly tedious, nor was the portly, perspiring man standing in from of you staring agape.

    "Hallo!" exclaimed the Doctor.

    "Shhhh!" the other man hissed. "Do you want to get us both killed?"


    "Not my plan, no," The Doctor replied, quietly.

    "Who are you?" the man asked, curiosity growing. "Where did you come from? What is that?"

    The Doctor looked over his shoulder following the man's outstretched hand. "Oh that. That's my time machine."

    The other man, clearly desperate and fearing for his life, not from the Doctor's presence, but perhaps the virus, narrowed his to almost a squinting, and stared in disbelief.

    "Time Machine? How-It doesn't matter. The demon dog is not far and unless you have big gun, we're screwed."

    "Screwed is relative, my lad. Follow me."


    Pivoting on his heels, the Doctor threw open the TARDIS door and bounded inside. He motioned for the man to follow. Suddenly there was the sound of fast paced clicking on the floor behind them. The timelord turned and stared past the portly man, frozen agape once again, and saw the aforementioned demon dog barreling toward them. No demon was getting into his ship. A piercing scream filled the hall and invaded is sanctum. The dog's face was open like a mutant flower. Extending the Sonic, he shut the doors just in time to hear the thud of dead demodog.


    "It's-" the stranger began, staring at the size of the room he had entered.

    "Let's not do that this time, please," The Doctor admonished.

    "I'm Bob Newby," the man offered. "And, if this place is any evidence, you've arrived just in time."

    "I usually do," the timelord replied. "I am The Doctor."

    "A doctor?" Bob said, shaking his head. "No. We need more than a doctor. The Mind Flayer is a creature from the upside down, another dimension. We need help to kill it!"

    "Have no fear, My Good Man. The Doctor is in."
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    Okay-dokey, read the preparations for the Kirk vs McCoy boxing match; and both sides of the tea invitation.

    Followed and really enjoyed the boxing one. Everybody's motivations for their roles. Spock would refuse, but cave to a Nyota request.

    Bringing up Sulu, reminded me of either Pike or Kirk asking the closest proximity officers on the bridge, who had hand-to-hand combat training for boarding the Nero platform, that those people are going to be the nearest that a Starfleet captain has to a social and support group, despite plenty on the crew having skills.

    I think I would find it helpful with any Spock and McCoy pieces, if you stated whether TOS or Reboot, as I find their rivalry markedly different in each, and I don't know how to relate to what you have written

    Good sounding out of their thought processes, nevertheless.
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    Oct 11, 2005
    @Sith-I-5 : Thanks for reading, Sith-I-5! I appreciate you checking out my Star Trek drabbles. I always have fun with them. To answer your question about TOS or Reboot, I write 100% ST: 2009. I tried to write TOS once and for reason, it intimidated me. Anyway, Thanks for taking the time to review.

    A/N: Not a crossover this week, but pretty angsty. I hope you enjoy!

    UDC V On Air - Week 2


    It was a week into 1984 when Hopper brought home a calendar. El had seen calendars in the Lab. But never up close. She remembered seeing puppies, canyons, and even laser swords. This one was different. This one had water so blue she hardly believed it was real. There was 'sand' so white it looked like snow. In one picture there were mountains surrounded by water and, in another, only a single tree on a small 'beach'. Some pictures had small boats, others large cruise ships. It was a magical vision, a world so beautiful it could not be real.


    In his dreams Mike tries to dissect the explosion, discharge of mental energy that killed the Demogorgon and took El away from him. He would freeze the moment in time and look at it from all angles; wanting a hint of what happened to her, where she went, was she alive, would she survive. Did she teleport? Was that even a power she had? Had she dissipated, burning up in energy she wielded? Was she somehow sucked through a different gate passage into the upside down? If she had survived, they had to go after her. They absolutely had to.


    There were times, in his darkest moments, when Mike Wheeler thought of leaving life. Times when he could not find a way to expel Eleven from his mind. It was only in those blackest times that he would even consider ridding himself of her. Like breaking an addiction that is killing you. His love would turn to hate, hatred of himself, and hatred of the girl he loved, the girl whom had given her life to save him. All of them. How could she know what her selfless act would end up being an unending prison of grief and despair?


    "Are you dreaming?" Dustin asked Lucas as they two of them biked to school.

    "Of course I'm dreaming," Lucas retorted. "I'm still alive, right?"

    Dustin rolled his eyes. "Be serious, for a minute, Dude! Do you have nightmares?"

    "Why would I tell you if I was having nightmares?" Lucas said. "That is my business."

    "Who else are you going to tell, Mr. Cool? There are only a few of us who know about the other place and what lives there."

    "It's gone, Dustin. El killed it. There aren't any more."

    Dustin peered over his sunglasses. "Are you sure about that?"


    What haunts El in her dreams is the moment she thought she would die; the moment when all of the energy within her was being directed outward. Her mind was on the monster, but he heart was with Mike. If she died, she would never see him again. But, if she didn't kill the Demogorgon, the same result would occur. She had no choice. She had to save Mike whether she died or not. It was so hot; her whole body felt like it was going to explode. She just needed to hold on for a few more seconds. Mike…
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    They keep coming!

    A/N: Okay, so the 100 word rule is out. These drabble will be what they will be. Enjoy.

    Stranger Drabbles 11


    “Are we there yet?” El demanded.

    “Not even close, Kid,” Hopper replied. “Hours to go before we sleep.”

    “Hrrmph!” she grunted, folding her arms. “Why is it so far? I have to go.”

    “Go where?” Hopper deadpanned. “We’re already on the way.”

    “You know what I mean,” El said, glaring adorably.

    “Of…course I do. Can you hold it or do you want to go in the woods?”

    She shifted from glare to ‘dopy dad’ face in a heartbeat. “The woods is ‘old school’.

    He smiled in acceptance and pulled the Blazer to the side of the road.


    Eight year old Eleven screamed knowing her defiance would get the required punishment. She fought, feebly, against the strong hands which grabbed her and roughly carried her toward that dark, cold, silent place. He screams were ignored; her tears cast aside. Pappa did nothing, but follow them down the corridor. There was no expression of love, hate, anger, or kindness in his features. His hands were clasped behind his back. As the bad men tossed her into the cell, her Pappa simply stared at her. The door closed, but his eyes remained in the window. Tears of shame flowed freely.


    Jim and Joyce had been married for 3 months before the first argument cracked the blissfully of their new home together. Joyce had purchased a new coffee pot which she thought would please Jim, but the expense of the coffee maker, mixed with stress from work had set him off.

    Will and El retreated to El’s room as the fireworks began, but it did not last long. El emerged, and with a self-satisfied countenance, used her powers to open the cupboards and dash a couple of plates in the kitchen. This calamity broke the back of the first one and peace was restored. El did not mind sweeping up the pieces.


    AU WAX

    Max Mayfield was fascinated by Will Byers. Ever since she met the soft spoken boy she was taken with him. There was so much chaos in her life, so much noise, both physical and metaphysical, that she needed the quiet understanding he provided. She would have to do something about his hair, but is welcoming eyes and his shyness compelled her to know him better, to crack his shell. She smirked at the thought that both Lucas and Dustin were stumbling over each other for her affections. Little did they know that she had already given them to Zombie Boy.


    Why are we here?” El asked, leaning against the chair Hopper was sitting in. Her head lolled and the exhaustion of making nice made her look like she had been 12 rounds with Ali.

    “Because we were invited,” he ground out through a forced smile. “It’s called being polite.”

    “Is it supposed to be this painful?” she whispered.

    El and Hopper watched as his ex-wife Diane and her husband played with their new baby.

    “Sometimes, Kid,” he replied. He motioned to her to go play with the baby, but she was having none of it. It was a silent, odd back and forth with raised eyebrows and gritted teeth. It culminated with El nodding at the glass of Coke that was on the table next Hopper’s chair. The glass tipped over spilling its half full contents into Hopper’s lap. He leaped from the chair and did a hilarious little dance before declaring that they needed to head home.

    “Not this time,” El said with a wink as soon as got back to the Blazer.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    First set very intense =D= LOL Eleven sure knows how to restore peace and get her and Hopper out of a situation that is uncomfortable to say the least. :p And awwwwww, Max and Will -- burgeoning sweetness there.
  18. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Nyota! I'm glad you liked El taking matters into her own hands, so to speak. She and Hopper are fluffy gold. Yes, the previous set was rather intense, but I am proud of it. I hope you like these.

    A/N: A Drabblish walk down Memory Lane with some of my favorite fandoms.


    Richard Castle sat in a white rocking chair on the back porch of his home in the Hamptons. Beside him, in her own brown rocking chair was his wife, Kate Beckett. Years had passed since they had worked together as a team at the NYPD, but they had taken the partnership beyond murder and mayhem, beyond wedding weirdness, and beyond false starts and stutter steps.

    "Remember when you blew up in my bathtub?" Castle remarked.

    "That never happened, Castle," Beckett riposted.

    "I'm pretty sure you were protected by porcelain," he rebutted.

    She rolled her eyes at his alliterative attributes and said: "Why do you have the bathroom on your brain?"

    He laughed out loud. "Aha! I've finally got you into the game!"

    "This game should go the way of the Dodo if you know what's good for you."

    Star Trek: 2009

    "Where did the time go, Bones?" said Jim Kirk, staring out a viewport of Utopia Planitia Shipyards. They were looking out at the decommissioned Enterprise-A.

    "It went where it always goes," McCoy replied, gruffly. "To the wrinkles in my face."

    "Is that so," Kirk said, turning to his longtime friend.

    "Darn straight," McCoy insisted. "It is sure as Hades hasn't gone to yours."

    "It serves you right for that Melvaren mud flea vaccine."

    "That little thing?" McCoy demurred. "It was peanuts in the long run. Got you on the ship, didn't it?"

    "Indeed it did, Bones," Kirk said, looking, again, at dark ship before them. "Indeed it did. Got a start out of Uhura, too."

    "Because that was what was important," the doctor droned sarcastically.

    Stranger Things

    There were days, though few and far between, when El allowed herself to remember Hawkins; to remember a time of relative peace and love and friendship. It was a box, deep inside of her that could only be opened when she felt like the next mission would be her last; that the Great and Powerful Eleven would be brought down by her successors in the 'mutant baby farm' program. Sadly, Hawkins Lab had not been the only horror show out there. But, she didn't want to think about that right now. She wanted to remember.

    She remembered Mike kissing her softly as they danced at the Snow Ball 1984. She remembered his rage at her Dad for keeping her survival a secret for a year. She remembered Mike's proposal of marriage in summer 1989. The summer before it all ended.

    She remembered Hopper finding her in the woods after she had escaped the Upside Down. She remembered his kindness and gentleness for such a grumpy bear. She remembered him reading to her and holding her hand when the nightmares were constant.

    She remembered him carrying her from the gate. Her guardian. Her protector. Her Dad. Finally, she remembered his smile and the tear that streaked his cheek when she and Mike told him they were getting married.

    She needed to remember. Because if she didn't, there would be no reason to go on.

    Doctor Who

    Falling out of the TARDIS at hundreds of feet in the air only moments after regenerating was something Docor had never had happen before. The idea that the 14th incarnation could be soon on the heels of the 12th was inconceivable. As she fell-she-oh heavens, she thought of the Doctor's last words.

    "...Remember, hate is always foolish, and love is always wise..."

    The Doctor had loved. As she fell, she tried to remember whom she had loved. The Doctor loved by nature, but there was one, one person, whom she-he had loved.

    She could see the tear streaked face standing on a beach on cloudy, windy day. In Finland of all places.

    Do you love her? Did you love her? Is there a difference with The Doctor?

    It is said that your life can flash before your eyes in the moments before death. Oddly, it there was only one face in her mind's eye.



    James Ford had been coming to the Mountain View diner every morning for the last 8 years. When he return from the island, he bounced around for a while before settling in Gold Bar, WA. Small. Remote. Green. The ocean close enough, but far enough away. With certain connections from his previous life, he was now able to carve out a new one.

    As entered his regular booth, he removed his hat, which displayed the star of the Chief of Police. He ordered his breakfast from Sandy waited, sipping coffee and reflecting.

    It was James LaFluer who had risen from the ashes of the time jumping island. The man who had an opportunity to start over, to reject his past and become something new. She was there, too. Juliet. Regardless of how their love story ended, she was still the best part of him. It was her love, her willingness to see something more than a thief and killer that had enabled him to see beyond the shame and guilt of it all. The three years they shared at the Dharma Compound remain the best of his life. Now, though alone, he tries to add some goodwill back into the world, a world from which he had taken so much. He missed her greatly, his Juliet.
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    LOL on Castle snark and Trek 2009 -- totally got the Bones gruffness and the Jim wistfulness just right. [face_love] And definitely the Enterprise was where Jim needed to be. :) Stranger Things -- very, very moving. You have a sense of El feeling very fragile atm. [face_thinking] =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thank you for reviewing, Nyota! I thought you might like this little hodge podge. It was nice to write ST again. I may do more. I'm glad the El one had the impact I intended. Castle was fun, but I don't I have more where that came from. It's been a long time.

    Stranger Drabbles 12

    Will/Max AU


    It seemed there was nothing Will Byers could do to escape the bullying. He was short. He was smart. He was abducted. His mom was weird. His brother was creepy. It was inescapable. The last thing he wanted, at least he thought he didn't want it, was for a brazen red headed firestorm to fall in love with him. Because when you have a kick ass girl in love with you, she wants to fight all the battle you can't fight for yourself. This chaffed on Will, but he knew he could talk to her about it. She couldn't keep running off the idiots intent on tormenting him. He would have to take it or stand up for himself. He didn't expect her to understand what it meant for a girl to fight a boy's battles, but he would try to explain. She had already told him that she did it for him, but had to stop. She could patch his wounds or listen to his war stories, but not fight in his place.


    Will and Max laid on his bed, side by side, an awkward silence occupying the crevice between them. They both stared at the ceiling.

    "I thought you might not understand," Will said. "It was hard for me to say."

    She shook her head in denial, somewhere between hurt and anger. Or, maybe just denial. "I can't stand by and allow those jerks to treat you like that. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I did that?"

    "The kind I need," he said to the ceiling.

    "But, if you won't fight for yourself…"

    He turned on his side, and looked into her blue eyes, welling with tears. "Look at me, Max. What kind of fight am I going to put up? If I fight, I get pummeled. If I don't, I'm ashamed, but no cuts or bruises. Lose. Lose."

    "It's not lose-lose, Wil," Max said, softly. "I don't had to fight for you. We can fight together. They may have gotten to you 99 of 100 times, but wouldn't they be surprised to have Will Byers showing some cojones."

    His weary face cracked a smile. "Cojones?"

    She smiled, too, causing a tear to escape her left eye. He wiped it away with his thumb and followed it with a full kiss on her lips. She responded, returning his kiss.

    He broke the kiss, breathlessly.

    "We can get through this together, Will," she breathed and kissed him again.


    It was Friday night, a month after the Snowball. Jim Hopper sat the Byer's dinner table across from Will while they waited for Joyce and El to 'get their faces on'.

    "So," Hopper began, gleefully. "Mad Max, huh?"

    Will smiled despite himself. "Yeah, I guess so."

    "You guess?" Hopper lightly admonished. "If you're not sure, she won't be either."

    "It was a bad word choice, Chief," Will replied. "Max and I are good. Kind of a dream, you know."

    "Do you like her?" Hopper asked with genuine interest.

    "Absolutely," Will confirmed, eagerly. "She's amazing."

    "Not too much for you?" Hopper added gently.

    Will looked at Hopper, who sipped coffee from a Darth Vader mug. He could find nothing to convince him to be anything but honest. "Sometimes. She's so dynamic. And, loud, too."

    "I thought so," Hopper said. "Are you managing it okay? Do you guys talk?"

    "I'm fine, Chief," Will said. "Thanks for asking."

    "Sure thing, Kid," Hopper responded. "And, call me Hopper. You know, between the two of us."

    "Okay, Chief," Will said through a smirk.


    At first he couldn't believe that Max Mayfield liked him. He was sure it was Lucas or Dustin, after all the time she had spent with them over the last few weeks. But, no, she was into him. He really wasn't sure how to handle it. She blew into his life all spunk, energy, rage, and sadness. She was quick tempered, a cliché for redheads, but true of Max. She was hard and awkward, but fun and adventurous. She was tender, rarely, but it was a sight to behold. She was fragile, but only in private, when no one but Will could see. She had chosen him, the most unassuming boy in the party; the one with the least to offer. Or so he thought.


    "Then the shoe was flying at my head!" Max exclaimed. "For no damn reason!"

    Max and Will were skating and biking home after school when Max began the story of how Billy had found a pair her shoes in the hallway outside his bedroom door. She asked him to toss the shoes into her bedroom when he decided to throw them at her instead.

    "That's awful," Will said, seriously. "Did he hit you?"

    "No," Max declared. "But not for lack of trying. Things been a little better since the syringe incident, but he's still a jerk and stuff is still travelling downhill from my stepdad."

    "I wish there was more I could do," Will said in frustration. He stopped his bike in the middle of the road.

    Max stopped and skated back to him. She took his hand from the handlebar and squeezed it tightly. "You do more than you know. Having someone to tell these things to, someone who cares about me. You're my best friend, Will. Just like you don't expect me to fight your battles, I don't expect you to fight mine."

    "I don't fight my battles, Max. We fight our battles. And, that goes for you too."

    Max furrowed he bronze brows playfully and punched him in the shoulder. "That was full grilled cheese, Mister."

    "Maybe so," he replied. "But true none the less."
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    Aug 31, 2004
    [face_laugh] I love the prompts. They are all Get-Smartish; for instance, 99 - Chief -- Agent [face_mischief] =D=

    Max and Will are sweet together. I love how his (and her) battles become theirs.
    Max reminds me of another wonderfully courageous and dynamic (and vulnerable in private) redhead ;) [face_love]
  22. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    There are so many awesome snippets here I have missed!!!

    Your muse has been so, so productive, brodie, and I'm thrilled to see that. [face_love]=D=

    But, to cherry-pick a few of my favourites:

    El & Max: Yes!! I would much rather the girls get along than hiss like cats at each other, and this was so beautifully in character and layered with a wonderful variety of emotions. I loved the dialogue, and the shared empathy, and the banter between friends in the end. Just lovely. [face_love]

    DW/ST: I need a good couple thousand more words from this crossover ;) - what a wonderful idea! I loved Bob and the Doctor going back and forth. Well done! =D= :D

    Island: Oh, I loved the mental image of El finding something as simple as a calendar - and a picture of the tropics - so amazing. Poor sweetie.

    Other: I'd be shocked if the kids didn't have nightmares, after everything. :( Great moment shared trauma and friends bonding. =D=

    Peacekeepers: Aww! Hopper and Joyce and their first marital spat - I'm just surprised that it took three months, but the kids always know what to do. :p

    Kirk & Bones: Straight to my wrinkles - :p I loved the banter, and the fond reminiscing. What a bittersweet moment for two dear old friends! [face_love] It was great to see Castle pop up too. It's been so long!

    Will/Max AU: What a fascinating break from the norm! I love Max/Lucas, but it's really interesting seeing how they mesh together, and stick up for each other here. Wonderful characterizations. =D=

    These have all been fantastic, and I've enjoyed reading through them. Now that I'm all caught up I intend on keeping it that way. ;) [:D]
  23. brodiew

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    Oct 11, 2005
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: Thanks so much, Nyota! Yes, Max does call to mind a certain spirited Jedi. This set was a little different, but what are drabble threads for if not to try a lot of different things. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    @Mira_Jade: Mira! you're back! It is good to see you again. I'm so glad you liked the Kirk-Bones. I've still got it! :cool: But back to stranger Things. I had so much fun with the Bob-Doctor story. I may well take you up on a larger one shot. Their back and forth would be fun to continue. El and Max must be friends. It is a given. But I like Max's spirit, even to her fault sometimes. She is a good character to use cathartically. I hope you enjoy these and look forward to seeing more around here. [:D]


    While watching the movie Superman, El turns to Mike and asks. "Do you love me like Clark loves Lois?"

    "Of course," Mike responds, immediately.

    "Would you turn the world to save my life?" she asks innocently.

    "I would do anything in my power to save you, El," he declares.

    "Will you carry me in your arms as we fly over the city?" she continues.

    "I will carry you wherever you want to go, but if anyone is going to fly, it's going to be you."

    She giggled at that and snuggled her head into the crook of his neck and continued watching the movie.


    El's attention was rapt to the screen as 'As the World Turns' spun its soapy web. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught movement in the ceiling. She looked up and saw the small winged creature fluttering silently near the rafters. She screamed despite herself and jumped from the couch, following the creature as she backed toward the door. The flying animal dove at her causing her to raise her hand just as it banked away from her and toward the kitchen. Lowering her hands, El followed the creature trying to determine what it was. Was it from the other side? Was is spy of the Mind Flayer? She could simply swat it with her mind, but she it was not her first choice. She opened the door and moved into the doorway. El spent the next ten minutes waiting for the creature to come her way. When it did, she simply gave it a telekinetic push out the door. Later, Hopper explained that it had been a bat, a night flyer, and given the age of the cabin, she may see more of them. She was ok with that.


    Halloween had come again and as the party decided on their costumes, El worried that nothing seemed right for her; not the ghost she once wanted to be, not Wonder Woman, too colorful, not Cyndi Lauper, too loud. Not Anne of Avonlea, too plain. It was when El was the most dejected, that Dustin floated a brilliant idea.

    "El should go as herself! How awesome would that be? We could even shave her head."

    "Yeah, no," Mike replied, sarcastically. "We are not shaving her head!

    The party all looked at El to see what she thought. Her eyes smiled and a mischievous grin curled her on her lips.

    "We're not shaving your head, right, El?" Mike asked, nervously.

    Her eyes flicked to Dustin. "I like it."

    Dustin grinned and puffed his chest in pride.

    "El?" Mike inquired.

    "I'm not going to shave my head, Mike," she said. "I won't have to."

    "Darn straight, she won't," Dustin burst in. "Blond wig!"

    El laughed. She and Dustin were in tune on this one.

    "You want to go as that El?" Lucas asked, immediately seeing the brilliance of it. "Makes sense."

    "That El?" Max asked. She had heard stories, but never knew what El looked like back then.

    "El wore a blonde wig and a pink dress that Mike got from his sister. We had to be out in public and it was the best disguise we could come up with on short notice. Right, El?" Lucas said.

    Her eyes were bright with excitement. "Right."

    "It was kind of a weird riff of Dorothy in Oz, if you ask me," Dustin added. Everyone looked and with pinched brows and shook their heads.

    "No one asked," Lucas added, punching his friend in the shoulder.

    "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" Mike as coming to sit by El in the love seat.

    "Yes," she said firmly.

    "And why not?" Dustin chimed in, again. "She was in that dress when she flipped the van. She was in that dress when she broke that jerk's arm and levitated Mike out of the abyss. She was in that dress when she killed the freaking Demogorgon! Her Mage robes, dude!"

    "Dustin, Shut up!" Mike exclaimed in exasperation. "Let El talk. Dude, she already agreed with you!"

    El was too pleased with the idea to let any drama ruin her mood. She turned to Mike. "You have to find me a pink dress and blond wig, Mike. It has be right."

    "I won't let your first Halloween be a bust," he assured her. "I'll make sure we have everything."

    "We could even fake the nosebleed!" Dustin enthused.

    "You'll have the nosebleed, if you don't stop yelling in my ear!" Lucas barked.


    "You need to top that right now," Max demanded, without raising her voice.

    "What?" Lucas protested, playfully.

    "I'm trying to study and you're being creepy?" Max said from her desk in the corner of her room.

    Lucas lay on her bed with the perfect view of her heavenly profile. "I have to live up to my reputation," he replied.

    She turned from her book in feigned frustration. "And, I have work to do. So you."

    "That is definitely a sad story, Miss Mayfield, but what kind of Stalker would I be if I didn't stare at you long enough to make you uncomfortable. Now, come her and give me a kiss."

    "You know if I do that, no studying is going to happened. We need to be good. At least until I'm done."

    "I'm sure I don't know what you mean," Lucas continued. "There is a spot right below your right ear, a certain freckle, I'm very interested in studying."
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    Aug 31, 2004
    Great banter and sweet declarations of affection :D
  25. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    So I had the mental image of El flying around Indiana with Mike in her arms and it totally fit! :p That was such a cute drabble - as was Max/Lucas! The stalker banter - the 'studying' o_O :p - it was spot on!

    But the coming up with costumes took this one for me! All of the voices were so in character. I love the idea of El going as herself - it's fitting. She certainly was a superhero then. [face_love]

    Great job, as always! [:D]
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