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Story [Multi-fandom] random prompt thread- updated 12/8/17! (Stranger Things cont'd)

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by brodiew, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Big thanks to @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha, @earlybird-obi-wan, and @Mira_Jade! I am so grateful for you all and your continues support. And now for something completely different.

    A/N: These prompts are from the Mini Mushies over on the SW side. I hope you enjoy!

    The Last Ship

    Sasha Cooper stood on the steps of Tavo’s compound flush with the mix of horror and elation that the war with Columbia was finally over. When she left Tom to join Vulture Team in the ground invasion she had told him ‘Not to die.’ She listened as the fate of the Nathan James and her lover hung in the balance. The last message she received by radio said that Tom had stayed aboard the James as it rammed the enemy battleship. The search for his body was underway. Her breath caught and the minutes that followed felt like an eternity.

    The Rookie

    John let out a heavy sigh as he as Lucy approached the Taco truck with her partner. The time they had shared still burned in his chest. The fact they had put the breaks on their relationship for professional purposes did not make it any easier. He was one of the old rookies to join the LAPD. She was also fresh out of the academy and younger by at least a decade. Neither wanted the breakup, but his partner had made it clear Chen’s reputation would not survive exposure. The last thing either needed was another reason to be ridiculed.

    NCIS: LA

    Deeks was still reconciling the fact that he and Kensi had actually hired his mom as their bartender. Not the bartender for their wedding (an odd choice for the mother of the groom), but for the long term position at the establishment they would soon be opening. Sadly, she was perfect for the job; mouthy, worldly, and could give as well as she could get. She knew drinks, too.
    “Deeks,” Kensi deadpanned. “Your mother just offered me her Fuzzy Navel.”
    “Not appropriate, Ma!” Deeks admonished. “Not at all.”
    “I accepted,” Kensi added.
    “A dark bottomless hole, let me tell you.”

    NCIS: LA

    “Did you know that deer pant?” Deeks asked as he and Kensi staked out a warehouse.
    “I guess I never thought about it,” she replied. “But I imagine all animals pant given a certain level of exertion.”
    “The Bible says deer pant,” Deeks persisted.
    Kensi knitted her brow in confusion. “I didn’t realize you read the Bible.”
    “Let’s not get off track,” he redirected. “This about panting…and deer.”
    “As a deer panteth for the water…”
    “So my soul longeth after you?”
    “Is that a question, Deeks?”
    “Nope,” Deeks grinned. “Just a killer song.”
    “You may want to look up the verse,” Kensi added.
    “What verse? Where?”
    “In the Bible, Bonehead.”

    The Last Ship

    It was not until she watched him climb out of the zodiac that Sasha believed he was alive. He was the type of man who would have gone down with his ship. However, he was also the kind of man who knew loyalty to country to friends to family to love. She watched as he leapt from the raft and waded through the shallow water to her. She smiled the kind of smile that was a passionate kiss and slap in the face all in one.
    “You decided to live,” she whispered.
    “It was a close call,” Tom replied.
    “It always is with you,” she replied, slyly. “Dramatic.”
    “Not anymore. I could use some quiet time. Indefinitely.”
    “I think that can be arranged,” she said, covertly taking his hand in hers.
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    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on Breathe and Exhale. I could so feel Sasha's not daring to breathe until ... [face_relieved] He returns. And this is one FANTASTIC description, transcending fandoms as it does: (a passionate kiss +slap in the face?!) -- yup, that has Leia written all over it! [face_love] [face_laugh]

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    love the NCIS; LA with Deeks and Kensi bickering
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: hi Nyota! Thanks for the cool review. I'm glad you liked the Sasha ones from The Last Ship. there was a scene in the finale left things hanging for Sasha. I might do more with the two of them.
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks, earlybird! I'm hoping there will be more NCIS: LA coming soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

    A/N: From a Stranger Things prompt by @Mira_Jade!

    Throw a punch

    In the year following the closing of The Gate, Hopper knew that being Dad meant teaching a horribly neglected teenager the basics of life, including how to navigate personal relationships.


    He shook his head at the enormity of the task ahead. His little girl was 13 and a relative blank slate. Her speech was stunted. Her education was almost nothing. Her ability to deal with common emotions and social conflicts was reactionary. He had a lot of work to do and he decided the next lesson would be about self control. It was absolutely critical for a girl like El to be able to control her rage, separately and together, with the power she had within her.

    It all sounded so ominous. But the lesson was born out of very simple question. It happened after dinner while the two were watching Family Ties.

    "Dad," El asked, matter of fact. "What's a bully?"

    He did not have the ability to stop the show in the middle, but it was El's choice so he decided to turn it off and address her question. The question did not immediately concern him given what he had seen her do, but his concern was more for her emotional welfare.

    "How did that come up?" he asked nonchalantly.

    "Mike has a bully," she said, a little forlornly. "Still."

    "I would have thought those boys learned their lesson the first time around. Not that I condone breaking arms and making boys pee themselves when the situation is threatening."

    She smiled, but still appeared concerned and unsure.

    "Well, to answer your question, a bully is person who feels bad about themselves, or is embarrassed about something. So, in order to protect himself, or herself, they turn their anger outside of themselves, seeking weaker people to victimize."

    El squinted her eyes and scrunched her nose as she said "Victim-ize?"

    Hopper smiled, acknowledging that he took his explanation too far. "I'm sorry. A bully wants other people to feel bad so that they can feel better about themselves."

    "Even though they feel bad inside?" El said, uncertainly.

    "Exactly!" her dad replied, a little more excited than, perhaps, he should be. "I know it's complicated, but it doesn't mean you should let a bully be mean to you."

    El shook her head emphatically. "No bully will hurt me, Dad. Or Mike. Or The Party. I will make sure."

    Hopper inhaled, taking a moment to regain his calm. "I have no doubt you will, El, but you cannot use your power when you are out in public. We have already added that to the rules, right?"

    She looked at him sheepishly, he lower lip protruding more than normal. "Right."

    "What I need to do is teach you how to fight...without your powers. With your fists."

    El's lips parted in a sinister grin and her voice lowered to a gravelly roughness. "Yeah, beat down."

    Hopper's eyes widened and he shook his head again. "Where do you get this stuff?"

    "Lots of tube, Dude," she retorted, playfully. "And Mike."

    He knew that much was true.

    "Come with me," he said, patting her knee and rising from the couch.

    "Now?" she asked, puzzled. "You want to teach me now?"

    "Why not?" he answered, enthusiastically. "No time like the present." Yes, he had just used that little cliché. Thankfully, El had never heard it before.

    "The present?" she asked. "But, what about Alex P. Keaton?"

    "The present means now, El," he explained. "Alex P. Keaton will be waiting for you next week."

    "Awww...Dad," she whined as her shoulders slumped. Despite the complaints, she rose from the couch and follow him to the small place that separated the kitchen and the living room.

    Hopper got his knees, took El by the shoulders, and positioned her in front of him. "I'm going to teach you to throw a punch."

    Without warning, his new daughter stepped forward and punched him in the chest. It was a powerful punch, but one he knew was not meant to hurt him.

    "How was that?" El asked, confidently.

    "Not bad," he replied, rubbing the spot softly. "But what you do not want to do is let the other person know ahead of time that you are going to punch them. That is called telegraphing. Try that same punch again."

    She threw the punch, but this time, he blocked it and with his other hand tapped her on the shoulder with this hand. She punched again which he blocked, but this time, she countered with her other fist and hit his left shoulder.

    “Very good,” he said, praising her adaptability. “Nice counter punch.”

    “Thanks,” she said, breathing heavier than she should be.

    “You okay?” he asked. “We didn’t do that much for you to be breathing so hard."

    El clenched her teeth and redness flushed her cheeks. “I do not like bullies.”

    Hopper’s face softened in compassion for girl who had been subject to the worst kind isolation by the worst kind of bullies. He reached for her and pulled her into this arms. She was stiff with the cold fury and rage he both understood and feared.

    “It’s okay, El,” she whisper into her hair. “You are safe. Breath.”

    He could feel the rise and fall of her chest against his as it slowed and the tension in her body bled away. He pulled away from her, but not very far, and met her eyes.

    “I love you, Dad,” she said softly.

    He could feel the tears welling in his eyes against his will. He hugged her again, the tears yielding to gravity.

    “I love you, too. How about we watch Newhart?” he said though emotion. “It’s no Family Ties, but it’ll work, right?

    “Right,” she said, nodding her head once with emphasis.

    They returned to the couch and snuggled up just as Newhart’s theme song ended. Hopper wondered if he had chosen the right time to teach her how to fight. He hadn’t taught her much, but it would keep. She was a quick study, which surprised him not at all. She wasn’t going to be boxing anytime soon, but it was clear that that if El need to put a down and mean girl or a mean boy, for that matter, she would able to handle herself just fine.
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    Wonderful and apt definition of bullies and a great compassionate interaction. Hopper is very in tuned with El's needs and feelings. @};- You can tell she feels safe with him. :)
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    love the interaction between Hopper and El
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    Oooh, The Last Ship fan fiction! :D I was such a big fan of the show early on, but not so much as it continued. I'm just happy that Captain Chandler is happy, and moving on as best he can with life - and with a new lady love at that. Even if he's giving Sasha some scares along the way. :p Great, riveting build-up and resolution here. [face_love]=D=

    Then, I don't watch NCIS:LA, but, again, I love your knack for characters and dialogue here, as always. =D=

    But, THROW A PUNCH!!! You have to know that was the first prompt I typed and the one I most hoped you'd take on. [face_love][face_dancing] This subject is a right of passage for any dad and daughter - the hallowed how to defend yourself conversation, and just because El has superpowers and all sorts of unfortunate experience with violence of her own doesn't mean that this isn't a conversation that doesn't have to happen. Because, sometimes, the good old fashioned way is the best way. :p

    But what's more than that, I loved how Hopper explained what a bully is and how they should be treated, first and foremost. El has been through so much, and she is understandably incensed by bullies because of her trauma, but that anger is a scary and dangerous thing - especially for a parent! He has his work cut out for him, helping his girl with navigating emotions and social norms, but he's just the man for the job. I loved the patience and the love he had here - that's going to get both him and El through a lot in the days to come. And, in the meantime, El has another valuable life lesson to add to her arsenal.

    Wonderful work, my friend, as always! [face_love] =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I know this has been a while in coming, but thank you, Nyota. I'm glad that you continue to enjoy my Stranger Things offerings.
    @earlybird-obi-wan: thank you for reading, earlybird! I appreciate you stopping in.
    @Mira_Jade: Hi Mira! Thank you as always, for being such a consistent support. The Last Ship could have ended better, but it remains a favorite of mine. As for NCIS, I hope you're up for a couple of more. But El and Hopper are a treat to write and it always good to hear that they ring true in my fics. I had fun with this one and was hoping you picked up on the Alex P Keaton, but, alas I can amuse myself. :p
    the irony of such a powerful girl having to hide her powers and learn to fist fight is a fun one. I know you've been exploring that in your fic as well. Thanks again.

    A/N: I was really impressed with this week’s episode, “Better Angels”. Eric and Daniela as well as guest star Eyas Younis were fantastic. Specifically, I was struck by the moment Deeks’ runs out of ammo and the expression that flashes on his face before he drew the knife. It was a powerful moment and one Eric deserves kudos. Anyone else feel that way?


    Out of Time

    Crouched in a hollow, surrounded on all sides, Deeks loaded his last ammo clip. He was surprised that his measly Smith and Wesson was holding multiple hostiles, toting automatic weapons, at bay.

    He fired up.
    He fired left.
    He fired right.
    Where was Turk? Gone after Naser, of course. Vendettas were dangerous demons.

    More importantly, where was Kensi? He knew exactly where she was, where he told her she needed to be. She was giving a dying man solace. A sudden burst of emotion hit him. His love was comforting another man at the very moment he needed her, to see her one more time, to her here her love voice. He hung his head, suppressing even a single tear. He was not dead yet, as hopeless as it seemed. He pulled his knife. As long as he had breath, he would fight, with what weapon available, to get back to her.

    Right Place, Right Time

    Kensi Bly was not made for this. She was not a caregiver, a nursemaid, or a comforter, really. Kensi Bly kicked down doors, stopped the bad guys, and protected her team. When she had asked Marty is she could do this, he sure she could. He had known she had it in her to comfort a dying man.

    David Sarraf had risked his life, given his life, to bring crucial evidence of crimes against humanity to the public. Today, he was a member or her team, someone who needed a special brand of protection.

    When the call came from his wife came through, Kensi sighed in relief, not for herself, but for David; for an added layer of peace for his soul. She was still troubled, teetering on brink of her owner emotional breakdown. She wondered, as David spoke to his wife for the last time, if Deeks was okay. He was hunting Naser; and if he found him there was bound to be resistance. She gazed out over the rooftops and said a silent prayer for his safety.

    Pillow Talk

    As they lay among the tangled sheets, sweat coating their respective skin, Kensi and Deeks sighed the soul cleansing breaths they had been holding since David Sarraf had been escorted to morgue via ambulance. So much pent up emotion, chaos and compassion, doing equal duty in keying them up and breaking them down.

    “I don’t ever want to do that again, Deeks,” Kensi said, stoically. She rolled over on her side. He slid into a spooning position and began stroking her hair.

    “I know, Baby,” he soothed. “I know.”

    There was no flippancy in his tone, just understanding and a willingness to listen.

    “I mean,” she quickly added. “I don’t know. It was so outside who I think I should be. And, yet there was something deeply rewarding about it, too.”

    “I knew you could do it, Kens,” Deeks replied, knowingly. “I think it was something you needed to do. I never doubted you. You love hard. But, you aren’t as hard as you think you are. I know how you feel about the job and what it entails, but I would not want to be the Vulture circling your baby chicks.”

    “Baby chicks?” Kensi answered, turning her head to meet his eyes, skeptically.

    “Just an expression, Babe,” Deeks defended. “I’m just talking about how fiercely you defend those you care about. That can definitely encompass a man you just met that needed a hand to hold.”

    “He called me his ‘Angel’,” she whispered. “Who am I to be called anyone’s Angel?”

    He propped himself up on an elbow and pulled her back in his direction. “Now, you’re just fishing?” he jibed.

    “No, Deeks,” she rebutted. “For real. What about how I hurt you the night before Mexico?”

    Deeks’ face settled from the silly ribbing he was intending to a straight faced solemnity. “Babe, I think you need to let this go. Mexico, before and after, is behind us. We are getting married. We own a bar. You are the most bad ass angel I have ever the pleasure of knowing, much less bedding. What you did was amazing and I hope you can accept that.”

    She smiled weakly at this joke and stared in deep blue of his eyes. “What about you, Deeks? This isn’t just about me holding the hand of a dying man. Callen told me they got to you just in time.”

    “Just in time is fine by me,” Deeks deflected. “I’m still here. With you.”

    “But, it was so close.”

    “You are so damn sexy when you worry about me,” he said, smiling boyishly. “But we’ve been through closer scrapes than that.”

    “That was before I loved you,” she said, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. “Before Sidorov.”

    “Was it?” he asked, cheekily. “Was it, really? I propose you loved me before that.”

    She slapped his chest playfully, but wasn’t ready to go full banter. “Talk to me, Deeks.”

    “I already told you most of it, Babe,” he said, dryly. “But this was the hardest thing: For a moment, a mere drop in the buck of time, I despaired. It was a place I had been before and knew I never wanted to be again. I thought about you holding consoling another man while was fighting for my life. I thought about never seeing you again, never laughing with you, again. I thought, for a moment, of you being left alone. It was a horrible moment, but one I would not let take over. I knew that whatever it took, I would see you again. Oh, and I cursed Turk a few hundred times, too.”

    “I love you, Deeks,” Kensi said, pulling him into a kiss.

    “You too, baby,” he mumbled through the kiss, pulling the sheets over their heads.
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    You really are wonderful at the snarky vulnerable talks LOL that we got with Poldo. ;) And this couple has it too. They make a good working team. They've forged a trust literally from saving each other's bacon. [face_thinking] And there's nothing worse than close calls literally in the line of fire. :eek:

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    love to see NCIS LA . Kensi and Deeks are indeed a good team
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    Whew! I'm not familiar with these characters, but that doesn't matter with how wonderfully your prose was portrayed! The action and the after effects there of were powerly portrayed, and packed a punch! I particularly liked the third ficlet - you do a fantastic job portraying frank and emotional dialogue between characters and this was no exception!! Bravo. =D=
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha Thanks, Nyota! I know its been a few weeks. I appreciate the they are fun characters on a fun show. I have an short short story planned for Slam Dunk.
    @earlybird-obi-wan Thanks for stopping in, earlybird. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    @Mira_Jade Hello Mira! I thanks for leaving a comment even a fandom with which you are not familiar. It's cool show if you ever get the notion. o_O

    A/R: This is a response to the NSWFF Prompts V2.0, A Grab-Bag of Awesome. Prompt #1 Slam Dunk

    Star Trek: 2009

    Slam Dunk Part 1


    When Captain Kirk advised the crew he would be adding basketball hoops to sport court one, the response was muted. Half the crew had never heard of the game and the other half were apathetic to say the least. Technology had advanced and so had sports. Kirk understood this and decided to enlist Bones to sell a crew wide tournament. Bones, being Bones, loved the idea, but immediately prophesied its doom.

    “You might get a few die hard enthusiasts, but the most of the crew will shrug it off,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, Jim. I’m sold, but I’m not sure we can sell anyone else.”

    Kirk ran a hand through his hair, pondering how to up the participation. “What if I require the command staff to participate as part of their physicals? Or, at the very least a limited time fitness regimen?”

    “I’m not sure that’s legal, Jim,” McCoy drawled. “For me or you.”

    “I know,” Kirk hissed, releasing a frustrated breath. “I want to play hoops and I want it be competitive. What if I offer a reward for the members of the winning team?”

    “And, what would that be?” Bones replied, skeptically. “A shift off, extra shore leave? Wait! I’ve got it! Money! A betting pool!”
    “Kirk’s shoulders slumped and he pinned Bones with a wry glare. “Now, you’re just making fun of me.”

    “Damn right, I am,” the doctor. It’s an ancient game that required too much physical contact, much less the cardio and muscle stamina.”

    “You’re supposed to be helping, Bones. Not pointing out the impossibility. It’s not like crew of any Starlfleet vessel are soft. The Enterprise crew is battle hardened and…and not interested.”

    “Like I said, there are a few who might be interested,” McCoy reminded. “Have you talked to Sulu? Nyota?”

    The hint of a smile broke over the Captain’s face. “We only need ten for a game. Forget the tournament. I’ll settle for a game. But it has to be a good one. I’ll talk to Sulu. You talk to Uhura! You just volunteered to captain a team. Thanks, Bones!”

    “I most certainly did not,” McCoy sputtered. “I know next to nothing about the game.”

    “Neither does anyone else, Bones! That’s the beauty of it. You and Uhura get three more and Hikaru and I will do the same.”

    “Jim,” McCoy replied, exasperated. “I’m a doctor, not a captain!”

    “Well, I’m a captain, not an athlete,” Kirk retorted. “It looks like we both have some stretching to do.”
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    Fun with hoops. And will they get their teams?
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    Oh fun! A very delightful use of "slam dunk" :)
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    Bwaha!! [face_laugh] [face_love] I LOVED this. It was a fun notion that Kirk had, enacting such an ancient sport as basketball, but what really got me, as always, was your knack for capturing characters' voices. This was just so perfectly Kirk and McCoy that I couldn't stop smiling! Ah, this brought back some memories! It was wonderful seeing you write for this fandom again, even if just for a ficlet! [face_love] I'd love to see a follow up drabble with the game itself, even. [face_batting] [:D]
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    @earlybird-obi-wan , @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha , and @Mira_Jade: thank you so much for the 'slam dunk' love. I have plans to return to this, but muse is pointing me in different directions these days.

    A/N: These prompts are from Week 1 of UDC V? This set if for the police themed show called The Rookie.

    1. Flash in the pan

    The day Jackson West froze in the midst of a gun battle with armed suspects, he was sure that his career as a police offer was over as soon as it had begun. At the academy, he had been a crack shot on the range and had maneuvered through simulated fire fights with ease. He passed all the tests. He now realized that those threats had never been real. As the thunks of automatic weapons fire peppered his squad car and shattered glass rained onto his uniform, the thunder in his ears made Jackson aware of his very present fear.

    2. Out on a limb

    When Lucy met John at the Academy, he was a curiosity, at first; a forty-something divorcee joining the police force as a rookie. When she asked him what had inspired him into such a bold new direction, he had simply responded: “I needed a new challenge.” She thought he was being funny, but his earnestness corrected that impression immediately. Lucy soon became attracted to his boyish handsomeness along with his determination to succeed. Their love affair did not seem relevant during their time and the academy, but once they were on the job, it became an albatross for them both.

    3. Out of the blue

    John Nolan was not expecting a new romance so quickly on the heels of his ‘breakup’ with Lucy. Though the separation had not been their choice, it had been necessary for the continuation of their careers. When Jessica Russo came to the station to consult on a fugitive man hunt, she and john had connected, but it wasn’t the kind of instant physical attraction that he and Lucy shared. Jessica was closer to his age, a beautiful brunette, vastly intelligent, and easy to talk to. He didn’t feel the irrational fear (or was it?) to perform at a certain level.

    4. Wet behind the ears

    Being the oldest rookie in the LAPD was not going to be easy. He had already experienced the jibes of his superiors and some of his fellow trainees. By his first day on the job he was taking it in stride. He had made it through. He was on the force. He was ready to help people, clean up the streets, mediate disputes. All of it. What he did not expect was the mountain of a man who was too proud to voice that his diminutive wife was physically and verbally abusive. The man had later died in his arms.

    5. Heat of the moment

    When Angela Lopez Met Wesley Sharpe, it was fireworks from the start. He was a social justice attorney and she was a beat cop. He was accusing her of using excessive force and she was not having it at all. The combustible exchange which started on the street continued at the police station. It was not until all the posturing had subsided, that Jackson had noted their obvious attraction. She denied it, but only long enough to allow her anger to subside. Nestled into the heat of her anger was a flicker of desire that was growing by the second.
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    Aug 21, 2006
    Never seen the Rookie but you write likeable characters
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    Oct 11, 2005
    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thank you for saying so, earliybird. I am glad you enjoyed this set.

    A/N: Just a random set. I hope you enjoy.

    Spider Man: Homecoming

    Tony Stark had been called many things, but capricious was not one of them; at least not in the last 35 years. Or, not by any one he cared about. Listening to May Parker unleash a string of words, which, thankfully, omitted the profane, in which she called him a child-like, unpredictable, narcissistic, dangerous, neglectful, and so on, was both sexy and offensive. He thought about reminding her of New York and his selfless act, but thought twice, realizing it would confirm her point. He wanted to show her the Mark 2 Spider suit and wow her with its safety protocols. But, again he would appear the arrogant child genius talking about his toys. He decided to go humble. It was felt weird. He was sure he looked uncomfortable, if not obviously sweating, but it was necessary.

    “You’re right, May,” he said, softly. “Peter’s safety should be my priority. Yes, you’re right. I should have read you in on our activities. And, finally, yes, May, some man will be lucky to have you if he lives long enough.”

    Stranger Things

    In his dreams, Dustin is running through a dandelion covered meadow, Dart at his side as they frolic together without a care in the in the world. The sun is shining and a cool breeze is blowing as he notices his demodog pull up short. Kneeling next to him, Dustin strokes his pet's trembling spine. Looking toward the horizon, Dustin sees the sky suffused with red. From beyond the crest of the hill, emerges the arched legs of the Mind Flayer. Dart's trembling falls into outright shakes as the spider-like Flayer comes into view. Dart turns and bolts in the opposite direction. Dustin rises to follow, but quickly realizes he would never catch the frightened demodog. As he watched in horror, small, tight tunnels of gray smoke shoot from the monster’s body and into the bounding dog. Dart is lifted over Dustin’s head and drawn back into a inky black maw. The boy’s scream is silent as the lanky creature receded behind the hill.
    Dustin sits up ram rod straight in bed, an elongated ‘No!’ piercing the silence. Breathing heavily, in short gasps, Dustin wonders why the mind flay did not want him as well.

    Star Trek: 2009

    Leonard McCoy left the captain's ready room shaking his head in disbelief. If Jim wanted basketball, Jim would get basketball. But McCoy was not even sure he could convince Nyota to join his team much less anyone else. If he couldn't get his trusted friend, how was he supposed to convince Hanneseh in security or Scotty down in the bowels. And, Spock! Perhaps, he should cross that bridge after Nyota.
    She was laughing in his face. A gut busting belly laugh. A laugh so deep, his doctor's watched for signs that she might pass out.

    "It's not that funny, Nyota," he broke in while she wheezed in a breath. "I'll admit it's a little off the wall, even for Kirk, but don't hurt yourself."

    "It is...that funny, Leo," Uhura breathed. "But, it might worth it... to see the Captain exert...himself."

    The Rookie

    When John and Talia arrived at 1251 E Cascade, in response to a prowler, they were not sure what to expect. The resident of the modest rambler, Joan Egan, 68 years of age, was a deemed a ‘frequent flyer’ when it came her liberal use of 9-1-1. As they exited the squad car, the large front window of the home suddenly shattered as a body proceeded through it. Both officers drew their weapons and cautiously approached the squirming person, who appeared to be getting up.

    “Police!” Talia barked, in warning. “Stay down.”

    Seeing Talia had the front yard covered, he looked into the broken window. Standing just inside window, and back light by a bright ceiling fixture, was Joan Egan. Her light pink nightgown partly obscured by the round metal lid of a garbage can clutched tightly to her chest.

    “Everything ok, Ms. Egan?” John asked tentatively. “Are you hurt?”

    “I am just fine, Officer Nolan,” she replied, pleasantly. “How are you?”
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    Aug 21, 2006
    fun with Leonard.
    and the Rookie had me laughing
  20. WarmNyota_SweetAyesha

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    LOL on Star Trek and Rookie [face_mischief] Whew, Dustin was having some seriously intense dreams there! =D=
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    Alrighty, here I am! :D

    I need to start by going back and saying that I just loved your Rookie set! I'm almost caught up on watching that show - Nathan Fillion drew me in, because of course, and I love what you wrote in tribute. [face_love]

    Flash in the Pan - I appreciate the way you captured this very humanizing moment. It's one thing to be an awesome shot against paper and dummies, but in the real world it's another thing entirely. Poor West! :(

    Out on a Limb - I have a bone to pick with a great deal of how John and Lucy handled their relationship, to be honest, but I appreciate what Lucy sees in John. [face_mischief] They're just messy and human, but trying their best. This was a great little snippet of character study. [face_love]

    Out of the Blue - Oh! I haven't met Jessica yet, but now I am all sorts of excited to. [face_love]

    Wet Behind the Ears - Whew! That episode really packed a punch, it was a fantastic debut, and in just a few short words you captured that blow again. Very, very well done.

    Heat of the Moment - Oh my goodness, but there were a few lines where Wesley had me twitching. But Angela certainly likes him. Very much. I love how you captured the, um, zest of their attraction. :p [face_mischief]

    And, then -

    Spider Man: Homecoming - Yep, Tony deserved every word of May's tirade, and his reaction was spot-on in character. [face_laugh] :rolleyes: But, even if his rejoinder to May was still flirty and even blithe, it still revealed how big his heart is. I loved this one. =D=

    Star Trek: 2009 - [face_laugh] McCoy will have this basket ball game if it's the last thing he does. Nyota's reaction had me giggling, too. :p

    Stranger Things - Oh, Dustin. :( He's certainly lived through enough to have quite the fodder for his nightmares. I still wish that he'd been able to keep Dart, somehow, no matter how unrealistic that would've been! And his last thought about the Mind Flayer is sobering in how spot on it is. Just why, indeed? [face_worried] We'll just have to wait for June to see! :D [face_dancing]

    The Rookie - Hmm, this one felt like the opening to a very interesting case, and I'd love to see more. I'm curious as to the hows and whys of Mrs. Egan's case, and loved the mental image of her defending herself with the garbage lid. :p [face_thinking]

    These snippets were wonderful, as always! Thank you for sharing them. [face_love] =D=
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    @earlybird-obi-wan: Thanks infinity, earlybird, for continuing to come back and taking the time to leave a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed these.
    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I'm glad you got a kick out of these, Nyota. It was fun.
    @Mira_Jade: Whoa. Thanks for the reviewapalooza, Mira! As for The Rookie and Ms. Egan. It appears her crying wolf actually attracted one. But she was able to handle it herself. :p
    Author Note: I recently completed the novel Bird Box by Josh Malerman. It has been made into a Netflix film starring Sandra Bullock. I have not yet seen the film, but found the book very well done. This drabble-ficlet series is a mash up of Bird Box and Star Trek: 2009. The story elements are not exactly duplicated, but heavily influenced by the novel. enjoy.


    The blindfold had been tied so tightly over Nyota’s eyes, she expected to feel blood tricking down her cheek. Leo instructed her that the blindfold should remain in place at all times; that no shapes should be visible through the cloth. Light, to a small extent, was ok, but if anything could be made out or brought into focus, it could mean her life. She did not think she could do it. The shuttle was too far. The risk too great. Leo was the one who spoke past her fear, past her denial, and past her need to be blind.


    Terranosis II did not stand a chance as the blitzkrieg of mass suicides devastated its population. The best minds on the planet had no explanation beyond a victim seeing ‘something’ and being driven to kill themselves. That something was invisible to the naked eye and thus impossible to fight.

    When Kirk said she would be the one to make the journey to the shuttle, Nyota could not deny that her ‘ear’ was the best tool they had. Kirk ordered that she would be blindfolded for 48 hour prior to going outside. Spock started to argue, but the logic was inescapable.


    Montgomery Scott was doing his best to wear a hole into the arm of the Captain’s chair with his thumb. More than anything, he wanted to be back among his pipes and machinery. Now, after what was supposed to be a short jaunt planet-side, Kirk and most of the command staff were quarantined on the surface and he was in command of The Enterprise, indefinitely. His palms were sweating as he listened to an audio only message from the captain explaining a situation that was much worse that he had anticipated. The contagion was also transmitted via video. Therefore, on screen communication would no longer be permitted.


    The tension in the bunker had risen to the point that McCoy was advocating the use of the transporter. He wouldn’t mind having his atoms scrambled if it get him out this horror show. The Captain had dismissed using the transporter given that whatever his causing the madness might be brought to the ship. Spock had backed him up, of course, explaining that even the lowest odds of the filters failing to weed the contaminant out were too high. Jim simply wasn't willing to risk the crew. Given all that had happened, McCoy had forgotten the atmospheric interference that had caused them to use the shuttle in the first place.


    Nyota had memorized the route to the shuttle before leaving the bunker. Spock and the Terranosii leader had assisted her in a step count and maneuvering around known obstacles. They had discussed unknown obstacles; bodies, wrecked or destroyed transport vehicles. This brought up the fear that the shuttle might not be where they left it, much less destroyed. She wasn’t sure the shuttle was viable option even if she managed to make it. Whatever was causing the madness could get on the shuttle too, couldn’t it?

    Hugging Spock and saying her sightless goodbyes to her crewmates, Nyota slipped out the door and into a world with the sickly sweet smell of death on the wind.
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    Oh, oh! [face_worried] Wonderfully compelling already with the emotive intensity behind each of the sensory prompts.
    Riveting, gripping edge of seatness, already! I wouldn't complain if this turned into something/a sequel. [face_batting] =D=
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    Great tension among the crew. What will happen???? sequel for this cliffie
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    @WarmNyota_SweetAyesha: I'm so glad you enjoyed these, Nyota. You can expect a follow soon. The book was very good and spooky so this crossover was inevitable. ;)
    @earlybird-obi-wan: You will find out soon enough, earlybird. I please to hear that they had the right level of tension. [face_skull]

    Unofficial MMM entry...

    Stroll in the park

    The arboretum on board the Enterprise was quite an achievement and one that Nyota had often praised Hikaru for championing. As she and Spock strolled along the winding pathways, she was struck by symphony of colors and odors.

    “Isn’t it just a feast for your eyes, Spock?” Nyota encouraged. The man on whose arm she hung, raised an eyebrow, but none the less nodded ascent to her proclamation.

    “Indeed,” he responded in brief.

    “Is that all you have to say?” she pressed. “You must be tired of staring at your science station or the Spartan walls of your quarters.”
    “As you well know, Nyota,” he began. “My quarters are arranged to my e-”

    “-xact specifications?” She finished. “I know.”

    “Then why would you suggest that I would tire of them?” he inquired.

    Nyota smiled, knowing that as brilliant at Spock was, he was also frustratingly literal at times. She knew that his exposure to humans, which was extensive, gave him the experience to understand her perfectly.

    “You know very well that I was referring to a simple change of scenery,” she said hugging his arm harder and giving him a faux mischievous glare.

    “A walk in the park is refreshing from time to time, especially with you at my side,” he declared. “However, if you wanted to leave the confines of my quarters, you should have said so.”

    “I did,” she replied, happily. “You must recall whom suggested this walk.”

    “The point I’m trying to make-” Spock intoned, stopping and taking Nyota’s hand in his.

    She leaned in and kissed him firmly on the lips and pulled away skipping further down the path. She turned, grinning at him. “Let’s not get hung up on words, Spock. I think skipping over to me might make you smile. I’d pay good credits for either one; the skipping, the smile or, even, another kiss.”

    The Vulcan raised an eyebrow at that and measured the distance between them with a glance. He skipped forward two steps, before returning his hands behind his back and to his standard gait. He approached her in short order and gently returned her kiss.

    After the kiss was broken, she said: “Two out three isn’t bad.”

    He had not smiled, but another raised eyebrow and glint in his eye gave Nyota all she needed regarding enjoyment of the situation.
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