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Discussion [Multi - Fandom] The NSWFF Plot Bunny Adoption Thread.

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Juliet316 , Aug 15, 2008.

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    Dec 16, 2012
    Aha, I see
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    Dec 16, 2012
    Marvel movie 'verse post-Infinity War/Endgame

    While it seems that very little actually happened on Earth regarding supers before Avengers reversed Thanos' snap, what if new villains and heroes had risen during that time? Here are some ideas based on that premise:

    * Cindy Moon was before the Snap one of Peter Parker's classmates and had gotten spider-powers in the same way but did not reveal them until after 50% of the population disappeared. Now after Endgame Peter find himself in a New York where the premier spider-hero is Silk, who has at least three years of experience to his around a year.
    - Peter becoming Cindy's sidekick
    - the awkwardness of Peter and Cindy finding out the secret identity of each other and that they used to be classmates

    * Sometime after the end of Infinity War do US government decide that they are going to need their own superhero team since the NGO Avengers was not capable of defending USA or humanity. This new team could be called U.S.Avengers, Freedom Force, Thunderbolts or similar and is made up by government employers (probably with patriotic codenames since USA like banging on the patriotic drum in times of crisis (suggest using U.S.Agent as the leader)) and maybe captured supervillains from the earlier movies/TV-shows that has been given a chance to who has been given new super-identities and are working for the government for a lighter sentence, a new identity and/or similar. There will be clashes with the heroes that returned after Endgame
    - A variation of this is that another country has the same idea or maybe many countries do. Maybe on the post-Endgame Earth there is a superhero team for every mayor country.

    * A movie-'verse version of Young Avengers appeared in the time between Infinity War and Endgame with the members being Avengers fanboys who want to honour the memories of the now disappeared heroes. There are going to be some very new origins for the characters, and maybe some new members since movie Avengers line-up is different than comic book version (f.ex. can I see a hero with spider-powers/theme as a member since Spider-Man is an Avengers member in the movie-'verse and Black Widow is a premier member)
    - Conflict between the Young Avengers who have highly idealized pictures of the Avengers and the Avengers who are still around
    - how the Avengers will react to the Young Avengers after Endgame

    There is also this idea from